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  1. No son would be happy with that, but men of the time were brutes. It's not unusual to have domestic abuse going on.
  2. Jon was fathered by Ned on Ashara. Or fathered by Mance on Lyanna. He is a bastard, born out of wedlock.
  3. Rhaella was a beauty. Many men fall in love with women like that. Bonifer was just one of her admirers. It's not enough to cause us to doubt the father of her children.
  4. The list of candidates is narrowed by the height of the knight. Benjen should make the list ahead of Howland.
  5. This is the man who got beat up by little boys. No. Unless his gods answered his prayer and gave him steroids.
  6. Marwyn wants to help her. He can't do that while surrounded by enemies at the Citadel. He's changing sides.
  7. He wouldn't get much support. His side lost and their rebellion failed. The red wedding is not enough cause to start another rebellion. The Starks and the Tullys are not worth it.
  8. Dany is the hero who was reborn during the appearance of the Red Comet. There will be a villain reborn under an opposite sign, Jon. The opposite of a fiery comet is a snow blizzard. Instead of bringing life, this blizzard will bring death, destruction, and misery to the people.
  9. Cat had political skills but her judgment was compromised and distorted because of her feelings for her offsprings. She was unable to conquer her feelings. Jon is the same way but without the political smarts.
  10. Either recorded history was purposely revised to make a certain house look better or it's a problem with translation.
  11. Bran will start to enjoy eating human flesh. He already tasted Jojen.
  12. The northmen and rivermen are the historical enemies of the ironborn. The ironborn won the first round when they took WF and MC. Ramsay beat them and won the second round for the north. I guess Euron will do something to lay some pain on the north in the next round.
  13. Holster would need to get off from his imagined superiority and show respect to Walder. Walder is the better man in a way.
  14. I don't know. You can ask Mance Rayder. If he survives.
  15. The white paleness is a characteristic of creatures who live in darkness. Maybe the people left behind in Westeros will slowly transform into pale wraith like creatures. People like the Starks will grow to adapt to darkness and won't be able to readjust at the end of the long night.
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