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  1. The Gizzard of Oz

    the honeyed locusts...

    Charcoal. Milk. Bread. Clay. Something to absorb the poison might work. Then there is good old fashioned vomiting.
  2. The Gizzard of Oz

    Skinchanging a dead body

    Like an 8 ohm loudspeaker. A dead body will have less resistance to the remote controller. That's how the Others control many wights at the same time. The dead do not protest. A live body with strength of will has a lot of resistance and is not going to be controllable.
  3. The Gizzard of Oz

    George hates hero worship

    Don't be surprised if someone uncontroversial and who lacks a strong fan base, such as Brienne, to become the lone survivor in the end.
  4. The Gizzard of Oz

    George hates hero worship

    George wants you to worship your hero and then he makes them do something bad to shake your faith. He wants you to choose a character to worship and then he either kills that person or writes them to do something very questionable. It's all in the service of telling a story. He's willing to destroy his favorite, and yours, characters if he believes it makes for a more compelling story. The area for debate is whether the character was justified in what they did and whether it made for a better story.
  5. Bowen Marsh explicitly stated his reasons for stabbing Jon Snow. Contrary to the op's claims, Bowen did it "for the watch" because Jon Snow was no longer acting in the best interest of the Night's Watch and Westeros. Jon gave Mance Rayder a get out of punishment ticket and sent him on a mission against House Bolton. A lot of crows lost friends to Mance Rayder's attack. Mance is a crow himself who betrayed the Night's Watch over a piece of cloth. His insubordination is a thousand times worse when compared to Slynt's. House Bolton is predictably angry with Jon. Unfortunately Jon is the lord commander and got the Night's Watch involved. Bowen Marsh stabbed Jon to save the Night's Watch so it can carry out it's mission of defending the kingdom from the Others. Jon had lost sight of that when his mind got focused on Arya and Ramsay.
  6. The Gizzard of Oz

    Who's the worst human being, Tywin Lannister or Roose Bolton

    Neither of these gents would qualify for "worst human being" because they had their reasons for their brutality. You and I might not agree with their reasons but at least they had their reasons. What they did was not completely unprovoked. They're bad people but they are not close to being the worst in this series. I can make a long list of those who are worst than Tywin and Roose. Euron Warlocks of Qarth Slave traders in Essos Volantene slaver owners Weeper Faceless Men Mercenaries in Essos Bronn Jaime Gregor Clegane Tywin is on the extreme when it comes to harsh. He went too far with the Tarbecks, Reynes, Princess Elia, Princess Rhaenys, and Aegon. So he is worse than Roose but not on the level of Euron and Gregor. Roose could be argued had a responsibility to pull down Robb Stark because he recognized his obligation to support his king. He had no way of knowing Joffrey was a Lannister. Robb Stark was just another petty lord attempting to advance himself as far as the eyes of the majority are concerned. What he did to Ramsay's mom is what many nobleman in the north would do in the past if one of their peasants had denied him the right to bang his new wife. The north held right of the first night in high regard. I'm sure any city that gets sacked will have suffered the same thing. It's very bad but not enough to put Roose on the same level of evil as the ironborn.
  7. The Gizzard of Oz

    Poll x2: Will Sandor Slay Robert Strong? ...or Slay A Dragon?

    (1) No. The Hound is either dead or found the way to peace. (2) No. The Hound has finally found peace or he's dead. Killing one of the dragons would turn him into a villain.
  8. The Gizzard of Oz

    Poll: Answer 10 mysteries of asoiaf