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  1. SeanF

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Certainly in the UK, if one were kidnapped and imprisoned, along with others, one would be entitled to use reasonable force to free oneself and them.,
  2. SeanF

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Self-defence would include the defence of her brother's Bannermen (although it turned out to be unnecessary). Arya was imprisoned unjustly, beaten, and threatened with rape, by men who hard murdered innocent people. She was entitled to seek their deaths,
  3. SeanF

    An evil girl's dark heart

    Morally, it was self-defence to kill the guards at Harrenhall. Arya was not evil by nature (very much the reverse). Her experiences might make her evil.
  4. SeanF

    Vargo's death.

    I was disgusted by it, without feeling much sympathy for Vargo.
  5. They seem to be permanently at war, with at least one enemy. From Sharp Ends, it looks like they just lost a war in Styria.
  6. Defending the Union is a strategist's nightmare.
  7. SeanF

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Yes, I don't think that pure pique would cause Tyrion to switch sides. Perhaps, Daenerys commits one atrocity too many for him,.
  8. Lena Headey is not beautiful, in the way that Cersei is described as being, but she does act the part very well.
  9. SeanF

    Underwhelmed by Tolkien

    Agreed, but some people love Tom Bombadil. The story really began to grip me, and never let go, when they reached the Barrow Downs.
  10. SeanF

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I just finished River of Stars, and loved it.
  11. Jayne will only be concerned about survival at this point. Her prospects of survival are not good.
  12. You could be right, although I've come to realise that supposedly irreconcilable positions often become reconcilable at the 11th hour. The mood music about the negotiations seems to be better than it was. (As an aside, I'm not sure how one does create a permanently legally binding agreement on the Irish Border, in advance of any free trade agreement. Parliament cannot bind itself). Kate Hoey's amendment to the Customs Bill was passed without a vote, so there is no will in the Commons to create a customs border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. That leaves soft Brexit or No Deal as the remaining options.
  13. My best guess is that it will be written in terms that are open to more than one interpretation, and that Brexit will ultimately be pretty soft. Politicians are good at fudging things, and kicking cans down the road.
  14. The pressure will mostly be the other way on Conservative MPs. Conservative voters favour Brexit by a very big margin, and the margins will be even bigger in their constituency parties, which are seeing an influx of Eurosceptic members in any case.
  15. 16 votes would be a big rebellion among Conservatives. And even that number might not be enough. It's not just people like Frank Field and Kate Hoey who are breaking ranks with their party, but also people like Caroline Flint, and the various MPs who have lost the whip.