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  1. Yeah, I'm wondering if he is going to ham it up the whole time like a panto villian. I'm expecting more really. Having seen Kristin Stewart in a couple of films where she can definitely act I can only assume that the Twilight films were just badly written (lol) and badly directed. Possibly it might be the same case here with Discovery of Witches. I shall continue watching and see.
  2. Kind of wished I hadn't watched a two minute trailer for this because I think I would have preferred to be less 'spoiled' for it. But still keen to see it. Hope it's not too gory though.
  3. Actually it was the performance of the protagonist which screamed 'Kristen Stewart in Twilight' at me (I've watched the first two films). It's in the same ballpark as Hayden Christensen in SW - carelessly bad.
  4. We watched the first ep with no prior knowledge and I got a really strong Twilight vibe from it (films - I haven't read the books).
  5. I think (from what I saw) it might be both (it's where people cannot get a diagnosis/treatment because we can't explain what is happening to them or why). The woman with the EM sensitivity is interesting. Also the mould allergy one. You'd think the mould one was an immunocompromised situation really... I love immunology but if I start to think about it too much in a meta way it terrifies me.
  6. Whilst watching the opening credits and the following couple of minutes I did have a bit of a backwash of fatigue along the lines of: 'oh, get lost, Scorsese - NYC is a grimy and violent, yeah? Neon and flashy lights? Honking? Yawn.' I think this is a result of watching Mean Streets recently (earlier in the year). I just feel like I've reached saturation point and I don't feel engaged by it any more. It's just me, I guess. It's a bit of an anticlimax after all of this time. And yes, I think I feel personally irritated and bothered by the protagonist because it provokes a decade's worth of bad memories for me. So whilst I get that I am meant to feel... something for him I am just unable to. On a totally different note, I watched a bit (one and half episodes) of Afflicted on Netflix. It wasn't my choice, but a colleague who I work at my friend's bar with asked me to watch it and give her my thoughts. It's about people suffering from chronic health conditions which medicine is unable to resolve. There are a variety of 'diagnoses' including: mold allergy, oversensitivity to electromagnetism, and good old chronic fatigue. We see them trying to live with their symptoms and how it affects those around them. It's quite difficult to watch - largely because people are suffering. My colleague asked me to watch because my professional work (i.e. when I'm not pouring beers) has some overlap - I have to talk to patients suffering from delusional parasitosis (a mental health issue) and that's deeply sad (it can also be traumatic). I also see unethical people/groups taking advantage of people suffering (e.g. people with suspected Lyme disease) by offering tests which do not provide what they claim to. It's something I get quite cross about. But it's a complicated issue. I guess I need to keep watching.
  7. I watched Taxi Driver yesterday for the first time. Hmm. I kind of feel like it was pointless watching it now. I should have seen or two decades ago or not at all. I think my first husband modelled himself on Travis Bickle in some ways. Urghhhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm sure you're meant to feel some level of sympathy for the character but all I feel is angry and fucking exasperated.
  8. Isis

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    I'm not talking about what I do. I'm talking about what others do. I don't really care if someone uses a seat for their bag or not. If I want/need to sit I'll ask them to move it. Problem solved. When have you ever known anyone not move their stuff when asked to? (A colleague had a story about a little girl refusing to move a bag with her school assignment in it so that an old man could sit down on a bus (he asked her). But the girl might have been not all there, I think. It certainly provided entertainment for the other passengers.
  9. Isis

    Horror - As the days get shorter

    I enjoy these threads. I recently read Hex. I have mixed feelings about it. (I don't post in the monthly threads here anymore as it's one thing too many on top of GR. Guess I could cut and paste?) I've also read, I think, all of the Tremblay, which is a good idea.
  10. Isis

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    It's fine to do it! So long as you accept that you'll have to move your stuff if you are asked to.
  11. Isis

    Small things that have left you SPEECHLESS

    Heh. This shit just doesn't fly in rush hour in central London. Bus, tube, train, whatever, if it's full up the guilty person will be asked to move their stuff off the seat. And quite right too. Nobody is entitled to two or more seats.
  12. There's a separate thread for FTWD isn't there? Not everyone has watched both shows.
  13. Suddenly remembered that I had been too busy to finish watching the last two eps of S4 of The Affair. Or maybe, just maybe, I knew it was going to be really difficult to watch and subconsciously put it off. Sitting here now wondering if I can bring myself to watch ep 10.
  14. I am really enjoying Man At Arms - Art of War on the History Channel, far more than I expected to. There is some really nice footage of the work in the forge/metal shop to create these weapons, plus you get all of this historical context for the pairs of weapons they have chosen. It's pretty cool seeing the weapons experts/stunt people get excited to try them out too. And the icing on the cake is always Danny Trejo and his classic bad guy laugh. And next week it's the Mongol composite bow. I've been excited to see how they are going to make this one since I first started watching the show.
  15. I'm doing the Apple ads playlist. Some absolute dross on there, surprisingly, but also a couple of good things that are new to me.