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  1. I mean, Darkwing Duck has white feathers. No stopping this parallel. Darkwing Dayne is a thing. He is the star that falls in the night....
  2. House Dayne's colors are purple. Just like Darkwing. Coincidence? Let's. Get. Dangerous.
  3. That's something that's always made me curious. If a certain literary work reads the same in one language versus another. Translations can be tricky things and I sometimes wish I had more than one language to explore this. Alas my two semesters of Spanish didn't stick expect to show me how woefully inconsistent English is. Getting things from another perspective is often enlightening. I've found this out with my love of history, looking at major events through historical texts from different involved parties.
  4. I see the one true Baker King has more loyal servants. Be blessed and eat your fill in honor of our liege and savior, King Hot Pie, the True Azor Ahai Reborn.
  5. Clearly Syrio is an evil sadist who drives children insane. Ned might've been in on it too.
  6. Agree. I just wish he had swallowed his pride and begged her forgiveness when he was outed as a spy. I think that would've been enough. He just seems a tragic character. The knight marrying for love straight out of a fairy tale story, only to find out that the story doesn't almost end happily ever after no matter how hard he tried. He got so desperate you could almost see how he talked himself into selling those poachers into slavery. After all, the punishment was to kill them. This way he'd be letting them live and get some needed money. Right? Then it just went downhill from there as he lost everything. You can get why he spied on Viserys and Dany, and why he grew dedicated to her in the end. I definitely can get why people don't like him, that one scene where he tried kissing Dany was seriously creepy and his jealousy concerning her was too much. Yet at the same time he was devoted to her, and had her interests at heart. I agree that she did begin to struggle once she dismissed him.
  7. No, I honestly feel for him. He's a hard luck case underdog and I have a huge soft spot for such. Something of a romantic who became jaded and that touchy pride was all he had left in the end.
  8. I always got the feeling to Robert it was as simple as consolidating power. By giving Dragonstone and Storm's End to his brothers, that creates two cadet branches of House Baratheon to support the throne. I also get the feeling if Stannis had been given Storm's End and Renly got Dragonstone, Stannis would've still been better given the heir traditionally got Dragonstone. Stannis just had a chip on his shoulder concerning Robert, even if it was justifiable.
  9. Pretty sure if young men was meant they would've said young men. That's a distinction you typically go out of your way to draw when discussing who someone's attracted to.
  10. Hey, dorks can be cute. That line was just.... cringe.
  11. In their youth Robert was a bully, plain and simple. As an adult, Robert seemed mostly indifferent to Stannis save as a loyal vassal to support his rule. In true bully fashion, Robert barely thinks about Stannis, while Stannis remembered everything.
  12. Even with the Normans and English, the Norman conquest of England changed the English language a lot. Dorne especially should've had more of a Rhoynar linguistic influence following this example.
  13. Hot isn't everything. Arianne is hot. I don't think I'd want anything to do with her outside maybe a one night stand. >.> Gerold is kinda scummy when it comes down to it at the end of the day.
  14. The short answer is, whoever is king once the dust settles will end up giving the Stormlands to whoever he wants. There's so many exceptions to birth, bastards and such, it always usually comes back to might makes right.
  15. Yeah, even if the First Men all started off using the same language, local dialects would've popped up. Just... a gray don't look here area for ease of storytelling.
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