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  1. I remember around when I first joined I was arguing with some guy about the Others, and getting rid of the others (or something like it). It was a back and forth between me and some guy with a star in his pfp IIRC. Nice engaging argument. I kind of liked my own Unsullied thread, but that's more because it was mine. Plus all the GRRM writing threads I made, but those got taken down. That was fun to read, and also hilarious because I was always praying it would get past twenty pages.
  2. I know that tho Guess he was too old and entrenched to accept anyone above him on the totem pole, especially someone with the capability to destroy him in a day or two
  3. We don't know, but considering that he's polygamous and married his sisters...if I were Argilac, it wouldn't really be that big of a logic jump to assume he might accept a third wife.
  4. I'm not the most avid theory reader, so this is based mostly of me not liking theories based off in universe consequences for Dany. I don't like theories that would make it so that Jon or Young Griff is the rightful heir of the Iron Throne. I'm a Dany fan, I want her to succeed and rule Westeros in some manner, and I want Jon or YG to be below her on the totem pole. She can be stupid and she doesn't have a lot of experience but she's written to the point where I (as someone who also doesn't have a lot of life experience) sympathize with her. I want her to win, and I would be diddly damned burnt if I saw Jon or some blue haired pretender steal her rightful place. In other news, I'm not a fan of the Lemongate theories that posit her to be of weird ancestry (Rhaella/Rhaegar, etc). Yes, it's weird there's a lemon tree there. BUT, to extrapolate all other sorts of information is just fanfiction, not a logical theory. There's a lot of stuff for who the Knight of the Laughing Tree is, or R+L=J. Extravagant theories aren't my thing.
  5. lmao bruh They are amusing, in a frustrating manner. You have to admire the sheer persistence of whoever set this up. In all honesty, these people are probably Flat Earthers/Young Earth Creationists irl
  6. Did the old haters try to back it up with evidence from the books, or were they along the lines of our haters?
  7. It's almost as stupid, idk why every space reel has to have an army of goddamn flat earthers lol my point was just that I thought stupidity was going to be more rare, but then I went on that site and learned the opposite. Those folks on there hate everyone lmao
  8. Were they? I remember reading that the Romans and Macedonians were able to deal with them, and scaring them off sounds like it worked pretty well.
  9. Probably the Vale or the North. The Vale has a lot of troops and relatively full larders, along with the ports to try and bring in more. It's also a pretty hard land to invade, since the mountain route is blocked by the Gates and the landing areas are probably also populated or garrisoned. The North because it's big and empty, full of stubborn folks that are hard to rule. They do have a food and numbers problem, though. In general, Dany's troops will have a hard time keeping supplied with food, boots and all the other knickknacks you need to run an army. The winter will probably be hard for her troops accustomed to warm lands, but I think that the Dothraki might actually fare better in this sector. Given that they live in the steppe without a bunch of big bodies of water to moderate the temperature, their winters are probably pretty hard. From that, they'd likely have the clothes or the capability to make the clothes in order to stay warm. Everywhere else is either terrain that's not too defensible or is war torn and hungry.
  10. I must truly compliment you upon your creative ability. Notwithstanding the fact that it belongs what's most likely a sad, dry ham sandwich of a person. So far as I know, we've never gotten any evidence that the above is true, so I would appreciate it if you provided the evidence to back it up. Page numbers and all. She probably won't go insane because of anything mentioned previously, unless she brings the Dothraki to Westeros. If she does do that, she'll go postal because of the sheer logistical and diplomatic headache they would give her lol
  11. With the fact that spear-men and pike-men are mentioned a lot, alongside archers, they probably won't pose that much of a threat. Getting continuously bombarded by arrows and stabbed with pikes and spears would probably injure/freak out the elephants to the point where they pose no true military threat. That's my relatively uninformed opinion.
  12. I used to think that people would be intelligent on Internet forums and comments sections (with the exception of a few people) Then I went on instagram reels and learned the opposite.
  13. How exactly did this get to 17 pages worth? I would've thought that people would've gone insane trying to argue for seventeen damn pages.
  14. I personally would've like to see why exactly the troops love him so much. When he comes across the troops blocking his path I would've like to see him truly use charisma and his past relationships with the troops to convince them. I like history too, so fleshing the situations, politics and such out would've been interesting. This movie (I'm sure people have said it before) seems more like Napoleon and Josephine, than simply Napoleon and his rise to power. In the beginnning, stuff just seems to happen for him to do it, and I didn't really understand why exactly Russia would turn on him. I learned more about Napoleon from reading internet articles than I did watching the movie. His son appears in a couple of scenes and then disappears without explanation. I know he died at around 21, but a little bit of end exposition would've been nice.
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