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  1. LynnS

    Heresy 230 and die Herren von Winterfell

    A real world monument with a crypt and stone guardians. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/04/Fotothek_df_roe-neg_0006420_002_Wächterfiguren_-_Detail_des_Völkerschlachtdenkma.jpg The monument to the Battle of Nations: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monument_to_the_Battle_of_the_Nations
  2. LynnS

    Heresy 230 and die Herren von Winterfell

    In Old Nan's story of the thing that came in the night to 'prentice boys; I'm struck by the fact that none of them gave the same description. This reminds me of the faceless men and Coldhands who makes Sam swear three times not to reveal that Bran is alive. This is a bargain he makes for lives that Coldhands has saved. This sounds very much like the FM coda that death pays for life. The thing that comes in the night is seen with the 'prentice boys chained behind him. All the prentice boys die and I wonder if they die taking the 'test' for a greenseer. One 'prentice boy goes mad spawning the stories of Mad Axe. THe Night King was a Stark and so giving his 'seed' or his offspring to the old gods would fit the pattern we see now with the Jon, Arya and Bran as 'prentice boys. It strikes me that the Night King could also be the Thing in disguise testing the 'prentice boys in their dreams.
  3. I'll also add that the Song of Ice and Fire belongs to Aegon and not Rhaegar. I think Rhaegar says as much in the HoU. Jojen also says something that I think might turn out to be about Aegon and Sansa. If ice and fire can mate, then the land with be one, north to south, ice to fire.
  4. Yes, I agree. I think this is the meaning of the wolves will survive, specifically the direwolves IIRC. This seems to be what Leaf is saying about the old races. If Rickon survives, I expect him to end up with Sansa at some point. Yes, she will keep the Stark line going but with a twist. I don't think Winterfell will survive if Bran, Jon and Dany break the spell joining ice and fire. If Aegon survives, I imagine that Sansa will finally get her Prince of Dragonflies. As for Arya, this quote from GoT seems to be foreshadowing: I think the tragedy will be that Arya will be the one to give Jon and Lady Stoneheart the gift and this will destroy her.
  5. Where does this leave Arya and Sansa. Rickon, who knows. Arya is being trained as an assassin, Sansa is learning how to survive the game of thrones and Rickon could be dead or alive or a second-lifer.
  6. Also, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell which is located north and north and north according to Sansa. There must be a Stark in Winterfell (because) Winter is coming. This sounds like a condition of the Pact between the coft and the first men. I'm not sure what it means that Jon has likely met his death, if he is to be corn king. It seems that the sacrifice has been made and it's the King of Winter that must be slain. Winter does not yet have a king until Jon is transformed would be my guess. It's Bran who speaks of the Kings of Winter in the crypts: It is only dead kings who are called the kings of winter. Perhaps Osha is not all knowing and only referring to the fact that Bran has never known a winter. Bran speaks of the old kings before the Starks gave up their crown.
  7. You'd never catch me in that get up. It would clash with my blue hair. I'll take the ice scraper.
  8. Thank you, that's very kind. She had several close calls where we didn't think it was possible to recover over the past year. But then she had two strokes and we knew she wouldn't recover. She was 81. That's probably a bit too much information. I'll stop now.
  9. Thank you, it was expected. What wasn't expected was the merchandise she ordered online from China; which is still arriving. THe latest was a Don Cherry style orange plaid sports jacket. My sister told her if she wore it outside, she was taking her picture and putting it on facebook. Also, some kind of ice scraper for your windshield shaped like a funnel. Six of them because they were free so long as you paid for shipping. Straight out of Futurama.
  10. It's all good. I'm just tired, that's all. My mother passed away on Monday and for some reason I thought you were having some fun with me. Due respect to Qhorin, Quarterhand, that's funny.
  11. Is that you Corban?
  12. Me either. The first part of the Reed's oath seems standard for pledging allegiance to lord. The last three lines seem to invoke the power of the gods to seal it. It doesn't tell us what was agreed in the Pact. It just gives us the last three lines. It's also similar in form to Jaqen H'gar's oath to Arya: In this case, he swears by sea, air and fire in front of the Harrenhall weirwood. Which makes me wonder if the Faceless Men made their own Pact with the old gods. With respect to the Reed's oath, the first line I give to the cotf whose weapon is ice and the second to the first men, whose weapon was fire. The last line of the oath is what? The joining of ice and fire against what? If the land is one, where is it broken? Is it the Neck or something else? Dany does an odd thing in preparing Drogo for the pyre: From north to south, from ice to fire? The land is one?
  13. This sounds right to me.
  14. In the context of a dream bleeding into another dream or memory; I'm still wondering if the fallen tower is the Tower of Joy with it's stone cairns or the fallen tower at Winterfell with it's lichyard given Ned's promise to bury Lyanna in the crypts.
  15. Mel is pretty certain the HE exists and J'aqen refers to him as 'him of fire'. He could be someone that Moqorro is referring to here: Edit: What if only 13 flames perished and one was the cause of the Doom. What if he escaped to Braavos?