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  1. Even a Stark servant like Old Nan are aware of the eternal animosity between the Dragons and the Starks. I like Daenerys and I want her to win the last battle against the Starks. The quarrel dates from the time of the great empire of the dawn when the Bloodstone betrayed the Amethyst. Amethyst will get her revenge and bring the planet's seasons back in balance after defeating the Starks.
  2. Arya's illness has already begun and the symptoms, if you can call murdering symptoms, has too. Though Jon is not Tully his Targaryen side make him as vulnerable as the other male Targaryens.
  3. Aegon V was no dragon rider. He was too soft and the dragons would have rejected him. Still he was able to tolerate heat much better compared to the people around him. Even thick Duncan noticed. This is a mild case of human endurance though. Noteworthy but not enough to call it superhuman. Viserys and Daenerys on the other hand are something else. Never getting sick is impossible for children in their environment. No vaccines and yet their childhoods were free from illness and disease. They have superhuman disease resistance and endurance. I give credit to the fact that they are born from Targaryen parents who were born from Targaryen parents. Rhaegar, Viserys, and Daenerys were biologically close to what the Valyrians would have been at the height of the Freehold's power. Physical perfection. They are the promised generation. Any of the three could have become the Prince Who Was Promised but Rhaegar and Viserys failed. The role becomes Daenerys' to carry out.
  4. The Silver horse, the Grey corpse, and the Blue flower are gifts described by colors. Daenerys receives these gifts. Drogo gifts the silver horse before he dies. Victarion gives Daenerys the ships before he dies. Jon gives Daenerys the wall before he dies. The three men will die because of betrayal. They were betrayed. But they also betrayed their own people. Drogo betrayed Dothraki traditions by marrying the Targaryen princess. He further betrayed them when he let Daenerys spare Mirri from raping and worse. Victarion will betray the ironborn. He already betrays Euron. Jon betrayed his command. He is a traitor to the Night's Watch. The silver horse is the Dothraki khalasars. Grey corpse is the Greyjoy fleet of warships. The blue flower is the Night's Watch. Dothraki, Ironborn, and Black Brothers will bend their knees and help Daenerys save Westeros from the Others. We can also coonect these to the three treasons she will know. Drogo was betrayed for blood. The blood of Mirri's people cried for revenge and she killed him for them. Victarion will be betrayed for gold. The dusky woman is a hired killer paid with gold. Jon was killed because Bowen loved the Watch and wanted to protect it from Jon's foolishness. Bowen did it for love of the Watch.
  5. A blonde from across the sea. Lys. He comes from lies.
  6. I could see future Arya killing millions because of her illness. She will if something bad happens to people she loves. Like Jon Snow.
  7. Arya is worse off. Sansa looks to cope adequately with her captivity. She is making the best of it given her nature. Boldness and bravery is not in Sansa's character. I am not saying this passive way will lead to something good for her. Being passive usually will lead to more abuse until she builds the courage to leave Petyr Baelish. It is risky but nothing is ever gained without risk. I agree with the identity crisis. Petyr read Sansa and he knows how to control her. He has Sansa boxed in on all sides. She will need help from outside but first she has to build the courage to escape. She needs a better Dontos. There is undeniable madness in Arya. She murders even when the victim is not a threat to her. She composes a long list of future victims. You can't write that off as a simple case of PTSD.
  8. les yeux sans visage Slavery in various forms. Slavery. Regardless of what you call it.
  9. Doran's assets are the highly emotional Sand Snakes. It won't go well for them. They will side with another emotional ally in Young Aegon. It is not looking good for the family.
  10. Robb's betrayal of Walder Frey was very bad. You don't insult your most valuable ally over love. It wasn't about honor. Robb didn't have any honor. It was love that brought his ruin.
  11. Stannis doesn't lack for intelligence. He made diplomatic mistakes because he was so full of social status and his station. He didn't think it was necessary to have to be diplomatic. He thought it was his privilege to be obeyed and accommodated.
  12. All those who betray Daenerys gets burned. The prophecies even confirmed. Jorah will be executed by fire if he should betray her. I don't believe Jprah will betray Daenerys. Jorah was not included in her prophecies. The three men who will get roasted for treason are Stannis, Aegon, and Jon.
  13. Arya's illness has already started. It's possible for Sansa. What will make Sansa fall to the dark is not madness but because she is selfish and easy to manipulate. LF knows her weakness and will use it like strings to move Sansa around.
  14. Valyrians before the doom were having children with other Valyrians. Yeah so the most likely cause in Westeros was because they were having children with Non-Valyrians. The DNA may differ enough to cause problems.
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