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  1. Martin stated outright that the Ironborn are an exception to the normal medieval societies on the mainland, in that they can raise a higher percentage of warriors than the mainland kingdoms can. The North has the same logistical constraints as all of the mainland kingdoms, if anything, the constraints are much worse for them. Meaning they can’t raise a higher proportion of their population for war than the others. If anything they can raise a lower percentage than the richer Westerlands or Reach. Hence, whatever rules apply to the South - whether it is 1% or 2% - apply even more so to the North.
  2. Courier said this week that Novak could do a Tom Brady in tennis (winning tournaments into his 40’s), given his conditioning and focus. Now I don’t know about his 40’s, but certainly another 3-4 years at the top seems possible.
  3. Their military strength is similar to that of the Vale. In turn, we know the Vale is stronger than Dorne and the Stormlands, numbers wise. So even if we ignore every other bit of evidence, we know that the North’s population is on par with the average medieval kingdom of the South. Meaning we can dismiss the ridiculous theories that they somehow have an “Inuit” level population etc. To mobilize, equip and march 30,000 medieval soldiers a thousand miles south to the Trident like Torhenn Stark did requires a population in the millions.
  4. My concern is that the youngsters like Thiem and Tsitsipas are becoming very difficult to beat for Novak and Nadal. Age is catching up to them.
  5. Dislike is not a reason to avoid acknowledging someone as the best. I can’t stand Serena Williams but she is clearly the best female player ever.
  6. It is highly likely that Nadal will overtake Federer’s Grand Slam count. The question is whether Novak will do the same. Personally I expect the long term debate about the greatest tennis player ever to be between Nadal and Djokovic, once both have exceeded Federer’s major title count. And I don’t think that question can be answered yet, as the final chapters still have to be written.
  7. Anti Targ Isn’t the issue that NZ is a backdoor into Australia? So you let refugees and immigrants in more easily, who then have an eventual way into Australia they would not have had otherwise. So this is not about this individual’s case, but about the broader picture of having the option to send undesirables back to NZ if they prove detrimental to Australia.
  8. Djokovic - like all the higher seeds - was set up in comfort in Adelaide from the start, allowed to train everyday. His request was not for himself, but on behalf of the lower seeds who were stuck in hotel rooms in Melbourne, unable to train for two weeks before the start of the tournament. As for Kyrgios. He has latched onto a cause (promoting lockdown) which got him easy popularity with certain sections of the public, when he saw it was paying off for him. His narcissism likes the adulation this earns him. But rest assured, his general weak character will return to form sooner rather than later. He is not someone to be hero worshipped.
  9. Australian Open observations: On the positive side, the brat Kyrgios is out. Good riddance. Sadly, Novak’s injury seems serious so I doubt he will be able to go all the way defending his title this year. Most disgraceful scene - the low class Australian crowd - again. Happy they were bundled out like the bunch of louts they are, allowing the injured Djokovic to close out the match against Fritz in peace. Here’s hoping Novak somehow recovers and retains the title, but seems unlikely at this stage.
  10. So was Duarte not that Admiral giving the lecture on Mars who Alex tried to approach about the missing ships? (Haven’t read the books and just read about the Laconian plotline in Wikipedia so trying to keep track of it all.)
  11. If colour runs in lineages and Balerion indeed had some red swirls, then that makes Cannibal as the only coal black dragon even more unique and strengthens the case for him being of a unique lineage unrelated to the Targaryen dragons.
  12. Sure. So how do I go about owning enough personal robots to live off the fruits of their labor?
  13. The real reason why UBI might become necessary in future, as advocated for by Elon Musk amongst others, is that robots and AI might eventually take the vast majority of our jobs. That is a legitimate problem, but will require a lot of study to resolve. UBI just being a different form of welfare safety net for the poorest 10 or 20% is not the reason to implement it.
  14. One This weakens the incentive to get off your ass and better yourself. Even if fear of homelessness is what motivates someone to go and become a waiter or construction worker, that is better for society than having millions sitting at home watching TV while earning a government freebie. Two It will put upward pressure on the wages for menial jobs, reducing the deserved premium that more highly educated people should earn compared to those who are less educated - and like in Australia will make the cost of a beer or a meal in a restaurant ridiculously expensive for a normal middle class person. Three The idea that there are millions of talented authors, artists and musicians that would greatly improve society if only they could be freed from the constraint of earning a living is highly unrealistic. Most would just end up sitting at home, producing nothing of worth. And idle hands are the devil’s workshop. EDIT And four, even if all of the above were untrue, whats the point of paying everyone $2000 a month if the average cost of living then just increases by an average of $2000 due to the inflationary pressure of all this free cash being available?
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