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  1. I guess we were meant to think that she was hiding from the truth, or in denial about it. Like, why were there so many strangers at her mother's funeral? When we discussed it afterwards I was like: 'how did Annie NOT know about the satanist cult stuff? She literally picked up a book from her mother's stuff about spiritualism and flicked through it, looking at stuff about... um, POSESSION, and shit. Then she just recites this incantation (sounded like Greek) and she is still not thinking...hmmm, COULD BE SOMETHING ODD GOING ON HERE?' Like I don't get why she goes along with it? Does she know? Consciously? Subconsciously? Is she already 'possessed'? Like, when she starts going on about burning the book (notebook with Charlie's drawings) I was thinking, she sounds so out of control and iilogical (hysterical), no sane person should be going along with any of her plans. But I suppose she is just hiding things ?from herself ?from her family. Again, funny, because she said her mother was secretive. But, yes, I just really wish they had done something more subtle with the ending.
  2. Yes! Agree with all of this. It had all this promise and then it just ended with... because devil worshippers, so there.
  3. It Follows freaked me out for a long time. In many ways I wish I had never watched it, it was so disturbing. If that doesn't earn it a place in a list of top horror films then I don't know what would. You know, maybe, just maybe we should do our own top whatever list. Probably not top 25 though as that's too many. Lists are always good for starting fights in this forum.
  4. I find their lists always prompt discussion and isn't that most of the point after all? Yes, I absolutely think Alien (horror (monster) story in space needs to be there. It's a bit like a haunted house story. Hang on, is Jaws there? I have a funny relationship with 'horror' films too. Around the time of the Final Destination films I swore off all films with jump scares because the expectation of them made me too anxious to watch the film properly. I just didn't enjoy them. Ditto, to a lesser extent, super gory films. I just found life was too short to be bothered with them. But I think you can risk going to see Hereditary, red snow. Have you seen The Witch? That made me far more anxious, as it built so much tension. This film holds your attention but not so much because you're terrified, as just wanting to know what happens.
  5. I think it's still early days yet. It only came out in the UK this past week so hopefully more people will go to see it. In the meantime here is a list from the Guardian which prompted a lot of discussion at my house. American Psycho is not a horror film! Top 25 Horror Films...or are they?
  6. Right after the telegraph pole decapitation my first thought was: I will never watch this movie again. Because that scene, where you REALLY don't want Peter to look is so excruciating to be present for. Yeah, I pointed out to my husband that we had 'seen' the telegraph pole when they drove past on the way to the party (he didn't recall it). I thought it maybe had a face in it, but I didn't recognise it as the cult symbol. Well spotted! To clarify, it's not that there wasn't anything in the film that I found scary. It's more that it didn't cross my own personal threshold level for 'so disturbing that my brain will keep on reminding me of it every time I am in the dark'. It still bothered me a bit when I was lying awake last night though. Ok, so a couple of other things I was thinking about afterwards - is there supposed to be a line that runs between grieving woman who is anxious/disturbed and woman who is literally possessed? And is it significant that the film portrays the matriarchal line as 'abnormal', disturbed, etc, but that the evil spirit needs a male body? Also, if it needs a male body then why was it not transferred to Peter in the first place? Does it just like, hang out/kill time, in female bodies until it can get a male one?
  7. When I saw the trailer for this a while ago my first thought was: that looks terrifying, I will never be able to watch it. Then I started seeing really positive reviews and thought, oh no, I want to see this, I am going to have to brave it at the cinema. So we went yesterday during the day (to be on the safe side) and I spent the whole film being nervous that I'd see something unforgettably terrifying which would haunt me for months. BUT... that didn't happen. For which I am hugely relieved. It is definitely disturbing, but for me films which are out-and-out supernatural aren't that scary to me. First of all, I got off on a bad footing with it, when the opening scene has this really ominous music accompanying a shot of a miniture house. I just found that so heavy-handed and un-subtle. I really enjoy films that do impressive things with sound production (e.g. Kill List, Only God Forgives, Upstream Color) and I think this film just went too far with it (even worse than The Killing of a Sacred Deer even). Toni Collette is pretty scary in this film in her tightly coiled, almost controlled self-loathing and disintrest in anyone else. The moments when the mask slips are believeable. In fact, you could almost believe that she was evil/hiding an evil nature all along (NB I don't think this was the case) because she is so closed off and self-contained. And it's funny that she described her mother as secretive lol. So many people convince themselves they are nothing like their parents, don't they. Charlie reminded me of that 1990's cartoon, Stressed Eric, where the main character's daughter had a nut allergy and almost actively sought out nuts so that if left alone in a room with food containing nuts would inevitably consume them and then her face would swell up (as in, it was a regular occurence). This film reminded me a little of The Witch, where the two little kids behave like absoulte demons and you're thinking: 'what little devils!' and then it turns out that they were possessed all along. But here, Charlie is virtually a sociopath and you're thinking, hmm, there's something wrong with this kid and then again it turns out that they were actually an evil spirit all along. Cool. If only life was that simple. So, why did the grandmother have her head cut off as well? She was intact in her coffin. What was the purpose of that meant to be. And then was it fully intended that Charlie also die by decapitation? Or was that just a bonus? Also, if Peter wasn't possessed until the end of the film then what was the bit where he was smashing his head on the desk about? I will return with more thoughts later...
  8. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Went to see Hereditary yesterday. Got lots to say about this one so if there isn't a thread I'll start one soon. When we got home we watched Rosemary's Baby as a sort of weird film pairing nightcap. Jesus. Unsurprisingly, I didn't sleep very well last night.
  9. Isis

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    I was working yesterday (Hop Locker bar on the river), you should've said hi! The Verdant IPA (Unlike Stars) which was on at the market bar is very nice. Also the Deya Steady Rolling Man is becoming a classic. But the Deya DIPA was a bit too boozy. Glad you've fitted in so much beer on your visit though.
  10. Isis

    Brewery Bucket List

    Yes. We had a really nice time at Ninkasi (Eugene, OR) because the creative vibe there is different to most other breweries I've been to. We had a personal tour so we got to rummage around into their business which was extra fun. I'd also say it's worth going to see what The Veil (VA) is like because I found it a weirdly fascinating slice of life. There was a weird juxtaposition of locals, beer mules, and some strange corporate outing happening there when we visited. Big love for FW and FW Barrelworks (again we had personal tours but I'm sure it's still great even without that). Just very professional and very lovely people. Beer isn't bad either.
  11. Isis

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    I can only report that HC does not drink like a 9% or 9.2% or whatever it is IPA. It's dangerous. That said, jump on if you see it, obviously. Actually we were down in Brighton this past weekend and amongst other beery venues we popped into the Brighton Brewdog bar and tried their collab DIPA with Scofflaw (whom I will I am only aware of from their recent social media controversy). It was in the same sort of ballpark as HC. It's called Double A, so try that if you see it too. But I don't know if it was brewed here or in the US though.
  12. Isis

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    I stopped watching football in 2007 while I was working full time and doing my MSc part time (prior to that I was super heavily into it, as evidenced by my presence in threads on this board pre-dating 2007) AND THEN... I just never watched any at all after that. I don't miss it whatsoever. I think it's a big stupid waste of money and I wouldn't care in the slightest if it ceased to exist tomorrow.
  13. Isis

    Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    It's a dangerous beast this year. This is its sixth outing I think and they have really cracked it. I accidentally drank two cans of it by myself one night last week (which was stupid of me) but it's very easily done. And I still have two cans of HC, UHC and Neo in my fridge. I guess that's Friday night sorted then.
  14. Isis

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    So it sounds a but like The Witch then? People who enjoy films that make them think and ask questions enjoyed it, people who wanted it to be a switch off your brain horror film claimed it was 'overrated'.
  15. Isis

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    I honestly thought all of the unpopular opinions had already been exhausted here so.. I guess, yay?