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  1. Ghost of Christmas Past shows Robert that Lyanna went with Rhaegar willingly. Ghost of Christmas Present shows Ned the Others Ghost of Christmas Future shows Theon, well everything.
  2. DarkSister1001

    Dragons producing eggs.

    LOL, I know. But since I don't think anyone is eating dragon's eggs and we're talking about hatching dragon's eggs I assumed (obviously incorrectly) that my comment about fertilization would be understood.
  3. DarkSister1001

    You’re Ned Stark: make marriage pacts for your kids

    This is interesting. Ned seem to place his children's happiness as a priority. Robb & Wylla Manderly - She seems brave and outspoken. She'd be at home at WF filling the void left by Arya once she left home to marry her own. Jon - He doesn't want "bastards" and Cat would probably throw a fit at the thought of having him legitimized so the Night's Watch seems like the best fit for him. Or Mya Stone. Sansa & Loras Tyrell - She's smitten with the gallant southron knight and doesn't care that he's a 3rd son. She'd enjoy the Reach and they both keep to the New Gods. Arya & Jojen Reed - Arya would enjoy Greywater Watch. Jojen would enjoy teaching her everything he new about the Neck and they'd be close enough to visit WF often. Bran - A Knight of the KG. Rickon & Lyanna Mormont - She seems like someone who wouldn't be afraid of Shaggydog. He'd like her spunk.
  4. DarkSister1001

    Jon x Ghost

  5. DarkSister1001

    Dragons producing eggs.

    It's never stated that the eggs need to be fertilized like chicken eggs. It's also never stated that they don't. Given that we have information on clutches but never who the "father" is, I would say it's mostly likely bc only 1 dragon is needed. I'd chalk that up to their ability to change sex and magic.
  6. DarkSister1001

    The First Night

    I don't think it's something that would win him a lot of love and loyalty. It's rumored that House Umber still does it, though they deny it. Great Jon is a captive and he was a staunch supporter of Robb. He could not be appeased by something like that. Especially since they probably still do it. I would guess that Skagos and Mountain Clans don't give a rats ass what Bolton tells them they can do. The Northern Mountain Clans are supporting Stannis for the Ned and I don't think something like this would be enough to even slightly sway their support towards Bolton. Most importantly, the commons would hate him for it. He already has too many ppl around him of unproven loyalty and his grasp on the North is shakey.
  7. DarkSister1001

    The First Night

    IMO Winter helped keep the population as manageable as possible. Also, many old men were known to leave their homes when winter was coming in order to not be a burden. As Old Nan tells us "on the other side were monsters and giants and ghouls, but they could not pass so long as the Wall stood strong." Might I shamelessly plug my theory of Craster's Sons in my sig line? According to F&B
  8. Uh, then what are we supposed to do between books? lol
  9. Regent? We have text that outright says that there were rumours that Rhaegar was planning to call a Great council in order to arrange a regency / a forced abdication / depose his father and seize the Iron Throne for himself. make changes. Yes. But these stories aren't addition. They fn advanced Allegra. Council, in general, just means a group of people that come together to discuss, deliberate or make decisions. Rhaegar did not specify general, war, small or grand. Therefore all are possibilities. He might have wanted to get his Lords together for advice/guidance before taking the next step. Here is where we are disagreeing. It seams like a lot of us think that a GC is possible, perhaps even likely. You are saying that it was 100% going to happen. The text supports the possibility but not the guarantee. From the WB: Right there we have 2 situations stated to us.
  10. DarkSister1001

    Penny's Gift

    That's what I was thinking. Or at least the Braavosi coin equivalent.
  11. Your point is that if Aerys had a regency he would be rendered impotent and no longer be king bc he only wanted to do dumb shit and his regents wouldn't allow it. Right? I am saying that it is no different than when a boy king has a regency. If you accept that a boy king with a regency is still king than ipso facto a king with a regency is still a king. And let's not ignore the fact that Joff had a regent and still committed atrocities and still managed to get the throne in to trouble with Great Houses and commons. Exactly. And bc we don't know it's erroneous to call it "fact". There are other possibilities. I am not arguing that Rhaeger may or may not have wanted to get everyone together at Harrenhal. I am arguing that the only facts we have are a statement that he made only to Jaime. And that statement is open to interpretation. Textually, the small council, war council...do you want those quotes? There's a ton! Joking! I'd also like to point out that a Grand Council is a proper noun whereas council is simply a noun. If we're paying attention to ellipses than we must pay attention to capitalization as well. Negative. I am keeping in mind the author of TWoIaF. Well that's simply not the case. I'm referring to one sentence and have quoted it at least twice in this thread. I also quoted the only other time in the series (companion book aside) in which a Grand Council was discussed and it was stated differently than Rhaegar did leading to the POSSIBILITY that he MIGHT have been wanting something other than a GRAND COUNCIL. Then stop replying to me.
  12. An of-age, reasonable king would not need a regency. If a king is too young, he has regents and isn't disposed, just restricted. That's assuming the Great Council, if in fact that's what he was calling for, named Rhaegar as his successor. They may have named Viserys and given him a regency. Or a different House altogether consider the ill feeling towards House Targaryen at that point. It's incorrect to state that Rhaegar was going to call a Great Council to replace his father as fact. It's possible, but other situations are just as possible, based on textual facts. The only facts are that Aerys was not well-liked or even capable at the end of his reign. Rhaegar told Jaime that he planned to call a council to make changes.
  13. I disagree. Restricting is not deposing. He'd still be king but more importantly his House would maintain the throne.
  14. I was just typing up almost the exact same sentence. A child king has a regent until he's 16 since it's assumed he's too young to be an effective leader and there are concerns about the damage he could do to the realm. That's not treason. With the same logic a sick king could have a regent until he gets better (or dies) for the sake of the realm. Aeyrs could no longer be trusted to pick his own Hand. Something had to be done. A council could be a means to protect the realm, the royal family and the king. ETA: Since Rhaegar didn't say "Great Council" it's open to being either way. Cat did not leave it open when a new king needed to be chosen.