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  1. I'm not looking for excuses to have my way Divica. I'm suggesting a possibility. We have no reason to believe anything until we see it on the page. To me a trial by combat has a certain logic. You have rejected everything I've said. So we will have to leave it at that.
  2. She isn't exactly rational or merciful. The BwB will uphold a judgement in Jaime's favor. So will Thoros and Brienne. LSH may not like it but she wouldn't have a choice.
  3. It's a predicament alright and heavily weighed against Jaime. That's why the only way out of it is a trial by combat and a cessation of conflict at Riverrun. LSH won't be swayed by anything other than a judgement by the gods.
  4. Can't say I've ever had pig's feet, but apparently it's pretty good. They still don't know what happened to Arya or where she is. If there is word of Arya marrying Ramsey Bolton, with Winterfell in Bolton hands; I think that would be enough for LSH to pursue. She has as big an axe to grind with the Boltons as she does with the Freys. She just doesn't have an army to take it back.... Yet. It could be a moot point though, depending on what happens with Stannis and the wildlings. Still, could LSH use an army? Or will Jaime disband his army and go with Brienne in pursuit of the Stark girls. That's still unfinished business.
  5. Brienne will call into question the veracity of the charges concerning the Stark girls. She is a reliable and truthful witness. This should be enough to make a summary judgement questionable. Not everyone in the BwB will be bloodthirsty. Thoros certainly not. Jaime has the authority to call off the siege at Riverrun and send that army to Winterfell. It means breaking with Cersei and potentially aligning with Stannis and the Night Watch. Not to mention revenging herself on the Boltons. As for what LSH knows about Arya; she only knows she is alive, not what happened to her after she left the BwB. Of course, we are only talking about possibilities. I don't have a clue what will really happen.
  6. They have a precedent for trial by combat with Beric and the Hound. So I can see this coming into play with Jaime. You can't deny someone a judgement by the gods because you think you will lose. I would expect Brienne to go up against the most vile and dangerous character in the BwB. Thoros may also intervene and support trial by combat. Jaime doesn't have a sword hand and that won't sit well with her. He can chose a champion. He can only redeem himself for taking up arms against the Tully's by putting his army into LSH service in removing the Bolton's from Winterfell. With the added complication that he would run into Stannis. This looks like it could end up with Jaime going to the Wall.
  7. Brienne knows the truth about Jaime and taking him to LSH with subterfuge and killing a man who can't defend himself would be dishonorable in Brienne's eyes.
  8. If he is absolved by the gods in a trial by champion, she will not have a choice. I think it's the only way Jaime will get out of it with his life. LSH also has a score to settle with Boltons.
  9. What strikes me about Lady SH is how merciless and implacable she was towards Brienne, who was even up to that point still trying to fulfill her promise to Catelyn Stark. Ironically, Lady Stark is dead and Brienne's solemn promise to the dead still applies. Catelyn's promised not to ask Brienne to do anything that would dishonor her. I'm not sure if that still applies. Jaime will have to answer for his part in that promise and taking up arms against the Tully's. The BwB know that Arya still lives and so will Lady SH. I expect Brienne will have to continue the search. Jaime will have to do some fast talking if he is to avoid execution. Brienne may have to defend him in a trial by champion. With rumors of Arya marrying Ramsey Bolton and taking Winterfell; what are the chances that LSH will compel Jaime to abandon Cersei and take his army to Winterfell?
  10. This is when I wonder if Rhaegar's soul was bound to one of the eggs at Summerhall and when he died his soul went into the black egg in Dany's possession. To be wakened in exchange for Rhaegal's life. If this is the reason that the dragon is exultant in Dany's dream, says that it has only just awakened, should have prevailed at the Trident, if only there were dragons..
  11. An army of men can be covered in black ice. Steel that is colder than the ambient temperature will form black ice in a mist or rain. I don't see Stannis coming back as a WW if Mel has anything to do with it. I think Jon will be bound to the Wall and perhaps Winterfell. I'm not sure he will be going after the Iron Throne. His duty may be to protect the weirwood throne and Bran. Dany seems to be channeling Rhaegar at the last battle of the Trident where he should have won, but died. She's getting a do-over.
  12. How strange! The White Cloaks armored in snow. I wonder if this is foreshadowing of what will become of Jaime. I can see him ending up at the Wall at some point. Going back to the OP; I wonder if Rhaegar is a stand-in for Jon; especially if Jon is his offspring. What would happen if Jaime should learn this about Jon? Would he be bound by oath to Rhaegar's blood?
  13. I don't recall this as one of Dany's dreams. Was it Jaime's dream? The question is who is the usurper in this dream? Stannis, Aegon, Cersei, Euron?
  14. Good question. I'm guessing he will be the Coldhands version of a sort in that he has a body to go back to. Not sure the same can be said about Craster's babes. Will he have blue blood and will his flesh and bone be turned to ice? That would be interesting. .
  15. We still have Quaithe's instruction telling her that before she can move forward, she has to pass beneath the shadow and touch the light. What's implied in Mel's ritual is that the soul is cleansed and ascends to the light. The light seems to be something intrinsic to dragons. Something that is accessed by going through the mouth and down the throat. The body is consumed and the soul is devoured... for regular people anyway. Dany was spared the agony and experienced the ecstasy in her singing dragon dream when her soul is transformed and she is made anew. I think George said that she was given temporary immunity to fire. She might well have died during childbirth and been given back her life by the Lord of Light and Life and Love. At the end of Dance she is no longer immune from fire and her menses have returned. I am not sure she is dead. But she has been reborn as the mother of dragons and a bride of fire. But she is not like the other bride of fire, Melisandre. Someone else who is partially transformed. She insists that R'hllor exists, that he is male and she has seen him. So far, Dany has only seen the dragon, She has yet to meet the soul of fire within the dragon, the man limned in flame. Fire gives life to stone, Dragons are living flesh and so too is Dany living flesh. Dany doesn't bleed black blood, her eyes are still purple, she needs to eat and drink and sleep to survive. Melisandre experiences hunger and thirst, but doesn't need to eat, drink or sleep to exist. The fire sustains her and gives her life. I'm guessing that her sacrifices to R'hllor are also a cover for taking the life force of those she sacrifices into herself. A function of the ruby in her throat. I don't know if Mel' soul has been transformed but certainly her flesh has been. Dany seems to be undergoing an entirely different transformation. One that I think will end up in her own Luke Skywalker moment: Fiery eyes within black armor sounds like a black dragon to me. Dany's trajectory may be to ascend and become a dragon god(ess), to become the soul of fire herself. Jon is dead at the end of DwD as far as I'm concerned because he represents the counterpoint to Dany. The Other, death and dark and hate. I do think he will become the soul of ice. Will he know that he is dead? Yes, I think so, seeing his own body through Ghost's eyes. Jon's soul is anchored to Ghost and he is close by. Was Varamyr anchored to anything after attempting to take Thistle's body. His bond with all his close familiars was broken and he ends up in the last closest warg connection. But I wonder about his Stark blood and if he will be drawn to Winterfell as Ned's ghost was, whatever the frozen hell reserved for Starks happens to be.. Or if he will be drawn to the place Bran visited north and north and north. A death worse than death to quote Dany; howling alone in the darkness. Sooner or later, he will be drawn into Ghost and this is the point where Bran can then speak to him. How Jon will be returned to his own body, may be a part of the terrible knowledge that Bran has seen in the 3rd eye of the 3EC.
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