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  1. Arya is a vigilante who doesn’t understand nor cares to understand what justice is. Dareon didn’t receive any justice. At least here we are talking of justice when it comes to punishing Arya.
  2. The biggest change to the story comes at the last book. The Starks do not get second lives in the wolves. If they get any at all. I feel like the flea bags are necessary for the Starks to develop their warging. The bond with the dogs help develop the skill.
  3. Of course Robb had reasonable choices with Karstark. He could have forgiven Karstark for acting out of emotion. Robb and Cat acted out of emotion. No question, Robb breaking his holy oath to Walder did more harm to his cause, more than Karstark. Cat’s disobedience and betrayal did more damage to them than Karstark. No excuse for Robb other than being ignorant and stupid.
  4. Maybe the Starks serve at the pleasure of the Others. The Starks are allowed to rule as long as they keep offering human sacrifice to the Others and the trees.
  5. Don’t expect guilt from Arya. I won’t forgive even if she does experience guilt. She deserves a stiff sentence. Then if she shows remorse and changes her ways, we can talk about forgiveness for the two murders.
  6. She is the hero who will pick up the broken pieces of Westeros and rebuild the Targaryen rule. The Conquest was the best thing to ever happen to the people of Westeros. Daenerys and many of the people she rescued from slavery will make up the new people of Westeros as soon as Ice, the darkness, the Wildlings, and the Starks have been defeated. There is nothing trope about this. It’s the logical conclusion. Winter will kill most of the existing people in Westeros. If it’s to be repopulated with humans they have to come from the East.
  7. Haha! Maybe Jon’s spirit will meet Headless Slynt in the hellish afterlife. Actually, they are both headless. Headless Robb can join the party. Headless Slynt gets his revenge on his former commander. Headless Slynt vs. Mindless Jon
  8. I like. I prefer the refugees from Westeros coming to Essos to make a pilgrimage to swear fealty.
  9. “How do you solve the problem of Ashara.” Do that, and you have the key to Lemore. She’s had a baby. Her age puts her of the same age.
  10. I too would like to have Arya imprisoned for a long time. George is more likely to give Arya a noble death. Like she kills Ramsay for example.
  11. Food, weapon, horses, siege machines, and treasures from the masters will accompany the Targaryen liberation forces when Daenerys gives the order to begin the journey to her kingdom. The Dothraki will have support from The Unsullied and the Free People’s Army. No army in Westeros can resist for long. It’s not a question of fighting a long campaign because Westeros is already very weak. Winter will weaken Westeros further. I look forward to Manderly, Baratheon, Arryn, Stark, and Tully getting further diminished. I want those who were the Usurper’s dogs to look like they’ve been living on rat stew and bird droppings for a year kind of skinny.
  12. Jaquen was there to get rid of somebody. That somebody is anybody who stands in the way of the Targaryen restoration.
  13. Robert Strong has Robb’s head on his shoulders. The three lies that must be slain are Stannis, Aegon, and Jon. The Redstone Emperor is Mellissandre’s ancestor. Daenerys, Aegon the Conqueror, Azor Ahai, and Daenys are the same soul reincarnated all through time. Jon, Night’s King, and Craster are all Starks. The Boltons are aware of the Starks’ magical abilities. Skinning enemies is their way to counter the Starks. Bran will stab Bloodraven in the back to become the head villain.
  14. The Faceless Men would kill Ned before he can do much to impede a Targaryen restoration. That also puts Ned in the same camp as the bad guys. He automatically becomes the bad guy because he will oppose Viserys and Daenerys.
  15. Here’s to hoping he confessed to treason!
  16. Meathead is dead. He’s as tall as he will ever get.
  17. Brandon probably confessed. He was in custody for enough time to have a proper interrogation.
  18. Proof for those times does not require beyond a reasonable doubt. Stannis roasted his own soldiers. I think he wins this contest.
  19. It’s not unusual at all. Rather common. A lot of first romances were with older partners. A fact which many do not admit to because of the legal issue today. Can I take this time to ask ALL the forum members a personal related to the topic? Pretty, pretty please! How old were you all and your first boyfriends? Or girlfriends. It’s important for the main topic discussion. And I will have more to say on the matter.
  20. Nah. George just thought he would give him blue eyes. Blue is a cool color as opposed to brown.
  21. A clean execution it should have been. We agree on that. But you know such things are often ignored. Stannis doesn’t limit himself to clean executions and has probably cruelly executed more people than Aerys. Roose has done far worse to his small folk and his Stark enemies. The Starks of old were famous for their cruelty. The slave masters don’t wait for a reason to torture and murder people. So Aerys on how he chose to execute two traitors is not out of place. Many lords would have done the same to those who they think betrayed them. We disagree on whether the Starks were traitors. Would you at least agree that they deserved to get executed (beheading) if they were guilty of treason?
  22. I would spare Lyanna. She was only being used by her father.
  23. Targaryens and Freys are not the same. Compare the Freys with other powerful second house within their kingdom. An equivalent House to the Freys are the Boltons. The Targaryens are almost gods. They have flaws like the gods of the Greeks but that still puts them above the Great Houses. People respect them because they have held power OVER all the Houses for so long. Freys hold power over only minor houses.
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