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  1. Isis

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    Another strong episode. Loved the bit where she releases the 'pet spider'. I thought that the first time I saw a word scratched into her car door it was 'SCARED' but the second time it was 'SACRED'. Did I just read it wrong the first time? This is quite difficult to watch alongside someone who has a phobia about needles.
  2. Isis

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    I still haven't been able to watch The Handmaid's Tale at all. I was so excited when it was being made into a show. But I just CANNOT deal with watching it all that horror unfold on screen. I am excite for ep 2 tonight.
  3. Isis

    HBO's Sharp Objects

    It seems pretty strong so far. It also seems like a very faithful adaptation. Not that I'm a slave to the notion that only faithful adaptations can be good ones but the interactions between characters arouse the same feelings they did when I read the book. The step-father dressing like he's weekending in the Hamptons cracks me up. I had to do a quick rewind to see what she had carved into her arm in the final scene, which I think is cool - because it flashed up suddenly and I wasn't certain I'd seen it or not. I'm sad I've got to wait between episodes because I want to see more.
  4. I think the point was that the person was being rude not weird. Frankly, they are an arsehole. This was the first of many arsehole behaviours they demonstrated. I've had to say 'I told you so' numerous times in the past 12 months when acquaintances of mine act surprised at this person being an arsehole to them. I get that you can't stop a friend taking pictures with you in them. But you absolutely should be able to get them to stop posting them online after you have made it clear that you don't want that to happen. They don't need to understand it, they just need to respect your wishes. My husband is similar - any picture of him that gets published generally only happens after a negotiation. Sometimes I wish we could share more stuff (that's relative, obviously) but if he doesn't want to then I am not going to do it against his will!
  5. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Finshed The Forest. Thank goodness it was only six episodes as it felt like it dragged. I enjoyed the story about Eve, although it was maybe a little bit neat and contrived. The overall story and denouement was satisfying. But the protagonist must be the worst police officer in France though. Let me tell you what is some good TV - Bake Off The Professionals. Anyone else watch this season? That final was super dramatic. Lots of emotion. I like how the judges are objective and have integrity - when they say they like something it feels really genuine and they never hold back if they don't think something is good enough. Plus, so much drama - there is always stuff breaking and smashing and melting.
  6. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Based on my singular complaint above - no, it isn't. It's annoying to watch simply for that reason alone (much like Homeland was and that's most of the reason I stopped watching that show too). In professions where following rules is so key to the job, these programmes are so far from being even a tiny bit believeable, that it makes it pointless trying to take them seriously. If you're going to be unrealistic then just go all the way in the other direction and say a big fuck you to plausability (like 24 did). You can't have it both ways. However, that fault aside it's still an interesting story so I will continue a bit further with it.
  7. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Watched the first two eps of The Forest. Jesus H Christ. It's another of these spectacularly unprofessional policing shows, where it's simply not realistic that anyone could be allowed to break so many fucking rules whilst still keeping their job.
  8. Just to clarify re my annoyance at being photographed by a fellow beer blogger - the dude stood in the same room as me for ten minutes afterwards (only half a dozen people were in there), would have been pretty easy to say a quick, 'hey, is it ok if I put this image of you on my blog?'. But he chose not to. Then when I confronted him he doubled down and refused to take it down unless I explained the problem. Um? The problem is I did not give you my permission AND I've asked you to remove it?
  9. Isis

    Family Etiquette

    I have plenty to say about kids in restaurants and pubs but first I want to pick up on Luke's point about who to give up seats for on public transport. Someone recently pointed out to me that going back a few years (ie, when I was a kid in the 1980s) it would be expected that kids gave up their seats so that adults could sit down. This was especially for the elderly BUT it was definitely not limited to them. Adults were seen as having more 'right' to sit than an able bodied child. What happened to that expectation? I'm leaving aside 'parent carrying an infant' because I wouldn't expect them to stand while I sit. I'd usually also be prepared to move seats (but not stand) to allow a parent/parents to sit together with their kids on the tube/train/bus. I have chronic back pain issues so I often have to make travel choices which enable me to get a seat. So on occasions I might not give up my seat even when asked and I'll say: no sorry, but I am in pain right now, ask another able bodied person. I get that some of the logic of giving up seats to kids is to get them to be less disruptive generally to other passengers, which is fine. Conclusion - when did it become a given that kids have a greater right or expectation than adults to a seat?
  10. A Twitter friend tweeted this saying it was cute and I took a look, but after a few tweets I stopped reading it because the intrusion bothers me. IT IS NOT OK TO TAKE MULTIPLE PHOTOS OF STRANGERS WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. (Unless they're breaking the law/doing something terrible which you need to document). The response I got when voicing my unease was 'but they weren't identified online by the person taking the photos'. Don't take the photos in the first place. Certainly do not post them online without permission. That's a baseline for normal behaviour. Someone once took photos of me at a beer event and posted them on their blog without asking permission. I was the subject of the photo, not an incidental inclusion. When I challenged them they said they would take it down if I could explain why it was a problem.
  11. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    I am so annoyed that I still cannot watch The Terror. This is total bullshit. In the meantime we watched Evil Genius on Netflix, which is a four part series about the investigation of a very weird bank robbery. Just super weird case all round. Quite fascinating characters involved.
  12. Isis

    Amazing Book Deals V.2

    Massive bargain for anyone who has yet to get themselves a copy of Gnomon.
  13. Isis

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    After swearing off all silly beer fads I had my first Brut IPA yesterday (from British brewery Odyssey) and was seriously impressed with it. One of the guys at my homebrew club sent me a link to a podcast on this beer style so I'll listen to that today.
  14. Isis

    Lost in translation: movies/series

    The thing is, when people talk about The Witch being hard to understand, my first thought is: have you never seen or read a Shakespeare play? Because it's essentialyl the same thing. (olde worlde language, rather than difficult accents) I have started putting subtitles on if I watch a film or series on my phone or tablet because I get so bloody tired of fiddling with the volume when it switches from LOUD DRAMATIC MUSIC/EXPLOSIONS to hushed dialogue. But this is definitely a volume thing, rather than acents.
  15. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    We almost watched it at the cinema actually. Possibly not worth it But it's on Netflix now and it is only about 90 minutes long. So worth a watch on there.