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  1. Yes the story of house Stark in the main series is a real tragedy, though there's no doubt that they'll survive and come through harder and stronger in the end. This is one of the reasons why I love the leimotif composed for the Starks by Ramin Djawadi in GOT, whose music was truly the only solid pillar of the show which always stayed great, it really carries well the sense of the tragedy endured by the family and a sense of melancholy about better and happier times when their family was whole and the children were mostly innocent and full of ideals before the game and the world's uglyness caught up with them.
  2. I think he was the one who commissionned these machines in the first place.
  3. Hello everyone. As all of you know, all of the Unsullied soldiers and trainees in Astapor were freed by Daenerys Targaryen during her journey in the city in A Storm of Swords, with her giving her the right and even encouraging them to have their own names and identities. But this freedom and new life cannot be without consequences on the mentality, discipline and capacity to fight of the Unsullied who were raised and trained through hell to completely discard any sense of identity or freedom, and to only be totally obedient and disciplined soldiers only living to obey their masters. While the full consequences of this haven't been seen, or at least not fully developped, during Meereen arc as this change happened just before the taking of Meereen, it's impossible that there won't be consequences visible during the War against the Slaver cities during TWOW and when Daenerys and her followers will finally be in Westeros, once there's been enough time for the Unsullied to gotten used to their freedom and to not see themselves as just part of a phalanx. What changes do you expect to occur once this happens ? Do you think that it may impact the Unsullied's efficacity and discipline on the battlefield ? Could we see Unsullied beggining to doubt or even disobey certain orders or to be more protective of their own lives ?
  4. I am surprised that no one brought up Aegon IV The Unworthy's plan of conquering Dorne, by using mechanical "dragons" which produced jets of wildifire made by the Alchemists Guild. He managed to burn hundreds of the men operating them, a quarter of the Kingswood and the "dragons" themselves with this brilliant plan.
  5. Maybe Arthur Dayne was the one who told and advised him about the Tower of Joy.
  6. Because Aerys had Elia and her children as hostages. Dorne wouldn't have sent a single soldier at the Trident if Aerys didn't have this leverage.
  7. He took the daughter of a great house who was bethrothed to a lord of another great house, while also humiliating another one by abandonning and humiliating his Martell wife who gave him his children. This was a triple terrible slight that was not going to be placated properly, no matter the outcome, and a terrible and dangerous precedent that would have serious consequences on house Targaryen's image and relations with the Great Houses no matter what. And it was also foolish of him to expect Robert or House Stark to take the news of him running with Lyanna well and do nothing about it.
  8. I strongly doubt that Illyrio would try to bring or gain slaves in the Seven Kingdoms. The man certainely knows that slavery is forbidden and taboo in the Seven Kingdoms, and I doubt he's unaware of the fact that it was selling slaves that got Jorah Mormont disgraced and exiled. And the Iron Throne had several people from the Free Cities at high positions of power at the Small Council, none tried their luck with slavery in Westeros.
  9. Aside from Quellon, and ironically Euron, all of the modern Greyjoys and most of the Ironborn are just retarded. Even Asha, who's the wisest of the bunch, has totally delusional plans and ideas. Though I guess it's what happens when you drown them at birth. That experience can't let people brains unscathed.
  10. He has to be to have taken Lyanna with him in the first place without expecting the terrible consequences it could have. Anyone with common sense would have known that it was going to be a disaster, especially with Rhaegar disappearing and people naturally looking for him in King's Landing, right within his mad father's earshot and sight.
  11. The problem right now is that House Tully isn't powerful and influential enough while too many of its vassals are too strong. For house Tully to truly change things in the Riverlands it would need to become stronger in the long run and to weaken its vassals one by one, though such an enterprise would recquire decades or centuries much like how the French kings slowly increased their power and domain and reduced their many powerful vassals.
  12. It must also be the case for house Mormont, more specifically for Maege Mormont and her daughters.
  13. Those slaves turned soldiers will surely count too, however we cannot be sure about their quality as soldiers since having not been properly trained for war and their equipement may be light similarly to the Unsullied and Dothraki. Aside from Sellswords it looks like Daenerys will still lack heavy infantry and cavalry.
  14. That will depends of how much gold and silver she'll have upon departing for Meereen and of which places she will go before her return to Westeros. Volantis is most certainely going to be a stop, but it's less sure for the Summer Isles.
  15. Tyrion has always been in between, even at his nicest he was still helping his father and cruel nephew into installing and keeping in power an illegitimate puppet regime and had people killed by Bronn to cover up his affair with Shae. Right now and in the future he'll most likely balance very closely to bad, only possibly stopping from entirely crossing the line upon realizing the consequences of his actions and thirst for vengeance will have for all of Westeros and above all for the members of his family he still loves and care for, and/or realizing that his actions are increasingly similar to his father's.
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