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  1. If septa lemore is either elia or ashara than Aegon has to be a true Targaryan and not one of the lineage from yllerio otherwise there is no reason to work for him or feel so in fond of Aegon. But if he is a blackfyre than septa lemore has to be somebody else or nobody or family of Yllerio and Aegon. If Tyrion can identify septa Lemore right, than we know who Aegon is. I dont see another option!
  2. Thanks Alexis I think the side material is of some importance, but not everything is 100% reliable material. I just said i have a little problem with the genetics, but you are right by saying; that Daeron has both silver and dark haired sons. So there is not really a dominant Gen for haircolor and Aegon could even be looking like Quinten. I think Lemoire is in fact Elia, because it is so strange how Doran is playing the game. When Elia is not dead and her son is alive, sending Arianne on this quest makes a lot of sens, because Agon will accept her offcourse. The quinten-journey makes also more sens, because freeing the dragons will slow Dany down and a marriage will be even better. He is betting on two horses and in both cases he will win it! There is no reason for Doran to send Arianne to somebody who only says that he is Aegon, without any evidence. I think illryio has a very dornish name and Doran and Oberyn have many friends in Essos. Ashara is more likely dead or with Howland reet in the Neck.
  3. I like the theory but i have something to add and some big problem: to add - It also explains why Doran never went to war with the Lannisters and was very patient, till Aegon was an adult and could marry his daugther or at least is excepted as a king. - The woman in the Red Keep fought for her child like only a mother fights, so if Aegon is alive than also his mother, than another mother and child died. problem: The children of Dearon the good were looking Dornish and he married a Dornish woman. So Agon could not have inherit the silver Targaryan hair from his mother, because black is dominate between Targaryans en Dornish. Saying that: Daeron the good could have been a bastard himself like teh Daemon blackfyre supporters say, in that case we not know 100% shore that the black hair of Dornish are dominant and that Elia and Rheagar could have children with silver hair of both kind of hair!
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