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  1. Free Northman Reborn

    Tennis Volume 8: Is a FedEx delivery coming?

    Weak argument, to be honest. As multiple articles in the press today have pointed out, the Melbourne crowd’s treatment of 7 time Aus Open champion Djokovic was a disgrace. He is the King of the Aus Open just as Rafa is the King of Roland Garross and Federer used to be the King of Wimbledon. You don’t see the British and French crowds cheering against those two players in the way the Melbourne crowd cheered against Novak yesterday.
  2. Free Northman Reborn

    Tennis Volume 8: Is a FedEx delivery coming?

    Really upset with the lack of crowd support for Novak. You’d think after 7 championship wins he would be a favourite in Australia at least. But sounds like Thiem is the crowd favourite today. Ridiculous.
  3. Free Northman Reborn

    Tennis Volume 8: Is a FedEx delivery coming?

    I’m worried about Thiem, to be honest. He has had the better of Novak in recent times, and is young and hungry for a Grand Slam title. Novak will have to be in top form to take this one.
  4. Free Northman Reborn

    Tennis Volume 8: Is a FedEx delivery coming?

    The heck are you talking about? (phrase used for effect, not meant to insult). The greatest player of all time and 7 time Aussie Open champion is in the Aussie Open final, continuing his quest to overtake Roger’s Grand Slam count. That’s an excellent outcome.
  5. Free Northman Reborn

    Tennis Volume 8: Is a FedEx delivery coming?

    Damn crowd supporting Raonic over the 7 time Australian open champion Djokovic. Will never understand this anti- Djokovic sentiment.
  6. Free Northman Reborn

    What if Robb was the sole survivor of RW?

    He would slip into the Neck, return to the North, use White Harbor as a base to raise a new army, kick the Ironborn out of the North, eradicate the Boltons and fortify Moat Cailin. The North would be secure, but the Riverlands would have to be abandoned for now. At some point in the future the Wolves would descend on the Twins and Theon Stark their asses. With heads mounted on poles every mile along the Causeway, warning southroners of the fate that awaits any who dare approach the North uninvited.
  7. Free Northman Reborn

    Tennis Volume 8: Is a FedEx delivery coming?

    Glad Nadal won it, and I’m no Nadal fan. What’s with the sudden media love for Kyrgios though? The guy is a first rate a-hole, but suddenly everyone and his dog is urging on his supposed rehabilitation to rejoin the ranks of decent human beings. With that other a-hole John Mcenroe seemingly the lead cheerleader.
  8. Free Northman Reborn

    UK Politics: And Brexit came swirling down

    The good guys have achieved victory and the bad guys are sulking in their corners, powerless.
  9. Free Northman Reborn

    Nuclear weapons

    Not sure if you are joking or being serious, but if the latter, then I agree with this position. Land is indeed the ultimate finite resource on planet Earth, and Australia has a lot of it. In the future, much more of it will be useful, with mass desalination and pumping of water into the interior. China is the big threat, of course, and should the US implode or lose its ability to protect Australia you really don’t have a chance against an aggressor of that size in a conventional war. Nuclear weapons would provide the security needed to keep them at bay.
  10. Free Northman Reborn

    How did the Nights Watch get so weak?

    I think the reason for the celibacy was born in the Long Night, when the Watch first discovered the way in which the Others procreate. By using the life force of a newborn child to raise another Other. So by keeping babies from the Wall, the idea was that the Others got robbed of their source of procreation. But the Wildlings messed that up, by resettling the dead lands in the centuries after the Long Night, but before the Wall was fully established - invalidating the value of celibacy among the Watch.
  11. Free Northman Reborn

    How did the Nights Watch get so weak?

    The part that was likely not thought through properly was Martin’s offhand reference to the 10000 men in Aegon’s day, just because it made Aemon’s point to Jon more dramatic in that scene. Frankly, if men don’t remember a legendary threat from 8000 years ago today, they wouldn’t have taken it any more seriously when it was 7700 years in the past. 10000 men sitting at the edge of the world guarding against a ragtag bunch of wildlings who can’t even muster 10,000 armoured warriors, and with a 700 foot Wall added to boot. With powerful armies waiting as backup in lands of lords Karstark, Umber, Mormont and every other Northern lord. Nope, the 10,000 men were ridiculous 300 years ago. But Aemon needed the Lord Commander to have 10,000 men to make him a credible threat to Aegon the Dragon, else the moral lesson would not have had the impact Martin desired it to have on Jon in that scene.
  12. Free Northman Reborn

    Down with the Free Folk

    I don’t dislike them for their culture, I dislike them due to their rather pitiful, primitive insignificance. So much time is wasted on them - more particularly, so much of Jon’s arc is wasted on them. To the point that some fans fantasize about Jon becoming King of the Freefolk or some such destiny. What an incredibly low bar to set for the central character of the series. All the Free Folk in the world number less than the peasants that live just in the Karstark lands, as a comparison. And that was before the arrival of Winter and the Others, which will pretty much wipe out 90% of them. As I said, they are insignificant. To exchange being King in the North for being leader of the Freefolk is far from a like for like replacement. Martin should have given them greater magical knowledge to compensate for their primitive technology and low population. That at least would have made them interesting as a faction contesting this game. But as it stands, they are almost worthless in the bigger picture.
  13. Free Northman Reborn

    House of the Dragons Likely to Air 2022

    The sheeple want dragonzzzz, good story ideas be damned.
  14. Free Northman Reborn

    Advice for tooth pain

    See a dentist
  15. Free Northman Reborn

    Aussies: NSW Politicians, keeping ICAC in business

    Absolutely agree on the solar angle. Elon tweeted that a solar farm covering a 100 mile by 100 mile corner of Texas could power the entire US. In Australia this makes even more sense. But it has to be coupled with massive battery storage to ensure around the clock power availability. EDIT To be clear, while this is a good idea in its own right, it won’t impact the bushfire threat at all, given the previously stated fact that Australia’s emissions make almost no difference to global warming.