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  1. Mance Rayder will always be a man of the Night's Watch for as long as he's breathing. And yes, being a member of the Night's Watch does not exclude a person from receiving guest rights and being obligated to observe guest rights. What he cannot be is an employee of Roose Bolton. You can't win in this debate. You've already lost this part of the argument. You wouldn't be trying to intimidate me, are you? That wouldn't be very nice. An exchange of goods and services does not prevent the existence of guest rights. Mance Rayder was trusted by the Boltons and opened their gates to him and his girls. He violated that trust and murdered Bolton's people. That violated guest rights.
  2. Mance was already employed for life at the Wall. He can't honestly become a servant of the Bolton's. He arrived knowing he was going to tell a lie and harm his host. The girls were working for Joe Snow too. They are all guilty of violating guest rights. Guest rights is neither arbitrary nor subject to loose interpretation. If it were, Walder would be right to claim the RW was nothing more than a family squabble because Roslyn married Edmure, who was Robb's uncle. They were all one unhappy family. Mance and Walder are both guilty of breaking guest rights.
  3. It will take a long time to build from scratch. It's faster to repair. It will look suspicious from the south and will be taken as a north prepping for war.
  4. The Starks story is about revenge. They will get their revenge and then some. But revenge will also damage and hurt them. Many innocents will die to get them this revenge but they will pay dearly as well.
  5. I don't recall asking about Tyrek. How dare you add that name! Just kidding. Why do you think his knowledge is dangerous?
  6. There are ruins in central and south America where the later additions seem to inferior workmanship. The foundation structure fit better and stones dressed better. Additions to the structure were built by less-advanced people. We know who built the additions but not the people who built the foundations. The technology went backwards. Martin is doing the same thing. An advanced people of whom we know nothing about built the foundations. It gives age and scale to the world of ice and fire.
  7. Ser Aliser, Benjen, Daario, Syrio, and Prince Aegon
  8. Little Bran has a lot to be mad about. Jaime pushed him from the window. The Lannisters killed his dad. George is good about giving the reason behind the decisions of his characters. It will be the reader who decides the right and the wrong of that decision. Bran has a lot of power for his age. He will misuse that power to avenge his family instead of using it for the good. Bran will use the wights as his slave soldiers and send them to menace Westeros.
  9. Elia was never the healthiest of people. It is hard to imagine Elia wandering in Essos all these years. Rhaegar's wife and children did not survive the Mountain.
  10. Balerion had a run in with another formidable species. And he came out on top. He came back with a wound but I'm sure the other guy is a pile of smoldering grey dust before he left. Way to go Balerion.
  11. Yeah but it shouldn't be a simple family spat. It needs to be a true dance of the direwolves with the Starks fighting each other for Winterfell.
  12. There were likely marriage offers but the number of available Targaryens to marry off were always low. The Targaryens were comfortable on Dragonstone. The island geography suited the needs of their dragons. They had little motivation to expand their holdings. It isn't hard to see why they kept to themselves.
  13. The world of ice and fire is low magic. It is also a criticism of overly strong faith. Killing all those people won't make a miracle strong enough to control the climate but it could affect the seers. Bran is a greenseer because uses the trees. Maybe the drowned god is a water seer. Giving human sacrifice to the sea make this seer more powerful.
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