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  1. We watched Empire last night and he said it’s his favorite so far.
  2. Lol to no one’s surprise Purdue and UConn won. Now I just need to wait for the next post and put money on who Stink doesn’t pick.
  3. Bieber is out for the season with Tommy John and it looks like Strider will be joining them. Not sure what MLB can do about pitching health but it’s really bad right now.
  4. Well she picked it up and UConn went cold. Good didn’t want them to win another title or to have double UConn wins. Clash of the titans in the final. Edit: still a minute to go I suppose there is time to catch up from four down.
  5. Iowa really doesn’t have a ton of talent outside of Clark so if she is struggling like this things are going to not go well. They need to not let this get away from them.
  6. Still don’t see anyone beating South Carolina on the women or UConn on the men’s. Would be surprised if either lost.
  7. One and then four I think? Or maybe those two are tied?
  8. My son is watching Star Wars with us now. We have watched movies 1-4 and are on season two of Clone Wars. I think we’re watching Empire this weekend. But between clone wars, rebels and bad batch there is like 200 more episodes of animated tv to watch. I am really not looking forward to movies 8-9. Tbh I dislike the last trilogy so much now. Like movies 1-3 are alright (some good some great some bad some cringe) but it sets up nice arcs for characters and there is lots of good moments even if most of them are from the animated series. And it makes a nice bookend from the republic to its collapsing into the Emptie and then back into the republic. But I don’t know what to do with the last movies. Where seven starts just makes 4-6 feel pointless. Like who am I supposed to root for at the end of it all? Like Rey is alive and she’s cool but everyone else is dead. Just no magic anymore.
  9. Sure those are good points but the problem is that her best deck which isn’t hard to get is so broken (rushdown basically). Also she fundamentally breaks the rule of the other 3 characters who need to get damage early to survive act one/two elites and bosses. Those characters have to take substandard attacks to win those fights. Watcher can just immediately start shedding cards and make a very narrow deck. Sure you can make fun decks that use omniscience or omega or whatever but the <15 card deck that is built around commons/uncommons is just too strong. I mean look at the rares it’s really just two you want. Lesson learned to get everything upgraded and scrawl for insane card draw. Everything else is suboptimal.
  10. It’s a shame Watcher is not in line with the other 3 great characters. It’s just a clear step up in power and is overturned. I also wish they’d make like Ascension 25 to give it a bit more progression.
  11. Yeah it’s hard to compete with StS. Even Monster Train which was very good is not in the same league. I’ve gotten thousands of hours out of watching or playing that game.
  12. Strong episode but I think they have diverged a decent amount from the book. It’s somewhat hard to predict how it ends. (Well other than the broad strokes) The main difference is that John is more an alien in this version and not just integrated with the Japanese.
  13. We’re doing okay over here. Some minor layoffs in the last two years, but mostly that’s been shuffling since we’ve been hiring in other areas. Our division is thankfully growing so feeling okay atm.
  14. Btw how does one say Clingan is a huge defensive liability? Illinois players want 0-19 against him. He had 5 blocks, 3 steals, 10 rebounds and only one foul in 22 minutes. It was an insane defensive performance. Hmm it is April 1st so maybe that.
  15. Pretty sure we’ll see UConn and Purdue in the title game.
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