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  1. Watched a Netflix series called Fallet which is a Swedish cop drama - or so I thought when I started watching, expecting some dark and moody thriller. But actually it's a comedy, bits of which were screamingly funny. I would recommend it if you want something light - although it is actually about solving a murder case. The protagonists are an odd pairing of Swedish and British police. I think there are seven or eight episodes BUT they are only half hour each. Give it a try.
  2. Isis

    Careerchat III

    I actually hate the system we have to use. It lead to us having to offer a post to candidate A, where A and B scored equally over application and interview but A had two years more experience (which means more points). Trouble is everyone could see that candidate B was the much better option (attitude, approach, personality). Three years later, loads of problems with candidate A - now a colleague. And I still mourn the loss of candidate B. He had a bright future. I bet he's doing something better anyway.
  3. Holby City is a hospital drama which was a spin off from the original hospital drama (Casualty). Generally someone had an outlandish accident in the first two minutes, the rest of it is co-worker drama. Holby City is generally a slush pool for ex-soap actors in the UK.
  4. You're right about the chemistry being spot on. Have to say I thought the repeated, laid on with a trowel, reminders about how this dude is special forces blah blah blah was a bit much. I laughed at the 'X confirmed kills in Afghanistan' because I think it wasn't far off the number cited for Chris Kyle, the American Sniper guy who was like, the best American ever at shooting people... so this retired special forces dude is also the best sniper ever in his spare time? Cool! Must say that I have forgotten so much of what was in the book. The bit with the dreams works very well on screen. I am keen to see how it all pans out. Hopefully it's going to be good regardless of whether you have read the book or not.
  5. Isis

    Careerchat III

    Yes, absolutely you need to do this. I work in HE. We (are made to) score application forms/applicants in order to select for interview. The highest scores can be interviewed. We can tell from seeing the process all the way through that some people make it to interview because they are good at filling out application forms. In interview it can become apparent that they do not have the right experience and knowledge for the post - they just knew which words to put in the application. And we (the people who wrote the job spec/person spec) know what we are looking for - i.e. it's the people directly involved who are selecting applicants, not HR (HR are just checking the process is done properly according to the rules for E&D, etc). I'm not going to quote the whole thing but Altherion's last post is correct.
  6. This could be the post which tips me over the edge to watch this.
  7. Yep. Aired Tuesday. I'm watching now. And I'm NOT impressed with the rubbish science right off the bat. ETA: well, bad science aside, it wasn't bad. Not too complex for a non reader to understand. Pretty simple really.
  8. Isis

    Careerchat III

    I've got a question about a thing that happened at work. It's not really anything to do with my job but I'm interested in some opinions. My employer (a post-grad school) has various twitter accounts. I follow some of them because they are of professional interest/relevance to me. This morning I saw one of the accounts had posted a photo from a newly developed lab (it's a huge multi-user thing, impacts on lots of people and it only 'opened' last week, so it's definitely news/of interest). The photo was of a storage unit just inside the doors where people who work in the lab are meant to keep their lab coats (it was an aesthetically pleasing photo). The problem was that the storage unit has the full names of the staff members who work in there (one on each slot) and you could read all of the labels in the photo. The first name I spotted was someone who I work with whom I know does not have their photo on the School website anywhere because they do some work of a sensitive nature and it could be dangerous for their identity to be made public as they could be targeted by certain groups. NB This person was pretty surprised when I showed them the photo - so no permission was granted to use the photo. However, to me, that isn't really the point (the specific nature of the work anyone does). People's full names shouldn't be plastered all over social media without their permission - by their employer - regardless of what they work on. So I sent an email to the press office and told them I didn't think it was right for them to display sensitive information on social media without permission. I checked again shortly after sending the email and the photo had been deleted. But I've still had no reply to my email. I'm debating whether to take it further now - because I think the response is inadequate (and rude!) i.e. they should have replied to me, and also I don't feel satisfied yet that they see what the problem was or that they won't do some other inappropriate thing. Am I making a big deal out of nothing?
  9. Isis

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    Agreed it had a big splashy ad campaign. And it seemed to be about girlfriends rather than relationships. And that didn't really interest me. However, I then kept getting the book recommended to me so I read it and liked it. After that I knew I wanted to see the show but I had to wait for it to come back onto a channel I could watch. I have only watched three episodes so far but I have QUITE A LOT to say about it. I dunno, could we start a thread now (for the new season ostensibly but with some S1 discussion)? Count me in the 'why is there another season' camp for both Sharp Objects and Big Little Lies.
  10. Isis

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    But was any of it mentioned/discussed here though?
  11. We're gonna test this theory tonight. I will report back.
  12. Isis

    Watership Down 2018

    The book is essential reading. The film is striking and original. This adaptation comes a long way behind them both.
  13. Nope. Because it's too soon for this shit. Why couldn't it wait for another year?
  14. I just started watching it too! Like you, I was waiting for it to come back so that I could watch it. I read the book a year ago and whilst it's a page-turner I was wondering how much depth the story and characters would have in a screen adaptation. But much the same as for Sharp Objects, the show improves on the book.
  15. Isis

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    People act like they are making a drink in their own home when they do this, rather than being in a public space which they are required to share with others. The best bit is where, after two minutes of watching someone faffing, they will look up, see I'm waiting and make some kind of gesture which implies that I can also use the facilities! BUT I CAN'T BECAUSE YOU ARE IN THE WAY. Seriously, I am not going to lean across someone to grab something. I do not want to touch people I don't even know. Another variant of this one is where the person in front of you at the tills in a shop finishes their transaction and indicates that you should approach the counter to begin your transaction EXCEPT THAT they are still stood in front of the till and/or card reader putting their stuff away. JOG ON. When you've finished is when I will approach - so just get on with it. Why should I have to use only a small portion of the space or lean over you to make a payment?