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  1. Intermission time I suppose. I had to finish the dishes anyways.
  2. Waaaaay late to the party. But started FF7 remake for the first time tonight. I fell oddly proud I recognized Wedges voice. He’s Badger from Breaking Bad!
  3. Nooooo! We can't. I can already predict the dumb-ass thing he would say. "The African Americans? They love me! They even carved my face into the Black Hills."
  4. Wooooo! My younger brother was finally able to get his cat back. The cat was only supposed to stay with me for 4 months while my brother was in Europe for his work. But this virus stretched the time out to 8 months. The youngest of my 2 queens, Minerva, is not sorry to see him go. The older one, Lucipurr, doesn't seem to care.
  5. I'm not famous. Truly. Here, I stand in the shadows of giants.
  6. Time for another multiplayer Baldur's Gate playthrough, in anticipation for whenever the hell 3 finally gets released.
  7. I started it about a week ago for the same reason. Just finished episode 3 tonight.
  8. Well I’ve just spent a week getting my ass kicked at Villainous. 3 times in a row I shuffled the Neverland map down to the last 2 cards of my deck while playing the Hook character.
  9. Yeah, but then I’d have to do the thing where I alternate closing either eye to look at things that are close or far away.
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