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  1. I recently did a rewatch of Howl's Moving Castle. I saw it on its original UK cinema release and was left nonplussed by it (I LOVE the book). I liked it a little better the second time around but I feel that most of the charm and humour and heart of the book was not in the film. Having been bed-ridden for a couple of days I have been watching things as a distraction... I finished watching Cursed. At first I wasn't really invested in this. But as it went on I realised that they were going all in with the turning the Authurian myth and characters on its/their head and I actually really dig what they are doing with it. The characters you expect to be the big names in the story...aren't? I think it is admirably done and I really like Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why). I hope it gets its second season. Also watched We Have Always Lived in The Castle, which was very well done but I felt totally rubbish while I was watching so I find it a bit slow going - which it wasn't I don't think. It was just me. Then I binged Panic on Prime. Adapted from a book, this is about a not-quite-survival game played by teens in a small town. Again, I thought it was going to be quite lightweight but it kept me engaged through 10 episodes. Recommended if you like that sort of thing.
  2. Watched Spirited Away (second time) at the weekend. Other than the handsome green dragon I am just not really that into it. I absolutely cannot stand the bits where the protagonist shouts; it makes me want to get up and put my foot through my television. Am I meant to care about anyone in this film? It's unclear.
  3. I just read a book with this title - it's a haunted house story. Is this the same thing?
  4. If watching something on my phone I have English subtitles on as it helps with the fluctuating volume issues (i.e. If trying to have the volume 'not too loud' I might then miss dialogue without subtitles).
  5. Finally bought Interview with the Vampire for my Kindle because it dropped to a reasonable price, finally. Let's see if it really is a classic. Re Anno Dracula - interesting - I have wanted to read this for years. I bought a copy for my Dad years ago but still haven't had a loan of it.
  6. Ahhh. You liked it. Last night we watched the long-awaited The Woman in the Window. I explained to my husband beforehand about the author of the book being a big fraud and he was like, 'well, I'm not sure that we should watch it then!' Personally, I had bought and read the book before the New Yorker article was published so I gave my money but I didn't know any better. We were watching on Netflix last night, not specifically paying to see this movie so I don't feel as if we were giving the dude any more money. Also I see that Jake G is gonna play the guy in a film. Anyway, decent film. Quite close to the book in many ways, though they trimmed down a little part of the protagonist's life which I think didn't harm the story. I think the film probably improved on the book in some ways - doing cool stuff with colour and Hitchcockian themes. Performances were good. Pretty brave of both Amy Adams and Julianne Moore to be filmed looking 'older' (Hollywood doesn't usually allow women to appear old in this way - unless that is literally the purpose of their character) - I found that quite interesting. Easy money for Gary Oldman though. Not gonna make it into his top 20 or 30 performances list.
  7. The stuff with Madison and her kids, where they go to the ranch for a-g-e-s is so slow and dull. It takes so long for anything to happen. That's when I stopped watching it. Then I had another go at it, managed to get through the end of that phase of the show somehow then after the 're-boot' I found it so much more engaging. Plus it took me ages to recognise Maggie Grace as a brunette. Bloody amazing how she manages to keep her short hair cut looking sharper than mine during a pandemic! Even though hers involves shaving under/skilled scissoring of the hair lengths/blow drying of the lengths. V impressive!
  8. While I was going through the hell of waiting for the exchange of contracts on my house earlier this year I started watching Fear the Walking Dead again. Once it gets past all the Madison-centric storyline it actually became SO MUCH better. I mean, I actually really liked Madison as a character but for some reason all of the seasons with her in are really slow and draggy and boring. Yet, all the episodes with Morgan in are good. He is probably the best character in the whole franchise as he's credible AND played by someone who can act. I also started watching Cursed on Netflix, featuring the protagonist from 13 Reasons Why (who is really very likeable on screen) in the lead. I only started watching because I was sick and had insomnia but I am semi-engaged with it now. The titles and the little animated cut scenes are very cute. I'm only three episodes in and I hope it picks up a little and does something QUITE different with the legend from what you usually see on screen. I have read a LOAD of Authurian stories in my years, from lots of different angles, so I am hoping for a good version this time.
  9. Just finished watching Things Heard and Seen . I'd been potentially expecting a jump scare creep old haunted house film but it was actually much better than that. I do seem to keep reading and watching stuff lately with awful philandering and/or psychotic male academics though, and it's reached a point of feeling physically nauseated when I see the inevitable happen. I wonder what the ratio of awful:non awful male arts academics in fiction is? Anyway, I enjoyed the film despite its fully believable antagonist.
  10. Lashings of apologies all round if anyone mentioned this before (didn't see it in the last 20 posts) but I was excited this week to see that there is going to be another adaptation of The Midwich Cuckoos featuring Keeley Hawes. It hasn't started filming yet but is set to air 2022. I think it was on HBO. Such a creepy book: I LOVE IT.
  11. Agree that it would appeal more to teens than adults but we (two adults in their early 40's) enjoyed the drama and mystery of it - much the same way we did with Lost. This afternoon I sort of watched The Devil All The Time and it was kind of painful in some ways and just sad and miserable in other ways. I wonder how I would have felt about this if I'd seen it at the cinema. I feel like it's almost got a kind of art house 'everything is hard and then you die but also everything is connected lol' vibe to it which is reminscent of lots of arty films I've seen.
  12. I *think* we watched the first two seasons of this but then forgot about it. There were lots of things to like about it, I especially enjoyed the moody colour palette - it looked great. It's Lost with Teenagers not Lost for teenagers. I was a big fan of Lost and I enjoyed The Wilds too (definitely not a teen). I keep trying to start films but I can't concentrate on them (or books) at the moment. I have tried twice to start a zombie series called Black Summer but I just found the lead actress absolutely intolerable on my ears and I had to turn it off.
  13. Not really sure why but I watched Ocean's 8 yesterday. It works fine. Nothing amazing. Just fine. But I just find Sandra Bullock's nose so distracting though.
  14. Finished Shadow and Bone and thought it was ok. On balance I think that melding the two book series was a good thing. I will be completely honest and say that even though I have read the first couple of each I did not really recall that much of either of them, although I thought the heist stuff was more engaging than the witchy romance stuff. The first ep or two does feel confusing because there's a lot of characters being introduced and it's really difficult to care about any of them. Once you get a better idea of who people are it's easier to follow and I don't think you need the book knowledge to do that, just a little bit of patience. Lynx are not pack animals though. Not sure what on earth the point of that line was. Why not say 'wolves' instead? (unless it was intended to be incorrect because they wanted to catch out Arken? But what if he simply thought, 'hang on a second, lynx aren't pack animals, so maybe these guys are fucking with me lol bye'?) Please don't anyone say that maybe lynx ARE pack animals in the Grishaverse. ETA: watched the director's cut of The Wicker Man last night because it's that time of year and it remains one of my favourite films. Bits of it are still screamingly funny to me every time I watch it. Love it.
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