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  1. Free Northman Reborn

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    Musk has stated that in 2019 they will refly a Block 5 in 24 hours, just to demonstrate that capability. I suspect it will be on one of their own Starlink missions.
  2. Free Northman Reborn

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    I meant that they started disposing of Block 3 and 4 cores in the ocean at a time that Block 5’s arrival was imminent. Not that Block 5’s arrival is STILL imminent. Sorry for the unclear wording. I was watching its maiden launch with bated breath like all the other hardcore fans.
  3. Free Northman Reborn

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    The Block 3 and 4 was not designed for multiple reuses. The Block 5 has incorporated the technology for 10 or more uses. With Block 5’s imminent arrival they actually started throwing returning Block 4 cores into the ocean after their 2nd use because they had too many to use up.
  4. Free Northman Reborn

    No fleet at all after Brandon the Burner??

    Looking at some of the descriptions of the order of crypt statues, and various other hints, it would seem that Brandon the Burner was a fairly recent Stark King, living perhaps 500-600 years ago or thereabouts. That may leave as little as 200 years between his burning of the Stark fleet and Aegon’s Conquest. At which point the Iron Throne theoretically gained reaponsibility for defending the shores of Westeros from foreign invaders. A weakish argument, I know, but the best one available to explain away Martin’s oversight in this respect.
  5. Free Northman Reborn

    SpaceX's Big Falcon Topic 2

    That is a nonsense article.
  6. Free Northman Reborn

    Foreshadowing the true king, a new clue I haven't seen referenced before.

    I’m not sure I follow. Are you disputing either that Jon is a prince or that Joffrey is a bastard? If not, this interpration is not theory, it is fact.
  7. Free Northman Reborn

    Foreshadowing the true king, a new clue I haven't seen referenced before.

    Of course the real beauty about the passage where Jon is not allowed to spar with Joffrey is the double irony and the fact that the reason for the two not being allowed to spar remains legitimate when the truth is revealed, only in the opposite direction than intended. Namely that Joffrey is the one whose sword is not allowed to bruise Jon, since Joffrey is in fact bastard born and Jon is a trueborn prince. Delicious little quote, that one, with several layers of meaning. One of my personal favourites.
  8. Free Northman Reborn

    Atlas of Ice and Fire

    Loved the article on the economy of Westeros.
  9. Free Northman Reborn

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    The Ironborn have conquered parts of the North's West coast many, many times over the millenia. And almost certainly many of these invasions happened precisely when the Starks' attention was focused elsewhere, just like in Robb's case. Like for example in the case of arguably the greatest Stark King ever, Theon the Hungry Wolf. While he was off warring in Andalos, the Sisters and against the Vale, the Ironborn conquered large parts of his western shores. This happened repeatedly over the course of history. Nevertheless, none of these conquests stood the test of time. In all cases the Starks evicted the Ironborn in the end. There is no rational reason whatsoever to think that Balon's attempt would have ended any differently. Fact is, the North can raise probably twice the force that the Iron Isles can, they know the land, they have local peasant support and they hate the Ironborn. So no, the Ironborn cannot conquer even part of the North permanently.
  10. Free Northman Reborn

    Why is the North talked about as if its impossible to invade ?

    So basically you are saying if the Starks are removed, the North becomes vulnerable. I can agree with that.
  11. Free Northman Reborn

    who or what is behind Aerys II going mad

    A three way combination of Varys's manipulations, the stress of the Duskendale affair, and his genetic Targaryen mental risk factors.
  12. Free Northman Reborn

    what really caused the doom of valyria?

    The best chain of events we have a hint of is as follows: Some Lannister King spent a fortune of gold on buying a Valyrian sword from a Valyrian dragonlord family. For some reason, despite there being thousands of Valyrian steel blades in Old Valyria, the sale of this one sword generated so much wealth that this Valyrian lord was able to use the Lannister gold to hire the Faceless Men to assassinate the sorcerers of some of his rival dragonlord families. These sorcerers were apparently needed to constantly maintain some powerful blood magic spells that kept the volcanoes of the Fourteen Flames from erupting. After the Faceless Men assassinated a large enough number of these sorcerors, the spells collapsed and the volcanoes erupted. Valyria was destroyed as a result. The above is the best case that can be made from evidence in the World Book, ancient Valyrian doomsday prophecies that referred to the gold of Casterly Rock bringing about their doom oneday, and from the comments the Kindly Old man made to Arya, about the Faceless men having a hand in the Doom of Valyria. The biggest flaw for me, is why the sale of one Valyrian sword to the Lannisters could make such a difference, given that thousands of Valyrian blades were sold all over the world before that point. So the amount of money paid for a single sword should not have changed the balance of power between the dragonlord families to such an extent.
  13. Free Northman Reborn

    Ironborns and Barrowton.

    Yeah, Barrowton's fortifications are probably average, but the number of men manning them made it a hard target.
  14. Free Northman Reborn

    The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Of course. In the same way, we have the right to be disappointed. Anyway, the vibes will die down as we all increasingly lose interest in the series. Until the next book comes out, at which point we will all be back here in droves. However, when I think back to my journey through the Wheel of Time fandom, I do wonder if this fandom will follow the same course. It seemed to me that the most enjoyable, call it "obsessive" fan debates happened more or less from Lord of Chaos through to Winds of Winter or thereabouts. Towards the end it actually started dying down, as more and more mysteries were resolved and less and less remained to speculate about. So perhaps we are at the height of ASOIAF fan theorizing right now, and after Winds solves a whole lot of mysteries for us, the fandom will gradually start fading away. That's certainly what gradually happened to Wotmania and its successor Readandfindout. So maybe we should treasure this leadup to Winds, as, apart from the flare up in discussion immediately after its release, there will probably be less to talk about post Winds than there is now.
  15. Free Northman Reborn

    Ironborns and Barrowton.

    And Lady Dustin confirming that she held back much of the military strength of her already populous domain. Victarrion had 10,000 men just down the road at Moat Cailin. Barrowton had significant resources to plunder. If it was feasible to take Barrowton the Ironborn would have done that just like they did with Deepwood and Torhenn square. But it was too strong.