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  1. Your organization already has credibility problems. Are you really going to add to that by sending a fourteen year old boy as your spokesman?
  2. Lord Lannister

    "And the laughter erupted behind him"

    Why? Because F*** Tyrion, that's why.
  3. Lord Lannister

    Does this Mummer's Dragon has us all fooled?

    I think Dany's motivation for going after Aegon will be far more basic. She's done too much and come too far to cede or even share the Iron Throne with anyone. He's going after her throne, and she'll use this "prophecy" as a convenient excuse to denounce him as a fake.
  4. Lord Lannister

    What did Barristan think of Ned's execution?

    He stood by while Aerys did all his crap in the name of duty. You really think he's going to raise a fuss over a decapitation?
  5. Lord Lannister

    Why does the Hound hate Tyrion so much?

    Dogs take on the dislikes of their masters.
  6. Lord Lannister

    Does this Mummer's Dragon has us all fooled?

    I really think Qaithe is just jerking Dany's chain with her "prophecies" and "warnings." She may well have some insight into the future, given what she's come out with, but she's not presenting it in any way that is helpful to Dany. If her objective has to cripple Dany with self doubt and distrust of all those around her, throwing out vague premonitions of terrible things to come with a few morsels of truth scattered in for legitimacy would be the perfect way to go about it. "Beware the mummer's dragon." The most threatening intention (f)Aegon's had towards Dany so far is wanting to impress her enough to get her to cross the ocean and join him as an equal.
  7. Robb wouldn't have been the first man to sleep with someone outside the bonds of marriage. Or even the first Stark.
  8. Lord Lannister

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    At least those are over with quickly.
  9. Lord Lannister

    why do people think cersei didnt want bran dead

    It's easier for her to blame the whole thing on Jaime than to admit she had any part in it. If he hadn't pushed Bran she would've been equally mad at him, if not pushing him herself.
  10. Lord Lannister

    The execution of Janos Slynt was spot on vol 2

    Are we still having the Janos Slynt, oppressed victim argument? Sheesh, it's been what a couple of years now?
  11. Lord Lannister

    Some Historical Parallels: Obvious or Subconscious?

    Martin's quite obviously drawn inspiration from several historical events and individuals.
  12. I like this topic. I always thought Edmure got a bum deal for taking the blame for the Battle of the Fords. Had Robb actually taken the time to inform Edmure of his plans rather than just giving a vague order and not expect his commanders to react to altering situations. This would put Tywin in a tricky situation to be certain. I don't believe for a second it would result in his capture or destruction though. At best it's just going to keep him from getting to King's Landing in time to make a difference. Tywin's best option may end up being retreating to the Westerlands. Lest we forget Robb was personally injured at the Crag and was literally licking his wounds at the time. Robb would seem to not be immediately in a position to cut off Tywin from retreating back across the Red Fork and if Edmure did, he'd be leaving Riverrun open. It's hard to say what would happen at King's Landing. I think Stannis would have forced the city without the intervention of the reinforcements, though his whole force may have been pretty much combat ineffective by the time he did so. Oh sure, Mace may well march on King's Landing with the Tyrell host, but let's face it. Mace Tyrell isn't aggressive and has a history of not committing his forces to any great bloodletting. He'd slowly approach King's Landing and if he finds it's fallen to Stannis he'd take his time encircling it to set up for a long siege. I'm sure Stannis would just love being besieged by Mace once again.
  13. Lord Lannister

    Aegon's attitude towards the Lannisters and the Baratheons?

    The Baratheons are pretty much a moot point for Aegon at this point. Other than his garrison at Storm's End, Stannis is literally off at the edge of the world. Assuming he takes Storm's End, he'll probably take a page out of Aegon the conqueror's book and gift it to a house that's loyal to him. As for the Lannisters, they are fully invested in supporting Tommen who sits on his throne. With maybe the exception of Tyrion, who's also literally at another point on the edge of the world, they're the enemy to be destroyed. Not to mention the small detail that much of his support is going to stem out of hatred of the Lannisters rather than any desire for a Targaryen restoration.
  14. Lord Lannister

    How would a marriage between Brandon and Catelyn work?

    My problem with Catelyn isn't that she resents the situation. It's that she takes it out on Jon while still being lovey dovey with Ned. Had she railed against Ned, I wouldn't have said a thing about it except maybe he had it coming. Instead she chose to take it out on a helpless boy.
  15. Lord Lannister

    Condoning Renly Baratheon

    That's why he laughed at Catelyn's suggestion of a Great Council? Because he just wanted to save his life and really had no interest in ruling?