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  1. Yeah, no. I'm not championing anything. Saying "adults shouldn't have sex with adolescents" doesn't need a champion at all. It's like saying, "people shouldn't kill other people" It's something that is obviously true. Would you say murder is OK because, "I have no need to have skin in such circumstances. It's challenging enough to manage my own family interests. It has zero to do with my life circumstances though. I'm just not interested in it, has nothing to do with my life whatsoever. What other families are choosing to do is totally and grotesquely (in the case of underaged) up to them and the state. " I wouldn't think so. Because it's a pretty gross crime.
  2. Bloody Hell. (As an American, am I allowed to say that?) "You all" are not attacking you. I am. Someone pointed out that Scotch was offensive. And yet you have tripled down.
  3. And Mildred Harris was 16. This was before Oona. Why does Oona keep getting brought up as a defense?
  4. Ummmm. No it is not. If the legal age of consent was lowered to 15, would that also be a nothing burger to you?
  5. Since I'm the only one commenting I assume you mean me. Negative. Try again.
  6. Are you not reading the thread? You were the one who said they were neutral on the subject.
  7. Sure it is. As I said, I believe you are an intelligent human being. Just because the government you live under says something is legal does not make it "Not Your Problem".
  8. Yeah.... So maybe the age you are allowed to choose to die for your country is the problem and should be raised. Not the other way around. I agree with @DMC (If that is what he said)
  9. Bullshit. You are an intelligent human being. The legal age in the medieval times was what? As soon as a woman had her period? You ever consider the arbitrary number that is the current legal age could possibly be wrong? Edit: For Fuck's Sake. The current legal drinking age in the United States is still 21. But it's OK for 18 y/o's to go to war and have sex with all and sundry because reasons.
  10. Again I say, It's more about protecting teenagers/young adults.
  11. As you get older yes. It becomes much less of a problem. But as I mentioned in the dating thread, it's more about protecting younger human beings. A 30 y/o fucking a 45 y/o. Who gives a shit? I don't. A 30 y/o abusing a 15 y/o. That is a problem.
  12. Negative. Take a stand. That 16 y/o to a 35 y/o is disgusting.
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