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  1. Robb never had a kingdom. He was working towards making the north his. He failed. Only Manderly and some of the northern lords. Robb's will is not going to have any respect at the Wall. It won't have any support in the south. His heir will be promptly beheaded for treason as soon as he comes back from getting stabbed.
  2. It preserves traits such as skinchanging, warging. Extremely long faces.
  3. And the Baratheons? Oh yeah, Robert was on the throne. Talk about a disaster. All the while getting cuckolded. Then bringing the kingdom to financial ruin. Losing his Hand. And then his little brothers fighting over the throne as soon as he stopped his oxygen addiction. The Baratheon reign will be a small footnote in history.
  4. Robert was not up to the task. And yeah, he beat Rhaegar on the Trident. I wouldn't go so far as to say he's a loser, but the Baratheons did more harm than good. Whereas the Targaryens did more good for Westeros. The Baratheons won the rebellion and the remaining royal family had to go into exile. Live and live to continue the fight another day.
  5. Powerful magic experiment gone wrong. Had the same effect as a nuclear war. Messed up the environment. I want to know too.
  6. Asha stands out from the other Greyjoys. She's their black sheep.
  7. Robert and his brothers badly mismanaged Westeros. They inherited a full Treasury and bankrupted the kingdom in a few years.
  8. Welder needed to side with the Lannisters at the beginning for that kind of reward. Such a reward is not going to be on the table after Walder sided with Robb and became part of the Stark rebellion. The Freys technically became criminals for siding with Robb. The RW was his way to earn his way back to the kingdom.
  9. The Dornish fought differently. The men hid while the old and the weak stayed behind. That is contrary to what most people would have done. Dorne was willing to sacrifice it's most vulnerable so the men could live to continue fighting. The Targaryens were not willing to lay waste to Dorne. They could have burned down every castle and stronghold. But they chose not to. Rhaenys was the weak link in the family. The Targaryens could have cleansed the land if they had wanted to. It was a matter of will and who was willing to accept the heavier loses.
  10. I disagree. Sansa is the filler material. George Martin would not allow himself to get bogged down in Meereen if it were not important. The title of the last book was about Daenerys, her dragons, and the suitors. Three of the five main characters are now in Essos. Many of the fans do not care for the Starks and their storyline. I would not have continued reading A Game of Thrones if it were not for Daenerys and Viserys. I became interested in the story after reading the chapter when she married Drogo.
  11. I don't think so. They are half a world away in distance.
  12. Arya may be gray at the moment but she is headed towards the black. She could remain gray and still be a villain. Darth Vader danced from gray to black and then to gray. DV is considered by many to be a cool villain. I do not think Arya will ever be cool to me but she can still be a villain.
  13. Daenerys is the lead heroine of A Song of Ice and Fire. She will not stop fighting to help the slaves. It is possible that she may suspend her campaign against slavery temporarily in order to help stop the Others. If the Others are the existential threat to all living things, as the story seems to be saying, then an intelligent person like Daenerys would conclude that they are the problem that needs to be addressed first. She will plan to return to Slaver's Bay to continue her reforms. Daenerys is a better leader and ruler in comparison to Robb Stark and Jon Snow. I trust her to make the right decisions. Slavery in the South was ended within a few short years of war. More than 600,000 Americans lost their lives to put an end to slavery. It was costly. It was bloody. But it was worth it. Slavery will end in Essos. It is the rebuilding which will take time. How long will depend on how many of the old slaving families remain and how much they will cooperate.
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