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  1. omg comic spoilers, forgot about those. I'm only up to book 12 (that's the big books - no idea what that is in individual numbers). In fact, I read 12 before 11 by accident, so just last week I re-read them both because we are actually at that point in show now (the Whisperers and the fair) and I didn't want the show to get past the comics for me. I have book 13 in the post too. But I honestly forgot this was a spoiler thread. Whoops.
  2. Yeah, I saw that bit but I kept thinking they must have some additional kind of connection which had happened in the PA-world. Like, why did her old college buddy hate her so much and want to take her kids away? Why had she trained kids to kill adult humans. WHAT EVEN? This makes no sense to meeeeeeee. I just didn't get it. Also, found all the Westworld-esque cuts between timelines (pregnant/not pregnant Michonne being essential for me to figure out when it was) making me additionally confused. This is a shame because, as I said, there were good performances here. I felt a bit emotional when Judith said: *paraphase* 'when did we stop loving Daryl etc'.
  3. Yeahhhhh. That was quite 'shocking', wasn't it? I must be a bit thick because I didn't quite catch where Tara from True Blood came from/her connection to Michonne. The interaction between Judith and Michonne was well done in terms of performance, I thought. After all that happened I was thinking there had better not be a sad ending to the episode.. And there wasn't really. Just some silly pantomime stuff from a coupla Z list Whisperers.
  4. I switched from an iphone (having had iphone 3/4/5/6) to an S7 edge and I was SO GLAD I made the move. Ok, so my first handset had a total meltdown after I'd had it for two weeks but once it was replaced it was completely fine. I used it for two years and did not have any issues with battery or anything else. Switched to an S9 in December. Again, totally happy with everything about it.
  5. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    Yep. I need to keep my eye out. Ironically my Curzon annual membership expired while I was on holiday, hardly got any use from it in the last 12 months. :/
  6. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    GAH. *kicks self* GAHHHHHH. I'm really into disturbing sound effects/soundtracks as well. *kicks self again*
  7. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: Endgame

    Watched a few films whilst flying to the US and back these past two weeks: The Favourite - was as good as everyone said it was. But still gutted that I didn't see it at the pictures, mostly because of the 'score'*. There were long periods with no dialogue where there is just discordant noise in the background. I really wish I could have experienced that in the cinema as it was pretty subpar on a set of headphones on the plane. *a friend told me afterwards that nobody wrote a score for this film in advance. I'll have to look into that. The Shape of Water - Again, as expected, it was consuming and engrossing and beautiful and it looked amazing. Three Identical Strangers - This one I watched at around 6am after being awake all night as we were due to land in London. I dozed in a couple of places toward the end. But wow - what a shocking and awful series of events. How to Train Your Dragon 2 - I have a weakness for cartoons when I am flying as I find them soothing. *shrug* Animated dragons are cute. Last night we finished off The Passage, which the more I think about it, the more I like it. Today we caught up with the latest season of Chef's Table (there was a funny moment while we were eating in Ivan Ramen in NYC where a group showed up and we heard the intro music for Chef's Table playing, we imagined this group walking in off the street thinking 'who is this Ivan guy and googling the restaurant then watching the episode of Chef's Table). Having just visited Richmond (and half a day in the Civil War Museum) and North Carolina within the past week we've been thinking a great deal about the south, so it was topical that two of the episodes also focus on that region and its history (and cuisine). Great stuff as always.
  8. Just watched the last three episodes. Aside from some bad science I think this show had a lot of positives. Since I'm typing on a phone I'll do a list for now. -fantastic child actor -great chemistry between child actor and other lead actor -character backstories (multiple) handled well across multiple episodes -female characters as well written as the male ones -all of the mind-reading/mind to mind communications stuff worked really well for me -ethical questions were posed and characters struggled with those decisions -vampires
  9. Isis

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Yeah. Maybe I watch too much C4 (the news every night I guess) so I feel like I have lots of ads - I don't watch the show. I did watch the end of Endeavour at the weekend and feel the immense sadness of knowing we have a year to wait for the next series. However, I was at a beer festival at the weekend and one of our homebrewing acquaintances told us that he played a corpse in the most recent episode, which I thought was pretty cool (and he doesn't even watch the show!). Also got round to polishing off S3 of The Expanse - which remains to be an improvement on the books.
  10. Isis

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    I could smell that someone had an energy drink on the tube this morning (but I couldn't see it!) and was reminded of the witches sniffing for children who smell like dog poo.
  11. legit forgot these two even existed.
  12. I just watched the last three eps in a row. Goddamn, Henry is an annoying little squit, isn't he? Actually, everything about the Kingdom is slightly annoying if I'm honest. The bit with the deaf woman in the corn was actually good (sorry, I am rubbish with names in this show because my mind wanders). Why can't they do more things with zombies that are actually good? I even liked the bit at the end where she insists on leaving with Daryl. Also, bonus baby? Result!
  13. Isis

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Cool. That scene on the cliffs going down to the sea is almost a(n) homage to The Wicker Man in its shocking creepiness!
  14. Isis

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Is that the time-travel thing on a boat? At the weekend we watched The Witches and although I knew I had seen it before I hardly remembered any of it. It's very much of its time but it is also a very satisfying and well told story. Worth watching. Classic Dahl. Classic England in the 1980's.
  15. Isis

    His Dark Materials Series

    Yes, it had some weak spots. S4 came back up to the same quality as S1 I thought. And I thought that the end of S4 would've been a really good point to end the whole thing. But I hear they're dragging it out still further. :/