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  1. More than Doran's plans are messed up right now?
  2. Speaking of Castamere, what's the value of the Greatjon capturing it? As far as I am aware, nobody's mined there for 40 years and everything in there (mining equipment-wise) would have rusted or rotted away. If Robb intended to use the silver, the apparatus for the mines would have to be built from scratch and that would take time, time which isn't on his side.
  3. Well, if he didn't marry her it would make him look just as bad as John Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility, have sex with a girl and abandon her without a thought.
  4. The problem with Doran is that he doesn't take any steps to protect his investments; Viserys is left out to dry when Doran could have helped him, if only to make sure Viserys doesn't abuse Arianne. He does almost nothing to help Quentyn when he sends him to court Daenerys; if her victories in Slavers' Bay were so widely known, why would Doran have known that Daenerys wasn't going to be moved by an awesome show of Dornish power. Even Oberyn understood image politics, more than Doran.
  5. He would have had better luck with both plans involving the Targaryens had he been a little more hands-on, at least when it came to Viserys. As for landing in Dorne, I actually thought similarly regarding where Daenerys should have landed; either that or Oldtown.
  6. I'd put him as one of the worst plotters in the series. I made a couple posts about how bad his plans are. Part 1: Part 2: There's also a noticeable lack of faith in Arianne (to be fair Arianne doesn't exactly display much to justify faith in her), even in plans that involve her fate. On the other hand I would have expected Doran to have trusted Arianne (for comparison's sake look at Ned telling Sansa of her betrothal to Joffrey) more, as his heir. Plus he would have been privy to matters amongst the Targaryens that involved Dorne where the ruler did not trust their heir and led to disaster and should have understood their importance; Aegon IV, who entertained thoughts of invading Dorne, frequently clashed with his son Daeron, who had married a Princess of Dorne. Surely Doran would have also been privy to the mistrust between Aerys II and his son Rhaegar, through Rhaegar's wife and Doran's sister Elia. Furthermore since Barristan had known of Viserys' personality, there's no reason Elia wouldn't have, which should have incentivized Doran to have taken his daughter's intended in hand to prevent his daughter from being abused.
  7. Prove it. It's made abundantly clear that either Jaime dies or Brienne does. Since Stoneheart already thinks he's betrayed his word by giving Brienne a Lannister-made sword (made from the sword used by Stoneheart's husband no less), that's another tally in the "pro hanging Kingslayer" column.
  8. My guess is that Cersei and Tyrion are both trying to mirror their father Tywin, but clearly aren't doing their job properly.
  9. I can't imagine it being in great shape, considering it would have spent 15+ years in water and rusted. And that isn't if it wasn't burned with Rhaegar on a funeral pyre.
  10. Did somebody call for the Great Stone Dragon?
  11. Unless a deus ex machina happens or Brienne breaks her oath, Jaime's getting hanged.
  12. And yet Doran wanted to marry Arianne to him. But he couldn't be bothered into molding Viserys into a suitable husband for some reason or another (never even bothered to set up a correspondence).
  13. Now, Doran's Targaryen plots gone wrong, part 2: Quentyn. After the "crowning" of Viserys, Doran sets his sights on Daenerys, a Queen in truth with power at her beck and call in dragons, Unsullied, and sellswords. What can Quentyn offer? The support of Dorne. Now, how to make him inconspicuous to the Iron Throne, which Doran fears above all else? It's known that the sons of Westerosi noblemen would sometimes tour the Free Cities during their early years of maturity to partake in more knowledge of the world, as Tyrion asked Tywin to do as his uncles had done. This would be in addition to Oberyn's contacts in Braavos and Tyrosh. And Quentyn, with a Norvosi mother, had more opportunities to do so than most since Mellario had left for her home city; it would not look out of the ordinary to use visiting his mother as a pretense to have a home base or even just as a starting point From there, Quentyn could start off from there or Doran could send an invitation to Daenerys that a representative of Dorne wished to meet with her Doran also made errors in the personnel for Quentyn's quest: Cletus and Archibald Yronwood, Gerris Drinkwater, William Wells, and Maester Kedry. All, while likely skilled knights and someone versed in the tongues of Essos, held allegiance to only one house: House Yronwood, showing that they had no other backing. Even Oberyn understood the importance of image politics, bringing lords, ladies, and heirs from all over Dorne to Joffrey's wedding, to the point that Tyrion felt his own retinue was outmatched. His varied entourage showed that Dorne was not so easily ignored in the politics of the realm. Contrast with the Fellowship of the Ring: Four were Hobbits and close friends and relatives of the Ringbearer Frodo Baggins (albeit with three being landed gentlemen), but the other members of the Fellowship were skilled in war, languages, with political clout and backgrounds from all over Middle-Earth: Gandalf the Grey, member of the Istari, a Servant of the Secret Fire, Wielder of the Flame of Anor, Aragorn son of Arathorn, Heir of Isildur and Anarion, Chieftain of the Dunedain Boromir, son of Denethor, heir to the Stewardship of Gondor, Captain-General, High Warden of the White Tower Legolas Greenleaf, Prince of Mirkwood Gimli son of Gloin, cousin of Dain II Ironfoot Even Oberyn understood the importance of image politics, bringing lords, ladies, and heirs from all over Dorne to Joffrey's wedding, to the point that Tyrion felt his own retinue was outmatched. His varied entourage showed that Dorne was not so easily ignored in the politics of the realm. Doran then made an error in Quentyn's passage to Essos; instead of starting from Oldtown where the companions would not be easily identified, Doran had them start from Plankytown, the only port in Dorne, where they made conspicuous figures, particularly the lazy-eyed Cletus. His attempts at secrecy only increased speculation in the eyes of the lowborn of Dorne, which made their way up to the paranoid Arianne. The result was disastrous: the company was halved before the reader meets Quentyn, most notably Cletus, the only other member of the party who could have shown any political clout. The plain Quentyn, in manner, face, and garb, had no means of charming Daenerys to fulfill his father's plans and so made a desperate attempt to tame a dragon... flaming out like a frog in the Bayou.
  14. There are a lot of things wrong with Doran's plots regarding the Targaryens. Let's start with Viserys. So Doran has Oberyn go to Braavos and meet with Ser Willem Darry to set up a betrothal between Viserys and Arianne. Five years later, Ser Willem croaks. Doran could have had Oberyn escort the now unmoored Viserys and Daenerys to Tyrosh, whose daughter had been fostered in Sunspear, fulfilling his end of the pact with the Archon by having Arianne meet her betrothed. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? No, especially since Oberyn's travels were well-known to the royal court and would not seem out of the ordinary. Viserys did not have to cross the Narrow Sea at this point, but he should at least meet his intended and vice versa. At the very least they could have started a correspondence. Instead, Doran does nothing when he had no excuse. His justification that Mellario didn't want to lose another child to fostering as she lost Quentyn is bullshit; as an alternative, why not have Oberyn escort the exiled Targaryens to Norvos instead? That way, Mellario could take Arianne with her, the intendeds meet or could at least correspond. The result of Doran's inaction? Viserys degenerates into a paranoid, cruel wreck, the type no man would want for his son-in-law, with no skills to rule or even to take the throne he so wanted. And so ended the Beggar King, crowned with gold.
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