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  1. The uncertainty would be gone had Brexit not been delayed for so long, ironically. More broadly, while I am inspired by a lot that Musk does, that does not mean I agree with him on everything. Religion being another good example. But ultimately, if I was British I would support Brexit despite its economic impact, not because of it.
  2. Why, if the ultimate outcome is the same? Most of the migration into Fiji was for economic reasons. Does that make a difference to the native Fijians who once ruled their land and are now a minority?
  3. Was seriously waiting for someone to make that knee jerk response - a response which merely proves the point. If the disadvantage of becoming a minority in one’s country is then self evident as you so aptly pointed out, it should clearly be avoided at all costs.
  4. Free Northman Reborn

    Space Launches, Landings, and Destinations - SpaceX Thread #3

    If you live on the inside of a Dyson sphere you presumably don’t care about cosmic rays on the outside. And if a civilization was quite content to carve up entire planets as raw material for construction of the Dyson sphere then they probably aren’t too bothered about preserving the “solar ecosystem” either.
  5. Fiji is the perfect demonstration of the ultimate outcome of long term immigration. I don’t see how any reasonable person can argue that the end result of decades of immigration into Fiji was not detrimental to the political power of indigenous Fijians.
  6. Free Northman Reborn

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    This thread is so exasperating, it reminds me why I take periodic breaks from this forum. It’s a socialist “twilight zone” pocket universe.
  7. Free Northman Reborn

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    And there we have the answer to the Fermi paradox, I guess.
  8. Free Northman Reborn

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    Then you have the added complexity of growth companies like Tesla and SpaceX (and Amazon in the early years) who pump all their resources into growth and innovation for years or even decades, and run at breakeven or even a loss during this period. Meaning they have no dividend payouts to shareholders at all, while the capital value of the shareprice increases ten or twenty times at the same time. Meaning the share owner has no cash inflow from the company’s growth in value during this period, even though his capital is now worth twenty times more on paper.
  9. Free Northman Reborn

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    Take a guy like Elon Musk. He is worth about $25bn. But all of that sits in his shareholding of Tesla and SpaceX. He is cash poor, other than loans he has taken out with his shares as security. He is able to drive those two companies according to his vision only because of his large shareholding. If he has to sell the bulk of those shares, he no longer has control over the companies and they will be at the mercy of outside shareholders.
  10. Free Northman Reborn

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    How does the plan propose to aggressively reduce billionaires fortunes without forcing them to sell their controlling shares in the companies they created? If you need to pay tens of billions of dollars in taxes over a handful of years, the only way to generate the cash to do that is to sell off your shares. Meaning you lose control of your company. Seems unworkable.
  11. Free Northman Reborn

    U.S. Politics: Attaquer son cul orange!

    Well, it seems like the Warren-Sanders billionaire tax will kill the Mars dream, since Elon Musk’s fortune is pretty much the only chance of making mankind a multi planetary species in our lifetime. But I realise most of you couldn’t give two shits about such achievements compared to upping social welfare or getting another student to pay less for a degree in media or gender studies.
  12. Free Northman Reborn

    Space Launches, Landings, and Destinations - SpaceX Thread #3

    Correct. Like with Falcon 9, SpaceX will charge customers the maximum price possible as long as their offering beats that of their competitors. With a huge amount of room to slash it further as soon as a competitor tries to muscle in on their market. Awesome position to be in.
  13. Free Northman Reborn

    Star Wars: The Circle is Almost Complete

    The Star Wars franchise dodged a bullet there. Maybe D&D can go destroy some other fictional universe now.
  14. Free Northman Reborn

    Rugby: Building up to Japan

    Well done South Africa. Total domination up front is probably the best description I can come up with. Then, when the English had been physically sapped for 50+ minutes, the wingers struck out wide. Pretty much the blueprint of how rugby should be played. Taking a step back, I still happen to disagree with the idea that World Cups count for more than long term consistency. Personally, I rate New Zealand higher for having a 90% win ratio over an extended period of time, than some team - be it England or South Africa - winning a couple of games in a tournament and now being counted the best in the world. On any given day I would still pick New Zealand to win against either of the finalists if I had to bet my lunch money on the outcome. Here's hoping that South Africa can now turn one mediocre win (against Wales) and one fantastic win (against England) into some long term consistency. As far as England is concerned, the outcome of the final surprised me less than the outcome of their semi-final against New Zealand. To me the final was a case of back to business as usual, with the outlier being England's unlikely win against the All Blacks in the semifinal. SA and NZ are clearly the top two teams. With England probably slightly ahead of Wales, Ireland and Australia, in third place.
  15. Free Northman Reborn

    House of the Dragon Series Order Announced

    Screw coherent storytelling or consistent character building. Just give the viewing sheeple Dragoonnsss and make lots of $$$.