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  1. I agree. That's the one big dispute I had with LML's theory about an initial comet strike. He has the idea that the world once had two moons and one was destroyed by a comet. The problem with that theory is the destruction it caused would probably wipe out almost all life. The other problem is that more civilizations then just Qarth would have mythologies involving a time when there was two moons in the sky. I think it's much more likely that a comet got caught in the planet's gravitational pull and started orbiting around the planet (thus resulting in at least briefly a second moon) and the planet's gravitational pull ultimately pulled it into the planet or into the atmosphere where it exploded resulting in the events the formed the mythology of the Long Night. This is basically the premise of Ignatius Donnelly's book: Ragnorak: An Age of Fire and Gravel. Donnelly was a fairly influential writer of pseudo-scientific theories involving Atlantis and the Flood mythologies which permeate a lot of civilizations. He theorized that a near comet strike over Greenland caused flooding and a hail of debris which caused a near extinction level event and was the inspiration for apocolyptic tales like Ragnorok and the Bible's Great Flood. More recently, in 1995, Graham Hancock wrote a book on a similar topic called Fingerprints of the Gods: The Evidence of Earth's Lost Civilization. This book theorized that a meteor strike caused the Earth to shift on its poles so dramatically that it caused Antartica to shift to the South Pole of the Earth causing a lost civilization to be buried under newly formed Polar Ice caps. There is also another theory, Younger Dryas Impact theory. A theory that a distintigrating comet struck North America some 12,000 years ago causing a near extinction level event. Here again we have the idea of flooding, and debris and a resultant cooling of the planet. All of these theories have been floating around for some time, and it seems that GRRM, being a pseudo science guy himself was probably cognizant of them during the time he wrote AGOT.
  2. GRRM is giving mixed messages as to the timing of these events. The first issue, is that there is a significant discrepancy between Bran’s views on darkness during his time in the crypts and Bran’s views on darkness when he makes contact with Jon through Ghost: In Bran’s last wolf dream before he leaves the crypts he seems to hate the darkness: Now compare Bran’s thoughts about the dark when he makes contact with Ghost and Jon while Jon is in the Skirling Pass: It’s an intentional discrepancy that makes me at least doubt that this is the same Bran that was in the Winterfell crypts. The other thing to keep in mind is that the Bran in the Winterfell crypts was still trying to figure his own powers out. It seems doubtful that this Bran would be so confident, that he would be able to reach out to Jon (or Ghost) and awaken Jon’s (or Ghost’s) fledging gifts. This Bran also seemed to be limited in viewing things through Summer’s eyes. He hadn’t yet learned to wed himself to the Weirwoods yet. I think it’s more likely that this Bran, confident in his abilities and powers and a Bran who likes the cover of darkness and who appears to already be wedded to the Weirwood is a future version of Bran nestled in the cradle of Bloodraven’s cave.
  3. I partly agree and partly disagree. I do think the crow shifts to the dark haired woman as an affect of Bran waking from his dream. On that part I agree. And I agree that the servant woman is probably just that a servant woman. However, the imagery that GRRM is creating, where a crow shifts into a black haired woman, could be serving as an allusion to the Morrigan. A dark haired Celtic goddess of death, who would often change forms to that of a raven or a crow. As the goddess of death she would often have the task of choosing who would live and who would die in an upcoming battle. Now, some of the legend of the Morrigan does line up quite nicely with Arya's role in the story so far. So it wouldn't suprise me if Arya's presence in the future might ripple back into the past (or present or however you want to characterize it). And the shifting of the dream may be a clue. It's hard to say. I still think that the "voice" of the three-eyed crow is not the "voice" of Bloodraven. The 3 eyed crow almost seems childlike. I previously theorized that the three eyed crow may be future Bran reaching back to his subconcious to help him/it along in the coma dream. But I wouldn't be surprised if Arya at some point may end up being dropped in the same "ocean" of time that Bran may find himself in.
  4. No it means exactly what I think. It means you've fallen in love for someone or something hard. Look to your own definition. It can be falling in love with someone or it can mean being besotted or it can mean being infatuated. besotted means being infatuated or obsessed. Infatuated means in the state of being carried away by an unreasoned passion. It usually means towards another person but not always. Infatuations need not only involve people, but can extend to objects, activities, and ideas. (from the Wikipedia). So yes, I know what lovestruck means.
  5. Of course the dragons are sentient. And name someone or something that Dany loves more than her dragons. The dragons are her children. And perhaps her love of Drogon is developing into another type of relationship. As she starts to bond to him as not only a dragonrider, but as also mutual protectors of each other. And the text specifically tells us that Rhaegar was in love with Summerhall. Now stop and ask yourself why would he be in love with a place that brought the Targaryens so much grief? It's what Summerhall represented. A dream of dragons. That's what Rhaegar is truly in love with. That's what is propelling his actions. Rhaegar's love of Summerhall inspires him to song. Had Rhaegar ever made a song for Lyanna? You have to start thinking outside the box a bit. Because I guarantee you, that GRRM does.
  6. I agree with this. We know Roderick first seems to hear about Ramsay from Lady Hornwood. And Lady Hornwood seems to be relying on rumors she's heard from being in close proximity to Roose's lands. The rumors probably weren't concrete enough for anyone to feel they could act on them. Not until Lady Hornwood is abducted by Ramsay.
  7. Keep jumping to conclusions. GRRM said Rhaegar was love struck, but he didn't say who or what Rhaegar was love struck with. Specifically he didn't say Rhaegar was love struck by Lyanna. Whatever Lyanna was to him, it was most probably as a means to an end. And the end being what Rhaegar was truly in love with. Rhaegar was in love with a dream of dragons. My guess is that we'll learn the same of Dany. That the third betrayal she will know, the betrayal from love, will probably come from one of her true loves. Her dragons.
  8. Maybe the same singing that Sweet Robin keeps hearing.
  9. Summer maid: blonde Fall maid: red head Winter maid: white or silver haired. ETA: Cat goes from a red head (Fall) to white haired (Winter) when she changes to Lady Stoneheart:
  10. Woo hoo my boss ended up winning fairly handily, I guess the right wing nut job vote didn’t matter. Still think Biden is going to win.
  11. It looks like Biden’s in pretty good shape. I’m still waiting for the electoral results to start in my state. Y’all may think this election is stressing you out, but both my job and my wife’s job is hinging on a local election, so my heart’s hammering in my chest right now.
  12. This is the second election in a row where Michael Moore cautioned everyone not to put too much stakes in these polls. Trump voters either aren’t’ comfortable in admitting that they are trump voters, or they are suspicious about anyone polling them about it.
  13. My general opinion is that Ned never planned on telling Jon about his parentage. The time he would have sat down and talked to Jon about it was before Jon left for the Night’s Watch, so Jon could make an informed decision. Since Ned didn’t do that, I think Ned was planning on taking his secrets to the grave with him. Up until he was in the black cells. The nightmares he was having seemed to cause him sorrow and shame about Jon, and that’s the first time we hear Ned wanting to sit down and have a talk with Jon.
  14. I don’t think that Stannis’ soul left his body per se. I think a part of his soul (a part of his shadow self) was used to create the shadow assassin. And presumably Stannis had some sort of subconscious link that remained with it, which is why he experienced the events in a dream. As for the White Walkers, I’m not sure. They seem to have more “personality” than the shadow assassins, I guess. And they don’t seem to be thralls, certainly not in the sense of the wights.
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