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  1. So now we know where Grievous learned his lightsaber moves. From a kitchen droid that worked in Jabba’s palace. No wonder Obi-Wan won.
  2. I suppose the JWST reached position while I wasn’t paying attention. https://www.jwst.nasa.gov/content/webbLaunch/whereIsWebb.html
  3. Current surge in deaths is going to break 900,000 total dead here fairly quickly. Hopefully it slows down enough that we don’t get too close to 1,000,000 dead by the end of this wave.
  4. Ha. Actually there is a solid chance I’m the drunk person playing too loose. Hit $220 tonight though.
  5. Meh. I’m 25% accepted to a DeSantis presidency at some point in the future. Preparing now to soften the blow.
  6. Heard this from my sister. Her non-vaccinated friend that works in a hospital was told by the HR Department that as long as she turns in any exemption form, it would be approved. How is this CMS mandate of any use if the hospitals can just approve any exemption? I suppose it at least gives cover to those hospitals that actually want to release their non-vaccinated workers. (Unless it's a Florida hospital)
  7. My dad has $10s bet and is currently 5/6 right. The Cardinals are gonna cost him a $450 win. His fault for being greedy. He could’ve taken the guaranteed $200 before the game began.
  8. Just finished the last two episodes of Hawkeye. The child custody issues after the blip was reversed must have been terrible. None dusted people adopted now parentless kids. 5 years later the parents come back looking for their children.
  9. Yeah our current system seems to be fucked up for two major reasons. 1) The goal of the healthcare facilities is to make a profit. So it is in their interest to order more tests (even if they are not necessary for the health of the patient) to get money out of the insurance companies. 2) The goal of the insurance companies is to make a profit by not paying out claims. They collect the premiums, and then try to keep money using every excuse possible to not help the customers paying said premiums While the whole time patients are being gouged 3 separate ways. 1) They are paying premiums just to have insurance. 2) They have to make copayments for the actual doctor visits. 3) They then have to pay out of pocket for things their insurance company refuses to cover. What a messed up system.
  10. People like that do exist. I once saw a patient check into the Emergency Department 4 times in a 24 hour period. But yeah, fairly certain the number is so low as to be negligible in the grand scheme of things.
  11. I look at what I said and then Ser Scot's response to me. What point are you trying to make here? I realize that I'm confused. Are you agreeing with us both that "The Ukraine" sounds weird as hell? Like "The Canada" or "The Thailand"
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