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    Penguin Stuff. Like, you know. Fishing. Trying to stay warm. Swimming is fun sometimes I guess. Do penguins drink and gamble?

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  1. A True Kaniggit

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Wolf Talking too.
  2. A True Kaniggit

    The Drunk Thread: An All The Vodka Dinner

    Whoa. You and @sologdin both back in such a short time? It's a Louisiana resurgence! Now go to the cat thread (it's currently halfway down the second page) and compliment my queens!
  3. A True Kaniggit

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    The FF7 talk convinced me to do another play-through. I love Cloud's Cover+Counter+Poison Blade combo. I'm not in a rush, so it's probably gonna be a few weeks before I actually win the game. Playing the basketball game at the Golden Saucer is too important.
  4. A True Kaniggit

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    Remember, the key to good Chocobo farming is inbreeding. Lots and lots of inbreeding.
  5. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    I got halfway through typing a reply, and then got too bummed out while describing why the people in my state vote how they vote. I'll finish it up and tell you in a bit.
  6. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    "chokes in middle of drink" Wait what? You actually think they'd ever do that?
  7. A True Kaniggit

    What are you listening to Ventiquattro - Dont let Life pass you by.

    Currently. Elton John's Tiny Dancer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Al8UHnjusq0 It's just all the commercials for that upcoming movie. I can't get his songs out of my head.
  8. A True Kaniggit

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    Yep. I kept away from spoilers (only looked at the reviews). The word "artwork" popped up. I expect good things.
  9. A True Kaniggit

    US Politics: Don't Panic - Organize

    I only counted 9 meows in this thread. And am not best pleased.
  10. A True Kaniggit

    Video Games: Devils Die Twice

    What Remains of Edith Finch is free this month with play station plus. Never heard of the game before, but a quick wiki of the game tells me I should play it.
  11. A True Kaniggit

    The First Law Re-Read Volume II - rereads are a dish best served cold

    That and..... how many toes does he have now? I can't remember how many got crushed. He can be name brothers with Logen. Nine Fingers, and Nine Toes. Edit: I've been on hiatus from the reread since I kinda read The Last Argument of Kings and Best Served Cold a bit of ahead of planned schedule. Gonna start The Heroes when June hits. It's one of my favorites, so ya'll better be ready for some inane statements based on almost no supporting evidence when the time comes.
  12. A True Kaniggit

    Avengers Endgame- SPOILERS II

    But was Pepper already pregnant? If she wasn't pregnant before the snap, then there is no way he would've ended up with the same daughter. He probably didn't want to risk it. Was gonna see this for the second time yesterday, but it was sold out. Apparently a lot of people had the idea to go watch it with their mom on Mother's Day. Edit: Oh. And I read that for an after credits scene they decided to put in a Spider Man trailer.
  13. A True Kaniggit

    BIRDS (and how to look at them)

    Today, my brother called me and told me he accidentally killed a mourning dove when a different bird chased it in front of his car (probably a starling, little bastards). RIP poor little dove.
  14. A True Kaniggit

    Exercise and Fitness: bro science debunked

    My mistake. I thought you were being ironic. Using the word, "weak" when talking about something that requires strength.