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  1. Solid 8/10. Great pacing, great character recalls, and more plot movement. Loved getting the Hound back and seeing Blackfish and Lyanna Mormont being badasses was great.
  2. Looked like she was trying to make Arya suffer first to me.
  3. The situation is already set up for a rift between Jaime and Brienne. Unlike the books, Brienne has already sworn herself to Sansa...which is where the rift will lie. Jaime is trying to take down the Blackfish...Brienne is trying to get the Blackfish to help out. There's no need for a third party in this situation. And the Freys have already shown us that they are being humiliated. LSH is simply not required. If you want to agree to disagree, that's fine. But that doesn't change the fact that the show has pretty much made her useless to the story at this point.
  4. I disagree. If that is her only purpose, then she is unnecessary. We simply need a rift between Jaime and Brienne, and that can happen in many, many ways without introducing LSH.
  5. I said "we are beyond the book material AT THIS POINT". I never said that this season was beyond the book material. However, you are clearly twisting the facts to make it seem like we are further behind than we actually are. Just because they changed the order something happened doesn't mean we are still 'behind' in a storyline. The show spent the first half of the season catching up the storylines that were a bit behind at the start of the season, which is why I said "at this point". Let's see how many of those things have already happened at this point in the story: The Greyjoys: Going after Dany...exactly where the book material ended, and thus into unknown territory at this point. Jon: Has been resurrected, left the Night's Watch, and the pink letter is come and gone. Way beyond the books at this point, it doesn't matter when the Pink Letter came. Benjen: We see him rescuing Bran after Hodor dies...all of which happens long after where we are in the books. In the books, we only see Coldhands taking Bran TO the tree, so this one doesn't count as 'book 3 and 5 material'. Jaime: I already stated that they are catching up the Riverrun story. Arya: We get Mercy, which is CLEARLY in book 6. So no, this is still beyond the books. Everything you stated, but one, is now beyond the books. Like I already stated. Lady Stoneheart isn't going to show up...it makes no sense at this point, we've already seen Jon resurrected, and she has no real use in the show storyline at this point because if she's only going to kill Freys, the Brotherhood without Banners is absolutely capable of doing that without her help. Aegon's appearance was doomed the minute Doran and Trystane were killed. Jorah gets greyscale instead of Griff, as well. I mean, if you want to continue holding out fruitless hope that LSH and Aegon will appear, go ahead. But it's not going to happen.
  6. I'm sure we will see Kevan die, because he's actually in the show. The ships for LSH and Aegon sailed long ago. And we aren't in "book 3 material" anymore. We are getting a delayed Riverrun, but everything else is beyond the books at this point. So I don't see the show backtracking to add more characters at this point when they are clearly streamlining to get to the end.
  7. There was a shot in the flashback...where someone's hand (it looked like young Ned's to me) was covered in blood from a person drenched in blood. Could we be seeing our first shot from inside the ToJ?
  8. Solid 8. Moved the story along nicely, finally called back to some great characters from the past, but nothing terribly dramatic (for me) beyond seeing the Mad King. Great character-building episode (I don't see that as 'filler', myself), but definitely building up for crazy stuff down the road. Was also happy to hear Daario finally say what I've been thinking this whole time...Dany's not a ruler, she's a conqueror. Hopefully she takes that to heart. My only gripe, really, was that it felt like it needed a Northern segment in it somewhere.
  9. Beautiful, heartbreaking, gut-wrenching episode. So many shocking revelations, and I absolutely cried at the end. 10/10
  10. Just because he left the tree doesn't mean he no longer has his powers. He was greenseeing long before he made it to the cave.
  11. 9/10. Finally got a Stark reunion. Dany became the Stallion that Mounts the World. We have the pink letter and everything is setting up for a battle for Winterfell. I'm still 'meh' on KL right now, but everything else made up for it. Osha died quickly, which is more than I could have hoped for. We have plot progression and that's what I've been wanting for years, so a solid 9 for me.
  12. Good episode that moved the story forward considerably, despite being a slower paced episode. This season is on the path to being my favorite so far. 9/10
  13. 10/10. Excellent episode.
  14. @WadeDMcGinnis @Twitch LOL, I hadn't even seen that because your video didn't come up for me until I refreshed. Awesome!

  15. @WadeDMcGinnis I saw that this morning and geeked out. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome.

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