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    Dany and child murder

    1. Yes 2. Hard to say. Some people would likely be involved in slave management by the age of 12. 3. and 4 . Up to a point. But, in this world, 12 will be well past the age of criminal responsibility. There will be 12 years olds serving in armies, sitting on juries etc. 5. Yes, although she performed a forcible abortion on Daenerys.
  2. I think that would make sense if she had suffered another setback, say the Golden Company is beating back her forces. It doesn't make much sense for someone who has just won a triumphant victory.
  3. In a medieval world Dany would be seen as stupid, for destroying her capital city, rather than immoral. The show runners have failed to come up with any plausible reason why she would have destroyed her own capital city.,
  4. SeanF

    Targs and starks

    The Targaryens have a kind of rock-star quality. The Starks have dour ruthlessness and cunning.
  5. SeanF

    UK Politics: It's Life Pfeffel but not as we know it

    The problem that any Tories for Corbyn would have is that they would not just be ending their political careers, but also ending lifelong friendships. That last point is often overlooked, when people wonder why MP's won't just switch to their side.
  6. In the books, there is quite a lot of evidence that the Targaryens are remembered with affection, both among the Smallfolk and some nobles. I think a Targaryen restoration will attract a lot of support, but it will go to Aegon, not Daenerys.
  7. Well, attractive powerful women are predatory harpies who corrupt men through sex. That's the only way they can get into power. It is known.
  8. Torching the whole of Kings Landing was plainly wrong. But, for the life of me, I can't see what's wrong with torching the Red Keep. It's an entirely legitimate military target.
  9. SeanF

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    Under Heaven is really really good.
  10. I do wonder what is the socially correct response when someone threatens to cut your child out of your stomach.
  11. So, doesn't that mean the show was a load of gibberish?
  12. I think he'd have to write the Ladybird guide to his stories, for them to understand them.
  13. And she suffers those losses because she lets Tyrion and others talk her out of her battle plan - namely to fly to the Red Keep and incinerate it. That would have finished the war against Cersei in 30 minutes. In real life (let alone in a medieval setting) no one would object to something so obviously sensible.
  14. There is something a little odd about Dany's reaction. Many people would be delighted that the person who had just threatened to kill them, after years of abuse, had been killed, brother or not. But, I took her reaction to be that of someone in a state of complete shock, not someone who had been plotting to get rid of her brother. Benioff is lying to the audience.
  15. So, why was there ever any need to worry about the White Walkers, at all? If they can't get past the Wall, without Viserion, then they're never going to be a threat to humanity. Jon Snow was plainly an idiot to ask Dany to come North, or to mine dragon glass, or at attempt to capture a wight, or even to warn people about the White Walkers in the first place. Yet, that would seem to me to go against the main thrust of the series. In reality, I think they would have found a way through, or past the Wall, with or without Viserion.
  16. SeanF

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Catelyn gets placed under house arrest at Seagard (but is murdered before it happens)
  17. Without Daenerys, the world would have died. I think most of us, in her position, would expect "a little f*cking gratitude" for it (as Tyrion put it to his father after the Battle of the Blackwater). If we must criticise entitlement, then surely criticise the entitlement of those who expected Daenerys to save their hides, at the risk of her life and those of her men, without having to offer anything in return. I actually think the series' theme was that "Honour is stupid" There was certainly nothing honourable in the way that the Stark children behaved towards Daenerys, or in the manner of her murder.
  18. Earlier in Season 6, before the Yunkish attacked, Meereen was in good shape. In fact, Tyrion said that's why the Yunkish attacked, because Daenerys had demonstrated that a city could flourish without slavery. Although Meereen's economy is barely touched on in the series, I would expect that like most medieval economies, the most important feature was agriculture. And end to slavery should certainly boost agricultural productivity, as the end of serfdom did in England. Leaving aside the morality of it, slavery is just hugely inefficient.
  19. Certainly, Daenerys is entitled, but so is any daughter of a king or great lord. That's how the system works. For Daenerys, though, her entitlement is also a means of coping with her life. She simply has to believe that she's the rightful Queen of Westeros, or else be destroyed psychologically.
  20. Any virtuous act can be waved away as "just wanting to feel good." She could have left the place with the gold and ships of the Yunkish, but she stayed. The producers kinda forgot about Meereen, but it seemed in good shape, by the end of season 6. Economically, abolishing slavery would lead to a big rise in living standards, over several years, because free people work far more productively on their own account than slaves who work to escape a whipping.,
  21. SeanF

    Who got the most screwed over

    Coming up with a secret annulment and remarriage as the basis for Jon's claim to the Iron Throne, was stupid. At best, that was a pretext for people to support Jon over Daenerys, not in any way an undisputed legal claim. No way on Earth that Elia would have ever have consented to turn her children by Rhaegar into bastards, or Aerys to turn his grandchildren into bastards, which is the effect of an annulment. Either Rhaegar simply disregarded his country's laws to marry Lyanna, or else he pretended they were married, in order to get her into his bed. A marriage without witnesses is not worth the paper it's (not) written on. That's why medieval royal weddings were celebrated in front of hundreds of people, and you had bedding ceremonies. There was another way they could have gone about it. Make plain that Jon is the illegitimate son of Rhaegar and Lyanna. But, Daenerys is widely despised because she's a woman, a foreign whore, and the Mad King's daughter. Then have Varys and Sansa point out that if Rhaegar had returned victorious from the Trident, he'd have legitimised Jon, placing him ahead of Daenerys in the line of succession, so why should Jon be disqualified because of a technicality? And, so whether Jon or Daenerys want it, a second Dance of the Dragons becomes inevitable.
  22. I think most fans don't want to embarrass him. I'm sure if he was a close friend of mine, he'd agree that Season 8 was a shitshow, but he's not going to say it in Belfast.