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  1. Strictly speaking YG/fAegon is bound for Westeros and if he does manage to rule it will be there, not in Essos. So Y&Y wouldn't be helping him to rule over themselves, unless they go back to Westeros too. Which it seems unlikely considering how much they love the Rhoyne. For all we know the price of their service and silence was "Help take care of this kid, report back, but otherwise keep your mouth shut, in exchange for which we'll take you back to mother Rhoyne and set you up on a nice houseboat. "
  2. It was @Quoth the raven, that mentioned FW, forgot to credit them in the op.
  3. So in this delightful thread, someone mentioned that Freys are born to play the Game of Thrones, and specifically called out Big Walder (the little one) and Fat Walda as prime examples. This idea somehow really fascinates me. She seems innocuous to me, maybe somewhere in the Sylvia Spottiswood — Miranda Royce tier at best, by which I mean doing her best to secure a spot for herself by attaching to bigger players, but without a serious ambition of her own. While BWs machinations are clear to me from the text, FWs sort of escaped me. I know about her relaying messages for Lord Walder and Rose, but what else did I miss ? Please, educate me.
  4. This! I also suspect that Tywin’s disgust and resentment over Tytos’ behavior regarding his own paramour may have played into the intensity of this disapproval for Tyrion’s actions. From AFWD Epilogue:
  5. Haha yeah, you got me there. I guess it takes more than fierce side-whiskers to make a good commander.
  6. To be fair, Rodrik lost Winterfell to 20 Ironborn led by a turncloak inside man. Sabotage, chicanery, guile, social engineering, and outright treason can be tremendous force multipliers.
  7. Perhaps it could have been explained as having broken during a horseback ride? Surely any Maester worth his chain could explain away a ruptured hymen in such logical and contemporary terms. Whether a guy like Robert would accept it, is a different story. However he strikes me as someone who is willing to believe that everything is just fine if he can rationalize it somehow.
  8. Awesome, had forgotten that scene. Yah so Cat for sure knew. Ned may have disliked Hoster , but I still think that despised is a whole other level. As for Hoster leveraging Jon Arryn, that’s a bit harsh but seems pretty normal behavior for a Westerosi lord - smart even. I think you’d have to be exceptionally vile to merit despise. I can’t think of anyone else, though. Hoster by default until someone better (worse?) comes along.
  9. Exactly. The readership only strongly supposes that the mentions of Tansy are references to an abortifacient. I personally think that there is a strong case for this to be true. However we have no indication that Catelyn has arrived at the same conclusion before returning to Riverrun. We also don’t know that Hoster let anything slip before he lay delirious on his deathbed. If Cat didn’t know, why would Ned? But jeez this raises another question- what if The Blackfish knew, or figured it out? Lysa was still pretty young when she got pregnant, Brynden might have still been around then, and the coverup seems a pretty good (additional?) reason for TBF to want to leave his brother’s side.
  10. Perhaps she goes east from Vaes Dothrak and ends up in Asshai, meets Marwyn there,(or perhaps not at all) and then crosses to Westeros to the East. Do not pass Mereen, do not collect $200.
  11. Septon Meribald’s “broken men” speech is amazing. Although arguably not a speech, certainly not a soliloquy, Jamie’s ”So many vows... they make you swear and swear” speech about honor and vows in ACoK. - Catelyn VII.
  12. Being born a woman, according to her.
  13. So the answer to almost any “why did” question can always be “Because the author wrote it that way to serve the plot or make a statement of some kind. “ That’s cool and all but the characters in this body of work are typically pretty complex and the fantasy world they live in is equally complex. I feel that Why Did questions help readers to understand the setting , character motivations, and events of the novels. The “because GRRM” answer is unsatisfying for many. Sometimes the threads of the type being discussed here generate legitimate literary analysis, with quoted text and everything. I mean let’s approach this from the opposite extreme . If every single thread in here was a thesis-length, dissertation-quality analysis of why the author of the actions of a fictional character set in a nonexistent world written about in the twentieth century should be excoriated for violating the presumptive sensibilities of twenty first century readers ... this forum would see far less activity and be a decidedly drearier demense- albeit one possessed of a higher standard of literary excellence.
  14. Idk sometimes those threads generate some really good discussion and lead to good textual analysis. I’ve also learned quite a bit of setting history from some of the ensuing discussions. Perhaps we could view them as writing prompts to generate ideas for text topics to analyze.
  15. Meh, to each their own, Renly seems funnier to me. My impression of Renly is that he thinks he’s funny and would laugh at his own jokes. Give me deadpan any day- Stannis or even Dolorous Ed.
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