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  1. My favorite fake (non-official joke) title is the WandaVision reference:
  2. My wife has insisted on rewatching all the Avengers movies after starting WV to remember what's feeding into the show. She's never rewatched any of the Marvel movies before (ok, maybe a few before IW, but that was it)
  3. In my first job (late 90's), there was a VHS copy of this we passed around. I skimmed most of it after the first 15 minutes. It was funny that Favraeu was able to reuse the Boba Fett cartoon for the Mandalorian.
  4. Nora beat me to my rant. Min was the one character who always treated Rand like Rand, not The Dragon Reborn(tm). She's Samwise. The Best Friend. Rand's Partner. And I always liked the book smart part of her. Rand was doing Dragon Reborn political stuff, while she was there reading up on the stuff he would need to know, while treating him human, keeping him human. Granted, he strained that later on. One of the most horrifying scenes was when he snapped and almost killed her. To me, that illustrated he was nearly gone. If he almost killed the one person he trusted 100%, then he was seriously losing it. Of the three, she was my favorite for Rand. Elayne was a drama queen. Strong, but also not in touch with most people. She and Rand had a moment in Tear. A summer fling. Fleeting young love. Ave was ... cold. She had her path, and I respected her journey. I never bought her as more than part of Rand's past. Min was Rand's life partner, the grounding he needed to remember why he should survive. Ok, Maybe I had more rant in me. Carry on.
  5. Not sure whether to laugh or cry along with you. laugy?
  6. I have 0 warning points. Clearly I'm doing something wrong with my life.
  7. Or maybe Aes Sedai agelessness is really emphasized on the show. "Wow. You don't look a day over twelve, Mother."
  8. Why not both? Might be fun to see Boba and Rex with helmets off getting mistaken for the other. If done right. Ok, it'd probably be done in a lame fashion. I retract my suggestion.
  9. The Oulander book series was to my wife what ASOIAF was for me. While there were some standout episodes this season, we both agreed that our interest in the show is waning. She said she started losing interest in the books about this part of the story too, so it may just be the source material rather than the show. The actors do a great job, though. Roger is one of my favorites and Bree has grown on me. Marseli also has become a favorite. Years past we would get Starz for the premiere. This year we waited a few weeks. I think next year, we'll wait until the season is finished and then binge watch it.
  10. This is what I came to season 7 hoping for. Excellent.
  11. I was a pretty big fan of the show back in the day. The first online community I joined was around HL and to this day I still use the same Internet name I chose for that forum. But I don't recommend rewatching the show. I did about 5 years ago. It... hasn't aged well. Some of the top episodes do (with the Watchers and Methos) but by an large, it looks and feels dated. Who wants to live forever when love dies...
  12. Same. (And this isn't the first time I've replied to a post of yours with the same Same answer. You must be a raccoon rabbit brother from another mother)
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