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  1. Then for the first time in AFOIAF history, call me a god damn crackpot. Or just admit that's a completely absurd statement since there's a legitimate 4-5 options even the wikis hows. Ramsay's definitely a strong possibility but we don't even know how well he can read / write. We just know that he's sent letters to castles. And re the weather, yes that's exactly how it works. Wind blowing in west from the ocean goes up an over the mountains and comes down even colder. You're basically looking Canada and the Plains states in the US for a context point.
  2. No one is disputing that Not even close to obvious That explanation might work for the Freys; however it would not for the northmen in Roose's army. The Umber and Bolton and Dreadfort lands lie to the east or NE of WF, and the air there is coming off the mountains aka more snow.
  3. This is entirely irrelevant to the entire situation. Ramsay caught Abel and the six wildingling women but a crippled theon and a 12 year old girl will make it 700ish miles back up the kingsroad without horses in 3-4 feet of snow? Before a raven gets there? This is one of the main reasons why I don't believe he wrote the letter. Right John is indeed responsible for Mance. Won't debate that. Don't need to repeat yourself here. 1) Jaime didn't bother saying why he killed Aerys, otherwise that would have changed. 2) We don't know if Jon is even dead, let alone how many people conspired to kill him .Your argument is a lot less convincing if 595 of the existing 600 (?) brothers didn't want him dead.
  4. He's also not punishing the Boltons for it. He's asking Mance to get his sister. Insofar as the Pink Letter is concerned, it's completely over the top, especially considering that Jon can't provide like 2/3 of what Ramsay demands, even if he did have fArya.
  5. Cersei is definitely a victim, and she and Robert both victimized each other in separate ways. Fairly safe to say that after their wedding night, the only one who tries to the relationship any effort is Robert but even that is tempered heavily by the rape and the few beatings he gave her.
  6. Jon won over the Mountain clans by accepting hostages, which the chiefs noted was exactly what the Starks had done in years past. The umbers might be a bit different of a story but the Greatjon seems to be relatively straightforward to win over and he'd already followed Ned into battle 20 years ago. Your last part definitely strikes a bit on the nose. He constantly reminds his family that winter is coming and the resettling being a "dream of spring" are definitely more indicative of a conservative mindset.
  7. I've never been appointed castellan of a massive impregnable medieval castle but I can safely say that I would make sure that I'd leave enough men behind to make sure guys with ropes and grappling hooks would be noticed.
  8. He had 35k men he took into the riverlands and left his navy and ostensibly garrisons to protect against the IB, whose king we know doesn't think Lannisport or CR are takeable. Given that Tywin didn't lose his castle, his life (to the IB) and his heirs, I'd say he made a more appropriate gamble.
  9. Given that he lost the castle, the kings heirs and his life because he made the exact decision I'm criticizing him for, it's fairly safe to say he made a bad decision.
  10. Uh that’s basically what Mace did. Sent men to the trident, kept besieging SE and blockaded them with the Redwyne fleet
  11. Man he left like 10 guards at WF to defend the heirs of the kingdom and took 900 men to TS. It’s a move so mind bogglingly stupid that I can’t even begin to explain why he left basically left an untakeable castle undefended. Theons guys had to climb an 80 foot wall, swim across a moat, and climb a 100 foot wall w nothing but rope and grappling hooks.
  12. This is certainly a take. I'd think a king would be angry from treason though. I get mad when people commit treason
  13. Correct. I conflated the fawn and the time Joffrey cut open the pregnant cat. So it's actually ... twice as bad.
  14. Joff absolutely beats and kills people for no reason. In no particular order He: has Sansa beat because he's mad it's implied he use to beat Tommen kills Tommen's kitten because he could shot a crossbow at rabbits in the courtyard for hours Killed people asking for food Ordered people be killed for throwing shit at him Just because Marg can easily manipulate doesn't mean she's safe from a violent psychopath. Just as Rhaella
  15. Waynwoods - debt is being bought up by LF and an exceedingly large dowry is proffered for Robert Arryn Belmore - LF belles him to be corrupt and it's implied or inferred that LF also bought him off before the Corbray wedding Corbray is offered a staggering dowry to marry a merchant's daughter. Possibly arranged for by LF but not enough to say either way Templeton - is only a landed knight, Pet yr wants to befriend him Think he has some Grafton / Shett connections too. But realistically that control would seem to be fairly limited to me, not like say Tywin and his vassals or Ned and his vassals.
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