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  1. I will have to point fingers at the Starks. Jon, Robb, Cat, and Sansa were all bad upstairs. I’ll pick on Sansa this time. Going to Cersei, spilling the beans to convince the Lannister to force her daddy to let her stay with Joffrey at KL.
  2. Barristan was not wearing his helmet against Khrazz.
  3. Three men who are masters of the curved blade. The arahk, a curved blade favored by cavalry, are the weapons of choice by these men. The coordination required to use two blades at the same time for both offense and defense are certainly not easy to master. Rank in order of skills (my opinion from Martin’s text) 1. Strong Belwas 2. Khrazz 3. Khal Drogo
  4. The Harpy starts their deadly terrorism and the Shavepate counseled punishing hostages. Reznak disagreed. I am not going to label him a Harpy just yet. But his advise is suspicious. Who is more trustworthy? I think Skahaz is. The Shavepate risked his family’s fortunes when he supported Daenerys and the Anti-Slavery campaign.
  5. The difference between employee and slave is choice. If the employee is willing to accept the results of a decision, that makes that person free. He can choose. The slave has no choice. The slave is a prisoner and property. By the way, I want to apply the context of choice to Theon in a new thread.
  6. The union of Blackwood and Whitewood (Stark) is death. Just like the doors in the Palace of Dust. The House of B&W. Bran, the Whitewood/Weirwood, will use /misuse the teachings of Bloodraven Blackwood to cover Westeros in darkness. The Brackens are barely in the story.
  7. Rulers go by first name. The surname is not as important as the bloodline. The children will be Targaryen by blood. Styled something like King Jaecerys, First of His Name. Queen Rhaenyra, First of Her Name.
  8. It will be sad all around. Jon deserved what he received from Bowen Marsh and the dedicated men of the watch. But Ghost should not be held to account for what Jon did. Too bad Ghost will be hostile towards the men and might not give them any choice. If someone like Tollett can let him out and let him escape, yeah, as long as Ghost runs to the forests there is no need to hurt him.
  9. The officers and men of the NW will look to end Ghost.
  10. I just think a people like the commons in Westeros are already biddable and Illyrio consider them easy to train into slavery.
  11. He claims to want a job in Kingslanding. It’s not good enough an explanation. Master of Coin is not of itself a guarantee of more wealth. Unless he’s corrupt. But if he could make slavery legal everywhere his wealth would multiply. Westeros has an abundance of people in the large cities like Kingslanding and Oldtown. Prince Viserys would have found himself heavily indebted to the magisters and Khal Drogo. Can he really refuse to legalize slavery in his kingdom? It is something to consider carefully. It is a possible explanation for the Magister’s motives.
  12. Jon is the Nights King. But the story told is not the whole of it. Maybe he was sacrificing his kids like Craster was doing. Buying peace with the Others. The Others were not killing the babies but turning them instead.
  13. What a fascinating stories you have read. This one included. Don’t you think the weirwood and greenseer become one? The tree feeds the human who is now becoming a part but it also absorbs the memories of the man. Absorb enough memories, carve a face, and the weirwood becomes sentient. If the memories absorbed are those of the First Men, the tree would become prejudiced against the Andals and the Valyrians.
  14. The cave dwellers, greenseers, feed on humans but indirectly. The Weirwoods are the conduits like a feeding tube.
  15. Bran is the Lord of Darkness. He will have temporary rule over a land of the dead. His army will be led by Jon who is the incarnation of the Night’s King and their armies will be wights. Bran’s dark reign will end when spring comes back and his wights are burned by dragon fire.
  16. The Weirwoods accept the blood of the Children too. I would assume Giants as well. The first men must have learned the ritual from the Children and continued during their reign in the North. How often they need blood is the question. We have seen a dead weirwood that refused to rot. How was it poisoned? Was it fed the blood of an incompatible person? Say, like the blood of a Valyrian? Maybe one of the Celtigars or the Velaryons spilled a drop of blood by accident and killed the tree.
  17. Jon being connected to “oathkeeper” will be the hypocrisy of the series. Yes, I also believe Ice will be reforged again but it is not Lightbringer but rather Darkbringer. Jon will wield Darkbringer and bring the darkness to Westeros. Lightbringer personified is Daenerys, the daughter of death. King Aerys II and Queen Rhaella died to bring her into the world. Rhaegar and Viserys died to put her in position to have the throne of Westeros. Drogo and Rhaego died so she can become the Dragon who mounts the Dothraki. Hizdahr will die to make her the monarch of Meereen.
  18. There must be a Darry bastard around. If not, find a knight who has proven loyalty to the dragons and make him a Darry. The families of the men who helped Ser Willem carry the royal children overseas must have living relatives. They would be worthy of lordships and honors.
  19. I don’t like House Tully because they rebelled against the Targaryens. I would be glad to see the end of the Tullys. I am hoping for a legitimized Darry to get Riverun.
  20. Glenn is really older than book Jorah. Whereas the real Daenerys is at least 10 years younger than Emilia Clarke.
  21. The Septons don’t do blood sacrifices. They would outlaw blood sacrifice in the South. The North is a different beast. They sacrificed as long as the Targaryens and the Andals didn’t find out. The North kept their trees thriving through the episodic human sacrifices.
  22. I don’t remember if it was ever explained how the tree species propagate. No fruits, no seeds. The trees almost seem like tombstones to me. Beneath every tree is a dreaming Greenseer. The Stark tree has one of Bran’s ancestors beneath its roots. The thing must be petrified by now.
  23. One of the prophecies shown to our young protagonist, Daenerys Targaryen, concern Aeron Greyjoy. Aeron Damphair is the dying man on the prow of the boat. We assume the Damphair will die. Which is not necessarily going to happen. The Ironborn have a saying, “what is dead may never die.” The Damphair is not going to die. He has been baptized by sea water. Because a godless man may never sit the Seastone chair, the Damphair will oppose Euron. Damphair will support Asha. Asha will rule the Ironborn.
  24. The stork. Is somebody who only wanted a future for the boy. Gendry is a bastard with no chance at the throne.
  25. The Starks will side with the White Walkers. The WW are not necessarily a threat to the Starks. Like the NK of long ago, Jon, Bran, and the rest of the Stark brood will sacrifice to the WW.
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