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  1. My own cat's named Billie. She's a fairly large cat, with a belly measuring eight inches from the top of her back to the bottom of her belly (don't ask why I measured the cat's fat) and she seems to have a clock for 4:30 AM. She'll wake us up by: licking our noses, batting at our faces, purring and staring right down at us, and excessive meowing. One time, she knew I was awake and kept doing all the above so I just pulled the blanket over my head....she went down and started batting at my toes. Got up, fed the cat, went back to sleep.
  2. Hey! Daena was cool! (let's just ignore the small matter of Daemon Waters) Bang Daeron tYD Marry Daeron the Good KILL DAERON THE DARING, THE GREENS ARE USURPERS Rhaenys edition: Rhaenys sister of Aegon I Rhaenys daughter of Aemon Rhaenys daughter of Rhaegar
  3. The day that Cersei's a wonderful woman is the day I wear a clown suit 24/7/365. She threw her friend down a well, and watched her drown, she's been an entitled snot from the day she was born, she manipulates her brother/lover, caused a war by fucking said brother and thus didn't provide Robert Baratheon heirs as was her "duty" (think medieval here, IMO Cersei as horrible as she is can bed whoever she likes after she's given Robert an heir), plotted our favorite dwarf's death (destroyed his beautiful nose).......the list goes on.
  4. She has a combination of wanting to find a home and reclaiming her birthright as queen of the 7K. Or she thinks that if she takes the throne, she'll have found a home. Something like that, I'm not a damn poet. Burn them all! If Marwyn makes it safely to her. Just a simple matter of passing through the Ironborn, then all the natural problems like storms, the blockade and siege of Meereen (though that's likely to be broken by then) and how is Dany supposed to believe Marwyn? Army of dead men? I'd laugh and then chuck him out on his butt.
  5. I mean, they did make the amount of crime decrease......questionable methods (in modern times, which this is not) but it worked.
  6. 40000 poorly trained, poorly equipped, poorly armored men with a bunch of rivalries who think they're all equal instead of listening to a competent officer. And on foot as well, and this sort of army will never stand up against the charge of armored knights. A cavalry charge is scary as hell, and these bozos don't have the discipline to hold together. Probably.
  7. It is late, but the effort is appreciated. This is the last post of mine on this thread, so.....I'm out.
  8. 1. Tommen, Myrcella, Victarion, maybe Barristan 2. I will NOT have Dany die under ANY circumstances, unless it's of old age. Tommen's cats. And Tommen 3. Cersei, fAegon, maybe Arianne, Euron, Victarion (I don't like rapist pirates, especially with dragonhorns), Varys (too dangerous), Littlefinger (he's a creep, needs to die), JonCon......
  9. Plus, he's not Tolkien who made up his languages himself apparently.
  10. An annulment, perhaps? How's that? It's not like she's going to be respected.
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