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  1. Rereading Abraham’s Dagger and Coin, having recently introduced the series to my daughter. Just started King’s Blood. Also just started listening to Deadhouse Gates. First time as audio. I mostly limit my audio books to history, but we’ve got them and I’ve had more road time recently.
  2. Saw it in the store yesterday, it’s a library checkout at best for me.
  3. Just wrapped up John M. Ford’s The Dragon Waiting. I enjoyed it overall but feel like it would have been more enjoyable with a stronger knowledge of the time. Had some difficulty with characters referenced by title by some characters in a scene while others referred to the same characters, in the same scenes by surname.
  4. Nope. Perfectly happy as long as the DU is delivered as a fin stabilized discarding sabot penetrator at muzzle velocity. It’s only the armor that’s an issue. The reactive armor was, I thought, already out of the bag. I have vague recollections of a story coming out back in the late 80s of the Israelis losing a reactive armor equipped Abrams to mechanical difficulty on the other side of a border. I can’t recall the source, location on conflict and it’s possible it was stripped as described above but my recollection is that it was at least implied to have reactive armor.
  5. Sorry. Been down sick. Post was brief. Agreed on all points.
  6. Sanders had a custom podium made at that dollar figure. It was paid for on a state credit card and then retroactively (after the inconvenient disclosure) marked as something to be reimbursed from one of her support groups.
  7. R had breast cancer. So the standard protocol was surgery/radiation/chemo followed by a daily oral for 5 (now 5-10) years. Unfortunately, my longterm treatment knowledge ends there. Dad got almost exactly 1 year from diagnosis of brain tumor so we don’t really get into longterm strategies. Fortunately, that’s the extent of my first hand knowledge.
  8. Richard Moll, Bull from Night Court has died at 80. Good night, Bull.
  9. Absolutely nothing here with which to disagree. I may have seen Malek in Larry Crown first, but if so, it wasn't by much. ETA: The High Ambrose companion book for the Pacific is quite good and adds an additional story line covering a Torpedo Bomber pilot. Worth the read IMO. When Dad died, I inherited his collection of military history books. So far, I have come across one version of Basilone's biography that was quite possibly one of the most overt movie pitches I have ever seen, and not a very good one at that. One of his sisters had a serious case of hero worship and wrote a series of articles for the local paper about him and her son, with a ghost writer took it from there.
  10. Giffen had such an impact on my comic habits. His work with Paul Levitz, cemented my love of the Legion of Superheroes (and my disdain for most of the reboots to follow (looking at you Bendis and Waid). Super bummed by this.
  11. I disagree on the focus, blending three books with the common theme of being Marines in some of the same campaigns made it less focused. Smaller cast bridging between 3 companies, at least two regiments and 2 divisions makes for some hard edges. That said, it’s on annual rotation for me. My father was one of those there are no Ex-Marine guys and the last thing that he and I did together was for me to show it to him for the first time.
  12. There is also a third - if I put her in the a’dam she’ll either a) stop attacking or b) cause herself harm by continuing to attack making the act of using it either defensive or passive. None of that relieves stringing her up with the a’dam.
  13. There's some truth there - I very much did not care for Karsa when he was introduced. My big test was Lether. Midnight Tides was a slog for me. I get that Tehol and Bugg were much beloved by many, but was largely an annoyance to me.
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