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  1. This is going to sound pretty harsh, and I apologize for that ahead of time, but sometimes it pays to examine unpleasant truths, if such be the case. Is it possible that W doesn't want to deal with someone who has so many personal/physical concerns and wouldn't just rather be with someone without the "baggage"? This may be his clumsy way of distancing himself from this relationship. Bear in mind, I know absolutely nothing about your relationship with this person and my mental ponderings are probably way off base. Feel free to tell me to f off.
  2. Ahem. I beg to differ with you. It was Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy, not Daddy Doggie. Please continue . . . ETA: I can never think of He-Man again without getting the instant mental image someone on this site's icon .gif featuring none other pleasuring himself enthusiastically.
  3. Try cutting off a good 3-4" stalk of basil, removing the bottom leaves and stick it in water. It usually takes root quite freely and replant it. You can discard your overgrown basil and start fresh with a young-un!
  4. Have you noticed any ants around your place? Ants will actually cultivate aphids by carrying them around and placing them on plants so they can then harvest the sticky sweet secretions the produce while they're decimating your plants. It's quite fascinating really, if it weren't so annoying. You can take a cotton swab and dip it in alcohol and then stick it on the aphids and watch them wither and die!! Ha-HAAAAA!!! Even if you can't save your artichokes, it will be very satisfying, I promise you.
  5. I'm in Michigan and we actually have people coming to our house to give us vaccinations. That's due primarily to my husband being immunocompromised what with chemo and all. I've been 1st time vaccinated as was my husband, and our second vac will be in the required amount of days. They're doing vaccinations by appointment at places like major drug store chains and hospitals, along with Meijer stores (a large regional grocery chain.) I'm not sure whether Michigan is considered a red or a blue state anymore. It used to be firmly blue, now no one's really sure.
  6. Has anyone blamed you yet for this, Pod? If not, I hereby do.
  7. I long for the days of cartoons that were downright clever and interesting rather than vehicles for product sales. Yes, I am that old. Some examples: Tom and Jerry (originals), Bugs Bunny (where I was first introduced to classical music), Rocky and Bullwinkle and Mr. Peabody, etc., etc. The cartoons that are aired currently are downright boring.
  8. When we lived in Cincinnati, Ohio, I had a strip of soil between the house and the sidewalk that was about 30' or so long, and every year I planted my dahlia bulbs there. They were GORGEOUS and I miss them! Digging them up was a small price to pay to have beautiful cut flowers all season long. They last wonderfully long and come in such spectacular colors. The only enemy was the beetles that would come to feast on them. Grrrr.... P.S. There's a "Mr. ES"??? Great news! I've been out of the news cycle lately. This is great planting time here in the Midwest for lettuce, spinach, cilantro - all the things that basically get blown out by the summer heat.
  9. Radiators were great for one reason only - drying wet gloves after playing in the snow. "Me too" comment - We kids used to play with a bottle of mercury, splashing it around in our hands. Where it came from, I have no idea. But it explains a lot. A basement is an absolute MUST for me. Where do you go to hide from tornados if you don't have a basement??!
  10. So being "more contagious" means (example) something like the ability to defeat some precautions? or the ability to jump larger spaces to reach a victim? or maybe spreads more of itself? I don't know if I'm making myself clear. I'm just trying to understand what "more contagious" really means. I guess it's not really important in the long run. Just an inquiring mind that wants to know details.
  11. Hmm. . . can you maybe draw an analogy so it's clearer? Like, someone's entering a house where there's known to have been many murders that have taken place. You've got to be on your guard against being attacked. so instead of bringing a gun, a knife, and a bayonet, you bring a shotgun too because there's more attackers than originally thought? Sorry for being silly, but I don't really get it. (and hope not to!) ETA: I mean, it's either contagious or it's not. It's like being a little bit pregnant. Capische?
  12. I slept till around 3 p.m. today. Wish I could say it was due to a super exciting New Year's Eve. By the by, does anyone know whether this more contagious variant of Covid is more contagious in the sense that it can be spread in another way than it has already, (and what is that way), or what? If that makes sense.
  13. Actually, yes. I've got a file in Pictures dedicated to them.
  14. I'd just like to let it be known that I was anti-FB long before it was cool.
  15. I grew up in a household where my parents made absolutely everything - from artificial bricks made out of plaster to cover this one wall (textured and everything) to screen printing to painting fine art to metal working to constructing ice ponds for us kids to skate on in the winter and igloos. My dad built a miniature car track (can't think of the name of it) in the basement to race electric model cars on. (no kit involved. just out of his head.) Oh, he built a motorboat from plans, and we boated on it for years. My mom could literally sew anything - I mean blazers, suits, pants, you name it. She made all of our curtains, more pillows than I can count - complicated ones, too. Our bedroom walls had murals of scenes from Peter Pan flying over London at night with Wendy and the boys, and Cinderella with the Fairy God Mother changing the pumpkin to a coach, etc. She could sculpt too! She made the most beautiful small statue, but tried to fire it in our furnace and it broke. She didn't have a kiln. Oh, and etching too. That's just some of the things they did. Unfortunately, all this do-it-yourself-ism left me with the self-assurance that **I** could make or do anything at all too. I've had some success, but not nearly like them. You really have to love doing stuff like this, or you'll never spend the time it takes to get good at it, and my patience level and attention span has been in the crapper lately.
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