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  1. So... GRRM subverted expectations because it was what was expected? This is what I mean about Benioff and Weiss taking things that were introduced by GRRM and amping them up to an undesirable conclusion.
  2. Well Martin and by extension D&D are trying to deconstruct Tolkien, are they not? You said so yourself at post #66.
  3. At least Tolkien's women are mostly not power-hungry schemers whose idea of morality is upside-down like at the end of the show. I had a thread contrasting D&D's women with power with Tolkien's.
  4. They'd have to summon The Mountain or Jaime from the field. On the other hand, how well could Ned have fought, with his injured leg and all?
  5. And the Reach would be the warzone I guess, since the Lannisters and Martells are on opposite sides of the continent.
  6. How is this part of the conversation?
  7. ... Then why does The Mountain exist?
  8. Robert Baratheon and Theon Greyjoy. Both are the foster brothers and best friends of Starks, whose sigils are black and gold, and rebelled against their kings. Both are highly promiscuous with dark haired, and were once regarded as handsome; Robert has gained a lot of weight while Theon loses weight to the point of becoming emaciated.
  9. Let's run this down in the strategy session in Episode 4: Stock is taken of remaining forces; half are gone (which means the other half of the Dothraki dicked around for the rest of the episode), Daenerys' forces and Cersei's forces are roughly equal, Cersei has Iron Fleet and Golden Company How to proceed? Missandei: Spread word of the Long Night and the victory over the Army of the Dead; smallfolk will take Daenerys' side when word is known what was done for them. Daenerys: counters by saying that Cersei will make sure nothing is believed Varys: reports that support is growing for Daenerys: Yara has retaken the Iron Islands, the Prince of Dorne has declared for Daenerys. Time is on Daenerys' side. Jon and Tyrion: Propose besieging/blockading King's Landing Daenerys: Agrees Sansa: Wants to delay to allow Northern troops to recuperate Daenerys: Wants to attack now so Cersei can't muster up more support Jon: sides with Daenerys, breaking stalemate Tyrion: Attempts to recap things, says that some of the Unsullied and the Dragons will go to Dragonstone by sea, everyone else (Jon, Davos, Northern soldiers, Knights of the Vale, Dothraki, rest of Unsullied) will march by land down the Kingsroad to King's Landing. ... now where was that laid out as part of the strategy? To summarize: it's Tyrion's idea that is the direct catalyst for Daenerys' madness.
  10. Not Ned Dayne, Ned Dayne is on an age with Sansa.
  11. My guess (which I think is pretty accurate judging by what we've seen) is that Drogon's carrying ability is limited; he can only carry so much. In Beyond the Wall, Drogon retreats to the Wall with Daenerys, Tormund, Beric, The Hound, Jorah, and the captured wight. Similarly in The Long Night, Drogon is temporarily downed when a bunch of wights swarm him and he is forced to fly up into the air to shake them off.
  12. I thought the fleet ferried the Unsullied to Casterly Rock and Euron, again making use of his teleporting fleet took out the fleet, forcing the Unsullied to march across the continent back to the capital (and one of the lesser applications of traveling at the speed of plot).
  13. They could steal it; chop a few trees at a time, transport them to the Iron Islands. Also, did Robert impose sanctions on the Ironborn after Greyjoy's Rebellion, to give an example? The main punishment for it was Theon being taken as a ward by Ned.
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