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  1. To be frank, most shows/movies use camera POVs. It follows the main character and stages all the action/drama from their perspective. The camera usually shows what a character sees/knows/is aware of. You first meet Protagonist. The camera then follows the protagonist and introduces new characters as you go along. Sometimes new characters have B stories and the camera later follows them. Sometimes it jumps to the Antagonist to see what s/he is planning. The camera in Star Wars follows R2 and 3PO first. Then transitions to others (Leia and Vader) before arriving to Luke (main protagonist) who then drives most of the story. The POV. Drew Barrymore in the beginning of Scream drives the POV so we know what she knows of the guy outside waiting to kill her. Neo drives the camera's POV through most of the Matrix (Trinity prologue aside) until the second act. This isn't an argument to say WOT should use a POV narrative structure. I'm just saying it's pretty much standard to have characters drive the camera's POV, unless the director is purposefully showing the audience something the characters are unaware of.
  2. Going a bit outside books, but what if the Rolling of the Dice had a kind of physical reaction. Goose bumps or something. Not hair standing up like Spiderman, but once they establish the "feeling" or sound, he can rub his arms and mutter Blood and Bloody Ashes. Same kind of for weaves. Since most people can's see them, the audience can have that view until Moiraine teaches Egwene. Then we see from her point of view the weaves. Cut to a camera from Perrin or someone watching (seeing nothing). Save the CGI budget for the big battles. Dunno. Not vested to either idea. Will be fine with whatever they give us. Just looking forward to the show.
  3. If this is all true, I feel sorry for Tom. It's like his parents got divorced and he's force to live with his mom without any visitation rights with his dad.
  4. Myrddin

    Rothfuss XV: Move along, nothing to see here

    Or an vague understanding of an incomplete memory (book series).
  5. Myrddin

    Bond 25: Hiddleswift Down

    Agreed. Not every Bond film needs to be escalated to destroying all of MI6 either. While I enjoyed the scope of that type story put Dench on the screen more (always a treat), and now Fiennes, I'd rather Bond be out in the field in the many "exotic" locals saving the world. Also, he doesn't need to be forced to go rogue every film either. Mission Impossible also overplays this card. He's Bond and goes his own way, but he's not Bourne being hunted by his "own" people.
  6. Myrddin

    Bond 25: Hiddleswift Down

    Spin off = 007: Bond Beyond While I can see them trying to finally get a spin off to start a Bond Cinematic Universe, would they really try to shelve the character of Bond? Seems like another reboot (soft or hard) is on the horizon in some form.
  7. Makes you wonder what the wardrobe budget is going to be for the show.
  8. Myrddin

    MCUniverse: Phase Four and Beyond(er) **maybe spoilers**

    A Toasted Royale with Cheese?
  9. /Looks around the thread suspiciously.... Who's Rafe....
  10. Yeah, I thought they captured that teenage insecurity of the first kiss pretty well too. I was actually pretty impressed with how well Zendaya played the tough acting shell hiding the fragile self beneath. Holland carries his teenage anxiety in the open well too. Rhom has expressed my views too. Very fun movie. While I did noticed Fury felt "off" through the whole movie, I never considered they were Skrulls until the post credit scene. Nicely done. And was he cyber-vacationing in Tahiti? I hear it's a nice place...
  11. Tom cites it as Ophelia training in the comments. Damn.
  12. Four officially announced titles (ep 1-4) and the 6th episode title was somehow visible if you zoomed in and enhanced one of the other reveal images. All indications are for a full 8-10 episode season at least, though it's all assumptions and guesses right now.
  13. Ok. I'm going to post an episode guestimate from this Reddit thread:
  14. Judging from the released episode titles, we may be getting book 1 and at least part of book 2 in season one.