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  1. Agreed. I’m out on this. I see no sense discussing / debating with someone that doesn’t actually contribute to the debate. not you RS.
  2. Someone call for a Colt 45 run. I hear it works every time!
  3. I would totally read your book that has no characters, conflict or plot. It would be utterly original. Wait. I think I saw that book in the back to school section at Target.
  4. First, I really don't feel like debating someone that drops a one or two liner and then cross links to someone else's work. Repeatedly. At best, that reads as intellectually lazy. I also find it incredibly, almost painfully ironic that you continue to place the blame firmly at the feet of Finger who pretty clearly acknowledged that he borrowed liberally from a great many sources, including the Shadow, during a time when everyone was copying what was successful (see DC v Fawcett (Superman - Captain Marvel) among others) Bob Kane did a damned site more than just trace Alex Raymond's Flash Gordon. His perfidy goes way, way deeper than what a good portion of beloved (and otherwise) modern artists do with reference (see Ditko, Liefeld, McFarlane, Liefeld, Mack, Liefeld, Kirby and Liefeld among many). Denying Finger any creative credit for Batman, the Joker and many others if a far bigger issue.
  5. I make it a rule to not follow links to youtube, but I find it fascinating that you do an "oh, yeah, and Bob Kane traced artwork" like the fact that Finger didn't get recognition for any of his efforts until 15 years after he died and even then, both he and Kane concur that the initial concept of the character came from Kane was irrelevant. Also worth noting that Finger flat out acknowledges numerous of his points of inspritation - Zorro, the Phantom, the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Shadow and Sherlock Holmes. Also curious why you'd go this direction and argue based on name, rather than look at the greater similarity to Daredevil, or the fact that Black Bat was equally derivative of both the Spider and the Phantom.
  6. Keep in mind that, at least around here, telephone Townhalls may sound like a Townhall, but the questions are prescreened to present exactly what they want. My Representative does the same garbage. It's pathetic.
  7. BRPS - note sure if you were aware at the time or not, but the last game we were running at Songs, lo those many years ago, used a kitbash BRPS/Chivalry&Sorcery system. In the past year, I've actually started running a Westeros set BRPS game with my wife, son and three of his friends. We're set about 2 years before the Blackfyre rebellion. Using a character tree model like Dark Suns because it is an utterly brutal system and setting. We've had one fatality and no less than 2 maimings between last November and March.
  8. He initially came off as a little curmudgeonly, but when I pulled out a number of his books and asked he'd be willing to autograph them (and my well read Black Company books), he seemed pleased. I recall a pleasant, but brief conversation - clearly he was there to sell as well and as much as I could have talked with him all day, I wasn't about to keep him from commerce. He did indicated more Black Company to come after Instrumentalities (not named at that point). Hoping that's more than just Port of Shadows.
  9. Yep. I hadn't gotten that far down the string when I posted. I'd also note that his SF work is pretty solid. Dragon Never Sleeps is quite good. I've only read the first volume of Starfishers, but quite liked it. I got to meet him back in 2001 at ArchCon when GRRM was in attendance. He was working the exhibit floor selling used books - got my Black Company books autographed and picked up some Dread Empire. I've not done the Garrett PI books - urban fantasy has never really appealed.
  10. If you're a supporter of the House of Bezos, they're all available on Kindle.
  11. They did TPB sized collections a few years ago in a similar treatment to the collections of the Black Company books. ISBN-13: 978-1597801041 ISBN-13: 978-1597801003 ISBN-13: 978-1597801881 IIRC, there's what seems to be a strong inspiration for Kruppe in it as well.
  12. Finished Counterpart tonight. I quite liked it, but feel like I need to watch it again with more attention spent on it. Man, but that ending.
  13. How about Stephen R Donaldson and Glen Cook? I see lot's of influence from both of them. I get tones of Bloodguard and their Vow and both Dread Empire and Black Company (and the Taken).
  14. It WAS 60's. First Elric story, the Dreaming City, appeared in 1961 in Science Fantasy and continued to be a presence there and in novella form through 1964. The novels followed starting in 1972. Wendy and Richard Pini of Elfquest fame did a treatment for an animated movie years ago. I've got a monograph for it floating around here somewhere. I've read most of the Eternal Champion books - have not been successful in slogging through the Dancers at the End of Time stuff with Jharek Carnelian (sp?) or the Jerry Cornelius books (these are definitely books of their time). Corum was excellent, and I really dug Elric but I think I was a bit more partial to Hawkmoon. The post apocalyptic fantasy was in my wheelhouse. That said, the War Hound and the World's Pain was really terrific. I actually played von Koln in a BRPS Eternal Champion game at GenCon +/-30 years ago - won players choice for my depiction (which was good, because, his accouterments, were no match for the other Champions present.
  15. I deleted it from my phone just prior to our shelter in place back in March. Have not been on in any fashion since early May. Aside from a few people that I really only hear from there, it's been much healthier for me mentally and emotionally. I've had far too many positive impression of friends and family shattered by the ignorant garbage that they post or share.
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