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  1. Looks pretty sad if they’re just surrendering vehicles and such.
  2. Yeah sorry typo there he hit that at 16-17. It’s weird they think so much of difference at that age versus Hans at 19. I meant to say like 2500 there and it seems most players hit that IM/GM level in that age range while he hit it a few years later. (With similar age range between that and 2700)
  3. Yeah that was the only thing they found odd from OTB analysis. That instead of rising and plateauing between 8-15 he did it a bit later which is unusual. I guess most top chess players now are 2700 by 12-14 not 18-19z
  4. Yeah but that still doesn’t change the timeline or go against what Hans said previously which was he hadn’t cheated since online a couple years ago. Now sure he cheated more times back then when he was 16 but no one has shown yet that he’s cheated over the board since. And like the article said back then when chess.com caught him he admitted it. Edit: just watched a Gotham video on it where he went over the report. Basically no indication statistically on any OTB cheating. They analyzed his games and compared to his peers he graded middle in things. They also shot down any of these online videos that claim Hans had more 100% otb games than others. So yeah this despite showing he cheated a lot online doesn’t contradict anything he’s said which that he got caught cheating online twice when 12 and 16. That is still true and there is no evidence hes cheated anywhere since mid 2020. I kind of go with Ben Finegold on this. He’s cheated in the pass yes but no sign he’s cheated over the board. Also it would be really weird for Magnus to act so weirdly after losing to him in the cup in St Louis considering he beat him otb like a week or so earlier in Miami otb. Why did he not do anything then? Likely because he won that match.
  5. One weird thing looking at the pics of soldiers is ofc their kit/gear looks similar so they distinguish themselves by paint on vehicles (cross vs Z) and duck tape on helmets/arms. It somehow doesn’t surprise me that Ukraine is blue and Russia red given the use of those colors in US politics.
  6. I think the Russians are somewhat past the point of cunning plans. The Ukrainians are attacking along a fairly sizeable river so if the Russians want to attack over a river into the face of drone spotting for artillery well good luck I suppose.
  7. Yeah it sounds like their attempt to hold Lyman at all costs is working just as well as Hitlers directives in the Eastern front in 42/43. They exhausted themselves trying to hold but lost anyway leaving themselves little for the next line. And any time the UAF can neutralize a strong force and capture their equipment it just means more line held by useless conscripts. So now it’s very likely Svatova and Kreminna fall next. And most of that chunk of land will be liberated. This will isolate Lysychansk as well and I imagine within a week or two it will be encircled.
  8. Well yes I know the pages of derail of US = bad is yes a pretty typical talking point. (Not that I disagree that the US is bad but not really the thread for it here) edit: Anyway sorry for the labelling but I’ve seen enough well meant intentions of deflection these last months. As Werthead said it’s pretty clear Russia would do what Russia has done with or without US actions in Iraq. (Which was a bad idea and wrong) I’d just prefer to read about what’s actually happening here now. Who knows we’ll probably be arguing five years from now with China and Taiwan about who’s to blame there.
  9. So apparently the plan is no training just send them to the front to halt/slow the Ukrainian advance. Says there is no NCOs to train them anyway. I don’t really understand enough about modern warfare to know if these type of personal is at all useful or if they’ll just drag down logistics even more and lead to collapses at the front. Also while a lot of people are being sent over from what I know Ukraine has been mass mobilizing for months and has a lot of people of their own who do actually have some training.
  10. Pujols has 19, Bonds has 9. He’d need quite a bit more to catch Bonds given Bonds regular season lead. Ruth has 15 and Aaron only 3 so yeah Bonds is still well in the lead.
  11. Why do they think that protestors are going to make good soldiers? Aren’t they just more likely to defect or surrender or in some cases actually sabotage things? Yeah let’s put the people who hate this war and have been publicly dissenting in the military and give them weapons.
  12. Nope not really. I think the tourney had some precautions but they weren’t doing cavity searches or anything.
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