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  1. Tears of Lys

    A Brooklyn State of Mind

    Hope you have a great time! I'm jealous. In my next incarnation, I'm going to live there (hopefully, not as a vagrant, but there's worse places to be if I were.)
  2. Tears of Lys

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    How about a thread where you have to choose your most beloved shoes - shoes you should probably just throw out, but you can't because they're so darn comfortable and cool. I've got a pair of older-than-dirt Bally's women's loafer type of shoes with about a 2" stacked heel that has a menswear look to it. I need a shoehorn to get into them, but once they're on, they just conform to my feet so beautifully. The leather is so soft and supple to the touch too. They look great with jeans. I've had them resoled once too. But to be perfectly honest, they've done their duty and should be retired. I just can't bring myself to do it. Yes, a pair of shoes has wormed its way into my heart.
  3. Tears of Lys

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    I'm a court reporter and recall vividly how much I hated reporting voir dire. People are generally unaccustomed to speaking about themselves in front of large groups and they tend to clam up and mumble, making the court reporter's job a living nightmare. Speaking of voir dire, interesting factoid: Jury selection in the O.J. Simpson case took over 300 DAYS. The folks who made it onto the jury were sequestered during the trial under the watchful eyes of bailiffs (one of which was a good friend of mine. Fun guy.)
  4. Tears of Lys

    comparitive advantage

    Is that anything like the Horse of Judgment?
  5. Tears of Lys

    comparitive advantage

    I'm the crazy one, I'm afraid. And damn you, Auto Correct!! Comparative vs. comparitive.
  6. Tears of Lys

    comparitive advantage

    Better start by spelling the word correctly. Comparative vs. comparative.
  7. Tears of Lys

    Vocabulary help

    Usually accompanied by some form of: "Why, you dirty, low-down, sneaky, <insert word> son-of-a-bitch!"
  8. Tears of Lys

    Dating Thread: "Pain, disorder, occasional clarity"

    So far, this iteration of the dating thread doesn't feel like much fun.
  9. Tears of Lys

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Aren't they cute?? I love to see them running up and down a sandy ground.
  10. Tears of Lys

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Lately, I've been watching cardinals eat my tomatoes. Grrrrr!! I like red birds, but I also like a juicy tomato. They go hopping among the stems looking for a tomato that's just starting to redden, then peck away at it. Some other birds, either Baltimore Orioles or Goldfinch, are also ruining my tomato crop.
  11. Tears of Lys

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    My husband favors ribeye, but won't say no to a nice porterhouse.
  12. Tears of Lys

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    Yep, did the garlic and rosemary. Not the oregano, though. I'll try it next time. It was roasted, not boiled. Can't imagine that.
  13. Tears of Lys

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    King crab is the bomb. A veritable orgy of succulence exploding in your mouth. or something like that.
  14. Tears of Lys

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    It was rack of lamb, mint jelly, red potatoes, and . . . eggplant. That last doesn't seem to fit, but our garden has been producing tons of it. As for the generational differences in male/female roles, I know what you mean. My daughter takes great pride in the fact that she doesn't cook, and my younger sister does too. I don't get it, really. Cooking is a satisfying, relaxing skill that everyone should try their hand at.
  15. Tears of Lys

    What's for Dinner part 8.

    A man who cooks AND serves you lobster? Okay, what's the catch?