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  1. He clearly is. That doesn't change the answer he gets though.
  2. Jesus man, chill. In what fan faction war did I just participate ? Who am I fighing against ? Not fandom sources ? Dark side Stannis fans ? At least Davos thinks it's worth bringing up in an argument. A Dance with Dragons - Davos I Two of the three things Davos thinks worth mentioning as reasons to support Stannis were done by Stannis, before Dragonstone was given to him. So I guess Stannis gets some credit for holding Storm's End, although it may not be enough credit against "the wealth of Casterly Rock and the power of Highgarden".
  3. Besides the crackpot that Renly is Robert's son because of the age difference and some timing ... I agree that giving Storm's End to Renly was not a good choice. For completely different reasons however. Robert styles himself in Targaryen tradition with a Targaryen title, exclusively held by Targaryens up until his rebellion. Meaning Dragonstone is the seat for the heir according to Targaryen tradition. At that point in time the Lannister marriage was already secured, Cersei supposed to birth an heir. And the title of Dragonstone should have gone to the future heir to continue the tradition. Or at least signal a continuation to the rest of the realm. For me the question is not if the action was stupid or not ... the question is the motivation behind it. Was it too dangerous to give the strongest castle to the man who defended it against all odds ?
  4. I guess it'as not that important, if public doesn't have permission to read it. @berserker strength: as far as I can tell, Viserys' "waking the dragon" was always about getting angry and abusive, never about berserker powers
  5. Wait ... there a layers of Jonsa theories all called Jonsa ? And the most simple theory is not a theory but a comment form a book person ? Tell me more. There is prob. a better base for Joncat than for Jonsa.
  6. Luckily the book is not the show and Stannis strategic goal is to get more support by supporting others. Plus Winterfell is burned down anyway, it is not a good strategic position to begin with. It's a symbol. And then there is White Harbor, the Reeds, the Riverlands and Lady Stoneheart. Overall, the Northerners sending more support south to protect the Riverlands, was exactly the plan before the mess. Book is book and show is show. And show memes like a divided north or stubborn Northerners (while nobody else has the problems) are not an issue. Everybody has a divided situation. Stannis is the symbol of a divided situation. And as always, he has to win people over to support him.
  7. @JNR has said for years, that, according to all sources he could find, GRRM asked them about Jon's mother and not about his parents.
  8. the dream is in the same amount about white knights, the tower and Lyanna. I guess we can only agree to disagree here. At the end we can discuss the weight oh each of the three connected parts (the knights, the tower and the damsel in distress), is Lyanna the more important part, are the white knights the connection, are they all together in the dream at the same place and time ? I however do not see how this "force" places Lyanna at the tower of joy. edit: as an example, when Ned arrives at King's Landing and finds Jaime on the throne, is that part of Robert's rebellion or not ? I guess we would both say yes, although Robert is not around. The same goes here. A promise made to Ned about the tower or the King's Guard still makes her and the promise part of the dream, because it would be about the promise. That does not places her at the tower, but it is about Lyanna's promise, if you want a pun on words, the promise is Lyanna's dream.
  9. That is very true. Yet we are at the same fudamental problem again. Something associated with Lyanna is used to show that Lyanna is at the tower of joy. It it the same old circle theory all over again: Lyanna is at the tower of joy, because more than 1 person is present when Lyanna dies. There is still nothing that points at Lyanna at the tower of joy. I understand the thought process and it may very well be made true by GRRM. But from a conceptual point oif view, there is no proove that zebras are running away from the tower, because the zoo mayhave never been in the tower. Even if the zookeeper is also the towerkeeper. That's the reason why I find it so unbelievable hard to discuss anything regarding RLJ. There is an assumption and every argument is turned around to show the assumption, even if it does not work. Lyanna may or may not have been in the tower. But then arguing that Lyanna/the zebras can't be at Starfall, because she was at the tower, because someone watched the zoo - and towerkeeper leaving the tower is .... very flawed. Watching the zookeeper leaving the tower does not conclude he has zebras with him and it also does not conclude there are zebras at the tower just because another statement tells us that the zookeeper has been seen with zebras. Unless there is a witness watching the zookeeper leaving the tower with zebras or a witness watching zebras within the tower, there is no conclusion that leads to "zebras can't be in the zoo, because they are in the tower".
  10. The word "men" is not part of the relevant book quote but from the interview GRRM assumingly gave. I guess we need the complete interview. Also I really do not understand why there are mares in the tower now. There is also nowhere where that in written. It's an assumption. We are stacking assumptions again, defended as "simple answer". When the simple answer is that 10 men just tried to kill each other. It's mind boggling.
  11. Only two horses fled from the wolves. That does not mean that 3 zebras also fled from the wolves. It's the old logic of "it may be possible" defended in a lengthy explanation with "it's the most simple answer we have". The simple answer is and will always be two horses.
  12. It's a good thing it`s not the books, else this would be awkward child abuse with Missandei being younger than Devan. ... I ... sometimes ... Devan is the fifth son of Davos and still older ...
  13. Could it be that this is one of those proxy moments, where something else is going on and the "children" are just the proxy ? Was Elia pregnant in Oberyn's mind ? Was he throwing the duel on purpose ? Oberyn is indeed a character, where I am not sure that he knows about all of Doran's plans. At least we know, that he doesn't know about the state of Elia or her children and has to believe a Lannister.
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