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  1. That would be a little anticlimactic, since he seemed not at all surprised by the notion back in ACOK. Perhaps it’s a scene that was adapted by the show. Tyrion witnesses Dany and Aegon aka Young Griff perhaps. The show later alters it to Dany and Jon Snow aka Aegon.
  2. Also the disguise chosen by the Kindly Man seems awfully similar to Bloodraven's appearance in the Weirwood cave. So yes, I think there is an intentional parallel.
  3. I think you’re imagining that. Maybe you’re thinking about this line:
  4. But her response is that the Hightowers would specifically not have chosen someone from the Rogare bloodline because of their dragonlord connections. But if everyone in Lys has such connections, then why would Jon Hightower choose anyone from Lys?
  5. Then does it really matter if she was a Rogare?
  6. I'm unclear how anyone of the Rogare bloodline other than Aegon IV, Aemon, Naerys or (their) offspring would have dragonblood? If anything, if they shared the bloodlines of Larra Rogare wouldn't that be evidence that the Hightowers wouldn't have to worry about their offspring hatching a dragon?
  7. I just think that Disney has over saturated the market via Disney Plus, and the fact that they’re releasing too many movies a year. These no longer feel like special events. And then there’s the fact that many of them have been a chore to watch. I couldn’t get two shows into Secret Invasion. While it might be unfair to paint every Marvel movie/show with a broad brush, I’ve been kind of doing that. And I’m a huge comic book nerd. So if you’re losing me, you’ve probably already lost the more casual fan.
  8. I agree that Selyse is a much likelier canidate to burn Shireen than Stannis is. After all, Stannis was on the fence about burning one of Robert's bastards even though he was starting to believe Melisandre's line about waking a stone dragon and saving the realm. I don't think he would burn his own daughter simply because she might have contagious grey scale. It's much more likely that if he truly believed that he would send her to an isolated location to avoid a plague.
  9. Not necessarily. Littlefinger could never be Robin's father because it would disinherit him. I think it could reasonably be interpreted to mean that she wanted to give Littlefinger a child he could call his own.
  10. I think Stannis' story shows the influence that religion has on the story's events, doesn't it? ETA: and I suppose Cersei's story as well. Even though she's not religious herself, she is being very affected by those that are.
  11. It always felt a bit odd to me as well. There's a theory out there that the Riverlanders that were paraded in front of Eddard Stark may have been coached into exagerating what occurred to prompt the Crown into giving them military aid. But it still doesn't answer why the Riverland Lords thought they needed aid against the Westerlands if they didn't reasonably believe that Tywin was behind the raids on their lands. I guess the takeaway is that Tywin believed he had to answer Tyrion's abduction by some sort of force to show that he wasn't weak. Which I suppose fits in with his personality.
  12. I’m not suggesting he married anyone, I’m suggesting he may have impregnated Lord Dondarrion’s wife.
  13. Your reminder of Baelor's stay at Blackhaven made me think of Robb and his stay at the Crag. The stay where Robb impregnated Lady Jeyne. Valarr seemed to exhibit more Targaryen features than his father. So it's at least possible (as has been discussed before) that Lady Jena had a Targaryen bloodline of her own. Is it possible that this bloodline could have been the result of Baelor's stay in Blackhaven? I know Baelor is considered chaste and perhaps without desire for the opposite sex, but I'm not sure that's completely true. One of the theories as to why Baelor locked up his sisters, was to keep him from being tempted into having sexual relations with them. Which may imply that Baelor knew he had a desire for female companionship which he considered a weakness, that he needed to be protected from. Perhaps the Lady of Blackhaven helped nurse Baelor back to health and, like Robb did with Jeyne, Baelor "dishonored" her. Now, I'm not sure why this would lead to a marriage between the offspring of this liason and House Targaryen, unless perhaps in the year after Baelor Breakspear's birth and before Baelor the Blessed's death, the King made this match out of a sense of obligation towards his secret bastard.
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