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  1. The SpaceX steamroller is just picking up speed. Once Starship is operational they will utterly dominate the space industry.
  2. Bad choice. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/forget-new-manned-missions-in-space-nasa-should-focus-on-saving-earth/2019/07/18/79e55eb8-a995-11e9-9214-246e594de5d5_story.html%3FoutputType%3Damp https://www.sltrib.com/opinion/commentary/2019/07/20/lori-garver-forget-new/ She would gut manned spaceflight programs.
  3. Yeah. But the downside is you live in a country where government can do that to you on a whim.
  4. Haha, I was summoned and here I am. Although, Tywin et al, I have to acknowledge that Nadal is the heavy favourite to win today. As good as Novak is, Nadal is the undisputed King of Clay.
  5. That’s what you came up with? I’m cool being quoted as believing in the fundamental principles of the Christian faith. No need to derail this thread trying to portray that as something controversial. And all this effort because I said the latest Trump conspiracy theories are paranoid.
  6. Mostly I ignore the crazies, but now you’re just making stuff up.
  7. And Novak powers on to yet another Italian Open title. And he has now overtaken Sampras for total weeks spent at no.1. Now just got Federer ahead of him and should overtake him as well in April. Real pity about 2020. Novak should have had both Wimbledon and the US Open titles added to his Grand Slam list this year. His likely eventual Grand Slam total of around 22-23 would have been 25 or more if not for that bit of misfortune.
  8. You do however suffer from the typical Australasian tall poppy syndrome. Individuals are not really celebrated as much in your world view. If you follow the field of space exploration really closely, however, as I do, then what Elon Musk has achieved and is aspiring to still achieve will undoubtedly make him an extraordinary historical figure.
  9. I actually agree with some of what you said above. Specifically, I don’t have a rose tinted view of the guy. I do not think his motivation is money, other than the means it gives him to achieve his ends - “the ability to allocate capital more productively based on the power of his shareholding”, to use his own words. I think he has a vision, and to him the ends justify the means. Centuries from now, that may well prove correct, given the magnitude of the goals being pursued. Just like no one cares today about the sailors lost in Columbus’s attempt to cross the Atlantic. Anyway, I would focus on the net outcomes achieved, rather than every ideological difference one might have with the individual.
  10. In my mind there are however only two long term solutions to the problem - reduce the human population or move much of the population - and associated industry - off planet. The earth’s carrying capacity is finite, so at some point it will be exceeded. All other steps are merely intermediate measures to buy us time.
  11. Not the kick-ass point you thought you were making. Considering he does 60-80 hour weeks, the portion he spends on Tesla actually far exceeds 50% of a normal working week, no matter how many twitter posts he makes during interludes. A better attack vector is to just say you don’t like the guy. Trying to downplay the magnitude of his contribution to changing the world just makes you look stupid.
  12. Actually his Mars plans have nothing to with climate change. However, the approximately 50% of his time spent on moving humanity away from internal combustion vehicles to electric cars, and to move the world from fossil fuels to renewable energy generation and storage very much does.
  13. Yep. Anyway, 3 hours to go to the press conference.
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