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  1. I was too busy being creeped out to be amused. It was great.
  2. Maybe they're going to retcon it so that the two we saw blipped were actually Skrulls, and Fury and Hill actually existed during the gap. If there were not de-blipped, they could have missed the Endgame battle due to being caught up fighting the Secret Invasion.
  3. News is Secret Invasion takes place during the Blip, so how is Fury and Maria Hill present for it? I'd guess it's their Life Model Decoys running things.
  4. I hadn't realized the National Team has disbanded. I expected it, but missed the news on that. But unfortunately looks like Blue Origin took the same design and just slapped their logo on it. Dynetics looks like the best option for a 2nd lander.
  5. new She-Hulk trailer damn, She-Hungry!
  6. Kay doing an AMA on reddit at 8pm EDT tonight.
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