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  1. Well, it's out of her hands. She was trying to prevent Drogon from harming people in Danzak's Pit, even if the Yunkish won't see it that way. And, by the time she returns, her soldiers and allies will have kerb-stomped the Yunkish and their allies. The Yunkish were not acting in good faith either. They did not inform her that the Volantenes were coming to attack, or make an attempt to call them off.
  2. There used to be a saying that the French could take crap, and turn it into a great meal;. While the English could take a great meal, and turn it into crap, D & D did the latter. They had loads of cash, great actors, committed staff, and they produced crap.
  3. They flirted together when they met in Meereen. That was a couple of episodes after the classic line "I'm going to f*ck the tits of this one."
  4. I see Emilia Clarke has given another interview about how flattered she was by the fans' backlash against Season 8.
  5. The Starks believe that half a continent is theirs because their ancestors took it with fire and blood. Daenerys and Viserys believe that the whole continent is theirs because their ancestors took it with fire and blood.
  6. 32,000 sales in the first week of publication is quite something.
  7. They were considered as such by the new regime.
  8. That's daft. The Lib Dems could win Cambridge.
  9. Using violence against enemies is often necessary, in Martin's world as in ours. Otherwise, you and your people die. That applies regardless of your surname. In fact, both show and books make plain that she's willing to negotiate. The problem is that many slavers will only settle for the restoration of slavery. That has to be non-negotiable. And they break treaties. And, it's difficult to make a city prosper when your enemies are waging war and terrorist campaigns against you, in order to enslave your people. The show made clear that it was a waste of time to negotiate with Cersei, or slavers, or Dothraki Khals. These people either don't stick to bargains, or they want to do horrible things to you. If your enemies won't negotiate in good faith, what option is available, apart from violence? In the books, some of the Great Masters and the Yunkish do want peace. But the big powers (Volantis, Qarth, New Ghis) want to stamp out a free Meereen.
  10. Yes. The capital is still called Kings Landing. We encounter members of the Smallfolk who remember the Targaryens with affection. Sarella/Alleras openly drinks a toast to Daenerys in Old Town. If Dany were the only Targaryen, she'd have immense support in Westeros, after years of civil war. Her problem is that people will think that fAegon is a true Targaryen, and welcome his return. They won't welcome someone who says he's a fraud. Dany will be seen as trying to steal her "nephew's" birthright.
  11. I can only reiterate that he has said some wars, like WWII, are worth fighting. I would suggest that Dany's campaign in Slavers Bay is one such war. If your take from these books is that no war, however well-intentioned, is worth fighting, then we must just agree to differ. Edit: As I said upthread, the power of a nuclear weapon is vastly greater than that of any dragon in this series, let alone dragons as small as Daenerys'.
  12. I think there's nothing to take up with the author, only with your interpretation. You think his message is that war is always wrong. I believe him, when he says some wars are worth fighting.