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  1. Yeah. But why are we trusting Red Skull? Wasn’t he a Nazi?
  2. Or maybe Red Skull was just full of shit. And “A soul for a soul” was the only rule. They probably could’ve thrown any red shirt off that cliff and still gotten the soul stone.
  3. But at least they’ve seen He-Man memes. https://youtu.be/ZZ5LpwO-An4
  4. Besides the crap-ton of infinity stones, there is some weird stuff in the evidence drawer. The letters on the tags are just too blurry for me to read. A medal, some marbles, a $5000 poker chip, a cross.
  5. If you get infected, and you’re the host where the virus mutates enough to turn us all into zombies, I’m eating you first.
  6. Yes. Yes it is. I try not to dwell on it.
  7. Thanks. I now know watch I’m watching tonight. It’s been a while since I’ve watched Master and Commander.
  8. Naaaaah. He’d cheat and be lazy even if his go-to game was checkers.
  9. I finally figured it out! Trump has been confusing golf with everything else in life this entire last half decade! In his mind he was constantly “winning” by always getting the lowest score possible at anything he attempted.
  10. After 5 years Laci finally figured out she can get into the kitchen trashcan by knocking it over, thus popping off the lid. So much diarrhea I had to clean up........
  11. Well I just lost respect for President Grant. Nothing to do with Israel, but something to do with Jews in the U.S. While watching old episodes of Jeopardy, I learned he wanted to expel Jews from the territory under his command Apparently President Lincoln had to override him.
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