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  1. Dareon was a victim of Arya's brand of "justice" Yes he was. Though Arya was not looking to deliver justice. She was just irritated with Dareon and killed him out of anger. She is insane after all.
  2. The murder of Mycah doesn't really stand out. We expected that sort of thing from Sandor and Mycah was a peasant. Peasant always get victimized. It was a terrible act of evil but it doesn't have the impact of something that has far larger damage. Likewise, the murderous acts of psychos like Ramsay, Arya, and Theon are terrible but we expected that from them. An act which was not expected but caused/will cause significant damage was Jon's betrayal of the brotherhood of the nights' watch. Westeros Lost. The Lord Commander has betrayed the brotherhood who were assigned to guard her. That small decision was made without hate or harmful intent on the part of Jon but it will lead to the fall of the watch. It was made without the intent to harm but those are often the most harmful. Jon was the average John who could not do his job when it came into conflict with the interest of his family. Jon's is the worst, in my opinion. The crucifixion of the slave masters is an act of justice. It was very progressive to allow the slave masters to judge their peers. It is what happens in the American justice system. People are judged by juries of their peers. Which is exactly what happened. Our story's heroine made the right decision to let the slave masters choose and executed them in a like manner. I approve. Hoster's treatment of Lysa was not too unkind. Another lord whose daughter dishonored the house might have had it worse. Rickard was going to force Lyanna to marry Robert, who was known to be unfaithful and unkind to his women. Brandon was a womanizer who dishonored a lot of women, perhaps including Ashara and Lyanna. Men were unkind to women unless the woman has the power to fight back.
  3. Daenerys should give Aliser that option. The Baratheons would have been merciless if they had caught Willem Darry and the Targaryen children on Dragonstone long ago. She should not show any leniency to the Baratheons. I would exile the surviving Baratheons and give SE to Thorne or some other loyal supporter.
  4. Martin has to give a physical description. Eye color is one. I think he said something about eye color not being all that significant.
  5. The Faceless Men are the leading suspects. That's the reason why a lot of people believe that it will be Arya Stark who will detonate the wildfire and blow up King's Landing.
  6. They may choose to stay because of the affection they have for Winterfell. It may be that and nothing more complex. The Others will have to accept them. What will the Starks offer to the Others? A son of the house is a good guess. Nations send their sons to war to buy and keep their freedom. Every lord who wish to stay will need to donate a son to the Others.
  7. Westeros Lost. The Lord Commander has betrayed the brotherhood who were assigned to guard her. That small decision was made without hate or harmful intent on the part of Jon but it will lead to the fall of the watch.
  8. I consider the following theories very plausible: Rhaegar and Lyanna = Jon Mance and Lyanna = Jon Ned and Ashara = Jon Brandon and Ashara = Jon Arthur and Lyanna = Jon Ned and Wylla is unlikely. Wylla would have been brought to Winterfell. The fisherman's daughter is another unlikely. The most unlikely theory ever proposed is Divine Conception, Lyanna got pregnant through miracle.
  9. We don't know everything that went on back then. We should all consider if all of this was done on the order of the king himself. Aerys gave the orders to nap the wolf girl and kill her. Rhaegar balked and took her to the only safe place he and Arthur knew.
  10. That's something new on the table. I like the connections but I will have to think about the conclusions. Jon Arryn is the odd man on the list because he did succeed. A 17 year reign is not short at all. King of Winter Rickon Stark will reign for generations if Old Nan's prediction of the length of the Long Night is true.
  11. Not for someone of her time. She was not the evil stepmother. We have seen instances of cruelty from Catelyn and that should place her in the grey category. Verbal abuse of the boy was not necessary. It was mean of her to abuse him so. But all of that does not make Catelyn deserving of the hate from the readership.
  12. He did love Y at that moment. But his feelings for her did not overcome his sense of duty. That came later when it was Arya who was on the line. The thing with Y would have gotten stronger had time been given to them.
  13. Guest rights is not going to disturb an irreverent man like Mance Rayder. He already broke his vows a long time ago. Good point though. Guest rights was violated. Whoever killed Walder (Little) also broke guest rights because the Frey boy was a ward of the host.
  14. As you say, Aegon Blackfyre and Stannis Baratheon are pretenders. Fakes. While these men may have the potential to be competent rulers, Daenerys is better. I would pick Daenerys over Aegon and Stannis. She has proven herself a great leader and leads her own khalasar. She bested the warlocks in Qarth and defeated the slave masters of Astapor and Yunkai. I loved the way she played Mero. Stannis is good too but he is no Daenerys Targaryen in brilliance. An inexperienced Tyrion Lannister humiliated Stannis on the Blackwater. Aegon's temper will make it difficult for him if he should ever be in a situation where he rules. Robb and Jon lacked personal discipline. Cersei is clueless when it comes to actually ruling.
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