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  1. I'm so conflicted about that shot. It's an amazing shot and very effective, but it's also rather on-the-nose devil imagery - I felt I was being beaten round the face with "Ooooo, Dany bad" shots.
  2. I expect D&D want the fans to do their own honeypotting, because they know they can't make a lick of sense for themselves.
  3. Ser Quork

    Jon & Drogon

    But seriously - no idea. Certainly the writing doesn't show or tell us why.
  4. I rated it 2. Awful in every way with only two or three redeeming scenes.
  5. Ser Quork

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    I agree with this. It was always interesting to me that we had no other point of view character watching Dany, so we only had her own thoughts on her actions. (Remember we only get Barristan chapters when she's not in Meereen.) I think once we get another point of view watching her we'll see a different character evolving. I look forward to it. I think this will also be a factor, and her story will end in tragedy. At this stage, I'm still of the view that Jon was melded with Aegon's in the show. I think he was robbed of his destiny in defeating the Others on the show, but it's still the reason why his being Ice & Fire is important in the books. The hidden prince who remains hidden but saves the land from the existential threat is exactly what I thought his arc would be, but I still think that threat is the Others. Dany may be his Nissa Nissa, or maybe it will be Val? I don't know, but, again, I look forward to finding out. Sansa being Queen in da Norf - I hope not. It's possible, I suppose, but I dislike it as everything about her written arc screams staying south and playing the game of thrones. Sansa's role in the North in show never felt right in any way to me. I can't wrap my head around Bran as King in the south. If he leaves the cave (and until I see it in the books, I don't believe it), King in the North maybe, or advisor to Rickon. His powers matter in the books, and yet we've seen precious little of them in the show apart from helping to drive Dany to despair, and that makes no sense to me. Arya - I don't know. I love her book character, and I hope she comes back from the brink she's getting to. No, I don't believe she'll kill the leader of the Others - I think that's rank BS and I hate it. We know she won't be serving up Frey pies because Lord Manderly has already done that, and it'll be Lady Stoneheart and the BwB who deal with the rest of the Freys. Nymeria and her pack may well be involved with that, so Arya may participate in that by warging and she may see LS through Nymeria's eyes and understand the horror of being revenge-driven. That's just a supposition, obviously, but I do feel LS will have an impact on one or more of her children yet. I think we lost a great deal by D&D not adapting LS, Aegon, etc. In fairness, they probably had no idea how to write these without the book material - they clearly do not have the kind of competence or intelligence.
  6. There was a sprig of grass as Jon rode off into the woods.
  7. Ser Quork

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Hilarious and, I have to say, rather entitled. Let's be clear: this is not an amateur or school performance where it's absolutely correct to say that it deserves credit "because they tried their hardest". When something is supposedly professionally produced (and extremely well remunerated for it into the bargain), it is their responsibility to produce a quality, professional performance. Everyone working on the show has done that BAR the writers, who have been sloppy, immature and contrived.
  8. I don't believe either Arya or Tyrion will die in the show (although I hope they do). Arya will leave to find out "what's west of Westeros", because they love their matchy-matchy dialogue. Everyone will want to save pure, lovely St. Tyrion. *throws up furball* As for the rest, who can say - it's all such a disaster.
  9. I'm seeing a lot of Facebook posts from show-only fans who are genuinely confused by what is happening to the characters, mainly angry that Dany is being side-lined to make Jon king. Again, they've been fed this narrative of "female empowerment" of burning your enemies and being lauded for it, and are now completely confused that Dany is now "evil". Had D&D told this in a more nuanced way, these viewers should have seen this coming in some form or another. But nuance has no place in this show, because it would undermine the "OMG Shock!" moments the showrunners love.