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  1. He got someone pregnant at 18 and they married right after high school. That lasted a few months before divorce. After joining the military, he didn’t want to live in the dorms. So he married a friend so they could move off base. After which they got a divorce. He then got another woman pregnant and married her. That also only lasted a few months before divorce. I don’t think he told wife number 4 about his previous spouses or the 2 kids before they got married. I’m not sure of the specifics of what actually happened, but about 6 months into that marriage he got sent to prison. And that’s the last I ever heard of him.
  2. I used to work this guy who was married 4 times by the time he was 21. Complete scumbag.
  3. Nah. You’re not weird. I’m sure there are many of us like this.
  4. And the 3rd hill was finally looking like it would level off. (Infections, not deaths)
  5. The monolith my alien overlords set down for me to worship them at has disappeared. I can’t pray to aliens with no monolith!
  6. Do you start your turn signal while in the middle of changing lanes? Or do you do the correct thing and put it on a few seconds beforehand? Drivers that do the first piss me off to no end.
  7. Yeah. And the government paid him with tax payer money a yearly clothing allowance. And a monthly food allowance. And a monthly housing allowance. On top of his base pay. Was he married or did he have kids at the time? Then he got extra dependent pay. Did he work more than other people who weren't married or didn't have kids? Probably not. But the government paid him more just because. He or his family had to go the hospital? It was taken care of, free of charge. Courtesy of the tax payer. Also the government paid for his schooling. Not just the payment to the school, he was also given a monthly living allowance while he was taking classes. Way to go with the whole, " It's not socialism if it benefits me and mine" I did six years myself, with 6 months 17 days in Afghanistan. I don't lie to myself about the benefits I received.
  8. Shit. I broke my own rule. I've been trying to convince people that thinking the media is "fake news" is equivalent to believing that the earth is flat, or that the moon landing didn't happen.
  9. I blame the media. Seen too many stories of people saying, "I don't like Trump, but he did nominate Justice Barrett." That's on me letting a few stories color my glasses.
  10. The last thing I want is the government having any “noticeable difference in my life” But this is what I'm going off of. It doesn't help you said your dad was in the military, the most socialist organization in our entire country. I don't know your relationship with him, but odds are you were a major beneficiary of socialism growing up.
  11. And I’m saying maybe a higher tax rate is more preferable than children going hungry.
  12. Why insult Sweden? I’m trying very hard to be nice right now. I’m not sure if you ever had to skip meals when younger so your younger siblings could eat. Maybe a bit more mandatory socialism could be good for America?
  13. Except if you’re born to poor as shit parents, right? When a 40 pack of frozen fish sticks split between the mother and 3 siblings is dinner? Maybe a box of Kraft Mac and cheese to go along with it. Edit: The plastic tree is up! I’ll decorate it tomorrow.
  14. Didn’t this happen with many people of Mexican descent this time around in the American Southwest? Trump says Mexicans are murderers and rapists, but he’s preferable because they are brainwashed to be Catholic and them baby murdering Democrats are evil?
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