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  1. The Bears defense are making Joe Burrow look like Zach Wilson out there.
  2. Shoutout to DC Universe Online for eliminating escrow.
  3. The Matrix Rebooted. Now THAT should've been the title of this film.
  4. Penn State vs Wisconsin has certainly been a barn burner.
  5. There's a Marianos on the other side of town, so I'll just have dunkin donuts muffins for now. Thankfully, I feel a lot better today.
  6. I won't be eating any muffins from Jewel-Osco anytime soon. I ate a cinnamon muffin Monday morning and ever since I've had diarrhea and now a headache.
  7. My Uncle is breathing on his own, though the nurses had to restrain him because he tried pulling his tube out. The edema is about the same.
  8. Ed Asner said one of the best lines in The Boondocks.
  9. White Sox - Cubs was a wild football game.
  10. My Uncle's lungs are improving but they had to turn up the ventilator because he started to wake up and his oxygen saturation dropped. So he's heading in the right direction. They will try to turn down his ventilator today.
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