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  1. Oh, I need this! We adopted two rescue cats almost two months ago. They have settled in very well. They were trained to use litter trays at the rescue centre. It took a bit of adaptation to get them to use their litter trays here with the lids on them (rather than just the open tray). All seemed to be going fine for a few weeks. Then this week they (one of them) has taken to peeing on the carpet right next to the box. We make sure we scoop two or three times a day. We rake the litter and where necessary sprinkle some fresh litter on top. Every couple of weeks I replace the litter and wash the trays and refill with 100% new fresh litter. One of them (Kimchi) has a corneal ulcer, which we have to treat with drops three times a day. He's at the vets every week. It's all stressful and expensive.
  2. Hairbrushes + wavy/curly hair = bad. My hair is wavy and it gets combed with a wide-tooth comb when wet, right after I apply hair serum. Then it doesn't get combed again until the next time it is washed. Brushing/combing it when dry makes it go frizzy and look terrible. Literally just search for 'wide tooth comb' and then buy one of those.
  3. Same. Went to see Dune yesterday. First trip to the cinema since February 2020 (when we saw Parasite and The Lighthouse in the same weekend). Definitely need to go back for The French Dispatch and Last Night in Soho. We watched The Green Knight on TV earlier in the week and I REALLY wish I could have seen that at the cinema too. I've missed that immersion in sight and sound and feeling SO MUCH. ETA: everyone was well behaved in the cinema. We had to ask a couple to move out of our booked seats when we arrived (we didn't book the best seats in the house for nothing!) but there was plenty of room for them to move far away from us so that was no problem. Nobody talked/messed with their phone or anything like that. That's a lot of the reason we pay to watch at Curzon cinemas - they are more expensive but that tends to price out a lot of the poor behaviour, compared to say, an Odeon or Empire.
  4. I kinda liked that about it - that it seemed more like a weird mystery/drama to start with. I think that made it better. But it was v-e-r-y slow to the point of being off-putting.
  5. There are so many different formulations of it now too. So you should be able to begin gently. Although I do suspect that the more gentle products might not show any dramatic results. I have a retinol eye cream I use at night and I also use Sunday Riley's Luna, a night oil with retinol, which looks blue in the bottle but goes a dark green when you rub it in and I really enjoy feeling like Elphaba when I apply it.
  6. Ooh, so Fear the Walking Dead S6 is now free on prime. Ok then, that's my sick bed viewing for today sorted. Morgan was always one of the best characters so I'm happy to watch him.
  7. I am still waiting to learn the outcome of the interview I had 10 days ago. The hiring manager told me they'd make a decision in the next couple of days. So when it got to a week later, I contacted the recruitment manager for the organisation to outline this. They responded a day later, telling me they had yet to receive the paperwork from the hiring manager. I don't think I got the job because my presentation was awful (by my standards) even though the actual interview went fine, better than I expected. But how long are they going to keep me hanging? I plan to contact the hiring manager's PA at the start of next week if I don't hear anything on Monday. That's reasonable, isn't it?
  8. We watched Midnight Mass at the weekend. I liked a lot of things about it. For starters, it has plenty to say about organised religion and insular communities. I did find it a bit overly sentimental* at times - yes, I know that it is about life and death but I actually had to forward through one scene as it just went ON AND ON AND ON, hitting the audience over the head with the point and being incredibly dull in the process. But yeah, overall, I enjoyed it and would recommend it. *similar to The Haunting of Hill House, yes
  9. Before the interview I would have said you were wrong on this. But after I would say you were right. Damn it.
  10. HOW DARE YOU Actually, I was adamant about not even bothering to watch it, I was so cross about its American-isation. But then I happened to watch it one Christmas Eve at my parent's house and I was enchanted by it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. I was having a really stressful time on a flight once, desperate to sleep but couldn't, and then I found out this film was on the movie list. My husband said it had a soporiphic effect on me, like putting a child in front of a cartoon. Anyway, you're wrong.
  11. Thank you so much for this! I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot control this situation. As someone who massively over prepares for things this is quite scary. But, I can see that they cannot penalise me for not giving an amazing presentation or being an expert on whatever they ask me to cover. But they will obviously get an idea of how I work under pressure and I am ok with this. I will obviously be nervous but I can function under pressure. Another tip I was given is that the presentation is the part of the interview where the candidate holds the reins - this means that you can choose to take a tip from politicians and get in a couple of key things you want to show or mention about yourself regardless of what you are asked to do (you can find a way to shoehorn your key item/s in there). Whereas during the normal part of the interview, the people asking the questions are in control and you can't just talk about something totally different to what you've been asked. So I'm planning to try and do that too.
  12. I have an interview (remote) next Thursday afternoon for one of the two roles I recently applied for in the NHS. The bad news is that I have to give a presentation too, and they won't give me the presentation title until I arrive at the interview. Has anyone done one of these unknown presentations at interview? NB the post is a management role (basically the UK lab that does all the microbiology testing of blood and tissue donations). So it's not like it's sales or anything where you're expected to perform on a regular basis. I have lots of experience of academic and professional teaching and tutoring. I'm not bothered about giving presentations. It's just the UNKNOWN that's freaking me out. Any thoughts or advice?
  13. Was feeling bleak and unwell on a Monday afternoon and needed something thematically similar so I watched The Dig and it was a pretty good match for my mood. Some good performances and a suitably depressing story. If you want to feel miserable I would definitely recommend it. I just watched Shimmer Lake and I do take issue with Netflix's 'mind-bending' descriptor. It's hardly Primer, is it? It was 'okay' but, really...did it actualy think it was a lot funnier and more cleverly plotted than it actually is? Has anyone else seen this? Maybe it's my mood at the moment but I just didn't rate it.
  14. I think we stopped after season 3. The character, Carrie, just became unbelievable to an annoying degree. (Like, worse than Jack Bauer levels.) After all the bad decisions she makes she would have been tied to a desk-job or had her vetting removed or something. There's just no way, she'd keep being allowed to be 'responsible' for any ops as her judgment was just SO QUESTIONABLE.
  15. It transpires that this role can be 2/3 days a week WFH, which makes the compressed hours moot for me. Basically it would be a three hour round trip on the tube/train so doing that fives times a week was a concern... but now it is no longer a concern. Tomorrow I have an informal meeting with the person exiting the post (who would manage me if I was offered/accepted the job).
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