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  1. Hear, hear! So, when the wheel gets broken will be looking at some sort of constitutional monarchy? Or would Westeros fall afoul and end up with Estates? The Lords, The Faith, The Smallfolk? I love how this conversation has evolved.
  2. There are def. exceptions. Asha does not conform that is for sure. Would she have been all that if Theon wasn't sent off North you reckon? Are there any other examples of female Ironborn who take on such roles?
  3. Agree on sending Euron to the NW. Shows how foolish Balon was not to see ahead there. Either overly self confident or just dumb. Idk which. Is it even worth looking at his actions through a modern societal lens? Westeros isn’t know for its equality. The Iron Islands even less so, I would argue. The dude allowed Salt Wives - that kills any argument that he was somehow not patriarchal. Unmarried grown daughter... I would not cite that as evidence of Balon being progressive. It is evidence of a badass female - cant give Balon credit for that! Asha as heir was a good choice in one sense, sharp as a tack and strong etc. - but did he really think she would be acclaimed as Queen? Another lack of foresight with Euron.
  4. If Joff had brown hair Jon Arryn wouldn't have been murdered, because there would have been nothing for him to have pried into. Ned thusly would not have been asked to Hand. The Starks would not have left Winterfell and we wouldn't have a story. That incest is important!! Not to say it wouldn't all have ended the same anyway - but I think not, at all. It would be a totally different story, potentially no war of the 5 kings etc.
  5. I like the Mance idea. After that, Barristan.
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