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  1. @Ser Scot A Ellison "Pics or it didn't happen" I keep my campaign promises. https://i.imgur.com/NIjPPxM.png https://i.imgur.com/gz62hAT.png Please let these be acceptable. I know you can't make out the words on the upper flag, but they say, "Not my president" I'll get a better photo if you demand it, but it'd be nice if you take me at my word.
  2. Negative. Because the current minimum wage is already behind the times. Tying it to inflation may work after it is fixed.
  3. It makes a difference to business owners who would like to enforce mask rules. It’s easier with government backing. Edit: And what? A great many around here didn’t start wearing masks until it was mandated. And they will quit at the first opportunity. It does indeed make a difference.
  4. My bad use of the word hunker. I go out as well sometimes. While taking the precautions I can, like you. I’m bitching about my neighbor states. Texas and Mississippi. Who have opened up with no mask mandates. No restrictions.
  5. The lowest wage at my current workplace is $12 an hour. If it actually passed, the higher ups already decided they’d just raise everyone else’s wages by $3 an hour to keep people from complaining. Looks like they won’t have to do that any time soon, and can just keep the money for themselves.
  6. Sad isn’t it? The vaccines are here. People just need to hunker down for a bit longer. But that’s not gonna happen. And people will die who didn’t need to. But that’s been the story of this whole pandemic, hasn’t it? It just feels worse as things are coming to a close though. Like the last people killed in a war, just before the ceasefire started.
  7. As you said. She created him from her mind. It could just be she created hIm better than he was in real life, based on how she envisioned him. She was in love with him after all.
  8. So Agatha can grant powers? I doubt Ralph just happened to have super speed.
  9. Yay! My new copy of Letters from Iwo Jima arrived today. (The old copy went AWOL and never returned)
  10. I saw that too. Yet down here, I’m considered the crazy one. A little over a month ago Covid finally swept though my workplace. In a two day time span 9 of about 35 people got symptoms and then tested positive. (No idea how many may have been asymptomatic) 2 ended up hospitalized for a few days. Luckily no one died. But because no one died, it just reinforced everyone’s belief that Covid is no big deal and we should open up as quickly as possible.
  11. Day 2 since I’ve cut ties with my mother, older brother, younger brother, and sister. More and more it seems like the right decision. Edit: I guess I can’t cut ties completely. I do love my nieces. And I can’t see them without having at least a little contact with their parents.
  12. Did you get to do the gas chamber training too? Good times. So it looks like the downward trend of U.S. Covid cases/deaths has leveled off. Damn.
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