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  1. Secret Invasion during the blip would've been interesting, if it had been set up in Endgame. On the field of battle, Steve is standing alone when portals start opening up. Camera pans down field to Maria Hill, who is looking nervous. Another Maria Hill steps through the portal, but in the chaos no one notices. Cue Secret Wars post-credit scene. THEN a flashback series would work. Just retconning it during the blip doesn't feel right. It's bad enough we somehow have Hill and Fury as Skrulls immediately post Endgame in Spiderman without explanation. So I guess they did set it up... Meh. We'll see how it turns out. Feige's team has most certainly figured it all out. Knowing them, there was probably some foreshadowing back in Ironman 3 pointing to Secret Invasion.
  2. That's because you've been watching the wrong franchise: Star Trek.
  3. Thing is, I'm sure it'll be a good show. It'll look amazing and have a great cast. I'm also kinda meh over the idea. Will I watch it? Yeah, at some point. Will I resign up for HBO for it? Nope. We're currently catching up on all the HBO shows. Once done, we'll cancel and wait another 6 months.
  4. Ask again after House of Dragon comes out. ETA: Actually, it seems to be pretty common. People rush out to see a sequel based on loving the first one (-->). The second movie sours them so they're less likely to go see the next one (X). The following is based on fan observations over the years, not box office numbers. If we want to dig in to that level, I guess we could. Fantastic Beasts --> FB2 X FB3 Matrix --> Matrix Reloaded X Matrix Revolutions Transformers --> T2 X T3 X T4 XX T5 Alien --> Aliens --> Alien3 X Alien Resurrection X Prometheus X Alien Covenant Batman --> Batman Returns --> Batman Forever X B&R X-Men --> X2 --> X3 X X-Men 1st Class --> Days Future Past --> X-Men Apocalypse X X-Men Dark Phoenix I'm not saying Solo failed due entirely to Last Jedi. As has postulated above, it was probably many factors including being less excited for new Star Wars so soon after a disappointment. I enjoyed Solo, and would've enjoyed that cast continuing. (Personal note: the only franchises I quit due to disappointment would be Fantastic Beasts, Transformers, and the initial Batman franchise (I wasn't even interested in seeing Batman Begins until well after release).)
  5. Wanda, Sylvie, Layla, and Kate... None of these are bland bad asses. They are all the opposite of bland (and display varying degrees of badassness from all powerful to hip with a bow).
  6. I'm crushed. Not only is it now football, but it's all fake sweat. They can afford real planes but real sweat is beyond the ability of this production?? What a crock.
  7. The core premise of Prometheus always intrigued me: A god passing fire (power/life) to the next generation of gods and the blow back. The Engineer's response to the android was perfect. It was an abomination, a doll created by his own creation, not an equal. Weyland thought he was an equal to this being, but the Engineer saw no equals, only children playing in the mud. The execution was certainly subpar, made worse to turn it in to an Alien film. And Covenant was worse, even though they started with all the right pieces: David and Shaw.
  8. It's great they put the actors in the planes. I would love to go up in a fighter some time. It's been a dream of mine since I saw the first Top Gun movie as a adolescent.
  9. So, two favorite Cameron movies were followed up with subpar sequels that immediately killed off main character(s) from previous... Bye Sully! (Joking. Yes, I realize Cameron didn't direct the sequels.)
  10. This is my biggest gripe about phase 4 (ok, gripe may be too strong). Each movie/show is enjoyable (YMMV with Eternals) but there's no sense of a building story.
  11. Man, that was such a disappointing drop off.... Such potential completely wasted.
  12. Reminder I need to re-watch season 3, because I only have a vague recollection of what happened...
  13. It seems we haven't had a new thread in some time, but here's the new trailer with premiere date:
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