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  1. Nah, he may not have shown must interest in the kids but that was some to do with Cersei telling him not to. He absolutely wanted Cersei's children to be his though. He was just as much a participant here as Cersei. He could have refused just like she did. Doesn't matter when she told him she was pregnant lol he still aided & abetted her crime to the fullest degree. He is quite possessive over Cersei in the beginning, not so much now, but I have an extremely hard time believing it wouldn't have made any difference to him if her children were his or Roberts. Jaime was also intentionally seeding Cersei's children & helping to abort Roberts so not sure what the difference is there either.
  2. You do know Nymeria has quite a pack behind her right? I wouldn't wish for the Frey's to run into her unless you're rooting for the Frey's demise,... Which I am.
  3. I hate to break it to ya mate but bad stuff has already happened to the people she loves, like pretty much all of them.
  4. We only know 1 Bolton LOL. Roose. That's it. And while a little odd he does seem to be capable. Do you think it's rare for a Lord to threaten to cut out the tongue of a page? I'd say not. Ramsay isn't a Bolton but I'd agree with you if we were talking about him. We never met Domeric. So the entire Bolton family should be judged because Roose looks "evil" & has a flayed man on his banner? Listen, I'm not arguing Roose isn't one screwed up individual. I think we probably don't know the half of it, but I can't concede Robb or Cat should have known he would betray them because of his evil face & banner. This isn't a cartoon.
  5. But he did. He has. He's the head of a large house, has been loyal to the Starks, & had men die for his cause. And tbh I don't think he would have betrayed him had he not been losing, I don't think it would have been prevented by assigning him a different task. Had Robb's cause not looked hopeless, Roose likely would have stayed loyal to the end. Come now, who looks evil? Many men look evil. The banner is silly also, so we can just agree to disagree there. Whose family history in Westeros doesn't have some bad things? Don't think Ned said he didn't trust him because "he was evil" & obviously Robb didn't know that. You don't read people by judging their looks, nor by their banners considering they are age old & weren't picked by Roose. You read people via their actions, which is what Robb did.
  6. How openly can it be if only Jon speaks on it? Surely, if Cat & Robb were told it would have come up in the conversation regarding what task to give Roose.
  7. I don't know all the banners, I'm just saying a flayed man on a banner doesn't mean much. Especially since we know the Bolton's of old flayed people (obviously they still do but it's hidden now). Of course he doesn't give Gregor control of half of his army, Gregor wouldn't be good at that. The point I was making is that even evil men have their uses. Just out of curiosity what do you think Robb should have done with Roose? He had given him zero reason to distrust him, regardless of what you think the banner indicates. He could hardly refuse his army & his help. He used him just like Tywin uses Gregor, he put him in a position he was likely to do well in & Roose is more than capable.
  8. I suppose the baby is the youngest & most innocent but I don't think it helps the story much if Jon goes through this baby swap to protect the baby with King's blood just for Mel to say the baby without king's blood will do. Could happen, but I hope not.
  9. He says he raped Ramsay's mom but we don't have any reason to believe Ned/Robb were made aware of it. I'm not sure what of Ramsay's activities he is covering for either though he does say he believes Ramsay killed Domeric. Also, there is a difference between trusting a man to care for your wife & children vs trusting a man to do defeat his enemy in battle. There was no reason to question Roose's loyalty or his battle skills. I'll agree they shouldn't have been leaving someone like Roose to baby sit but he was well suited for the job he was given.
  10. The flayed man banner means nothing, many have weird things on their banners. I don't recall the quote about Jon saying Ned never trusted him but if so he probably should have let his heir know rather than his bastard. This is war, he isn't trying to find men that will go out & pick daisies, he wants seasoned men. I'd imagine the Greatjon gave him a bit of a fright also & probably still does. Look at Gregor Clegane for instance, a sadistic monster & well known yet it doesn't stop Tywin from trusting him to the tasks he sets forth for him. There were essentially no red flags. Should Robb had said; Listen, Roose, I know the Boltons have served the Starks faithfully for many moons but you have a flayed man on your banner, which upsets my delicate stomach & besides you scare me a little so I'll not be utilizing your loyalty or your army, thanks any how? No one foresaw Bolton's betrayal, kind of odd if there were indeed all of these "red flags" right?
  11. I agree things like not consulting his closing living relative isn't the best thing to do morally but it happens all the time in universe right? Those in authority get to broker marriages, make decisions about fostering their children, etc without any consultation from the parties involved if they so wish. I've always wondered how Jon planned to convince Mel it wasn't the right baby. If he somehow knows she will just believe him then he could have sent Gilly's baby with her, kept Mance's at the Wall & just told Mel it was the wrong baby. It's a bit of a silly plot, IMO. Travel definitely has it's own dangers though they aren't as sure to kill the babe as burning at the stake.
  12. But it wasn't with no questions asked. The Boltons have been loyal to the Starks for some time. Not sure how Hitler plays into this, Roose is a weirdo but he's no Hitler. I'm not disagreeing it was a mistake. Obviously it was, he betrayed them. My contention is with the statement that she should have some how known. There was no reason to not trust him & every reason to trust him at that point.
  13. Yeah, you're right. The series is so massive with so much detail I don't remember all that when I'm reading.
  14. Hmm. I may be wrong but I thought Cat discusses her fear that Jaime will be killed. At any rate, they have every right to do that.
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