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  1. A tale of two halves. I know the Heat were missing Butler and Dragic, but that's an embarrassing collapse.
  2. At this point, vengeance is her religion.
  3. Outrageous and frightening, since my sister and her family live in Aurora.
  4. White Sox win five in a row on the road for the first time since April 2016. With an Ace in Giolito and that lineup, it's an exciting time to be a fan.
  5. The Bucks' deficiencies are glaring when under crunch time situations.
  6. Strome! Toews! Saad! Toews again! Even though the Hawks are the youngest team in the league, they still have plenty of experience!
  7. Not even five minutes and there's already a fight lol.
  8. James Harden in the bubble without a strip club is a cheat code.
  9. No, they just restricted his minutes. Rudy Gobert (patient zero) has had quite the year. He was the first player to test positive for covid, is the first player to score a bucket in the first game of the restart, and then hits the game winning free throws in said game.
  10. South Side hitmen beat Cleveland 4-0. A much needed win. Giolito has their number.
  11. My treadmill went and died on me today. I've had that treadmill since 2004.
  12. Ever since I've started hitting the treadmill again this summer I've lost 7 pounds.
  13. There is a Corona virus outbreak among the Miami Marlins team and staff. Tonight's game against Baltimore has been canceled.
  14. White Sox are losing 10 - 0 to the Twins right now. Fucking hell, this is embarrassing.
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