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  1. Are the seasons still out of balance or was that somehow resolved in Season 8? Will the various Wildling tribes repopulate the North and will they be just as cantankerous toward each other? Is Jon even alive or is he undead? Will he develop his skinchanging/warging abilities and come into contact with other skinchangers? Will there be contact with the COTF and Giants? What sort of conflict would drive the plot? What sort of character development does Kit have in mind for Jon Snow? How will he team up with Tormund? Presumeably he's a broken and conflicted soul. I won't be bothered if it's not green-lit. Corlys Velaryon is far more interesting especially with Bruno Heller writing the pilot. I'd want to know who is on Kit's writing team.
  2. Much of what GRRM is showing us, is in itself a critique. He illustrates what we are meant to question.
  3. It's not for me. I don't know what the show runners could possibly do with it or who would be interested.
  4. I guess the question is what would convince the Northerners and R'hllorists that Theon speaks for the old gods. Skinchanging would be the most dramatic. So would prophesying what will happen in the near future or some intel that can be verified at some point. Dreams do seem like a likely conduit after some initial dramatic reveal.
  5. I feel like Theon has almost reached a state of extremis, somewhere between life and death. This is when the veil to the Otherworld is lifted. Or if you reach a certain state physically and mentally; you can hear the gods.
  6. Raised ny Wolves has been cancelled. That sucks. I've started watching The Witcher and can't figure out what the hell is going on. Henry Cavil with silver hair is comletely unrecognizable from everything else I've seen him in.
  7. It may turn out that Theon can hear Bran without being skinchanged. Like Howland Reed; his magic may be that he can "speak to trees".
  8. It was new to me as well and it has a lot of interesting possibilities for plot development.. Instead of being sacrificed to the tree; he speaks for Bran. What sort of impact would that have on Stannis and the R'hollorists?
  9. What is dead can never die; but how many times can you be dead? Looking forward to this livecast:
  10. Someone advanced the idea that Theon could become Bran's prophet. That would be quite interesting.
  11. I'm just throwing ideas around. I think she will end up in Euron's orbit at some point. She surrounds herself with dangerous friends and Euron could offer her anything she wants. But his gifts are poison and he's not above turning her over to Qyburn. So if this is the road GRRM takes, then the valonqar is not who Cersei thinks it is and in the end; the right thing is to release the part of her soul that is trapped. I can see Jaimie in that role. I'm not sure about the weeping man that Arya sees in the House of Black and White. I don't recall this passage.
  12. Perhaps. If I just imagine what could happen; she could end up Euron's corpse bride and does anyone think, Qyburn will stop making golems after his success with Robert Strong? I think Euron would find it amusing. Then yes, dispatching undead Cersei would be something that falls into "the things I do for love" category. I'll go out on a limb and say Arya must do the same for Lady Stoneheart and Sandor for Robert Strong. Not forgetting that the last fire that Dany must light will also be "for love". Except that Arya, Jaime and Sandor will be very different characters and the action they take will not be for hatred or revenge but for love.
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