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  1. I have the book in dutch so maybe they translated it a bit wrong about twice as many as any other house. But still the Andal invasion seems not that long ago as they mention in the beginning.
  2. In the book its said there are 38 Greyiron kings that ruled after Andal Invasion and they are 2/3 of all kings so that makes it around 57. Can be 1 more 1 less. You make one fault: If king A is 20 he has a son of maybe 2, when the king is 40 and dies his son B would be king at 22. If B has a son with 22 and dies at 90. The son would be king at 68. SO you count the year of the lifespan of a king not the years he rules. But we both agree that with an invasion of 4000 years ago the avarage age of a king would be 70 and thats not possible, but 35 seems reasonable!! If it took a 1000 years to conquer the iron islands what seems strange(could be also not true) than they were 52 avarage. We allready know many king that got quit old and some died young not as teenager but young, so everything between 35 en 52 seems normal. If it was 4000 years it just seems too much of a stretch. But read first the episodes in the worldbook carefull about the Greyirons who came with the Andals!
  3. Seaserpent

    Heredity laws of westeros

    I agree with you, there is noway a high lord like the Arryns can be replaced by a Hardyng. Thos lords like Stark, Arryn and Lannister etc were the first every Lords of this much land.
  4. C "There is many evidence and quotes of george rr martin that the timeline is not the correct one. My own main evidence is the grey king in the world of ice and fire, who was the first high king of the iron island, after him 38 men of house greyiron ruled the iron islands till the Andals came and the half more of other houses, makes a total of 57. so before the Andals came 57 high kings were chosen in the kingsmood.When the greyking really lived 10.000 years ago, than those high kings lived inhumanly long. 2000/57 avarage of 35 years would be more logical. When the Andals came, the greyirons were extinct. If all the stories of the greyirons were 10.000 years ago, ther is now way we got so detailed information of them. There is more evidence, that the time line at least is much shorter. Durrandon had not lived for thousand of years, i think there is only one and that is the first. Durran and a first men warrior king that build a keep that later became storms, So also here the timeline is much shorter. The same with the other houses with a strange history if you put it in time perspective. But with the Iron Born the world of ice and fire give us more inside information in how many kings has ruled the islands. " This is what i wrote some months ago about the arriving of the Andals, sorry for my bad english.
  5. Seaserpent

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    SHe is not the oldest daugther, but also the wife of the former Lord of Winterfell Ramsey and she conquered with her armythe North, Jon didnt do nothing.
  6. Seaserpent

    somebody clear a few things up for me ?

    Its true that speaking out your grace is to show Dany she is queen, but she meant it it some sarcastic. That said its also a reference to king Robert in season 1 were Ned Stark sai the same line :" Winterfell is yours your grace". Also the arriving of Sandor and the Line of Jon "Where is Arya" is the same as Cats. So i think that was the most important reason. The problem i see with boats is that the food will be gone at one moment and the NK is not stupid to let his wights die on the coast he just wait. Yes Throughout history only Male Targaryans can sit the throne, thats decided in the great council. But its kinda stupid for the show, because Olenna Tyrell, Allyria Sand and Yaya Greyjoy all have been rulers of their regions, sow why suddenly is the kingship different. Even Cersei sits on the throne!
  7. Seaserpent

    Prince Nymor's letter (slight crackpot)

    Some people say that they give tge body of rhaenys back or give her a quick dead. If that was true aegon could have pick up his arms the very next week, so that is no reason for peace!
  8. Seaserpent

    Heredity laws of westeros

    Mudds, gardeners and barrowkings were all wiped out by conquers (Aegon/Andals) with an extreme big force at their sides. The North is a totally different matter. The boltons are not liked, the Boltons doesnt have a great number of soldiers. (more than each house after the war). They are in need of the Freys to help them holding everything together and are depending on the king. The Starks have a reputation of ruling well for thousands of years. Even the Martells needed a very big force to help them settle as kings of Dorne. I dont see any reason the Boltons can rule the north for generations without being overthrown by almost every other coalition in the North. Its just a too minor house!
  9. Seaserpent

    Heredity laws of westeros

    Its all difficult, because many houses in Westeros think that they come 2nd or 3rd. I can imagine the dustins that they should be overlords in the case Ryswell or Bolton are going to be high lords or kings. If the Tyrells Vanish its even more difficult who is going to inherit the Reach. In the Riverlands, before Hoare was the ruler it was a total chaos of who was going to rule the whole region. If the Starks die out the North has a big problem, because there is no respect for the Boltons at all, they even conspire in Roose his own hall. Manderly cannot rule because its a southern house, but has a lot of power and houses in his domain. Likely the North would chatter in some big pieces likely. SO all parties would only come together under a Stark-name, maybe a Kastark in the end!?
  10. Seaserpent

    Heredity laws of westeros

    Yes but that were families that vanished in one day for example. But what if Sansa is lady of winterfell and has no siblings and she marries a Ryswell and they got a child who inherit Winterfell, will he has the Stark or Ryswell name in the end? We see it happen with Ramsey and fake Arya, but what if she is crowned rightfull lady of Winterfell by the king? House hardyng will rule the Vale for coming centuries you think?
  11. Seaserpent

    Heredity laws of westeros

    Regentship is till Robin comes of age, but the thing i never understand is what is going to happen if robin dies. Will the arryn name vanissh or will it be Harry Arryn?
  12. Thats correct, but i am not nitpicking. Some Rebellious lords against the majority of bannerman who are with the Starks. Every region has some of those rebellious lords, but in the end the overlord wins the rebellion. If we look at the recent history which great houses were overthrown by their bannerman. The Tullys and the Starks, but both on orders (and help)of the king and some houses even went in open rebellion to the king thereafter. The other great houses like Hoare, Gardener and Durrandon were overthrown by Aegon with dragons. So at this moment in time great houses have loyal bannerman. The Starks still have more loyal supporter, thats the reason why Ramsey Married Fake Arya. SO if we believe Roose Bolton their claim is shit without her and the question is also; what if Ramsey did not marry Arya. Would an alliance Cerwyn, Glover, Mormont, Dustin, Ryswell, Mountain Clans and Manderly have overthrown them. My point of view is that even now almost all the houses are behind Arya and not Bolton. If the Boltons were overthrown. Almost all houses in the north would vote for Arya to rule the North. Umbers and Karstarks look very divided, but in the end are way to small to get any influence. Another example are the numbers. The boltons got onluy soem fake loyalty because they got the biggest army with the Freys together, but what if the Freys went south to the Twins or Bolton loses some men. Roose knows its done. The Northern houses are much more loyal to Starks than to anyone else.
  13. Seaserpent

    Fire and blood Volume...3???

    yes so i would be happy if we get a FaB2 till Aerys I!
  14. You give your own awnser back, the Westerlands were in total rebellion and chaos during the Reyne uprising, TWOIAF tells us that it looks more like the wild west, but The Reynes and the Tarbecks knew always right from the beginning the other houses would not have follow them overthrowing the Lannister. Every region has his rebellious lords, but in the end the Power and loyalty of the most bannerman was always with the overlord. It is possible, but rebellions almost never triumph in this story. You give some good examples, but the Greystarks, blackwoods has not been saved or backed up by any other house against the Starks. The boltons seems to get the same faith. We only have to see if Dustin, Karstark and Umber are all more loyal to Bolton, than to the Starks. We can allready see the Manderlys are not. Barthogan is slain in one rebbelion with his bannerman against a little rebellious island. Greatjon and Karstark were not overthrowing or plotting to overthrow an overlord by their actions. Rebbelious lords are everywhere through the realm, but it takes a lot to overthrow a house of an ancient rule!
  15. Seaserpent

    Regarding Planetos

    Everything we know is second or third hand. I dont think she only flew south, but she is an explorerer and she say it has at least the size lenght width of essos, but offcourse we dont know. In this topic people seem to know where the equador lays and that is just one big guess, that is what i am saying with this example. Not even mentioning the strange climate planetos has. We know one thing for sure and that is that the tiny continent of Westeros has almost all climate zones.