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  1. SpaceChampion

    Trailer Thread V

    Or 3 years too late.
  2. SpaceChampion

    South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    Ok, you made me look it up. I had forgotten it completely: 'Member life before youtube?
  3. SpaceChampion

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Art of the Rewatch edition

    I watched it. The first few episodes were the best true. I enjoyed it by the end. Perhaps it'll do well enough that the budget to do Mars stuff will be there for next season. I'm enjoying National Geographic's Mars series a lot more. The first season might have been a little unaffecting, but second season is a big improvement I think. Sort of how the first season of Vikings I was meh on because it seemed to be just an anthropologist's checklist of things to dramatize about medieval Norse society, then season two was a vast improvement. Of course we all know it's not that good anymore. Hopefully Mars will keep up the quality.
  4. SpaceChampion

    Trailer Thread V

  5. SpaceChampion

    Dating - I love the way you swipe

    Only happens in my nightmares?
  6. SpaceChampion

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Elon Musk has confirmed speculation that the new design for Starship and Super Heavy (aka BFR upper and lower stages respectively) are metal, moving away from the carbon composite design SpaceX was previously working on. No mention of specifics on why but he did imply it was counter-intuitive that the new design would be lighter than the carbon composite. Probably due to thicknesses and supporting structures required for each, metal at that scale comes out ahead. But the tanks itself, and structures like the aerodynamic fins, are speculated by SpaceX watchers to remain composites. We'll see some Starship prototype photos in about 4 weeks!! One has to wonder if the hull will be a metal alloy, will it be magnetic? Will it be possible to walk on the outside of it with magnetic boots like Worf and Picard in Star Trek: First Contact? :-D
  7. SpaceChampion

    Crazy Ex-Girlfriend S4 - We Want to Be Here [spoilers]

    I miss the season one theme song too, other Rebecca.
  8. SpaceChampion

    South Park: Member Season 20? [SPOILERS]

    I thought that was the best South Park episode in a while. Bezos appearing like the big-headed aliens from Talos IV in the Menagerie episode of Star Trek was icing on the cake.
  9. SpaceChampion

    MCU - X

    Best Picture is not about Best Story. It's for the producers, about the production as a production. Same reason Return of the King could be nominated and win as Best Picture, it's all about the massive work that went into the production, it's all obvious on the screen that it took a lot of work coordinating many parts moving together.
  10. SpaceChampion

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    CRS-16 Dragon Cargo Resupply mission to the ISS Grid fin hydraulic pump stalled so instead of landing on the landing pad at KSC the booster stage ditched into the ocean just offshore.
  11. SpaceChampion

    Trailer Thread V

    Watership Down
  12. SpaceChampion

    Trailer Thread V

    Captain Marvel (seems like it gives too much away, you may want to skip)
  13. SpaceChampion

    Trailer Thread V

    Travelers, season 3:
  14. SpaceChampion

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    SSO-A SmallSat Express looking to launch today at about 1:30pm EST Stream: ALSO today: Osiris-Rex arrives at Asteroid Bennu
  15. SpaceChampion

    Deadpool 2 (SpoilyourbreechesstupidautofillAway)

    I'm not going to watch this in theatres, but I am amused by the idea of Deadpool kidnapping the actor who played the kid from The Princess Bride in order to tell him a story. I mean, Fred Savage is playing himself, right?