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  1. Yes Sauron is not Morgoth, he wants to dominate where as Morgoth just wanted to destroy, however he took came dangerously close to actually winning, despite arguably being less powerful that his former master. Also, what is The Black Company?
  2. That's Meereen. I thought you were referring to the time she saved Astapor from it's awful fate at the hands of the slavers.
  3. I mean Morgoth was the big existential bad, but that didn't make Sauron any less dangerous. On the contrary, his more human evil was far more insidious and even maybe dangerous from how hard it was to fight it. Yes, she will play her part, but she is not the savior.
  4. You mean Astapor? But yes, I agree her doing something like that would be so satisfying, thought not as satisfying as Arya, another character with no involvement in the WW plot pulling a "teleports behind you nothing personal kid" and ending the Long Night with just one stab. You do know Dany is supposed to be as big an existential threat to Westeros as the Others, and not the savior, right?
  5. No, but still, the fight against the others is the main driving force behind Jon's and Stannis's plot in ADWD, and yet for Dany, she doesn't even know the Others are real.
  6. I mean I hope not, because unlike Daenerys I actually like Kim, and really hope she pulls out of the whole madness in time (it would also help explain why she isn't in BrBa)
  7. Tell that to Great ranging. Also the people at Hardhome. Also Sam.
  8. If Dany is Azor Ahai, how come five books have passed and her relation to the White Walker plot has been fuck all? You'd expect the hero to have some actual connection to the villain plot.
  9. Exactly, and it makes for fascinating character, seeing him struggle and slowly lose the goodness (seriously though, fuck Chuck!), where as in Breaking Bad, you get a sense that the dangerous ego maniac was always there, just waiting to be unleashed. It makes for a great catharsis at the end of Season 5, but it makes him a far less interesting protagonist than Saul.
  10. Yes in terms of enjoyment I too prefer BCS, mainly due to the comedy. When BrBa stalled hard I had to take 2 days off my binge run. When BCS stalled I just laughed at the still funny jokes. 'Also I think it needs to be said that BCS has a far more likable protagonist. Walter White was always an ego driven unfulfilled genius, he just hasn't unleashed on the world yet, where as with Saul, we can see him being a good guy, and slowly get torn down by the shittiness of the world. The scene with the scholarship hearing in particular is just great in that regard. Walter was almost always like that deep down, I think that's why the ending of Granite State is the best scene ever, because that's when both Walter and we as the audience see that and how it all goes back to Gretchen and Elliot (tbf we also see this in the "empire business" thing) Indeed. BrBa had probably the best ending it could have, so BCS clearly has a hard landing to stick, and also it suffers from several constraints, like figuring out how to dispose of Kim.
  11. Hard to say. I think they're kinda similar in many ways - Both have incredible characters - Both have incredible dynamics and believable growth - Both stall horribly at times Right now, I think BrBa edges out just a little bit due to how incredible the finale was, but I will withhold judgement until we get the last season of BCS. However I can easily see myself liking BCS more then, it's just that now BrBa has a nice conclusion and a beyond satisfying ending. Also I will admit BCS has way better villains (Better fuck Chuck indeed), and is very often incredibly funny. The part in the last season where Saul is stalling on the house is absolutely hilarious especially.
  12. I mean tbf they kinda do. All potential AA's, Stannis Jon and Dany are closely connected to Kingship. Both Stannis and Dany claim to be Kings, and while Jon isn't yet, the mountain of foreshadowing in that direction is through the roof.
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