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  1. Tears of Lys

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    This thread must continue. Just a small idea: "Tell Us More." is a great name for a book.
  2. Tears of Lys

    Do Dolphins Really Protect People from Sharks?

    I want to believe!
  3. Tears of Lys

    Do Dolphins Really Protect People from Sharks?

    My "Friend of Man-dolphin" bubble was burst when I heard they try to get sexy with people silly enough to go swimming with them. Then the "Roving Band of Rapist" teen dolphins who prey on unprotected, innocent, girly dolphins moved them firmly into the category of unsavory species in my mind. Now I only buy dolphin-unsafe tuna.
  4. Tears of Lys

    Laurel or Yanny?

    You three have it right. As a self-described "professional listener," or IOW, a stenographic reporter, I've been forced to train this human faculty to a high degree. As I have to, in real time, commit the spoken word, in all sorts of settings, to the printed word at speeds approaching 250+ WPM, sometimes in noisy situations with cell phone conversations going on sotto voce close by, being able to pick and choose what should be written down versus what shouldn't (which sometimes includes a whispered "objection" from the back of the room - well, let's just say I tested out EXCELLENT at my latest hearing test. And good thing for the clients who hire me! But it is a skill or technique or whatever that CAN be attained, as long as you have no physical reason for an inability to hear in a certain range. To that end, I think all folk, no matter the age, should have their hearing tested. We all assume we're hearing everything there is to hear, but in actuality you really don't know what you are missing. When your sight is affected, it's a lot more obvious to you that something's wrong. Not so with hearing.
  5. Tears of Lys

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Lany, finches love thistle seed. They'll scarf that up all day long. Problem is, erm, anything they happen to miss and falls to the ground turns into . . . thistle plants. You win some, you lose some, I guess. I remember a neighbor of ours, neighbor 1, got into a screaming match with another neighbor, neighbor 2, over the fact that neighbor 2 was "throwing thistle seed over the fence" into her yard, making neighbor 1's yard a mess of thistles. Of course she wasn't, but there was no convincing her. She was a bit cuckoo anyway. HAR!
  6. Tears of Lys

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Hmmm. . . interesting that the Chicago mission falls apart after Philip tells Oleg about it . . . Matthew Rhys is one of those people whose faces light up when they smile and they suddenly become younger and more attractive. (not so rare, actually.) He hasn't had too much to smile about lately. The last time he was happy was doing his line dances - speaking of which, yes, "line dancing" is the appropriate word. It's funny that Country/Western dancing appropriated this old dance form. I specifically remember it being practiced in the Detroit area during the Motown era. I can attest that it's a lot of fun! (Never got into the C/W aspect of it, though.)
  7. Tears of Lys

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Nothing exciting or momentous spotted lately, but a very charming domestic scene involving Mallards. A male and female mating pair waddled up to our bird feeder to snack on some dried corn that was part of the mix. It was SOOOO cute to see the male let her eat first, all the while watching to ward off any other birds that came too close to her. He'd accomplish this by making a thrusting movement of his bill in their general direction, which was quite effective in scattering the intruders. It wasn't until she had eaten pretty much her fill that he grabbed a few nibbles for himself. What a man!
  8. Tears of Lys

    Prolonged Life.... Dragons

    Flightless Bird, they're trying to tell you, in a convoluted way, that you posted your question in the wrong area of the Forum. You should have posted it up top under discussions of the novels. Welcome!
  9. Tears of Lys

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    TBH, I did not have you nor more recent posters in mind when I tossed that out. I had just gotten finished rereading a slew of old posts from previous seasons and was struck by some of the comments that were made. Unfortunately, my ire had bad timing. The one who pissed me off doesn't even post here anymore. Truly, the few who have been hanging out posting in this thread lately have very intriguing theories and motivational guesstimates, and I've enjoyed reading them, yours included. I apologize for my trigger finger if anyone felt they were being characterized inappropriately. Now, for another question: Does anyone recall what the exact words (or close) that were used when the Jennings were discussing their kids way back in S1, I think, and opinions were given as to how each child would fare if their parents were either incarcerated, killed, etc? I've been wracking my brain trying to remember who they thought would handle such a situation the best and who would crumble. Jax: Remind me how Philip dropped a message to Oleg. How was it done? My dearest darling SO still has a habit of needing to talk to me during my FAVORITE TV SHOW EVER.
  10. Tears of Lys

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Speaking of Philip's and Stan's friendship and Philip's and Elizabeth's relationship, I can't decide which one I'm going to be most upset about coming to an abrupt halt. All I know is, there will be blood. (Apologies to Upton Sinclair.) As for not "liking" Elizabeth, I don't think they who've voiced this opinion are being quite fair. It's almost as if because she "hurt" our favorite, Philip**, a male perspective of sticking with the bro is injecting itself into how she is perceived. ** - just as cold of a killer as she is, (but maybe tempered with some regret, which as someone pointed out up above, makes him rather worse than Elizabeth.
  11. Tears of Lys

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    For sure. "WTF??" had to be at least ONE of the things she was thinking. He made his point quite clearly, though. If you think you're ready for this, you're NOT.
  12. Tears of Lys

    Generations - Not a Thing

    Oh, hell, yes. More than a footnote, to me at least. I remember having to stop off at a freakin' pay phone on my way up to Los Angeles courts to find out if I was going to have to head to Torrance, LA, Long Beach, or Compton. Major PITA. And I used to have to wear a BEEPER when I worked in tech support. Bleeeccchhhh. Part of me really hates people being able to get to you anywhere, at any time, but a larger part of me loves the convenience. (yes, I don't answer calls/texts/emails if I don't feel like it. )
  13. Tears of Lys

    (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    I don't think it's so much that Philip can't run the business on his own (although, his attempts at sales team building are pretty awkward) but I think at this point in time the travel industry may have been going through consolidations and/or rising competition with budget packages, etc. But, yeah, they're much better as a team in ALL ways. Very sad, actually, what it's come to.
  14. Tears of Lys

    Walking Dead Season 7 (No comic Spoilers)

    Plan for some alternate Sunday night viewing. You have to KNOW they will have a civil war next season, accompanied by major lecturing/cajoling/whining/etc. from Jesus. I suppose they figured the bromance between Rick and Daryl had to end (or be interrupted) at some point - foreshadowed by their "slugfest" on the side of the road in an earlier episode. "Mustache twirling" is a good way to describe that scene, as is "Godfather" Maggie. The actress who plays Maggie (Lauren Cohan?) looks like she's having some difficulty with the material too - which is not her fault. Anyone would. BUT!! Should anyone misunderstand me and assume I am out on this series, I shall continue to watch while I fold the laundry (as Baitac said above.) I do like the Jesus character usually, although his lectures do get a bit tedious. (That sentence sounds funny even to me.) I chalk it up to the actor's general likeability. I like the "Godfather Maggie" reference. I don't know if she/they intend to kill Rick, et al. Rather, get to Negan and finish him off, thereby going against Rick, leading to DRAMA!! Really, I'd much rather this show be a series of close calls and/or folks getting eaten in creative ways than these ham-fisted attempts at character development.
  15. Tears of Lys

    Walking Dead Season 7 (No comic Spoilers)

    Personally, I thought it was a little cloying. The sudden turnaround of Rick being a "good guy" and all the talk about Carl's philosophy, and the sentimental scenes of Rick and Carl (as a little kid) walking down the dusty country road, father and son, just didn't ring true to me. YMMV. Edit: Rick basically played the "Carl card" to touch Negan's feelings to distract him long enough so he could take him down. Oh, and slashing someone so deep across the throat could very well lead them to bleed out rather quickly, so where does all this "We're not going to kill you, we're going to reinstitute law and jail you" come from? And what the hell is Jesus doing in the meeting Maggie had? And Daryl????!! It all just didn't flow right to me. But that's nothing new with TWD, is it?