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  1. We finished S1 of Snowpiercer last night. The last 3-4 episodes of the season certainly picked up the pace. I liked the homage to the 'fight in the dark' scene from the film, where a fight is shown in flickering light, giving a kind of positive/negative impression. I think we will roll right into S2 today. I also finally cottoned on that the narration at the start of each episode where they (actually it's Melanie that says it) say 'it's one thousand and one cars long', is like a hat tip tp BSG where they used to say how many souls there were left at the start of each episode. On a less positive note, we tried to keep watching S2 of A Discovery of Witches and oh my goodness the episode with the wedding is pure Twilight. Hilariously bad. I'm not sure if we will continue watching after that. It was twee and boring.
  2. Ok, so what I read originally suggested (my take) that women were being unrealistically shoehorned into positions of authority in the show? In a way that is not realistic? To my knowledge and experience, it was perfectly realistic and not 'airbrushing'. As I said, the show had issues, but having women in senior UK posts in gov, police and security is not one of those issues. It absolutely didn't say that any of those women didn't make mistakes or didn't need men or anything. I haven't watched The Fall yet, because even though many people said it was fantastic, sometimes I don't feel like watching stuff with rape as a plot point.
  3. I watched the BBC series The Bodyguard (which is now on Netflix) recently. It got a little bit OTT in the latter half but on the whole I enjoyed it. I thought that Richard Madden was surprisingly good and showed a lot more range than we ever saw from him in GOT and I found him convincing as an 'ex-forces' dude who served in Iraq (I say 'ex' because there's no such thing as ex-forces and yet how else do you describe them? I'm married to one btw). Pleased to see that he won a Golden Globe for this performance. I did think the ending was a little too neat. . I noted that someone on this board talked about the shoe-horning of women into prominent roles in this series - they must be unfamiliar with the number of women in prominent roles in UK government, police and security. The show had issues but that wasn't one of them. Apparently there might be second season of this soon. Not sure how that works. I hope there isn't. I wish standalone series could just be left as they are; complete.
  4. Is this an adaptation of the recent book (that I downloaded a sample of and then read about four pages of before forgetting about)? We started watching S2 of Discovery of Witches and it's ok. Better than S1 because it has less Intense Romance Vibe and more plot.
  5. So that's a different show? Blackadder's Christmas Carol was pre-millenial?
  6. Same. I liked the sort of 'Locke Lamora' vibe from the heist series and I enjoyed that one more than the Grisha (I gave up on the latter series). I will be giving the series a go.
  7. Always considered this as simply a 'Christmas Special'. It has never occurred to me that it was a millennial special. My older brother and sister and I could quote big chunks of this. I still use dialogue from this on a pretty much weekly basis. It's fantastic.
  8. Definitely. I'm really enjoying listening to the Talking Sopranos podcast as it adds even more depth to the episodes.
  9. Watching the director's cut has been on my to do list for about ten years now. Just moved into a new house and with no proper TV set up the first couple of nights, we watched a few X Files eps from the DVD box set. Accidentally watched a couple of the mythology episodes - could just be our exhaustion and fatigue but found them not very enjoyable. Of course we watched both Tooms episodes first. Then another couple of monster of the week episodes. There's a big fuzz of nostalgia around the show for me, but has it aged well? Still can't get over Scully chasing dangerous criminals wearing stupid high heels. She could've just worn heeled boots that she could believably run in. I'd probably have to watch the first couple of seasons in full to comment but I have a suspicion that the Mulder-Scully interactions are going to verge on creepy when viewed from today's lens. The episode where Scully's father died and Mulder takes hold of her face and strokes it gave us both major shudders. You just wouldn't touch a colleague that way! It's super grim. Unless you were actually a couple, I guess.
  10. Interestingly, the release of this film was the impetus for me to read Fingersmith (which I really enjoyed) and then somehow I forgot about going to see the film and subsequently still haven't seen it.
  11. Wow. I hated this. Completely forgot it existed until you just mentioned it. We have been catching up on S1 of Snowpiercer. We originally only watched the first two episodes and then just got bored and wandered off for about six months. But I have a problem with finishing series and my husband gets cross with me because we have this endless list of stuff that I've started and not finished. It doesn't bother me but it does bother him. *shrug* Anyway, we zipped through another few eps. For about two of those I was just trying to figure out whether Jennifer Connolly had aged gracefully (as a very rich person can) or had her face ironed (botox). It doesn't really grab me but I think I can get to the end of S1. What DID grab me though was the homebrew recipe I spotted scrawled above the front window of the train though. They seem to be able to do lots of stuff on the train so perhaps they can grow high quality malt and hops. Then I started trying to polish off Fear the Walking Dead which I had also become bored with ages and ages ago. Incredibly, I thought I was stuck in S2 and I watched a whole boring episode before the deja vu set in and I realised that I'd stopped near the end of S3! So I'm now near the end of S4 and this season is so much better than the other 3. Basically, since Morgan appeared the quality went up and it was on a par with The Walking Dead (before it got too awful). Honestly don't know why the first three seasons are so painfully slow and boring. How did they get away with that? Oh, and homebrew popped in Fear the Walking Dead too. They absolutely nailed the craft beer bore persona. That guy claimed he was growing hops on his roof (definitely possible). But I'm more doubtful about being able to grow high quality grain during a zombie apocalypse.
  12. Totally expected and very convenient demise of Alex. Finally witnessed some meaningful acting in the scene where Holden and Naomi are reunited, which was nice. That scene where they're all in the bar sipping fine beverages and looking clean and scrubbed up - that had a real 'are they all going to get torpedo-ed and die and that's the end of the show?' vibe to it, which I appreciated. I kept trying to remember whether that was it for the show or there was going to be one final series. My brain: is this it? ETA: I've only read the first six books. I tried to read book 7 last month but it didn't grip me. Not sure if that's the writing's fault or Covid's fault. But I switched to William Gibson and that's going fine...
  13. Might binge this tomorrow while I'm off. Dealing with some super heavy negative stuff IRL so kinda fits.
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