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  1. Luckily the book is not the show and Stannis strategic goal is to get more support by supporting others. Plus Winterfell is burned down anyway, it is not a good strategic position to begin with. It's a symbol. And then there is White Harbor, the Reeds, the Riverlands and Lady Stoneheart. Overall, the Northerners sending more support south to protect the Riverlands, was exactly the plan before the mess. Book is book and show is show. And show memes like a divided north or stubborn Northerners (while nobody else has the problems) are not an issue. Everybody has a divided situation. Stannis is the symbol of a divided situation. And as always, he has to win people over to support him.
  2. It's a good thing it`s not the books, else this would be awkward child abuse with Missandei being younger than Devan. ... I ... sometimes ... Devan is the fifth son of Davos and still older ...
  3. How accurate are the maps used in the wiki ? I'm looking at the map used in "beyond_the_wall" and it has a significant difference to the book versions when it comes to the location of the Shivering Sea relative to the Wall and Castle Black. In the book the Shivering Sea is straight north of Castle Black, here straight north is land only.
  4. May I suggest changing Rhaegar's silver hair in the wiki to silver-blond. The reason for this is: - All of his ancestors including his siblings have silber-blond hair since Aegon V - the cited chapter of his description explicitly mentions Cersei confusing Aurane Waters with Rhaegar. And Aurane has silver-blond hair. I have not found a single mentioning of Rhaegar having silver hair.
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