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  1. Elon projects that in 10 years time the majority of new cars produced will be electric. Then, at that rate, it will take about 10-20 years for the replacement of the world’s old fleet of internal combustion vehicles. That takes care of a big chunk of CO2 emissions. In conjunction with this, a massive expansion of solar power generation and battery storage can reduce another big chunk of emissions. And yes, it should be coupled with nuclear. Sure, there are other negative externalities produced by these technologies, but they are far better than the alternative.
  2. Haven’t read this whole thread but I imagine it largely consists of Lord Varys pooh-pooing the Northern Conspiracy while almost everyone else points out the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. The fact is - Maege and Galbart are with Howland Reed. They know the truth. The little feisty Mormont girl in Bear Island knows the truth, and didn’t have the self control to entirely keep it hidden in her fiery response to Stannis. Robbet Glover is with Manderly, so Manderly therefore likely knows the truth as well. And why would Howland, Gallbart and Wyman not inform other loyalists like the Umbers, Widow’s Watch Flints, Cerwyns, Slates and Mountain clansmen of this truth? The North is big, and unlike in the Show, undetected travel between various settlements is a trivially easy affair. Every loyal lord could have been informed by rider or messenger without any need of using a raven. The big decider now will be Houses Dustin and Ryswell, and seems to me they were playing it safe, waiting to see which side fortune favours before making their move. And the Battle of Ice will likely be that decisive tipping point.
  3. Correct, it’s not a big deal. China is the big deal. Massive deal. With clear plans to be the one deal to rule them all.
  4. The West blundered strategically with its anti-Russia stance. Russia is no threat to the West, and this approach has forced Russia into alliances with Turkey and China. China is the real enemy, who should be opposed, undermined and weakened at all costs. The West seems too weak-willed to do that though, as shown by the inaction over the Hong Kong issue. Time to wake up before it is too late.
  5. Just leaving this here. The rocket that will bring on the space revolution is almost here. It will change the course of humanity.
  6. Instead, look at the equivalent wealth that would be required for someone to achieve the same effect with gold that the Starks achieve through power. How much gold would it cost to raise 20,000 troops and logistically support them for a year, over a distance of 1000 miles, including their support animals, supplies, armour and provisions? A gold dragon per week per man? I think that’s a low estimate, all inclusive. That’s a million gold dragons for a 1 year campaign. Robb achieves that at a mere command. Similarly, what does it cost to build a new war galley? 100 gold dragons? 1000? Manderly builds 50 of them just from witholding Royal taxes on White Harbor for a year. And says his vaults are overflowing, implying that he is getting richer rather than poorer while doing it. Edit And this is after he paid 3000 gold dragons to ransom his son, built a mile long wall to fortify his harbor, supported 1500 men with Robb in the South, conducted a low level war with the Boltons in the Hornwood lands, and sent 12 barges packed with men and supplies to support Ser Rodrik at Winterfell. After all that, he tells Davos his money vaults are still overflowing.
  7. 1. Return North and fortify Moat Cailin. 2. Have Lysa Tully assassinated without any link to the North being behind it. With her removed, the Vale would almost certainly form an alliance with the North. 3. Form an alliance with Dorne in mutual hatred of the Tyrells and Lannisters. With these three unassailable kingdoms in alliance, the Iron Throne would not be able to afford the immense cost of conquering them all. Meanwhile, the Vale and North could provide ongoing support to the Riverlands in their continuing resistance to the Iron Throne. Over time the central alliance of the Lannisters, Tyrells and Stormlords would have no choice but to give up their attempts at conquest.
  8. This is not someone’s personal struggle, which deserves to be dealt with in privacy and with the required professional care. This is someone broadcasting it to Oprah, for the world to see, in a campaign to bring down the Royal family. There’s a lot more at stake here, so the claims deserve to be interrogated. And to do that, one has to at least be able to question it. The idea that you could be prohibited from engaging with a psychologist or psychiatrist if you were seriously mentally ill doesn’t sound credible. All she had to do was tell Harry, who as many commentators have said, has connections with some of the highest profile medical professionals in this field, given his own work in this area. So no, her claims are not immune to questioning.
  9. Problem is claiming mental health issues has become a get out of jail free card. No one dare question it.
  10. The Royal Family’s best approach now is to not get into the gutter with these two twits. Utterly ignore them and as their association with the family grows ever more distant their relevance to the world will diminish correspondingly. Any interaction whatsoever will clearly be weaponized into future interview fodder by the fame hungry duo. Leave them be, as they have asked, make a clean and permanent break, and let the Royal family continue without them.
  11. Martin stated outright that the Ironborn are an exception to the normal medieval societies on the mainland, in that they can raise a higher percentage of warriors than the mainland kingdoms can. The North has the same logistical constraints as all of the mainland kingdoms, if anything, the constraints are much worse for them. Meaning they can’t raise a higher proportion of their population for war than the others. If anything they can raise a lower percentage than the richer Westerlands or Reach. Hence, whatever rules apply to the South - whether it is 1% or 2% - apply even more so to the North.
  12. Courier said this week that Novak could do a Tom Brady in tennis (winning tournaments into his 40’s), given his conditioning and focus. Now I don’t know about his 40’s, but certainly another 3-4 years at the top seems possible.
  13. Their military strength is similar to that of the Vale. In turn, we know the Vale is stronger than Dorne and the Stormlands, numbers wise. So even if we ignore every other bit of evidence, we know that the North’s population is on par with the average medieval kingdom of the South. Meaning we can dismiss the ridiculous theories that they somehow have an “Inuit” level population etc. To mobilize, equip and march 30,000 medieval soldiers a thousand miles south to the Trident like Torhenn Stark did requires a population in the millions.
  14. My concern is that the youngsters like Thiem and Tsitsipas are becoming very difficult to beat for Novak and Nadal. Age is catching up to them.
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