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  1. Alyn Oakenfist

    A list of historical parallels

    I'm not really an apologist for Richard III, but let's look at the objective facts. Up to Edward's death, he was his most loyal servant. His only problem would be his personal rivalry with the Woodvilles (long story short Richard participated in his father in laws plot against the Woodwilles that ended with several of them being hanged as witches). So when the princes take power he's in deep shit, because he has every reason to suspect (probably for good reason) that their mother will use her children to have him and his own son executed (his son's mother was a Neville). So what does he do. Well using his temporary power and the princes minority, meaning that for now the Woodvilles are very weak, he declares the children illegitimate, therefore usurping the throne. Up to this point it can be argued all he did came from a sense of self-preservation (plus with the Woodvilles being little more the commoners, in the period mindset it wasn't a stretch to say the marriage was invalid). However there is one thing that above all else soils Richard's reputation. The princes in the Tower. Now here's what we know. Following his coronation, Richard had the princes locked up in the tower, and some point in time they seem to have died. Now there are 2 suspects, who had both reason and means to do it. The first is obviously Richard (the only problem is that he would be committing kinslaying which is both pretty ghastly and would tarnish his reputation even more, were it discovered). The second suspect is Henry VII. He actually had better reason seeing as his legitimacy was incredibly bad (his mother's grandfather had been a legitimized bastard) and to make it worse for him he had revoked to decree to make Edward's children illegitimate in order to marry Edward's daughter, making the princes an even bigger threat. Plus we know that Henry VII didn't have any qualms about murdering precedents to the throne. So all in all the things we know Richard did aren't that bad, while the really bad thing he is suspected of doing could just as well been done by another man altogether. Why is there this misrepresentation of Richard the III? Simply put Shakespeare. The play ,,Richard III" was probably less historically realistic then ,,Blackadder".
  2. Alyn Oakenfist

    A list of historical parallels

    Now you say it yeah, there quite a lot of parallels. Maybe GRRM is implying that Richard was actually kinda of a good guy? I mean until Edward's death he was his best and most loyal servant, and yeah by medieval laws and social views it wouldn't have been so far fetched to say his children were bastards. And there isn't any proof he did murder his nephews (I mean murder is different from usurpation). And the Lannisters have already spread some nasty stories about Ned. So all in all GRRM is probably doing a very interesting parallel between his most noble character and England most vicious monster (at least in popular consciousness).
  3. Alyn Oakenfist

    A list of historical parallels

    That's a very interesting idea especially seeing as Richard was vilified by the Tudors and his supporters (especially Shakespeare) when in real life though probably very ruthless he was not nearly the monster he is depicted (there are strong doubts that he did actually murder his nephews, Henry Tudor would be just as likely). So yeah I can see a Lannister victory resulting in Ned being portrayed as some kind of Richard III.
  4. Alyn Oakenfist

    A list of historical parallels

    So there are a lot of historical parallels in ASOIAF especially from medieval England. So I'm gonna try to write as many as I can but obviously I don't think I can find/remember them all. War and Battles: Ghisacri Wars - Punic Wars Rhoynar Wars - Dacian Wars (maybe, not 100% sure about this one) Andal Invasion - Roman Conquest of England Century of Blood - The was following the fall of Rome and Justinian's Conquest The Conquest - The Norman conquest Faith Militant Uprising - Investiture Controversy The Dance - The Anarchy The Dornish Wars - The Iberian War The Blackfyre rebellions - The 100 years war (we'll come back to this later) The War of the 5 kings - The war of the roses Slaver's Bay campaign - Invasion of Afganistan/Iraq Burning of Harrenhal - Fall of Constantinople Battle of the Last Storm - Battle of Gaugamela Battle between Stannis and Renly - Golden Spurs (though it didn't end up happening it's still to similar) Battle of the Blackwater - Siege of Constantinople 717/ Siege of Vienna And soon to be: Battle in the Stormlands - Agincourt (again Blackfyres = England, Targs = France in the conflict) Siege of Winterfell - Battle on the Ice. Characters: Aegon I: William of Normandy Rhaenyra - Matilda Aegon II - Stephen I Aegon III - Henry II Aegon IV - George IV Aerys II - Lucius Tarquinus Rhaegar - Tarquin Lyanna - Lucretia Tywin - Julius Caesar Bobby B - Charles II (especially the baby brought in the pan) Joffrey the little shit - Richard II Stannis - Frederick II, The First Servant of the State Locations: Westeros - England Dorne - Spain/North Africa Iron Isles - Norway Braavos - Venice Volantis - Constantinopole Free Cities - Italian city-states Dothraki sea - Central Asia and Russia Slaver's Bay - North Africa Old Ghis - Carthage Qarth - Bagdad Yi Ti -China Leng - Japan Moraq - India Plains of Jaqos Nagai - Mongolia Sothoryos - Africa Rhoyne - Nile Valyria - Italy Events: Too many to count, best example would be Jon Snow's Death = Ides of March
  5. Alyn Oakenfist

    Will some POV Characters stop being POV?

    Almost certainly Bran. Given that he will likely become the next 3 eyed crow (or the 3 eyed crow will absorb and posses him, who knows), this mean he will have the possibility to see all past and present (maybe even some future). So yeah I think his POV will be cut when he leaves the cave and we will only see him again when he reaches the Wall, and from then on we will only see Bran through other people's POV.
  6. So one of my favorite parts of ASOIAF are all the historical parallels. So when reading about Aegon the IV-th my first though was Henry VIII. However in hindsight George the IV-th seems way more likely. Unlike both Aegon IV and George IV, Henry the VIII was a very strong, athletic man in his youth, and he was also pretty devoted to his wifes (until he had them executed). George on the other hand was always incredibly lustful and gluttonous and was in a stale marriage with a woman he despised.
  7. Alyn Oakenfist

    Why I like...

    I personally think that (F)Aegon will sit the Iron Throne also with the help of the small nobility (reachman and stormlander houses) and will become a great king who actively tries to help the smallfolk. But then, Dany... I think after Aegon steals a dragon (Viserion cause he's gold, and there's a betrayal for gold) a second dance will begin and after she beats Aegon she will become in the eyes of everybody an usurper, the very thing she always hated, and a kinslayer (and we know what usually happens to them, best case badly maimed like Jaime and Theon, worst case dead).
  8. So we know that Aegon had a very good relation with both his sister-wifes (one more platonic and the other romantic), but what was the relationship between Rhaenys and Visenya? Fraternal love or jealousy and competition?
  9. So at this point it's pretty clear TWOW is almost finished and GRRM will release it soon. The question is what will he do next? In my mind any of the 2 would be very cool.
  10. Alyn Oakenfist

    Does Targaryen blood matter anymore?

    Now here's a question, did the Blood of Valyria became magical just because of dragons, or did the Valyrians do some voodoo shit so that their blood will have magical properties?
  11. So hear me out. It's clear that Valyrian blood does have magical properties and that it the main reason for the incest. But seeing as the Targs had a very long period of not practicing incest (from Viserys II until Aegon V with the exception of Aegon IV) didn't the massively dilute their blood. I mean at this point I don't see how they are different from Velaryons. Now you might say, but what about Dany's dragons? Don't they prove that the blood of Valyria still matters. I would say no. The reason Dany's dragons happened is the whole blood magic madness with Mirri. So in conclusion I think Targ blood doesn't matter anymore seeing as Aegon the Conqueror's blood is so diluted (it might still matter for Blackfyre Faegon seeing as the Blackfyre's were big into incest and are descendant from the Targs since before the out-breeding).
  12. Alyn Oakenfist

    Dany's three betrayals

    Well someone, Mirri, already fucked her up. So that's why I think she was the betrayal for blood. Now we know that there will be a second dance of dragons. One option would be Euron v Dany. However I personally don't think that will be the case, I think Euron will have something more akin to a kraken. The Dragonhorn subplot only serves I think to bring the Dragonhorn into Dany's possession to be stolen in the second betrayal, the one for gold (Viserion has golden scales). So I think someone, either Tyrion or Varys will betray her giving the horn to Faegon, who will use it to tame Viserion. As for the last I think it will be Jon killing her, because of his love for her, in order to obtain Lightbringer.
  13. Alyn Oakenfist

    Dany's three betrayals

    Well, I kinds believa Glidus's theory on this, ie Rhaego's death paid for Rhagar's life, Viserys's for Viserion, Drogo's death for Drogon, the horses death paid for Drogon's vegetative state and Mirri's death paid for Dany's survival in the flames.
  14. Alyn Oakenfist

    Dany's three betrayals

    So what are the three betrayals? My personal theory is that the one for blood was Mirri, the one for gold will be Faegon claiming Viserion (cause Viserion has gold in his colors and will likely be helped by Varys dooing some turn-cloaking) and the third will be Jon Snow killing her to get Lightbringer. What are your theories?
  15. Alyn Oakenfist

    What would Barristan have done about the wildfire?

    Yeah the thing is Aerys's response to the defiance of Duskandale wasn't that mad. It was cruel and ruthless but it did served a point. It was the Reyne-Tarbeck rebellion 2.0. and no one considered Tywin mad for what he did. And after Duskandale, initially it was to be expected that Aerys would be a little jumpy and paranoid (the guy spent half a year in captivity). It was only later that people began to realize that Aerys's psyche had been completely broken by Duskandale, and only at Harrenhal did it became apparent. At the time it seemed an cruel and ruthless response to be sure but not a mad one. I mean think about it what would Tywin had done with the Darklyns? As I said I think 3 times already in this thread, Jaime didn't just do it in order to save KL (that was what pushed him over the edge). He did what he felt was justice. He finally realized that all his vows were contradictory and kinda hypocritical and he didn't care anymore. He just did what he felt was right (and yeah he did what was right from a moral point a view), stopping the wildfire plot and finally bringing Aerys to justice.