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  1. Fine. I'll put one my 'I'm Right' hat and lay things out plainly for you before my bedtime. Below is what you posted, and what I responded to. "I wouldn't be surprised if more developed nations have them than we think." You think unknown developed nations have secret nukes, as in some crazy conspiracy.. And I said any developed nation that had nukes would reveal them as a deterrent. Weird that you responded to this with some crazy tangent.
  2. I broke it down to 2 antiseptics and 1 plastic. I needed the crafting materials.
  3. No. That may seem like a safe bet, but I’m not betting my balls on anything. They keep me from falling backwards.
  4. Pakistan and India are for each other. Israel for the surrounding enemy states. Great Britain and France are allies. I suppose North Korea and Russia fit your criteria. Which ones am I missing?
  5. But no deaths reported so far? That seems to be the main factor right now, a way to deescalate for both parties. Iran can say they retaliated for the attack on their consulate, but Israel has not suffered enough damage where they will feel compelled to retaliate.
  6. FUCK YEAH MOTHERFUCKER! But not really. I thought we all took other poster's little idiosyncrasies in stride. Especially after all these years.
  7. And I see no reason why President Biden could not lead the country against such a threat.
  8. Bold 1: Shit! I'm older than you are? No wonder my hair is so thin. Bold 2: So America when Republicans are in charge? Ba dum tss.
  9. Pfft. That’s a problem with your anxieties then.
  10. Post bombing of Iran, the song parody would have been disgusting. Right now? Silly. Bolded: Generalize much? As if I haven’t had a wounded Afghan teenager we were helping stare at me with a look of utmost hatred.
  11. Hmmm. @Jace, Extat Have you been apologizing for warcrimes when I wasn’t looking? Bad!
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