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  1. hauberk

    Cartoons you'd like to see remade?

    I didn't get to see all of it but the overall mythology of the series was truly stunning. I will say that I thought that Doc was misplaced in the overall story.
  2. hauberk

    Cartoons you'd like to see remade?

    Not sure that I need to see these remade or just released somewhere where I can watch them again: Spiral Zone Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers Starblazers, on the other hand, I would welcome a remake. This was a hallmark of my childhood. Got to see a few episodes a couple of years ago and it did not hold up.
  3. hauberk

    Game of Thrones Whisky on Amazon

    Has anyone tried these? I got a bottle of the House Tully and the White Walker. So far only had the Walker - it's decent neat and with ice. I was a little disappointed with the special surprise when the bottle is tossed in the freezer.
  4. hauberk

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    I'd disagree. Wonder Woman has a huge part of the DC animated universe on Cartoon Network. My kids, 22 down to 15 know her very well. While my family could be an outlier, simply because I'm a comic nerd, I would offer that I have multiple co-workers with WW coffee mugs and one, who is not at all a comic person, that has a 6 year old, not only dressing up as wonder woman, but also doing the deeper dive to Hawkwoman largely as a result of that same cartoon series.
  5. hauberk

    The Orville Season 2

    We are on the same page.
  6. hauberk

    The Orville Season 2

    Completely agree with all of that. I will say that I think that even with the humor, it's spiritually a stronger successor to ST:TOS than a number of the following series.
  7. hauberk

    The Orville Season 2

    I have this on my DVR, but have not yet gotten to sit down with it. I'm a little torn - I really enjoyed the first season, but am really loathe to giving FOX properties even secondary viewing.
  8. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    That arc was quite good. Others would be: Black Science - the book has been spectacular from the beginning. The 2 issue return of Lazarus - Jonah's story was excellent
  9. hauberk

    Elseworlds -- Arrowverse crossover

    I'm a week behind currently. It's been a struggle this season. Currently most engaged with Supergirl, but that's largely for the promise of more Legion. Though, if I'm honest with myself, this is not a Legion that I really want to see.
  10. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    The Judge Death thing is a great pick-up! I knew that he was reminding me of something but I was going more Hellrazor Centobyte. I've only read the first issue of HiC so far. I get my books shipped once a month so they won't be here for another week. Completely agree that it's a very pretty book.
  11. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    I'm with you. The character concept could be interesting, and, I think was for the Metal event. However, I completely agree on the character design.
  12. hauberk

    'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof in the Works at HBO

    Limited time right now, but I offer the following: I don't believe that DC entered that agreement in anything less than good faith. At the time, Trade Paperbacks and the idea of anything being evergreen was still a few years out. This strikes me as being very similar to the most recent TV writer's strike which include as a point of contention, residuals for new forms of media distribution. At the same time, I don't hold DC responsible for meeting the letter, and only the letter, of the requirements in the agreement given the new circumstances. Could they have renegotiated? Possibly. Was there any incentive to do so other than it being "the right thing to do"? Give away more money and have to spend more time in a conference room with a cantankerous egotist. Not really seeing the upside for them. Even so, I would tend to believe that this was still a step toward what Paul Levitz more fully addressed during his tenure as EIC in moving the ball with regard to Creator Rights. With regard to my opening comment about his contempt for other creators was with regard to Johns picking up a throw away thread of Moore's as elements for Blackest Night (the Five Inversions and Sodam Yat were both part of throw away lines in the Green Lantern short story Tyger, Tyger IIRC). I seem to recall similar contempt for writers that came after him on Swamp Thing. It seems pretty clear that he has/had the expectation that once he's touched something, no one else should, or at least that they shouldn't play off of any of his story beats - which, of course is where things like Watchmen, V for Vendetta or Promethea are far more suitable as self contained works. I'll not argue that Before Watchmen was unnecessary (it wasn't), but, having read it, the writers that worked on it were consistently respectful to the source material. Nor will I argue that I find Moore to be enough of a boorish individual that I'm predisposed to not be sympathetic to his position on almost anything. That said, as someone who's work is always driven by the letter of the contract, it's my job to get the best contract I can for my staff. Sometimes, we have things that come up that commit us to more work or providing an unanticipated service to a project. When that happens, we learn from our mistake and write a tighter contract next time.
  13. hauberk

    'Watchmen' TV Series From Damon Lindelof in the Works at HBO

    I've read and loved a whole lot of Moore's work, but I take some pretty serious issue with his attitude about anyone picking up his work being devoid of creativity. LoEG is, at the end of the day, derivative of pre-existing literary characters. So is Watchmen with the Charleton characters, so was Swamp Thing. Did he do new and interesting things with what he was given? Sure. That doesn't, however, mean that anything that he touches or leaves a plot thread to needs to be held sacred for only Moore. Moore signed a contract that was pretty freaking decent at the time. He continued to get residuals and was going to get rights back to something from the original IP owner that may not have passed muster as being different enough from the source material (which may well be one of the reasons, aside from it's evergreen nature, that has kept Watchmen in print). That's a whole lot better than a lot of other creators were getting at the time. I will take exception to the that scab thing. I have a really hard time with the notion that Len Wein, Amanda Connor and Darwyn Cooke qualify as scabs anywhere or anywhen.
  14. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    Read the first issue of Heroes In Crisis. I'm in.
  15. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    Looked great on The Dreaming.