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  1. i see this https://imgur.com/a/e8n0iHe
  2. We don't have a search button anymore or something?
  3. Amazing people deserve amazing deaths . Same can't be said about child burning dimwits.
  4. It was good . Solid 10 from me . LS should have been introduced in last season finale imo. We thought they would do it this year ,i am upset about it but that is no reason to not like this episode .
  5. The last 10 mins all i was thinking was : OMG they didn't just do that !! I was on the edge of my seat . Loved it .
  6. I did not like the last scene.So Puddles was sent by Old Gods .Ravens are bad.What were they trying to tell?
  7. Well the butterfly effect will make it to hard for them to make future seasons.Definitely no fake Arya at the wall then. Ros dying gets 1 more point from me.She did some work but she should have been dead many episodes back. Theon torture i dont think they can show more than that.
  8. I think D&D have implied that if he wants to be one of the stark kids then automatically he wants to be Ned's son.
  9. Well i thought that was keeping in line with the books.But this realisation does not come so early in the books.He says to Lady Dustin he was like one of the Stark kids and i think thats what D&D have implied on when writing that scene.
  10. Well Cat did make Bran promise that he wont climb again.I think Bran was just remembering that.
  11. Most of the people here are saying Bran's scene was pointless.I think it was made pointless by some bad editing,they needed to explain more about whats going on there. Theon/Ramsay was again great. Dany scenes were amazing but because of the budget they could not show more. Excellent episode.
  12. This was a good episode.The Cat think sucked.But most of the other things were great.Reeds introduction was brilliantly done.I also liked how they showed warging .the best part for me was Jojen talking about Howland"He didnt tell us about the rebellion."That man can keep a secret. Theon torturing was great!!
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