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  1. There are def. exceptions. Asha does not conform that is for sure. Would she have been all that if Theon wasn't sent off North you reckon? Are there any other examples of female Ironborn who take on such roles?
  2. Agree on sending Euron to the NW. Shows how foolish Balon was not to see ahead there. Either overly self confident or just dumb. Idk which. Is it even worth looking at his actions through a modern societal lens? Westeros isn’t know for its equality. The Iron Islands even less so, I would argue. The dude allowed Salt Wives - that kills any argument that he was somehow not patriarchal. Unmarried grown daughter... I would not cite that as evidence of Balon being progressive. It is evidence of a badass female - cant give Balon credit for that! Asha as heir was a good choice in one sense, sharp as a tack and strong etc. - but did he really think she would be acclaimed as Queen? Another lack of foresight with Euron.
  3. @Seams on the warlock/sorcerer line - I think you are right.There is more to be unpacked. I always felt like the citadel are more involved too. I wonder why some of the surviving mummers were heading for Oldtown. Methinks their crypto boss might live there.
  4. This is funny because the portion of the books that feature Ser Robert Strong always put me in mind of Hodor. Bran could take control of a body that does not (I assume) have a mind that would issue protest... Morally speaking, if Bran begins to feel guilty for taking control of Hodor and refuses to do it anymore, would Strong provide him a loophole? My brain then wants to go down the avenue of “what else is there to Qyburn and his backstory”? His proximity to the Gods Eye always made me hope that he is an older Bran, somehow back from the future. He has figured out how to reanimate his own broken legs and does the same to the Mountain, but on a much larger scale. Crackpot with no evidence anywhere I can think of. LOL. The death/crow/Bran/Qyburn connection is more interesting than meets the eye. Fun to think about if nothing else. Bring on the chastisement! I expect it and am waiting
  5. Although I doubt we will see any action take place directly in Sothoryos (I would love if it did), more info is not necessarily out of the question. Love the nugget from Fire and Blood. Perhaps it will all come back together with Elissa Farman, Marwyn, Tygett (maybe wrong Lannister bro), Quaithe etc. all having some level of intertwining going on by the end of ADOS. Maybe Dany goes east and all that prophecy comes true. Makes me wonder. Assuming that GRRM ever finishes TWOW we might kinda sorta find out!
  6. So I am re-reading and just finished Aerons chapter where Euron makes his successful Kingsmoot speech. Aeron goes on about how when all the Ironborn were arriving some of the lords were knights and traveled with maesters and septons in their entourages, and others arrived with salt waves and thralls. I wonder what the mix is between the houses of the Iron Islands and how much sway those lords that keep maesters & observe mainland traditions hold over the Iron Islands as a whole? The way Aeron talked about it they might be sneered at by Drowned God believers, but they seem to be pretty much accepted right? Balon Greyjoy must have been okay with them or at least tolerated their presence despite the return to the “old way” and paying the iron price etc. Rodrik Harlaw has a maester and he is lord of the richest island - can that be used to make the same assumption for other islands? If they were under crown rule from KL since the conquest, were those lords who embraced mainland ways were more prosperous than those who got their riches from reaving? How much reaving went on before Balon’s rebellion anyway? There is such a stark contrast between the Ironborn and the rest of Westerosi culture I find it so surprising and interesting these hybrid situations exist. I trailed off there at the end but what does everyone think about the status/power held by the maester keeping lords? Would love to hear people’s opinions regarding mainland cultural aspects within the Iron Isles in general.
  7. On restricting rations - I would think that it would retard the growth of the dragon for sure.
  8. 1. 31 2. Male 3. Tyrion Lannister 4. Ramsay Bolton
  9. The prince/king part I cannot reconcile. Other than - when the Lady Stark and Bael were involved, he was not yet a King? I'm grasping at straws LOL But I do think it is possible Dareon heard the song, perhaps from another NW brother? Dareon spent time at Eastwatch and could have rubbed shoulders with people Mance knew, just like Jon did. Eastwatch does trade with some Free Folk, so it is at least possible. Seems other southerners are aware of the song/tale. Not likely, agreed.
  10. If Joff had brown hair Jon Arryn wouldn't have been murdered, because there would have been nothing for him to have pried into. Ned thusly would not have been asked to Hand. The Starks would not have left Winterfell and we wouldn't have a story. That incest is important!! Not to say it wouldn't all have ended the same anyway - but I think not, at all. It would be a totally different story, potentially no war of the 5 kings etc.
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