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  1. RIP to the King of the B-movies, Roger Corman.
  2. Well at least Claptrap is as annoying and unfunny as he is in the games, so they got that part right.
  3. Somebody better get flattened by a stuffed bear in this movie.
  4. RIP Shane MacGowan, absolutley brilliant singer and songwriter. Although it's probably a miracle that he made it this far.
  5. Fingers crossed for Werewolf Women of the SS starring Nic Cage as Fu Manchu.
  6. Isn't this supposedly literally based on a Star Wars pitch Snyder made?
  7. I'd say no. I never got very far into Unity but overall I liked Syndicate more.
  8. I agree on that, the story isn't great and just devolves into the usual Assassin's Creed-nonsense.
  9. I enjoyed Syndicate. It was a bit tedious but I quite enjoyed the gameplay loop so no problems there. The big assassination-missions were also a lot of fun and the highlight of the game for me. The Jack the Ripper dlc was also a lot of fun.
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