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  1. Martyrs 2008, very hard to watch till the end , Calvaire and Eden Lake were disturbing as well.
  2. This one: It's very likely Rhaenys survived her fall, it is stated that Meraxes crushed the tower and the curtain wall of Hellholt in her mortal agony, she didn't crush immediately on the ground. (Aegon II survived the Battle of the Rook Rest and the battle against Moondancer, he was burned, crippled, severely injured, but he was alive and Corlys Velaryon used poison to get rid of him). Meria and Ullers tortured Rhaenys , Deria and Nymor hired assassins to rescue her, the four consecutive Ullers died because of Nymor assassins, it is stated that only two assassins survived to receive the ransom:the assassins of Lady Toland and Lord Fowler. (Some members of House Martell turned against Prince Morion during the First Dornish War:"Although Morion had hoped to take Jaehaerys unaware, the king on the Iron Throne had spies in Morion's own court, and friends among some of the Dornish lords, and was therefore warned far in advance of the plans made by the Dornish prince", probably the same happened before) . So they rescued her and she was shipped to Dragonstone to receive the gift of mercy by Aegon himself, Rhaenys convinced Aegon to stop the devastation that almost annihilated the entire dornish population, the purpose of the Conquest was a united and strong Westeros to have the necessary manpower to face the Others in future,to Rhaenys it was more convenient to have an Indipendent and populated Dorne rather than a desert land with plague and famine. Then I don't think the Queen was glad her siblings were destroying an entire civilization because of her fall at Hellholt, she is described as a kinderhearted person, so she was not the kind of person that enjoyed sufferings of civilians. She wrote the letter herself and she was smuggled to Dragonstone in secret to hide her mutilations from Orys and Visenya, it was the only way to avoid a further escalation. The theory must explain the following points that I used as clues to elaborate my reconstruction of the facts: 1.Aegon had good relations with Deria, he and Aenys celebrated a feast for peace in Sunspear just after Rhaena birth. 2. Aegon clenched the letter so hard his hand is bleeding (the letter reveals Meria, who is dead, tortured his sister who was alive). 3.Aegon flies to Dragonstone for some reason. (Rhaenys shipped to Dragonstone, she was in a brutal state, however she is able to explain her journey in Dorne to Aegon). 4.Her body was never recovered. (she is euthanized by Aegon and her body is burned as tradition) 5.The ransom strategy was effective against the Ullers. It has no sense that an entire Tyrell army was no able to catch them and some people hired by the Iron Throne were able to murder 4 consecutive Lord of Hellholt in the desert. It was effective against the Ullers that were the lords that could have Rhaenys alive.
  3. RoP writers never did too, I don't expect good things in the next seasons, the mithril as source of elves immortality makes impossible to fix the plot and to portray the fall of Numenor due to the King's desire to achieve immortality. The Silmarillion influenced fantasy writers including GRRM, and they created this low quality stuff about the rings, that's degrading
  4. Tirion , the city of the Noldor, Daeron the best singer , Aegnor, Maglor, even the names.... He has read the Silmarillion
  5. Kinslayer refers to parricide in Ancient Greece , it's a different concept
  6. The Silmarillion has great influence on fantasy literature, GRRM took some things from Tolkien world : Ungoliant , the spider is similar to the Great Other, a deity that embodies the concept of Void; Anglechiel is a sword forged using a meteor just like Dawn , the ancestral sword of House Dayne, Anglechiel is the sword Turin is going to use against Morgoth in the final battle , the concept of kinslaying , the burning of the the fleet by Feanor is something relatable to Nymeria story when she escaped to Westeros, that's why I consider Feanor to be the most important character in fantasy literature. GRRM is the best american fantasy writer hands down , he wrote Elden Ring lore, that's wonderful stuff, he gave the Aegon Conquest material to a great author , instead we have a poor fanfic about the rings of power and the fall of Numenor
  7. Feanor paid for tha Valar mistakes, they freed Melkor, he returned with Ungoliant and he destroyed the trees, the silmarils were the only objects that could restore the light . Feanor created the Silmarils, Melkor destroyed the trees ,killed Feanor father, stole the Silmarils
  8. The first war against Morgoth reshaped Arda, elves and dwarves wouldn't have had chance to survive to such event , then the Valar had no more the light of the trees and Ungoliant became very powerful after eating the trees vitality
  9. I forgot Fingolfin, who crippled Morgoth in single combat. Morgoth turned some Avari into Orcs , and some ents in trolls , his purpose was the destruction of Middle earth including Sindar, dwarves , ents and other creatures.
  10. Middle earth was already populated before the flight of Noldor. Elu Thingol founded the Doriath, the elves led by Thingol and the dwarves defeated an army of orcs in the first battle against Morgoth force, but it was an army of orcs and werewolves, it's different when dragons and balrogs are involved in the battle. Who killed Gothmog? Echtelion, a Noldor Who killed Ancalagon? Earendil , half Noldor The Noldor re-forged Anglechiel , Turin used the sword to kill Glaurung. The Silmarils , created by a Noldor , were necessary to produce the light of the trees.
  11. She was about 6000 years old at the time of the rings, the journey into the Helcaraxe was necessary , the House of Fingolfin led the siege of Angband until Glaurung came out with the balrogs, if I don't make mistakes , Angrod and Aegnor, Galadriel brothers ,died during the battle of the sudden flame. The Noldor were necessary in Middle earth
  12. She was already perfect, she was selfless , wise, intelligent, in Lotr book she proved to be frightening during the meeting with Frodo, she was able to create white mist to help the allies and she created the famous phial that Sam used to defeat Shelob, she destroyed the fortress of Dol Guldur at the time of the siege of Gondor
  13. Feanor sons and Eol, but Galadriel belongs to the House of Finarfin, so she belongs to the wisest House, the tv series character seems a badly written Eol
  14. Full on vengeance : the famous Fingolfin rage when he challenged Morgoth in single combat and Eol the dark elf , that despised the Noldor for the first kinslaying but married a Noldor princess
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