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  1. You give your own awnser back, the Westerlands were in total rebellion and chaos during the Reyne uprising, TWOIAF tells us that it looks more like the wild west, but The Reynes and the Tarbecks knew always right from the beginning the other houses would not have follow them overthrowing the Lannister. Every region has his rebellious lords, but in the end the Power and loyalty of the most bannerman was always with the overlord. It is possible, but rebellions almost never triumph in this story. You give some good examples, but the Greystarks, blackwoods has not been saved or backed up by any other house against the Starks. The boltons seems to get the same faith. We only have to see if Dustin, Karstark and Umber are all more loyal to Bolton, than to the Starks. We can allready see the Manderlys are not. Barthogan is slain in one rebbelion with his bannerman against a little rebellious island. Greatjon and Karstark were not overthrowing or plotting to overthrow an overlord by their actions. Rebbelious lords are everywhere through the realm, but it takes a lot to overthrow a house of an ancient rule!
  2. Seaserpent

    Regarding Planetos

    Everything we know is second or third hand. I dont think she only flew south, but she is an explorerer and she say it has at least the size lenght width of essos, but offcourse we dont know. In this topic people seem to know where the equador lays and that is just one big guess, that is what i am saying with this example. Not even mentioning the strange climate planetos has. We know one thing for sure and that is that the tiny continent of Westeros has almost all climate zones.
  3. Seaserpent

    Fire and blood Volume...3???

    I hope Martin will be 123 years old, if he has to publish this all. But i agree that FaB2 can not cover all the reigns. Is het maybe possible he uses dunc and egg novels for the period after FaB2 and picks the FaB up after Aegon5 reign, or something like that?
  4. Seaserpent

    Regarding Planetos

    She concluded it was at least as large as essos, that means that a possibly equador has to be much more south than summer islands, if we compare it with earths climate. I think it tells us that known world is at least twice as large and that she didnt find any southpole.
  5. Seaserpent

    Regarding Planetos

    yes i mean valyrian and i mean a dragonrider even more. # years without land looks like a very large continent, when it only took some days from KL to Oldtown.
  6. Seaserpent

    Regarding Planetos

    The seasons are totally different than anything on Earth. About the equador; if we believe Jaenara Belaerys who was a Targaryan explorerer flew 3 years down Sothoryos and back. So she called it a land without end. If she came in cold weather would she not have mentioned it as the end. if this is true maybe Planetos is more oval than round, i dont know a lot about science, but studied for some years and the weather pattern make think that.
  7. I agree 100% with you. The fact that Starks, Arryns, Tully's, Tyrells, Martells, Lannisters, Durrandons and Gardeners etc are so long in power means that the power is difficult to subscribe. Lannisters were rich, Gardeners a good lineage, Martells had an Army in once, while before their were not a mayor house and the Arryns were Andal invaders and the Tully's and Tyrells choose wise for the winning side. Starks are also more a symbol of power, than a real force. In the North the people are very loyal and thats why they kept the power so long and even now you see in asoiaf that the most Northern houses are still loyal to the Starks even when they are not alive anymore. (in their view)
  8. So you say when the Dustins go to war they can overthrow the Starks or the Manderlings can do it or the Boltons. The boltons knew better, their only power keeping the North are a STARK and having a foreign Army FREYS and the KING behind them. The STarks doesnt need such thing. Even the Cerwyns seem to have more power when they have got a Stark returned, than the whjole region will fight for that Stark and the Cyrwyns. There is only one true legitimate power in the North and thats Stark.
  9. Seaserpent

    Why are there no oceans in ASOIAF?

    thanx sounds plausible
  10. Why are there no oceans in ASOIAF? Is it because all the lands of the known world are connected with each other and they just seperated by seas or something else? I was just wondering
  11. I am not 100% sure that those heroes are real and those houses made some story up to upgrade their family name. The case of the floating palace, what is some technique that i only see in Westeros with the reeds and Riverrun. I dont't know another civilization that has the same way of living. The riverlanders and the river Queens has the most in common. The maester is talking about that the first men has their roots in the grasslands and we know that the river queens lived exactly the time periode before the first men in Westeros. I dont say its a fact, but their is something there.
  12. true, but what you say it could have been a nickname maybe and adopted as a house name
  13. Seaserpent

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    It has to have a reason that those places are not burned down, maybe some in tell that Rhaenys was there as a hostage,this things are most common in that mid evil world.
  14. House Fisher is the oldest Dynasty of the Riverlands Kings and had their seat on Misty Isle. In the world of ice and fire some maesters said that the first men are originated from the grasslands. In the same book its also said that there were the Fisher queens on the grasslands, who were living in the lands around the Silver Sea. They live in a floating palace like Greywater Watch or riverrun. The last queen gave birth to Huzhor Amai who would be the forefather of the Tall Men. Tall Men are quarrelsome people and so are the riverlanders. Could they be related and what could be the reason of their moving out of essos so many years ago? My guess it must have happened before Huzhor Amai.
  15. Yes true because the arryn name holds power in it, so it would be wise. Waynwood is a closer alie with much more influence than before, because harry would have built a close bound with this house and has nothing to do with the royces. Also true but the whole of the north thinks power is with the stark name and a house of the south will never rule the north. The power of the manderlings is very lil now, even the freys are closer to the ruling power bolton. If he find rickon als this is going to change.