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  1. I assume that's the hotspot clinic located in Etobicoke but meant for my area code in Brampton. Grrrrrr. Rumours abound that it was all nepotistically distributed to temple-connected people. There's also only 8 pharmacies per 100k people offering the AZ vaccine in Brampton, while non-hotspots like Kingston has about 36 pharmacies per 100k. Something like 22.5% of covid tests are coming up positive here. It's a bloody cocktail for creating a "Brampton variant". It's not a mere "hotspot" it's a wildfire.
  2. Maybe the vaccinations should have started with GenX if we were going to make it cool like this
  3. Starting from the premise of telling the story of meeting the mother was clearly a story about fate vs free will. Everything single episode was infused with that theme. The finale just said it was all fate, fate, fate. I'll maintain the best ending would be how free will defied fate in the situation around Robin's inability to have children. Tracy volunteering to be a surrogate Mother for Robin and Barney would be been perfect for that, it justified ALL the various twists and turns of the whole show, and would explain why the Mother wasn't there because she was in an epic 104 hour birthing labour for her children's not-sibling. The purpose of the story then would be to explain to the kids who exactly this new baby was going to be to them, how all the different pieces of the story came together for that, and why Robin and Barney mattered so much to Ted -- and why Tracy chose to honour that. Because Ted's story was about fate, Tracy's backstory should have been more about free will. After meeting she could have told Ted, "Fate's an asshole. I'm going to make fate my little bitch!"
  4. Confirmation hearing was yesterday, and Nelson actually came out in support of the decision giving the Lunar Lander development award to SpaceX., despite a few of his former Senate colleagues complaining the money wasn't spread around to a second option. Perhaps he genuinely support its, and perhaps Biden told him to toe the line. Or he accepts the money wasn't enough for any other outcome.
  5. If the father turns out to be Ted Mosby onto his third wife I'll be rioting. In anyone cares here's the failed pilot for How I Met Your Dad (all parts on that account).
  6. Weather delay for the launch of Crew Dragon to ISS tomorrow to a new time of 5:49AM EDT Friday.
  7. I enjoyed Space Sweepers yesterday. I would have been fine listening to it in Korean if the subtitles kept appearing in English but that didn't happen consistently. Something was odd about the Netflix subtitles not always appearing when I had the English on, so I put the audio in English on, but then english audio had Korean dubbed over to English as expected but also English dubbed over to Korean! I had to switch to Korean audio for some scenes to hear it in English! Kind of neat though it had Arabic, Spanish and French speakers as well.
  8. Aha, yes! Thursday. :-) That's unfortunate, and predictable. Feel free to share the channel here. :-)
  9. Away cancelled. I'm not mad. Edit: oh that's an month old article. I hadn't heard prior to now.
  10. Looks like a low framerate for now. Video is taken by the Mastcam-Z camera, which is HD quality but only 1600x1200 pixels, but also stereoscopic and multispectral. Photos are both lossless and lossy jpegs. Technical specs. Oh, looks like 16 frames/GOP but I don't know what a GOP is.... Obviously not "per second". It means "group of pictures" but that's not informative.
  11. No problem, not offended. I thought there were still glitches and concerns with Ingenuity (the helicopter) so wasn't waiting for a livestream. It was to happen at 3:15 EDT this morning. I'm pretty sure the video is uploaded to Earth after the fact (cached in Perseverance then uploaded) so the video should show up later. Whether that is hours or days I don't know. Some stills from the initial flight in this video.
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