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  1. I believe Robert B and Rickard Stark were plotting against House Targaryen from the beginning. That's treason. Lyanna, Ned, and Brandon were active participants in that plot. They were old enough to know it's wrong. Executing them was legal.
  2. Robert's Rebellion hurt the Targaryen family. Two innocent children, Prince Viserys and Princess Daenerys, were forced into exile. Years of undeserved hardship followed the children. Are the rebel families now facing retribution for their wrongs? I believe they are. The Baratheons and their allies during the rebellion have fallen on hard times. Largely through their own fault, they are presently homeless. I have no wish to see them rise again. They are getting their just desserts.
  3. The deaths of Rhaenys, Aegon, and Elia were not necessary. But Viserys has to die. He was the heir who later became King Viserys the Third. The Queen herself posed a danger to Robert. Ned would accept letting them live in exile but not while they hold Dragonstone. A king in exile is less threatening than one who holds Dragonstone. The ancient seat of House Targaryen is a symbol of power. Barristan had already accepted the pardon. What could he say to oppose Robert? Nothing.
  4. Arya will go special delivery postal on KL when she hears what happened to Jon.
  5. The swords were named by the families who acquired them. They may have had other names from previous owners. The name given at the time of the forging would have more significance. Longclaw had another name in its history. Dawn might have been Lightbringer at one time. Likewise, Ice had a different name before she came to the Starks. The division of Ice is significant because the Lannisters ruined the Starks. They separated Sansa from the pack and dispersed the other cubs. Putting the pieces back together won't be easy. It might not happen at all.
  6. Alyn does bash Dany and her fans all the time. We're still here. You're still here. He's accusing Dany fans of misconduct. You name it. My opinion only, but it looks like Alyn is obsessed with tearing down Dany and defending the Starks. It doesn't work.
  7. The "bad guys" like you pushed this thread off the tracks. Dany-haters and Stark fans are the villains of the internet. There's going to be a day of reckoning for you. Every high lord have ambitious vassals. At least Roose and Barbrey weren't as bad as Rickard, Brandon, Arryn, and Robert. I'm talking about the Southron Ambition conspiracy. It was treason.
  8. Jaime is a Lannister all the way. Guilt for his failure in the past is not going to make him jump into Aegon's arms. He wouldn't be welcome even if he did. Aegon's backers and allies have no love for the Lannisters.
  9. Queen Daenerys' arc has been preparing her to become the ruler that this world needs during the Long Night. The Pale Mare is the silent killer during war. Like the disease which causes Greyscale, the infective organism can't be seen. It's not an enemy you can fight with swords. Dany will be the leader who will be best prepared when Greyscale spreads in Westeros. She speaks several languages. This will be helpful to a ruler who will lead Westeros, Dothraki, and Ghiscari people. Contrast this to Jon, who has never left the north. I want to avoid bashing Jon in this post. Let me just say that I would choose Daenerys for leadership over Jon.
  10. It wasn't disagreement. Bowen Marsh had to stop Jon from raiding the Boltons. I'm not worried as much about osthbtrsking. Bowen wasn't either. He was only doing what he could to stop the raid. Arya is not worth going to war over.
  11. Still am. Always will. You should know by now. I don't expect Arya to respond with anything close to sane. She will go ballistic. I want to know how Sansa and Marge would handle similar news.
  12. They didn't attack Craster. I guess he was on time with his rent. Mance was late!!!!!!!!!!
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