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  1. There's no way Lady Stoneheart is letting Jaime live.
  2. James Faulkner (Randyll Tarly) appeared in the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes TV series in the two-hour long "The Hound of the Baskervilles"; he plays Jack Stapleton. Speaking of Sherlock Holmes, Roger Ashton-Griffiths (Mace Tyrell) appeared in Young Sherlock Holmes as Lestrade. At the end of the film it's reported he gets promoted to Inspector.
  3. So in ADWD, we hear from Alys Karstark that when she was six years old, she and her father Rickard came to Winterfell in the hopes of charming Robb Stark. Then we learn that Rickard betrothed her to Daryn Hornwood, whose family's soldiers can't repulse one Ramsay Snow. Simply put, why did Rickard just give up trying to get Alys to marry Robb and instead aim for a much lower prospect? Did Ned say something to him? Did Catelyn have different ambitions for her eldest son? It seems unlike Rickard given his track record of setting his mind to something (ie killing Lannisters).
  4. I don't really think Arya was whitewashed, particularly in Season 7; she wanted to take Sansa's face on a whim and was a massive hypocrite regarding Seasons 1 and 2 (read: the Tywin and Arya scenes).
  5. In the case of Lena Headey, what happened? They made her idealized version in the show (all the way to pulling improbable wins out the wazoo in Season 7), then dropped her character like a sack of potatoes for the last season since she barely does anything other than stare out of windows and drink wine. Regarding Peter Dinklage, it's certainly possible that the show's Tyrion is what they think he should be, as playing the book's version is well within Dinklage's wheelhouse given some of his roles.
  6. Olenna Tyrell and Walder Frey. Both are elderly people who are social climbers and have no problem berating their children in public; Olenna does so with Mace "Not now Mace, Lord Tywin and I are talking", Walder berates Stevron and Ryger for their attempts to correct his behavior towards Catelyn. Neither shows any problem killing a king at a wedding. Olenna however does so with a grandmotherly smile while Walder wears a contemptuous sneer.
  7. And then the Tywin and Arya scenes were promptly forgotten in Season 7 when Arya said she'd never serve the Lannisters.
  8. Somehow I think there was a line that Hoster was unwilling to cross; he never seemed to consider marrying Catelyn (to give an example) to Rhaegar. Well, you can blame the Greatjon for bringing up the idea.
  9. And yet Tywin married his cousin Joanna and allowed Kevan to marry Dorna Swyft, neither of which was much of a gain, particularly Dorna since her father is a landed knight whose family has been disgraced at least once (downgraded from lords to knights).
  10. I've wondered if Hoster's dislike is rooted in Walder's philandering (Catelyn says that Hoster isn't the type who would sire bastards) and rearing of his bastards, which he passed along to Catelyn. Walder raises his bastards in his castle like Ned Stark, is it possible that this practice is something that Hoster said to Catelyn that would be unbecoming of a lord, which factors into her treatment of Jon?
  11. I was talking about a different point in time, at the beginning of Season 7.
  12. Lyanna was already resentful of the match due to Robert's philandering behavior (which really makes her look like a hypocrite if she went with Rhaegar willingly). There's a good chance she would have wound up like Cersei had she married Robert.
  13. In that case, did Hoster tell Jon Arryn about Lysa's "proven fertility"?
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