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  1. Universal Sword Donor

    Did Grey Wind warn Robb about Theon?

    I'd tell you but I ain't no narc
  2. Universal Sword Donor

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    To tag on, Adrian Celtigar is described as a "sour old man," so that's another older man.
  3. Universal Sword Donor

    What does Jaehaerys II Targaryen hide in his painting? 

    The maelys head pic is a crop from the AWOIAF book. It's not a portrait, merely an illustration of the Maelys-Barristan duel
  4. Universal Sword Donor

    What if walder frey died before wot5k

    The Freys and the Mallisters were the two farthest vassals from Riverrun and they have to march through awful land just south of Seagard. There might be some truth to Edmure fighting before he was ready (aka had his banners). The Freys wouldn't march without great recompense (eg Robb) or knowing what would play out (eg the Trident). Jason Mallister is prideful man known for his honor according to Catelyn and Tyrion. It would seem to me that he didn't have enough time to get there before his men mustered and Edmure lost.
  5. Universal Sword Donor

    Why did Walder send Stevron to war?

    Tywin is nearly 60 and Kevan is in his mid 50s. Stevron really shouldn't have been expected to fight but leading in not without question. Aenys is about the same age as Tywin and he was commanding the Frey forces marching north (to die).
  6. Universal Sword Donor

    NW and Invasions

    Well, I think we can agree the NW has lost its main purpose in the annals of history. As to your point, Westeros does not think the Wildlings share their race and culture (or at least culture). Bowen Marsh more or less shows the typical Westerosi attitude. Then if we look at your question, well Hoare's brother commanded 10K men. Assuming he protects the wall with a 10% garrison, he's walking south with 9K men through northern territory. An IB led "kingdom neutral" force marching through the North would be seen as an act of war. If we assume he allies with the Northmen, he likely marches 1500 miles or more to bend the knee. If the Northmen let him through and don't cut him up a la what would have happened to Stannis, he marches 1500 miles to fight a force superior to his and one in possession of 3 dragons after they had defeated his brother and ostensibly a better army with a stanch defensive position. Basically no matter how much he loved his brother, the same things Jeor said to Jon apply to the LC. “Your brother is in the field with all the power of the north behind him. Any one of his lords bannermen commands more swords than you’ll find in all the Night’s Watch. Why do you imagine that they need your help? Are you such a mighty warrior, or do you carry a grumkin in your pocket to magic up your sword?”
  7. Universal Sword Donor

    What if walder frey died before wot5k

    It would be a peaceful transition. He was the clear, groomed, and recognized heir. Probably similar to how it happened already but with the initial price to Robb being less and the reticence of Frey to commit an actual red wedding. Why sully the wanting honor of your house if you can get a pardon and possibly lands and money to prevent them from crossing up north. Robb would be unable to take the Twins per his own words and crossing down by the Ruby Ford just means running into the crown's huge armies.
  8. Universal Sword Donor

    Dragons, missing, sleeping or prolonged life?

    Lews Therin is, literally, the worst.
  9. Universal Sword Donor

    How would Ser Davos react to Stannis giving Shireen to the flames?

    I'd imagine it would be the same as when he had Edric Storm smuggled to Lys (or wherever he is)
  10. Universal Sword Donor

    New banner that floats at the top of the site

    I linked to what I saw earlier. Honestly it's not a huge deal but man if that menu collapsed it would be as if I were anti Baratheon bonfires
  11. Universal Sword Donor

    New banner that floats at the top of the site

    It doesn't collapse for me in Chrome, Safari, or IE at any point. It's as large at the bottom of the page as at the top before I scroll down. This would be my preferred solution. Honestly it's probably 50% or more unused space. If it collapsed to a smaller logo the size of the buttons on the right, that would be pretty much perfect.
  12. Universal Sword Donor

    New banner that floats at the top of the site

    Is there any way to get rid of it? I hate floating banners and frankly it takes up 20-25% of the page I'd rather see posts or threads on. I can't be the only one who finds that jarring or annoying. Example
  13. Universal Sword Donor

    robb response to iron island invding north

    Honestly if Ser Rodrik hadn't had a senior moment or probably stroke just as he was making the decision on how many people should garrison WF, it would be a complete non-issue. Rodrick easily could have spared some of the infantry he mustered. The IB's shieldwall was broken by a horse charge anyway. Given 50 men at WF instead of the maybe dozen or so he left -- I'm sure Walder would have loved his grandsons basically undefended along with his liege lord's heirs -- there is no way the raiders scale an 80 foot wall, swim a moat, and scale a 100 foot fall without a patrol noticing them or hearing them. One man could prevent them from breaking in and two could keep them in the moat indefinitely.
  14. Universal Sword Donor

    Unrequited Love

    Just after she got that last shag in the morning of her wedding day
  15. Universal Sword Donor

    Too many heirs. Let's send Aemon to citadel.

    Officially yes. Unofficially, probably.