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  1. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    Looked great on The Dreaming.
  2. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    I just got my latest shipment and, if you're referring to the matte paper, I like it quite a bit more than the glossy stock that they were using. Far less glare on the page. I'm also pretty tactile so the tooth of the paper is a nice bonus to me.
  3. hauberk

    MCU - X

    Strong words given that Cat Woman was a thing.
  4. hauberk

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Concur. I dropped part of my comment above due to an interruption here. I meant to say tweaking, while IMO, justified, is equally absurd.
  5. hauberk

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Tweaking Marvel/Disney for caving to absolutely absurd pressure. Can you imaging if Cerno and his lynch mob had had a platform when Disney was casting Eddie Murphy in Nutty Professor / Mulan, Robin Williams in Aladdin or Cheech, Whoopi and Bobcat Goldthwait in Lion King? Everyone of them had, at one point or another said some pretty outrageous things and were still incredibily successful. Gunn has absolutely demonstrated that he can take C list characters and make them work.
  6. hauberk

    DCEU: Suicidal Insanity

    Long time J! Trying to get back into the flow here. I'm ok with him. I sense little bits of the Batman Brave and the Bold animated Arthur in the bombastic nature.
  7. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    Final Crisis was especially impenetrable without knowing that Superman Beyond was really a part of the main story. I have no idea how they traded it as I bought it in floppy. Heroes in Crisis is absolutely self contained - the bookends were renumbered into the main title so that it's simply 1-9 and not 1 + 1-7 + 1. So, they will definitely be included in the trade.
  8. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    I don't think that the Metal series is getting collected in this manner. What I was saying is that there was going to be a Heroes in Crisis Prologue #1 (by whatever title), Heroes in Crisis 1-7 and then a Heroes in Crisis Aftermath #1( by whatever title). The decision was made to instead issues the same books as Heroes in Crisis 1-9. To me that is far better than Forge - Casting - Metal and then however the tie-ins should get woven in. Same was true with Final Crisis... pretty unforgivable that Superman Beyond was a necessary part of the story and not included in the main arc.
  9. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    Those were apparently originally intended as a part of the story but were going to be bookends instead of part of the main series numbering. My take is that this is the superior format.
  10. hauberk

    Unpopular opinions

    Stephen R Donaldson is one of my favorite authors, so likable isn't really a requirement. So, poor word choice for me. I was utterly fascinated with the desperation and places that it took Walt early in the series. I watched it all the way through, largely to try to figure out from where the love for it was coming. Hank lost me with his big-man on campus blowhard attitude in S1. The cliched panic attacks did nothing to redeem him.
  11. hauberk

    Unpopular opinions

    I'll take that one and raise it that the only likeable character in the series was Badger, and maybe the baby a the end. The rest of them would have been OK in a hot tub with the acid from Season One. Also, in the first season of Jessica Jones, I was rooting for the sprinkler pipe in the bar. That show made me want to turn nihilist.
  12. Favorites are constantly in flux for me depending on mood. Ones that are regular touchstones: David Drake's Hammer's Slammers Donaldson's Covenant books Cherryh's collected SF works Love the Alliance-Union, but in deep with the Foriegner series Glen Cook's Black Company Wild Cards
  13. hauberk

    Comics XIII

    This recent spate of artist deaths has been rough. Ironically, just as the news of Breyfogles death was announced, I was hitting his run on the Hal Jordan Spectre series. Nothing quite so coincidental with Ezquerra. Of the two, Ezquerra was more MY artist. His contributions to 2000 AD were amazing. Mega City One would not be what it is without him. His breakdowns and action sequences unparalleled. His use of the broken line something beyond. May he find peace and comfort in his Long Walk.
  14. hauberk

    References and Homages

    Not sure if this is accurate or not, but House Grell comes up a number of times. In conjunction with the Green Arrow references in the heraldry, this may reference comic writer/artist Mike Grell - the man who reinvigorated Green Arrow with his Longbow Hunters story arc.