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  1. It's a decent heist film. Bit obvious. I expected better,
  2. You are probably too young to remember the original series of Widows, which I have a big soft spot for. That's what really drove me to watch it, plus I hoped they'd take the concept and run with it... But they didn't really. Saw a trailer for a Coen brothers film tonight and thought AHAAA because it looked like it might be the Sisters Brothers film. Of course it wasn't.
  3. Went to see Widows tonight. Genuinely disappointed. I'd give it 3/5. Also, I thought the 'Polish' chick gave a better performance than Viola Davis. The latter was too obvious (that primal scream early on was cringe central). In fact the whole film was too obvious. It's like they had to make it dead simple plot-wise otherwise audiences wouldn't get it. What a waste. Still, at least no animals were harmed in the making etc etc ETA you shouldn't even be allowed to have Liam Neeson in a film in that role. If you want him, you should have to pay him but then a cardboard standee is used on screen whilst someone doing an impression of his voice shouts his lines from off stage.
  4. I actually quite liked all the dream sequence type scenes as they reminded me of The Sopranos, except that they were a bit more literal and a bit less surreal. But you know, Rick was/is the show so I guess he deserves a whole episode devoted to his 'end'. Also going back a bit - I really like Michonne's montage of being all mumsy by day and then slashing up zombies by night. Tbh I feel cheated if I don't get some of this type of content in a show about zombies. I resisted watching this season as I felt a bit fatigued with the whole thing. But the spoiler risk was getting a bit much and I caved in and watched it all while I was working at home today. The part with Negan and Maggie sucked. Bit of a let down. But I quite liked Judith, mini sheriff.
  5. Watched the first few episodes of Terrorism Close Calls on Netflix. It's 'ok'. I can't fully admire it because they sometimes show stuff that's inaccurate, e.g. talking about London bombings of 2005 and they're showing scenes from Madrid. Also, sometimes the phrasing used is confusing and we struggle to understand the point they are trying to make (e.g. if something did/didn't happen). It's worth watching if the subject is something you're interested in but I can't say it's an amazing show. But I'll continue...
  6. I don't even really know why (hungover) but I watched a film called Kill Command this weekend and it was toothless and dull. It's about military robots. Do not recommend.
  7. Isis

    The Haunting of Hill house [spoilers]

    Theo is anger. Got to be. That means Shirley has to be bargaining. She's logical and reasoning.
  8. Isis

    The Haunting of Hill house [spoilers]

    I saw something (an article) which described the kids as representing, respectively, the five stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, which they kind of are.
  9. Isis

    The Haunting of Hill house [spoilers]

    I thought this was a nice twist. That she was both dead and alive - like Leonard Cohen (a joke for Young Ones fans). As I said in the watching thread, I did find it a bit saccharine at the conclusion. But I still think that overall it was one of the best things I've watched this year.
  10. Isis

    The Haunting of Hill house [spoilers]

    Episode 8 made my husband yell. It also made an acquaintance throw tea on themselves. I think that's a sign of great TV.
  11. Isis

    The Haunting of Hill house [spoilers]

    That's why I didn't look until after I'd finished watching. If I knew in advance they were there it would make me way more scared while watching. I admire the attention to detail of adding in so many extra scares though.
  12. Isis

    Watership Down 2018

    Such high expectations for this. Really, if they get the thematic tone of it wrong, it's going to be horrible. My heart will be crushed. Is Strawberry a replacement for Blackberry, the bunny who was slightly clever, enough so to realise that wood floats?
  13. Isis

    The Haunting of Hill house [spoilers]

    Once you're finished take a look at one of the hidden ghosts articles. I didn't see all that many of them in real time. I think I was subconsciously/semi-consciously trying not to look too hard at the screen in case I saw any additional awful things. A friend said he saw one, rewound to check, then screamed and threw his remote at the TV. Someone else threw a cup of tea on themselves during episode 8.