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  1. Universal Sword Donor

    Joffrey Was Justified in Beheading Ned Stark.

    Skipping over many posts, so my apologies if I repeat some content: From Joff's POV: Yes he is in the right to execute Ned Stark Was it smart to execute ned? No it was not. It dragged on a war that would prove to be very short lived had Ned been able to curtail Robb's march south. Was the location and/or manner smart? No it was especially dumb since he publicly announces that his regent advised clemency and executing Ned on the steps of the Great Sept and pissed off the Faith. From Reader's POV: No he did not Was it smart to execute ned? Again no because it drags out a war that the Lannisters are looking to fight on at least 3 fronts Was the location and/or manner smart? No because now it gives Renly the upper hand in pretending to be a protector of the Faith Stannis is out as he is currently chilling with Red Rahloo
  2. Universal Sword Donor

    How to Improve the North Economically?

    I’d argue there’s nothing definitive for either side, but I’d generally side with the manderlys. They have a port, a mint, large urban population and a more advanced, specialized economy. The Freys are clearly rich and powerful likely with more and more fertile land, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to tangible wealth eg gold and silver.
  3. Universal Sword Donor

    How to Improve the North Economically?

    Is there really anything to substantiate that in either way?
  4. Honestly I think 300 is probably a bit high. 200 with all the major houses there sounds right to me. The RLs clearly want to send some representation to their King's wedding, but that doesn't mean we see them or know who they are. GRRM touched on a similar topic re Robb's army: Well, Robin Flint is one of Catelyn's companions when she rides to Bitterbridge, though I never say which branch he's from, I don't think. No, there are still Dustins and Ryswells in the north, and maybe even in Robb's army. I mean, he had twenty thousand guys or near about when he marched south, I couldn't characterize them all. I have always figured that there are =dozens= of minor lords and =hundreds= of knights and such in all these armies. Simply because someone isn't mentioned doesn't mean they are not there.
  5. You think you're reasoning is ironclad. Others do not, hence the discussion. Feel free to agree or disagree but @Blackfish Tully clearly have more to discuss
  6. Universal Sword Donor

    How to Improve the North Economically?

    I was merely pointing out if merchants from all over are already trading in Lordsport, then clearly the merchants are not afraid of IB reaving. We already know the greyjoys have banned reaving close to home thanks to the world book. That's why we read about reaving around the Stepstones, Slaver's Bay, et al instead of raiding/reaving near Lannisport, Bear Island, Oldtown, etc. None of this changes that I don't really see what would be of value to trade on the western side of the North, but the traffic need not be worried about the IB for the aforementioned reasons.
  7. Come on, it's not like there are any examples of this in real life. People like the Black Prince, Henry V, and Joan of Arc have all been properly evaluated by history and in no way, shape, or form have any kind of romantic aura attached to them! As ridiculous as Englishmen speaking French!
  8. You can keep posting it but it’s relevance is up for question for the reasons we keep explaining. I could post *my* reasoning again but I’m not trying to be patronizing nor do I particularly care if I convince you.
  9. Universal Sword Donor

    How to Improve the North Economically?

    Lordsport is in the iron islands .....
  10. Universal Sword Donor

    How to Improve the North Economically?

    Roads already exist to some extent, as John mentioned specifically to Stannis that the mountain clans were in an area with no roads, no towns, and no villages. To improve them, though, probably requires a certain amount of coin that the IT would have to provide. If Ned had bothered to leave the north, this would have been exactly the kind of boon that he could have asked from Robert. Siphon off a portion of the custom from WH and use it to improve northern infrastructure. As to how useful that would be, I don't really know. A fortified fishing village and trading post with walls is probably the best they can hope for. Still not sure that without additional investment that it would result in anything. I don't even know where they would want to put that village, the rills or south of barrowton? Merchants already make the trip to Oldtown, Lannisport and then Lordsport, so they are already willing to deal with the IB danger and sailing around the coast. The big issue, as previously noted, is that there isn't really much reason to make that trek father north. I'm not sure how much people crave northern wools, hide and timber. Maybe they have amber somewhere but I haven't read about it. The north built a fleet in a year with some customs duties they kept. I'm sure they have enough money to build and maintain a small fleet, just have no need. The entire shtick on northmen is that they are super practical and don't waste money on unnecessary things.
  11. Universal Sword Donor

    Vargo's death.

    I'll leave that reaction to Brienne and Jaime. I can't remember what she thinks, but I am fairly certain Jaime doesn't take offense
  12. Ryman Frey rode back to the twins in what was ostensibly a safe area with what Walder Rivers called a small escort: “Three knights and a dozen men-at-arms,” said Rivers. “It is almost as if they knew that he would be returning to the Twins, and with a small escort.” I'd imagine that each river lord who attended the wedding would have at least a similarly sized retinue. The Karstark broken men and the mountain are still west (and south?) of the Green Fork. Piper's men travel together to KL with a "troop of men." It wouldn't surprise me if there were a few hundred Riverlanders and more than 2-3 prominent but unnamed relatives amongst that group. We know one out of Piper's group and he had five blood relatives along with him
  13. Universal Sword Donor

    Was Robb more Tully or Stark?

    Whether or not Tommen is a child matter not. We've seen children lie or misrepresent themselves many times in the series. But my mind was blocking Jaime's last chapter for some reason. Brienne has to be lying to one or the other.
  14. Universal Sword Donor

    Riverlands house and military

    Well we know that the Freys were the strongest bannerman. We don't know if they were stronger than the Tullys. As to the weakest lords, I'd assume it would be someone like the Charltons who are sworn to another lordly house, but it's a complete toss up imo.
  15. Universal Sword Donor

    The danger of Gerold Dayne

    GRRM has already gone on record saying the daynes are not of Valyrian descent. However that was pre AFFC, so it is possible. That said I'm pretty certain that someone would have brought that up in the fiftyish years after the Great Council, especially during or after RR.