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  1. Amber Midthunder, George Takai, and Danny Pudi and more added to the cast in the live action adaptation of ATLA https://gizmodo.com/avatar-the-last-airbender-live-action-netflix-full-cast-1849586572 Midthunder is playing Princess Yue of the Northern Water Tribe. Pudi plays the Mechanist. A lot of really great casting there. I may not know the names but many of the adult roles are familiar faces. Also glad to see Trickster actor Joel Oulette moving on after that show's ignominious cancellation for bullshit reasons.
  2. From the 2019 Blacklist of the most liked unproduced scripts circling Hollywood at that time.
  3. Confusing the audience is not an original sin. Lots of stories pride themselves on keeping things from the audience to add intrigue, as ROP itself does, so obviously the showrunners intend to confuse the audience on some things but tell themselves it's terrible to confuse them on other things that the audience would take two seconds to adjust to. Making huge structural changes based on assuming the audience are incapable of following along is the problem. We have plenty of examples now to show people follow along with time jumps and switching actors and enjoy these shows. Foundation, The Witcher, and HOTD being the most recent. You may not like some or any of those, but you no doubt were not confused by the end of season.
  4. Not trusting the audience to follow along has become a big red flag for me. "Oh they'll get confused between Osha and Asha so we have to change their names" is very minor, but indicative of a mentality that they underestimate the audience. Especially in the internet age when the audience talks things through, that's just unnecessary. "Oh they'll never be able to follow a story across thousands of years and switching characters, so we have to compress the timeline to a few years" is a very major issue. So now we have the Elves in danger of fading away in a few years? Their mistrust of the audience is crippling their story.
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