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  1. Reekazoid

    Baelish's plan to the Throne

    I like this but for one minor point- Varys doesn’t strike me as the type to leave a loose end as big as Littlefinger walking around with that type of knowledge.
  2. Reekazoid

    Appropriate Punishment for Catelyn

    Catelyn disobeyed her direct feudal superior. It is known. She is guilty of disobedience, I think we can all agree. However, actual TREASON requires one to betray their king and country. Treason goes beyond simple disobedience If Robb Stark wasn’t a king, then Catelyn didn’t commit treason, and in fact acted in support of the bastard on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, in which case she would have been the opposite of a traitor. So make up your mind - either Rob is a king and Catelyn committed treason, and deserves a stronger punishment... or he isn’t a king, and Catelyn merely disobeyed her lordly son in support of the actual king. You don’t get to have it both ways.
  3. You know when dogs are fighting in the street, you splash them both with a bucket of water and it shocks them and they break it up? No? You must come from a much more civilized place than me!
  4. Bucket of cold water.
  5. This. In a land where winters last for years this would have been an ideal location as the inhabitants would always have warmth, sustenance, and running potable water. It also kept the ground from freezing so they could grow food even in winter, especially once they figured out greenhouses. White harbor is a more sensible location for commerce to be sure and that is reflected by the wealth of the Manderlys.
  6. Reekazoid

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    On the subject of Renly’s sexuality- I picked this up on my second read of AGOT. Ned’s ruminations about Renly and the portrait of Margery in the locket. That just made me laugh. If it’s a clue, it is subtle and well-executed because the turn of phrase also fits the situation perfectly at face value.
  7. Reekazoid

    The Mysteries of the Nights Watch and the Wall

    That could mean "supernaturally warm", but it could also mean "unexpectedly warm". I'm not closed to either idea, mind you, but I do think body or ambient heat could account for the latter. Good did in this thread!
  8. Reekazoid

    The Mysteries of the Nights Watch and the Wall

    I think, that The Wall was build by magic of the Children. Literally. They are able to control water: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Hammer_of_the_waters They made the water-tides to rise up, out of The Shivering Sea in the east, and out of The Sunset Sea in the west (this has formed Bay of Seals and Skagos in the east, and Bay of Ice and Bear Island in the west), and then those two tides went towards each other by land of Westeros, and joined together, forming one wall of water, three hundred miles long. And then the Children used cold magic to freeze that water, and to make The Wall solid. On this picture it's seen, that the Nightfort is in the middle of The Wall's length (Nightfort was the first castle of Nights Watch, and in the beginning it was the only one): https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Nightfort So the Black Gate is the place, where were merged eastern and western water-tides, that created The Wall. And then, also with magic, the Children has created a "door" to the other side of The Wall - the Black Gate. And at that time, it was the only passage thru The Wall. All men-made tunnels thru the ice of The Wall, were dug out much later, dozens of years after The Wall was created. Other passages, and all castles of Nights Watch, were build by people. Thus the Black Gate is special, because it was the only path from one side of The Wall to the other, and it was part of The Wall's original architecture, created by the Children. So The Wall is made of seawater?? That would explain the saltiness of the water on the Black Gate, of course. Well done! sign me up for this theory ! Water that melts will continue to warm up in the presence of heat until it boils. If the Black Gate is a living being or even if it's just warmer in that cavern than the rest of the tunnels, the drop of water could easily be warm.
  9. Reekazoid

    Aegon's story is fake news and propaganda

    Well then mayhaps greenseers connected to the Wiernet would be in a position to present alternative facts that might challenge the narrative being pushed by the masterstream media. Alas, though, then it's almost certain that the poor greenseers would likely be dismissed out of hand by the maesters for not being real historians, probably labeled as subversives by the faith for operating outside the system and communing with outside sources , and almost certainly accused of deceptive editing of their visions.
  10. I actually agree with you both! I wasn't clear in the distinction between what I think Cersei thinks- that her stable protects her, and what I think, that it's an attempt to compensate. Also there was going to be a sword sheath joke in there somewhere, but I got distracted.
  11. All of this, ser! Jamie served as a squire, and his duties would have included mending / darning / patching torn and travelworn garments and gear. Heck I'm no tailor or haberdasher or even a seamstress, but I can mend a pocket, sew on a patch, darn a sock, patch a canvas tent, etc. It won't be a pro job but it'll serve in the field.
  12. I'm going to stop you right there... If Westerosi septas are anything like the Ursuline Sisters we had in Catholic school, I don't think even an armed and trained Cersei stood a chance! . . . But joking aside I completely agree. Cersei is an entitled, privileged bully with a massive inferiority complex. A professional victim with the means to exact revenge for any and all slights, real or imagined. Judging from the way she uses sex and threats to subvert and control Robert, Early Jamie, Pre-pious Lancel, the Kettleblacks, and Moonboy for all I know, I'd imagine she cultivates her stable of "sworn swords" to put her on an even footing with her male rivals, real or imagined.
  13. Reekazoid

    What is your theory on The Others?

    So the Others are literal white knights? And thanks to the oppression in Westeros they woke? Brilliant, ser.