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    Casterly Rock
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    languages and linguistics, literature, collecting dice, fountain pens and lanyards, discussions, going abroad, law (especially ip), going to the cinema, philosophy, role-playing games (list on request), cooking and baking, listening to music, writing


    Still my mind is traveling

    And I have other songs to sing

    Of places far and near

    Of friends and people dear

    Who are here with me

    Who will be there for me.

    Each of them a precious man

    Each of them a precious gem.

    And all the world there in my head

    Remains ev'n when I should be sad.

    Because I can hear your laughter in my heart.

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  1. Welcome to the boards! And a namesake. ;o) (Although I have an 'n' less at the beginning. And it's my second name.)
  2. Welcome to the boards, Jenna!
  3. How did "LordImp" come along with the Bolton sigil and Iwan as a wallpaper?

    Funny choice.

    I'm a bastard's (fan-)boy actually as well. Besides Tyrion.

  4. Hello there!

    How are you? I hope you are fine.



  5. Happy very belated birthday. I hope all is well with you.



  6. Iwan Rheon and Nathalie Tena both starred in "Residue" - as a couple.
  7. I'm back onto the board, Conor. :cheers:

  8. Bro!!!!!

    I'm back!

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    2. rocksniffer


      yes this makes my day...hope it was just normal life that held you back from us...if you want to talk PM me...now that you are back it is time for me to touch base with tttne...without your moments i fell off for a while....though i did get appointed foot of the king and queen...i guess lifting a leg now and the paid off... ;)

    3. King Tyrion I

      King Tyrion I

      I don't even know if I hold a title in the current court. I might as well be honorary court member and Spam royalty. <shrugs>

      It was normal life, bro. And someone from over here. At least, some things that said person did.

      And one thing I want to do before I go to sleep (it's a quarter past two a.m. - I should catch some sleep) I'm giving you my mobile number. Just in case. And I got Telegram which is like WhatsApp.

      +(49) 17672503242

      Felix Emanuel Charles Marmann (that's my complete name)

      Someone told me I was missed - and I also missed you.

    4. rocksniffer


      all is well...g'night my friend...everything thing else can wait for morning...well later in the morning ;)


      i shall save this number...and name...what do you go by...Felix?

      i am Pierre Broussard ..but i am called Tripp as i am the third oldest of 10 siblings like the borg 3/10 also i am the third jean-pierre rene in a long line of broussards sometimes all that pretense is too funny for words  ... no cell phone but am on FB https://www.facebook.com/pierre.broussard.37

      and i check it more than i do landline voice mail...:rolleyes:

      yeah i was worried with all that has happened in the world this yr when you dropped suddenly. i hoped it was just something manageable vs something uncontrollable

      life has a way of smacking you around when you least expect it...

      glad you worked it all out... :cheers:

  9. Thank you for your kind words. =o)
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