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  1. I do not believe Doran and Oberyn were so easily won, the point of this thread is the fact that it appears to be easily won and conflicts with what we know about buying peace in-story, hence there must be more.
  2. He was stupid to betroth Arianne to Viserys. At least Ned gets some of a pass since he wasn’t aware of what Joffrey was like...
  3. Let me expand on this: GRRM has complained about the ease that Aragorn apparently did things in Lord of the Rings (that tax policy), yet he has Jon Arryn able to buy off Doran and Oberyn with two sets of bones, which, as we know in the books, isn’t very effective.
  4. Maybe Doran should have sent Quentyn to Meereen with an entourage, similar to what he did with Oberyn’s journey to King’s Landing, to wow Daenerys?
  5. Jory didn’t last very long against Jaime Lannister.
  6. There's an error on that chart. The chart says that Daeron son of Aegon V died at Summerhall, while The World of Ice and Fire says he was KIA in 251 AC.
  7. Well they did have guards, just not very good ones. The men Ned brought to King’s Landing were slaughtered to a man in the two engagements they showed up in and Rodrik Cassel and Cley Cerwyn’s force was massacred by Ramsay Snow.
  8. When did Martin decide to kill off Catelyn? To this day I'm not really sure what Lady Stoneheart's purpose is other than a He Who Fights Monsters-character, to show how far someone can fall for the sake of vengeance. As to whether or not Theon and/or Ramsay would be worse, still not sure on that, though it would most likely be bad whatever happens, given Ramsay's reputation for needless torture.
  9. It's certainly believed to be true by people like Catelyn, the household of Winterfell, Cersei (who even has the gall to accuse Ned of doing the old raid pillage and plunder on his way to Dorne), the Reeds, the Daynes, even Barristan Selmy (via ambiguous syntax).
  10. The initial absconding had Rhaegar, Arthur, and Oswell. Gerold Hightower didn't go to Dorne until Robert's Rebellion was underway, since he was present when Rickard and Brandon Stark were roasted.
  11. She might have been screwed either way. If she went back north to Winterfell to be with Bran and Rickon she'd still have to contend with Theon and later Ramsay. *shudder*
  12. And the main parallel to Rhaenyra that I’ve seen is Stannis (though he would hardly appreciate the comparison). Both believe themselves to be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, with their opposition a usurper (Aegon II is seen as a parallel to Joffrey), hold their seat of power at Dragonstone, their ascension is feared by their detractors because of their unforgiving nature, and each attempts an invasion of King’s Landing (Stannis fails, Rhaenyra succeeds).
  13. Of all places to abscond with someone, why did Rhaegar Targaryen choose to bring Lyanna Stark to Dorne? He certainly had some nerve showing his face there after disgracing their princess twice over.
  14. How widespread is the knowledge of that relationship?
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