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  1. There's a remark about this in Cersei VI in AFFC. Now, this is all thinking in hindsight What I mean is that after Brandon was killed by the Mad King, Catelyn was promised to Ned. The other question I'm trying to answer is why Jon Arryn in particular? It's the fallout from said arranged marriage that causes trouble. I just think it's a dumb move in hindsight considering how it set up the War of the Five Kings.
  2. Angel Eyes

    The Stark sucession crisis and Arya the unlikely

    Rickon, Sansa, or No One? She looks more like a Stark than Jeyne Poole does. Starks don't have brown eyes.
  3. Guess I should’ve added a line about Lysa’s fertility being decreased after the abortion.
  4. I wouldn’t exactly call Lysa fertile, what with five miscarriages and stillbirths. And that alliance was wasted in the War of the Five Kings when Littlefinger decimated that bloc.
  5. House Tully was already committed to the Rebellion via Catelyn Tully's betrothal to Eddard Stark. He didn't need to double his ties to the Rebels, Jon Arryn wound up not really caring much for his wife, and placing Lysa in the Vale allowed Littlefinger to rise in power and cause a war that would devastate Hoster's Riverlands. Little finger's in the Vale, wouldn't Hoster not want Lysa near such a temptation?
  6. He was already a shameless cheat, by the time that he was betrothed to Lyanna, Mya Stone was already born.
  7. Angel Eyes

    Lysa and Jaime

    Planting Lysa so close to the Vale and so close to Littlefinger was stupid on Hoster’s part.
  8. I’m still not completely sure how Robert would be convinced. If it’s based on their appearance, it’d be like saying that of Ned’s children with Catelyn, only Arya would be legitimate.
  9. Angel Eyes

    Vargo's death.

    He doesn’t tell anything at all.
  10. Angel Eyes

    Robert's Reign and War of Five Kings

    Then why were all three of the daughters of Aegon III passed over in favor of their uncle Viserys II?
  11. Angel Eyes

    Why did nobody try to curb Joffrey?

    So was it genetics?
  12. Angel Eyes

    Robert's Reign and War of Five Kings

    Myrcella wouldn’t be allowed to sit the Iron Throne. People go out of their way so a woman won’t sit on the Iron Throne, as Viserys II’s ascension proved. As far as who would inherit, the closest I can think of is the Estermonts, since they’re Robert’s cousins through his mother.
  13. Angel Eyes

    Why did George give daenerys everything

    Worming out of Viserys’ grasp.
  14. Angel Eyes

    Robert's Reign and War of Five Kings

    Well, who was left? Aerys: Killed by Jaime. Rhaegar: Chest caved in by Robert Baratheon. Aegon son of Rhaegar: Head smashed by The Mountain... or was he?... Viserys son of Aerys: On Dragonstone and later Braavos. Aerys and Rhaella were the only children of Jaehaerys II. Duncan the Small renounced all rights to the Iron Throne when he married Jenny of Oldstones and we've been kept in the dark about whether or not he had any kids. Daeron son of Egg: Unmarried. Rhaelle daughter of Egg: Married Ormund Baratheon, who sired Steffon Baratheon. Steffon married Cassana Estermont and sired Robert, Stannis, and Renly Baratheon. Vaella Targaryen, daughter of Daeron the Drunken: Unknown. Maegor son of Aerion: Unknown. Daella daughter of Maekar I: Maester Aemon says she married and had issue, but we've left in the dark about them. Rhae daughter of Maekar I: See above. And let's not forget Jon, son of Rhaegar, if he was ever legitimized.
  15. Angel Eyes

    What if The Iron Throne Broke Apart?

    Or Robert. When I first saw this thread, I was thinking what would happen if the Iron Throne literally broke apart.