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  1. Tisdagen den 16 augusti premiärvisas första avsnittet av House of the Dragon på biograf Rigoletto i Stockholm och du och en vän kan vara där! I samarbete med HBO Max tävlar Westeros.org ut biljetter till eventet. För att ha chansen att vinna, svara på inlägget på Twitter från @westerosorg och berätta för oss vad du skulle döpa din drake till! Glöm inte att tagga ditt svar #HBOMax och #HouseoftheDragon och svara senast den 14/8. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/220802_SE_HOTD_Contest_LocalPremiere_SQ_V2.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  2. We’ve an exciting opportunity for fans of Game of Thrones who are excited about the forth-coming House of the Dragon! Thanks to HBO Max Netherlands, we have a number of tickets that we’re giving away to attend the European premiere of House of the Dragon on August 11th. The event will be a grand affair taking place at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam, featuring members of the cast and crew as well as the Dragon’s Den, a unique interactive experience that will open first for guests of the premiere before opening for the general public on the 12th and 13th of August. We’ll post some more of the official information below, but the essential point is… how do you enter the contest? See below! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/HouseoftheDragon_Savethedate_EN.png read on >>> View the full article
  3. A pleasant surprise today, as the official Game of Thrones channels dropped a new video, this time a rather unique one as it had George R.R. Martin narrating the history of the Targaryens (as well as the Hightowers and Velaryons) that leads up to the time of The House of the Dragons, with animated graphics from none other than artist Doug Wheatley, the illustrator of Fire and Blood. Very interesting that the Hightowers get a little bit of focus in this video. The Velaryons are to be expected, of course, although an interesting thing we noticed about this video is that it only mentions the marriage of Corlys to Rhaenys as one of the ties the families have to one another, when of course Aegon the Conqueror and his sisters had a Velaryon mother. It’s a short video, but since Aegon and the Conquest was mentioned, it seemed like a detail they could have slipped in there if they wanted to. View the full article
  4. Great news from the LA Shorts International Film Festival! GRRM’s adaptation of his friend Howard Waldrop’s story “The Night of the Cooters” has won “Best Sci-Fi”. We previously wrote about the project when the teaser came out last year. Read the full press release for all the details. Los Angeles, August 1, 2022 – With Vincent D’ Onofrio (Daredevil, Ratched) leading from behind and in front of the camera, George R.R. Martin’s adaptation of Howard Waldrop’s renowned short story of the same name Night of the Cooters garnered “Best Sci-Fi” at this year’s LA Shorts International Film Festival. Closing the festival with the show stopper, screenwriter Joe R. Lansdale (Bubba Ho-Tep, Hap and Leonard) moderated a cast Q&A following the world premiere to a full house at Laemmle NoHo theaters, and from the “Best Sci-Fi” nod, the audience really liked it! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/Cooters_Cast.jpeg read on >>> View the full article
  5. On August 2nd, The Complete Guide to House of the Dragon will hit shelves across the country, a one-of-a-kind deep dive into the forthcoming HBO series. Among it’s many features? A lengthy exclusive interview with George R. R. Martin, discussing the show, it’s origins in Fire and Blood and The World of Ice and Fire, and more! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/HotD_Guide_Cover.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  6. HBO has released two new videos today. The more interesting of the two is the later one, a behind-the-scenes video titled “Returning to Westeros”: Some really interesting footage, particulary of Laena’s actress riding her dragon and then a sort of realtime pre-viz showing roughly what the shot will look like. Some real high technology going into the show! And of course, as already mentioned, the fact that they’ve built a massive Red Keep set with interlocking rooms so that one can do a “walk-and-talk” through various levels, rooms, and corridors—rather than the more economical approach of cutting away and showing only absolutely necessary rooms with one or two hallways being redressed to serve as multitudes—is impressive. Finally, you’ll catch more than a few glimpses of the sons of Alicent and Rhaenyra in the course of this See the extended trailer below, which has a bit of added footage from the recently released full trailer! read on >>> View the full article
  7. A press release touting all the new programs and films coming to HBO Max in August had a very interesting announcement: “HBO Max has announced everything coming to the platform this August, including the debut of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON (8/21), based on George R.R. Martin’s “Fire & Blood.” In addition, all eight seasons of the HBO hit GAME OF THRONES arrive on HBO Max in 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos on the ad-free plan and supported devices. New episodes of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON will also debut in these advanced formats. We think this may be the first original series to get the 4K HDR treatment straight out of the gate on HBO/HBO Max. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Gallery/_medium/HotD_Trailer-Official_03.png View the full article
  8. As promised, we’ve put together a gallery of over thirty images from across the brand new trailer, images selected because we’ve some relevant details about what’s shown, or just because we wanted to highlight something. You can see the slideshow of images below! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Gallery/_medium/HotD_Trailer-Official_01.png View the full article
  9. Yet more House of the Dragons content drops, as HBO Max releases this official trailer ahead of SDCC (where many expected it to be initially released): Some really spectacular moments in this, especially our first real look at Caraxes, the Blood Wyrm, and what may well be Vhagar, the last survivor of the three dragons with which the Targaryens conquered the Seven Kingdoms. Yes, we’ll be putting together a screen capture gallery with some commentary in a future post! View the full article
  10. Hot on the heels of EW‘s exclusive, the Hollywood Reporter has published a two-part extravaganza from Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon chronicler James Hibberd (Part 1, Part 2 digging further into both the origins of House of the Dragon, its story and production, and the future of the show as well as other shows in the Game of Thrones universe. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/HotD_Daemon-Throne_01.jpeg read on >>> View the full article
  11. The last few days have been jam-packed with House of the Dragon information, all of it leading to the big panel a San Diego Comic-Con, and the August 21st premiere of the show beyond that. The latest? A video from HBO giving us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the show in production, with brief comments from show runners Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, and creator George R.R. Martin: But what really kicked it of was Entertainment Weekly and its exclusive article from Nick Romano, who visited the sit and spoke extensively with the cast and crew of the show. Since that initial release, EW has been releasing more articles and photos on a daily basis, again leading up to the big SDCC premiere. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/EW_HotD_01.jpeg read on >>> View the full article
  12. We’ve been in the midst of a vacation over here a Westeros, but George R.R. Martin has been keeping busy! A recent Not a Blog post goes into some length about the state of the highly-anticipated The Winds of Winter, a post which seems to have been prompted after a recent round of interviews (including this excellent interview by the team at Game of Owns). It’s the lengthiest update he’s given on the book in some years, and is well worth reading closely. And while he’s at it, George reveals how the story has been slowly moving further and further away from what he envisioned years earlier, even as late as when he met with the showrunners of Game of Thrones to discuss his plans. read on >>> View the full article
  13. HBO has announced which members of the House of the Dragon cast and crew will be present for the panel at Main Hall H during San Diego Comic-Con... and have now unveiled their plans for both an at-event special interactive experience for attendees and the release of an Augmented Reality game called House of the Dragon:DracARys (see what they did there?) for Android and iOs devices. See below for more information! https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Images/_medium/Dracarys_KeyArt_1-1_v2.jpg read on >>> View the full article
  14. At “Not a Blog”, George R.R. Martin goes into some detail—as far as he’s able—as he confirms the news that a Jon Snow series is in development under the working title of Snow. In the process, he confirms that Kit Harington is the originator of the series (as revealed by Emilia Clarke in a recent BBC profile), that he and his own team of writers and consultants are working with Harington’s team, and that the project has actually been in development nearly as long as projects that we learned about last year rather than being a very new development. There’s also some Winds of Winter information, as George notes that he was recently “back with Tyrion,” and GRRM also discusses his recent (misconstrued) remarks on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as well as continuing work on short films based on the works of the great Howard Waldrop. https://www.westeros.org/Graphics/Gallery/_medium/GameOfThrones_S2_Fist_02.jpg View the full article
  15. The court of King Aegon, Fourth of His Name, carries on with relative calm despite the lesser and greater turmoils its ruler has been known to cause with his endeavors, amorous and otherwise. Prince Daeron has returned to Dragonstone for a time following the birth of his latest child, leaving the small council to manage the affairs of the realm while the king was distracted by his own personal affairs. In the meantime, the court has enjoyed itself, with small feasts and social gatherings, and a running rumor that some great tourney and contests will soon be called. Princess Daena, the king’s cousin and once queen to Baelor the Blessed, was seen of late in the castle’s yard practicing with the Dornish bow her brother had gifted her years earlier, seeming inclined to believe that Aegon would be convinced to at least host an archery competition for the ladies of the court. Daena’s onlookers included a gathering of a collection of handsome young knights and lordlings, and vivacious and worldly young ladies, who spend their time idly in gossip and entertainments… but also in doting on the princess’s bastard son, Daemon Waters, a boy of two years who watched his mother’s archery with the delight that only a child could show. “The little prince” some have taken to calling him, or even “the bastard prince”, though of course he does not hold that title. In another realm entire, that of Dorne, the young Prince Maron seems an able leader who has largely kept wise and experienced lords and ladies about him. But then, there are the ties of blood, and one cannot choose one’s relations… And that may be why the prince, concerned of rumors of restive young men-at-arms and minor lords in the Boneway, sent Prince Rhodry and his good-brother Ser Tamlyn Toland to investigate the matter, and to report back as well on the state of the defenses of the pass. For months they were gone, but when they returned they came back with a score of knights and men-at-arms in addition to their escort, men who would have the honor of serving in the royal household, or that of some prince or princess, such that they could enjoy the pleasures of Sunspear and the shadow city amidst the Winding Walls. The canniest of them recognized that in fact they were chosen not so much for their prowess, but because they had made too much noise about wishing to raid into the Marches and make names for themselves. Worst of all, rumors had it that Prince Rhodry reported to his nephew that Lady Yronwood was doing very little to discourage such thoughts, and indeed that Yronwood would likely be the first great house of Dorne to break the peace that Maron’s predecessor, his father Prince Maron, had forged with Baelor the Blessed. Unless, that is, something was done to keep the Yronwoods, and all the other would-be raiders, in line. And so Prince Maron ponders a solution to that problem, and is said to send letters to Dragonstone as he seeks Prince Daeron’s advice and support in maintaining peace between the Iron Throne and Dorne. [url={url}]Visit the Site![/url]
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