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  1. Angel Eyes

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    There have been a few Johns in the English-British royal family: Edward I had a son named John who died as an infant, Edward III sired John of Gaunt whose son was Henry Bolingbroke (later Henry IV after taking the crown from his cousin Richard II), and George V had a son named John, who had epilepsy and died in 1918. Jaehaerys and Daeron seem to be good bets for names. Baelor wouldn’t be too bad. King Baelor the Blessed was popular despite being a mite touched, and Baelor Breakspear was revered as one of the finest warriors and statesmen Westeros had; many believe he would have been a great king had he lived to succeed his father.
  2. Angel Eyes

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    Aemon tends to be the dutiful son, though none have been the King. Aemon son of Jaehaerys was a great knight and close to his brother Baelon, Aemon son of Viserys served as a Kingsguard and died defending his brother despite the many abuses Aegon IV threw his way, while his devotion to his sister Naerys is the subject of song Aemon son of Maekar (you know him as Maester Aemon) served the Crown and the Night’s Watch and loved his brother Aegon V so much that he took the Black so he could not be used to challenge Aegon
  3. Angel Eyes

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    Anyone with the prefix Vis- tends to be overshadowed. 1. Visenya was the less loved of Aegon the Conqueror’s wives, a resentment she passed to her son Maegor. 2. Viserys son of Aenys was tortured to death by Tyanna of the Tower while still a young teenager. 3. Viserra daughter of Jaehaerys I contributed nothing and died in a drunken carriage race. 4. Viserys I’s success as a king was a continuation of his grandfather Jaehaerys I. He also (accidentally) caused the Dance of the Dragons. 5. Visenya daughter of Rhaenyra was stillborn. 6. Viserys II served as Hand of the King to his brother and two nephews and had the ability to be a great King, but died after only a year on the throne. 7. Viserys son of Aerys was sandwiched between Rhaegar “The Last Dragon” and Daenerys the Mother of Dragons. Died in an undignified way when he was “crowned” with molten gold
  4. Angel Eyes

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    I thought John was the cursed British monarch name.
  5. Angel Eyes

    Who got the most screwed over

    If he didn’t like the Dornish why did Aerys have his son marry one of them?
  6. I think I read somewhere (I forget where) that D & D were planning to have Sansa be married to Ramsay in Season 5 three years in advance
  7. I've been having this nagging feeling that Arya was not supposed to survive this episode, maybe the Night King breaks her neck even though she manages to stab him, shatter the Walkers and collapse the wights. She does precious little of consequence in the last three episodes.
  8. Angel Eyes

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    The whole Battle of Winterfell was sloppy, from the tactics, the lighting, the fake-out with Arya killing the Night King. I mean, whose idea was it to put all the civilians in the crypts, defenseless? Jon really dropped the ball on training everyone; the entire civilian population could have been slaughtered if Arya hadn't killed the Night King. Offhand, something tells me that Arya was not intended to survive the Long Night. She did very little of consequence in the last three episodes; turned down Gendry, abandoned her List, nearly got trampled, sat and watched Daenerys' speech, decided to go west of Westeros.
  9. I picture Richard Armitage as Eddard Stark myself.
  10. Angel Eyes

    Dorne and Landed Knights

    So women in Dorne can inherit if they’re the eldest child, but what happens with landed knights like the Santagars? Ie, Sylva Santagar is heir to Spotswood, but women (as far as I know) can’t become knights under the Faith of the Seven. Who would get the title?
  11. Angel Eyes

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Hey, blood’s thicker than water. Maybe he he was trying to preserve what was left of his house, since now with every other Lannister dead (except for maybe Reginald) he’s the last of the Lannisters.
  12. Angel Eyes

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    I’m genuinely surprised at how the show became gibberish. D&D had two years to work all these things out, wrap up plot lines, realistic turning points, edit out Starbucks and water bottles...
  13. Angel Eyes

    Did nobody ever read a Stark family tree?

    I guess my point is that incest is something that is not unheard of amongst the Starks.
  14. Littlefinger wants Sansa for himself and to advance his plans. Since Tyrion is married to Sansa, he’s in the way of any possible marriage alliance plans no matter how much Littlefinger says that Sansa and Tyrion’s marriage is annulled because he never consummated it. So he needs to tie up the loose end by killing Tyrion. Put poison in his wine, pay the right man with a knife, get a crossbowman up to and including 60 yards from Tyrion, he could be a dead man.
  15. Angel Eyes

    I guess the Starks will just die out?

    Is that ironic, bad poetry? But as the matter stands, yes. The Starks haven’t had cousins in their line for at least two generations; Rickard Stark was an only child, he married his cousin Lyarra (did Varys not read a Stark family tree and think that Jon would not be fine with marrying Daenerys, because the Starks have had incestuous marriages before?), her sister married into House Rogers in the Stormlands but nobody has shown up from that house, Benjen was sworn to the Night’s Watch, Lyanna had Jon and his line is also cut because he joined the Night’s Watch, and Brandon... well, he might have bastards somewhere but we haven’t met them.