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  1. I love this theory. Even though Bruckheimer denies it, I choose to believe it's just misdirection on his part to cover the truth.
  2. Oppenheimer will be rated R for some sexuality, nudity, and language
  3. If Seth Bullock wants to wear his hat indoors, Seth Bullock will wear his hat indoors.
  4. Other than folklore, there's no proof the Grail was anything other than an artifact with magical properties. Who's to say who or what empowered it 2000+ years ago. The cup granting healing or life extension is not really "proof" of Jesus any more than the Stones reviving the village are proof of Shiva's existence. My whole point isn't that aliens shouldn't exist in IJ. It's they shouldn't appear, nor should any religious avatar. Jones chases and collects MacGuffins artifacts not living beings.
  5. It comes down to super natural vs natural. By natural, I mean provable by science/observation. The angels from Raiders were ethereal not corporeal. "Power of God or something." The Stones gave life to the village, but never explained or shown (beyond "diamonds" glowing in proximity). Shiva never showed up. The Grail gave life, but it's just an artifact. Neither Jesus or God appeared. Ancient aliens being behind some phenomenon would be fine (Fingerprints of the Gods type stuff as the origin of Egyptian/Mayan/Incan/Aztec power/belief). Having the aliens show up just felt off based on previously established adventures.
  6. I know it's personal preference. For me, aliens (even ancient aliens) feels too sci-fi for an archeologist digging up the past. Or maybe it was the fact they were there physically. Like if mummies actually stood up and walked in Raiders (beyond Marion's claustrophobic encounter) it would make it a different movie. Running and chasing mummies in the Mummy were part of that world's mythology. Living monsters in IJ movies had never really existed from to Crystal Skull.
  7. As long as there isn't any swinging through the trees or aliens, I'll be onboard with this last installment. Indiana Jones was my hero growing up. I spent my summer days cracking branches and trees with a cheap bullwhip my parents found from somewhere. I think some of my love of history and mythology came from him. I can wait a few more weeks to find out the details from the reddit link.
  8. Plus, I think most people stopped watching Bayformers well before Last Knight. Any retcon will go unnoticed by all except the diehard and easily triggered fans.
  9. I hear you Deadlines. There is (was?) something/someone messing up the movies at a studio level that can't be ignored. WW84, BA, BG, S2 show a pattern of poorly developed films. I'm also in complete agreement about Shazam 2. I really enjoyed the first one (only watched it once) as light fun movie. We started watching the second one last week and stopped it about halfway to go out or something. We didn't stop it because we were bored, but later I asked if anyone wanted to finish, and no one cared enough to see how it ended.
  10. I absolutely love the whole Jabba Palace/Sarlac scenes, but yeah, I'm still not sure what plan A would look like... Leia: I freed Han an successfully escaped without detection! Lando: (on comlink) So I can leave now? Luke: Yes, just rescue Chewie and Threepio and Artoo on your way out. Lando: (on comlink) I think there's some static here. Leia just had to rescue Han and I have to rescue three? Can't we just leave the droids? The Falcon: No. Because I know how much you love droids...
  11. I love that the movie is being pitched to both people who love Barbie and those who hate Barbie.
  12. This was a huge boon for Jackson, no doubt. Having BOTH John Howe and Alan Lee guiding the design was beyond amazing. Jackson could've just cheated out and used their previous portfolio of artwork as inspiration for his own artist. Instead he hired them to design not just the locations, costumes, and weapons, but also the minutia that is almost invisible on screen. Except for maybe the comic adaptations of WoT, there isn't really comparable art on the level of Howe and Lee prior to production. Not, the stuff in the Big White Book should not serve as reference for anything...
  13. I bought Slow Regard and found it too slow, regardless of the interesting premise about quiet things. Never finished it either.
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