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  1. He's really step his game up to another level in the past few 4th quarters. Point God indeed.
  2. Yeah, the Nuggets are really missing Murray right now.
  3. Rudy Gobert wins DPOY the day after making a game winning block.
  4. Atlanta nearly choked the lead away after Philly starting blitzing the inbound pass.
  5. KD has a tough task of trying to box out Lopez.
  6. I'm strongly considering getting a life coach through AANE (Aspergers/Autism Network).
  7. 8 goals scored in the second period. Crazy.
  8. Tony La Russa wearing the Southside jersey with his cap to the side gives off major Steve Buscemi "How do you do, fellow kids?" energy.
  9. Paul George stepped up big in the fourth quarter.
  10. Now CP3 is getting ice in his veins.
  11. Trae Young is the new Knick killer. Devin Booker is doing his absolute best to send the Lakers home early.
  12. Thibs having Rose play a lot of minutes. Just like old times.
  13. Lmao at the "Trae Young's balding" chants. MSG crowd is ruthless.
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