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  1. Well, it wasn't worth his life either.
  2. I was wrong saying that Robb crowned himself, but I consider it a misstep that he didn’t try to rescue his sisters, which led to Catelyn freeing Jaime. Was it really worth the lives of his sisters to have a crown? Ned got caught up in battles, but I can excuse him because he didn’t know where Lyanna was. Robb did, and despite knowing what Joffrey would do if he felt like it, chose to follow his pride into the Westerlands. And it claimed his life.
  3. Angel Eyes

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    I actually found a fanfic where the Starks are reading the books between the events of Bran I in AGOT, and they like the Tyrion chapters... so far. They’re at Jon III right now, Sansa’s perspective on Joffrey and Cersei is pretty much shot by Chapter 9, and everyone hates Viserys. And this is a simplification.
  4. He could have wielded an axe (as seen in prior seasons) and would have been more useful defending the civilians in the crypts than being as useful as nipples on a breastplate.
  5. Angel Eyes

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    And the Battle at the Fords stopped Tywin in his tracks long enough for him to hear of Stannis attacking King's Landing to turn back and defeat Stannis, which led to Roose Bolton and Walder Frey betraying Robb at the Red Wedding because nobody likes to be on the losing side. Which brings me back to the original point that Robb should not have left Edmure in the dark.
  6. Robb set out to rescue his father and sisters and help his mother's house. But after declaring himself King, he didn't try to rescue Sansa and Arya (like demanding their release or sending a team) and because he made no efforts to help them, his mother felt the need to use Jaime Lannister as a bargaining chip. Would the Red Wedding have been enacted if Jaime was still a hostage?
  7. Angel Eyes

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    Then Robb lost his purpose. And because he didn't try to rescue Sansa, his mother felt the need to free Jaime.
  8. Angel Eyes

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    I don’t know why Ned ignored the walking red flag that Littlefinger was. Did Ned never think that Littlefinger wouldn’t double-cross him or want revenge because he married Catelyn?
  9. Angel Eyes

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    It should have been higher on his priorities. Joffrey's execution of Ned showed that he was unpredictable and would do things that were stupid as long as he got sadistic pleasure out of it. What if Joffrey decided to execute Sansa because he felt like it or Meryn Trant beat her to death?
  10. Angel Eyes

    House Lannister is doomed.

    Genna Lannister is adapted out of the show.
  11. They had one? I guess the mass funeral pyre that opened Episode 4 counted. Yara was also pretty clumsily handled for the last season; how come Daenerys couldn't ask her to blockade King's Landing? She'd already declared for her, and while Yara gets into place, Daenerys could march down the Kingsroad getting the smallfolk to like her. Didn't she do all this for them, theoretically? She got the slaves to like her (remember "Mhysa"), why not the smallfolk?
  12. Angel Eyes

    Did Ramsay actually geld Theon?

    The theme of this thread makes me think back to one I had about Bran and his paralysis.
  13. Angel Eyes

    Why did Robb keep Edmure in the dark about his plan?

    Then the plan failed because of secrecy.