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  1. We don't even know if Dawn is effective against the white walkers. I feel like it will have significance. Maybe Darkstar uses it against the Lannisters and puts an end to Tywin's line.
  2. Moiraine Sedai

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I didn't like Feast at all. I don't care for Sansa. I'm not interested in the story unless my favorite characters are present. Dance is tied with Game for the best books in the series. The first time Daenerys rode Drogon in Meereen is a favorite scene of mine. I got goose bumps and read it over and over to savor the moment.
  3. Moiraine Sedai

    Ramsay and Euron

    No. The bloody flux is a disease caused by bacteria. It would have happened, war or no war.
  4. Moiraine Sedai

    What was Tywin's original plan?

    Probably. Tywin was the richest, most powerful guy. He could stand up to Robert.
  5. Moiraine Sedai

    The Sack of Darry

    Plot hole. I'm tempted to say those turkeys were prejudiced because House Darryl was and is loyal to the Targaryens. The Starks and the Tullys were some of worst offenders during the rebellion.
  6. Moiraine Sedai

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    Yes because her vision is the only one with support from another source. The Red Comet is the return of dragons.
  7. Moiraine Sedai

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    That is quite an interesting interpretation.
  8. Moiraine Sedai

    Did the Red Comet _____ ?

    Agree, except the slaves are the promised people. Meereen is ancient Egypt, right down to the three pyramids.
  9. Moiraine Sedai

    Who is Quaithe?

    Perhaps Westeros is fated to die, for the greater good. Trying to save it is a waste of time because climate change cannot be controlled. Building a new civilization in Essos that doesn't have slavery is a battle that can be won.
  10. Moiraine Sedai

    Characteristics of a good ruler

    This is not true. The ones who want to rule and get to earn experience do the best. People who do a job they don't want suck at it. Sharapova wanted to become a pro tennis player and worked at it. She won championships. Force someone to take the job and they will suck at it.
  11. Moiraine Sedai

    The Sweet of the Bittersweet

    The deaths of the Starks and Jon would be sweet to me.
  12. Jorah's stock was high because he won the tourney. His future looked promising. The husband's status is more important to women over looks.
  13. Moiraine Sedai

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    Then what would Bran do when news says his brother was killed by the Freys? Call his banners and attack the Freys. Think about it. How safe is Roose if the Starks keep their hold on the north. Tyein, Roose, Walder and their allies had reasons. Some of it being fear of what could happen.
  14. Moiraine Sedai

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    Manderly just shows how serious these guys are in taking revenge. Walder might not get the chance to poison Robb. That alone won't keep him safe. Edmure is not about to say, "you know, Walder had all the right in the world to side with Joffrey after the despicable way the Starks treated him. I will formally apologize on behalf of Robb and guarantee no trouble to the Freys. It's all behind us now." Edmure will punish the Freys. The Starks and the Tullys had to lose. Bolton is not safe until the Starks are done.
  15. Moiraine Sedai

    Is Walder Frey the smartest man in Westeros?

    Only time will tell if it was the correct decision for the long term. But it is the right one for the moment because he owed nothing to the Starks after Robb broke his oath. The Starks were going to lose after they lost control of Jaime, Theon, and the north. It's dumb to go down in a sinking ship when it's captain had already proven that he has no respect for the Freys.