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  1. Myrddin

    Aladdin Trailer Out

    Aw, HELL no. Kidding. Really not pro or con Smith as the genie. He could do well. Or not.
  2. Myrddin

    Deadwood... the Film?

    Same. NOW I can get excited for this. I know I should be happy, but if only we could get Vorenus and Pullo back on the big screen too...
  3. Thank you for that, @3CityApache Also very glad to hear it wasn't too choppy.
  4. Not those 4. They were ok as foils. I was thinking of everyone else. Not sure why, but Uthred's band and other supporting characters stood out more this season for me.
  5. I enjoyed seasons 1 and 2, but this season just clicked for me. For some reason the side characters felt more well rounded or stood out. I really enjoyed every episode. I hope it gets picked up for a fourth season and they don't wait too long to release it. Though I'd rather wait 18 months and get season 3 level quality, than get it in 12 months and have it be just ok.
  6. I saw the first Deadpool and was just waiting to see the second on bluray. But I think I'll end up taking my boys to see Once Upon a Time... If anyone sees it before I do, I'd appreciate a parent report. Not worried about taking my 13 year, but I also have a 10 year old.
  7. Myrddin

    MCU - X

    The interwebs was right abotu Endgame being in the photo.
  8. Myrddin

    Bond 25: Hiddleswift Down

    Bond. Jane Bond.
  9. Myrddin

    MCU - X

    Which is exactly a movie like this needs to promote it. Current state of survivors and a bit of a joke (and hope) at the end.
  10. Myrddin

    MCU - X

    Collider is claiming Spiderman trailer is dropping this Saturday by Sony. /scatters grains of salt
  11. Myrddin

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Yeah, returning to status quo is how comics can cycle through their villains every year or so. Look how many times Joker is sent back to Arkham only to break out again for another rampage on the city.
  12. Myrddin

    Marvel Netflix

    Very true. But at least the antagonist would've been stronger. Having everyone in New York City (yes I know the comics' NYC is more crowded) really does cause its own problems, tbh. Hell's Kitchen really isn't that far from Harlem. Brooklyn and Queens are at least over the river. HK and H are just on opposite ends of Central Park. Heroes should be bumping into each other. Defenders team up should be more common, or at least crossovers. The obvious hard part is story. Both why and why not someone is stepping in to help. And yes, there are a lot of people in that same small space. The nature of tv/movies having people bump into each other distorts that. As an aside: When visiting NTC, I walked from Times Square, through HK, down to the Twin Towers memorial, and back up through China Town. Yes, my feet hurt like hell, but geographically, you can zip to any part of the city fairly quickly if you use a cab or subway.
  13. Myrddin

    Marvel Netflix

    Or having the Kingpin playing all (hero) sides against each other. They did have some rough time connecting, but the motivations and payoff felt meh. Leveraging a strong antagonist to drive realistic conflict (as demonstrated in DD3), Defenders could've been better.
  14. Myrddin

    Daredevil Season 3 [SPOILERS - Page 3 and beyond]

    Until she confessed to killing his friend. His turn from playing with her to barely contained rage was well done.
  15. Myrddin

    The Witcher on Netflix 2

    Only if they remove it using CGI every other episode.