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  1. LynnS

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Phew! Thanks Feather, that's a relief!
  2. LynnS

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    This is worriesome. It's not usual, that's for sure.
  3. LynnS

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Off topic but I'm intrigued by some comments on another forum concerning the ability to communicate with humanity using ravens and crows. I'm a bit fuzzy. Did the greenseers communicate with humanity using 'crows'. Are these actual crows or men of the NW? Given that one of Howland Reed's abilities is talking to trees; is it possible that the Watch was once able to do the same but lost the ability? Did we have an example of a crow talking to a tree when Jon/Ghost and Tree/Bran communicate? It seems to be that this ability requires third eye capability. In other words, a three-eyed crow can speak to trees. If the Watch lost this ability at one time; the return of a 3EC would be significant.
  4. LynnS


    Mel couldn't pass the magic barrier at Storm's End. Davos had to transport her while she carried Stannis's shadowbaby. This seems to be a similar condition to bringing Othor and Jafr across the Wall. What's the connection? Mel doesn't have a problem with Wall's magic otherwise. It seems she can use it in some fashion to strenghten her own magic. I think we see this when she overextends herself and nearly combusts at Rattleshirt's burning. She's also glamoring a sword and the great horn. The description of the Wall as seen by Jon is interesting: Mel's ruby pulses with light: I'm starting to think the the magic sword is the Wall itself and Lightbringer is the one who can use it's power.
  5. LynnS

    R+L=J v.165

    Agree. Not forgetting that visions in the HoU are either past, present or future. So given that Dany knows of Lyanna and Elia; I'm guessing this is not something from the past but rather an event that has not yet happened. I think she is being shown someone who is significant to the story in the present or near future. Potentially, it could be Aegon wearing a copy of Rhaegar's armor which may be how Dany identifies the person as a 'prince'. Certainly, rubies flying from his chest like drops of blood and fighting in a river sounds like Rhaegar. If Connington is selling Aegon as the son of Rhaegar, then this description of a dying prince is meant to make that link. I'm not certain this means that Aegon will die; but rather Dany may take action to prevent that from happening.
  6. LynnS

    Mance Rayder's background story?

    I would add that Qorgyle (a Dornishman) was part of the expedition to retrieve Mance from the Wildling raiders and the LC is the subject of the song the Dornishman's Wife sung from the POV of the wildling. The Dornishman's "wife" could also refer to the sword used to dispatch the offenders. This is the song that comes to Jon when he witnesses the burning of 'Mance' by Melisandre. The Dornishman's wife was as fair as the sun, and her kisses were warmer than spring. But the Dornishman's blade was made of black steel, and its kiss was a terrible thing. The Dornishman's wife would sing as she bathed, in a voice that was sweet as a peach, But the Dornishman's blade had a song of its own, and a bite sharp and cold as a leech. As he lay on the ground with the darkness around, and the taste of his blood on his tongue, His brothers knelt by him and prayed him a prayer, and he smiled and he laughed and he sung, "Brothers, oh brothers, my days here are done, the Dornishman's taken my life, But what does it matter, for all men must die, and I've tasted the Dornishman's wife!"
  7. LynnS

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Voice suggested that the magic wall extends above the physical wall. Perhaps something like the curtain of light that Bran sees in his vision. It implies that skinchangers can't cross the Wall when they are riding their familiar. In Silverwing's case, it implies that the bond between dragon and dragon-rider is akin to skinchanging. That might explain why Drogon shows up when Danny's in trouble. There is a psychic bond of sorts.
  8. LynnS

    Heresy 213 Death aint what it used to be

    Simeon Star Eyes sees the hellhounds fighting at the Night Fort and fighting over the Black Gate one assumes.
  9. I think it's still the sword of justice. I'm just not clear who will deal out the justice. I think if anyone takes up that role, it will be Jon. Nan's stories seem to have meaning in a different context. For example when Bran says that all crows are liars; she agrees with him. Then we get another context for crow from Mormont: Basically, Mormont is saying that all the men of the Nights Watch are liars. So it seems to me that Nan is talking about the crows of the Nights Watch and not the crow of Bran's dreams (although they might be the same). There is another passage where Jon contemplates his future as a fugitive, an oathbreaker, a condemned man after running from the Watch: Strip away the fantasy surrounding the legend of the Nights King and find a kernel of truth. Jon would be a man who dares not speak his true name who can only aid his brother in secret Yes, I've just checked. He is 6 feet tall. So not Howland then. However, the High Sparrow is rather short. I'm thinking that Martin won't give up Howland Reed just for the purpose of exposition and if he has a role to play; then I suspect that he has already been seeded into the story. Robb cannot contact Howland directly or find Greywater Watch. But he knows a way. It seems to me that a message can be sent to the Quiet Isle to wait for Howland to stop there or someone like Meribald to pass it along. I think Howland has a role to play concerning the Dawn sword in some way mustering the forces to combat the enemy when it shows up.
  10. Howland is an agent of the old gods and the Daynes are the caretakers of the sword. I think Howland's purpose is to ensure that Ned lives (producing the necessary offspring) and that the sword is passed on to someone, not yet defined. I don't think of it in terms of the nights king. I also think that Howland has already made an appearance in the book in association with Brienne as Septon Meribald (who has feet like gnarled tree roots). He leads her across the saltpans along the Path of the Faithful. This is a skill described to us as 'walking on leaves' by Meera Reed. Meaning that Howland is able to find the safest path through treacherous terrain. Leaves disguise mud sinks and quick sand. It's also possible that messages can only be sent to Howland by accessing the wandering septon network, possibly through the Quiet Isle, conveniently located near the God's Eye. It also seems that Septon Meribald has been elevated to the position of High Septon and it's from him that I think we are given the words of House Dayne: "Let the Wicked Tremble". I think that the swords and the stars gathered by Howland will coalesce around the one who can claim the Dawn Sword.
  11. I think the Dawn sword is the last hero's sword. The legendary sword that was given to the LH by the CotF. Have you considered that the BIG Secret about the ToJ is that it was Howland Reed who killed Arthur Dayne rather than Ned. I think this is the secret to which GRRM alludes. Yes, Howland does know what happened at the ToJ. Ser Arthur was never going to be the LH and so the sword must pass to someone else and this can only be contrived through Arthur's death.
  12. LOL! I like all those bits as well. I just can't imagine it being anyone else. "Let the wicked tremble!"
  13. I think there will be different attempts to make a sword involving sacrifice or death. I don't think the story of AA attempting to forge the sword three times can be taken literally. I think Euron will attempt to make himself into AA (going by the Forsaken Chapter) by forging a sword in water and sacrificing holy blood. Jon seems to be another candidate for forged sword sword using king's blood or the heart of a lion and Dany is the third sacrifice following the Nissa/Great Dragon story. I'm not sure what will happen with the Dawn sword. But I agree that it will end up with Brienne as the only worthy knight who can claim it. To elaborate on Euron:
  14. I think dragon eggs become soul containers in the same way that wargs and skinchangers can have a second life. Targs end up in their eggs and I think this is where the great dragon comes into play. Waking the dragon is waking the soul or resurrecting the soul within the dragon. I believe this has happened with Drogon and Rhaegar's soul is contained in the egg. Drogon is Balerion 'come again'. Balerion is one of the three targ dragon gods. The answer to the riddle of the (valyrian) sphinx - a dragon with the head of a man or woman. This passage in particular is odd for the memory it contains. It's not Dany's memory; she is just a passenger: So I think at some point Dany will be that third major reveal that D&D talk about. Although it will involve her death and second life as Drogon and yes the dragon must be slain to create the hero sword of legend. Not forgetting that dragons can change gender. LOL So I think this is the meaning of the Nissa Nissa story as far as forging one sword goes.
  15. Well there are swords and then there are swords. Doubtless, these actual hero swords have a special significance. But I am referring to the one who wields the sword; who is also a sword. The words of the Night's Watch: I am the sword, the horn, the shield... etc. To understand what I mean about forging a 'sword' in water; you would have to read the Foresaken Chapter, one of the pre-released TWOW pov's. Which we are not permitted to discuss openly. LOL. Frey Family Reunion has an interesting take on just how Jon may become a 'broken sword': In any case, I don't think we are talking about just one 'sword'. As for Cersei, there does seem to be some foreshadowing in one of her later valonqar dreams that she does take a blade to the heart. The immediate association for 'lion' is that it refers to a Lannister. But the lion is also a symbol of royalty and it's king's blood that has power. So forging a sword in the heart of a lion could also mean someone with royal blood, not necessarily a Lannister. But I do in fact think that Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion will have strange and significant roles to play.