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  1. Rhaenyra was chosen by her father, the king. She was the legitimate heir and the rightful successor.
  2. Browsed through the comments and the fandom is again divided. One end are those who want no punishment for Arya, to the opposite end are the ones who want Arya to get executed for her crimes. I agree that the punishment for her crimes so far have to be severe and permanent. Being blinded in one eye for the rest of her life will pay for the murder of Dareon. I don't buy that she will stop. Arya's mind is in a very dark place and she will become evil as the names on the list are crossed off.
  3. We, the readers, are meant to doubt the veracity of the claim. Drogon has never done anything of the sort. It is also his habit to take his food back to his lair in the Dothraki Sea. I do not believe the man.
  4. It is my suspicion that Stannis will live until Dany arrives. The two will meet and Stannis will learn who the real Azor Ahai is. But the Pink Letter contradicts this time line for Stannis. In which case the funds will be stolen by his emissary.
  5. Fine performance from Paddy Considine. Now the prophecy. Viserys saw a blonde girl in his vision, the Prince(ss) Who Was Promised, and mistook her for Rhaenyra. The girl he saw was Daenerys Targaryen.
  6. To make Stannis competitive if he's still alive. He needs funds to fight Tommen.
  7. Innocent puppet show or veiled insult to the Targaryens? It looked like an insult to me. Freedom of speech does not exists in Westeros. I don't think any of the Houses would tolerate an insult. Aerion was not wrong to get offended but he should have talked to her in private and ordered her to refrain from showing that play.
  8. A farm instrument like a plow. Good, honest hard working people. I like Walder Frey and Petyr Baelish despite what they did because they have a working class ethic. It is the kind of attitude which serves one in life and builds prosperity. Hard work and being somewhat frugal works for most.
  9. Ok, correct. Advantage does not mean unstoppable. But the question was how would the Dothraki and the Unsullied do in Westeros based on the data that we have. They would do well, based on the data. But yeah, sure, anything can happen. The Children could pull a miracle and raise giants. GM could bring in a yet unknown element like ice spiders. No guarantee of victory just a prediction that they will do well.
  10. Yup. Robert's fear of the Dothraki and now this confirmation from GM of the superiority of the Unsullied are proof that they are able to deliver victories for Dany when she gets to Westeros.
  11. How do y'all think the Unsullied and Dothraki will perform in Westeros? They will win their battles and Dany will be victorious. I think they can accomplish victories without needing to employ the dragons.
  12. Does Anyone Else find Everything East of the Free Cities a bit odd? Not me. I found the change of venue a welcome relief from the dullness of Westeros. Daenerys, the dragons, Barristan, Jorah, and the best of the characters are all in the East.
  13. and why Daenerys can defeat the forces of Westeros. I have read the two threads debating the effectiveness of Daenerys Targaryen's armed forces against the forces of Westeros. Now, it is obvious to me that the Anti-Daenerys folks are not going to be convinced, so this thread may not be for them. They have dug themselves into a position and will stay there. But for those who are already on Team Daenerys or who possess a reasonable level of objectivity, read on. The armed of forces of Westeros are composed of peasants, farm workers, craftsmen, fishermen, and builders. Soldiering is not their livelihoods. Most of them have never been in battle. A wealthy family like the Lannisters might be able to equip most of their soldiers with decent quality weapon but they are the exception. The economy of Westeros cannot support a large, standing army. What it has is a small number of knights. Some are very good, most are going to be mediocre, and a significant number are there for show. They would make Oznak look like a pro. You see, in Westeros, the people who will be called to fight are the economic engine. They produce the goods needed for the population to eat, have shelter, and maintain livable conditions. Any lengthy war will be devastating because the leaders will send their labor force to go to battle. Just about everything needed by the people will stop being produced. Social order will break down. They will definitely run to hide inside their castles. But as you can see from Roose's dilema in Winterfell, supplies will run out very quickly. Battle horses will become food after the mice and vermin have been consumed. There will be desertion where soldiers will sneak out at night. Men will turn to cannibalism. Are mothers psychologically prepared to see their farmboy sons die? I don't think so. Farmboys are not supposed to die in battle. Most have never experienced battle. The Dothraki, The Unsullied, and the mercenaries are all professional fighting forces. To the Dothraki, warfare IS the economy. The culture they come from are accustomed to casualties and the hardships of war. The Unsullied are even better. The dragons are not needed as long as Daenerys can bring a number that is sufficiently close to the number of the enemy. So if Westeros can squeeze 50K able-bodies from their farms, Daenerys will need close to that. And all of hers will be able-bodied, armed, trained, and by then, experienced. Of the 50K from the Westeros side, maybe 5K will be annointed knights. They won't all have good quality armor. It depends on their finances. Daenerys will need the advantage she has because it is usually harder to be on the offense. The attacking force need the advantage in most cases. If Team Daenerys can build war machines out of boat timber, like they did, they can surely build effective equipment to lay siege to any castle in Westeros. They have no need to batter the gates or the walls. Just the belief can put stress on the army hiding inside. Food, arrows, weapons, and horses can always be resupplied from Essos and the Free Cities. Daenerys will have Essos to support her campaign. The men whom she rescued from slavery will be bringing important skills. Crafts people, healers, carpenters, farmers, and herders. They will provide the army with what is needed. George Martin can do what he wants. He can make Patchface the most formidable warrior ever to carry a sword. But we are making this evaluation based on what we have read from the text. And when a man like Robert fear the Dothraki, there is a good reason to believe that they will be very effective in Westeros. The addition of the Unsullied provides a magnificent synergy.
  14. You're seeing the immediate consequences now. Jon got himself and the NW involved in a conflict with Ramsay Bolton. The pink letter, the admission of guilt at the Shield Hall, Jon's foolish attempts to handle the bad situation he himself had created, and the division among the defenders of the wall. The only good thing to come of it is Bowen finally got the courage to get rid of Jon and end his terrible leadership at the wall.
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