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  1. I think there's quite a thirst for stories of people who take savage revenge on their rapists/persecutors. I think it's interesting that a play like Titus Andronicus has come back into fashion, even as Western societies have moved away from approving such honour killings.
  2. Lots of people enjoy writing variants of I Spit on Your Grave. I think some inexperienced authors use rape as a way of grabbing their readers' attention, fixing an antagonist as utterly evil, and justifying the most awful brutality against that character. Come to think of it, that sounds a bit like Benioff & Weiss.
  3. And not even there. There is an immense amount of Sansa rape fiction.
  4. I think it's a testimony to the enduring popularity of hilariously bad romantic fiction. Stories where the heroine is raped, and discovers that she actually enjoys it and realises that deep down her rapist loves her, or is married to a monster and manages to reform him.
  5. Sansa/Willas is actually quite popular, on a par with Sansa/Theon. Sansa/Podrick and Sansa/Aegon are on a par with Sansa/Ramsay, Sansa/Tywin, and Sansa/Arya.
  6. There are ways in which Dany, Jon Snow, Sansa could come into conflict. If Sansa’s in power in the Vale, she might support fAegon and Arianne against the Tyrells and Lannisters who wronged her family. That would place her at odds with Dany, upon her return. Jon might want a separate kingdom in the North, or even press his own claim to the Iron Throne, in opposition to Dany. Plainly, the loser of such a conflict would be at risk of death in battle, or subsequent execution. But that’s quite a different matter to just carrying on a blood feud.
  7. What makes me laugh is how many of these shippers think of themselves as big fans of Sansa. I really don’t know how anyone can read these books and think that her relationship with Paedofinger is a healthy one.
  8. I think the view is that Tyrion showed the nobility of his character by refraining from raping her, and Sansa should have acknowledged that he was a wonderful husband.
  9. At p.658, of AFFC, she opens the throat of a young boy while muttering the names of Xipe Totec, and Tlaloc.
  10. It’s called Daensa. The theme is usually enemies to lovers. The five most popular ships for her are Jon, Sandor, Paedofinger, Margaery, and Tyrion. Daensa is about 6 or 7. Tyrion/Sansa usually involves Sansa asking Tyrion’s forgiveness for rejecting him on their wedding night.
  11. I think what sparked it off was that part of the show where Margaery is being a bit flirtatious towards Sansa, and talking about how some women favour pretty girls. As well as the cartoon strip "Sansa's Dating Woes" which ends up with Sansa eyeing up Daenerys and wondering if lesbianism might be a good idea, after all.
  12. I would say that Martin’s position on the NW is clear. It’s a corrupt institution that has lost sight of its purpose. By allying with Craster, and fighting the wildlings, they are allying with the Others.
  13. A vast proportion of the fandom thinks that Sansa is, or ought to be, lesbian.
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