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  1. Moiraine Sedai

    Most likeable child character?

    By child, if you mean all those under 18, then my choice is Daenerys Targaryen and Missandei.
  2. Moiraine Sedai

    The Starks

    A little of both. Arya's madness is affecting her wolf. It is also partly due to the direwolf being larger and more savage than the normal wolves in the south. Arya is indeed deranged and when combined with her savagery, results in the totally messed up person she is. Nym is a natural savage like Arya. Add mental problems and it gets worse. The trackers will find them eventually.
  3. Moiraine Sedai

    Obnoxious POV's

    I find Jon, Sansa, Arianne, Jaime, and Samwell to be always obnoxious. Early chapters from Tyrion could get tiresome too. 1. Jon 2. Sansa 3. Arianne 4. Jaime 5. Samwell 6. Tyrion
  4. Moiraine Sedai

    Daenerys & Mirri Maaz Duur

    Brandon was guilty and witnessed by many. There was no need for a trial. Rickard should have asked for forgiveness but he most likely did not. Magic is not science. How much control have we seen from Mellissandre? Not much. Bloodraven can only do so much. Dany has the ability but neither the training nor the knowledge in the use of magic. The author himself already admitted, she is special. She will hatch dragons, per the prophecy of AA waking dragons from stone, but certain conditions must be met. If the rebellion had not taken place, for example. How different life might have been for Princess Daenerys Targaryen. Magic is neither good nor bad. It is a power that can be used for the good (Dany) or bad (Faceless Men). Three people with King's Blood had to die in order for three eggs to hatch. Two kings dead meant one egg would not hatch. So the numbers just aligned. Rhaego, Viserys, and Drogo died. You can stretch the timeline backwards and say Aerys, Viserys, and Drogo paid for the dragons.
  5. Moiraine Sedai

    Why did Aegon allow the former kings so much power?

    It's not for you to ask, Fonics!!!! It's none of your business what he does. It's not your place to question a Dragonlord. Understand? Seriously, maybe he needed to help the people. They were in serious need of rescuing. All that quarreling causing never ending suffering on the regular folk had to stop. Or maybe the Targaryens just wanted a change in scenery. Away from the cool dampness of the island fortress to somewhere with more sunny days. "Changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes, nothing remains quite the same"
  6. Moiraine Sedai

    Drastic or unforgivable acts

    Jon's betrayal of the Night's Watch is unforgivable. It will lead to a weakening of the wall as well as further unrest in the north.
  7. Moiraine Sedai

    Why don't the Kingsguard go full Praetorian Guard?

    Robb Stark was in the act of rebellion. Which is treason. The Starks, in the eyes of the public, started a war to get even with Joffrey for executing Eddard Stark. Eddard Stark is a known traitor. Bolton's first loyalty is to the king in the capital and not to the Starks.
  8. Moiraine Sedai

    Why did Aegon allow the former kings so much power?

    It has to do with governing. Having the middle men, great lords, do the actual governing of the people made it easier. Although they could have divided the land three ways and each Targaryen running her or his region. No doubt he had no intentions of micromanaging such a large land mass.
  9. Moiraine Sedai

    Which Targaryen ploy would work?

    Daenerys + Dragons + Dothraki + Unsullied = Awesome This plot has the greatest chance. Best for Daenerys to wait and let the Others do the work of thinning the opposition. Arrive in Spring and she will only have to deal with the Starks who sided with the Others.
  10. Moiraine Sedai

    Did GRRM really say Meereen would end like Iraq?

    The war in Meereen is the same struggle to free slaves as it was in Egypt when Moses came along.
  11. Moiraine Sedai

    Favorite characters

    I love those Dragons!
  12. Moiraine Sedai

    Favorite characters

    Jorah's love will mature. He will put romance out of the equation when he realizes it's about serving a person and a cause greater than himself. He will no longer seek personal fulfillment but rather take the more noble, enlightened moral path of helping Daenerys Targaryen accomplish her goals.
  13. Moiraine Sedai

    The role of forgiveness

    Arya and Jon are the ill-tempered of the wolves. Rickon will also be just as savage. Bran could take a bad turn if he betrays Bloodraven and uses his powers against the Bolton's, Frey's, and Lannisters. His infatuation with the frogeater and love for his siblings could tip him towards the dark.
  14. Moiraine Sedai

    The role of forgiveness

    Breaking the cycle. Well, it's not the revenge-driven Starks. Arya and Jon are pretty bad. Almost as bad as Stoneheart. Jon didn't let justice stop him from killing Slynt. The only Stark who may be able to forgive is Bran. The chip on his shoulder is not as big as those carried by Arya and Jon.
  15. Moiraine Sedai

    The role of forgiveness

    The case has not been made of how working together can stop the army of the dead. Running away and avoiding combat seems the logical way. But let's say George mean for everyone to work together to survive this threat. The only way it can work is to let the past go. Forgiveness of past wrongs must happen. There are people who will impede this process of forgiveness. People like Petyr, Arya, Doran, Catelyn, Stannis, Ramsay, and perhaps Jon. It's harder to make a list of the forgiving types. Maybe Samwell?