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  1. He already knows that whoever did it to him "made a choice" to toss him out a window, and I don't see why it would affect him all to much. He's already come to grips with his new reality.
  2. Poor Thorne. He's so very likeable and it's not like he was trying to help Janos stir up dissent amongst the ranks right when everything is in a horrible position. Such a tragedy.
  3. My personal preference is Tywin (show Tywin) and Sansa. Or Willas, perhaps. Sums up a lot of Reylos I've seen.
  4. So if a pitbull is trained to guard his owner's house, but breaks out and attacks a five year old walking a block away, you wouldn't blame the dog?
  5. Second post (Sorry, mods, I didn't want the first one to be too long). The characters in this story mostly have the "good guys" failing and/or dying (Ned, Dany, Jon, etc), while the bad guys seem to cartoonish/incompetent (think First Order here) to truly pose a competent threat for the protagonists to face off against. Cersei's POVs might be the height of comedy, but that idiot is of not much threat to much in the larger scale. Or villains we've hardly seen or learned about, like the Others.
  6. I do have a few conditions for it not lasting beyond a decade or two. 1. If GRRM does not finish the series 2. If GRRM does not appoint someone else to finish the story 3. If GRRM dies (Hopefully it'll be in a few decades, so he can keep chugging along) If that all happens, then the fervor from HOTD and other material will eventually fade into a part of fantasy framework. Good to read, but not fulfilling in the end. Agreed. Tolkien had a bad situation (in story) with Sauron and armies of orcs and trolls and such, but still the heroes managed to prevail and there was hope with Aragorn and such that they would be able to rebuild the damage and rule wisely. With GRRM's world (and this is not intended as serious, dealbreaker criticism), there will most likely be a speck of hope, but that hope will come after a continent has been ripped to shreds by ice demons and human douches. Plus, fantasy and stories are escapism. We want to have some realism and logic, but we also want a story with heroes and villains and such. The heroes and villains can and should be grey, but the "protagonists" and land we're supposed to root for in ASOIAF seem so bad now, that it seems death would be a happy thing. TL;DR, for this section: The end of the story does require more hope that things will get better than before the conflicts started, or else it's just a grimdark, unhopeful story.
  7. You are on this council, but we do not grant you the rank of master. So no, luckily for you.
  8. You must fast and search up "I have the high ground" on the Internet. Such is my judgement.
  9. @Reekazoid That's not the quote (nitpicky, yes, but the sacred lands of r/prequelmemes have made clear the dialogue) Tis: "It's over, Anakin! I have the high ground!"
  10. Exactly. It's a proven doctrine that "the high ground" will aid in victory over the enemy occupying the low ground. General Kenobi can tell us much about that.
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