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  1. I must admit I'm getting thoroughly impatient with the analyzing of whether Putin is "rational" or not. This mass murderer is responsible for countless atrocities, and the Western world is dithering about while he commits more and more heinous acts. Yes, other countries, mine included, have also committed heinous acts, but this is happening NOW. The whole situation stinks of appeasement. What Zelensky needs is air support - NOW. However it can be arranged, through whatever means available. He is wiping a democratic country off the map and it must not be allowed to happen. Our leaders have been running scared from a tyrant who must be stopped.
  2. Isn't he saying, in essence, that Russia will circumvent sanctions by going through the puppet Lukashenko, and that until Belarus obtains sovereignty, that it should be cut off too?
  3. From the BBC. Anyone else know more about this? Ukraine: Spam website set up to reach millions of Russians - BBC News I'm somewhat hindered by my broken right arm/hand.j
  4. You probably feel strangely excited because the memory takes you back to your 20s when everything was new and exciting. That's potent stuff. Go, but just be sure to separate the woman from the girl.
  5. Who's in charge of these troops?? Why would you fire on a nuclear power plant so close to your own country?
  6. What the living fuck. Isn't this almost the equivalent of dropping an actual nuke???
  7. it was really stupid of me. slipped on ice while walking my dog at night. now i have 2 plates in my foreaem and cant even comb my hair. boo-hoo.
  8. currently i have a broken right arm (dominant) so can barely post except to "like" it's driving me crazy
  9. Yum. I find myself fantasizing about a stealth aircraft raining down a bit of whup-ass on this massive 40-mile convoy headed to Kyiv.
  10. when i lived in California, i had a potted tomato plant on the patio and it grew and produced fruits for four years
  11. When your son and your HAIRDRESSER (!!) call it a bad decision, that should say it all. Look, a good "F" is fun, and I'd be the last person to deny anyone that pleasure, but time's passing, Chats. Do you really want to waste any more of it? Like they say about food - A moment on the lips, forever on the hips. An orgasm is just as fleeting and the results can be just as devastating.
  12. Any advice I can give you would have to be contingent upon my accompanying you on your getaway to the Maldives so that I may act as your personal assistant/confidant/linen presser while you are being wined and dined.
  13. You have to cut them in half. But, yes, it irritates me too.
  14. "Fantastic!" Yes, I am that irritatingly enthusiastic person you've heard about.
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