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  1. Yes, that's what Robert meant. But that's not why Ned reacted that way.
  2. I'd be pissed off too if someone was talking about my BFFs SO being dishonorable. His sister. Speculation. "I heard it once too" - Harwin. Heard isn't the same as knowing and only once. Oberyn heard Tyrion had a tail. Of course! But some have more to back them up than others. That's why I said degrees. If it's something you're interested in there are a few threads out there. Look at the way Howland described her eyes to his children. That's not the way you describe your best friend's wife's eyes, that's the way you describe your wife's eyes. Especially to your children. Cat knows she's pretty but refers to her eyes as "haunting"...memorable. Which leads me back to this thread. If someone had the Targ eye color of purple (in any variation) it would surely be remarked upon. It's a staple of their appearance. If Lemore had Targ eyes, we'd know it. Barristan's comment about "kitchen drab" makes me think that even though Elia was pretty she was not nearly as pretty as Ashara and probably had the more common brown or black hair/eyes. You don't have to be gorgeous to marry in to a great or noble house. And, if your not walking around with remarkable eyes and drop-dead gorgeous, it might be easier for you to hide on something like a pole boat. Especially if you grew up in a castle on a river. Regarding Elia's health, she may have been delicate but not so much that she couldn't travel. In early 280 AC she went to KL to marry Rhaegar, then they moved to Dragonstone. Later that same year, she gave birth to Rhaenys then she was bed-ridden for half a year (bringing to just shy of mid-281 AC, the year of the False Spring) then she went to Harrenhal for the tourney, after that she traveled back to Dragonstone. Keep in mind the storms that rack that area, traveling to and from there would have been hard on anyone yet she survived it, even as delicate as she was. Aegon was born shortly thereafter, she was possibly pregnant at the Tourney. That is a LOT on a body so I think she may have been stronger than she appeared.
  3. Since this isn't an Ashara thread, I'll keep this short: Only Lady Allyria said they were in love and there were rumors but nothing that had been confirmed. Harwin said he doubted it. It was rumored that she died by suicide bc of either the loss of her brother, lover or child. Way too many rumors and suppositions to say that it's cannon that she and Ned fell in love and she died of a broken heart. The only disrespect is to claim that they were lovers, as per Ned's reaction to Cat. Besides ALL theories have a degree of error until proven true or false. That's the fun of this.
  4. I forgot about the bones! Nice! "Princess of Dorne" sounds very much like Ned saying Lady was "of the North" and he sent a honor guard to see her bones home. I highly suspect Elia's would have been given the same respect. KL was never really her home. Especially the way Aerys treated her. Also, Lemore can't be Ashara bc Ashara is in Greywater Watch with her hubs, Howland.
  5. I like this so much more than the Ashara theory. Great job! I just came upon this and still on page 1 of replies. So some of what follows may have already been mentioned. Someone asked why she didn't write to her brothers in Drone...possibly for the same reason Ned never told Cat about Jon, the child's safety. As far as her choosing her son over her daughter, it's possibly another Blood & Cheese situation. To the Dornish sons and daughters are equal. She may have asked for her daughter to be spared, as the eldest, but the decision was made for her.
  6. Hello all! Once the spoiler ban is lifted on F&B I'll revisit this list to make some changes. I won't update based on the WoW released chapters though, those will wait until the book.
  7. Nice! I was thinking about the Red Priests he had. I wonder if he has learned anything about bringing something back to life from them. I can only see a few possibilities. Either Theon voids the KM as you say, or he stands for Asha and agrees to be her Hand. I don't see the IB voting his way, they seem to be suspicious of his "Greenland" nature.
  8. Nice catch! IMO it's bc he considers himself an "Old God" since he has the Gift. The only other time we see impalement and gods is during Bran's coma dream.
  9. It's the only reason I could see the FM accepting an egg, if that's what actually happened.
  10. If I were a FM and I could get a dragon egg I would take it just to keep it out of the hands of someone who might actually hatch/use it.
  11. Welcome! Pshat, I wouldn't be surprised if he did! But I haven't seen the theory. Mel made her leeches seem like blood magic with only what little they could hold, Varys lost his man-parts for blood magic. Why not tongues?! I think it's more like what Tyrion explained to Cersei: So what is it that his mutes know that he doesn't want others learning?
  12. I gave it an 8. I really liked it and thought it moved the story along well. It was nice to have a bit of plot building after the insane dramatics of last week. Arya - Her giggling through Joff's death scene was great. I loved the advice she gave Lady Crane. "She would be mad that she didn't get to say goodbye...now I have to go see my father". And Needle...I got chills. I think she'll kill Waif. The Waif's desire to kill Arya seems to go against the FM so I'm interested to see if Jaqen is setting up Waif or not. Jaime - Looks like he never lost his hand. I was surprised by his dismissal and Cersei's indifference to it. Even though there's been a big divergence from the books it looks like his destiny is tied in with Brienne's in the Riverlands. Marg - WTF?! Is she taking her situation into her own hands or has she been completely brainwashed? HS - Ohhh, he know what's up. Playing their game well. Suckas! ColdJen - He's back, yay! I knew it as soon as I saw his eyes. The scarf covering his mouth was indicative of CH. And when he was skinning the squirrel I was thinking of his Elk. And they did a good job of giving him Black hands. Nicely tied together. I like that we know he's "alive" but it'll be a different reveal in the books since they are different people. I'm glad he had answers for Bran. Bran - HOLY SHIT those visions! Bloody Hand (Lyanna), Wildfire, the Mad King, so fricking much! Although I need to see some emotion from him soon about Hodor and Summer. Perhaps once they are out of immediate danger? The Bran we've all come to know, the sweet boy would be heartbroken over his loss. I never thought I'd be so happy to see the Mad King. BURN THEM ALL! Dany - Uh, is she paying attention to Daario? I don't think he's happy with his dragon love. When she burned down the temple in Vahes Dothrak he seemed hesitant to kneel with Ser Jorah. And his conversation with her this week wasn't complimentary. I think he was stating a fact that she's a conqueror and he didn't seem glad about it. Dany, what happened to your horse? Lord Tarley - I expected him to be a HUGE dick. I was not disappointed. Lady Tarley is adorable! I love the way little Sam lite up and went to her easily. Kids and dogs know a persons true self. Heartsbane - DAY-UM Sam, Coward my ass. He grew some stones!
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