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  1. I just finished the first season on Monday. Dark. (Thanks for another fun recommendation board )
  2. Wait. Things have gone on since this post but I can’t let the bolded slide. The whole point of Russia deciding on their own to invade Ukraine was to bleed Russia dry?
  3. I wonder if Lukashenko was aware of this before it was announced by Russia.
  4. Saw it finally today. Yep. Part 1 of a two part movie.
  5. Ha. I just saw the scene where coyote passed out and nearly crashed. My car slams on the breaks if someone pulls out in front of me too close, but his jet couldn’t level off.
  6. I was not aware. Did not wear green today.
  7. Nyuk Nyuk. I’m just a regular guy working for a living at $15.36 an hour. No way these millionaire’s trying to become richer for whatever reason will ever affect me.
  8. The 14 y/o niece is visiting for spring break. She is already as tall as I am! (5’5”) Dang my tall older brother and genetics!
  9. You’d think it would have been more of an inoculation than a vaccine. Did Ellie even once bite somebody to see what would happen? Cowpox vs. Smallpox sorta situation.
  10. You have been worrying me lately. Do you admit the moon landings aren’t fake? That the Earth isn’t flat? And 9/11 wasn’t an inside job?
  11. Tornadoes! That’s how the weather is. Tornadoes! (Though the one in my area was 20 miles away and only lasted around 5 seconds)
  12. I see his first books brought up so often as good reads, but have never read them. I’d rather not join ya’ll in the torture.
  13. So President Biden will finally do his first veto? Yay!
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