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  1. So is that why there’s a theory somewhere that Littlefinger is Sansa’s father?
  2. Kevan Lannister and Garlan Tyrell. Both are second sons of a fat Lord Paramount and Warden who was politically inept, whose eldest brother was more politically astute (Tywin and Willas are also foils, more on that later). Each had a younger brother who tried to make their own way (Tygett for Kevan, Loras for Garlan) through martial ability and a sister who is just as politically minded as her brothers (Genna for Kevan, Margaery for Garlan). Both also had an acid-tongued grandmother (though it's unlikely, no impossible that Kevan met Rohanne Webber) and had a lot more respect for Tyrion Lannister than most people.
  3. Arya and Lysa. Both are the younger daughters of Lords Paramount who grew up in the shadow of a more popular, ladylike sister and greatly resented them. Their fathers however treated them quite differently; though Ned allowed Arya to train in sword fighting, Hoster forced Lysa to abort her child and this caused a myriad of problems. Arya embarks on a revenge campaign on her family’s behalf, while Lysa destroys her family by killing her husband and manipulating her sister into causing a devastating civil war which results in her sister’s death and her house’s disgrace.
  4. Euron. He’s evil by modern standards, Westerosi standards, and Ironborn standards.
  5. Bronn’s gotten what he’s wanted: money, moving up socially. And for the next 16 years until Tyrion Tanner comes of age he should be set up nicely as Lord Protector of Stokeworth.
  6. Aegon son of Aenys Frey. He’s an outlaw.
  7. Joffrey is a strange case; between him and his two siblings Myrcella and Tommen he'd be the Black Sheep, but he's their mother's favorite. Tyrion, because he's a dwarf and openly flaunts his personal flaws (his drinking and whoring).
  8. Funnily enough, the fact that Jon and Sansa weren't close growing up is one of the reasons why people support the idea of a relationship between them.
  9. A relatively minor quibble, but why does Gendry identify himself as Gendry Rivers? He was only in the Riverlands for two years tops and spent most of his working life in the Crownlands. At least with Bran calling Jon a Sand makes a little sense because he was born in Dorne and was regarded as a Snow because he was raised in the North (hence why Obara Sand is not Obara Flowers).
  10. And here I was, getting criticized for thinking that ASOIAF was pessimistic.
  11. Daenerys never tried to win the propaganda game however.
  12. Rhaegar certainly had a lot of nerve bringing Lyanna to Dorne.
  13. Well romance seems to be on the rocks (and I don't mean ice, Who Framed Roger Rabbit reference) for her in the books as well. She's accepted that with the whole "No one will ever marry me for love." And considering that she's resorted to dreaming up romantic moments...
  14. Something about Sansa: Why couldn't she have bargained for the North to be independent yet allied with Daenerys? Yara did that back in Season 6.
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