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  1. I'm a pretty big Jon fan & I don't any of that. I think he will eventually arrive at WF but I'm fairly certain Stannis will not be/has not been defeated. I think there is a possibility that Stannis has already done the lot of the work, although I don't expect Jon's journey to be without peril. I do think most of the North will accept him or rally around him, he is the last known blood of Ned Stark. I don't expect the rest of the realm will feel the same way. I've never seen anyone say Jon will defeat the others with one look, or even very easily. This is literally THE battle. The entire series has been building up to this, of course it will be a major thing. I suspect Jon to play a role in that but certainly not the only role. He will probably go south at some point. Dany will be the muscle though & I don't foresee democracy taking hold anywhere in the realm. I think they may marry but I don't think they will rule together for very long if at all & definitely not very efficiently. I think Jon very well may kill her but I'm not certain. So, I guess to answer your question... I really don't know because I don't see these things being purported among the fandom, at least not in any significant amount.
  2. I don't necessarily disagree with your logic but it is also true that a Lannister made an attempt on a Starks life first, before all the rest. And during this the Queen Regent had the The Lord of House Stark arrested knowing full well what he was saying was true & justified, then the King had him beheaded so it can certainly be argued that the Starks had every right & reason to rebel against the crown.
  3. Just have to agree to disagree maybe. I showed you the differences. Your issues is with the manner of the betrayal, something I think most of us can agree is the worst element of it. Tywin may not have had one thing to do with that part of it. He may have offered an opportunity, he may have gave an idea, he may have ordered it, or he may have not known how it was going to go down at all, just that the Frey's were going to show their allegiance to him. I just don't feel comfortable throwing Tywin in with the rest of them (in this particular instance, he has done plenty of bad) when I don't know how far his participation went. I do know a couple things though, being, he didn't make or break an oath & he didn't physically participate in the massacre or breaking of guest right.
  4. But it is different isn't it? The Bolton's swore a vow to Robb & then broke it & participated in their murder. The Frey's swore a vow to Robb & then broke it & participated in their murder AND broke guest right. Tywin did not swear an oath to Robb, he did not break an oath to Robb, he did not break guest right, he didn't participate in the murder other than possibly ordering it. That's a big difference to me.
  5. Do we know that though? I could be wrong but I was under the impression we really don't know who's idea it was or who brought it to who right? No not really. He was inconvenienced by the Starks. He had an offer on the table to make him whole again, one he agreed to btw. Nope, Walder agreed to put his army in with Robb's lot. They were all well aware that they wouldn't be out picking daisies. They knew they were going to battle & knew there was a high risk of losing some of them. The Starks didn't put them in danger, Walder had control over his own troops, so Walder put them in danger, if anyone did. He then put them in further danger by betraying his liege lord (after betraying the King) he could have been executed by either party for that. Walder's men participated in every second of the massacre under Walder's orders. I disagree that he would be off the hook if it was under someone else's roof, although, Walder's blame would be lessened as he wouldn't have broken guest right. Really? This always gets me. Of all the horrible, tragic, brutal things that people do to one another in this story, Robb AND the Starks are dicks for this? What role did the rest of the Starks have to play except following their King's command? Robb broke a promise. He did. He ate crow for it & offered up a marriage that was equal to the one that was offered to begin with. Walder is bitter & spiteful & has too many daughters, granddaughters, probably great grand daughters that need married off because he keeps having more kids. He had the chance to get rid of ONE of them through Robb. Have his kin married to a Lord with a castle. He still had the chance to get rid of ONE of them through Edmure, a Lord with a castle. Robb? Born from the loins of the ever honorable Ned Stark? I highly doubt he wouldn't have bothered to make it right regardless if they had need of them or not but what evidence do you have to make this claim?
  6. Is he morally obligated to try to stop the death of his enemy? No matter the how of it? Is he morally obligated to punish the plotters, rather than reward them? I don't think he is.
  7. I don't think so. Tywin ordered the deaths of his enemies. Now, had he ordered the deaths to be carried out in that particular way - something I find highly unlikely - then maybe I would reconsider. As it stands though, as far as we know, Tywin didn't break any oaths or vows, nor did he force anyone else to.
  8. I never suggesting spoiling her though? Laboring on a fishing boat for 20 years would probably be a dream job for her after what she has been through.
  9. I was saying she didn't deserve to be in the hands of Ramsay. Also, as a child having experienced the trauma she has & having to find a way to survive she should have some leniency IMO.
  10. Right? That's what I'm saying. It's too much for anyone, let alone a little girl.
  11. @Bullrout why would he be kidding? Do you dispute she has been through her fair share of trauma? She is a little girl. Why would she get 'darker' as she gets closer to other Starks? Whether or not she seeks revenge for Jon, I don't think she deserves Ramsay.
  12. I don't think Theon taking WF had that big of an impact honestly. What damage was done by the IB? I thought it was minimal & the lot of it was done by Ramsay. He did betray Robb though so that may be a source of contention between them. I thought Ramsay & Co killed Luwin, but maybe I'm remembering wrong. Anyway I don't think it's that unlikely after finding out he didn't kill Bran & Rickon, plus the torture he has already endured that they won't want revenge on him. What more could possibly be done to him?
  13. I don't think so, when Jon & Arya learn the truth - that Theon didn't kill Bran & Rickon, they will, if not forgive him for taking WF, at the least not want him dead for it I would imagine.
  14. Yeah, me too. Oh yeah! Forgot that one. Maybe a little. Not too much tho. Haha! Agreed! Yeah, I was good with him dying but yuck! I could've done with him dying a different way. Ahh agreed. He brings alot to the series but man he deserves it. Agreed. Definitely. I'm good with Arya taking him out. I'll have anxiety the whole time though, worried he is gonna get his filthy paws on her.
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