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  1. One of the prophecies shown to our young protagonist, Daenerys Targaryen, concern Aeron Greyjoy. Aeron Damphair is the dying man on the prow of the boat. We assume the Damphair will die. Which is not necessarily going to happen. The Ironborn have a saying, “what is dead may never die.” The Damphair is not going to die. He has been baptized by sea water. Because a godless man may never sit the Seastone chair, the Damphair will oppose Euron. Damphair will support Asha. Asha will rule the Ironborn.
  2. The stork. Is somebody who only wanted a future for the boy. Gendry is a bastard with no chance at the throne.
  3. The Starks will side with the White Walkers. The WW are not necessarily a threat to the Starks. Like the NK of long ago, Jon, Bran, and the rest of the Stark brood will sacrifice to the WW.
  4. The Blackwoods have had more attention. It does not indicate that the other family is bad. The purpose is to show how deep the enmity is between the family. The quarrel goes way back. New quarrels are starting among the people. A strong leader is needed to focus attention to the existential threat of the Winter. The leader ideally would not come from the noble houses but from the Targaryen family.
  5. Sandor didn’t murder a Stark. Micah was only a childhood playmate. That was before Arya became a Faceless and a hardened murderer.
  6. Theon is a compelling character. Even if you don’t like him. He is one of the author’s best creations. He plays the role of a troubled young man who needs his family’s approval. The author believes blood is thicker than friendship and this will make Theon return to the Greyjoys even if they mistreat him. Theon will always pick the Greyjoy over the Stark. He is the Jon among the Ironborn. Jon always picks the Starks over the watch. Theon is similar.
  7. Tyrion became more interesting, more appealing after his story took him to Essos. KL choked his character and limited his story. His character grew and developed during the journey to Meereen.
  8. I am doubtful of Cersei attempting to take her own life. The likely assassin is Tyrion.
  9. The baddies are the human hearts. The Others are the existential threat like climate change. They will destroy Westeros unless the people can change their habits and stop being too loyal to their own families.
  10. Arya is not a child soldier. She is a vigilante, operating outside the law. She’s a mentally-damaged person who wants to kill people because of some twisted need inside of her for revenge. She is not bothered with killing innocents, who’ve not harmed her family, to get the revenge that she wants. She’s obsessed with it.
  11. Mance and Lyanna knew each other. Mance was present at Harrenhal. They had liaisons. He got Lyanna pregnant right before she ran away.
  12. You are shorting Bowen Marsh. If he spares Ghost it will be due to his human decency.
  13. Most orphans of war do not become homicidal maniacs like Arya.
  14. Too many baby switching and hidden identities. The Long Night can be stopped by the sacrifice of a few lives. Too much glorification of man for my liking. The weather should be beyond the control of humans. Too much human control over Mother Nature is too much like Star Trek. No fun at all if man wins all the time.
  15. Arya’s judgment is corrupted by her insanity. I would love to label Arya evil. She has done evil things. But her mental illness and insanity distorts her judgment. It will be hard to label Arya evil because she is insane. She has difficulty resisting her lust for murder.
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