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  1. He surely seems to be an awesome fighter, not just a strong giant but also a very skilled fighter not unlike Sandor Clegane and Sandoq the Shadow who was a legendary veteran of the Death Pits of Meereen and is responsible for the only known One-Man Army moment in ASOIAF.
  2. When and through which circumstances do you think that Bran, Arya, Sansa and Rickon will go back to the North (or the mainland North in Rickon's case as he's currently on the northern island of Skagos) and to Winterfell ? How do you imagine Davos' journey to find Rickon on Skagos and brings him back to the main North, how do you expect him to convince Rickon, Osha and the Skagosi to take Rickon with him ? What will be the reasons that will cause Bran to leave the cave of the Three-Eyed Crow and the Children of the Forest, and when ? Same for Arya, what will cause her to leave Braavos and the Faceless Men and to go back to Westeros and to the North ? Same question for Sansa, how and when do you see her leaving the Vale and going back north, and with who ? In what order do you think that the Stark kids will return North ?
  3. We know that Weirwood trees have many mystical qualities with them having the ability to see things in the past, the present and the future at the same time hence how the Three-Eyed Crow is able to read the future and the past, that their paste help greenseers to develop their abilities, that their wood is incredibly strong and never rot and resist at least normal fire, and that arrows made of weirwood have seemingly mystical accuracy and piercing power as seen with Bloodraven and his archers companions. Brandon Snow also believed that arrows made of weirwood would allow him to kill dragons and proposed his half-brother Torrhen Stark to allow him to infiltrate Aegon the Conqueror's camp in the night so he could slay Aegon and his sisters' dragons, though Torrhen evidently decided that the risk was too high and to rather bend the knee to Aegon to save his countrymen. But do you think that Brandon's idea was a good one, and that arrows or other weapons made from weirwood can truly injure and kill dragons ? If yes could it be because of weirwood's durability or because of the trees' magical properties working on the dragons' own magic ? Also to continue on Old Gods and Children of the Forest's magic, do you think that wargs and other skinchangers can transfer their mind into a dragon and take control of it like they can do with other animals, weak-minded humans and weirwood trees ? Could one or several particularly skilled skinchangers turn the tides against dragons ?
  4. I think that Arya or someone else will possibly mercy-kill her after Arya reunited with her and that LS has gotten her revenge on the old Walder and the other main perpetrators of the Red Wedding such as Lothar Frey, Black Walder, Edwyn and Walder Rivers. At least I think that Catelyn will find peace and that her heart will know back the love she has for her children in her last moments.
  5. There is also the eternal question of who to bethrothe the Stark kids with, one question that will surely be asked and reminded many times by the northern lords as well as Littlefinger and the Vale allies, since I don't think that Littlefinger's plan to marry Sansa to Harold Hardyng will work out and that many northern lords will hope to marry Sansa to their son or to themselves. Same for Arya once she comes back home. No doubt that they will also want to marry their daughters, granddaughters or nieces to Bran and/or Rickon, and that Wyman Manderly in particular may hope to marry his beloved Wylla or Wynafrid to Rickon and/or to Bran when he comes back to Winterfell as reward for his efforts to depose the Boltons and restore house Stark to power, as well for the northern fleet that he has built and hidden.
  6. It will be interesting to see when and how Bran will come back in the North and to Winterfell. No doubt that it will complicate things even further for each faction supporting Rickon, Sansa and Jon with him being the legitimate lord of Winterfell by law no matter what others can say about his personality, age and inability to walk. I also wonder with whose of his siblings he'll be the closest to.
  7. What do you think was the impact of Steffon and Cassandra Baratheon's deaths in a shipwreck on their children Robert, Stannis and Renly ? What should or could have been the direct or indirect consequences on Robert, Stannis and Renly's psyche and later paths in their lives and family relations ? How much do you imagine that each suffered, directly or indirectly, from their parents' tragic deaths, especially for Robert and Stannis who saw it happen with their own eyes ?
  8. Robert is at least aware of his own shortcomings, does have some morals and genuinely loves others, and he is nowhere near Cersei's level of arrogance, selfishness, cruelty; pettiness and spite. Robert has plenty of flaws but comparing him to Cersei is a strech.
  9. Well considering that Roose had sworn alliegiance to this illegitimate king, but also that the king he betrayed Robb for was an usurper born of incest, and broke other sacred laws with his betrayal and participation at the Red Wedding he can extremely hardly be called to have acted legally. Making a hating post is one thing but it's even worse if it's not even funny or well argued in the first place.
  10. Though Sansa will likely want some concessions from the wildlings to make sure that they won't be a threat and attack the North. Maybe to have at least hostages and the children of the leaders to be raised in noble houses with the northermen values.
  11. Well culturally the Umbers and northern mountain clansmen aren't that different from the Free Folk, aside from their better organisation, discipline and equipement. And the skagosi like the mountain clans still seem to be ruled by clans rather than real noble houses. I also suspect that they have their own skinchangers and First Men practices and customs, and that it may be in part why Rickon was sent there to help him become a true warg master and to reconnect with this First Men heritage.
  12. I'm curious to see what were Rhaegar's reasons for being so interested in the Knight of the Laughing Tree, aside from the knight being possibly Lyanna in disguise.
  13. Speaking of skagosi I wonder if some of them, at least a few of their leaders will go to the North's maindland and serve possibly as protectors of Rickon and possibly later as part of the lords and advisors that the Starks will be able to rely on or have to reason with in order to prepare the North for the Others' invasion. It would be interesting to see their interactions with the Free Folks, but also with representatives of the Mountain Clans and with the Crannogmen who'll be represented by Meera, Howland Reed and possibly other crannogmen. Imagine the meeting and possible clashes between the Northern's "savage" minorities, that could lead to many funny and interesting moments.
  14. It's also interesting to think about what will be the reactions and thoughts of Jon's siblings about the Free Folks and how Jon intended to forge an alliance and new relation with them. Bran and Rickon will most likely be acceptant of them thanks to their bond with Osha, and of the skagosi who aren't very different from most wildlings for Rickon, though it will be interesting to see Arya and Sansa's reactions and their interactions wih the Free Folks, maybe Sansa will have some with the Mountain clans of the Vale before going back home.
  15. Anyway this is a lose-lose situation for Brienne, if she doesn't deliver Jaime to Lady Stoneheart Podrick will die and she will break her oath to Catelyn, and if she really delivers Jaime he will most likely die unless they manage to make a deal with LS or if she ends up helping him escape but that could cause her to die in his or Podrick's stead. And the two don't have a chance of winning against the BWB, especially with Jaime still being far from having become as good with his left hand than he was with his right. And whatever the result of these two's encounter with Lady Stoneheart is, it's very unlikely to end LSH's story as she still has many scores to settle with the Freys, especially with the Late Weasel.
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