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  1. Essosi nobles and other rich men certainely value valyrian steel as much as Westerosi nobles do. To them having a valyrian sword or weapon must be a priceless prestigious symbol too, and they most likely aren't going to sell it easily either.
  2. Who/what do you think truly killed Syrax, Rhaenyra's dragon which was descending upon the surviving rioters who had stormed the dragonpit and killed the dragons here, during the night of the storming of the Dragonpit ? Some say that Syrax was killed by arrows or another projectile, some say that it was one of the dragonslayers such as Hobb the Hewer who did the deed, others that it was a spearman who speared her in the back, or Ser Warrick Wheaton with a valyrian steel sword, while the tale most told is that the Shepherd was possesed by the Warrior himself who then slain Syrax. What do you think really happened ? Who did truly kill Syrax in your opinion ?
  3. It always baffles me how a few people are willing to go as far as defending Janos Slynt just because of their dislike for Jon.
  4. It's one of the last places where enemies of the Starks would go to look for them. The island and its people's reputations are more than enough to scare people away as seen during Davos and Theon's chapters. Also Osha may have thought that much like her people and the Crannogmen, Skagosi are much than just the savage barbarians other see them as, and that they may have a similar reverence for skinchangers and greenseers to the Free Folk and Crannogmen's and as such that Rickon who is both a skinchanger and a greenseer would earn their respect.
  5. What do you see as the most beautiful, the most unbreakable and purest friendship in the saga ? Which two or three friends have in your opinion the best bond and interaction, whenever they are shown in the main saga, in A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, The World of Ice and Fire, Fire & Blood or any canon installement in the saga ?
  6. And portrayed Henry V as a saint, while vilifying the french during the Hundred Years War.
  7. I agree with you, justice and vengeance can happen but many times the people that wronged others will be killed or imprisoned by other people who were totally unexpected to do so, like how Balon was killed by Euron, how Vargo Hoat and his men were slaughtered by the Moutain and his gang, or how Joffrey was poisonned by Olenna Tyrell and LF as you said. It's far more likely that Ramsay will meet his doom at Stannis or one of the scheming northmen or even Mance and his spearwives than at Jon or Theon's hands right now or that there is any battle between the Starks and the Boltons.
  8. According to some on this forum he's even worse than Hitler.
  9. Ramsay can't have sacked Winterfell without Roose being unaware of it or not having given certain instructions, the fact he ordered his men to spare the Frey boys and take them not as captives is a proof that he had instructions from his father to spare them.
  10. Yeah, it's really plot armor that no one inside the Northern side had any suspicion about Roose and how his forces stay relatively intact while the other lords and their forces who were under his command are getting massacred. It's even more glaring as it had been said that Ned had always distrusted Roose.
  11. It's just impossible that Ramsay could command his father's remaining troops in the North, treacherously sack Winterfell while sparing the Frey boys and taking them with him without Roose's knowledge and approval. While we don't know when Roose began to truly plot against Robb Stark, he made a point of weakening the other northern houses while preserving his forces from the beggining as seen with his command during the battle of the Green Fork where he sent the Hornwood, Manderly, Karstark, Glover and other noble houses forces to face the Lannisters army's might resulting in lord Hornwood's death and tons of deaths and important lords and heirs being captured. And we saw signs of Roose being in touch with Tywin starting from ACOK during his staying at Harrenhal, hinted during Arya's chapters with him.
  12. We don't know what happened to Victarion and his admiral ship during this battle, though if he wasn't captured or shipwrecked by Stannis' fleet, he most likely had to flee rather than to die in a crushing defeat.
  13. Most likely Larence Snow, who'd be legitimized to become the new Hornwood lord. It's what should happen in the main story too in the future once the IB and Boltons are gone for good.
  14. Balon would have attacked the North anyway, he always thought that Theon had become a "greenlander" or "wolfish", and he was blinded by his hatred of the Starks and ambitions of conquests. Though by keeping Theon with him, Robb would have prevented the worst damage made to his family and realm since Theon wouldn't have taken Torrhen Square, Winterfell and freed Ramsay nor had "Bran and Rickon" killed which means the North would have a head to mobilize and fight back against the Ironborn properly, Ramsay would be imprisonned or dead (in the scenario where someone tells Rodrick about him), and that Robb doesn't sleep with Jeyne Westerling and Catelyn doesn't release Jaime Lannister after hearing about Bran and Rickon's death.
  15. What do you think should be the fate of Harrenhal by the end of the saga ? Will the cursed behemothic caste stay in the same situation it had been for three centuries, with it staying in the same relative state and hosting various houses which all eventually die out, or should the castle be finally demolished after someone decide to end the curse story once and for all ? Or could be the castle be destroyed by dragonfire somehow ? Could there be a smaller castle or town build upon the land where Harrenhal is right now as Littlefinger plans for now ?
  16. What are your thoughts on the relation/bond that has been formed between Asha Greyjoy and Alysane Mormont, the second daughter of Maege Mormont and current lady of Bear Island in her mother's absence, during Asha's captivity under Stannis in A Dance With Dragons ? How important do you think that this relation will be in The Winds Of Winter and for the rest of the story in general ? Could you see the two becoming close enough to become friends ? What future interactions and moments could you see between the She-Kraken and the She-Bear ? What character development could ensue for Asha as a result of her relation with Alysane and vice-versa ?
  17. Sansa, if she does learn how to use her ability, could use it in the same way and for the same purpose Bloodraven did when he was serving house Targaryen, using essentially birds as spies to be always one step ahead in terms of knowledge and scheming.
  18. This discussion thread's purpose is to talk about the warging/skinchanging abilities, as well as of the greenseer powers in Bran and Rickon's cases, of the Stark children, of their nature, of their development and of their future usefulness. What do you think will be the development of their abilities for each surviving child of Ned Stark in the remaining books ? How do you think that Jon (after his ressurection, if it happens), Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon will develop and master their powers ? Who will be the best of them at warging ? What uses do you think that each of them would make of it ? Also what limits, both magical and moral, for each of them ?
  19. I don't think that he will be ressurected by the Others, nor that he would be able of having his free will nor of being able of controlling undeads who have no minds to share if it happens.
  20. Maybe Coldhand was put through a ritual, using weirwood or obsidian or both, by Bloodraven or the Children of the Forest just before dying that prevented his soul and mind to be enslaved by Others upon undeath. I don't think that it was a simple process.
  21. Viseryon, by virtue of being the smallest and the one who represents the one person Daenerys has the least warm relation, due to the way Viserys abused her because of his insanity.
  22. From aryainwinterfell on ASOIAF University on Tumblr: It's true that the relationship between Arya and Rickon is really sweet when you think about it, and that the two could truly be very close if they reunite, with both having similar headstrong and wild personalities, and ironically Arya could help Rickon discipline and channel his anger into a more useful and efficient way while Rickon could help Arya to master her warging ability. I could see the two of them practicing duelling, archery, horse riding, racing and going to go on hunting trips together.
  23. I imagine that, similar to the show, Bran will have become more emotionally detached and thus that it would cause some pain because of the distance his siblings feel from him, and of him caring for and loving them but not knowing how it properly show it before Jon, Sansa, Arya and Rickon accept the consequences of Bran's transformation as a full-fledged warg and greenseer. For Arya and Rickon it's their increased rage and ruthlessness that will be a source of problems, especially between Arya and Sansa, and with Rickon being so wild and unpredictable. That will be surely be some of the problems the siblings will have to deal with after reunion, there will be a time of tensions and misunderstandings before they fully adjust and accept each other again.
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