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  1. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    A Who Sent the Catspaw Theory

    Of course I don't mind. I always enjoy chatting with you. We agree the knife was meant to be found. I personally feel for all of it to work, no matter the culprit, the knife needs to be found. Something I've always thought was odd was that Joffrey never takes any credit for it. He loves torturing Sansa & rejoices in her grief over lost loved ones. It seems quite odd to me that Joffrey never once told Sansa he meant to kill Bran. Who could or would do anything to him about it? I suppose it could be argued that he didn't mention it because it didn't work but the CS did succeed in slicing up Cats hand & I definitely could see Joffrey relishing in telling Sansa how hurting her mother was his doings &/or after Bran is believed to be killed by Theon for Joff to say something like "He didn't escape death this time, it would have worked last time had the CS not been so incompetent"
  2. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Arya's End Role and Death: A Reconsideration

    We are all entitled to our own opinions but I whole heartedly disagree with pretty much all of this. She is a tragic figure. She is a little girl & in her short time alive she has witnessed & been subject to more violence than most people would see in a full lifetime. She has lost everything & everyone near & dear to her. No one walks away from that unscathed (no pun intended) She wants revenge on those who have wronged her but more than that she doesn't want to be helpless anymore. Who can blame her for that? She grasps onto the only time since this whole nightmare began that she didn't feel helpless (When Jaqen gave her 3 lives) I think it's only natural that she wanted to be able to do what he did. She wants to survive, people are funny that way. She has been desensitized to killing & is surviving the only way she knows how. She is no Saint that's for sure but nor is she evil. She has plenty to offer in the fight against the others, as the other posters have noted & as for her not being a force for good I'll say this: there was a time where no one could have convinced me that Jaime Lannister would be a force for good yet here he is. Not a saint by any stretch of the imagination but trying to fight for the good. To the OP: I love the topic & wish I had more to add. Arya is so fascinating to me that I speculate wildly & without evidence on her future. An odd thought occurred to me while reading your post, I have absolutely no evidence to suggest this but with all her connections to death would it not be fitting if she became the Warrior Queen & led the army of the dead? That's my tinfoil for the night anyway
  3. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    A Who Sent the Catspaw Theory

    I agree here with you & @AlaskanSandman. As to LF vs Varys I've gotten the impression LF is more of a 'plan it as you go' guy. Climbing one rung of the ladder & then the other, using the situation at had to his advantage & changing his the way he gets there as needed. While Varys is a chemist of sorts. He has concocted a potion that requires perfect checks & balances. A little more of this, a little less of that etc. So in that regard I agree Varys is a more likely suspect. And as you said it appears Varys has the better motive. My issue always comes back to the knife & the CS muttering about Cat not s'posed to be there. Was the knife meant to be found? It would seem there would be no reason for LF or Varys to have Roberts knife used if it wasn't meant to be found. Joffrey, however, would have picked a knife easily accessible to him. If it was meant to be found that takes Joffrey out of the equation &, along with Cat not s'posed to be there, suggests the CS was given some very specific instructions by someone who 1. Had motive to blame the murder on Robert or the Lannisters & 2. Knew Bran would or should be alone in that room - which would only have been known by someone who knew he fell. I agree. It's always worth another look. I'm finishing up my 4th or 5th reread & still discover things that didn't dawn on me before.
  4. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    A Who Sent the Catspaw Theory

    He is a trickster for sure & John makes a compelling argument several pages back in this thread. I'm not sold completely but I've been wrong before
  5. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Your favorite 'hateable' character

    First welcome to the forums I had to comment here because my daughter and I were just discussing this. I was explaining to her the difference (at least in my mind) between liking a character, as in, liking them as a person & liking a character, as in, admiring the authors ability to write an intriguing character. Our discussion revolved around Theon & at the risk of getting flayed alive for this he really got the short end of the stick. He was an arrogant little prick, yes but he was left with some pretty hard choices. Anyway I'm rambling & don't want to derail the thread. My point was even though he isn't necessarily good I like him. I can relate to him on different points & I think that speaks to the authors ability to bring his characters alive.
  6. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    A Who Sent the Catspaw Theory

    I agree totally. The dagger was never meant to be found. It was probably part of the reward for the catspaw. You & I have danced this dance & come to some what of a truce I think. You have managed to convince me things could have happened the way you suspect, & correct me if I'm wrong but you are under the assumption that the dagger was meant to be found even if the catspaw succeeded no? At any rate I think in order to believe LF influenced Joff one would have to believe the dagger was meant to be found other wise it accomplishes nothing in the way of adding to the Starks suspicions regarding the Lannisters. Listen I have no interest in insulting each other or being condescending. I'm all up for a discussion but not if it includes remarks that clip one small part of my response & do not relate at all to what we are discussing. Clearly I read your post, quoted it, & responded though clearly not to your liking. If you think I have misunderstood something you said, explain. If you disagree with something I've said, discuss. If you are not interested in doing either of those things, that's your choice & is no skin off my back.
  7. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    A Who Sent the Catspaw Theory

    Of course I see the difference. But do you suggest LF's plan was to start a war? I've never seen that suggested before. Most say LF's plan was to cause discord between the Starks & the Lannisters. Without the dagger being found there is no discord between the Lannisters & the Starks over the death or attempted death of Bran & you yourself say the dagger wasn't supposed to be found. Here's another thing: the catspaw was given some instruction from someone with up to date, inside knowledge of Winterfell. The fire was lit with the intention of pulling everyone to it, including Cat. LF would not have known about Bran's fall, let alone that Cat was spending every moment at Bran's side. The catspaw repeatedly told Cat she wasn't s'posed to be there. An odd thing to say if he had come up with the fire ploy on his own no? & He couldn't have had any direction from LF at that point because LF was not present in WF. On a side note Theon actually had little to no influence pissed off or otherwise. Balon didn't give two shits what Theon had to say. He gave Theon a small mission with a small fleet. Theon disregarded those orders & took WF instead but clearly he had no influence on Balon & very little on the Ironborn.
  8. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    A Who Sent the Catspaw Theory

    Yes! Seriously though I can't buy into the whole LF did it. There are too many things LF would have had to orchestrate & all for something to cause ruckus between the Lannisters & Starks? He should have thought of something much simpler, like, I don't know, maybe blaming the murder of a friend of Ned's on the Lannisters. He could have used someone in his ploy more competent than Joffrey too. Someone the Starks know & trust to lend credence to the accusation like maybe Lysa or.... Wait... He did do all of that! Successfully I might add, not bungled & unsuccessful like the catspaw.
  9. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    Rhaegar, Elia and Lyanna

    I, for one, do believe Rhaegar & Lyanna were in love. I don't know what Elia was aware of or ok with but it does seem odd to me that Lyanna would agree to having a child with Rhaegar knowing her child would be a bastard or a "spare" prince. I just can't see her being ok with that. Another thing that lends credence to the 'Rhaegar setting Elia aside' theory is that he crowed Lyanna the Queen of Love & Beauty in front of his wife & many others. This must have spurned Elia. If Elia & Rhaegar had some understanding where Lyanna was concerned surely part of that understanding would be not to publicly humiliate her. That being said there is much we don't know & Elia being aware of & even possibly ok with Rhaegar & Lyanna is possible, I personally just don't find it very likely. I'm not sure if it's ever been mentioned that possibly Elia gave Rhaegar the idea to overthrow Aerys but what would be her motive. Elia obviously knew Rhaegar looked at Lyanna after her crowned her if not before. Knowing your husband is looking at or falling in love with another woman is a far cry from being ok with it though. It may have been some plan concocted between Rhaegar & Elia but with what we have so far I don't see any evidence for it. There are too many things both women would have to agree with that they probably wouldn't. The idea that Rhaegar was returning to rescue Elia & his kids is not farfetched I would say. Although that in itself doesn't mean much. Whether he was friends with or hated Elia he would likely want to remove his children from harms way if he could. Maybe I'm not understanding though. Are you suggesting Rhaegar left the ToJ to return to Kings Landing to rescue Elia & the kids or that Rhaegar believed Elia & the kids were at Dragonstone? I don't think Elia was complicit in any of Rhaegar's dealings with Lyanna but I've been wrong before. I'm not making the connection between not wanting to abandon Elia & fighting & dying on the Trident though.
  10. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    House Frey should be respected

    No worries none taken!
  11. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    House Frey should be respected

    I don't mean to be contrarian at all. I'm in total agreement that Robb's men were invited & therefore guests. I also agree slaughtering them was an evil deed. I just don't think they fall under the Westrosi rules of 'guest right'. I would not make a fuss over the difference between bread & boar. Bread can mean food in general as in the saying 'Breaking bread' I do say there is a difference in eating food & eating no food though & the soldiers did not eat Walder's food. I wouldn't differentiate between being under Walder's dining hall roof & his chamber's roof but I do differentiate between being under Walder's roof & not being under Walder's roof. I understand that it is questionable, hence the different view points. It just so happens that this is my view on the subject. Because it is questionable I don't think it's fair to say those with the opposing view point are being contrarian &/or trying to find weasely loop holes. Surely you see why someone may see things the way I do even if you don't see them that way?
  12. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    House Frey should be respected

    Well that's what I mean though. Typically a contract is not valid if the terms aren't met. Probably a 'T' not being crossed isn't going to nullify the contract but if there are terms set forth that have to be met for the contact to be valid & all those terms are not met the contract isn't going to be valid. For example if you get a loan & the loaner writes up a contact saying you don't have to pay any interest on said loan IF you make a minimum monthly payment AND pay it off within a certain time period & you do pay it off within the time period but fail to make the minimum monthly payment you will be charged interest. I guess it's all in how you view it. If you view the terms not met under guest right as the equivalent of not dotting an 'I' then you are probably right. I view it more significant than that & more equivalent to not meeting the terms.
  13. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    House Frey should be respected

    I get what you are saying I just don't understand why Cat & the other quoted characters make specifications about what constitutes 'guest right' if those specifications don't really have to be met.
  14. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    House Frey should be respected

    I'm not sure why it matters so deeply if Walder broke guest right with the soldiers as we already know he did with Robb & Co but for what it's worth I agree. I don't know how much clearer or how much more evidence you could provide. There are specific rules laid out for putting someone under the protection of guest right & those rules were not met with the soldiers. I'm no Walder apologist & like you think it was a rotten thing to do but it wasn't breaking guest right.
  15. Lyanna<3Rhaegar

    House Frey should be respected

    Sorry about that @Kandrax! Thanks for correcting me Jaehaerys