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  1. I also got that impression. All Tyrion's talk about finding someone else to love her. Now I truly think Jamie is the valonqar.
  2. I assumed they were the slavers armada that they took last week....? And there were Martell sails too.
  3. Let me know! I don't really want to see it again.
  4. I remember her clutching it while she burned.
  5. I just have one grievance for this episode. At the point after Rickon dies when Jon rushes towrads the Boltons, I wish they would have had him yell "WINTERFELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL" Oh well. I can imagine.
  6. Lol!! I think that every time she climbs up on him. It also can't be comfortable.
  7. I can't wait till next week to see the Stark's banner on top of Winterfell during the opening credits!!!
  8. I am a Stark groupie, but must say I thought the best part of this episode was Dany burning the ships on Drogon's back and the other two getting out. I love those dragons. I also truly enjoyed watching Ramsey die. RIP Rickon.
  9. Such a short episode. They couldn't have fit in 5 minutes for the broken man speech?
  10. Sam gave them dragon glass before they went north of the wall.
  11. Omg yes. Poor Bran! But here's my next question, how did the Stark children not hear of Hodor collapsing before Ned left for the Eyrie? Wouldn't that have been WF gossip about the event that Bran would have known of?
  12. So my husband and I have been talking about this for the past two hours. I think when Meera tried to wake Bran and he heard her through the vision he then warged into present day Hodor and past day Hodor got warged into to too. Does this make sense? Then because they were linked, past day Hodor could hear Meera yelling at present day Hodor. What makes me most upset is the thought that for the next 30 years Hodor was absolutely traumatized and he knew what was going to happen to him. Then he had to live all those years with the Stark kids making fun of him, knowing the entire time that he would die because of them. I am also terrified to think of him showing up with blue eyes.
  13. Am patiently waiting for Linda's take on the episode, but I have to say this is the first episode in a reallllllyyyyyyyy long time that I loved. It took me a long time to be ok with the show being the show (totally different from the books) and the books being the books. The Stark reunion brought tears to my eyes and the pink letter was better than I had hoped. The entire Wall scenes really got my juices flowing, enough so in fact, that I could ignore the stupid KL plot. Am super happy that they are not killing the Iron Islands like they killed Dorne. Loved the Asha/Yara-Theon reunion. As they are both in Stannis's camp (in the books) I can see them somehow joining forces (the 2 of them) and doing something. I have always been under the impression that D&D will make Theon's character Victarion. As for Dany, well I am trying to keep an open mind. I don't think that her arc will follow the same path in the books. First off she is with Drogon when they find her, but having said that, it fits with "Show Dany" that she did what she did. IMO show Dany is much different than book Dany and has been so almost from the beginning. That is all I have to say about that. Am over the extra Tyrion scenes. The GOT fans love Tyrion and they use him as much as they can for that reason. Having said that I think D&D are trying to find a way to start the war outside Mereen. Tyrion's 7 year speech might have done the trick. Also, the show is really making me think that Messandrei is going to betray Dany. Maybe she is the Harpy in the show?????? I think that the spoiler here is LF joining the fray (I had to ask my husband what fray meant, lol. I thought he said Frey...) Question? Does anyone else think Sansa and LF will go to the Riverlands (with Davos and Brienne) to try and rally her grandfather's bannermen? That would be something. The Riverlands, the Vale and the wildlings vs the Boltons and the North. Also could the GNC be the Northerners with the Boltons now change sides mid battle? Once they see Sansa?? I would LOVE to get a sighting of LSH but am pretty sure D&D are making Sansa LSH.
  14. I seem to recall him saying he had been known as different names one of them being Brynden Rivers. But my main problem is that they made him 1000 years old... Really....
  15. I have to say I am not a fan of the changes D&D have done, but I was expecting a lot worse. We all figured out the gift was Rickon but I am hoping this is not a spoiler??? I am hoping GRRM doesn't gift Rickon to Ramsey. Other than that I had no expectations of anything good. ToJ started off so well, they even showed Dawn (I think I saw a sunrise on it!) but then they changed it. I actually got excited when I saw the sword being sharpened. And then... Ugh. Having said that, this is the first episode in years that I have gotten even remotely excited about. I truly hope that 10 years from now somebody else will take the books and make a better movie/show. RIP Shaggydog...
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