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  1. Oh no, this one really hurts. Loved Stevenson in everything I saw him in, even if the production wasn't always good he always elevated it by his presence. 58 is way too young.
  2. If you like movie-podcasts where the episodes are way longer than the movie they're discussing it's a good choice. And Sunshine is great. I actually watched it for the first time recently because the Blank Check episode on it was coming up and I felt it was a good excuse to finally watch it.
  3. It's Spider-Man meets Iron Man. Which is incidently also MCU's take on Spider-Man.
  4. Always a quality actor in everything I ever saw him in, he always elevated whatever he starred in. In true The Wire fashion I'll be putting on Body of an American in his honor tonight.
  5. This is probably the movie I'm the most excited for this year.
  6. Al Brown, who played Col. Valchek in The Wire has passed away.
  7. Yeah, I don't remember it being any less stupid than Vikings, despite Hirst's absence.
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