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  1. Incest is good for Targaryens, though? Goodman, if you're going to criticize Jaime and Craster for incest, then you have to criticize House Targaryen as well. At least try to be more subtle about your double standards. IRL, I believe incest is disgusting. In ASOIAF, it's still gross, but at least it's contained to pages. Incest makes for interesting tags in fanfiction, though.
  2. So uncivilized. Our good Ser Barristan would never do such. Due apologies for the disappearance, I've been busy. Predictions: 1. Stannis wins the Battle of Ice, but because he made some bad decisions, like possibly sacrificing Shireen, his men desert him. He dies. Ramsay dies. 2. Daenerys lands in Westeros at the end of TWOW. 3. Sansa doesn't marry Harrold, Petyr tries to wed her to fAegon 4. fAegon takes King's Landing, kills Cersei, imprisons Tommen and Margaery in Maegor's comfortably. Large amount of damage to KL, IDK. GRRM might save KL for the battle between fAegon and Dany. 5. Jon is either resurrected, or was only temporarily out of commission. Hopes: 1. Ramsay is flayed and/or fed to his dogs. 2. Gendry and the Brotherhood meet up with Arya, and maybe start north. 3. Edmure and Roslin are freed during Red Wedding 2.0, or freed on the way to Casterly Rock. 4. Dany brings a bunch of sellswords to supplement her less than ideal Unsullied and Dothraki. 5. fAegon is killed by a mad JonCon, crazy by greyscale and learning that fAegon is not Rhaegar's. Wishful Thinking: 1. Dany is able to take control of most of the south without Pyrrhic losses. 2. fAegon dies. 3. Cersei dies, Tommen and Myrcella are simply kept as hostages and live on happily. 4. Jon and Dany hook up. KITN and southern queen marriage alliance? 5. Shireen lives.
  3. At least he didn't make as much of a fool out of himself as Duncan the Dumb, and Jaehaerys.
  4. Dany and Jon, Edric and Arya, SanSan. A pox upon whoever comes between my babies Jon and Dany. I need a boatbaby this time around.
  5. I'm honestly curious as to what those reforms were. Ideas, anyone? He should've just made Daeron the heir, IMO. All the sons were idiots, but he seems like the best, and with Olenna by his side, he would've been fine. And on another tangent, completely unrelated. @The Bard of Banefort, I've come to register a complaint for a thread with TWENTY SEVEN pages, while my lily-white threads were locked at 20-21.
  6. We have a sacred obligation to talk about Jar Jar. I don't believe I've ever spoken about a Jar Jar/Padme fic in a fic (it was set on the ISD Chimaera)I found. IIRC, it was called Naboo Nights: An Erotic Gungan Thriller.
  7. The references are wildly abundant and I love it.
  8. Yes, but then again, that'll probably be too distant for northerners, I think. Robb's objection to Cat's idea to make the Vale lordlings heir to the north was that they were too distant (and from the Vale). Oh, and on an unrelated note (since you've posited that ASOIAF takes a lot of stuff from Dune, do you think that Baron Harkonnen was a partial inspiration for Yezzan?)
  9. I think she's Quaithe, but you would have to find someone else to collect all the evidence.
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