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  1. The same was true when the Stallone Judge Dredd came out with many comments on the character design being a ripoff of RoboCop - including by Gene Siskel. Commonality =/= validity.
  2. I'm an architect leading a studio of 11 in a company of ~500. Next may will be 25 years and I don't know how many projects. I do work in a large number of building types but spend most of my time focusing on educational design and building envelope commissioning.
  3. QFT. I'll take the mess that was BVS and Suicide Squad, but there was absolutely nothing about this Joker character design that spoke to me and a whole lot that screamed "Pass!" As much as I like what Margo Robbie has done with Harley Quinn, I have the same feeling about her character design and I harbor some substantial resentment for the way it has influenced the comics. That's a pretty cool theory, but head cannon for me would make it Jason and not Tim - Tim's too smart to get taken/transformed.
  4. Have just about completed my reread of Lord Foul's Bane. I know that it's a polarizing series of books, but I find the Land to be one of the singularly most idyllic settings that I've encountered. It feels timely to look at the works of Foul and feel dispair given how our own real world Foul is wreaking his malice.
  5. Wrapped up Windhaven, which I have had on the To Read pile for quite a while and have interrupted on a few occasions for other, more pressing books. Overall, I enjoyed it - overall a simply, optimistic story - perhaps quaint and charming is the best description. With the ongoing decent into madness of the US, I decided now was a good time to refresh myself on Donaldson's Thomas Covenant books. Nothing like a reminder of what despair really is. Lord Foul's Bane is, I think, one of the only books that I've literally read the covers off.
  6. It does seem odd about it being US and Canada only. However, the price is utterly unsurprising given that the nostalgia factor is coming from consumers groomed by GW to open their wallets and say 'Thank you sir, please take another' for so many years.
  7. I would remind that not only is it a 30+ year old book, but also that Fortunato is/was a man, not only of his time, but of his profession. His enlightment is lacking. I also really dug Hiram, Demise and Yeoman. Yeoman in particular - one of John J. Miller's creations - rock solid, though not as cool, in my opinion, as Billy "Carnifex" Ray. I think you may have just met him in Joker's Wild. I think that you just have to write off some of the characterizations as of their time. There will be more to come of those. Sewer Jack and Bagabond were major obstacles to my momentum throughout the series. Undoubtedly. I'd expect that to continue throughout, though brace yourself. IMO Aces Abroad is one of the weakest of the entire series - I've only gotten through it once and that was by sheer force of will.
  8. Definitely some soap in there, but the cathedral... might be that Master of Buildings thing but that was enough to keep me engaged.
  9. Wrapped up Knaves over Queens last night, so I completely see what you're saying. Again, I see some strong parallels to Ti Malice in the earlier books, in an overall creepy, megaboss villain with legs sort of way. My but the end of the book was pretty bleak between Badb, Stonemaiden and the Visitor.
  10. Forgive me if I've been being dense, but does that mean that you are that Paedar? I'm looking forward to reading more of Badb... a genuinely terrifying character of a scale with Ti Malice.
  11. I quite liked Low Chicago. I'm currently on Knaves over Queens and very much enjoying it. Just discovered that there is another volume, Three Kings, currently out in hardback.
  12. I'm in. Some of the same reservations about Duncan. I'm not sure if that's more recollection of the book or recollection of Louis Jordan's portrayal.
  13. We did manage to conclude that there were definite contenders for most wrong. One of the things that I find interesting about the show is that parts of it feel like the series really sprung from Barney Stinson's take on Karate Kid in How I Met Your Mother.
  14. Wrapped up Wild Cards: Texas Hold'Em, the final book of the American Triad. I think it was the weakest of the three, but it was also the only one to primarily focus on characters created no later than the Committee Triad (starting with Inside Straight) and really only featured one classic Wild Card character. Overall, the individual arcs worked well together, though Victor Milan's piece, while an OK turn both leaned into some amalgam of modern western / crime noir that felt a little jarring and was mostly outside of the main story. Knaves over Queens is next and then I will be up to date on Wild Cards.
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