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  1. Free Northman Reborn

    Your bet for the energy source of the future?

    Fusion is the ultimate solution - and it also ends fresh water shortages forever as the limitless energy means limitless desalination of seawater for all coastal areas. Until then, though, I guess a continuing mix of what we have today, with renewables gradually making up a bigger slice of the pie.
  2. Free Northman Reborn

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Views noted. Think we should just agree to disagree. Our fundamental interpretations of the series are simply too divergent. Look forward to revisiting this discussion after the release of Winds, though. I think some major eye openers are in store for a small but vocal section of the fandom.
  3. Free Northman Reborn

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    And yet Martin is setting him up as the saviour of mankind. Going to great effort to make him leader of the Watch at 16, having him point out Stannis’s strategic flaws, set up life saving deals with the Iron Bank, and is about to ressurect him from death to lead humanity in the War against the Others. I don’t think Martin’s overall intention is to portray Jon as a bad strategist. Do you?
  4. Free Northman Reborn

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    You are arguing from personal bias. Martin’s intention has never been to portray Jon as an idiot. And in an interview he directly disputes a statement that calls Jon’s actions to let the wildlings through the Wall a mistake. Much of your longstanding argument in favour of Marsh’s actions is that Marsh was right and Jon was wrong about the wildling situation. And yet, Martin questions that, saying it is a complex choice. Anyway, besieging Winterfell would be idiotic. Ambushing Ramsay’s forces in the snow along the way may be a better plan. What did Jon and Tormund discuss at length in the hours preceding the assassination? A conversation Martin mentions, but does not reveal the contents of? We don’t know.
  5. Free Northman Reborn

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    Not answering the question. Jon is not crazy and he is a good strategist. Martin has estabslished this. So that chapter did not conform to that reality. You are merely reiterating that. The question is why? Was there another hidden plan? Or did Martin just toss logic aside to fasttrack the assassination which is a key milestone of his overall plot?
  6. Free Northman Reborn

    Jon's Shield Hall Speech and Subsequent Plan

    And yet Jon is not mad. And is a very capable strategist as Martin has been at pains to point out repeatedly. So the original question remains. What was his actual plan? Besieging Winterfell even with all the power of the wildlings and Watch combined would be foolish. Or was it another “Wex Pyke” moment, where George was just rushed to push the plot in a certain direction (Jon’s assassination as oppossed to getting Davos to Skagos in the Wex plotline) and mashed together a chapter to force the event, leaving logic behind?
  7. Free Northman Reborn

    Planetos, "Mega-Seasons" and Planet X. It'sh Schience!

    1. There are indications that the lopsided seasons are a fairly recent phenomenon - meaning before the Long Night the seasons were likely normal. I think it is even mentioned in one of the fake history books. So it is doubtful that it goes back to the formation of the solar system or some other pre-human era. 2. Martin has said it is due to magic.
  8. Free Northman Reborn

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Tyrion doesn’t see Manderlys. We know there are 1300 Manderly foot in that host plus some Manderly horse. Conclusion: Tyrion clearly didn’t see all the banners present. His list is not exhaustive, nor indicative of the relative numbers of the banners he mentions. Unlike the description of Rodrik’s host.
  9. Free Northman Reborn

    Military Strengths-2 and More!

    Hang on. The first quote is from Rodrik’s host gathered before Winterfell’s walls, right? In that one the comparative prevalence of the mentioned banners is clearly stated. The other quotes are from a totally different host at a totally different battle. In that one no mention is made of the comparative numbers of the various banners. Other than the Stark banner, which is naturally everywhere. You conflate the two in order to reach a conclusion from Tyrion’s quote which is not actually implied.
  10. Free Northman Reborn

    Is Climate Change Impacting Your Long Term Planning?

    Sure, I agree with you. Location risk should be an obvious part of one's choice of area to live in. But I would add that ALL risks should then be evaluated equally. For example, an earlier poster talked about moving to Auckland due to climate change risk. The question then should be, is the risk of bushfires in your current location of bigger consequence than the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis in Auckland? I don't know the answer to that, but the point is, each location would have a set of risk factors associated with it, and climate change arguably just contributes to that equation. To overly fixate on climate change to the exclusion of other potentially greater factors has a sniff of ideological motivation to it.
  11. Free Northman Reborn

    Is Climate Change Impacting Your Long Term Planning?

    So I'm far from someone who is against prepping in general. I like being self sufficient, like to be prepared and can think of any number of bad things that can happen to us at any given time. Reasons for prepping, in my mind, would include economic collapse, breakdown of the social order, a natural disaster that knocks out critical infrastructure for lengthy periods of time (such as a massive solar flare, earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions etc), a mass terrorist attack that achieves the same effect, a pandemic, and a bunch of other catastrophic incidents. But all of these would have a fairly rapid, catastrophic impact on our daily lives, and thus require a measure of preparation. By contrast, I just don't see climate change in the same category, at least not in our lifetimes. It is a gradual, incremental phenomenon, and pretty much your best strategy to mitigate its impact on your daily life is to acquire an economically valuable skill, get a good job and earn enough money to shield you from its low intensity, but gradually increasing impact. Now, in a worst case scenario climate change may indirectly lead to some of the more catastrophic social and economic catastrophes I listed above (if say escalating food prices lead to social unrest or recessions, or climate induced migration leads to a breakdown in the social order), but then you would be better focused to prepare for those specific issues, rather than for climate change in general. In the meantime, lets hope Tesla achieves its goals (Elon Musk predicted that electric vehicles would exceed 50% of new car sales within something like 10 years). Now, assume that's normal Elon time and that the reality will be more like 20 years. That's still a good trajectory. And if the costs of renewable energy and battery storage continue to decrease, all the better. But in terms of prepping for a disaster, I don't think climate change really warrants being near the top of the list.
  12. Free Northman Reborn

    Last One Standing

    Sansa, Bran and Samwell are pretty safe. If you extend it to beyond the last book then Bran will be the last one still around, as part of a tree.
  13. Free Northman Reborn

    GRRM speaks. Rolling Stone Interview 2014

    Are you the same Quoth the Raven that has achieved a degree of infamy in certain investment/automotive forums?
  14. Free Northman Reborn

    F&B Dragons and the Cold

    Not the cold and not the Others. It was the Wall that stopped her. 1. It’s not like it is significantly colder 10 feet north of the Wall than 10 feet south of it. 2. Once the Wall falls the barrier holding back the Others magic will be gone. So if the dragon feared to enter a region where the Others’ magic was not blocked then the dragons are going to fear all of Westeros after the Wall falls. So not feasible. 3. The Wall stops magic. We know that. Dragons were created by blood magic. Conclusion, it was the magic in the Wall that repelled Silverwing, not some King of the Others sitting up at the North Pole.
  15. Free Northman Reborn

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    With 10-15% of the population of Westeros being from the North, I would expect at least 1 out of the top 10 to be from the North, on average.