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  1. Brian Cox, star of Succession and many, many other films and television programs over the years, has revealed his near-brush with Game of Thrones in GQ, where an excerpt of his new memoir—titled Putting the Rabbit in the Hat (Amazon affiliate link)—discusses his views on the monetary side of the acting business, and the sheer chance by which some programs become global hits and others fall flat. In the course of the excerpt, Cox writes that he’s often asked if he was ever offered a role in Game of Thrones: As we’re on the subject, 25th Hour was written by David Benioff, who of course went on to be showrunner for Game of Thrones. I’m often asked if I was offered a role in Game of Thrones—reason being that every other bugger was—and the answer is, yes, I was supposed to be a king called Robert Baratheon, who apparently died when he was gored by a boar in the first season. I know very little about Game of Thrones so I can’t tell you whether or not he was an important character, and I’m not going to google it just in case he was, because I turned it down. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/Brian_Cox_%282016%29.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  2. After years of hints, August saw the official announcement by George R.R. Martin that a short film based on “The Night of the Cooters”, written by long-time friend (and one of the funniest writers in the genre) Howard Waldrop, was in production. Now, the result of that adaptation can be glimpsed for the first time in this teaser: With a screenplay by award-winning author Joe Lansdale, Night of the Cooters stars and is directed by Vincent D’Onofrio, who fans of Netflix’s Daredevil may have very recently glimpsed on the new Disney+ show Hawkeye. Notably, the teaser’s description on Youtube also reveals that Ramin Djawadi of Game of Thrones and Westworld fame composed the music for the film. As viewers can see, the short film is executed in a merging of live-action and animation, dubbed “Trioscope” by the inventors of the process, Trioscope Studios who made the four-episode WWII drama The Liberator for Netflix. View the full article
  3. As the weeks and moons have passed, the court of King’s Landing was heartened as Queen Naerys recovered from her harrowing delivery. Having been much-missed, especially by those ladies and lords who had piously remembered her in their prayers to the Seven. Chief of all these were her brother Prince Aemon, and her son Prince Daeron, who with his wife Princess Mariah of Dorne had been often at her bedside to read from _The Seven-Pointed Star_ or to bring her grandsons to her so that they might cheer her. When at last Princess Naerys was strong enough to leave her chambers to walk in the fresh air as the maesters urged her, the Prince of Dragonstone was there with her, holding her arm; such was a son’s devotion. But not a husband’s. Besotted with Missy Blackwood, uncaring of his sister and queen’s slow struggle to recover, King Aegon, the Fourth of his Name, seemed surprised on the day he stumbled across the queen walking with Prince Daeron, Princess Mariah, and various attendants in one of the Red Keep’s gardens. On his own arm was the Lady Mysella, young and fresh and beautiful. The new royal mistress offered a deep curtsy to the queen, and offered happy words at the queen’s recovery, but Aegon was less gracious. “Still alive, sister?” he asked, and the tones of exasperation in his voice could not be mistaken. “Oh, how the gods must _love_ you.” Naerys’s face was a mask at that, but she bowed her head to her husband and said nothing with the grace of someone who had suffered his venom before. Prince Daeron, on the other hand, responded for her: “They do love the queen, your grace. The Mother, most of all, for the queen has spent her life’s blood to bring you heirs. You’ll recall, all the bells of the city rang at my sister’s birth.” It’s said that the king’s expression curdled at his son’s words, but before he could respond Missy Blackwood intervened, whispering in his ear with a giggle, and whatever she said mollified the king. “We’ll see,” were his last words to his son, or perhaps to his queen, or mayhaps Missy before he went on. (Many would remark afterward that it was just as well the Dragonknight had not been present, for the situation might have devolved further.) The rest of the day went without incident… although that evening, to the surprise of many, Missy Blackwood paid a call on the queen alone, and the next morning approached Prince Daeron and Princess Mariah. In the days and weeks that followed, the courtiers began to realize that despite her place as mistress, the young Blackwood lady had somehow begun to form a friendship with the queen and her son, seemingly embarrassed at her lover’s behavior. Some thought this very clever of her, to secure herself, but others wondered if it was not genuine. What the king thought of that is unclear… but after months of largely seeming satisfied in his new mistress and holding back from clashing with Prince Daeron, matters have changed. It began in the small council, where it was said that the king began to grow more truculent at whatever Prince Daeron said, but began to spill into open court. He picked at one scab in particular: Dorne, the land of Princess Mariah’s birth, the land where the beloved King Daeron, the Young Dragon, had died. Questions of exchanges of gifts between Dorne and the Seven Kingdoms would be contentious, suggestions that efforts could be made to improve trade with Dorne by devoting effort to improving roads leading to the passes would lead to curses, and efforts for members of the Dornish contingent of court to take part in the king’s courtly festivities and frolics became more and more rejected. When word of this reached Sunspear, and word of the response of that court arrived—including a letter for King Aegon from Prince Maron, attempting to soothe whatever this fit of temperament was—it only made Aegon dig in his heels and grow more truculent. When Prince Daeron and Princess Mariah took the opportunity at a feast to announce that the Dornish princess was once again with child, the court cheered them and toasted them with summerwine. Except, some noticed, King Aegon; he did not drink at all. When he remarked that he hoped the child that she squeezed out was not so dark as her firstborn, it was a remark made to Missy Blackwood at his side… but loudly enough that the prince and princess could not help but hear it. The next day, new whispers began: Prince Daeron had begun to talk of moving his household to Dragonstone, his seat as heir to the Iron Throne. Soon it was not just whispers, as Princess Mariah began to inform her ladies which of them would come with her and which would be asked to remain in King’s Landing to represent her. Why the sudden putting of plans into motion? When one of his friends at court asked, Prince Daeron pointed out that it had been long since a Targaryen prince had been born on Dragonstone, and it was about time that changed. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  4. It’s now official: the official Game of Thrones Studio Tour experience at Linen Mill Studios in Northern Ireland will open its doors on February 4th, and fans can already begin booking their tickets now. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/GoT_Studio_Tour.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  5. Via a report in Variety, we’ve learned that Steve Conrad—creator of Amazon’s Patriot and other shows—has been attached as lead writer and executive producer of a potential (emphasis on the potential) Game of Thrones-universe hour-long series based on the Dunk and Egg novellas [Note: Amazon affiliate link]. To date, three novellas introducing readers to Ser Duncan the Tall and Egg have been published, with a fourth existing in a partial state. Beyond that, George R.R. Martin revealed substantial hints about the future of the two characters as planned in additional novellas in our own The World of Ice and Fire, sketching out Dunk’s and Egg’s history all the way through their deaths. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/Martin_Knight7Kingdoms_title.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  6. A new book released today, James Andrew Miller’s Tinderbox: HBO’s Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers, is a massive 1,000 page tome that looks at the rise of HBO as the destination for prestige television from the past and all the way to the present. In the course of it, of course, the book can’t but help touch on Game of Thrones. While it covers ground already revealed in past interviews and books (such as James Hibberd’s Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon), there’s a few new details… particularly from a voice fans have not heard before, George R.R. Martin’s long-time entertainment agent, Paul Haas, concerning the final season and its relation to GRRM’s plans for A Song of Ice and Fire. [Note: This post contains Amazon.com affiliate links.] https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/GRRM_Eyrie.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  7. The aftermath of the dismissal of Lady Barba Bracken, sent back to Stone Hedge with her royal bastard Aegor Rivers, was not entirely what some expected. There were members of the court who expected King Aegon to explode with anger at them, especially the members of the small council. Others thought the king would instead unleash his outrage at the Prince of Dragonstone, Daeron, and mayhaps his own brother Prince Aemon the Dragonknight for having led the intervention. But that is not what happened. Oh, the king did sulk, and assuaged himself with his usual recourses: wine and women. But as the days passed, word among his companions was that the king spoke of having started to grow tired of Lady Barba, however magnificent her bosom was. The celebration marking the new year—a feast, long in the planning—did not see Queen Naerys in attendance, though all accounts are that she has slowly begun to recover her strength after a long uncertainty. However, the king was there, enjoying the rich foods, the free-flowing wine, and the pleasing examples of the fairer sex at court. One, in particular, was striking: the slim, black-haired Melissa Blackwood, daughter of Bloody Ben, Lord of Raventree Hall. Missy, as her friends and family call her, was a new arrival at court, having come to reside with her brother Seth and his lady wife, and perhaps even becoming a lady-in-waiting to one princess or another. The more cynical courtiers might have wondered at the timing of her arrival, given the famously eternal feud between Blackwood and Bracken. Whatever the case may be, she was at court, a novel beauty among the women and maidens still at court (so many having quietly returned to their homes in the months since Aegon’s ascension), and the king took a fancy to her. And now, but a few days later, gossip runs rife that the king was more than captivated, that indeed he’d already wooed and bedded her. Thus does a king acquire a new mistress. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  8. Queen Naerys lingered still near death, her surviving infant Daenerys was cared for by wetnurses, Lady Barba enjoyed all the king’s favors with her infant son at her breast, and the court continued to fret over the situation. Matters came to a head when rumors ran rife that the Hand, Lady Barba’s father Lord Kennoth, had openly spoken of Barba becoming queen when (not if) Naerys succumbed to the weakness that had gripped her since the delivery of her daughter and her stillborn son. Who was angriest among the great names at court was hard to judge: Prince Aemon the Dragonknight, who had insisted on standing vigil over his sister for almost every hour of every day since her labor, or her son Prince Daeron who had become increasingly truculent towards his royal father in regards to his treatment of the queen as well as his lax approach to ruling. So when a day came that the king decided to travel in the company of his Hand to the docks to examine a new warship—though everyone knew that he would find his way to the Street of Silk—both princes, the great knight and the Prince of Dragonstone, summoned the small council to their tower to meet. Word ran through the castle of this, and many courtiers, ladies, and knights began surreptitiously to find their way to the Red Keeps outer yards to see who else might join the council and who might leave. Liveried messengers would be seen coming and going, but for a time no men of greater substance made an appearance to begin with. But then both Lord Arryn and Lord Baratheon entered the tower together, and not an hour passed before the king at least returned from his “inspection”. He seemed to have no inkling of what had gone on, nor did Lord Kennoth, but shortly after they entered Prince Daeron and Prince Aemon appeared in the yard and informed the king and his Hand that there was an urgent matter to deal with with the small council. King Aegon, seeming more than a little drunk, attempted to foist the task on to Lord Bracken, but his famed brother insisted. And so they went. What transpired, precisely, is not known. Some claim they could hear shouting from the small council chamber, though that seems unlikely as the drum tower’s walls are thick and the small council chamber is well above the ground. But what was known for certain was that when the king left, his face was red from something other than drink, and Lord Kennoth’s expression was pinched. Later that evening, it was made plain that Lady Barba’s rooms in Maegor’s Holdfast were to be emptied, her belongings and her infant son to be made ready for the journey to the Stone Hedge in the riverlands. Gossips among the court’s women would later say that Barba screamed with fury, cursing those who were against her, and even her own father for his inability to dissuade the king from allowing his brother, son, great lords, and councillors to pressure him into giving her up. Yet the king himself saw none of Barba’s outrage, for he refused to see her (though she asked, then begged, then demanded). Three days later, Lady Barba and her bastard Aegor Rivers were gone, accompanied by a wetnurse, a handful of servants, and a small company of the Hand’s guard. And word spread through the Red Keep that the maesters thought the worst danger was over, and Queen Naerys would recover given rest and time. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  9. A fortnight has passed since Lady Barba Bracken, the king’s royal mistress, gave birth to a natural son. In that time since, the lady has been most pleased with herself, as has been her lord father the Hand, and indeed as has been the king himself. Aegon, Fourth of His Name, had even had her nurse the boy Aegor in his audience chambers as he greeted lords and officials. Rumors run rife that he means to bestow on the boy some great parcel of land and make him a lord so that his mother might benefit from the revenues. There are those on the small council who are said to be resistant to such gifts, and each passing day since the birth of Aegor Rivers and the evidence of Lady Barba’s overweening pride has slowly begun to make some of the lords, knights, and ladies at court to begin to look askance at the matter. Even some of Lord Bracken’s oldest friends and allies, men who he brought with him into the king’s court, have begun to suggest to him that he allows the king to indulge too much excessive attention on the lady. Matters are not helped by the fact that Prince Daeron, heir to the Iron Throne, has begun to meet in private with some of the great lords at court, and to take counsel with none other than his uncle Prince Aemon, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard. Through this all, King Aegon seems unmoved and uncaring, indulging his passion for Lady Barba and doting on the robust, strong-lunged boy she’d given him. But matters may soon change, for there has been another birth: Prince Naerys, who the maesters long ago warned might die if she was with child, has gone through her labors after weeks of seclusion in her quarters due to her delicate health. Midwives and maesters have attended on her, and when the labors began the king was informed, but he made no appearance; instead, Prince Aemon came from the White Sword Tower and stayed by Naerys’s side. Hours passed before the cries of a newborn filled the room: a daughter, a new princess. A small infant, the maesters exchanged looks, showing their concern… but matters grew worse when Naerys groaned and her labor continued. After examination, a midwife said that she had another child to deliver. That effort nearly killed Naerys, if the tales are true, and the result was a prince… a stillborn one, smaller even than his sister. The labor went too long, some said, and the child suffocated in the womb. Others say that even had he survived his birth, he would likely have not outlived his sister. Or perhaps even his mother. That sister, Naerys named: Daenerys, a name shew knew from family history and which she always thought beautiful. But even the effort of saying that much left her exhausted, and the maesters were gravely concerned that she would not survive the night. Word was sent to the king, of course, but he could not be roused from his bed. Only then did Prince Aemon, face like a stormcloud, leave his sister’s side to personally give Aegon the news. Servants would later gossip that the two men shouted at one another, though none dared repeat the words. Now, the Veiled Ladies and the septons and septas of King’s Landing pray, some holding vigil, Outside the walls of the Red Keep, there are Kingslanders holding their own watch, praying to the Mother Above that the pious Queen Naerys will live, and her daughter Princess Daenerys as well. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  10. A son! King Aegon, Fourth of His Name, has a new son! The bells of the royal sept were rung soon after the birth, and some few in the city below took it up. The king was not himself present for the birth—he was away hunting, or so the claim went, though there were whispers of his having stopped on the way of the city at the Street of Silk and simply had never left it—but a great swath of gifts were already at hand and prepared to be delivered, depending on the outcome of the birth (and the child’s gender). The mother, blessed with such fruitfulness, was gifted bolts of samite and cloth-and-gold, jewels (including choice jewels that had once belonged to Queen Daenaera), and more. Of course…. the mother was not Queen Naerys, though her own belly has swollen with child and maesters and midwives attend on her closely as she has remained confined during the late stages of her pregnancy. No, the son is a natural one, borne by Lady Barba Bracken. Vivacious and youthful, the birth was as easy as it can be for a first-time mother, and already she has had a string of visitors from lords and ladies at the court currying favor. Her lord father, the Hand of the King, has often been present when she has held audience, the babe at a midwife’s teat as the courtiers come to congratulate her. As to the boy, he is a robust and lively infant, and many remarked on his dark purple eyes. Some, too, noted his fine crop of hair for a newborn, though that is as black as his mother’s. Lady Barba had already named him by the time King Aegon paid her a visit, and she informed him that their son was named Aegor. Aegor Rivers, to be more precise, but that bastard name has yet to be spoken by the lady. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  11. The king has returned! Nearly four moons have passed since King Aegon, Fourth of His Name, departed the royal city of King’s Landing to take his first royal progress. Accompanied by his Hand, Lord Bracken, and his pregnant mistress, Lord Bracken’s daughter Barba, his ultimate aim was to visit Stone Hedge and while away time there. The journey to Stone Hedge was uneventful enough that much of the gossip left in the wake of the progress had to do with a king seemingly devoted to his own pleasures and a mistress willing to indulge them, from making use of the chambers of Lord and Lady Buckwell to bathing together in the holy baths at Maidenpool. Harmony between them was, it must be said, briefly disturbed when the progress stopped at Harrenhal where Lord Lothston—once master at arms of the Red Keep—and Lady Lothston—the king’s first mistress when he was still a youth—were all-too-pleased to host the grand entourage. Lady Lothston and Lady Barba did not get along, and the king’s intention to stay half a fortnight were cut short as the progress resumed. Once at Stone Hedge, Lord Bracken made sure that his guests had every comfort. From far and wide, lords and knights associated with the Brackens flocked to give homage to the king, and many were the days that the king hunted through the riverlands with them. The king was so taken with the reception that he decided to summon Lord Tully so that he could extend his stay rather than continue on to Riverrun. Lord Kermit and his retinue, including Lord Blackwood and Lord Blackwood’s daughter Melissa, joined the king a few days later. Though Bloody Ben Blackwood refused to sleep beneath Stone Hedge’s roof, choosing instead to remain outside the castle in a guarded pavilion, he and his kin did join in the feast in the great hall, and there were those who later whispered that Lady Barba was displeasd by the king’s eye straying more than once to the young and beautiful Melissa Blackwood. Half a fortnight more, and it was time to move on. Lord Tully returned to Riverrun, while the king and his progress continued on toward Pinkmaiden Castle where old Lord Piper hosted a fine tourney to celebrate the king’s presence. More importantly, out of the west came Lord Loreon Lannister and many of his knights and lords, to give homage to the king. The tourney was a grand affair, hotly contested, but the young bold knight Ser Quentyn Ball carried the day, crowning Lady Barba as the Queen of Love and Beauty. Shortly after, the progress resumes, lingering at Stoney Sept before continuing on to reach the Gold Road and turn east for King’s Landing. Awaiting the king in the Red Keep’s courtyard was Prince Daeron, the Prince of Dragonstone, and his lady wife Princess Mariah of Dorne, the lords of the small council, the royal princesses Daena and Rhaena (but not Elaena, who remained obstinate in her anger that the court was beginning to talk of Lord Velaryon as being lost at sea) notable lords and knights… but not Princess Naerys, who has been in confinement due to the delicacy of her own pregnancy, with courtiers whispering that her belly is so large on her small frame that some fear this latest child may well kill her. King Aegon did not seem to miss his sister and queen, it must be said. With him came some new faces as well, most notably being the smiling, open-handed Lord Butterwell, a man who had ingratiated himself to the king at Stone Hedge and had been invited to join him at King’s Landing. It’s said the king has spoken of finding him some office. And speaking of offices… while the king has been gone, it has been the Prince of Dragonstone and the small council that has steered the realm, sending messages to the king about matters but rarely hearing from him. From news that Lord Alyn Velaryon’s ship had perhaps foundered in a storm while chasing a corsair off the Stepstones, to rumors of pirates haunting the secret coves of Crackclaw Point, King Aegon seemed to have little enough interest in what to do about these matters and left them up to Prince Daeron to attend to it. Yet it’s said that Lord Bracken is of a different mind, and while the king was eager to feast on his return, Lord Kennoth was known to have spent much time consulting with the masters of the small council… but not, it must be said, with the Prince of Dragonstone. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  12. Since his coronation a fortnight earlier, King Aegon, Fourth of his Name, has taken to being king with an alacrity that surprised few. Yet, unlike his late father, he has not done so by issuing a wave of edicts and beginning measures to change laws, correct injustices, or strengthen ties across the narrow sea. While it is true that he named Lord Bracken as his Hand as his first official act, the expected changes to the small council have—to the surprise of some—not yet happened, and all because both the king and the Hand seem entirely focused on the pressing matters of the Hand’s forthcoming tourney ... and of rumors of the king taking part in a royal progress—a thing eschewed by every king since his name sake, Aegon Dragonsbane—to show his majesty to the realm. It is said he would first visit the riverlands, with a sojourn at the Stone Hedge. Other things have occupied the king: the Hand’s daughter, for example. Once a companion to the princesses in the Maidenvault, it is clear that the king’s interest in her has been long-running as well as thorough. She appears now at his side more often than Queen Naerys (in confinement due to a pregnancy that the maesters all judge as dangerous) and has been lavished with jewels and gowns. In turn, Lady Barba has advised the king on a new crown that will be even grander and more regal that the crown of King Aenys, she has gathered her own ladies-in-waiting, and has even begun to host guests at the Tower of the Hand for her father… and at Maegor’s Holdfast, with the king. More shockingly, there are whispers that the king’s interest has been heightened by the fact that Lady Barba is with child, and that the king intends to announce the matter at the Hand’s tourney, at the same time that he hopes some worthy will crown her Queen of Love and Beauty—a knight of the Kingsguard, perhaps, or some one of the new favorites in the king’s orbit. And so the small council continues as it has been, though their mood is said to be uneasy by the new king’s lack of interest—at least in these early times—in the running of the realm, allowing the Hand to guide the meetings. This has created its own tensions. When the king does not attend, sometimes Prince Daeron does so, and he has helped to steer discussion to pressing issues, but more often than not they are left to report on the preparations for the tourney and the progress. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  13. After seven days, of preparation of the body by the maesters and then lying in state in the royal sept, King Viserys’s body was moved to the outer yard of the Red Keep and placed upon a great bier. In days now long past, it was the custom that a dragon would set a king’s bier and body alight, but the dragons are gone and only a torch—carried by the new king, Aegon—was used as the solemn court watched. The only notable absence was Princess Naerys, said to be too affected by the death of her father to show herself publicly. But a different rumor has run through the court, and has been all but confirmed: that the princess is once again with child, a fact that would have been formally announced had Viserys not passed away. There are concerns that the blow of her father’s death combined with her already-delicate health may put her in peril, explaining all the more why she has kept to her bed. Her son and good-daughter were there to see Viserys’s body committed to the flames, with their companions and household, and so too were the members of the small council, officers great and small, and even Lord Baratheon had managed to make the journey from Storm’s End to pay his respects. About the king were his councillors and companions, chiefly, among whom was Lord Bracken, who has become a fixture with the king… and s too has his daughter Barba, once a companion to the princesses in the Maidenvault. There are rumors there, as well, regarding the young noblewoman and the king… And speaking of the princesses, all three of Viserys’s nieces were present, even Daena the Defiant and Elaena despite their quarrel with the king over Lord Alyn Velaryon’s banishment to Volantis as an alleged envoy. Some had wondered whether King Aegon would send a message to Driftmark, to attempt to reach Velaryon and recall him, but it seems Aegon’s respect for his father’s decision led to his refusing any arguments to that end. When the flames finally grew cold, servants were sent to collect the ashes and bones, with septons repeating prayers and blessings. The remains were transferred into a costly reliquary, hastily commissioned, and was escorted by two of the Kingsguard—the Lord Commander Prince Aemon and Ser Jaesin Lannister—and the septons to the incomplete great sept that Baelor commanded to be made. Shortly after, the king arrived in a litter with most of the rest of the Kingsguard and a great part of the court, the crowds having lined the streets to see him descend from the Red Keep to witness the burial of Viserys’s remains. The High Septon himself was there to oversee the ceremonial burial within the great sept’s floor, near to where Baelor’s ashes lie. And with that, the deed was done. At Aegon’s behest, the next days would be devoted not to mourning but to celebration, leading up to his grand coronation. Feasts and frolics are planned, and there are rumors a tournament will be announced to attract the best knights of the realm. But the great lords and courtiers are less concerned with that, and more about what comes next as the new, young king, a man of very different appetites and interests and experience, decides just what his court, and his realm, will look like. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  14. Two days earlier, Lord Alyn Velaryon took his leave of the court and of Westeros after his sojourn in the dungeons. He had been commanded by King Viserys to depart forthwith to Volantis, to serve as an envoy to the courts of the triarchs there, although it was widely understood that this was simply a more politic way to put him into exile. His Grace left it an open question how long this embassy would last, and Velaryon seemed resigned to it. Not everyone was, however: Princess Elaena was said to have locked herself in her rooms in protest, and her elder sister Daena had attempted to cajole first Velaryon and then her cousin Prince Daeron into making efforts to convince the king to rescind his command. Oakenfist would not heed her, and Prince Daeron showed no willingness to fight with his grandfather on this subject, not least when Princess Mariah revealed her own lack of sympathy for Oakenfist’s plight (the result, no doubt, of his role in the conquest of Dorne carried out by her husband’s namesake, King Daeron the Young Dragon). Velaryon departed on his flag ship, _Laughing Dragon_, in the evening, setting sail first for Driftmark to quickly put his affairs there in order before sailing on. For fear of the king’s wroth, only a smattering of courtiers—many of them officers of the fleet—were at the docks to see him off, though the smallfolk of the city were there in large numbers for Oakenfist had always been well-loved by the commons. A day passed, and another. The king’s court resumed to its usual business, with Viserys himself working nigh from dawn and into the night on the many tasks he had set before himself to improve the function of the court and the laws. He met with the small council to discuss a replacement for master of ships—at least on a temporary basis—and met with a party of masons to discuss progress on the giant, unfinished sept on Visenya’s Hill, as well as sundry other tasks. Some still wondered when he would name a Hand, while others were sure that Viserys intended to have none because he believed he needed none. If he had any challenges, it was in his family and nieces—rumors of Prince Aegon’s latest affairs were never pleasant, and a particular one had become more incessant, concerning Lord Bracken, and especially Lord Bracken’s daughter; and Daena’s continuing refusal to name Daemon Waters’s father (though many believed they knew who ti was), while making it plain to all who would listen that she believes her uncle has most grievously erred in sending away Velaryon, all while Elaena sulked. The king did manage to bring his kin together for something like a civil private meal, although it ended earlier than planned after an outburst from Daena after Aegon egged her on. Viserys withdrew to his chambers, to read through accounts from the treasury after dismissing his guests. It was in the middle of the night that a sound from his chamber led Ser Kenric Darry of the Kingsguard to enter the king’s bedchamber, thinking he had been summoned. What he found was the king having fallen out of his bed, moaning and incoherent. The knight attempted to help the king rise, but his left side seemed dead to all feeling, and Darry called for help. Ser Sorin of Sevenstreams helped him put the king to his bed, and swiftly they summoned maesters, while sending word to the small council and the rest of the king’s family. Despite their swift intervention to try and help the king, it was for naught: despite ministrations of learned maesters and prayers from septons, septas, and the king’s own daughter, he passed away a three hours later, as the sun was rising over the city. So ended the reign of King Viserys, Second of His Name. And thus began the reign of King Aegon, Fourth of His Name. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
  15. It was on the 9th day of the 3rd month that Princess Elaena was brought to the birthing bed, belly great with child, and it was on that same day that she was delivered of her burden. It was a surprisingly swift labor, and she weathered it well for one so young and put through such extremities, for a midwife soon announced after the bawling baby boy was expelled form her wound that a second child, a twin, was on its way, a baby girl. Both seemed healthy and well-made, missing no parts and unblemished, their eyes purple like their mother’s… and their father’s. Lord Alyn Velaryon, the master of ships, was permitted to visit the princess with her newborns. Indeed, he was permitted to remain in King’s Landing for seven days by the grace of King Viserys, whom had known him from his youth. Oakenfist, that great hero and explorer, much loved, was thought by some to be immune from Viserys’s lasting anger at this violation of his niece (willing though it was, on her part, and almost assuredly aided and abetted by her companions and perhaps even her sisters). Lord Velaryon even attended two meetings of the small council, though in both cases Viserys was not on hand and it was instead Lord Ryger, master of laws, who presided over the discussions. In the past week, Lord Velaryon has been free to visit Princess Elaena and her infant twins, who have been named Jon and Jeyne Waters. It’s said he gave to her some gifts, treasures from his journeys, as tokens of affection. There are even thoughts that he may ask to wed Princess Elaena; it’s said he was seen speaking at length with one of the Most Devout, perhaps seeking his counsel over the obvious, nearly-unprecedented difficulties such a proposal might suggest. Regardless, what’s clear is that despite the difference in ages, if Lord Alyn were to ask her hand, Princess Elaena would most certainly be in favor of the match. Others at court, and indeed great lords beyond the court, are decidedly less convinced. And King Viserys? Until the matter is put to him, he holds his own council. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
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