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  1. Ten out of eighteen of the active threads on page one started by you. Yeah, maybe time to tone it back a bit.
  2. Thinking didn't enter into the calculation. She was acting purely on emotion. Her first instinct was to hide out of fear. Once discovered her instinct was to lash out against the person Littlefinger said harmed her son. She didn't bother to consider the validity of the accusations or any long term plan to gain advantage with Tyrion as a hostage.
  3. Uh, between his creepy touching and kissing and the revelation that he was only doing it for money I can't fault Sansa for not caring.
  4. Sounds like something the Ramsay apologists would come up with.
  5. Anyone with objections to Lady Stark's faith may address their concerns to Lord Stark's fist. Any further objections may be taken up with Ice.
  6. Sometimes being left wondering what if is more rewarding than any explanation given.
  7. Cutting out Lady Stoneheart is one of the few changes the show made that I liked.
  8. Tywin Lannister didn't live a saintly life. There's plenty there alone to look down on and Ned is in the habit of looking down on people's flaws he doesn't like and turning a blind eye to those he does.
  9. I always thought Quaithe was sending Dany vague visions with just enough nuggets of truth to keep her second guessing her actions and distrustful of everyone around her who could help her.
  10. If Robert stormed into the Red Keep and smashed Aerys' head in, Ned probably wouldn't have had an issue. I think the core of Ned having issue with Jaime's actions is he distrusts the Lannisters and is grabbing at every reason he can to justify that distrust.
  11. Ned at least had the sense to join the rebellion against the mad king. Barristan is held up as the height of knightly virtue by turning a blind eye to the mad king's crimes and fighting so he may continue them.
  12. Good luck. Your best case scenario is that Euron would just steal one of the Night's Watch ships and go that route to playing pirate. Worst case is he's running the place within a year and turning the entire place into a bandit lair.
  13. Well if nothing else, the crown won't be able to sustain it's extravagant spending as long without the Lannister loans. I'm sure Tywin would find other ways to subtly undermine Robert as well. A lot would depend on whom Robert married. I'm not sure who else would've been an appropriate match for him at that time.
  14. Walder could've had some more basic desires for wanting Catelyn alive as well. A literal way of getting back at the Tullys who looked down on him.
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