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  1. Not really. The typical outdoor weekend musical festivals of the UK (Glastonbury (never went), Reading, V (went to both multiple times)) will have such big crowds camping there, that it can take you 30 minutes to 'pop back' to your tent if you want to leave the main arena and walk to your tent and back. You can't go anywhere in a hurry, it's like continual commuter rush hour in any direction. I like camping and I never minded roughing it, i.e. the lack of washing, toilets, limited food options etc. Just the people. I heard that The Stand was bad and I wanted to watch it, but in the UK it's on one of the channels where you have to buy another subscription just to watch that show. It's possible it's on the same channel as Station Eleven actually.
  2. It's not even that for me. It's the crowds. By the time I was 30 most of my excitement/enjoyment was killed off by being trapped in places by huge swathes of people. I'm going to guess that I am the only one here who watches, but I have just caught up to date with Riverdale. I'll miss it when it's over but could it just be OVER soon? It's had its time and needs to end properly with the end of this season. It's just kind of sad with the main characters all being in their 20's now instead of teens.
  3. I watched episode 2 and it was much better. Have started episode 3. We shall see. I have absolutely no issue with abandoning any show, film or book that annoys me, no matter how near the end it is.
  4. Watched 14 Peaks yesterday. What a weirdly surreal experience. Imagine if a climber from the US had done this - how different the reaction would have been. Just incredible. Also started on S2 of The Wilds. Only managed one episode before getting tired of it. Are they trying to put people off? What a boring, drawn out mess. I'll try one more episode but unless it picks up I'm done with it. Ars longa, vita brevis.
  5. Gah. I have stalled about 7-8 eps into S1. Will try to power through to the end this weekend. Along with finishing off Stranger Things S4, which is less annoying than I was expecting but at the same time I don't really care about it very much. Last night we binged a bunch of Hunted (both regular and celeb versions). I have a bit of a love/hate thing with this show. Partly I get annoyed at some of the half-truths the hunters come out with - they misspeak with terms quite a bit, e.g. calling stuff 'intelligence' when they mean assessment. Also, their hit-rate on finding out where the fugitives are is just too high to be realistic (i.e. it's fake, they are cheating). In real life, they'd hit a wall more often. And the thing that gets to me the most is the number of members of the public who grass on the fugitives! Why would any decent person do this? If it's a celeb (maybe one you don't like), they are doing the show to win money for charity, so why would you want to stop that happening? If it's a member of the public, then I have absolutely no idea why would you be a grass. It makes no sense to me at all. NEVER be a grass.
  6. Watched the first two Kenobi eps. Teeny Leia is adorable. The rest is kinda as expected? Nothing shocking here. It all looks and sounds and pans out just like you'd think it would. I don't really have much interest in Stranger Things S4. I found S3 a bit draggy, the jokes were a bit forced, like they'd run out of good ideas or material. I'll probably try the first ep of S4 to see what it's like, but I have low expectations at this point.
  7. I see a lot of people raving about This is Us so I decided to give it a try on a train journey this morning... I got about 15 minutes into it before I had to exit. What an absolute pile of vapid dross. It's cringe-inducingly awful. I cannot believe that pilot was successful.
  8. Finally watched Joker at the weekend and I think I liked it. In some ways it's a bit obvious? Did it surprise me? Not really. Great performance by JP. But I don't know, I think I was expecting something bigger? It's a relatively quiet film, for one with so much violence and mayhem in it. I need to think about it some more.
  9. Still watching Raised by Wolves S1 but the longer it goes on the less interesting I am finding it. Plus, the palette is tiresome (all greyed out and monochrome). I just struggle to care. I think we have maybe two eps left so I will see it out. Yesterday we watched The Wind as I had to have a reprieve from RbW and that didn't really do much for me either. I was expecting something on a par with The Witch but it really wasn't anything like as good as that. It could be that I wasn't really in the mood for that type of film (slow psychological horror). Has anyone else watched this?
  10. Back to say that I have finished The Informer and I thought it was excellent. It is a BBC series (only six eps) but I watched it on Netflix so you have no excuse not to see it. It is about an undercover cop* who works in CT running assets. A number of different but related dramas unfold concurrently. Paddy Considine is great. Apart from coming off unexpectedly flat in some of the most emotional scenes. I found the whole thing gripping and easy to become emotionally invested in. *I reckon maybe this was written around the time of the whole Spy Cops thing in the UK. As in, when those stories broke a few years back, not when they actually happened which was in the 1980s and 90's I think. If you're curious you can probably google 'spy cops' if you want and find out another reason to hate cops.
  11. I went to watch this last week but they'd taken it off 'free with Prime' so I gave it a miss. I was too slow. Started watched The Informer instead which I have almost finished and which is brilliant.
  12. Give it a go. It's one of those things where at the end of the first episode you'll either be bored of it or hooked on it. Thanks for this info. The only reason I watched the doc is that it was always on the front page of Netflix when I opened the app, like for months. So I just caved! I do not recall ever seeing or hearing anything about the actual events prior to watching it.
  13. Is this the drama or the documentary? I kept seeing ads on the side of buses last week for the drama, but I only had it confirmed at the weekend that they had made a drama from the doc... We actually really enjoyed the doc, as there were so many WTF moments and times when we had to pause the TV to discuss the ethics of what was happening. I just thought that was really good television.
  14. Oh, there's a new series? I swear I checked very recently and there was still just the one series. We need to finish up Raised by Wolves first.
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