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  1. The Mountain. Would you rather be Lord of Highgarden or Lord of Casterly Rock? (I'd take Highgarden. Armies of 100000 are not to be discounted.)
  2. Lady. Lord Eddard was a fool who let his precious honor get in the way of loyalty to the realm and the Usurper. Besides, Sansa needs as much protection as she can get when surrounded by creeps like Littlefinger. Would you rather kill Joffrey or Ramsay?
  3. Which is a wonder, in and of itself with what we know of Aerys, but I suppose Tywin was efficient enough.
  4. Theon? Asha? Those are the only ones I can think of.
  5. Disappointing that they're not covering the razing of the river cities. Although I suppose CGI for 300 dragons is.......tough. And expensive most likely.
  6. Sure, I might be on bad terms with my sister, but there ain't no goddamn way I'm leaving them for a sadistic **** to use as a toy.
  7. Mass murdering? Great, so we'll have some Valyrian thinking along the lines of "You do not steal from the dragon, oh no. The dragon remembers."?
  8. "Ser Ilyn, bring me his head!"Well, I hope Jon, if he turns out to be a Targaryen, does not stand in the way of the rightful queen, Daenerys Targaryen. If he does, Dany can simply immolate him. Very easy. Excuse me? What is wrong with you? What, you wouldn't save your sister from a sadistic little piece of maggoty ****?
  9. I'm assuming it's just going to cover Princess Nymeria running from the Lords Freeholder and not the destruction of the river cities, the razing of Chroyane?
  10. Especially because he thinks that it's the real Arya. And the real Arya is only eleven. fArya is only, what, 2 years older? Who the **** says that son of ***** Ramsay is ever right?
  11. I've eaten horsemeat before.....it was not that good. Bowl of brown. It can't be any worse than beef bulgogi or spinach. Or steak for that matter. Would you rather: let Robb Stark live and kill Daenerys, or kill Robb Stark and let Daenerys live? I know how @Eternally_His will answer, .
  12. Ned Stark? He was born in the North and did live down south......
  13. Balerion is the one true king and the true Prince that was Promised. This is known.
  14. Stupid idiot! Sorry. I need to pay more attention.
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