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  1. Reekazoid

    What was Cersei's biggest mistake?

    Being born a woman, according to her.
  2. Reekazoid

    Have posters actually read the books?

    So the answer to almost any “why did” question can always be “Because the author wrote it that way to serve the plot or make a statement of some kind. “ That’s cool and all but the characters in this body of work are typically pretty complex and the fantasy world they live in is equally complex. I feel that Why Did questions help readers to understand the setting , character motivations, and events of the novels. The “because GRRM” answer is unsatisfying for many. Sometimes the threads of the type being discussed here generate legitimate literary analysis, with quoted text and everything. I mean let’s approach this from the opposite extreme . If every single thread in here was a thesis-length, dissertation-quality analysis of why the author of the actions of a fictional character set in a nonexistent world written about in the twentieth century should be excoriated for violating the presumptive sensibilities of twenty first century readers ... this forum would see far less activity and be a decidedly drearier demense- albeit one possessed of a higher standard of literary excellence.
  3. Reekazoid

    The largest /biggest Free city ?

    Idk sometimes those threads generate some really good discussion and lead to good textual analysis. I’ve also learned quite a bit of setting history from some of the ensuing discussions. Perhaps we could view them as writing prompts to generate ideas for text topics to analyze.
  4. Meh, to each their own, Renly seems funnier to me. My impression of Renly is that he thinks he’s funny and would laugh at his own jokes. Give me deadpan any day- Stannis or even Dolorous Ed.
  5. Reekazoid

    Obnoxious POV's

    But... Nimble Dick! Him plus Clarence Crabb stories makes up for the rest no?
  6. Reekazoid

    Obnoxious POV's

    How about Sweetie for Rob and Sweaty for Drogo?
  7. Robert stole nothing, he fought to survive a mad man that wanted his head for no reason and a horny entitled prince that stole his bride... the fact that he had the best claim after those lunatics were just his bad luck... Robert never wanted the throne and hated being king. Oh, well said! I couldn’t agree more. I think I *like* Robert best but definitely *respect* Stannis more. In modern terms Robert would be a better coworker but Stannis would be a better boss.
  8. This is probably the best and most equitable summary of Waymar Royce’s Last Command that I’ve ever read. Thank you. I’ve often felt that readers in general take a dim view of WR for his arrogance, even if they grudgingly give him props for his bravery. People sitting in a modern society that enjoys a representative government, a fabulously high standard of living, and effectively 100% literacy rate, forget that in the world of ASoIaF and the medieval societies on which it is modeled, the nobility were almost a different breed of person. Not genetically to be sure (Targaryens aside) and not with any inherently higher raw potential for intelligence or capacity for learning, but with vastly superior opportunities for education and advantages in the quality of available food, shelter, and equipment. The value to any military organization of someone with a classical education, formal training at arms, vocational training in command, and top quality kit would have been inestimable. Waymar’s arrogance was untempered by any actual command experience north of the wall or true shared hardships with his men. It is unfortunate that he never got the chance to mature into a really great commander. But yeah TLDR: Nobles in ASoIaF are arrogant and that arrogance is somewhat justified in its milieu. The arrogance itself has no value that I can think of.
  9. The Night’s Watch conducts business in the North and even in Oldtown (Dareon, Sam) and King’s Landing (Yoren, Thorne). Even Mance Rayder traveled on official business when he was younger. ASOS - Jon I I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to envision a Brother visiting their old stomping grounds. Like it’s been mentioned above the specifics would depend on the political expediency and advantage in the case of noble Brothers, and the trustworthiness and general reliability in the case of everyone. I don’t see any evidence of any lone getting “leave” just to go visiting, it’s more something that happens when the opportunity and circumstances allow, and the justification of the trip and reliability of the travelers can be counted on.
  10. Reekazoid

    A Single PoV from a Secondary Character

    This thought had occurred to me, about xlogue characters dying, and thought about making the title be for a prologue epilogue POV request, but I didn’t want to slog through a bunch of “ I would choose xyz because I hate them and want them dead” type stuff haha. I had not known about GRRM’s comment regarding new POV characters! That puts an interesting spin on the exercise indeed. Also something you said struck a chord- Allister Thorne, killed and wighted... from knight to wight! Being wigthed makes you a champion of the Others, much like being knighted makes you a champion of whatever- the realm, the seven, the Vale, etc. Is there some literary significance in that? Where the heck is @Seams??
  11. Reekazoid

    aSoIaF Confessions

    I hear you and I get where you’re coming from but first of all I don’t think Renly was quite as vapid as he was venal. Like Stannis he lived in Robert’s shadow, and where the former struggled to be recognized for his accomplishments and loyalty, the latter struggled to even be taken seriously. Renly wasn’t a fighter or a strategist (clearly, lol - Margery to replace Cersei?) but he was a charmer. I think his flamboyance was more a feature of his approach to seeking support and approval than of anything to do with his orientation. I could be wrong of course. Curious if you think his portrayal of JonCon is better?
  12. Reekazoid

    Maesters vs varys

    I’m not claiming that the maesters were after the Targs, just after the dragons. The Targ downfall was a consequence, not a motivation. Marwyn doesn’t mention the Targs at all, he mostly criticizes his fellow maesters.
  13. Reekazoid

    aSoIaF Confessions

    Me three.
  14. Reekazoid

    ASOIAF nicknames: The Sinister Truth

    Let’s be honest- that kid is handsome as shit, am I right? I’m considered a pretty good looking guy but even in my prime, I wasn’t Richard Madden. Or Robb Stark
  15. Reekazoid

    Maesters vs varys

    Off the cuff, going with my gut, I’d say The Citadel. Archmaester Marwyn alluded to his order’s desire to create a world free from magic, of which dragons were an inextricable part. The Targaryens In Westeros were defined by their dragons in more than one way, with that legacy persisting for generations beyond the death of the last dragon. If dragons were the target of a concerted extinction effort by The Citadel (which I am mostly convinced they were) then the Targaryen symbiotes and their associated dynasty would be a natural casualty. It wasn’t an immediate , abrupt downfall of the Targaryen dynasty which after all had three centuries to consolidate power, but still it seems a pretty rapid decline. I’m afraid I’m not much of a Varys historian so I can’t provide any counterpoints.