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  1. Watched it with my daughters last night and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it - either it was really good, my distaste for Ferrell (aside from Stranger Than Fiction and Talledega Nights) has mellowed or Reynolds was capable of overcoming that distaste.
  2. Picked up the book from the library as well. So far it seems to be a shockingly true adaptation.
  3. Wrapped up the first season of Slow Horses on Apple+ just in time for the December drop of season 2. Very much enjoyed it.
  4. That game had so much potential. I really enjoyed what little of it there was.
  5. I deleted my account when the board decided to pursue his offer. I will not willingly participate in anything that benefits that human dumpster fire.
  6. Yep. My head canon says that on "release" they would either send them somewhere deeper in the complex where all of the prisoners already knew that there was no release and where there was no opportunity for visible communication. They issue was that someone got misfiled and delivered to a standard floor instead where this was real news (and were the sign language communication system was able to spread the word).
  7. Sigh. 2022 continues to suck. Carlos Pacheco died yesterday after a rough year including paralysis in one leg resutlting from a fractured vertebrae and then getting diagnosed with ALS. I was just phasing out of comics as he was coming on the scene in the US, but he was going full tilt when I came back in a few years later.
  8. I'm not seeing that. My understanding is that it needs 60% to be enacted since it's a constitutional amendment. I'm seeing it at 58.5% with 90% reporting.
  9. I am absolutely gutted by this news. His work in Marshal Law is part of what brought me back into comics in the late 80's. I was wandering around a comic and game store and found the first couple of issues on the shelf. Recognized the style from 2000AD, bought them and never looked back.
  10. I got what you were going for, but that's more like an epoch than an era.
  11. Yes. The marketing and merchandising people think that no one will buy the girl toys.
  12. "That era" feels like it's doing a whole lot of work given those four examples. Elvis and Lewis feel like they are one era removed from Jackson and Bowie.
  13. Admittedly, much of my recollection comes from what is now Legends stuff, but IIRC, Palpatine was decidedly human first. I personally thought it was interesting that when they were processing Andor post sentencing, they asked each of the inmates their homeworld and directed them to a ship/penal installation accordlingly. One would assume that this is some kind of compatibility issue - not just the electro floors, but also the nutrient paste feed (and less expensive in costuming and effects). Logistically, it does make a great deal sense to tailor installations to a specific set of needs and limitations and also suggests that, perhaps, Andor's upper level of shock resistance may be higher than the fatal setting, given that he was processed based on false identity and planet of origin.
  14. Just burned through Love, Death and Robots. There is some amazing stuff in there! I’d have a hard time picking a favorite but maybe a top 5-10.
  15. I find no scenario where that is complimentary toward Rothfuss.
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