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  1. Yes, some of them were very cruel, but again this is the norm for the Ironborn and their "black heart and dark blood" is largely an invention of the Drowned Men who hated the Hoares for going against the Old Way and changing the Ironborn lifestyle.
  2. Catelyn would spare Olyvar, but Lady Stoneheart is another story. LS has Catelyn's memories but above all her rage and hunger for vengeance with none of Catelyn's compassion and restraint.
  3. Any story becomes more interesting if it has good villains. For AGOT Viserys had the virtue of being an entertaining character, and was more pathetic once you look at his backstory and mental health and his one moment of short-lived joy and relief before Drogo kills, while Mirri Maz Durr was a complex anti-villain who had great reasons to hate Daenerys and Drogo. The antagonists of Qarth, Astapor, Yunkai and Meereen are neither very interesting nor entertaining in any way.
  4. Not really since the watch is cut from the rest of the world, and that Sam is unlikely to come or to be heard off from south. And at least he serves in a martial order rather than servants with womanly skills and hobbies in Randyll's views.
  5. Randyll is an anti-intellectual, and much like Tywin he's too prideful to see a Tarly becoming a servant.
  6. Randyll Tarly, the lord of Horn Hill and father to Sam and his siblings Dickon and Talla, is clearly not a sympathetic person in the earnest, having been a horrible father to Sam for being a fat and book-loving and in his father's eyes cowardly, womanly and weak, instead of the strong and martial loving boy he wanted, to the point that he forced Sam to dress in his mother's clothes, chained him to a wall for three days for wanting to be a maester and even forced him to join the Night's Watch under the threat of death to make Dickon his heir. He also isn't nice at all to Brienne during their meeting, having a sexist if not mysoginist attitude toward her, telling her that she was basically asking others to try to rape her by dressing like a knight and refusing to acknowledge her already proven martial prowess. Knowing that, and the various theories about him betraying the Tyrells and siding with Aegon and the Golden Company, how do you think that karma will catch up with Randyll Tarly in the coming books ? What kind of punishment do you think that he will get for his abuse of his son and his other actions ? What would be the most fitting fate for him ? I do think that he may truly betray House Tyrell and side with Aegon, only for it to backfire on him when the revengeful Tyrells led by Willas or Garlan outsmart and get back at him, similar to how the Reynes and Tarbecks paid the price for their rebellion against House Lannister and how the Boltons and Freys are going to pay dearly for their betrayal of House Stark and Tully, and when Daenerys arrives and overthrow Aegon with her dragons. It would also be poetic if Sam end up getting released of his vows and become Lord of Horn Hill anyway.
  7. I think that Daenerys is kind of a deconstruction of the White Savior trope. She does want to end slavery, out of compassion for slaves and repulsion at the practice, but doesn't have a real plan on how to do it and on how to change societies that have known and specialized in slavery for millenias, and still uses the Unsullied as soldiers. She also fails to understand and fit in within Meereen culture and society and decides that she doesn't belong here at the end of ADWD while embracing the Fire & Blood mantra. Once Daenerys leaves Essos it's unknown if her actions will have truly ended slavery on the long run, and will doubtlessly have caused lots of unnecessary destruction. She might also go to Westeros, thinking of herself as a savior to Westeros people only to find out that westerosi won't see or accept her as a savior or ruler.
  8. It's hard to be a worse king than the one who actually acted as if he wanted to be the worst king possible, tried to paint his own heir as a bastard while giving hints that his favorite bastard should be king instead, and legitimized all of his bastards in a last act of spite, knowing that it would most certainely causes civil war. Aside from Aerys, Joffrey and Cersei there isn't much competition.
  9. Who do you see travelling by or going to the Isle of Faces, even by hazard or for a precise reason, to see what is really here or to seek advice and guidance from the Green Men, in future novels ? Also who do you think could have went here, without having told others about it, whenever they are deceased characters or not ?
  10. Daario is just Daario, and not Euron Greyjoy, or Arthur Dayne or Moonboy in disguise.
  11. This is supposed to be about the Free Cities and their relations, please there's surely another thread for this discussion.
  12. Black Walder killed his grandfather Stevron after the battle of the Oxcross, Big Walder killed Little Walder. Sandor Clegane is the grave gravedigger. Barbrey Dustin and Mors Umber are part of the Northern Conspiracy. Tywin is the Hand who built the secret tunnel to see whores without being viewed in public.
  13. Also Bowen using the argument of the Watch's neutrality is hypocritical given how he himself turned on that policy by supporting Janos Slynt as candidate for Lord commander just to placate the Lannisters, which goes against the neutrality he preaches to Jon, and despite it being obvious that Slynt is a corrupt, cowardly and incompetent asshole, not counting how the Lannisters have breached themselves that neutrality by assaulting one of the NW convoys and tried to interfere in the Watch affairs.
  14. Of the nine Free Cities of Essos, which ones of them have the best natural affinity, with the best diplomatic, economic and cultural ties to avoid conflicts between them and make them the most likely to side together against a common problem or threat ?
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