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  1. Myrddin

    MCU - X

    It worked for Asgard. Ok, it worked in Loki's self-serving play...
  2. Myrddin

    MCU - X

    I liked the repetition of shots showing her at various stages of her life falling and getting back up. Really beautiful imagery and character moments.
  3. Myrddin

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    That's exactly why they have a strained relationship. They're too much alike. They also share the trait of stubbornness.
  4. Myrddin

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    As stated upstream, the "romances" of Rand can just be encounters throughout, not a build up to a polygamous arrangement. If I recall correctly (probably not...), Rand just shared puppylove make out sessions with Elayne in Tear and then didn't see her again for a long time (until she decided it was her turn). He had a little more intimate time with Aviendha but really only had an actual relationship with Min. I'd hate for them to make E & A become lovers through shared pinning over Rand... Each woman spent time with him. No need to turn each one into the love of his (or her) life. If nothing else, show the Aiel's attitude about sex by making the whole thing not a big deal from Aviendha's point of view, while Rand is the one caught up in the emotions of his first time. Anyway. I'm digging into the strangest aspects of this adaptation in this thread. Noses. Love quadrangles. What's next? The shade of amber used for Perrin's eyes? Ah, of course. Matt being kept as a love slave...
  5. Myrddin

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    As an aside, we went to Disney World over the weekend, and it's funny how many Game of Thrones (or versions of) t-shirts you see. Before the show came out, I'd never have dreamed "Winter is Coming" or "I drink and know things" or "Hodor" would be in the common place lexicon. What Wheel of Time sayings do you see entering public awareness (assuming the show is a hit)?
  6. Myrddin

    The Witcher on Netflix.

    Don't do it like I did... I tried starting with "book 1" was completely lost. Realized there was another book first. Read that not realizing it was a book of short stories that were kind of linked, but really didn't lead to a complete story (if that makes sense). At this point I intended to read "book 2" (as I had already read "book 1" but learned there was another book of short stories set before book one. Apparently the confusion comes from how they were translated and published in English. Get the correct order before trying to read these. I still haven't bothered starting the second book of short stories, even though it's on my nightstand... Might just wait for the show.
  7. Myrddin

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    That's a good shot. An actress like her would work. Nose is more important than eyes just from the prophesy point of view. Can't believe I'm posting about noses... I won't be this critical when the show airs, I promise.
  8. Myrddin

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Speaking of Faile, it's going to hard to cast someone with a hawk nose. That's a very specific physical feature. Prosthetic?
  9. Myrddin

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    Cutting Perrin is cutting one of the main three characters.... I get the Faile hate, but I think it's more a product of the storyline being stretched rather than it being "bad". In terms of Indian Mythology, Rand is the Destroyer, Matt is the Preserver, and Perrin is the Builder. We need all three. Besides, I quite liked Perrin back in the day. Especially during Shadow Rising. His returning home arc really resonated with me back in the early nineties, as I had spent quite a lot of time traveling abroad and found returning home unexpectedly hard.
  10. Myrddin

    MCU - X

    Looks great! Not break the Internet great, but still looks better than the leaked on set images.
  11. Myrddin

    WHEEL OF TIME tv show: Go on,tug my braid!

    I hope the fashions are a mash of all cultures (real and imagined) and not just "matching up" to the actor's ethnicity. That said, casting a main character like Moiraine with an East Asian actress would be a great choice. Or Indian. Or Middle Eastern. Or... hell. Don't care. Just have a nice range of actors on the screen. Start with open casting for the perfect Moiraine. Then wrap Cairhienin people around her. Same with Lan. Pick the guy who embodies Lan and spin out the ethnicity of the Borderlands around him.
  12. So you have met the man in the wheelchair...
  13. Not even mention party tricks. Just "There's a dude who runs a boarding school upstate who consults sometimes. He's just an academic in a wheelchair. Maybe he can help us solve the mystery behind the MacGuffin." Then Professor X can reveal that he and his X-Men have been operating covertly for sometime. He just mind wiped everyone.
  14. Funny you should say that. I bought a cheap little digital clock after cutting cable and put it in the same spot.