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  1. I think it's a matter of "Bad Aemond's trying to mount Aunt Laena's dragon and we have to stop him" rather than what you say. It makes more sense for the situation. Would you agree?
  2. It's still not torture, so don't call it that. What he went through and what Theon went through are two different things. I thought you said he was a ruin? @Daeron the Daring, are ruins (i.e. Theon) capable of making many good decisions, that Aegon II would need to make to stay king? Or if you're scrambling for a bit of evidence and will accept the weakest things. Read the book. Theon was about to accept. Here. Theon can't say he's going to take the black, because he was distracted. Aegon, however i perfectly capable of and has plenty of time to do so.
  3. Thanks. Anybody else? I don't remember FaB saying that she took other female lovers after Daemon. Did she do that? The Littlefinger of the Dance.
  4. Just like the situation with Cersei (disputed parentage) all the way down to the name Joffrey. On a side note....who do y'all think fathered Rhaenyra's first three kids?
  5. If GRRM dies before he finishes, I'll simply wait sixty or seventy years for me to get old and die. Then, if there's an afterlife, I'll ask him how it went.
  6. Prophecies are supposed to be vague. It would be boring and too easy if they just came out and said it.
  7. Check GRRM, I'm fairly certain he said he was a one time thing. Dany ducked under the jet of flame, and her hands are burned. She has a mild tolerance for heat, but she isn't the fireproof Dany from the show.
  8. Joffrey. He at least wouldn't burn me alive. Would you rather be a Faceless Man or a Red Priest?
  9. It's not like the stormlords follow him, and the people with Stannis are in for the duration,so it's not like it would matter. Daenerys exists but she's halfway around the world, so this seems to be correct.
  10. Off with his head! He dares impersonate me, George RR Martin. Treason! Villainy!
  11. Agreed. The show tried to sell him as Little Jonny Trueborn just as a weapon against my queen, but they forgot all the laws of the 7K. Marriages can only be annulled if the marriage wasn't consummated. Or maybe if Elia was unfaithful, but we know she was. Furthermore, there's a reason why royal marriages have so many witnesses. It prevents secret heirs from popping up. I could list another hundred reasons why Jon's claim is illegitmate, but I've gotta get to sleep soon.
  12. That Dany pyre thing was a one time only. It could be that he has other traits:build, nose, lips, shape of eyes, little things like that. Maybe Jon Connington would help with that? He does have an obsession with Rhaegar, so he'd probably see stuff others wouldn't.
  13. Just a suggestion, since the Golden Company was in Lys, so....
  14. But how would they be convinced that Stannis had the coin to hire them? And logically, wouldn't they think that they'd head up north instead, on the principle that Storm's End is "expendable"? Interesting...maybe Edric Storm and his people were picked up by them, and one of the knights is able to convince them?
  15. "I have a wee proposition, if you wouldn't mind giving me a few moments of your time. Would ye consider....JUST SODDING OFF?!" -The Hobbit, Battle of the Five Armies, Dain Ironfoot, Lord of the Iron Hills. Calling people names isn't going to help you convince them. And in your quest to "think out of the box", you ventured into the realm of tinfoil hat, crackpot theories with no proof. I suppose you believe there's an Illuminati as well.
  16. Very, very true. You are correct.
  17. Yes! (I would love to see a fanfic where Hoster is just brought down completely and utterly. He conspired against me favorite house.) . Considering what she and Rhaegar did to the realm and their respective families, I think she would've deserved it.
  18. Thank you. To end this talk for now, until I'm back in the mood: Not everything has to be a conspiracy theory, @Megorova
  19. If he can't finish the series, I'll simply wait until I'm old and grey. Then I die, and if there's an afterlife, I'll ask him how it was supposed to end.
  20. That helps prove my point. Besides, by now, Alysanne had given birth quite a few times and was approaching the time where ASOIAF women can't give birth.
  21. Oh, so socialism is better? *checks history book. Curious. It seems like a bunch of socialist countries went down the tube, I wonder why?
  22. @Megorova....Can't stuff simply be natural sometimes? You bring up Jaehaerys' children, and say that the ones who died in the cradle died because of the FM. But can't it simply be infant death? That stuff is common for medieval times.
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