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  1. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Appreciation for the Shavepate

    The "Chicago Way" suggested above will do it. The Harpy is a terrorists organization with a mission similar to that of the Ku Klux Klan. They have a leader and this leader has lieutenants.
  2. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    Collateral damage also happens when developed nations drop bombs in the enemy territory. Bombs and missiles don't just kill the guiltiest. It kills the innocents too.
  3. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Fate of Olyvar Frey

    Olyvar Frey is just a kid who got attached to a friend. His family is not going to kill him for having feelings for Robb. At the same time, his feelings towards Robb cannot be accepted by the Freys. Robb became a hated enemy on the moment he broke his word to Walder Frey. It's not just about keeping promises. The Freys lost their first son while fighting for Robb. Robb turning around and insulting the family the way he did made him an enemy. Robb forgave himself for doing something more terrible than Rickard Karstark but he couldn't do the same for Rickard Karstark. He and Jon are alike. Their brand of justice is decided by their personal feelings towards the guilty party. That's why their own allies killed them. Robb and Jon were both incapable of carrying out justice. They were both unfit for command.
  4. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Name the Parents

    Fathers Aegon - Rhaegar Daenerys - Aerys Tyrion - Tywin, but I would not completely put Aerys out of the "contest." Jon - Mance Darkstar - ? Aerys Mothers Aegon - Elia Daenerys - Rhaella Tyrion - Joanna Jon - Lyanna
  5. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    What was Ned’s purpose with Jon?

    Jon is not good material to marry off to one of Robert's kids. Cersei would crap her undies at such an idea. Jon is a bastard. The best he can hope for is a bastard daughter of another house. His future is certain to be an arm man serving another lord.
  6. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    I believe so. He was reporting on the Targaryens in the hopes of a pardon. He no longer wants to return to Westeros. He found redemption in Dany's service.
  7. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    I don't know what George Martin thinks of President Duterte. He's a harsh man with brutal, but effective methods. I wish him all the success in his war on drugs. Does anyone know of country who has successfully won its own war on drugs? If you do, please let me know.
  8. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    I have never been to the Philippine Islands but I have done research since your question was posted. President Duterte enjoys a very high approval percentage from the Filipinos. Over 80 percent according to one program on youtube. He's doing something that the people of the Philippines find valuable. He's solving a major problem that the Filipino people want solved. The drug problem is overwhelmingly huge. Many government officials and law enforcement personnel are involved. Duterte warned them ahead of time to stop destroying the young people of his country. He will kill them if they don't. They didn't listen. Many are now dead. A ranking police officer was killed yesterday while trying to sell crystal meth. It isn't just drugs. Muslim militants are trying to undermine the government in many parts of his country. Poverty is high. It is sad that some of the killed drug dealers were small-time people who were only trying to make a living. It is understandable in a poor country that the source of good money is through drugs, but it cannot be accepted. It is one of those things where you can understand but cannot tolerate. I guess I can understand why a desperate man would sell drugs to feed his family but I'm not going to allow it. His bad lot in life does not entitle him to ruin the lives of other people by selling drugs. This person should be stopped and if he refuses to be arrested then stronger measures should be taken. A lot of behavior can be accepted but drug dealing shouldn't be accepted by any country. A religious group who wants to destabilize the government and take control of the country can't be accommodated. Within game of thrones, Maegor and Visenya did the right thing when they came down harshly on the faith militants.
  9. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Dyanastic Rule. Khal Drogo and Mance Rayder

    Jon's intentions were to take Arya from Ramsay and ship her across the seas beyond his reach. That is treason. Allowing Mance Rayder to go unpunished is treason.
  10. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Reznak mo Reznak

    The people of Ghis are not raised to follow the code of chivalry. They have a different system of honor because they don't worship the seven. Reznak might be loyal to Dany and he might not. But Reznak is loyal to Reznak. He's sitting on the fence and waiting to see who wins. He's careful to make himself useful to Dany without betraying the masters. That way he always has a place to come home to. I know it's not honorable but this is what a smart person would do. Tywin and Walder pulled the same trick during Robert's Rebellion. Reznak mo Reznak (RmR) has no choice but to bend with the wind. He's steering his boat with the current instead of swimming against.
  11. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    The Carter Presidency And The Game Of Thrones

    I look back now on what we did in Iraq. Might we be better off had we left Saddam Hussein and his Baath party in power? He was brutal but he kept the extremists in check. Isis would not be what it is today if Saddam had remained in power. That's how I see the reign of King Aerys II. He kept the Faith in check. The realm respected the Targaryen right to rule and when they called them to battle, they answered.
  12. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Why did Jorah push Dany to go to Asshai?

    So he can have her all to himself. The Free Cities is out of the question because they will turn her over to the Dothraki. They crap their pants in fear of the Dothraki. The money they can get from the dragon eggs is enough to give them the good life. It's a matter of running from the bloodriders whom were responsible for escorting her to Vaes Dothrak. I don't think he thought about this until the last minute. Dany has a great destiny ahead of her. She was supposed to birth the khal of khals and unite all of the khalasars into one people.
  13. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Dyanastic Rule. Khal Drogo and Mance Rayder

    His actions say otherwise. Jon betrayed the Night's Watch and broke his vows for his sister. That is very clear. He was getting ready to escalate this into war before Bowen Marsh stopped him in his tracks.
  14. Here's Looking At You, Kid


    Good job. Your list is a good start. Allow me to add a few more. Jon Snow Tywin Lannister - I know, the order of the green hand loves this guy, but he is partly responsible for escalating a family feud between his house and the Starks into an all out war. Irresponsible in my book. Tyrion Lannister Ned Stark Stannis Baratheon Hound Littlefinger Doran Martell - A stud or a dud. Is this guy a mastermind or an armchair dreamer? Illyrio Mopatis - I don't think he really had any concrete plans. He's just putting cards on the table and hoping one of them plays out. The Tattered Prince - Another bit guy trying to become a major player. Hizdahr zo Loraq - More like a prop to me.
  15. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Poll: Did Summer See a Dragon?

    What the direwolf saw could be the past or the future. How come nobody else saw the dragon? Because it wasn't there. Maybe Firewyrms burned Winterfell a long time ago.