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  1. Damsel in Distress

    How large is the Red Keep (especially the throne room)

    Balerion was large enough to swallow cows. That means the room was large enough to display his skull. But the real clue to the size of the room to us was the cooking of Rickard Stark. The ceilings were high enough to avoid the heat of the cooking fire. Very high. And the room was large enough to contain the smoke without driving away the onlookers.
  2. Damsel in Distress

    SWOT Analysis: Team Night Watch

    It's not a popular topic! Oh well. Being a major in strategic business management gives me an appreciation for these business tools. Here's my own analysis of the watch. S - They have been around for a long time. Most of the men are loyal. They know the north very well. The wall itself is a strong defensive barrier. W - Lack of numbers. Inexperienced lord commander. Lord commander is not totally dedicated to the watch. Jon is the weakest link because he takes sides in the wars of the realm. O - They increased their numbers with wildlings. They got a loan from the bank. T - The White Walkers. Jon's own feelings and his inability to forget the Starks got them in trouble with the Boltons.
  3. Damsel in Distress

    SWOT Analysis: Team Night Watch

    Hello everyone. I thought this might be a fun exercise for those with time on their hands. We could do a SWOT analysis of each team. Today we will do an analysis of Team Jon Snow. I will check back next week and if the forum enjoys we can continue with Team Robb. The other teams will follow. S - Strengths W - Weaknesses O - Opportunities T - Threats S Are the advantages the team has over other teams. What this team does better than any other team. What resources the team has. W Are the weaknesses this team has compared to other teams. What can the team improve. What resources do they lack. O How the team can turn their strengths to achieve their objective. What the team can do to better the competition. T What could prevent the team from reaching its objectives. What could harm the team. What the competing teams can do that can hurt the team. The links below gives more info on this business tool. https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/newTMC_05.htm I so hope you will enjoy this exercise. You can make it simple or as complicated as you like. Please use the format below. ______________ Team Name: Jon Snow and the Night Watch Team: Jon Snow, the Night Watch, and the Wildlings under Thormund Team Objective: Time: Analyze the team during the time period when they were at peace. In other words, before the pink letter. S: W: O: T: _______________
  4. Damsel in Distress

    Meereen and the Great Skahazadhan

    A lot of theorists believe the pyramids all over the world indicates the same architects. Atlantis influencE and the like. The pyramid is sturdy because it's stones stacked atop one another. It is not strange for different people to come up with the same solution to the problem of building something this way. If you take sand and drop it on a flat surface it forms a round cone. The people who built pyramids saw how grains fall into cones and thought it could work for building tall structures. The Meereenese structure is a pyramid even if it looks nothing like Egyptians and Mesoamerican examples.
  5. Damsel in Distress

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Interesting should things turn out that way.
  6. Damsel in Distress

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Good argument. B/M can't keep the ambush a secret.
  7. Damsel in Distress

    y does dany have the best bond with Drogon

    Many parents have favorites. More than they will care to admit. It's normal. Although in our story it is also Drogon's choice. He attaches himself to Dany. Dragons are fire made flesh. Dany is the bride of fire. Drogon is Drogo reincarnated. The dragons are her Lightbringer.
  8. Damsel in Distress

    Why do the direwolves hate Tyrion?

    We know from George Martin's pitch letter for AGOT that there was, and likely will be, friction between Tyrion and Jon over one of the Stark girls. Now, it may not play out exactly like that in the final text but the broad strokes are there, there will be a major personal conflict between Tyrion and Jon, Lannister vs. Stark. That will add some needed drama between those two families and could make Jon a little less boring. The wolves are not necessarily smart. The author just wants to drop hints here and there.
  9. Damsel in Distress

    Daenerys Targaryen's Power Plays

    I loved that scene too. What a way to end the first book. Whoever betrays her in the future will get burned too. Lighting a fire means burning a betrayer. Equally interesting is who or what will come back to life from the future burnings.
  10. Damsel in Distress

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    One hour after Jon's death from multiple stab wounds: Bowen and Alliser looking at the bodies of Wunweg, Jon, and Ser Patrek. Alliser points to Wunweg. "Burn that one. You don't want him coming back for you."
  11. Damsel in Distress

    Meanwhile back at the Wall

    Jon knowing the "big picture" and still choosing to make enemies of the Boltons makes what he did even more stupid. Jon acted stupidly and he is not cut out for leadership. The watch would have been in better shape to carry out its mission of stopping the Others if Jon had not tried to get his sister away from her husband. So getting back to the question. What will Bowen, Mel, Selyse, and Tormund do? The watch will try to organize and choose a new leader. Tormund and the wildlings will march south to Winterfell. Selyse and Mel will barricade themselves and their men will decide to cut their loses and make peace with the Boltons.
  12. Damsel in Distress

    House Targaryen, the First Family of ASOIAF

    Daenerys Targaryen and her family are more important than all of Westeros. Their significance is greater than the kingdom they built. Their time ruling in Westeros is only a chapter in the long history of the Targaryen family. There are chapters before and there can be many more even if Westeros dies. The kingdom could fall to the White Walkers and the Targaryens can still build an empire somewhere else. Should Westeros fall it will be the other families like the Starks who will become footnotes.
  13. Damsel in Distress

    Greywater Watch

    The Children are also good at hiding and stealth. The crannogmen may have similar skills. Skills like camouflage and covering their tracks.
  14. Damsel in Distress

    Danys campaign

    The War of the Fire Kings has done the most damage. What matters most is the damage of the WOTFKs is still happening. People are not as worried about what happened a century ago as they are worried about the current predicament that they are in because of the Starks, Lannisters, Baratheons, Greyjoys, and Tullys. The throne is in debt. Stannis just borrowed more money and that in turn will add to the throne's debt if he should manage to get himself crowned. The Watch is now in debt. Whoever succeeds the executed Jon Snow as the new lord commander will have to deal with that debt. Dorne is plotting against the king on the throne. Aegon and the GC are on the attack. Westeros will much prefer to be ruled by Queen Daenerys when the possible alternatives are Littlefinger, Jon Snow (if he survives his stabbing, which I hope he doesn't), Euron Greyjoy, Cersei Lannister, and Stannis Baratheon (if he survived the battle for Winterfell, which he did not, according to the pink letter).
  15. Damsel in Distress

    In defense of Lady Lysa Arryn

    Protecting the life of her son justified the killing of Jon Arryn. The boy suffers from seizures. Robert would die should one of those episodes happen while the boy is on horseback playing at knighthood. Her son is fragile. Fostering him where he could contract greyscale from Shireen would worry any mother. Sending him off to Casterly Rock where he could be exposed to a degenerate imp to corrupt his morals is not so much of an improvement. That's no way to make the boy masculine. Jon Arryn was on the trail of Jaime and Cersei. It was only a matter of time before he found the answer. War was coming and it doesn't matter what Lysa wrote in that letter. It was morally wrong to fib but it was not the cause of the war. The war began when Jaime and Cersei had children. It was slowly building up towards war because they were fooling around on Robert. I know Robert was a jerk and it's only fair play to cheat behind his back. But peace for the realm is more important than getting even and getting off.