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  1. Alyn Oakenfist

    Theon and Jeyne

    The torture didn't make him a better man, it made him less of a man. It was his mental fight against all the evil shit that Ramsay did to him that made him a better man at the end. I think Jayne from the first moment, made a difference in him. See back when he was a ward I think the most revealing part is how he treated those below him like Jon, and that is with arrogance and superiority. However with Jeyne, who is the only person in the same shit as he is, instead of taking all his pent up felling on her he instead actively tries to help ad support her, even if he can't really do that much. That at least shows some growth. ,,Kind of"??? Mate what more do you want him to go through? Flaying, beatings, possible castration, not to mention Ramsay completely breaking his spirit, what else do you need? Exactly! The Northern lords keep talking about ,,saving Ned's little girl" not ,,killing the turncloak".
  2. Alyn Oakenfist

    Theon and Jeyne

    Yeah he did some really horrific shit. But he more then paid for what he did. Death would have been an appropriate sentence. What happened to him was worse then death however. Honestly given all that happened to him, any sense of sexuality must be so messed up (presuming he isn't a eunuch), that I can't hold anything against him. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if he tried to have sex with a rock. Plus I never got the sense he wanted to rape her, especially given his and Asha's proclivities for wroth sex. He will probably die by the end, but it will not be any punishment in that. Theon is probably the character that suffered the most in this series, and it would be kinda ironic if his punishment at the end is to stay alive and have to make peace with himself over all that he did.
  3. Alyn Oakenfist

    Theon and Jeyne

    I don't think anybody still think that. After Ramsay starts playing with him all the arrogance and entitledness disappears, and what we're left is just a broken shell of a man. But the thing that' really great is that from that point he slowly manages to rebuild himself into a person again. But I don't think anybody even hates him anymore, not after what he went t
  4. Alyn Oakenfist

    Theon and Jeyne

    Well for one, consummation might be a little difficult even if Theon has the other thing on, given how messed up both of them are in the head.
  5. Alyn Oakenfist

    Theon and Jeyne

    And Theon's fingers grow back along with his willy (presuming it isn't there as Martin kinda left it in the air, with hints on both sides) while Jeyne somehow get's un-raped. Nah that's not how the series works. My guess it that eventually Jeyne will be found to be an impostor, probably after Winterfell falls and then probably either die or be left out of the story (put it this way, she's definitely not getting married). Theon on the other hand will probably go along with Asha to were ever she is going to go after she is freed (there is the additional complication that she might be pregnant).
  6. Alyn Oakenfist

    Is Stannis guilty of killing Renly?

    Yeah, I tend to think this is the correct answer. It doesn't really make sense for him to be completely in the dark, but it doesn't really make sense for him to be the one calling the shots here too. It does make the most sense honestly especially given Stannis's anger towards Renly, anger that somehow turn to kinda remorse in an instant. Like if he did kill him consciously then it wouldn't make sense to be so determined initially but then to completely turn on a dime. It's also quite similar to ,,Stalker" now I think about it. Also the way the shadow does the thing without a single moment of hesitation seems to reflect that this was something deeper then the conscious.
  7. Alyn Oakenfist

    Is Stannis guilty of killing Renly?

    Well, I'm not sure about that. He may as well have gone just trusting Mel to do whatever without really needing it. As for Stannis sleeping with her, I'm sure Mel has enough tricks up her sleeves to make it happen, not to mention the emboldening factor of Queen Selyse. So I'm not sure Stannis knew beforehand. Yeah after Renly he clearly put 2 and 2 together. He knew what happened but that doesn't necessarily make him guilty. As I said it depends on how much agency he had. If he ordered the hit or controlled the creature he was obviously guilty of the deed, but if he was in the dark and had no agency on what the assassin was doing, the he can't really be considered guilty.
  8. Alyn Oakenfist

    Is Stannis guilty of killing Renly?

    So given how much the topic was discussed in the Baratheon brothers thread, I thought I should make a separate thread for this question. Here's what we know for a fact happened: Stannis was sleeping with Mel before the crucial events, which is important as it was his ,,contribution" to the creation of the shadow assassin. Mel said she birthed the shadow assassin alone without need of help due to how unprotected Renly's cam was to something like this. The assassin had Stannis's face. During the events Stannis couldn't wake. Afterwards his recollection of events to Davos seems a bit fishy, especially: Stannis claims he didn't see the event, but somehow dreams of it in very exact fashion. So from the last four thing we can deduce that Stannis at east saw the event take place and that his mind was stuck in the shadow assassin. That's why he recollects the thing vividly and why he was in a trans like sleep. He ,,was" (or at least his mind was) there during the assassination. However the question is, was he the one to actively to the deed, or was he just a helpless bystander. I'd have to say that it was Mel actively controlling the thing given the following: Mel is the sorceress here, it would be kinda off a dumb spell if Stannis was the one in control and not her. The shadow didn't show even a hint of hesitation, just coldly doing it's duty. Stannis might have done the deed given the circumstances, but I don't think he could have done it without even flinching. Stannis thinks more about the external events then the actual act. If he was the one in control, I think he would have vividly remembered doing it, not ,,a woman's scream". But that's just my opinion. Honestly we don't have enough proof on either side to say for sure. Maybe we'll find out if we ever have another Mel POV. What do you think? Is Stannis guilty of fratricide? Or is he only guilty of having sex with Mel?
  9. Alyn Oakenfist

    Which of Baratheon brothers you respect the most

    On the blood magic stuff and the sacrifice there's no arguing, but kinslaying? Yeah attempted kinslaying sure, but Renly's death was Mel's thing. So has Ned. So what? Both of them let Robert die because of their own code of honor not because of scheming. Ned didn't want the children to die and Stannis didn't want the matter to be buried due to how cold his relationship with Robert was and how self-serving it would have been if he was the one to bring the news. Also after Jon Arryn he probably though the Lannisters were going to have him killed. Again the same argument could be made for Ned. Or for Jon Arryn. Or anybody else in KL who could put 2 and 2 together. Stannis doesn't share anymore blame in the whole matter then Jon Arryn or Ned Stark. Again, there is no proof he had any active part in killing Renly. For all we know it was Mel's doing, all Stannis did was have sex with her. As for the human cost of war, the same thing can be said of: Robert Renly Joffrey Tywin Ned Stark Jon Arryn Robb Stark Aegon Daenerys War is hell and inevitably it has a human cost. It's not fair however to criticize Stannis, for a thing that everyone does. That's only because Renly died before he could. Or do you think Reenly would have won the Wot5K without killing tens of thousands? Renly's duties were to himself apparently. I don't understand how you can argue that in terms of motivation Renly is even near Stannis. Stannis is the rightful heir of Robert Baratheon, while Renly even admits to having basically no claim.
  10. Alyn Oakenfist

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    Excuse me!??? In which world does a male son come before a younger sister (relative to Rhaegar)?
  11. Alyn Oakenfist

    Are the Sparrows a religious or popular movement?

    They seem to be more differentiated by their skill at arms. A knight is obviously much more skilled at arms then a peasant. Other then that there doesn't seem to be any class divide, not to mention the High Sparrow's insistence for modesty in all the Church.
  12. Alyn Oakenfist

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    Oh no, you get me wrong, absolutism has some horrid deficiencies, mainly when inevitably they get a shitty king. As the 2 shitty Louis have shown (the Sun King and the decapitated) absolutism can massively screw the people, cause as you say you can easily get a Tywin, or worse a Ramsay. However, under an absolutism king there are little to no civil wars, as well as a standing professional army (a standing army in necessary for an absolutist ruler for him to enforce his rule). Therefore there are a lot less wars, almost none of them internal (which are by far the worst) and the people who do participate in them are usually volunteers, not conscripted peasants. So while yes you can have Maegor or Ramsay as ruler, their cruelty while horrendous is still better then war. Also with absolutism you can also get great rulers like Frederick the Great, Elizabeth I or Napoleon who massively modernize the country and bring on whatever the Enlightenment is going to look like in the World of Ice and Fire. Did I ever say that. It's chose your poison here honestly, and at least with absolutism it's only the king screwing you over. In Westerosi feudalism it's the King, the lord paramount, the lord and finally the landed knight, all simultaneously screwing you over. And when they screw each other over you get to experience the pleasures of civil war. Totally agree with you. I'm just saying that literally any other civilized system of government is better then feudalism, and that includes absolutism. Absolutism is important because most major kingdoms, after feudalism go towards absolutism, and only after an Enlightenment under said absolutism (and a revolution/civil war) do they finally turn towards some democratic form of government (which is let's be fair the best governing systems we ever managed to concoct)
  13. Alyn Oakenfist

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    Saying that the lords are the folk main exploiters but not the king is like saying that if we remove all the lorchs and rorges of Westeros, but not the Tywins and Ramsays, Westeros would be more peaceful. Your compassion is a bit forced, don't you think. What I'm saying is that the that feudalism is the worst, followed by absolutism and then by democracy. Absolutism has the King at his highest power so removing his power can lead in 2 directions, one good one bad.
  14. Alyn Oakenfist

    Who is more legitimate, Stannis or Aegon?

    The ,,their founder was a Targ so they are as well" argument doesn't really hold water when you consider the fact that Orys took the Durrandon coat of arms and words, as well as their castle, not to mention marrying Argella. He clearly wanted, and succeeded in taking a Durrandon identity. Oh no I agree that blood matters, but it's mattering less and less, sadly for Westeros. I'm saying sadly due to the fact that the less it matters, the more lords will be fighting for the Throne. In the times of the Targs the war of the five kings would have maybe been between Stannis and Joffrey and not a five way civil war. Also while coups and conquest are different so are coups and civil wars. Mate, he only cares about Dany for the dragons, he doesn't give a squat about legitimacy. He even says he is going to conquer the seven kingdoms, not take his right or something like that but conquer. Well limited royal authority can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on whom does the freed up power goes to. That's why the normal step towards progress was feudalism -> absolutism -> democracy I dunno, absolutism if clearly better then the current feudalistic mess, but I think there is going to be enough when Dany comes in with the dragons. She would have absolute power due to them. And Dany's (probably short and bloody) rule is going to show the problems of absolutism. I think in the end the result will be a kind of constitutional absolutism, similar to the Tudors in England (though that was a bit weird seeing as it was never clear exactly who had the power seeing as King and Parliament almost always worked together. It wasn't until Charles that King and Parliament starting to have problems)
  15. Alyn Oakenfist

    Targaryen loyalist

    Well, there were a lot of loyalists, but those who remain loyalists are pretty few. Most of Dorne is probably made of loyalists due to Elia, and there may be some Reach houses that are still loyal to the Targs. The only named character that may still be a loyalists is Mathis Rowan, given some (not that many) textual evidence, and a significant amount of meta-textual evidence (given the scant prof we have he may be a Targ loyalist combined with his perfect position to defect to Aegon seems to indicate that he is indeed going to be the first Reach lord to turn cloak, followed by Tarly after Stormlands Agincourt)