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  1. Biden accepting an invitation by Trump to stay at Blair House the night before the inauguration seems like a bad idea. Insert Admiral Ackbar gif here. I mean even if it's totally safe around the U.S. and the world hundred of millions of people counting down the seconds will have their anxiety levels at heart-attack levels for hours, fearful of an assassination attempt.
  2. The first two episodes of The Watch are on the BBC America website. I don't know why Death look like a Jawa. I've not read the Pratchett series but I imagine it is a quite off for book-fans. This feels more like Killjoys, which isn't a bad thing. The Marxist goblins or whatever they are, are funny. "Have you read the pamphlet?"
  3. I know this will probably all fall on deaf ears.... Nope. Half of one share in a company that owns a mine does not mean one owns a mine. His father was not a miner, he developed properties as an engineer for many types of companies. Engineers are not typically rich unless they are successful entrepreneurs, so it seems the Musks were comfortably middle-class. The half share was acquired in mid-80s, only a few years before Elon left for Canada, unlikely to have made much of a difference. Errol Musk also was a habitual liar, abuser and scum bag that fucked his own step-daughter and had a child with her. Elon, his mother, his brothers all left South Africa to get away from him and did so without money. He made all his initial money from selling Zip2 to Compaq for $300 million, of which he owned about half with his brother. He put that into the next company that merged with another to become Paypal. He sold that to Ebay for $1.5 billion but his own portion of Paypal seems to be around $300 million so he merely doubled his money, Then he started SpaceX, invested in Tesla, etc. His father's investment in Zip2 appears to be about $28,000 on the second round of angel investment, not exactly a big deal. My own parents put in that amount in a company I started once and flopped.
  4. Jessica Campbell, who was in Freaks & Greeks as Tuba Girl, died at age 38. Sounded like covid-19 since it was something in her lungs, and she just collapsed.
  5. Due to traitors adopting the Punisher logo Marvel is facing calls to discontinue the Punisher comic. I saw a suggestion in the comments on facebook saying just reimagine the character as a trans-man who is attracted to men. That's ok by me but I think a Punisher that directly fights crazy Trumpist militia LARPers would be better. Yes, I know -- why not both?
  6. 41 million projected to watch season 3 by end of the month .
  7. They were transmutated by God into antifa just for anything violent they don't remember doing but for which we have witnesses and have them on camera, and how dare you infringe on their religious beliefs! Clearly you do not wish to be raptured with the rest of the patriots!
  8. I think the Parler brigade is back trolling on Twitter. #PelosiLovesTrump is trending on twitter and my eyes will never recover.
  9. Someone disgusted at Trump is exactly who I'd want to *stay* at DHS for the next 9 days, to avoid some treasonous appointee collaborating with whatever treason comes next.
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