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  1. Both Bittersteel and Bloodraven were assholes, and both caused untold amount of deaths and suffering because of their petty hatred and rivalry, it's one of these cases where there were no real good guy in the Blackfyre Rebellions.
  2. Targaryens and other Valyrian Dragonlords actually have the blood of the dragon inside them, as they have dragon DNA due to some extremely dark and twisted magical experiments and breeding done by Valyria Blood Mages to allow Valyrians to tame and control dragons more easily and faster than with regular taming or dragon horns and other magic artifacts that recquire sacrifices. This has some side effects, especially when Targaryens are exposed to blood magic again, and is the source of the horrific disformations of individuals such as Maelys the Monstruous and dragon-hybrid appearances of valyrian babies killed by miscarriages. Before she died Tyanna actually told Maegor that dark truth or that he was born thanks to Visenya having used blood magic to give birth to him, or both. This reveal crushed Maegor and caused him to become depressed and to be so lethargic at dealing with Jaehaerys and Rogar Baratheon, until he eventually killed himself.
  3. Above all Balon has some serious brain damage to be as dumb, delusional and narrow-minded as he was. I guess that his brain took too much damage from drowning.
  4. Sure they have merit, they have worked extremely hard and smart to earn a rope around their neck.
  5. Not enough men, money and supplies, and the men being stretched too thin to effectively watch over the Wall and Gift.
  6. And the Freys are perhaps the least and last persons qualified to talk and complain about Oathbreaking in all of Westeros.
  7. Comparing Catelyn and Cersei is laughable at best, disgusting at worst. Catelyn is nowhere near Cersei's level of vileness, cruelty and petiness and has far better and more positive relations with her family than Cersei.
  8. And even if she does survive Ramsay, she has no future in the North, being both a Bolton and a Frey.
  9. Though he doesn't have a legendary record I do think that Paxter isn't an incompetent admiral and war leader, he has no defeat or big failure on his part, and his methods to deal with the siege of Dragonstone which was of avoiding a direct assault on Dragonstone due its formidable defenses and instead starving the defenders out or finding and exploiting a flaw in the walls and foundations via mining to open a breach indicate that he's pragmatic and cautious, and wants to avoid big casualties. I do think that he would be able of winning and smashing the Ironborn under normal circumstances with his fleet's superior power and his leadership, but that Euron will pull some magic trick of his hat that Paxter won't have any defense against to allow the Ironborn to win this one.
  10. I don't know how or why this mad house hasn't been locked already.
  11. Both, first have them flayed and then burn them and the Dreadfort.
  12. I doubt that the Starks will be willing to give another chance to the Boltons after this last and most odious betrayal. Maybe they will spare Walda and her baby if the winter or Ramsay or something else don't get them first, but I doubt that they'll have any power or even a single building for them after. The Bolton lands are most likely going to be shared between loyal Stark bannermen such as the Manderly, Umber and Hornwood and perhaps house Thenn to give them a seat and some lands.
  13. Who amongst the lords, ladies, kings, queens, hands of the King, maesters and other various politicians and players of the game of thrones do you think aren't recognised and respected as much as they should be or should have been in spite of their undeniable political and ruling talents and record ? Who would you say are underrated politicians, rulers and players of the game in ASOIAF ?
  14. I don't believe that Euron is heading toward Essos, in Essos as Daario Naharis or someone else in disguise.
  15. When and how do you think that Euron's insanity and evil deeds will catch up with him and lead to his downfall and catastrophy for the Ironborn who made him their king and followed him in his madness ? What fate do you think should happen to Euron and his forces ? What actions has he done and will he do that will cause his doom in your opinion ? And who will be involved in his downfall ?
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