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  1. I use a leave-in conditioner by Aveda that I really like. I'll look it up and add it here. I have yours and X-Ray's type of hair...it was perfect in the 80s. It's coarse, curly, and will reach the heavens if I so choose. Unfortunately, it's a wee bit dated, and I live in one of the most humid locales on the planet. So it's frizzy. And out of control. I struggle with my hair constantly. I'm starting to embrace it, though, and in spite of filling up the square on video calls, I'm wearing it large and enjoying it more than I used to. Large hair might not be an option for you, though. My brother has the same exact hair and keeps his cropped fairly close to his scalp. It looks very polished and professional.
  2. My first thought to your post is, "Why not get a booster?" I plan on getting it either this week or next week. I have immunity issues and asthma, and it seems like the sensible thing to do, especially living in a place where the vaccine rate is still under 45%.
  3. The photos on that site are just amazing. Really enjoyed them - thanks for the link!
  4. Always. I say "I'm fixin' to..." nonstop. Of course I say "y'all." I also say 'bless your heart" but it's not a slam for everything. Sometimes it means, "I'm sorry this has happened to you," or "this is awful - how can I help?" People think it means something ugly, but where I live it's an actual expression of sympathy a lot of times. I have stopped saying it so much because I don't want people to think I'm being ugly.
  5. I am not on dating sites, and don't have anything to offer this topic except to say that this response is lovely and so true! Also, I would love to have a White Tree of Gondor wallet and cannot imagine anyone not wanting that.
  6. I have never heard that...I have good hair and skin, and I don't drink, but I think I have genetics to thank more than abstinence. I use Erno Laszlo phelityl soap to cleanse after removing makeup with a cleanser. I also swear by Dr. Hauschka regenerating serum. Everything else I sort of switch up and play with but those two items I am never without.
  7. I love this topic. I also hate this topic because the words I use most say a lot about me. I use "awesome" way too much. I also use phrases like, "fixin' to" which I know is completely wrong, but it's a southern thing and I can't stop it. I also say, "no way" constantly like I'm a 10 year old boy in 1977. I don't have a good understanding of why that's happening, but there you go. My go-to phrase for when I am speechless and can't be sure what sort of reaction is expected of me is, "Well, isn't that something?!?" It works in pretty much any scenario. All of my pets are "Bubbas." I have no idea why. They all have names, but I call them Bubba, Little Bubba, Bay Bay, etc, ad nauseum. I bet they want to slap me. But word-wise, my top offenders are definitely "awesome", "dammit", and "sweetie."
  8. Mr. Elder Sister got me some new, powerful binoculars for my birthday, and they're so much better than what I had...I'm having a blast with them. I'm watching the fox squirrels more than birds right now, just because they're so stinking cute. We have three that live in the trees in by our house, and they've gotten used to me talking to them and are actually very good listeners! Oh, and I've had to stick pine cones in all of my geraniums because of the damn house wrens who will not stop building in them.
  9. My dahlias are actually doing okay. I lost 3 dahlias that were rotted, but the rest of them are hanging in, blooming, starting to bloom, etc., and are looking good. I've had to spray them with a 3in1 - the deep south is much different from the climates where dahlias seem to thrive. I hope they'll pull through and do well; I just love them. @lady narcissa, you got some bad weather in your area this week! I was thinking about you - hope you dodged it and all was well. @Alarich II, I love that saying about the weather. It's so true!
  10. So, I just ran in here to gripe. We got 13 inches of rain in the last seven days, and my lovely dahlias that I have babied, prayed over, sacrificed small animals to...well, they're not doing so great. I am SICK. Between all the rain and the [email protected]#%#$ Japanese beetles, I am ready to get one of those giant hot air balloon guys and call that a garden. So how's your garden doing?
  11. Is bittersweet like a vine? We don’t have it down here. It looks pretty but is obviously invasive. I will trade you bittersweet for creeping Charlie. We HATES IT SO MUCH.
  12. It didn't do anything, thank goodness. I was so disgusted because two weeks prior, I had covered EVERYTHING and my Dear Dolores hydrangea STILL got burned by the cold. She's just not happy, period, and I'm thinking I'm going to have to move her. As much as I like the hybrids, you cannot beat the old-timey, tried and true heirlooms...they just perform so well.
  13. So it might frost here tonight in the Deep South. Two weeks ago I covered my hydrangeas and some other things. This week I’m tired and just can’t be bothered.
  14. @lady narcissa, here’s a good link for cutting back basil. https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/edible/herbs/basil/pruning-back-basil-plants.htm
  15. Mint is a total thug - I love it, but the only way to grow it is in the pot. Don't let either start flowering - keep them trimmed and fertilized and they'll stay bushy and gorgeous all summer. Once basil starts flowering, you have to mercilessly cut it back or it starts getting leggy.
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