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  1. Is it really a Spring Offensive if it's run out of steam before the first day of Spring?
  2. I do not need more series to watch but Donald Glover is making it difficult to resist. This look interesting:
  3. Just think about how when AI takes over all creative work, it'll be trained on every franchise current, and for the rest of time all we'll get is MCU, Star Wars, Fast & The Furious, and Tyler Perry's Madea.
  4. I think one of my earliest tv memories was seeing the Star Wars Holiday Special. I wouldn't finished my dinner because it has peas in it so I had to sit at the dinner table while it played behind me, while I tried to look at it over my shoulder. The horror, the horror. I didn't know what Star Wars was, but I knew Hardware Wars was parodying it. Which I guess was an earlier tv memory.
  5. Yeah, it sort of like the Darth Jar-Jar theory, that would recontextualize something awful as something cool.
  6. Oddly, this ep was the lower rated ep of the series so far. https://screenrant.com/the-mandalorian-season-3-episode-3-lowest-rated-ever/ Edit: Never mind, it's just stupid IMDB ratings, not viewer numbers.
  7. Hmm. It's a wicked idea, I hope that's where they're going with it.
  8. The remains of a glacier at equatorial latitudes found on Mars:
  9. I think my first was Empire Strikes Back, and the second was Superman 2. Though maybe I was taken earlier than that to see something like Bambi I don't remember at all.
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