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  1. That painting looks spot on as a cover candidate. I had to check the back of the later books to make sure it wasn't actual WOT artwork.
  2. For a 30 minute movie, it worked. Especially given what we know about each person he was able to play. He was able to manipulate Tony, Klaw, Ross, and T'Chaka all through their personality flaws/vulnerabilities. Pride, avarice, desire for power, and grief/regret.
  3. I'm sure that was the authorial intent, and maybe the original shorter version from Legends was, but I'd agree the version that is sold as a standalone is not a good entry point. The tension and story really only stand up when taken into relation with the rest of the series. The story is how Moiraine set out of her quest to find the Dragon Reborn, and how she and Lan met. The plot of Edyen trying to make Lan a king in more than name was pretty bland. As was the of Moiraine's that brought her within Lan's story. The part that's good is the Post-Aiel War and seeing the scene where Rand's birth caused the prophecy, as witnessed by M and Siuan.
  4. Darth Sideous has some competition in the playing all sides for personal benefit. I think this is my favorite one thus far.
  5. So, "Gotham" where they can actually have Batman?
  6. Oh, snap. How'd I miss that? I was too busy wondering if they recast the kids. Looks like it (I'm assuming Ava Russo from Endgame is the daughter of one of the the directors?) nvm They didn't recast. Cool.
  7. More light hearted then I expected for a Hawkeye show. I like it. Question I have is: Where is ETA: I have my low budget Halloween costume now: Broadway Rogers.
  8. By the time the mystery was revealed, I had long since stopped caring. But thank you, Fionwe. Your reasoning explains it well and makes sense to me. I'm about to start book 5 in my re-read, something I haven't done since book 11, I think.
  9. The zombies retaining instincts and powers doesn't bother me here. It's just a different flavor of zombie. With their tanks. And their guns. And their guns (or their drones). It's in your head, man.
  10. So they retrieved Neo and Trinity's corpses, and then revived or cloned them before reinserting them into the Matrix? For those unimpressed by the visuals, I think it's more of a fact that in 1999 the visuals were all cutting edge. Now you can see ILM quality every week on Disney+. Not to say there isn't some palette carry over from Jupiter Rising and Cloud Atlas. Older film makers tend to evolve their styles. Look at the style difference between New Hope and Phantom Menace.
  11. Ok. I'm I'm Hope (or any of the others), the last thing I'd want is a giANT-Woman running around as a zombie. I think I'd shrink and get out of the suit or get rid of any Pym Particles to keep another super powered zombie off the playing field. And I wonder how Michonne Okoye felt about doing another zombie story.
  12. Agreed, Slurktan. That's a second reason not to show the prologue. I do hope they keep the dreams too. It'll add a nice horror element and continuing feeling of dread and pursuit even when the Trollocs aren't around.
  13. When I read the first prologue, I didn't picture a future setting. I just imagined a wrecked hallway that was closer to "fantasy" era, stone or plaster walls, carpets, gilded picture frames. Well, shattered versions. "Showing" us the prologue would be distracting until we see the time jumps in Rhuidean. Hopefully, LTT will just be a voice until after this point in the show. Then if Rand sees flashbacks or something, they can show us the scene from the prologue. Until then, we will always have Billy Zane's master class. (no, I will not stop until the joke has been run into the ground in all three ages, past and future)
  14. Huh. She was in both movies. Good catch. ETA: A little Google-fu reveals she was the one fighting the Extremis dude in the fight club, in the video below around :35 Nice one, Helen!
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