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  1. But then again. General Winter did stop Hitler’s advance. Can’t quite hate them completely.
  2. Well they deserve their wealth. The rest of us just need to try harder. Like Great Prophet Donald Trump. Do you know how much effort it took for him to bankrupt a casino? The one thing it should be impossible to fail at? He fucking worked hard at it. Greatest Businessman Man ever.
  3. Counterpoint. Winter is evil. It wants to give us all frostbite! And dangerous icy roads.
  4. Ugh. Don’t worry. I car pool. Taking a 4 hour nap now though. edit: Ha. Woke up and headed to work.
  5. Ended up being some damn good advice. I took an extra couple shots and gave my Lucipurr (cat) and Laci (dog) extra treats. They both appreciate it.
  6. Jameson. That is some good Irish whiskey. This one is to your health. Cheers!
  7. I better do a few more shots before a show up to work hungover tomorrow. “To equality!” ‘drinks’
  8. Damn it all. I’m a White Male Veteran in the American South. It’s like it is impossible for me to fail.
  9. Lol. Not my version, your faith in me is misplaced.
  10. See Madam Chataya de Fleury, you seem to be one of the good upper echelons. Down with yearly percentage based raises! They are not raises, they are cost of living adjustments in disguise! (Usually at a number below the actual cost of living increase(so in essence an annual pay cut))
  11. ????? What did you previously post? Not knowing shall haunt me for days! Days I say!
  12. Aren’t they called Wookies? Wook-E E-Wook. Upside-down version.
  13. Elves don’t use magic! Babysitting tonight. Watching Little Kingdom.
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