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  1. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Why did anyone support the targaryens in the rebellion ?

    The Baratheons did not bring peace. Balon rebelled soon after Robert stole the throne. The crown's debt is the realm's debt. It's the working class that pays. In the world of ice and fire, yes. The Targaryens are the most loved family by the people. The High Lords' family are loved by many of their vassals and underlings. That's normal for people to have affection for their leaders. Imperfect they may be but that leader is theirs. The Targaryens ruled over everyone in Westeros. They have more "fans" in Westeros when compared to any single family. They ruled more and are known by more.
  2. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    Aegon helped out in Essos.
  3. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    True up to a point. I'd like us to dig deeper to tackle this question. Sansa loves her family but she puts herself first. The pretty Starks do that. Robb also put himself ahead of his family and the even greater sin of putting himself ahead of the families who followed him to battle. He chose the woman he loved rather marry the woman he should have. That too is selfish. The ugly Starks put family ahead of the self. Jon was willing to risk getting hanged and even violated his vows in order to fight for the Starks. He even sacrificed the safety of everyone at the wall for a Stark, Arya. I have read the books repeatedly and my general opinion of these folks haven't changed. But I am willing to look past the personalities and focus instead on the behavior. We can condemn them as the people they are and that is a fair reaction. My way at the moment is by understanding them as people but still condemn their actions. They are people who would make different choices than I would have. I guess the lesson here is the problem happens because a legit method for the removal of a person in power is lacking. A peaceful way to remove Jon from duty should have been in place. Assassination should not be needed. A lord commander serving for life has its efficiency but has its own flaws. A staff of trusted advisers helps. The Targaryen kings at least had a small council. Robb didn't have a formal council. He needed a fair judge to hold trials. Robb should not be the judge passing the sentence on Cat and Karstark. The officers of the Watch should judge Janos Slynt because Jon already had a bias. Robb Stark could grow into his role if time permitted. If the Starks had won and the north became its own kingdom. Robb would rule over a people with shared religion and values. Jon, I don't think, was cut out for ruling at the wall or anywhere. He has a lot in common with Mance Rayder and a lot of fans believe they are related. Father and son. He's better at breaking rules. These guys possess a wildness that can't be contained nor can be tamed by rules. Mance and Jon will do better living outside the boundaries of a feudal monarchy and the strict social and legal code in it.
  4. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    What are some significant differences between Robb and Jon?

    The decisions they made have less to do with being kin. It's about their hearts and what it wanted. Duty wants something else. George set Jon up beautifully because he was a POV. We know what led him to betray the watch because we are given his thought process. We did not get that from Robb. George Martin is doing his job when his fans are reacting strongly to what his characters do and what happens as a result. Robb and the red wedding was not as well done. I'm not looking at statistics but just a rough guesstimate based on the fan response to the red wedding. About 70% or more condemn the Freys and sympathize with Robb. The response to Jon's assassination is more evenly divided. Like 50/50. Jon is the more divisive character among the fan base.
  5. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    ASOIAF characters + Greek Mythology

    She turns him to stone. The stone beast?
  6. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    ASOIAF characters + Greek Mythology

    Arya - Medusa
  7. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Was Aegon The Conqueror to generous ?

    The point of the conquest was not about handing out apple pie and beer to the people. The Targaryens saw a fractured land that was in a constant state of conflict. The kings were constantly calling their banners and getting them involved in their personal conflicts and the majority of the people suffered. The non-nobles made up the majority. The only way at the time to stop the forever wars was to force the kingdoms into one kingdom and demote the kings to high lords. One land. One ruler.
  8. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Why did anyone support the targaryens in the rebellion ?

    Why does Walton support and gives his loyalty to Roose Bolton when everyone knows what he does to his small people? Because he's their lord! They swore an oath and as long as it's not them or their loved ones getting punished it's ok. Cruelty and harsh punishment is the way of things in their system. Do you remember the hanging corpses seen by Dunk and Aegon on their way to serve Ser Eustace? Why do the western lords support Tywin? After all, look what he did to an innocent girl named Tysha. Look what he did to the Reynes. They support him because he's their lord and they don't see those things as anything illegal. And it wasn't done to them. If a mere lord can do those things and get away with it in the eyes of the public then most certainly a king can burn a mere lord and his hotheaded son. What Aerys did was not cause enough to remove him from power because he was not harming the masses. Hindsight is perfect and now we know the rebellion and the Baratheon rule did more harm than good. Jon Arryn placed the interest of Ned and Robert ahead of the welfare of the millions of people in Westeros. It might have been acceptable if the Baratheons had brought peace, prosperity, and progress. They did not. So the rebellion was pointless. The OP is trying to paint the Targaryens as a hated family and their rule as a failure when that is far from the truth. The attempt to revise the story has failed to gain traction because it is not true. The Targaryens were largely successful. I should think if Viserys Targaryen and Robb Stark were to hold an election for the throne of the kingdom that Viserys would win more votes very easily.
  9. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Did the targaryen name still have weight after Robert's Rebellion ?

    Yes. the story has been clear on this. The Targaryen name is well-known all over Westeros and Planetos. You have to only look at the guest list on Dany's wedding day to know this. The heavyweights like the archon and the magisters were there. The highest ranking Khal wanted to marry a Targaryen princess so badly that he agreed to cross the poisoned waters to take her brother's kingdom back for him. I saw more than a few questions of this kind down below. It seems you are trying to imply that the Targaryens are hated by the majority of people. And that is simply not the case. These kinds of questions misrepresent the Targaryen family. The attempt to paint them as has-beens and non-factors is not gaining traction, sorry.
  10. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Sansa's betrayal consequences partly overestimated?

    It got Ned and Tomard killed. Song of ice and fire is a coming of age story. The old establishment had to go for the mistakes they made and let the young ones create a mess of their own. Spilling the beans to Cersei had major consequences for the Starks. That silly move threw the family into homelessness. I don't know if it's comeuppance for what the Starks did to Aerys Targaryen's children but there it is. It goes around.
  11. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Dany and child murder

    It isn't responsible to start a war to get satisfaction or revenge over Bran's injury. And that is what Catelyn and Ned did. Cat knew what it meant to arrest Tyrion. Ned knew what it meant to escalate the fighting into war. The Tullys and the Starks swore an oath to the throne. Robb and Edmure owed their pampered and rich lifestyles because their ancestors decided to swear fealty. You inherit the privilege and you inherit the responsibility. The two go hand in hand.
  12. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Languages used in Westeros and Essos

    The Andal majority brought the Common Tongue. The people of Ghis now speak bastardized Old Valyrian mixed with Ghiscari. The Common Tongue as spoken has to be a bastardization of pure Common Tongue and what the First Men spoke. I know the FM were primitive but they did more than grunt at each other.
  13. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Dany and child murder

    Well, Aegon was not subject to any laws but his own. He never bowed to any of the minor kings of land nor did he swear fealty to any of them. The North and the Riverlands swore an oath. They are already subjects of the kingdom. They broke laws that they already agreed to support and live by. Aegon cannot be accused of oath breaking. The Starks and the Tullys can be accused of oath breaking. At least insofar as the people knew. They failed to prove Joffrey's true parentage.
  14. Here's Looking At You, Kid

    Poll. Is Bran ever leaving the cave?

    I want Bran to become a human root ball. He can take over from Bloodraven.