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  1. Big Walder Frey. The most appropriate death for Arya is by the hand/sword of Big Walder Frey after she assassinates the patriarch of House Frey. That's not true. The old man had done her no harm. He was just a businessman who were underwriting risks. He was not connected to the Freys and he had done nothing to hurt Arya's people. She's thirsty for blood and she killed an innocent person to get the next victim. Depression! Are you serious! I mean no disrespect to your post but you are covering Arya's 'evil' with a thick coat of sugar and chocolate. Peanut M&M everyone. Arya being the nut inside the candy. Hahaha Only kidding TBH, I don't know if you can classify a moderately insane person as evil. Which Arya is. She is moderately insane. Can you honestly say whether Arya still knows right from wrong? Her wiring is sooo very crossed up now.
  2. There were a lot of loose screws when I first came to the message boards. The steady support for Daenerys grew over the years. The books grew in popularity as a byproduct of the show's popularity. Martin reached a broader number of new readers. As Dany's fans increased and became more active, a lot of the loose screws found somewhere else to spread their irrational ideas. I'm on Team Daenerys. I will be here as long as there are threads relating to her and the dragons. I love the dragons too. I read and reply to every thread about Dany and her dragons.
  3. Joffrey and Tommen have a known history. Aegon, or whatever his name might be, is a stranger who will claim to be the child long-believed and witnessed to have died. That is not easy to do. Self-interests is to support the Lannisters, who have the wealth, the throne, and the means to grant rewards.
  4. The story is not much of one if the characters do not have the power of free will. Whether it exists in real life or not it is present inside the story. The main idea in the story is the need to cooperate for survival. This is the lesson for the reader to learn. George is not going to preach but instead allow the consequences of decisions within the story get his point across. A harsh lesson is a lesson learned. Expect tragedy and sadness because some humans are hard headed and lack emotional control. George makes it hard because there are deep seated hate between the houses. All of them are in some way justified. The families who can let go of the past and work in cooperation with past enemies for the betterment of all will be the ones to survive. Daenerys is the best person to unite all people into the common cause of survival. Jon was given a chance at the wall but he could not put aside his bias for the Starks and hatred towards the people who were political enemies of Ned. Aegon might show a bit more maturity and wisdom but not if he falls under the spell of Arrianne and the Martells. One ending I see involves Daenerys bringing together a divided Westeros through marriage. Aegon and his supporters will win and dispatch the Lannisters and Euron's gang. He leads the South. Jon and the wildlings will beat the Boltons and the northmen. Daenerys will agree to marry both men in order to unite Westeros into one land. She will be Aegon the Conqueror all over again but this time, through marriage. Aegon (who isn't really Aegon) and Jon will play the parts of Visenya and Rhaenys. Jon need not be the son of Rhaegar,or even Ned, in this line because the wildlings do not care about things like that. There will an obstacle to this peace. One will be the hate between Stark and Frey. Arya will be an obstacle to this peace but hopefully she will not last long in the last book.
  5. Being Targaryen, Viserys would have been invited to the home of the Sealord of Braavos. Little Daenerys will have been too young to attend parties and socials. But I am positive about Syrio having met young Viserys.
  6. @StarksInTheNorth Actions speak louder than words. All Martin's actions have been directed towards the creation of more material to tell the reader about the history of House Targaryen. More volume of the series are devoted to this House than any other. Just because there are more Stark Pov doesn't mean anything. They are a vehicle to be used to tell the story. We know a lot more information about the Targaryens because their past, present, and future are the most important to the story.
  7. The heavy burden of proof will be on Aegon's shoulders. It will be hard to prove something that isn't true.
  8. Who is rightful is a matter of how you look at it. Robert destroyed 300 years of succession rule when he sat on the throne. So much so that even Renly figured out that it is fair to question whether Stannis should succeed Robert. George even said that Westeros belongs to whoever is strong enough to unite and hold the realm. Having a claim is important but it is more about might after that technicality. I will even say might can make that technicality go away. Howland Reed is not a neutral party. The only ones who will believe him are those who would want Jon as king. And there will be very few of those outside of the willding camp. Jon is a deserter and an oath breaker. If people will hold slaving against Jorah and kinslaying against Tyrion, they will most certainly hold oathbreaking and deserting against Jon. Jon will be a very hard package to sell. He doesn't look Targaryen and he has the charms of a donkey's pooper tunnel. I don't even think he has any Targaryen in him. Aegon Blackfyre has a claim on the basis of carrying Targaryen blood in his veins. But a Blackfyre claim will be far below the claims of a full Targaryen. He will have possession of the sword, Blackfyre, and that will sway some of the Dornish families but not all of them. Possession of the sword is good enough when the competition looks nothing like a Targaryen and is a known Stark bastard. And a cold-blooded zombie at that. But against someone who will be backed by Ser Barristan Selmy and three dragons, his proof will fall short.
  9. Why is Marwyn making the long journey to meet Dany? To offer his knowledge as a maester. To show fealty to Empress Daenerys Targaryen. He's a scholar who thirsts for information. It's the field trip of a lifetime. His life won't be long when the news of a rising Targaryen reaches The Citadel. The rats will murder a Targaryen supporter out of fear. He is known to support the Targaryen family. He wants to see dragons with his own eyes. Second-hand tales won't do.
  10. He's the Friar Tuck on Dany's team. He's an academic with rough edges.
  11. A mutually fatal meeting between Euron and Jon would have been fun. A young Hizdahr and Arya. Hiz will find a job for Arya in his fighting pits. I love those two.
  12. Egg's stunt burned a lot of royal blood and his eggs didn't hatch. Egg and Rhaegar could follow instructions down to the letter and eggs would not hatch for them. It's different for Daenerys because she is Azor Ahai.
  13. Rhaegar was born in grief, caused a lot of grief, and died in grief. Lyanna was described as a "slim, sad girl." Jon is morose and his actions at the wall will definitely bring widespread grief to Westeros. His execution for treason is not likely to improve his disposition when he comes back. Cold and cold-hearted he will be. Bran is bitter for being crippled. Arya is nuts. The Starks are an angry lot. Their anger will lead to atrocities.
  14. Perhaps. Assuming his arrogance doesn't get him into trouble early on.
  15. The Valyrians would take precaution to make sure that the right to ride dragons is exclusive. Not everybody can bond and ride a dragon. The pool of people able to ride would have been very limited to keep the power to themselves.
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