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  1. There are signs that the UK might be approaching herd immunity as well.
  2. The idea of herd immunity is that it should largely be achieved within the young, healthy part of the population, while the old and vulnerable are isolated as much as possible. Then - when enough young people are immune the danger of spread is largely eliminated. Sweden’s deaths were overwhelmingly in care homes. That part they messed up. As they have rightly admitted. The point is - isolate the vulnerable. Not the entire population - which is impossible in the long run in any case.
  3. Sorry, but what did NZ expect? That they would stay isolated forever to escape the virus? The only way out of it is through it. Meaning herd immunity. That’s reality. Sweden is pretty much there already. The lockdown fanatics on the other hand have a long way to go.
  4. GRRM said with Dawn Arthur Dayne beats Barristan, and without it they are a tie. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/SSM/Entry/The_Sword_of_the_Morning_vs._Barristan_the_Bold
  5. According to Google, Swiss immigration policy is tightly controlled, based on strict skills requirements and limited quotas for non-EU citizens, and for limited work seeking time periods even for EU citizens. So basically, the “good” type of immigration as described in my original post.
  6. So you’re telling me Switzerland’s standard of living would be higher if they let 10 million refugees from an impoverished third world country settle there tomorrow? Yeah, tell me another one.
  7. Well, basically, think of the countries of the world as a series of dams with widely different water levels, separated by sluices. Open the sluice gates and the water will flow from the dams at higher elevations to the lower ones, until all of them have the same uniform water level. The water levels inversely represent the standards of living of the countries of the world. Now, if I live in a country with a high standard of living, why would I not want my government to do everything possible to maintain that for as long as possible? In this respect there is a massive difference between strictly vetted, skilled migration and free migration for all. The former is good. The latter is bad.
  8. The Targaryens have distorted the long term power hierarchy in Westeros. The most interesting point in time to assess the comparative power of the Houses is probably 300BC, before Aegon’s landing. And at that point it would seem that the ranking was somewhat different to today. It would seem the Starks were comparatively more powerful than they appear today, raising more men than any region except the Reach. Sure, the Lannisters 22000 men at the Field of Fire wasn’t their full strength, but given that populations were apparently significantly lower than today, it might well have been 60% or more of their entire strength. So a total strength of 30-35k for the Westerlands and a similar strength for the North seems quite reasonable at that point. With the Reach at perhaps 55-60k compared to today’s 100k.
  9. That’s the question, really. For example, if JK Rowling’s publisher just ignores the supposed controversy around her exercising her right to free speech, would they suffer any real damage to revenues? I doubt it. The noise far exceeds the actual numbers of people who feel strongly about such issues. Most couldn’t really be bothered.
  10. The problem is not cancel culture as such. The problem is the absurd need of corporations to pander to the views of vocal, often lunatic, minorities - mostly on twitter - in the obsessive pursuit of maintaining a woke company image. Just ignore the perpetually offended crowd, and eventually the phenomenon will die out naturally. They are a tiny, radical minority who manage to drag a peripherally interested group of moderates along from one cause to the next. But the moderates aren’t gonna boycot any company for long if it interferes with their quality of life. Just stare them down and they will fold rather quickly, leaving company profits unaffected and the extremists fuming in their impotence.
  11. Martin has confirmed that “spirit summers” are a thing, allowing full harvests to be grown and collected even in the North during these interludes in the middle of Winter. But they are unpredictable so never a sure thing.
  12. Different lineage than the others for sure. There was no need for Martin to add the rumour that Cannibal predated the Targaryens on Dragonstone otherwise. Cannibal likely hatched from an egg that was left behind by the Valyrians who occupied Dragonstone before the Targaryens arrived. Or else from an escaped dragon that outlived its dragonlord from another Valyrian family. It seems to be a nice tie in to the message Martin was sending that dragons are joined to individual Targaryen bloodlines, explaining why no Targaryen could ever bond the Cannibal. I also have the pet theory that his consumption of other dragon hatchlings was an instinctive form of blood magic, transferring the life force of the young dragons to Cannibal thus extending his natural life span. Explaining why the small folk had observed him on Dragonstone even before the Targaryens arrived in 112BC.
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