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  1. Well let's see if I can think back and remember how this shit show got started. Oh yea. It started when I saw a post by the Great Unwashed (who I like by the way, and I have to admist TGU was quite right and I was quite wrong about whether things were getting out of hand in Texas covid related). I thought the post was talking about setting things on fire shouldn't be a life sentence. And then I thought to myself, well how about that guy in Milwaukee who burned to death in the pawn shop. Surely that should be a life sentence. So against my better judgment I posted on a general chatter thread which I am always loathe to do for reasons that are surely now apparent. So the Great Unwashed responded that he/she was just talking about the girl that threw paint on the DA's office. And then I thought, well I sound pretty stupid now, let me try and make a joke about it. So I made a post which I pretty much assumed that everyone would realize right off the bat was bull shit about someone getting covered in red paint and dying of asphyxia. Maybe not the most tactful post I guess, but I thought it was harmless enough. Then you asked about a source. Surely I thought you realized I was joking and was just playing along. But then you told me to fuck off and accused me of helping stoke the unrest in Wisconsin. And I thought, damn that escalated quickly. Then I thought, this guy seems like he has a huge stick up his ass, let me see how long I can keep this discussion going. Because I thought you would be the type that would always have the last word. And sure enough, it looks like I'm right. So I decided I'd keep responding to your posts and see how long it would keep on going. So to sum it up, basically just bored at work.
  2. I didn't realize I was dealing with a pathologist. Look up "thermal injuries" and get back with me. ETA: hopefully for that poor guy's sake he was choked to death in carbon monoxide first.
  3. Chill out Hannibal. I thought it was pretty obvious that I was making that up.
  4. I heard it from a guy who heard it from the guy who heard it on the internet.
  5. Well about the case in Duluth where someone asphyxiated on an overapplication of red paint. What about that?
  6. How about the person who set the fire in the Minneapolis riots in the pawn shop, where someone was burned alive?
  7. Humor me for an instant, and for the sake of argument, let’s assume that for whatever reason Viserys is full of crap or just very wrong about Dany being born the 9 moons after they fled Dragonstone. Or to make it even easier, forget Dany’s conception or birth for the moment. Do we have any information from whatever sources to indicate how long before the Battle of the Trident that Aerys burned Chelsted?
  8. Not sure why this is. The Fisherman's daughter story would have Jon's conception occurring after the start of the war. The war had waged close to a year when the Sack of King's Landing occurred. The Battle of the Trident occurred before the Sack of King's Landing. Dany's conception occurred before the Battle of the Trident. It all kind of depends on what Ned means when he says close to a year doesn't it? And if you are going to rely so heavily on GRRM's quote about Jon's age, you have to agree to live by it when it disproves other parts of your theory as well. After all, doesn't that quote pretty much ensure that Jon has to be older than Robb? If Jon was born at the time of Dany's conception, then he was born prior to the Battle of the Trident. Robb was conceived after the Battle of the Bells. Are you saying that more than 9 months elapsed between Ned and Cat's wedding and the Battle of the Trident?
  9. Yes that's my point. Jon would have never been anywhere near Cersei's radar until Cersei arrived at Winterfell. And even then Cersei would have noticed Jon as a curiousity like when the Targaryen Prince invited his ape to sit at the dinner table. All of this is certainly possible. But outside of Cersei's comment to Ned the only place that seems to link Ashara with Ned's bastard is Winterfell. Even Edric Dayne didn't hear or at least repeat any rumors about Jon being Ashara's son, despite the fact that he knew they were in a relationship. From what I gather the story outside of Winterfell pretty much begins and ends with Ned killing Arthur and returning Dawn to Starfall culminating in Ashara's death. Now we do have that comment from Barristan about Ashara being dishonored and his belief that losing her child was one of the factors that led to her suicide. But he seems firmly of the belief that she miscarried a daughter. So I do wonder if Cersei was familiar before travelling to Winterfell with the main story concerning Ned killing Arthur and Ashara killing herself over the grief of losing her brother. And when she arrived at Winterfell she hears the rumor of Jon being Ashara's son. Which is why Cersei asked Ned which was it? Did your ex girlfirend kill herself because you killed her brother or because you stole her child?
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