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  1. Black Harren and his house abused the people of the river lands. The Lannisters, none could stop them. Euron will be the same. It takes a Dragon to give the Ironborn a complete beating. Only a Targaryen can beat up the Ironborn and keep them under control.
  2. It was treasonous to send Mance Rayder, a man who has taken the vows, to do something illegal. He also even got Tolett involved in his illegal activities. Jon’s fatal fault is similar to Robb’s. They have double standards and cannot be relied on to carry out justice. Jon is the worst violator of rules behind Mance Raider. It’s disgusting why such a person would be allowed to pass judgment on anybody.
  3. Ned Stark is one of Usurper’s dogs. The Stark family was plotting a marriage which would undermine Targaryen rule. Aerys had a right to stop them. Ned was old enough to know of his father and best friend’s plans, and did nothing to stop them. I think Ned knew that Lyanna ran away on her own and yet, kept his mouth shut to protect the honor of the other dogs in his family. Truthfully, Lyanna broke her engagement, a dishonorable act, and ran away. Ned and his family hid this to protect their reputation and allowed Robert to believe that Lyanna was raped. For all we know, Lyanna went to bed willingly with Rhaegar, Mance, Arthur, even her own brother Brandon. Ned was hiding something to protect Lyanna’s and his family’s honor. So yes, Ned deserves to be disliked by Daenerys.
  4. Send Gendry to the Wall and marry Mya to a hedge knight. Edric will end up in Dany’s circle. I would foster him with Skahaz. The bastards have nothing to offer.
  5. Oh The Wheel of Time is great. I’m delighted for you. The show has its ups and downs though. The choice of Rosamund Pike to play me is a good one. I like the actors for Lan, Perrin, and Elan Morin Tedronai. The rest ____ let’s just say they went in a direction which I do not prefer. You will LOVE The Great Hunt. You’ve got something to escape to for a few years in Jordan’s world. Curled Finger, do not think that I will be nicer to the Starks, ok! My loyalties and affections are with Dany.
  6. Jon was willing to sacrifice Gilly’s baby because of his own personal feelings for Mance. He valued one baby and not the other. Jon was a crappy leader and commander. Gilly has every right to betray Jon. I hope she does.
  7. Stannis would do the evil act and would have murdered them both. I have no sympathy for Stannis. I would be perfectly accepting if Stannis gets fed to the dragons, with each of the three getting an equal share.
  8. Jon was wrong to kill Janos Slynt. Slynt begged for mercy and agreed to do. There was no reason to kill him. Jon was just thirsting for blood and he used the occasion as an excuse to kill his father’s enemy. What Jon did was an insult to justice.
  9. There is king’s blood and that is anybody in the family. The blood of the king himself is different. It may be the latter that is needed. The son of the king beyond the wall has the blood as soon as Mance dies.
  10. I would think it solved a problem for Varys. It gets Ned out of the picture without calling for an assassin. King Viserys III, if my memory of chronology is correct, was already dead. Khal Drogo was already on the team bus for the reconquest of Westeros. Ned had nothing to offer. It’s really too bad. If Ned had been at the Dothraki Sea, under the Red Comet, when Daenerys and her dragons came out of the fire, he would have bent his knees and seen the true light.
  11. “True Knight” is not in Jaime’s nature. He doesn’t have the discipline. He follows his feelings and feelings can lead a person astray from his duties. Knighthood is about duty and service. It’s not about injecting his own values afterwards.
  12. Alia betrayed her brother, if I recall. Didn’t she try to kill the worms? Inspired by another is one thing but Arya’s life is revenge.
  13. I am proposing my theory that Lady Ashara Dayne had gotten herself pregnant. The Queen dismissed her from service because an unmarried woman with a child was a scandal. Hypocrisy it was but that was how the nobility rolled. Ashara’s behavior at the tourney was that of a woman who desperately needed a man. I am further suggesting that she didn’t know who the father was at the time. She was sleeping with more than one man. Aerys, or Rhaegar, or both was in the rotation. Perhaps Oberyn was as well. Aerys, unsure of the child’s paternity, was not going to claim. Aerys had a madness attack at the tourney and called out Ashara. Publicly shamed, she turned to a naive but compassionate Eddard Stark. They fall in love. The kind Shy Wolf agrees to marry Ashara and take her and her bastard after his fostership ends. The rebellion happens and the best laid plans go awry. Ashara has her baby at either Starfall or The Tower of Joy. The child has blonde hair. They can’t name him Aegon though. The real one is still living. Meanwhile, Lyanna has a miscarriage and dies. An unwed getting pregnant is a scandal. Ned buries child and mother. He goes to Starfall and he and Lyanna do IT. Her first born is part Targaryen and she names him Aegon after the first dies. She gives birth to a second child, Jon Snow. Ned will soon be married. They part ways. Lemore is not a real Septa. It’s a made up identity to hide Ashara Dayne.
  14. Lemore is either Ashara or a new character who can tell us about the past. Some thoughtful questions are in order. Was Ashara’s loyalty to the Targaryens so strong that she gives up her life at Starfall to raise Aegon? This would surely conflict with Ned who wants to protect Robert’s shaky hold on the throne. Who did and what was the nature of the dishonor inflicted on Ashara at Harrenhal? A micro insult, like calling her a slut, could have come from Brandon, Oberyn, Rhaegar, Robert . . . and was smoothed over. But a physical assault? Only one person could get away with it. Aerys + Ashara = Aegon is possible. The Triple A. Lemore is the mother of the lad if this is true.
  15. Jon has to pay a heavy price for betraying the NW. He is not coming back as a man. He will be back. But as a wight with his consciousness in Ghost. Jon is not a hero. His acts to this point have served the Starks, not the greater good.
  16. A Dance of the Direwolves will be more fun. Sansa and LF versus Arya and the Wight Wolf. Bran throws in with JonArya.
  17. There are many heroes who led man through the long night. AA is only one.
  18. Jon is the more likely Dayne. Dany already has a superior weapon.
  19. That was a let-down. It turned me off so that I may not watch the coming shows. I know, different producers, can mean a better story.
  20. Fire was the preferred method of execution during his reign. Religion was not the reason. Aerys just associated fire with his family. It is Stannis who converted to R’hllor and started to use fire to punish offenders. The Starks used “Ice” to do their killings. The Greyjoys used water to drown their victims.
  21. Queen Rhaella will continue to protect her new king, Viserys. Rhaegar’s children are not important enough to risk Viserys. Rhaella will stay on Dragonstone and give birth to Dany.
  22. Dany is Azor Ahai. Drogo was Nissa Nissa.
  23. The third time and she felt strong. The Child of Three, Azor Ahai. King Aerys II dies, King Viserys III dies, she inherits Westeros. Always in threes.
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