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  1. I watched the new Candyman yesterday. I had pretty high hopes but ended up being really disappointed. It was mediocre movie at best and it pales in comparison to the original. There's definitely some stuff to like, it's is well acted and looks great, with great cinematography and a lot of style. And it starts out great but can not sustain that trough out the runtime. As someone who thinks like a lot of movies are way longer than they need to be nowadays, this is a movie that is on the opposite end. It really should have been at least 20 - 30 minutes longer and it feels like there must have been a lot of material that was left on the cutting room floor. They clearly knew what they wanted to do and what they wanted to say with the movie, but it feels like they just ended up skipping a lot of steps to get the story to where they wanted it to go. As a result it just feels rushed and poorly paced. Some scenes were just really random, like flashback with the father of one of the principal characters and the scene with the high school girls in the restroom. Both of them felt really out of place and like they didn't really bring much to the movie at all. Another problem that this movie, that it has in common with a lot of other horror movies (especially slashers), is that I just don't care about a lot of the characters. If I actually care about the characters that become the victims in a horror movie it becomes so much more effective and scary. In this movie I don't care about any of the victims because they are barely characters at all, they're just bodies for the mayhem. Meanwhile the characters I actually care about are almost never in any real danger, which isn't very scary at all. The original Candyman has a great atmosphere, it is tense, unsettling and genuinely creepy as fuck. And it managed to balance being a movie with something to say with being a great and scary horror movie. Candyman 2021 does not manage that balance and get to caught up in trying to say what it wants to say to be an effective horror movie.
  2. Damn that hurts. Norm had the best delivery in comedy. Cancer can fuck right off. RIP
  3. Didn't Jim Starlin make more money from KGBeast appearing as a henchman i Batman v Superman than he did for Thanos appearing in the MCU
  4. Oh, it really is The Matrix: Rehased.
  5. Aw that's fucking terrible. He was an amazing actor and Omar is probably one of the greatest characters on television ever. RIP
  6. You play a Native American (well half but raised among them) in Assassins Creed 3.
  7. I'm not feeling that trailer at all. The characters remind me of Watch Dogs 2 and not in a good way.
  8. That's terrible news. So sad. I always liked WKUK and Trevor Moore was a really funny guy. RIP
  9. I feel like a movie about Serena and Venus Williams would be more interesting if it was actually about them and not their dad.
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