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  1. By the way you're saying it it looks like you're restraining yourself with a straight jacket and some hefty tranquilizers. And it's still not enough :)))))
  2. Must. Resist. Obvious. Joke Yeah petty much. In general the Azor Ahai prophecy seems to be a Red Herring with too many people fitting in in some way or another. My guess is that it's less about a hero and more about a number of people that will work together to bring the Dawn (mainly Jon, Dany, Bran and Stannis were I to guess)
  3. Thanks!!! Could be a Mines of Moria kind of thing with them digging too much and unveiling too power a magic.
  4. Thing is, Davos is nor completely right there. Okay he is, but that's because Melisandre's magic isn't that effective and the leech thing was a trick she did. There was no proof what she said would happen would actually happen. But the greater moral dilemma of sacrifice, I can't say Davos is completely in the right on that one. He's not completely in the wrong either mind you
  5. Not killed. Just not tipping the off and telling Robert straight up, letting him deal with it
  6. I mean in that department she is definitely better than Robert
  7. How'd you find out Can't understand Edit Is his spam account blocked? Is Sheev's too? Or (wishful, ik) all 900+ blocked? I think she means she blocked him and is no longer seeing what he posts. Not sure how you do that though
  8. And forgives switching loyalties like a tennis ball and sitting around while Robert sent assassins.
  9. AU??? Tywin is not a strategic moron like Robb was. One Kingdom declaring independence is a bad idea
  10. Tywin would not be cool with it, but there would not be much he could do, not without a claimant
  11. It's the rule of three. Setup, reinforce then punchline. Which is a good parallel seeing as all you say is a joke
  12. Who cares about stuff like that. Minor inconveniences. Kinda like the fact that Janos was in open mutiny and any self respecting commander would have executed him for that.
  13. The hard choice would have been to let the children to Robert. It would have been awful but it would have prevented civil war. Something, something Carthage and salt
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