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  1. Honestly i don't have a cozy idea of Tormund. I disliked this story he told Jon about the bear and half the time it just sounded like he just had raped an actual woman- and afterwards they both laughed about it. Don't like Tormund. There you go great idea yeah, well sorry lol good point as you see I was kinda just half assing it. Honestly haven't really thought about it too much. I generally just ignore the show except for when I want some entertainment (then I read comments about it) or maybe want some hints for the books, but in general I think the books will be just so completely different, even if the same. I also think most of humanity will be dead after the Long night- maybe no wildlings left anymore anyway.
  2. Yeah, Ik my theory has holes. I just see him as a coldhands figure and think he'll end up with Val and than I usually stop thinking. Maybe the land beyond the wall will be different after the long night. maybe most human beings will be dead anyway. really? can't remember true, but honestly Westeros doesn't treat women exactly well either. Find it hard to really figure out where the best place for a woman would be - we don't get a clear objective picture IMO (probably Dorne) And there are a lot of murderers in Westeros as well
  3. I mean he went beyond the wall. I could see him living with the free folk - given that he will be changed, when he comes back. He might be drawn to beyond the Wall and he might live there with Val and Ghost
  4. Marry Aegon for protection- like you Cat, but that was not cool of you Bang Dacey- she seems hot Kill Sweety- Sorry I'll make it quick Q addition: Qyburn, Quentyn, Qhorin
  5. Thank you! Right! nobody ever mentions that. So no romance for Bran and Arya? lol They are closer in age..
  6. Here The Fattest Leech reports what GRRM had to say about the outline. And he also had stuff to say about Jon and Arya's romantic potential. IMO it sounds more like, that Jon was attracted to Ygritte, because he recognized some qualities in her, that he was most familiar and most comfortable with, but that doesn't have anything to do with him potentially being attracted to Arya herself later. Honestly, I find that quite realistic, I do think, that our early, family relationships influence what kind of people we later find romantically attractive. https://fattestleechoficeandfire.com/2018/04/23/my-time-with-grrm-at-balticon/ "No, we had to have an outline. So I wrote two pages, a two-page thing about what I thought would happen. It’ll be a trilogy, it’ll be three books, Game of Thrones, the Dance with Dragons, and Winds of Winter. Those were the three window titles. And, uh, it’ll be three books and this’ll happen, and this’ll happen, and this’ll happen. And I was making up shit. And I started writing the books. And in the process, I pretty much disregarded the outline. The characters took me off in entirely different directions. So, for 20 years I had forgotten that that two-page thing even existed. And then someone in my British publisher, HarperCollins, they got a new office building, uh, brand new offices, and new conference rooms, big conference rooms that they decorated with books and stuff like that. And they named the conference rooms after the writers, so one of the conference rooms [?], and they put up these plastic display cases, including the outline. The two-page outline, yes. [?], they didn’t ask my permission, they just put it up. And in that two-page outline, Jon and Arya become a romantic item.” “You know, I don’t think it’s a reference for that [for romance]. It’s a reference to a certain physical type, and a certain indication of what Jon finds admirable. It’s like someone who reminds you of, you know… Other people might be put off by this, you know, hair that looks like small rodents have been living in there. It doesn’t put him off because he is used to that.””
  7. OMG I can't! Thanks for that picture in my head!! I guess, that's what happens, when you introduce incest in your stories
  8. Nobody ever calls her Sansa Lannister after the wedding except for Stannis, he calls her Lady Lannister to mess with Jon. Funny enough the Lannisters themselves always call her Sansa Stark as if they are well aware, that she is not one of them. But also Loras and Mace and Qyburn, Hyle Hunt, Ser Shadrich, one member of the Brotherhood WB and even the Elder Brother call her Sansa Stark. And Tarly calls her "Stark girl". So I think it's save to assume, that she is still Sansa Stark to Westeros. Tywin: " “Perhaps I should have married Sansa Stark to Moon Boy. Jaime: “His wife?” Brienne said, appalled. “The Imp? But … he swore, before the whole court, in sight of gods and men …” She is such an innocent. Jaime was almost as surprised, if truth be told, but he hid it better. Sansa Stark, that ought to put a smile on Tyrion’s face. Tywin: The north will go to your son by Sansa Stark … if you ever find enough manhood in you to breed one. Lest you forget, it is not only Joffrey who must needs take a maidenhead.” Tyrion: Of all those at the high table, only Sansa Stark was not smiling. He could have loved her for that, Cersei:“No, it’s more, you’re changed.” She backed off a step. “We’ll talk later. On the morrow. I have Sansa Stark’s maids in a tower cell, I need to question them … you should go to Father.” Mace: “Did Sansa Stark do it, then?” Lord Tyrell demanded. Tyrion: Ser Meryn went on to relate how Tyrion had stopped Joffrey’s chastisement of Sansa Stark. Loras: “No,” the Knight of Flowers said, unamused. “Sansa Stark was the poisoner. You all forget, my sister was drinking from that chalice as well. Sansa Stark was the only person in the hall who had reason to want Margaery dead, as well as the king. Jaime: “Ser Meryn.” Jaime smiled at the sour knight with the rust-red hair and the pouches under his eyes. “I have heard it said that Joffrey made use of you to chastise Sansa Stark.” Jaime gave her a hard smile. “See, wench? We know each other too well. Tyrion’s wanted to be me since he took his first step, but he’d never follow me in kingslaying. Sansa Stark killed Joffrey. Jaime: “… such foul creatures as us. Yes, I recall. Hear me out, Brienne. Both of us swore oaths concerning Sansa Stark. Sansa Stark is my last chance for honor.” Jaime smiled thinly. “Perhaps his lordship was questioning the girl about her mistress,” Qyburn suggested.“Sansa Stark vanished the night the king was murdered, I have heard.” The queen made it plain that the whore would have nothing of her until she told them where Sansa Stark had gone. Brienne: Sansa Stark had vanished on the night King Joffrey died, and if anyone had seen her since, or had any inkling where she might have gone, they were not talking. Even if Sansa Stark had wanted to go home, how would she get there? Perhaps Sansa Stark was dead, beheaded for her part in King Joffrey’s death, She wondered whether Sansa Stark was cold as well, Ser Shadrich laughed. “Oh, I doubt that, but it may be that you and I share a quest. A little lost sister, is it? With blue eyes and auburn hair?” He laughed again. “You are not the only hunter in the woods. I seek for Sansa Stark as well.” “I know no Sansa Stark,” she insisted. “I am searching for my sister, a highborn girl Tarly took the letter and unrolled it, scowling. His lips moved as he read. “The king’s business. What sort of business?” Lie to me and I will hang you. “S-Sansa Stark.” “If the Stark girl were here, I’d know it. Hyle Hunt atop the crumbling wall, his legs crossed. “If there are brothels down in hell, the wretch will thank you,” the knight called down. “Elsewise, that’s a waste of good gold.” “I keep my promises. What are you doing here?” “Lord Randyll bid me follow you. If by some freak’s chance you stumbled onto Sansa Stark, “Lord Randyll bid me follow you. If by some freak’s chance you stumbled onto Sansa Stark, he told me to bring her back to Maidenpool. Cersei: It came back to her that Margaery and her hideous grandmother had once plotted to marry Sansa Stark to the little queen’s crippled brother Willas. Elder Brother: I wonder, my lady … what do you hope to find there?” “A girl,” she told him. “A highborn maid of three-and-ten, with a fair face and auburn hair.” “Sansa Stark.” The name was softly said. “You believe this poor child is with the Hound?” I am looking for a girl, Brienne remembered. A highborn maid of three-and-ten, with blue eyes and auburn hair. “My lady?” she said. “Lady Sansa?” A man laughed. “She thinks you’re Sansa Stark.” Tyrion: She reminded him of Sansa Stark, the child bride he had wed and lost. I left a few quotes out of Cersei and Jaime and Brienne calling her Sansa Stark
  9. Thank you , that you put it into words, that I would understand !!! But I think in this case I'm save lol- I just don't like fanfic and not because I'm a snob about it, but I guess first of all, that would be too much work to find a decent story. And if the quality of the story is okay, than it just never feels like the real deal. So even if it says Harry Potter did something, I always think "nah, that's Barry Trotter doing this" lol And there are too many good books, I still need to read and never get around to
  10. Don't even know what that is Might be for the better though lol
  11. @Mystical Sansa has two major themes in her arc: politics and marriage. Now they are one and the same as long as she stays in the hands of ppl, that want to use her as a pawn for their own interests. Since Sansa has never stopped longing for romantic love, you just expect her at least to try to separate politics from love (marriage) and gain agency over both. (Or maybe she'll come to terms with marriage having to stay connected to politics and separates marriage and love. But that would be rather tragic IMO.) Otherwise she'll stay a pawn forever and her arc will be stagnant. So I agree with WD, that that's probably the reason why she is paired up so much. But Roose, Tywin and Stannis, really? lol
  12. Hm, lets see she had three crushes up until she is 13. Waymar, Joff, Loras That's not even much at all. She probably had even more and most kids have, don't they? I mean thinking about myself and my friends... And Loras was more like her pop star crush- like Justin Bieber. Normal teenage girls have hundreds of those. And Waymar was like your big brother's hot best friend, that you'd never talk to, but see around and "be in love with" Do you happen to be a guy? (no need to disclose that to me!) But I think boys have crushes like that as well, don't they? We don't know what the Unkiss is really about yet. Maybe it has something to do with magic and is an actual memory. Then that's not her fault at all. And if it's just a fantasy- then again that's not weird at all lol Girl gotta day-dream a bit, nothing weird about that. She doesn't have netflix to look at cute boys, just songs- and marillion has ruined them for her.
  13. Um ever met a 13 year old girl? It's normal to have crushes. Not weird at all
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