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  1. You know, sometimes I wonder why Robb didn't just send in a crack team to King's Landing to get Sansa (and Arya) out. He could have put Theon in charge of that, keep him well away from the Iron Islands. He could have also crunched his way south to King's Landing like Darth Vader in Rogue One to demand their release. Still, I think he's better than Viserys, who would have cut out his unborn nephew from Daenerys' womb and tried to rape her before her wedding. After the former, Daenerys no longer considered him family.
  2. Would Arya cut her unborn nephew from Sansa’s womb or say she’d have 40,000 men and their horses screw her? I think not.
  3. Theoretically, yes there are bacteria. Genetics in asoiaf are kinda funny, to be honest. For example, Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen are said to all be Cersei and Jaime’s children because of their appearances and that they don’t look like Robert. But then we have Ned’s children who mostly resemble Catelyn, with the exception of Arya. So would that mean that Catelyn’s cheating on Ned? I hope not. Plus, Craster’s daughters look perfectly normal despite lots of inbreeding, as do Viserys and Daenerys.
  4. Balerion bonded with Maegor and he was a psychopathic murderer and kinslayer.
  5. Or did Ramsay do this while left to his own devices? And did he bring all the Bolton forces in the North to help him? I ask this because it seems odd that a small group (say Ramsay, Reek and the Bastard Boys) would be able to overcome an entire castle garrison without significant numbers.
  6. Angel Eyes

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    There's also Stannis and Shireen, the latter of which was heartbreaking on Shireen's end and stupid on Stannis' part; he's fighting this war because of a succession crisis where the King died without proper heirs. Then he burned his only child, his heir. And it all wound up being for nothing because half his forces deserted and the rest were slaughtered to a man. Plus, D.B. Weiss is on record for saying he doesn't like Stannis, so they made him as hatable as possible on purpose.
  7. Angel Eyes

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    It was Tyene, the one with the knives. Talisa is another one for me. I know that it served a purpose out-of-universe because they needed to tie up a loose end and that meant Talisa and her unborn child could not remain alive. But I don't really understand from an in-universe perspective, since theoretically Robb wouldn't want to insult Walder Frey by bringing the reason why he broke his oath into the same place as him. It's what earned Jon Snow a spot on Lady Catelyn's shit list because Ned brought Jon to Winterfell as an infant as if he was parading his infidelity (even though he wasn't) in front of her.
  8. Angel Eyes

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    Yeah, them too. I liked Blackfish, wonder what would have happened if he left with Brienne and Podrick.
  9. That's my point. They don't really parallel.
  10. Angel Eyes

    Most stupid death (Show only)

    Littlefinger's death for me, what with the lead-up, Arya behaving like a psycho by threatening to kill Sansa and take her face, etc. No evidence, nobody brought up the fact that Sansa lied under oath about Lysa's death (would have expected either Littlefinger or Bronze Yohn), and I think Sansa should have done the deed herself. She passes the sentence, she should swing the sword, so to speak. And all the evidence is from a CCTV on wheels.
  11. Anyone else hazard a guess?
  12. Would Robb have beaten his sisters or tried to rape them the night before their weddings? Would Robb cut out an unborn nephew from his sister's womb? I think not.
  13. 1. Sensible? Do you mean sensitive?
  14. I say dodged a bullet. Doran was a fool to try it, he and Oberyn would likely have known from letters from Elia and/or Uncle Lewyn. Barristan always said there was something of Aerys in Viserys. The same way Ned was a fool to continue with Sansa’s betrothal to Joffrey after he nearly killed Arya.