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  1. Like I said previously, it seemed more a plot hole to create a mystery around the murder more than anything else consistent with Stannis' character afterward once he was actually introduced. Or maybe Martin just didn't know what he wanted Stannis to be when he wrote the first novel. Might have been better if he tried to warn Robert via raven and Pycelle intercepted it. But that ship's long since sailed.
  2. Well a raven would go through Pycelle which presumably Stannis knew would be unwise. But yeah, nothing stopping him from doing what Ned did and telling one of his men to sail to King's Landing and put this message in the hand of Robert and no one else.
  3. If not for the red wedding a large portion of the fan base would probably like Walder Frey and think he's hilarious.
  4. I find nothing wrong with the question. My issue was with you trying to silence someone who gave an answer you didn't like. I'd go agnostic myself, I expect as I could see myself finding few redeeming features in any of the prominent faiths. If that answer isn't to your liking, you are of course free to ignore it.
  5. Why? That sounds more like you're fishing for what you want to hear than what people think.
  6. There is a societal difference between bastards raised in a noble household and those among common folk. I think the mule girl is as common as they get.
  7. Tyrion's last thought would be, he got what he wanted but doesn't want it. Lol.
  8. I'm a huge fan of A+J=T. There's so much supporting evidence I hesitate to call it tinfoil even if a lot of fans do.
  9. I have to agree with this. It certainly fits in with how Cersei tried to manipulate Robert into participating in the melee and later arranging him to be drunk while hunting dangerous game. In AGoT she didn't seem to want to do the deed herself, but set people up to fail.
  10. I can easily picture Stannis just grinding his teeth mumbling about Robert while Selyse is waiting for him in bed wondering why he can't get it up.
  11. I love the notion that the word illegal so often gets attached to warfare. It's so disingenuous it just makes me laugh. Like you have to present a properly filled out and notarized stack of paperwork before the slaughter can begin. wait this form was dated for YESTERDAY! This is an illegal attack!
  12. It's almost like predicting the apocalypse at this point. All the signs point to this date and when it comes and goes, oh well we got it wrong it's really this date!
  13. I always wondered how Stannis would've been if he had a wife that brought out the best in him instead of the worst as Selyse seems to. That would take one hell of a woman though, so that could be too tall of an order.
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