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  1. Very interesting thought. Mance has a lusty personality which was cramped by the laws of the seven kingdoms. He's the red rebel in the middle of the black crows. He stands out.
  2. Daenerys and her campaign will be the inspiration for slaves in other places to revolt against their masters. The slaves of Volantis will be free. It is they and the other freed men who will march against the slavers in other places and spread freedom. Daenerys does not have to fight every slave city and defeat the masters to be successful. She only has to inspire the slaves to fight for their freedom.
  3. I like this move but there is a problem with it. Suppose the Starks win. The Tullys would do to the Freys what they did to the Goodbrooks. It's not enough to take a neutral stand. Walder has to actually fight for the Lannisters and make sure the Tullys are destroyed. They have to side with the throne and also make sure the Tullys lose everything.
  4. Just a pussy cat with lots of 'tude. He lost his family when the Mountain killed Elia, Rhaenys, and Aegon. Arya lost her family too. They have a lot in common.
  5. And I might also, MMD doesn't know everything. Might she not have seen her own death coming if she was that powerful of a seer? She did the most direct thing if Dany's womb is damaged. No curse was needed. She purposely did it while delivering Rhaego.
  6. Varys is an idealists. We can't say for sure but he feels the end justifies the means. Wars kill children and other innocents. What if in his mind, he believes the sacrifice of these children are necessary in order to bring Prince Aegon to the throne? Robert's war killed thousands of innocent children. Tywin, Robb Stark, the Greyjoys all do things that kill the innocent. Varys probably feels this sacrifice of a few having their tongues removed is worth it. After all, his penis and testicles were removed and he turned out alright. Losing his desire for sex meant he could focus his efforts towards other goals. He remains pure in purpose. Children who cannot speak will be more dedicated to their tasks and they can not gossip. Why would the children allow this? For shelter and three meals. To have a family and no longer be alone.
  7. His testosterone might overcome his morals. Assuming his testicles are still making them. His feelings are working. Either of those could make him do something bad. The temptation to "wear" Hodor as his crutch will increase. Those men did not molest women. Robb and Jon are oathbreakers and traitors though.
  8. The monarch has the right to say who gets to marry who. There is a precedent for it in Westeros history. Page 49, The World of Ice and Fire King Aerys had the right to arrange as well as dissolve marriages. Rickard, Hoster, Robert, and Jon are required to obey if Aerys had commanded them to stop those marriage plans for their children and wards.
  9. Robert, Jon Arryn, Eddard Stark, Petyr Baelish, Cersei Lannister, Jon Snow, Balon, and Rob Stark brought Westeros on its knees. It will take an outside power to come in and save the people. I believe that person to be Dany. And her advisors.
  10. Something was feeding that tree in Winterfell. The ritual fed that tree regularly. It was most likely done to obtain power. Power to defeat the other nobles in the north. The Starks gave their prisoners to the Seers in exchange for assistance in conquering the north. Feeding blood to the trees fed the Seers indirectly. Perhaps the Seers gave the Starks the ability to skin change.
  11. Craster was donating his children and they left him alone. Somebody stopped donating.
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