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  1. Ser Quork


    This is the bit about Queen Alysanne visiting the Wall that really interested me:
  2. Ser Quork

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    It felt completely unearned but YMMV. Agreed. Yes. And agreed again!
  3. Ser Quork

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    Another thing that didn't quite work for me was Sizemore being apologetic and upset about Maeve's condition. I don't find that consistent with what he's shown us of himself.
  4. Ser Quork

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    I really enjoyed this episode and found I believed far more in Ake's sentience than I do in Dolores' or even Maeve's and found his communication with Maeve very affecting. That said, far too much is not explained or hand-waved. That Ake goes straight to his wife in the lower floors of Westworld - and unchallenged too - is a tad irritating (just like the useless security guards last week). MiB surviving those wounds and his daughter turning up and speaking Lakota also stretching my suspension of disbelief too far. I think I'll have to go with the daughter being a host now - how else would she know to turn up for him?
  5. Ser Quork

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    Still processing the ep, but I wanted to say two things: Anthony Hopkins really makes this series for me. Why are all the security guards so gormless? It's quite annoying.
  6. Ser Quork

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    Yes, I've just seen next week's trailer - so pleased it's really him. (Not that I don't expect some mad twist by the end that may see his game unravelled, but so rapt he's back for now).
  7. Ser Quork

    HBO's Westworld VII: Abort?.Retry.Fail

    Ford as the ghost in the machine is where I thought and hoped they were going - it'll be interesting to see if his consciousness degrades or if he is the one who has worked out how to retain consciousness (where William has failed) or if he just wants to carry on long enough to completely screw up Delos Corp before the whole thing goes into meltdown. Dolores doesn't like the consequences of her re-wiring Teddy - I'm interested to see just how wrong that will go for her (I hope very wrong ). I'm surprised Maeve didn't cotton on to her daughter having a new mother - that seems to be a chink in her supposed self-awareness (and why I'm still questioning that any of them are aware at all - I still believe it's all Ford's narrative). I am interested in the hesitations that MiB is showing when challenged by Emily - like the elephants - that confused him. There's something there, but I haven't figured it out yet. I don't know if Anthony Hopkins is actually back or a lookalike - but I hope so. Just loved him in season 1.
  8. So is Maeve able to use the mesh of her own volition or is there a Ford or Arnold ghost in the machine? I'm also thinking the mass "death by drowning" of hosts we're shown is a host ruse (possible sacrifice of some by Dolores) to get her army into the Mesa. They're all carried in, just like the Trojan Horse.
  9. I really enjoyed this episode, which is good because I was beginning to wonder if the writers had lost their way after last week's ep. I confess I'm bored with the whole Wyatt 2-D revengebot scenario, which I think is still completely Ford's game and not sentience (at least - not yet). Question is: will Wyatt be the villain of this season? Will it remain William, or is it Bernard? It was great to see Elsie and to get a handle of Bernard's frazzled timeline. I wonder too if Elsie is the "now" or a memory. Bernard's promise not to hurt her can't possibly hold, I'm sure. The human/host failure of James Delos was very interesting. I wonder if Ford had been involved if it could have been perfected (or, indeed, if he has perfected it and that's the pick-up Bernard was making.) Question then is - who is the core Bernard picked up? As much as I'd love it to be Ford himself (I really miss Anthony Hopkins in this), I don't think it will be - I think Ford is now music/code/the game - possibly even the park itself. Maybe it's Arnold? Maybe it's Logan, just so Ford can play with William a bit more? And is Logan actually dead? William tells James that Logan overdosed, but he doesn't say he died. *ponders* The sayings that seem portentous this time round - I wonder if some of these are supposed to be triggers or teases from Ford? "You will only live as long as the last person who remembers you," seems an odd thing for the First of the Ghost Nation to say in English to Stubbs. And has all of James's code/memories gone or has it passed on in some way. Are the hand tremors of James/Bernard/bartender all "cognitive plateau" or cortical fluid requirements or something else? I thought Hale was after just blackmail material originally but I think now it's the human/host programs she's after (or both). Lots to think about.
  10. I agree. Suddenly, hell on earth and Vanessa's breaking happened "off-screen" and - and then that ending seemed so rushed. It was really wasted for me.
  11. Ser Quork

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    It's perfect. Although possibly not as well crafted as your average Scooby Doo.
  12. Ser Quork

    [Spoilers] Rant and Rave Without Repercussion

    I agree. There was plenty not right before season 5, but 5 is the season where it started to hurtle downhill. The Sansa Marriage Strike ("Avenge them!") obliterated so many excellent arcs in its wake: it laid waste to Theon's arc, the North remembers plot, Stannis's arc and even Jon and Arya got cobbled into that hot mess, and - worst of all - raised Ramsay to a ridiculous Villain Sue. Doing a proper rendering of Roose Bolton/Frey/hooded man claustrophobia in WF, Wyman Manderly/Lady Dustin, etc., and Stannis's war plans would have kept the political intrigue and subtlety (Frey Pies should be subtle, not Arya pointing to fingers, FFS) that gave the show its initial fame. We should have seen Sansa being LF's 'apprentice' in the Vale rather than being led by the nose to be Ramsay's punch-bag for a reason that simply made no sense. All this fed in to the ever-growing stupidity that was season 6 and the sheer nonsense of season 7. They had plenty of material to have made a thrilling story from the books, but they wanted to put Sophie in Winterfell and have a cartoon Big-Bad - and everything suffered for that.
  13. Ser Quork

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    Er, no. In no sense does that answer the question. A vision is not reality. . People, the phrase is avunculate marriage not avuncular. . I know everyone keeps banging on about the marriages of Serena and Sansa Stark being avunculate and therefore proof positive that the North approves. That isn't fully the case as their father was a half-brother to their respective husbands and that does cut the genetic risk to a degree. Plus it's pretty clear to me that something very particular happened in that generation as there were three Lords of Winterfell from that set of brothers alone and it looks like some kind of political consolidation. I wouldn't be at all surprised if this generation is part of the She-Wolves of Winterfell D&E story and we'll get the full story then. Apart from this generation, however, we don't see it happening again in the Stark line. We see cousin marriage, which isn't considered incestuous in Westeros so is disregarded.
  14. Ser Quork

    Is Jon and Dany's blood relationship supposed to be a problem?

    The Old Gods is a fictional religion. I don't believe any reader believes the Old Gods are literally real gods in the story. So when I say that the Old Gods forbid it, I mean that the tenets of religion of the Old Gods (as practised by the Northerners) forbid it. Which is said a number of times in the series. I think that is what everyone understands (but you). The baby that was dead looked like a healthy child in a vision so therefore it's safer to assume he was normal? Why?