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  1. Moiraine Sedai

    Sunset Sea Related Stuff

    Sunset Sea is large like the Pacific and an unknown. Anything can happen on a long Sea voyage. The other explorers ran out of water and died. They didn't reach the other side. Those three dragon eggs are probably the same ones Ellisa stole. The sealord of her time was not warm to the Targaryens but the one who signed the marriage pact sheltered Viserys and Daenerys. Perhaps this fondness motivated him to ask Ilyrio to gift her those eggs. I will not rule out the current Sealord having had a vision of Daenerys helping free the slaves. He would make sure those eggs came to her to make sure she has the power to help the slaves. Quaithe or Ellisa sent this Sealord a vision of the future and sent events in motion. This explains Quaithe's reason for looking out for Daenerys and the dragons. They are the eggs she stole.
  2. Moiraine Sedai

    Frozen Hell

    It's the obvious. Winter is coming. Ice Age is coming. Those stuck in Westeros will be living in a frozen hell.
  3. That's fine. You are entitled to do as you wish. So, I have to ask. If Meera has this much significance, why is it that Howland didn't reveal this to her? She's going away on a long and dangerous trip. If she was the daughter of a prince, even a disinherited one, he would tell her. She could die on the road to winter fell. She needed the truth. Compose away, Mr. Map Guy. See if you can come up with a reason.
  4. Moiraine Sedai

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    You'll have to get used to it. A thread is open for people to respond to. It's not accurate to say everyone was unhappy with Aerys. The economy was thriving.
  5. Moiraine Sedai

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Incorrect. To say literally everyone was trying to get rid of Aerys is incorrect. Many were content to leave things as they were. Hoster Tully had to be bribed. Rickard and Brandon deserved to die. So did Robert. Pity his death came years later.
  6. I agree with most of this.
  7. Moiraine Sedai

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    There was going to be a rebellion even if Lyanna had not gone missing. Rickard Stark was building an alliance against the Targaryens before she went missing.
  8. This indeed is fanfiction rather than fan prediction. A fan-created fiction inspired by George R. R. Martin's work. Basically what hbo is doing.
  9. Moiraine Sedai

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    In my opinion, chosen by destiny. Daenerys is special. She is Azor Ahai. The one who woke dragons from stone. Rhllor didn't choose Stannis. A rogue priestess took it upon herself to choose Stannis. The false Azor Ahai. I will support the theorists who believe Mellissandre will make the same mistake with Jon and proclaim him as a a dragon, a false dragon.
  10. Moiraine Sedai

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Either Lyanna was a non-factor from the Targaryens loyalists side or JC doesn't have inside knowledge.
  11. Moiraine Sedai

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Some of the why and the when of the rebellion will remain a mystery. We may get a story from Jon Connington and Howland Reed but they are not going to be completely trustworthy.
  12. Sure. The land in the west where men wore iron suits and the ruling class rode dragons. The author simply created a medieval kind of world. He wants his readers immersed in that time period. So how much did the people of the Far East knew of the French during the dark ages? Only a little. Fertile imagination filled in the rest. Cities of gold, fountains of youth, demons. sirens, the yeti. Things of that sort. The distant places stoked the imaginations of ancient people. Martin is doing the same thing to us. He gave us Leng, Yi Ti to the east and Westeros to the west. Along with them came information that are unreliable. We're in the same boat as the ancients in the real world. Do lions really shit gold? Are there really Ghost Grass in Asshai? Many of the answers are unimportant but they serve to make planetos a more realistic medieval world full of ignorance.
  13. Self-preservation is not a key for a leader. Arryn should put the greater good ahead of his friends and family. And if he was part of Robert and Rickard's conspiracy against the Targaryens he is deserving of death. He should know and accept that they got caught. It's time to pay for his plotting.
  14. Moiraine Sedai

    House Velaryon MIA.

    The Velaryons are a shadow of their former glory. I believe they will support Dany with whatever they have. They can offer their land as a possible landing place for the forces of the True Dragon and thus assist her claim to Westeros
  15. Moiraine Sedai

    Who Hatched the Last Dragon?

    Orys was sired long after the Targaryens left the empire. He could have been conceived anywhere. His mother might have customs that are neither of Valyria nor of Westeros. Mom could be from the free cities. His father had flying transportation and had the means to travel. Baratheon might be the mom's name. The place where the family originated.