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  1. Isis

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I had it on my to-read list for years, I'd had so many recs for it from this board and elsewhere. I was really looking forward to it, expecting lyrical language and great storytelling. I'd been checking the price for the Kindle version and choosing not to buy it whilst it was still priced at almost £10. But when it dropped under £5 I thought this must be a sign that I should go for it. The overly long descriptions of characters were making it hard to retain interest in what was happening. I get that some novels aren't concerned with plot - but I hadn't really pegged this as one of those. It just dragged and I didn't care about the characters. A sad waste of time and money.
  2. Crikey! There's a TV series? I mean, obviously, it felt like it was a topic which could have been explored in more depth - rather than just taking it to the extreme immediately. The other thing that bugged me about it was - it's such lame wish fulfillment nonsense, where some drop out loser guy who gets drunk and talks shit about his novel and is supported by his romantic partner and does fuck all for himself, just magically becomes the master of everything. His BIL says to him - 'it helps if you're smart to begin with', but where was the evidence of him being smart to begin with? Did I miss that part?
  3. Isis

    Hugo Nominations and Awards - Onwards to 2020

    I'm there. I liked the book way more than I expected to (especially after The Song of Achilles, which felt like it should've been an open goal). Circe felt more balanced and nuanced - albeit for a book about all powerful beings. Anyway, I came here to say that I cannot believe that Children of Blood and Bone beat Dread Nation. Booooooooo.
  4. S1 or 2? At home sick today so I watched Limitless as it's been way down on my list for ages and I wanted something mindless. So I wasn't expecting big things from it (LUCKILY) but I thought it might be diverting or have some amusing scenes, and now that I come to think about it, it has been put to me by a couple of people (and some reviews) that it's a clever film that's about 'something else' than it purports itself to be. I found it was shallow all the way through and let's face it, Bradley Cooper has an inherently smackable face, so a film where he goes around believing himself to be The Greatest of All Time is only going to be satisfying if there is an equal amount of screen time where he's having A Bad Time - and there wasn't. A film that thinks it's much cleverer than it is. Very poor.
  5. Isis

    Guy Gavriel Kay

    I tried to read Tigana last month. I couldn't get past the first 20 pages. It's painful.
  6. Nearly forgot this one as it was forgetable but I watched Wild last week. I just found it underwhelming overall. It had its moments of decent acting or beautiful scenery or self-discovery but it seemed to me to be a patchwork of scenes that didn't flow together into anything powerful.
  7. Watched Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children last night as it was on telly. I must say I didn't recall it being quite so dark when I read the book. It's quite a nice little film actually. Worth watching whether you have read the book or not. But the most valuable player is definitely Eva Green's eye make up, which echoes that of the bird she is named for. I liked the way they made her peregrine and human form blue-tinged. Very cool.
  8. At least treat yourself to the first episode because Mark Hamill. I don't know really. I'm three eps in and it's silly. I think it's always going to be silly. I thought with that the third ep it might have had an increse in quality but I think it's just gone for beat-you-over-the-head gravitas instead.
  9. Isis


    Just a heads up for anyone in the UK who was waiting for this. It's on BBC 2 now and you can watch it all on iPlayer I think. I'm three eps in and loving it so far.
  10. Yes. It's a sad film. But MW isn't in that much of it. Did you watch Flowers on C4, with Olivia Coleman? It was a little bit like Spaced. But more of a black comedy though. This reminds me that I still need to watch S2.
  11. She's brilliant. But seeing Blue Valentine followed by Take this Waltz in the space of a year was too depressing for my husband. I don't have a limit for bleak, but some people do. Anyone who watched the first season of Knightfall should really treat themselves to the second season as well. I really wasn't going to because the S1 finale was so bad... HOWEVER Mark Hamill is bloody brilliant. Please treat yourself. I watched Adrift on Friday night and it's a strong non-rec from me. I think that the film probably doesn't do justice to the story of a young woman surviving alone for 40-odd days at sea. It's not an especially memorable performance from Shailene Woodley and as for the guy playing her boyfriend... there's just something really punchable about his face, plus he sums up all the characteristics of awful boyfriends. Bleurgh. No.
  12. Watched the first two episodes of Fosse/Verdon last night after a l-o-n-g wait and it was as brilliant as I expected it to be with Sam Rockwell and Michelle Williams as the leads. My husband had sworn never to watch another thing with Michelle Williams in it so I had to let him come to this in his own time/way. But we are both enjoying it immensely. I am savagely hating the later Fosse comb-over and hoping that it appears in zero sex scenes as it will tip the creep level too far for decency. The actress playing Liza Minnelli (playing Sally Bowles) in the Cabaret sections looks far more muscular in the upper body than the real Liza did. I guess dancers look different these days. (Just watched the original Mein Herr for comparison *dreamy sigh*).
  13. Definitely, yes. We felt broken after we left the cinema and got on a bus to the station. We barely spoke. And then my husband swore he'd never watch another Michelle Williams film again because she sucks all the joy out of life. However, he's agreed to try watching the first episode of Fosse/Verdon which is FINALLY on tv in the UK this Friday.
  14. I had been 'dating' my now husband for about two months when we went to watch Blue Valentine at the pictures. A colleague (who had also been dating someone for about the same amount of time) made fun of me and said basically: 'oh what a great choice of film for a new relationship - a film about the demise of a marriage'. At the time I thought it was a completely idiotic thing to say. I still do. Nine years later my relationship is still fantastic. My colleague's lasted about a year. Great films which stimulate discussion are good things for relationships in my opinion. Anyway, yes, you should definitely watch it for the amazing performances. Last night we watched a Friday night special because I was too tired to think - Mile 22. Classic l33t ops team nonsense with tech that doesn't even make logical sense. Fine if you want to switch your brain off while you eat dinner and have 1.5 beers.
  15. Awesome. I wonder how many other people Clint Mansell has influenced musically via film. Quite a few I would guess. I have seen Pi but weirdly I haven't listened to the soundtrack by itself. Requiem for a Dream is in the same category as Jacob's Ladder right? The 'I don't need to see that ever again' category. I do enjoy the soundtrack though. I am saving myself for a rewatch of The Fountain when I get a day off with no other plans.