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  1. Sansa Stark She’s used by Joff, LF, Harry and there will be others in the future.
  2. He is scummy but Jaime Lannister is many times scummier.
  3. I’m saying he kicks Hotah’s butt in Winds.
  4. So he’s hot. Ari is a woman after all. Between Aegon B. and Gerold Dayne, she goes for which? I’m sure she picks Gerold. He has some rogue traits in his character. He’s the main Dayne atm.
  5. Gilly will need to leave picture for this bond to develop. Other than that, yeah, this would be great.
  6. Arya had a lot of identities after being freed from the boundaries of being high born. She could have lived as Nan. She'd rather be a killer. She's very bad.
  7. The Valyrians are the Krells of ice and fire. They were using advanced magic instead of technology. They're not the only ones. Asshai is another people destroyed by flirting with dark magic.
  8. The sacrifice of children. But perhaps the most valued of all, virgins. Like Sansa. She would make for a valuable sacrifice.
  9. George should do away with the male dominated tradition in fantasy. It started with the primary characters in Rings being male. That's old stuff. I want Dany's men to submit to her will.
  10. Arya has the savage blood of Brandon, Lyanna, Jon, and Rickon. She was born on the edge of sanity and control. Her experience with trauma knocked her over the edge.
  11. Ned was delirious. His dream is not to be taken seriously. He was on drugs.
  12. No silly. I meant a fight between another fencer. Another girl of the same age and size versus Arya.
  13. How about a young swords woman from Bravos against Arya Stark from Winterfell. The same age and size.
  14. George creates colorful characters to provoke strong emotions in his reader. Most of the major characters will be polarizing. All of the Starks, excepting Rickon, have done terrible things which many of us don't like. I don't dislike Ned, Cat, Rickon, and Robb. I think Sansa is dumb but I don't hate her like some of the men here do. I'm not warm towards Bran because he is becoming the lord of darkness already. He is the scariest of the Starks and will do more harm than good. He's going to betray BR. I can't stand Arya and Jon. It's just their behavior that turns me off. They're like loaded and chambered firearms with no safety.
  15. Arya Stark is a very sick girl. I don't know who will stop her but she will die with needle in her grasp. She will anger a lot of people, among the fans and in the story. Maybe Ramsay will catch her.
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