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  1. This crop of films look fun, but I'm really looking forward to when the X-Men make their way into the MCU. I can totally see Rhom's point of view. Endgame as a solid ending. I really liked Wandavision and enjoyed most of Captain Falcon America and the Winter White Wolf Soldier, but they felt more like epilogues, even though they clearly set up the next phase of the titular characters. Black Widow for all intents and purposes is more of a belayed curtain call. Shang-Chi looks fun, but not "Marvel" so far, or at least MCU connected. Eternals looks pretty, but no substance to judge by yet. I was iffy on GotG too, initially. I forget when I started getting interest in it. Maybe second trailer? It definitely won me over. We Are Groot as far as I'm concerned. Maybe Eternals will win me over too. I know Spider Man will be on par with the first two. No fear of repeating Spider-man 3 here. BUT it's pretty clear everything is pointing to Dr. Strange formally kicking off this next phase. Everything we're seeing now could be obvious setup in hindsight.
  2. I trust Feloni, but I've had a hard time getting into every one of his shows. The setup to greatness seems to take forever. Yes, he's introducing characters and laying groundwork, but it seems like he should be able to leapfrog some of the kiddie/silly elements. When I went back to rewatch Clone Wars (well, watch the whole thing, including whole seasons I never bothered watching), I still skimmed much of it. As in whole storyline arcs that were just boring. Same with Rebels. I tried watching the Resistance show. I made it to episode 4. BUT when the story is on point, it's some of the best Star Wars moments ever, ranking with OT high points,. Especially in Rebels, which paid off some great moments that had been building since CW. Ashoka v Vader was amazing and tragic. Kenobi v Maul (final) was just perfect. I'm currently watching the combined edit of Revenge of the Sith with Clone Wars finale (and some Tartakovsky inserts for some reason... yes, it makes some narrative sense, but it'd be a cleaner edit without it) right now. It's really well done how Ashoka's story intertwines with RotS. I haven't watched Bad Batch yet, but will eventually.
  3. For those who read the books, does this season basically cover book one? I've been having trouble getting my boys (13 & 15) to read much these days past Percy Jackson (they enjoyed Harry Potter and a few other YA books, but are not showing much interest in reading). Is the series something they'd enjoy post-show? After finishing the show, my wife is interested in reading ahead of the show. I'm hoping the boys will be motivated as well. Back on topic: I enjoyed the show, though it did feel CW-ish. Not just the level of good looks on screen, but the modernish way they acted. Agreed on the Nina/Mattias subplot kind of dragging. I know it's just so they all end up where they do at the end (which felt... convenient). The Crows Club were by far the most interesting group. I'd enjoy a spin off series with their antics (which I guess there's a book duology which covers this?) more than the A plot, but I'm still interested in season 2.
  4. Me throwing a handful of Legos in the air is awesome when you compare it to Transformers Dark of the Moon...
  5. I know were here to bury Whedon, not praise him, but I always liked his transition shots. Especially in Avengers where it ended with Hulk punching Thor because Hulk is a child.
  6. Are the spoiler marked comments about episode 2 or all six episodes released to reviewers? Also, I just read that they're splitting season one into two six-episode parts, with the second half being released later in the year. Considering the reviews about too many characters/storylines, this doesn't sound like a good move. Imagine if they put GOT season one on hold after Ned is wounded and arrested.
  7. It went over my head as a kid, but In Raiders of the Lost Ark, Belloq is "a shadowy reflection" of Indy. Rivals that could've been friends if not for one stepping further over the line. Indy had a reputation for grave robbing as well, if you remember. The difference is what rule each is willing to bend in search of his fortune and glory.
  8. For those not wanting to turn off ad blocker: https://www.starwars.com/news/obi-wan-kenobi-series-cast ETA: Glad to see Owen and Beru coming back, if only in brief cameo roles, I'm sure. Sung Kang's casting confirms third episode will be titled: Dune Sea Drift
  9. My favorite fake (non-official joke) title is the WandaVision reference:
  10. My wife has insisted on rewatching all the Avengers movies after starting WV to remember what's feeding into the show. She's never rewatched any of the Marvel movies before (ok, maybe a few before IW, but that was it)
  11. In my first job (late 90's), there was a VHS copy of this we passed around. I skimmed most of it after the first 15 minutes. It was funny that Favraeu was able to reuse the Boba Fett cartoon for the Mandalorian.
  12. Nora beat me to my rant. Min was the one character who always treated Rand like Rand, not The Dragon Reborn(tm). She's Samwise. The Best Friend. Rand's Partner. And I always liked the book smart part of her. Rand was doing Dragon Reborn political stuff, while she was there reading up on the stuff he would need to know, while treating him human, keeping him human. Granted, he strained that later on. One of the most horrifying scenes was when he snapped and almost killed her. To me, that illustrated he was nearly gone. If he almost killed the one person he trusted 100%, then he was seriously losing it. Of the three, she was my favorite for Rand. Elayne was a drama queen. Strong, but also not in touch with most people. She and Rand had a moment in Tear. A summer fling. Fleeting young love. Ave was ... cold. She had her path, and I respected her journey. I never bought her as more than part of Rand's past. Min was Rand's life partner, the grounding he needed to remember why he should survive. Ok, Maybe I had more rant in me. Carry on.
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