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  1. Reekazoid

    war of the five kings weak north

    Ten thousand troops loyal to and commanded by whom , mustered where, and at which point in the story? You mean like having 10K troops ready to go but still in the North, at the start of the Wot5K, before any ironborn and before Ramsay attacked Winterfell? Would have had to split them between Winterfell and Moat Cailin and Deepwood Motte at the very least. While that would have possibly prevented the fall of Winterfell initially, they would have been no defense against ironborn raids and there was no reason to suspect Ramsay of any double dealing so he might have still been able to infiltrate WF and cause havoc by destroying or at least weakening the chain of command.
  2. Reekazoid

    Mance Rayder violated guest rights!

    Mance traveled under an alias, but he did actually sing and entertain, so that wasn't a lie. And as stated above, they ate Lord Manderly's food, not Lord Bolton's. Manderly is an enthusiastic student of the game, and careful with things like giving guest gifts to the Freys at parting from White Harbor. He knew exactly what he was doing, and I believe Mance picked up on it right away and saw opportunity. Besides feeding Mance's party, It was even Lord M. who was calling for songs at the wedding feast, so one could even argue that Mance was in Manderly's employ and thus under his protection.
  3. Reekazoid

    Choice between Betrothals

    This is a great example of a bad political marriage. Tytos squandered very good political capital , to the net gain of house Frey, as Gemma seems to be a formidable woman. Tytos actually was a doormat, in my opinion- a Toothless lion if ever there was one. I'm no Lannister apologist but I can understand Tywin's drive to undo the damage his lord father caused.
  4. Reekazoid

    Choice between Betrothals

    Unfortunately for Sansa, this is actually completely correct. Roose is still in his prime , and is in the top two of the most powerful Stark bannermen,thus influential and wealthy. Ned has a lot to gain from fostering goodwill with the Dreadfort. However I think the royal betrothal is the best choice. As @shameeka noted, Ned loves Robert but beyond that, I can't imagine any noble house refusing a royal betrothal. Putting aside the obvious potential to engender bad blood with the crown, we have to remember that political marriages are a means to an end, and if that end is the advancement of your house and the cultivation of political influence, marrying into the royal family seems the best way.
  5. Reekazoid

    What would your role be in GoT?

    A generic brother of the Nights Watch. Back row, third from the left. I want to die fighting white walkers and have them say afterwards that Now His Watch is Ended.
  6. Reekazoid

    Awful translations from aSoIaF

    I'm not Polish nor am I an aurochs but I would hope the Polish translators got "aurochs" right! After all these majestic beasts survived from prehistory all the way to the modern era, mostly in Poland. The last one died in Jaktorowski forest  around the year 1620.
  7. Reekazoid

    Your Top 3 "to murder" list

    1. Mance Rayder 2. Septa Lemore 3. The Dusky Woman So we never have to suffer another theory as to who they REALLY are in disguise.
  8. Reekazoid

    Craster is a Stark

    Oh this is good! Yes that rings true somehow.
  9. Reekazoid

    Trial by combat

    Strong Belwas
  10. Reekazoid

    Theory: Tyrek is the fAegon.

    I'd be interested in reading about this... Are you planning to do a writeup? Edit: you already did, lol. I'm behind the times today.
  11. Reekazoid

    Least favourite POV character per book

    I feel as though I've let you down in some way. You yearned for Rhaegar, but I gave you Shitmouth. Forgive me.
  12. Reekazoid

    Man eating dragon

    Oh my gods! It's a cookbook!
  13. Reekazoid

    Craster is a Stark

    What if you're both right? Stark blood as in surname Stark of the Winterfell Starks, isn't any more special than any other northern noble blood, but it's northern noble blood they seek. Craster would likely have plenty of it if he were the son of a noble born Brother. In my opinion the Other in the opening scene of AGoT seemed much more interested in young Waymar Royce than in either of his companions. Even to the point of attempted communication. For all we know, the Others may not even consider non-special-blood-having humans to be "people". Sure it's a major stretch but for all his disdain of transmural civilization Craster does exhibit some noble (in the sociological rather than the literary sense of the word) traits and seems to have at least part of a foot planted in their world.
  14. Reekazoid

    Least favourite POV character per book

    That could just mean that GRRM successfully conveyed how boring it must actually be to be really locked up in an actual tower. In which case I'd say it was brilliantly written.