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  1. It's not a game, but an art... Yeah, me too. Getting kicked around by y'all once in a while helps keep the AI Chatbot that runs my brain from getting too full of itself.
  2. You say that, but I make a heel of myself around here and nobody's paying me anything. Can you imagine what I'd do for money!?!
  3. So she isn't dead??? That's good news!
  4. That's a fair point, and I think evidences that Netanyahu is playing an untenable hand quite adeptly. That consulate strike was fucking diabolical. Iran had to do something- Had To. And they had to do something dramatic, something unprecedented, because nobody had ever struck an embassy like that before. And now you have your casus belli for all-out war with the true villain of the region that could keep you in power for years despite a disapproval rating of 70-fucking-percent. Netanyahu may be a dirtbag, but I'll be damned if he's not sharp.
  5. I was watching an ABC News livestream and the reporter in Israel said she'd died.
  6. Yes, according to what I saw last night. That's a sick twist of fate right there.
  7. The 10 year old girl who was hit by debris last night died today.
  8. Yeah, I don't know about this whole "It was designed to be defeated" rationale for the attack. Iran took the best shot they're capable of and violated the airspace of at least two countries in the process. Thank God for Israeli and Allied defense capabilities, not for supposed Iranian restraint.
  9. I'm serious. The Uyghurs might not be in concentration camps if China didn't have nukes.
  10. But more nuclear nations just makes it more likely that bad actors can use them to deter intervention. To say nothing of the risk that some madman looks to use them offensively.
  11. You think all peoples who can build such a thing are entitled to it? We're not talking about roller coasters or microwave ovens... We're talking about weapons that are designed to kill whole countries at a time.
  12. You jest, but limited war is preferable to nuclear. It has been proven viable, because despite too many close calls nobody has yet wanted to invite death for themselves and everybody they know. Nuclear war is not a question or a thought exercise. It must not happen. So far, the powers that possess them have managed not to use them. That's a miracle, not proof that everybody else can have them too.
  13. Apparently Jordanian and U.S. fighters have shot down a number of drones.
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