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  1. We still need to figure out who “Ralph” is, I doubt that’s just a running gag. My guess is that Wanda’s hex world attracted some extra dimensional baddy, who may be interested in using her magic to get them to open a portal to Earth. Perhaps Agatha is working in concert as an undercover agent to manipulate Wanda into opening some forbidden portal. Which if true will probably segue into the next Dr. Strange Movie. And perhaps Wanda is supposed to help Dr. Strange close off whatever Pandora’s box she inadvertently helped open.
  2. I think I'm beginning to figure out what's happening. I brought up before that there was a discrepancy between Wanda's powers in the comics and in the movies. In the comics she could alter probability to her benefit. In the movies when we first meet her she has psionic powers, telepathy and telekinesis. I'm starting to think that the movies are retconning her back to her original powers, and are going to give us an explanation of how she got so powerful. Agatha tells Wanda that she used a probability hex to stop the bomb from exploding when she was a child. That's her comic book powers, probability hex's. That's probably her actual powers. But then she is placed in a facility where she comes in contact with the "mind stone". Next thing we know Wanda has mind control powers when the Avengers came into contact with her. She then starts using telekinesis later in the movie and in the next group of movies. Apparently Wanda is somehow able (perhaps due to her natural ability over probabilities) to absorb the powers from the mind stone. And with her relationship with the Vision, it puts her in further contact with the mind stone. Then later, Wanda comes in contact with Thanos, who was wielding all of the infinity stones at the time. I'm starting to think that like she did with the mind stone Wanda absorbed the powers of all of the infinity stones at that point. Including the reality stone and the time stone. She's used the power of the reality stone to create the Westview world, it allowed her to manipulate matter into creating the city. (you can even see the red ether that makes up the reality stone when she created Westview and the Vision). She is using the powers of the mind stone to control the minds of the residents. She has even used the power of the time stone to rewind events that displeased her. And the reason she can do this on such a large scale is that the power stone amplifies the power from the other infinity stones. Wanda has basically become a living breathing infinity gauntlet.
  3. It's a tie between the Mayflower and the U.S.S. Constitution.
  4. I guess I'll give it a shot. But so far I have been let down by the return of Veronica Mars, X-Files, & Arrested Development. Hopefully this will be better.
  5. Just curious, is Melisandre a "savage"? Seems more like a zealot to me than a savage. And who exactly are followers of the "Greath Other"? As far as I can tell, the only mention of the "Great Other" was through Melisandre as an antagonist to R'hllor. I always recoil a bit when a theory is built upon another theory. Not always the most stable of foundations. But I do agree at least partly that circumstances of Jon's birth are probably wrapped up in Rhaegar's belief of the Prince that Was Promised. Just not sure to exactly how, because all of the evidence we have suggested that Rhaegar firmly believed that his son with Elia was the Prince that Was Promised. What we know of Jon for sure is that he appears to be a Stark through and through. From Tyrion to Craster to Qhorin to Tormund have all remakred on that. His identity is also tied into the Great Wall of Ice that he has sworn to defend and his deep down desire for Winterfell. But even if Jon's identity is only a Stark that doesn't mean that he may not have "fire" elements as well. After all one of the interesting aspects of Winterfell is that it is built on hot springs. And perhaps Winterfell was named because it is the duty of the Starks to end a Long Winter. And the Reeds oath to the Starks seemed to have very little to do with House Targaryen, so I don't think the "fire" element necessarily has to be tied to a fantasized Targaryen heritage. The Starks may very well represent a balance between the two elemental forces.
  6. Or the HBO show couldn't do a proper lead up to the proper ending because they had not laid the groundwork to do so. For example, there is no Val, and there is no Young Griff in the HBO show. Val and Young Griff seem to be fairly important characters going forward to the book's plot. So my guess is show characters have had to pull double duty. Hence we get Jon/Aegon and his love interest Dany/Val. Which would explain why the characters kept hopping back and forth from Dragonstone to the North. It's also highly possible that George's ending doesn't lend itself to fan service very well. And D&D seem all about fan service. So if, god forbid, George never planned for a romance between Dany and Jon, we can't have that. So we have to create a romance between Jon and Dany, because that's what the fans are expecting.
  7. I think it's almost certain that Agatha is acting in concert with at least one other party, and I think the proof is in the mailman. Remember the line about don't shoot the messenger directed at Agatha? And then in the last episode the mailman had a rabit on his uniform with the word Presto? The mailman is apparently a go between bringing messages to Agatha from another party. And since Agatha appears to be controlling everyone inside of the hex, the "mailman" is probably deliviring these messages from someone outside of the hex.
  8. I hope I'm wrong and we get a satisfactory conclusion to the story. Even if they are using this series to springboard a bunch of their other shows, the series itself can conclude fairly satisfactorily. I enjoyed the Mandalorian Season 2, even though logically I know a lot of the episodes were put in place just to help launch a bunch of other shows. I mean, at the very least we're looking at one other antagonist in whoever Quicksilver actually is, and possibly a second if "Ralph" is revealed to be another big bad. We're also told that we're going to have a big reveal that might be bigger than Luke Skywalker's big reveal in the Mandalorian. Which probably means WandaVision is going to introduce one of the main players in one of their recently acquired franchises. That in itself would be pretty cool. I guess.
  9. Yea, I think it's a mistake to think of this series as a stand alone story. So what we may be seeing is a number of storylines arising out of this series that will play out in other series and movies. After all this is Disney we are talking about, and they have a big interest in stringing out plotlines so you don't cancel your membership when one series is over.
  10. Well, yes and no. While her true identity was widely anticipated, her role in the story wasn’t, at least if you were relying on the comics to figure out what part she was playing. In the comics, Agatha was always an ally to the Scarlet Witch through thick and thin. (Even though that may have been tested a bit when Wanda “killed her” for wiping her mind of her children). Her part here is a little different. With the reveal of the magical tome at the end (perhaps the Darkhold) the show may be combining Agatha Harkness with another sorcerer who messed with Wanda’s mind (her mind gets messed with a lot in the comics). Mordred the Mystic in Avengers 185 to 187 was a sorcerer who manipulated Wanda into serving as a host for his demon master, Cthon. So if the show is borrowing elements from that story arc, then I expect her husband Ralph, is in reality some extra dimensional demon that Agatha may be using Wanda to bring into Earth’s dimension. Which in turn will probably be followed up in the next Dr. Strange movie. But with all the fuss of Wanda being a “nexus being” I still think there is going to be a reveal (whether in this show or another) that Immortus is somehow involved in the background. It was Immortus’ story arc that first revealed Wanda as a Nexus being, which in turn brought her to the attention of Immortus’ masters the Time Keepers. And it appears from the previews that the Time Keepers may be a part of the upcoming Loki series. And then we still have the background news of flying saucers, which makes me think that we may be seeing the first inklings of the Secret Invasion story line. While all of this may seem like a lot of different plot threads, it may be helpful to think of WandaVision as a series similar to the Mandalorian. A launching pad of a bunch of different storylines which will turn into future Disney Plus series.
  11. One more thing, I’m picking up on. When Marvel introduced Scarlet Witch in the Avengers, they gave her powers she really didn’t have in the comics. In the comics she had probability altering powers. In the movies, she has telekinesis and a form of telepathy. Basically they gave her the same powers as Jean Grey in the X-Men. This might give us another clue here. In addition to pulling things from Scarlet Wtich’s comic arcs, we may also be getting another take on the Dark Phoenix storyline. Where an incredibly powerful mutant starts becoming manipulated by an outside force. In the Dark Phoenix storyline it was the mutant Mastermind. Here, I think it’s Kang. But it could also be Mephisto or Nightmare or some other agent. But like in Dark Phoenix, while Mastermind started the ball rolling, Jean Grey’s own mental instability took over and caused events to steamroll. Perhaps we’re seeing the same thing here. Scarlet Witch was initially manipulated by an outside agent, but her own personality and powers steamrolled into the events we’re seeing now.
  12. Wanda has been established as having two basic powers. Telekinesis, which enables her to move objects or fly. And limited telepathy and mind control. So she can certainly create an illusionary world, and she can certainly manipulate physical objects within this world. But in ways she’s still limited. The outfit she created for Monica was reassembled from Monica’s actual outfit when she went into Westview. So she’s not creating stuff out of whole cloth. So when you look at the show, you can kind of explain a lot of it through Wanda’s existing powers. Except for a few things, which should be beyond even her. We get a quick glimpse of it early on when she reassembles a plate that had shattered. Then we have a more dramatic example of when she “rewound” the scene of the SWORD agent coming out of the sewer. Then we have her accelerated pregnancy and accelerated aging of her children. Even some things like characters seemingly moving in super speed. I think these are examples of time manipulation. A lot of it is kind of like what we see in Dr. Strange. He uses the time stone in his amulet to keep rewinding the Dormamu scene at the end. I think someone is using the time stone again here. So it is either Wanda, or someone else acting in the background. Which brings me to “Quicksilver”. With the knowledge that the Secret Invasion storyline is on the horizon, I think that Skrulls may be involved in this storyline as well. I think Quicksilver is a Skrull agent. His super speed is being accomplished by someone using the time stone to make Quicksilver appear that he is moving in super speed. So I keep going back to Kang/Immortus, acting in connection with Skrulls. Apparently some of the news stories in the newspapers recount a flying saucer appearing over Westview. Which not only hints at a Skrull presence, but a news report of a flying saucer is also the exact way that Kang was introduced in Avengers issue 8. Now here is my biggest tinfoil crackpot. Remember Wanda and Vision’s “anniversary”? It was August 23. August is the 8th month of the year. Avengers 8 was Kang’s first appearance in comics. His next major story arc in the Avengers and the next time he appeared on the cover? Avengers 23.
  13. I doubt that the show is just aping Byrne’s Avengers West Coast run. My guess is that they are pulling bits and pieces out of a lot of the storylines that the Vison and Scarlet Witch were involved in. Englehart’s mid 70’s run on the Avengers was the story arc that first started the Vision Scarlet Witch relationship (at least I think so). And that arc dealt heavily with Agatha Harkness, Kang, Immortus etc. I think that there are too many hints re: the devil for Mephisto or some type of Mephisto stand in not to be involved. But that doesn’t mean that it isn’t just one more layer of the onion. Perhaps peel that back and something else gets revealed. I think that the whole concept of time travel and multiverses makes me think that Kang/Immortus are going to be heavily involved in all of the Phase 4 properties.
  14. Yea, I probably should have said widely speculated (at least widely amongst the internet blogs that I frequent) as opposed to reported. But I do kind of think that Kang is too much of a major villain in Avengers lore to be relegated to one Ant Man movie. The fact that the Loki show deals with “temporal” crimes makes me think that more than just Ant Man is going to deal with a time traveling villain.
  15. Yes, of course it may also be playing up to the comic book fans who know the Wanda Vision storylines from the comics. But there is another possibility one that also borrows heavily from Avengers comic lore, even if that lore didn't directly affect Wanda and the Vision. It's been widely reported that Kang the Conqueror is slated to be the next major villain for Marvel Phase Four. So what better time to introduce him, then in the first show (outside of Spider-Man) directly dealing with Marvel Phase Four. For those not in the know, Kang is a time traveling conqueror. In alternate realities he becomes other time traveling villains, primarily Immortus, the keeper of Limbo a place outside of time. In the comics, Kang is probably considered the Avengers' primary antagonist, with Ultron as a close second. Time has been one of the big themes in WandaVision. If you listen closely it comes up again and again both the Vision and Wanda talk about needing more time. Some of the websites have caught on that the major characters all wear wristwatches that change as they go through their different eras. And speaking of eras, it's another thing that links this show to time travel. Wanda and the Vision travel through time periods, from the 50's to 60's to 70's to 80's and now the 90's. And then we have a couple instances of Wands seemingly reversing time when an event happens that displeases her. The primary one that comes to mind is the "beekeeper" who comes out of the sewer. Wanda rewinds the event to redo the scene sans beekeeper. And of course we have Wanda's accelerated pregnancy and the sudden aging up of her children. It's possible that there may be more than just the mind stone at work, but the time stone as well. Which would line up nicely with Wanda's next appearance in the Doctor Strange franchise where the time stone was first introduced. Then we have Quicksliver, a character not only apparently plucked out of a different dimension, but also a different time period as well. If of course this is the actual "Fox" Quicksilver. Which brings me to another interesting possibility. In the comics, Kang as Immortus, had a shape shifting alien henchmen by the name of Space Phantom, who used his shape shifting powers to try to sow dissension in the Avengers ranks. Now if you are wondering about that strange haircut that Quicksilver sported during Halloween, that's obviously the haircut he had in the comics, but it's not the only time that Marvel super artist Jack Kirby gave a character that ridiculous haircut. That's also the exact haircut that the Space Phantom sported when he clashed with the Avengers. So I do wonder, if Kang is involved, is Quicksilver a shape shifting agent being used by Kang? But finally, this is the possible deal sealer (or perhaps deal breaker) for me. If indeed Kang or his alias Immortus is involved as a background antagonist, then Marvel Studios isn't just referencing the Scarlet Witch Vision storylines for this show. Intriguingly (perhaps I should say disturbingly) they may also be referencing the most infamous, maybe despised storyline in the history of the Avengers:
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