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  1. Ckram

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Is there a thing called "Maiden's Sept" in/around the Red Keep, as pointed out by Jonathan Roberts in his Talk at Google lecture? Is it the name of the castle's sept?
  2. @Irresistable the guy personally executed her father, backstabbing all the Targaryen regime, has a soiled reputation, no lawful heiring rights, and lost his sword hand. Jaime is now a political liability even for the Kingsguard. So I don't see him as a better candidate. @FireEater that's nice. But the parallels look too scarce. At least, more scarce than those of the theory I presented.
  3. They could. But notice I'm not saying Rohanne foreshadows Daenerys, or Stannis foreshadows Eustace. I'm saying the outcome of the dam crisis foreshadows the solution of an eventual Daenerys-Stannis crisis. Might, if he said it before he started working on TSS. If it was after, then I think he didn't have in mind Stannis and Daenerys when was he was writing about the Osgrey-Webber dam crisis. I guess.
  4. A month ago: When it’s time for him to focus on his books, Martin heads to what he calls his “hideaway” in an undisclosed location. (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/15/t-magazine/george-rr-martin-got-interview.html)
  5. This sole excerpt has more to back up a "Quaithe = Alys Hill" theory than all of those "Quaithe = Shiera Seastar" ever had.
  6. I was rereading ADWD and found this: "… such a beautiful rite," the queen was saying. "I could feel our lord's fiery gaze upon us. Oh, you cannot know how many times I have begged Stannis to let us be wed again, a true joining of body and spirit blessed by the Lord of Light. I know that I could give His Grace more children if we were bound in fire." (ADWD, Jon X) This means Stannis is not considered married in the eyes of his own new religion?
  7. Ckram

    Small Questions v. 10105

    Eastern Dorne is hilly. I mean, hilly enough to sustain a very long system of rivers by which "farms and orchards crowd the river’s banks for hundreds of leagues" (TWOIAF, Dorne). In a SSM, Martin has said that "they had enough rain" to handle things even during long summers. Water is known to be rare and valuable, though. However, what could be more luxurious than building a palace abundantly irrigated by fresh water in Dorne?
  8. Ckram

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    @Lady Barbrey At first, I also thought they were mummified hands. But the considerations in this thread made me realize that mummification would be kind of very unlikely due to the greydeath thing. Therefore, stone hands are the most likely option, no matter if they are real or hand casts.
  9. Ckram

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    @Alexis-something-Rose Maybe the Yunkish bought Nyessos, then Illyrio doubled the offer, the Yunkish doubled Illyrio's and so on. Nice catch, though.
  10. Ckram

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    In the comment section of the reddit thread, an user shows that historical figures had deathmasks aswell as hand casts. Maybe the stone hands are not the actual grey death / greyscale hands, but a stone hand cast. However, having the hands but not the mask, only a picture in a locket could still mean something.
  11. Ckram

    The Illyrio/Aegon thing

    As far as I know, there's no problem. Please do it.
  12. Based on these arguments you have laid, the man Rhaegar should be looking was Tywin, who was powerful, rich, openly supported him and hated Aerys. However, riding to Casterly Rock would be very unlikely.
  13. Ok, it'd more accurate to say that his wolf blood gets in the way of whatever political skills he had. Taking only the bolded in consideration, I'd have to disagree. It sounded as Ned was saying Brandon always had his mind firmly made about anything, what can be read as a a tendency to make rushed judgments. However, the last part, when Ned put Brandon is his shoes as hand of the king is a strong indication that I'm wrong and that he considered Brandon to be politically savvy.