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  1. So killing someone because they MIGHT grow up to do something is A-OK? I get that right? Besides, killing a babe who can't exactly do anything to you, and then gloating to the babe's mother is screwed up. I agree with this, except for the Janos Slynt thing.
  2. It would be Cersei's wet dream for Margaery to actually be bedding Loras.
  3. Fuck this, MMD was a babykiller who deserved to die painfully. "Sweet home, Alabama!"
  4. "Continue with the operation, you may fire when ready." "Commence primary ignition."
  5. Mesa Jar Jar Binks understand now (looks at @Lord Lannister ;). Thank you!
  6. There are other ways to end it that would make sense, are there not? @chrisdaw has an outline that seems to cover all the points fine. Though I dislike his points about Tyrion and Sansa. Those are ridiculous (no offense, of course).
  7. Why's that? I pronounce that fine, everybody I know pronounces it like it's supposed to be......Granted, that is a "used to", but I'm still curious.
  8. It's not that impressive, really. Here's why: Belwas can see the horse coming from a long way off The ground is flat, dry, and open The lance is fourteen feet long My grandmother could avoid that lance, easy. I agree that Belwas is a great fighter, if his scars are any indication, but this fight doesn't show me that at all (I hope he lives to end of the series, to eat his liver and onions). I'd like to see him fight with a warhammer.
  9. They don't.....it's that guy's headcanon. Where have you been, WhatAnArtist? It's been a month
  10. You're back! Do your duty, LastWolf! Although, you did resurrect this fookin thread.
  11. They were given a year (two? three? I don't remember) to come up with ideas for Star Wars. They didn't come up with any, so......they took the easy way out to Netflix. Now they're going to do an adaption of The Three Body Problem book series (Chinese sci fi, I heard it's pretty good). Well, hE kInDa FoRgoT aBouT kIlLiNg jOn. What happened to "some maesters say dragons are more intelligent than men?" They forget about that too?
  12. He has a multitude of options: 1). Screw Cersei 2). Go to the illustrious and respectable establishments on the Street of Silk, they do provide excellent "massages." 3). Sleep 4). Eat 5). Flea Bottom. 6). Screw Cersei
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qkuu0Lwb5EM I believe it fits the occasion. Well, there's Lord of the Rings, all the Star Wars Legends, I've heard the Wheel of Time is excellent, and an oldy, but a goody: Mother Goose.
  14. It's a fine outline for a fanfiction, but sadly lacking in reality.
  15. Why is that? What did she do wrong? (I think she did a great job, but I'm curious as to why you don't like her).
  16. Eh, it was basically an afterthought. You're mostly correct (the mostly being when the brackets holding the ladders above the shed door collapsed thirty seconds after we walked out the door.)
  17. I hope he isn't imprisoned again. My man Davos needs a big break after serving King Teeth Grinder, alongside all the other idiots (Clayton Suggs, Godry Farring and the rest of that lot).
  18. Patience, my Padawan.......the answer will soon reveal itself.
  19. Jar Jar was exiled after he broke the bosses' heyblibber again, and went to live in the swamps. Why would Palpatine go to the swamps? Why would he look for Jar Jar? Why would Jar Jar help Qui Gon if he's a Sith?
  20. How's he supposed to know that Palpatine is Darth Sidious? After all, Palpatine fooled even Yoda.
  21. Why? WHY?! JAR JAR IS NO SITH LORD! Sacrilege! Off with his head! Off with his head!
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