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  1. Is it not wonderful and wicked, sir? The caress of our people so sinful and soft that our provincials fancy themselves free! What a marvelous empire we are!
  2. Goddammit I wanna click that so bad... Someone else do it and tell me it it's safe. Your sacrifice will be honored in my coming empire.
  3. Wait a minute, now Valentine's Day makes trauma!!??!! Christ alive...
  4. Sounds like you got a criminal's fate. Rebel scum!
  5. They'll scramble F-35s and have her land inside the stadium 90 seconds before kickoff it that's what it takes. Meanwhile, I'll pick the Niners 33-20. Lots of field goals.
  6. I don't know, I'm just riffing. Zorral seems the most like a school counselor to me.
  7. Mrs. Zorral said you wasn't supposed to talk about that! Our feelings are our friends and our friends feel our feelings.
  8. Braincase Jace, Big Bass dbunting, and Tylenol Ty run these threads! Stats Dorks gotta go the long way into the Playoffs chat, through the Home tab.
  9. Well now I can't change it, it's too funny. My only hope is to pretend I was being meta... that's it. I was being meta!
  10. Go for it dawg. Just remember you're doing this to have fun and you'll do fine. Sernpidal's moon ain't gonna fall on ya if you make a faux pass, baby.
  11. I say you and me shove these nerds into some lockers and skip 3rd period to smoke behind the gym shed.
  12. What is... Shouting From A Balcony in Munich? I mean, I'm down with a lot of things... but going to jail over your kid not showing up at school??
  13. That's fucking horrible! That poor poor guy. Fuck.
  14. The King: "Lo and obey, thine kingdom! From sea to sea shall be a world for me unrabbled by thee!" The Lealists: The Rabble: "From yonder seat mine king, a better song should sing!"
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