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  1. Not that any of this is incorrect but I have a feeling that money won't play as much of a part during a harsh winter as food in general. We already see several feet of snow in KL, so it should be more a "is there even enough food" than a "do we have enough money to buy food" scenario, similar to how the ending of WoT played out.
  2. for now. ive not seen any evidence that garlan isn't trying to kill him
  3. Willas barely has a leg to stand on with respect to marriage. He should have been betrothed a long time ago.
  4. Correct but I think the bigger in world issue here would be the incest.
  5. Right?! If anyone is gonna fuck his sister, it's gonna be Ned. No one even liked Brandon
  6. Dany is female. she can't be mance and rhaegar and jon i try not to be a dick on this forums but this is just so absurd you should know better
  7. That's not the IB being overpowered. It's Ser Rodrik being a fucking moron and leaving a castle so undefended that no guard notices people climbing a wall, swimming a moat, and then climbing ahigher wall for hours. TBH I'm not even sure how the IB managed to throw an iron (?) grapple up 80 feet, but I can't pretend to know how much it would weigh.
  8. Agreed with all the above. If they were willing to shoot a man in the neck with an arrow whom actually merited respect and was deemed competent, Janos wouldn't have inspired any more loyalty or been any better in deploying / using them as a defending force.
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