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  1. Come on man. Putin’s not omniscient. He is making a play with the hand he is dealt. Things won’t go according to plan. But what he is good at is adapting to the latest realities on the fly, and extracting what he can from it.
  2. Yep. It’s a risk, with ultimate outcome unknown. The question is, if he waits, does his position get stronger or weaker? If Ukraine joins NATO it’s over. Similarly, if a more aggressive US president (with all his mental faculties still intact) takes over, things might be more difficult. Merkel just left, so Germany is temporarily less sure of itself. And does the military balance of power between Russia and Ukraine improve or deteriorate from Russia’s point of view as every year goes by? After Covid, is the world desperate to just get on with life rather than engage in a conflict with Russia? Is China’s Xi’s aggressive geopolitical stance guaranteed to continue with his eventual successor? Are tensions around Taiwan working in Russia’s favour right now? Is Putin worried that his own inevitable ageing will make him less capable each year to lead this big push? All things considered, the timing might well be better now than it ever wil be again.
  3. That ignores China, who very much believes in Empire today, to the extent that they view the last few hundred years as just a temporary interval in their status as the pre-eminent world power.
  4. Too many people today have no concept of nationalism, patriotism and belonging to something greater then yourself, pride in your ancestors and ambition for the future of your people to be great long after you are gone. To these types, such concepts are utterly alien. No wonder you don’t understand Putin.
  5. Overall goals? Shoring up Russia’s western front. Expanding the Russian Federation from 145m to maybe 170-180 million people. Expanding the Russian Federation’s GDP and Industrial base by whatever is currently generated by Ukraine. Solidifying land access to Crimea and coast of the Black Sea to the West. Emboldening China to also oppose the West. Putting the West on notice that he is bite in addition to bark. Bolstering Russian pride and Nationalism. Why are all of these goals so difficult to grasp. They are quite logical. I note the hysterical headlines in the Guardian and other papers that Putin has lost his reputation as a pragmatist, or that he has gone mad etc. That’s a ridiculous view. You just need to divorce yourself from your pre-conceived ideals and notions and view the world as a chess board, no more, no less.
  6. I also disagree that all of this is about Putin’s own power. He genuinely wants Russia as a nation to be a Great Power. Into perpetuity. If he only cared about himself, he need not take any of these immense risks.
  7. Referring to physical and economic destruction, obviously. Ukraine as a political entity is a different matter.
  8. Given the overwhelmingly anti-Russian attitude of pretty much everyone reporting the news, coupled with Zelensky’s obviously image savvy, social media driven propaganda campaign, I would take pretty much every report on Russian losses, tactical incompetence and setbacks with an Everest sized pinch of salt. People are also prone to viewing Putin as irrational and stupid, when he is in fact highly intelligent and quite rational, within the parameters of his overall aims and ambitions. He wants to protect and restore Russian power in their sphere of influence. That means he does not want to destroy Ukraine. He wants to bring it into the fold. So that means limiting Ukrainian casualties to the absolute minimum. Even at the obvious expense of faster military progress. That is not limited to civilians. He would even want to limit Ukrainian military deaths where possible. We aren’t seeing carpet bombing, cluster bombing or anything close to the full might of the type of mass destruction Russia can unleash if they wanted to. Anyway, my take on his ultimate goal? Remove the government. Allow the most vehemently anti-Russian citizens to flee to neighbouring countries, maybe permanently. Predictions were that 1-5 million refugees could ultimately stream from the country. Take away those 5 million, and the voting outcomes in Ukraine might be somewhat different. Maybe split Ukraine in two - Eastern Ukraine under Russian control, Western Ukraine aligned to the West. Install a puppet government in the Eastern half and settle down to turn that into the long term reality on the ground. So that’s quite rational, within the over arching goal of solidifying and restoring Russian power in its sphere of influence.
  9. What nonsense is this? Everyone has been horrific to everyone, forever. Europeans just happened to be on top when the Industrial Revolution happened. If China, India or Africa got there first, the same or worse would have happened, just in the opposite direction. Who are these hippies who think everyone would have been loving brothers if not for the evil Europeans? Have you read what Shaka did to other black tribes in Southern Africa to build his Zulu kingdom? He “genocided”whole areas. Are you aware of what the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs did to neighbouring tribes? How about the history of China or the Middle East? Give me a break.
  10. There is zero risk of Putin attacking any NATO member state. So all the talk of this being the equivalent of Hitler invading Poland is nonsense.
  11. How naive are you guys who are calling for NATO MILITARY INTERVENTION to save Ukraine? A hot war between NATO and Russia is WW3. Don’t be insane.
  12. Who knows. This is about power. No one gives anyone anything. Most likely broad alliances will spring up based on mutual interests all over the world.
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