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  1. Could it be that Robert was as popular in his youth as Renly is now? Could it be that the match between Lyanna and Robert was also popular at the time; such that Renly hopes to emulate it? So popular and respected as true steel among the fighting men?
  2. Robert gets his vengeance at the Trident. Was Ned also seeking vengeance? Is this why he took 6 good men with him to the ToJ. Did he mean to have his vengeance and put an end to it? Is this where Lyanna finally died for him?
  3. I think this is important. The Pass is aptly named. I go back to Martin's comments about Hodor from the book "Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon". He said the meaning was not so much hold the door asto hold the pass from all foes. I think this was what Rhaegar and the Kingsguard were doing at the ToJ. Holding the pass. Why? Because if Rhaegar knew that Aegon was important to the war for the dawn; he would have take steps to safeguard him. I think we can assume that Rhaegar had access to Aemon and Oberyn who also studied at the Citadel. He might even have had contact with the Ghost of High Heart on his many visits to Summerhall. We have Ned's comment that he would rather entrust child to a pit Viper than a Lannister. Was he thinking about Aegon. And we have this thought: What does Ned mean by it. He can't be talking about Cersei and Joffrey. Robert was still on the hunt when Ned exacts a confession from her, tells her to flee actoss the sea because he is going to tell Robert the truth. So he must be thinking of something else. If he struck a deal with Arthur Dayne to conceal the truth of Aegon's existence; that could be the lie, the truth that Ned kept from Robert. The one that would kill him in the end when the conspiracy to replace him with Aegon begins. Protecting the life of a child may be one of the reasons that Ned considers Arthur Dayne to be the finest knight he has known. They are on the same page when it comes to murdering children.
  4. If you listen to Martin's speech below at the 17m mark; he gives some hints about Gatekeepers, Walls and he quotes Melisandre. Back to the Midwest | Not a Blog (georgerrmartin.com) The men of the Watch are Gatekeepers starting with the first gate - the Black Gate. Coldhands is also a gatekeeper.
  5. What strikes me about the quote mentioned by Tucu is that Benjen describes the Wall as sword and a snake. You could say a sword without a hilt as Val and the horned lord describes sorcery. It's also a sword laid flat across the land, something that has a meaning as we see in Robb's confrontation with Tyrion and Jon's description of the Kings of Winter in the crypts. This suggests to me that the Stark's ancestral sword "Ice" is actually the Wall itself. It's a sword without a hilt or the Ice Dragon without a rider. We know from Melisandre that her power is growing at the Wall and so too is Jon's. She tells him that he can access the power of the Wall if he chooses. He can become the sword hilt in other words, the rider of the ice dragon. I think there is a difference between waking dragons from stone which Dany accomplishes and waking the stone dragon which is the business Mel is about with Stannis. Except that Ice doesn't belong to Stannis, he can't access it's power. It belongs to Jon .
  6. If you listened to Martin's speech at Medill University, you'll know that facts are the basis on which all truths are founded. Two people can look at the same facts and come to a different truth. Opinions don't affect facts but facts should affect opinion. He said that you can write the most eloquent analysis but if you get the facts wrong; you can't hope to arrive at the truth. If you miss the smallest, insignificant, trivial detail and someone notices, your whole story will come into question. People will wonder if the rest of the story is wrong. He's addressing journalism students but says he applies these principles to his own writing. So ignoring the facts because they are inconvenient will not get you to the truth. I think Meera's greathelm is one of those small, inconsequential, seemingly trivial facts.\ For one thing, it obscures the meaning of the prophecy and misdirects attention to Jon away from Dany. The song of ice and fire becomes about who will ride the dragons and who will sit on the iron throne. I doubt there will be an iron throne at the end of this story and it already looks like Dany is going to lose at least one of her dragons. If Rhaegar was a scholar of prophecy, then he knew the song of ice and fire was about the battle for the dawn and not the game of thrones. The Wall is the ice dragon, the stone dragon. The Wall belongs to Jon. He is the rider on the Wall.
  7. No again, I didn't mean go over and fight with people. I just thought to invite him to our current discussion.
  8. Oh I'm not going to continue that battle. That's not what I meant.
  9. Wow! Did you see this by @John Suburbs R + L = J v.167 - Page 34 - General (ASoIaF) - A Forum of Ice and Fire - A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones (westeros.org) Edit: Geez, put your head down for a few minute and wake up 5 hours later... I mean to say that I'm surprised to find someone else who holds the heretical viewpoint on RLJ and I feel like marching out the pipes and drums for John Suburbs. Actually, I think I will... Rock the bagpipe! Scotland the Brave /We will rock you @ Switzerland - YouTube I hope you'll join us here for further discussion!
  10. And yet we have Dany's vision in the House of Undying that places Rhaegar at Dragonstone with Elia when she gives birth to Aegon. I'll go for a true vision on that one since Martin confirmed the identities of Elia and Aegon.
  11. Varys and Pycelle: So was Varys on Rhaegar's side while Pycelle was spying and intriguing for Tywin? In the current story, Varys and Mopatis intrigue to put a Targaryen back on the throne. I also suspect Mopatis of being a deep R'hllorist.
  12. Whenever I try to picture what is going on inside your head, this is what I see: Synchronized Fireworks Show - 4 [FWSIM] - YouTube
  13. LOL! Well we have a mad king ordering an investigation into the knight who was no friend to him. That has to make everyone a little nervous. Rhaegar didn't find out the identity of the knight; but did he find out something else? Especially if some of Aerys' lords and knights are less than honorable.
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