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  1. Moiraine Sedai

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    Thorne was not involved in Ned Stark's downfall. This is not about getting back at your mean former instructor. It was about Jon using this opening to kill one of the people who helped the Lannisters bring Ned down. The election was close. Janos had supporters. It was political suicide to kill him. The crows are brothers in spirit. They gave up their biological families and allies to join. One crow killing another crow is close to kinslaying. That is why they tolerate each other. Desertion is probably the only crime regularly punishable by death because the guilty has left the family. In other words, he broke his oaths and betrayed the Night's Watch family. All other crimes are punished less harshly. The crows truly are a family. They live as a family and it is only broken when one crow breaks his vows.
  2. Moiraine Sedai

    The execution of Janos Slynt was personal and it was not justice.

    There was no.justice in that execution. Jon Snow took his anger over Ned's execution on Slynt. Jon took advantage of his position to get even with the Lannisters.
  3. Moiraine Sedai

    Why was neither Viserys nor Daenerys trained in arms?

    There was no excuse for Viserys other than lazy. He was young and fit. Dany was just too young when Willem Darry died and lost their protector. Both of the Targaryens are athletic. Dany herself is quite the athlete. It's a rare rider who can stay on a dragon without a saddle.
  4. Moiraine Sedai

    Daenerys and the number 3

    The three gifts from three suitors. Victarion - the iron fleet. Jorah- the heart of a lion, Tyrion. Quentgn - a marriage contract
  5. Moiraine Sedai

    Where are Tyrion’s bastards?

    Maybe the Imp is impotent.
  6. Moiraine Sedai

    Me and my tinfoil half helm

    Indeed those ideas have more tinfoil than Reynolds. And they are too Stark friendly and too Anti-Dany for my taste. I don't like your tinfoil theories.
  7. Moiraine Sedai

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    The Dothraki may have a different idea of beautiful but there is no denying the royal bloodline of the Targaryens. He would have married her for her ancient and famous bloodline.
  8. Moiraine Sedai

    What if Daenerys was Ugly?

    I have no doubt Daenerys would still find a way to be successful. Darnerys is my favorite character and it has nothing to do with her breathtaking beauty. She's smart, brave, and resourceful. She was born to be great.
  9. Moiraine Sedai

    Bastards in Essos

    That is something to think about. If the laws and the church allowed for multiple wives to be legal then only the children outside of marriage are bastards. But even among the wives, there is pecking order. The First wife has the highest rank, I would think. Any group has to have a rank order to prevent chaos.
  10. Moiraine Sedai

    Bastards in Essos

    The northern bastards are considered so by the same people who worship the old God's. The very first wife at the beginning of time put pressure on her husband to distinguish between their children and his children with a random woman.
  11. Moiraine Sedai

    Sam in basic training

    Belwas has ample proportions and he proved himself agile. Though heavy he can fight well. Maybe we should send Samwell to the great masters of Mereen for training. They taught Belwas.
  12. Moiraine Sedai

    The Regional Cuisine

    13. North of Wall. Anything that has warm blood is edible to a wight.
  13. Moiraine Sedai

    Bastards in Essos

    Babies born into slavery are slaves. A free man can still be a bastard.
  14. Moiraine Sedai

    Bastards in Essos

    Good answer. Mel was a slave.
  15. Moiraine Sedai

    Bastards in Essos

    Bastards are considered second class in most areas.