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  1. I'd have to check again to see if you already answered, but what religion would you personally pick?
  2. You don't necessarily need to be religious....I get along just fine. Sorry for doubles, mods.
  3. The gods of tits and wine do sound pretty chill. I'm sure you would. How many copies of the Queen Daenerys Bibles will you want printed ;)? I think that, barring me moving to the Summer Islands and having a grand old time, I'd prolly go with the Old Gods. I despise long, time wasting church services and I'm not all keen on the burning-people-alive religion. Dothraki religion sounds...unpleasant. Nothing wrong with trees. You can listen to EU books and r/slash.
  4. His cantankerous exterior belies the gracious and kind interior. He could've easily just flayed Robb Stark, but he was kind and merciful as our dear Emperor Palpatine. He even gave a merciful death to Lady Catelyn. He's a fine man.
  5. Poor Sisyphus, eternally pushing his rock. Guess he shouldn't have cheated death, twice. True.
  6. Sansa could deduce it on later, I'm guessing that's how she gets the Vale lords on her side, or at least enough to get rid of Littlefinger. A bit of a stretch, perhaps, but I think that saying that zero people know is a bit incorrect.
  7. I've been trying to remember to come back, but keep forgetting. I've had a busy month, so far.
  8. Continue, dear fellows. Our struggle for 23 pages (no, siree, I have not forgotten), that which has been stymied by the great evil of the land, shall succeed this time! Link to latest thread:
  9. Both, prolly. It's a win-win for both Cersei and the Mountain. He gets to kill some guy, and Cersei can shut that uppity boy up permanently.
  10. Indeed. Apparently the internal damage was so bad that she never had another kid.
  11. Or head to Unmitigated Pedantry....it's free, after all. And Wikipedia.
  12. Indeed. The fanfiction thing is something I've never really understood anyway? I've spent a helluva lot of time on those sites, and while some are great (Strangers Again is an amazing story), but it's not like those are "threatening" his works.....mesa Jar Jar Binks is very confused.
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