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  1. I'm not sure where they would go with Winter coming on.. Seems to me she is still safer where she is and her fortune still lies with LF. But I can see some bounty hunter attempting to make off with her only to be foiled by the Mad Mouse.
  2. I'm sorry. You are not meant to take it seriously.
  3. My second baseless prediction is that Quaithe is Melara Heatherspoon rescued from the well by Maggy the Frog after Cersei tries to murder her.
  4. I'm not really worried about it. The fandom is enormous and will be wholly taken up with revelations and mysteries presented in the next book to pay much attention to annoying detractors.
  5. Leaving aside that Benjen is not one of Ned's offspring; the difference of opinion here is that you think Ned is telling the truth and I think he is fudging the truth. I'm not sure that we can reach agreement or persuade each other otherwise, so I will leave it there..
  6. I don't think anyone has made that comparison.
  7. Yes, I'm not sure that Ned's dream of Lyanna screaming his name indicates that she was there. When Ned is with her, she is so close to death, that she can barely manage a whisper. But it does seem to be a transition point in the dream from events with KG into more of a dream of signs and portents. So I have wondered if Lyanna screaming Ned's name, is akin to the cry of the banshee foretelling Ned's death.
  8. A random thought triggered by another thread. This dream of Jon's: This dream of his father watching him while he cavorts with Ygritte in a hot pool, turns into a dream of her body being rendered to bones. I wonder if this is Jon accessing a weirwood memory of Ned's and the body is actually Lyanna confused on Jon's mind with Ygritte. I'm assuming that Ned's ghost was drawn back to Winterfell by the heart tree itself. The reason I'm wondering about it is because of Jon's crypt dream where he he hears the feast on the other side of the wall (Theon's dream) and senses a lamp going out (Jaimie's dream). The dream of Ned's weirwood faces watching over Lyanna's body? seems like something similar. It seems like Jon has nearly pierced the veil or weirwood memories are leaking to him. Could this be a time and causality effect? Something that happen to him in the future with Bran (the Tree-Bran, Ghost-John) encounter that changes his reception or ability to perceive such things. Could this be why Jon is the only one who hears Ghost when the pups are found? That he doesn't actually hear Ghost with his ears, but with his mind? An effect of Tree-Bran opening or activating Jon's 3rd eye at the Skirling Pass but also opening the gates a crack for Jon to sense images from the weirnet.
  9. My baseless prediction is that Qyburn attached Robert Baratheon's head to Gregor Clegane's body. Can't wait for the look on Cersei's face.
  10. It means I'm turned off making homemade chicken noodle soup for a while.
  11. There is not enough for me to say it can be proven one way or the other. When Catelyn questions him about it; he gets angrier than she's ever known and he shuts it down hard. She has never heard of a common girl named Wylla and why wouldn't he just tell her if that was the case. All he says is that Jon is his blood and that's all she needs to know. He can't really take that same tack with the king, so he has to tell him something, although he still gets testy about it and Robert lets it go. With Cersei, he doesn't answer at all. But when she asks him if he loves his children; he doesn't include Jon as one on his natural children in his private thoughts. This has always been a sticking point for me.
  12. A search of Ice and Fire seems to be down right now. There is a dream passage of Jon's where he is cavorting with Ygritte in a hot pool while a wierwood with Ned's face looks on. He leaves the pool and the water boils the flesh from Ygritte's body. I'm not sure of the meaning but I have wondered if this has something to do with Lyanna rather than Ygritte. Jon's guilt is about producing a bastard. Perhaps this is a weirwood memory of Ned's and Jon is the bastard.
  13. I don't claim to know what happened at the ToJ. I believe the Silent Sisters boil the body to remove the flesh. Ugh. There are a lot of holes in the story for me.
  14. I have no predictions at this point. But I will make a guess that Howland Reed is the Mad Mouse, the one who runs toward danger (as first responders do). That his story of being a bounty hunter is a cover and he intends to attach himself to Sansa for her protection.
  15. Hmmm. My sense of this conversation with Robert has been that Ned is obfuscating and telling a half-truth. That the nurse-maid or milk-mother is Jon's 'mother'. Something that can be verified, if anyone insists on asking. Something that Robert can believe rather than the truth itself.
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