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  1. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    So Stannis has literally no good reason for thinking himself king right?

    Yup. Even if they cared, they didn't care enough to send their men off to war over it.
  2. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    North centralized

    By centralize I take it you are putting forth a hypothetical scenario where the north is an independent kingdom and no longer answered to the laws made in King's Landing. Robb Stark's Rebellion was not meant to end feudalism because the Starks and their bannermen are the beneficiaries of that system. The noble born are not interested in ending or modifying the feudal system. You will have to fight the Starks (or the Boltons) and all of their bannermen and beat them thoroughly before you can end feudalism in the north. Almost as hard as what you would have to do to stop the slave trade in the east. Some of the noble families may have reservations about the Boltons but I think it is safe to say they would rather be under Bolton rule than to give up their current system of government.
  3. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Was the second shadowbaby necessary?

    Stannis didn't know all of the facts. He might have chosen another way if he had known the cost to him, the man who no longer has a shadow.
  4. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Claimants for Azor Ahai

    This is what I think too. Dany is the Azor Ahai reborn. The other main characters may play important roles as well but they are not Azor Ahai.
  5. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Age of Tattered Prince

    The prince is a ceremonial figure. This is their pagan like ritual. When gods demand sacrifice you don't give an old goat. You give them a young virgin. The same philosophy is at play here. The gods want young and fresh. They don't want the cheesemonger.
  6. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Fatherhood: Jon Arryn and Randyll Tarly

    Sam needed encouragement, else he would refuse to take the black. Randy had to get tough.
  7. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Why would the alchemists be as suicidal as Aerys?

    Are they the only people willing to die because their king commanded it?
  8. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Fatherhood: Jon Arryn and Randyll Tarly

    Randyll Tarly gets a lot of hate because he forced his first born son to take the black. Jon Arryn is getting a lot of criticism because he wants to send Robert off to foster. Before we judge them as fathers we first need to judge them as lords. A lord's first obligation is to his peasants. These are the people who prop up and support the nobility. Family and children come second. Randyll had to put aside his love for Samwell because the land needs a strong leader. Samwell is a sweet kid but he's not leadership material. Forcing Sam to give up his claim is better for the land and the people working that land. Randyll can't afford to think like a father. He had to act like a lord. Jon Arryn had a duty to make sure his successor is a man who can lead. The warden of the east is a person who commands respect. Fostering Robert could kill him but it was necessary. Momma's Boy can't hide behind mother's skirts forever. The welfare of the workers and the land come first. Things like happiness and love come after. Can you name another controversial father who capably prepares his son for leadership?
  9. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Daenerys, Quaithe, and Asshai

    I guess that debunks the rumor of no animals in Asshai. It might be helpful remembering we know little of Asshai.
  10. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Hypocrite or not, it doesn't change the fact that Mance Rayder broke guest rights while on a mission from Jon. So the argument from the OP goes that Jon being the lord commander who coerced Mance Rayder to get his sister away from her husband is indirectly guilty of the violation of guest rights. I must say, I think the OP is right.
  11. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Is Dany going to sack more cities?

    Sack to you. Liberate to me. Volantis is in need of liberating. The slaves will do that on their own. They have the numbers and only need a signal from The Mother to get them started. Meereen is the battle ground and where the future of the slave trade will be decided. A complete victory for Team Dany in Meereen will inspire a slave revolt all over Essos and put an end to slavery in most places. Daenerys Targaryen is the last proven descendant of the Dragonlords of Valyria. By rights, she can make a claim for all of the territories ruled by Old Valyria. A claim is no good unless it's backed by sufficient force to make it stick and this is where the dragons and the Unsullied will play their most important roles.
  12. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Dunk is not true knight. How does it affect story?

    It depends on when this revelation takes place. If it had happened while he was alive, for sure the political fall out would tarnish his reputation and it becomes a public relations nightmare for Aegon V, who was already one of the weakest kings in the Targaryen dynasty. No one except the historians would care if it became known today. And this is only because they have to rewrite their scrolls and parchment by hand. Totally inconvenient.
  13. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Identity of Quaithe

    Quaithe doesn't have to have a secret identity. A better bet is to say she's a Shadowbinder who wants to sway Dany to her cause. She's Mellissandre's equivalent in the Dany storyline. They're both looking for a savior they can use. Her mask is not to hide a secret identity. She's from Asshai and it's not unusual to wear masks. Alleras has no need to hide her face from Dany because they have never met. If it were that easy to send a message via candle there is no further reason for Marwyn to hot-foot it to Meereen. He'd just send a candlegram to Dany.
  14. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    I have to agree with the OP. Jon had his choice to execute Mance and chose not to even though he had a duty to kill a deserter and an oathbreaker. And Mance rescued fake Arya because he thought the girl was Arya. He was operating under Jon's instructions. You could say Jon gave Mance a non-existent leash when he set him loose to get his sister. Indirectly, Jon is to blame for the murder his wildlings did inside the castle walls. Breaking guest rights is not the worse of it though. That's like worrying about something trivial when you compare to how it affected the NW. Jon threw his brothers under the bus. He had no right to send Mance to fetch Arya. He gave up that right when he took the black. The Starks are no longer his family and no longer his concern. If Jon had only made the right choice and minded his own business the watch would have been in better shape to prepare for the Others. He should have known the risk to the Watch if the Boltons found out what he was up to. And if he didn't then he's the biggest idiot in the story.
  15. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Failure Analysis: Ned and Robb

    Loose lips sinking ships and all. Ned might have done better to keep his mouth shut. Sansa will throw a tantrum but let's give her a strong dose of sedative to knock her out and have Fat Tommard carry her butt to the ship. We should look at Robb's war in terms of a military campaign. Edmure's superior officer ordered him to stay put. Edmure should have stayed put. No explanation needed. Normal people have a lot of discretion in doing business but the military is not the same. Robb need not give an explanation. He only had to tell Edmure to avoid engaging the enemy and that should have been enough.