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  1. They showed it in this scene (show, don't tell) when Lyra audibly gasps when Pan touches Will and he says (paraphrase) what did he do, Lyra says (paraphrase) in my world people don't touch other people's daemons. It's made explicit for viewers. Perhaps the writer and director decided that having a cute red panda licking a savagely bleeding wound wasn't quite the visual they were after here. I'm sorry you didn't like the scene but it worked fine for me and was true to the book.
  2. Because the company who produced it sold it off to C4, who didn't want Mel and Sue. So Mary Berry left the show as well. Agreed that Sandy didn't work out on the show (no problems with her in general). And in his first season Noel was like a pale shadow. He gets more relaxed (?) in subsequent seasons.
  3. This scene was so memorable in the excellent full cast Radio 4 adaptation and I expected that the TV show wouldn't live up to that. BUT IT DID. I think that if I had a daemon it would probably be touching people all over the place as I am a big sack of emotions and I quite often feel an intense rush of emotion for others; I feel it physically, like my metaphorical heart is being crushed. But they definitely make it clear that it isn't the norm here and that it is a significant event.
  4. RED PANDA PAN! That whole scene was perfect.
  5. There really are a lot of high level performances in this show. It's almost easy to forget that - as we are so busy looking at all the the other stuff (story adaptation, location, daemons, effects, music, costumes, etc). Sometimes, when you don't notice something it's because it's being done so well that it feels effortless.
  6. This continues to be incredibly good. That golden monkey is so, so horrible.
  7. I used to have pretty bad eczema as a kid. Then once I was an adult it went away except for stress-based flare ups. In my 30s it almost totally disappeared (I got rid of a big stress source) and now it's very rare. I have a tiny patch between two fingers currently, partly stress (moving house, covid workload) and partly weather. Pretty sure that lanolin used to make my skin sting, but now I'm ok with it. Either I grew out of that sensitivity or it was only an issue on broken skin? But I definitely empathise with the scaly life. My skin gets so hot still. I shave my legs every day and I find that helps prevent any itching. Have you tried using face oil on top of your moisturiser? I love face oils. I just find them really comforting.
  8. I just watched Rebecca and it was just really...dilute? Bugger, just realised I wasn't paying enough attention to check for my friend's appearance as an extra. I just wanted MORE from it in every area. The only performance that was decent/good was Mrs van Hopper. The rest were bland. The music was bland. It's a super dramatic story - so why was it all so understated? I especially disliked the ball scene. Urgh. Glad I didn't go to see it at the cinema.
  9. Yeah, this was mostly why I was asking. I have my phone set to keep the blue light filter on permanently and I have my laptop set to 'nighttime'. This is because I'm photosensitive though, not for my skin. I am not sure if these settings make an appreciable difference to the damage screen time does to your skin. I have an spf mist spray which I could use while WFH (and not going outside) I guess.
  10. I used to find the whole humidifier thing really confusing - it comes up a lot in articles about skincare routines and products. It took me a while to realise that this was a north American thing. I guess the UK is so freaking damp that we don't have this issue? From a personal perspective, our flat is so efficient and well insulated that the heating hardly ever comes on even in winter so it doesn't tend to get dry in here. One less thing to worry about anyway. Does anyone wear spf at home/indoors/if they aren't going outside? I've seen some articles say that we should wear it ALL THE TIME.
  11. Massively depressing film. Worth watching. I have known some people who were very single-minded in a self-destructive way. It has a horrible inevitability to it that makes me feel angry, futile and suffocated. So yeah, none too jolly but it obviously says something to me.
  12. Years ago there was a radio 4 full cast adaptation of the series (which I loved) and this version of Mary Malone is better than that version. Something I doubted I'd ever say.
  13. THIS IS NOT THE WAY? I love that Mando is a (reluctant fundamentalist) culty extremist. I am here for: the child's obsession with eating; getting some payback from his own food striking back; dockside romantic frog reunion; squids, squids in knitted sweaters, squids doing repair on spaceships with fishing nets; the moody grey-blue-green colour palette; fighting on ships on the sea; fighting on ships on the air; the echo of episode 9 (where Mando says 'hey, where'd you get that armour?' to a fake Mandalorian) but this time his assumption is false, and the final scene with its homage to the face hugger going after Ripley and Newt in Aliens. I thought this episode was brilliant.
  14. In some local FB groups* I've seen people (men and women, actually more so women) use 'Karen' as a kind of generic insult for any woman who complains about ANYTHING. No matter how reasonable the complaint, e.g. a complaint about people letting off fireworks at their home late at night, a week after bonfire night. I suspect that the women who are ragging on other women are the ones who 'don't see sexism' and would happily throw women under the bus if the mens pat them on the head. *I joined a few groups because we are moving house and I was after the intel on which sub-areas to avoid.
  15. Is anyone else watching Moonshiners? We have been watching the Master Distiller season this week and I actually caught myself last night saying, 'when we move let's do some distilling'. As homebrewers/pro-brewers we are absolutely fascinated by the technical process and how it compares/contrasts with brewing. It's actually quite educational.
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