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  1. That's show, ser. Valyria is a burnt wasteland in the books. The worst solution Renly could've come up with, and is horrible, is killing Shireen. Luckily, Renly doesn't seem that sort of guy.
  2. Yep. Maybe make it so that the Old Tongue is also spoken in the North? Rhoynish in Dorne? I know, right? I'm pretty sure FaB states that a dozen or so houses still worship the old gods, but the only one we hear about is House Blackwood.
  3. She isn't Tyrion "I Drink and I Know Things" Lannister. So if I had a kid, and declared myself king, my kid would have kingsblood? Can't Mel just mass produce kingsblood people then?
  4. Good one. Now, mine is Eddard's council session about the Hand's Tourney and also Littlefinger's observation about gargoyles and Shireen: Renly: We're fortunate my brother Stannis is not with us. Remember the time he proposed to outlaw brothels? The king asked him if he wanted to outlaw ****ting, eating and breathing while he was at it. If truth be told, I ofttimes wonder how Stannis got that ugly daughter of his. He goes to his marriage bed like a man marching to a battle field, with a grim look in his eyes and a determination to do his duty. Ned: I wonder about your brother Stannis as well. I wonder when he intends to end his visit to Dragonstone and resume his seat upon the council. Littlefinger: No doubt as soon as we've scourged all those whores into the sea. Ned: I have heard quite enough about whores. God, I would've been laughing so hard my lungs would've popped Somehow Littlefinger keeps composure throughout this little monologue: Littlefinger: A trade envoy from Lys once observed to me that Lord Stannis must surely love his daughter well, since he'd erected hundreds of statues of her along the walls of Dragonstone. "My lord, I had to tell him, those are gargoyles".
  5. "Americans traditionally love to fight". That's untrue, but it's a beautiful line.
  6. "My faithful Mushroom. Would that all men were as true as you. I should take you for my Hand". He served as Hand of the King , . I think his comments provided good comic relief in a ghastly business. Though, to be honest, somehow the chapters about the reign of King Jaehaerys I Targaryen were more interesting than the Dance chapters. Very odd.
  7. The abomination? You mean the show? Considering what we know of Tywin's relationship with Johanna, I'm willing to believe Pycelle on this occasion. Yep, you can't exactly blame him for not liking laughter.
  8. I am looking at your words and presenting an argument against. How would he leave? Saan's not confirmed to be in Lys. How is Saan supposed to find them? His ship brought him there, but it's up to Andrew Estermont and the others to protect him. And I did not say that Aegon was going to tear apart Lys looking. I said he ISN'T about to go looking with an army. Great, that's very true. But he has to know where Edric is, or have Edric. Wiki of Ice and Fire says : Edric is in hiding in Lys with his guardian and protectors.
  9. Just bringing up possible candidates, however unlikely. He probably knows that Edric is in Lys, but he probably doesn't know exactly where and Aegon ain't about to tear Lys apart with his army. And the King's Men are probably still loyal.
  10. Melisandre is hundreds of miles away, so her bloodmagic is a little unlikely. Also, fAegon doesn't know that Edric is in Lys, so I think we can safely rule him out.
  11. Fine then. Please see my suggestions for the North on the first page, I want a critique.
  12. But he might still be in Lys. He's not being protected by Saan's people, he's being protected by king's men.
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