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  1. I would agree with you @zionius if J. Roberts hadn't spoken of "chapters", plural, in that interview for Quartz. It's not uncommon for GRRM to give away information about the future of a particular character to those who participate in his projects. People like Anne Groel (GRRM's editor) and Daniel Graham (who adapted AGOT as a graphic novel for Groel) seem to know where the stories of Bran and Tyrion will end up (respectively). Thus I assume Roberts' inside information as a real thing and that he's not just refering to The Gate. As for the Palace of Truth / Justice thing, you're probably right. And so I have no idea what Building # 7 is.
  2. Back on Braavos map... After I realized that the Titans of Braavos in TLOIAF holds a spear and shield and not a broken sword, I almost lost all interest in this topic. Even considering that GRRM has oversaw the entire work and that copyright is under his name (not Robert's), this mistake reveals a rather pronounced degree of inaccuracy and sloppiness. However, taking a second look at that Wired article, my interest came back when I was able to notice two new things: A - Roberts said "Martin's notes also included real-world locations to be used for visual reference in different cities"; B - This image of Braavos illustration progression. Someone on reddit summed up the city's architecture as being "multiple Galata Towers and the Doge's Palace". In fact, Braavos has ten such towers, while Istanbul neve had more than one since the days of Constantinople. In antiquity, this tower controlled the end of an sea chain (boom), such as that forged under Tyrion's orders in ACOK. Thus, the towers we see are part of an intricate defense system, which may be to be used at some point in the upcoming books. The image of the progression of the map shows exactly that the location was planned, marked with a circle (empty in the left sketch, filled in the right). A good example is the Arsenal of Braavos: an island with five towers similar at first, but the only one which has its location demarcated on the sketch is the one who looks like Galata Tower. A minor detail: in the early sketches, The Gate was located in the middle of the Drowned Town, having been moved to firmer ground in the final illustration.
  3. Ckram

    The ASOIAF wiki thread

    The Titan on Braavos map in TLOIAF is depict holding spear and shield, not a broken sword. In his website, Jonathan Roberts even discribes the illustration like "we see his back, with spear and shield, guarding the bay". Can someone please add this to TLOIAF errata entry? Thanks in advance.
  4. Ckram

    Snake‘s name

    I don't think he does. Aenys Frey's late wife was Tyana Wylde. House Lannister had a septa called Saranella (which sounds much more like "Sarella" than Selara does). So the choice for "Tyene" and "Sarella" may well be based on westerosi tradition (and/or people).
  5. Ckram

    Melisandre and Glamor Davos?

    Sure. I'd only leave Tyrek's out since faceless men already seem to have his face (ADWD, The Blind Girl).
  6. Ckram

    Melisandre and Glamor Davos?

    The a lock of yellow hair in Archmaester Walgrave's strongbox, now within the reach of The Alchemist.
  7. Ckram

    Valyrian Steel and Steel Plate

    Valyrian Steel easily cutting through steel: In addition, the effect of valyrian steel on copper armor:
  8. The series isn't over yet, so you still may find out what their pourpose was.
  9. Just spitballing: red lips for having tasted the weirwood seed paste, which looks like blood, so the vision was pointing to Patchface being someone who would have drunk from the same cup Bran is now drinking. In short, saying he's a greenseer.
  10. Maybe it's just another case of my bad English. I meant "disappointing" because outside the FM all other "mentors" of Arya were unexpected, whereas the Black Pearl seems a very obvious thing. Of course, the things that Arya can get to know when working for the Black Pearl may be interesting and revealing, but the author's decision to join them would be quite tropy (in the bad sense of the word).
  11. Back on the map, Roberts provided a gif with shots from the mapping process of the Iron Bank surroundings for a wired magazine article on TLOAIF. What is really interesting about this gif is that we can see that: The coloring and shading process of buildings #2, #3 and #5 were not done at the same time as the common buildings or even with the Iron Bank or Sealord's Palace. The gardens of Sealord's Palace were not added until the end of the process and had their own coloring and shading process. As I see it, doing these separate processes shows that there was extra care in presenting the unnamed buildings, and so my suspicions are grounded. As for Sealord's gardens, perhaps it was add due GRRM's intervention, because he prefered the gardens to remain on an island apart from the main palace. I do credit last minute changes to GRRM taking into account this news update here on Westeros.org (probably written by Elio, but posted by Linda) which says that "all of these maps are based on George's hand-drawn maps, and were made with his direct oversight". However, I am not an illustrator, so I may be confusing a normal process with deliberate attention.
  12. The route you've laid out for the story fits the timeline, but I personally just think it would be a bummer. Maybe by the same means Lords of Westeros ensure that one of their sons succeeds them: telling little children that the House depends on them and that not assuming that position would only give chance to their enemies and oportunists to put everything their ancestors build to the ground. It works in most cases in Westeros.
  13. It is precisely because of GRRM set this much of background that I suspect that she will play a role far from the obvious (that is, to be part of Arya's training). I dislike analyzing plots through tropes, but in that case it would be very frustrating if Black Pearl became a sort of Renowned Selective Mentor of Arya. I have no doubt that Black Pearl has a role to play in the books, but I think it would be more consistent with FM training that Arya learn a new set of skills from someone less important in Braavos (given that Kindly Man only gives Arya faces of ordinary people... so far). By the way, happy birthday!
  14. Another misconception of mine. In Braavos, a highborn girl might well become a courtesan. I'm not so sure about this one. This sound more like Pentos than Braavos. I'm not saying that the overwhelming majority was not of nobles, but that when Yandel says "chosen by the city's magisters and keyholders from amongst the citizenry" I understand he meant that maybe one or more Sealords weren't. I'm aware that throughout real-world history the concept of citizenship was often used to refer to a select group of (noble) people. But I have a strong feeling that this is not Braavos' case. Perfect. I can not argue against indications that Arya will interact in any way with the courtesans of Braavos. They continue to be mentioned in the books, especially the Black Pearl, which even must have blood ties with Westeros and Targaryen. The first proposal of the Kindly Man was precisely to send Arya to be a courtesan and talks how he could easily get her a position next to the Black Pearl or the Daughter of the Dusk, denoting that this two possibly maintain relations deeper than we think with the House of Black and White and the FM. However, after so much talking about the Black Pearl, I feel that the contact between her and Arya will not be this close and direct. In my opinion, It looks too Chekhovy to be Martin's goal.
  15. @The Weirwoods Eyes Sorry. You're absloutely right. I can't. I got so distracted with Arya saying "every courtesan had her own barge" (AFFC, Cat of the Canals) that I never considered the possibility that the barges are only their vehicles, not their homes. In spite of Arya also noting that there are huge barges in Braavos, and even floating houses (AFFC, Arya I), there's nothing suggesting courtesans effectivelly dwell in such vessels. Yes, their status is very high. As seen above, Yandel says that courtesans are as celebrated as sealords, lawgivers and sailors in Braavos. And if you take in consideration the generations of Black Pearls that originated from Bellegere Otherys, they might well be a traditional noble family by now. In fact: Taking a new look at the map, I felt a imediate urge to proclaim that Building #8 was the one that would fit better to a courtesan -- it has a vast shore to harbor patron vessels and is more distant and private, ideal for exclusive events (as the ones allegedly held in Cora Pearl's Chateau de Beauséjour). However, we are looking for a place fit with an influential family that holds a courtesan tradition, not a single courtsan. In that case, my eyes moved to Bulding #6 which also looks private (with a small canal just for itself) and have a light black dome (which look like a black pearl -- If you find hard to agree, please compare it to the white dome of Moonsinger's temple and the copper green dome of "the Dome" and maybe you will). I've called this building unfit for a (major and wealthy) noble family and speculated that it belonged to some middle class keyholder family, but it suits with a ~150 years old thriving courtesan family.