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  1. I have another take on this song. It's a song sung by Wildlings about the previous Lord Commander Qorgyle, who was a Dornishman. His "wife" is his sword. Lord Commander Qorgyle - A Wiki of Ice and Fire (westeros.org) There was some speculation that he is Mance's father.
  2. A bit of a tangent, but this caught my eye from an interview https://ew.com/article/2011/07/21/dance-with-dragons-shocking-twist-g/ Does this tell us anything about Quaithe's instruction "You must pass beneath the shadow and touch the light"? The shadow being the Shadow Beneath the Mother of Mountains, at Vaes Dothrak, where Dany is now headed or 'going back". My sense is that she will be turned over the Dosh Khaleen and indoctrinated into their secrets and mysteries. One of which could be "touching the light." Something she will have to do before she moves forward. Will there be pain and suffering or will she get a dashboard light?
  3. It sounds to me that Bran is bound to Winterfell regardless. As for Sansa, I've always found it curious that the Eyries' way castles are stone, snow and sky. I wonder if we'll see the little bird's transformation along these lines as well.
  4. Curiously, Borroq refers to Ghost as Jon's dog.
  5. I'm still expecting Jon to go into the crypts. He doesn't seem very dead in those dreams.
  6. Reading this interview; this caught my eye: Does this say anything about Quaithe's instructions that Dany must "pass beneath the shadow and touch the light"?
  7. I don't know anymore. We get a scrap of a sentence about the PWIP prophecy: That the prince was promised.... from the line of, etc. Is she really the second coming of AA or is she the mother of dragons, the second coming of Nissa Nissa?
  8. Ultimately, I think the one we can nail as AA; will be the one who plunges his sword into the heart of the character who stands in for Nissa Nissa. So, don't trust what you think you know about the prophecy.
  9. Or a death more than death.
  10. Martin has been playing with definition of dead for a long time. If the dead get up and walk and talk are they dead?
  11. This interesting because Sam notices that the brazier gives off the smell of something burned. So blood and fire to wake the glass candles or dragonglass. Marwyn practices valyrian magic. Mel uses it to see into the fires.
  12. Or the Andals when they took over the Night Watch. Nice catch on Jon's blood price. Moqorro's warning could also be about using magic beyond one's abilities. Melisandre almost self-immolates when she stretches beyond her abilities at Mance/Rattleshirt's burning. She is glamoring Rattleshirt, Mance, the great horn and Stannis' sword, all connected to her and she seems to be channeling the power of the Wall. She's relived that Jon killed Rattleshirt before she went up in flames herself. I think too much power was being drawn from the fourteen flames and that ended in a cataclysm.
  13. I also found it curious that they never referred to Bloodraven as the three eyed crow. They opted for three eyed raven for some reason. I think it likely that they asked about the 3EC.
  14. Why does the Nightfort have dungeon that would hold 500 captives? This suggests slave labor to me. How many other abandoned forts have dungeons? Slavery is outlawed, so that leaves the gaols of Westeros and the wildling population. I imagine quite a few prisoners died in the building of the Wall.
  15. This is the best candidate so far for the other hinge of the world. Geologically, the fourteen volcanos have one source. This is the fiery heart (or fiery hart) of Stannis' banner. You can substitute the hart/stag with a man and you would have the man wreathed in flame from Dany's vision. Or the stag joined with the heart of fire or him of fire to quote Jaqen. I think Dany dreams of him of fire as the singing dragon. File:House Baratheon (Dragonstone).svg - A Wiki of Ice and Fire (westeros.org) I think we are getting into what the third eyes sees. Bran sees only the bones of dreamers impaled by ice and not the bodies which should be preserved by the ice, but are like Bran, elsewhere. Dreamers are greenseers who fail to fly or cross a barrier. The bones are the memories of the soul according to the Damphair. I think these souls trapped by ice are the best candidates for the white walkers travelling on the cold winds and ice made into flesh. Looking into the heart of something is akin to looking into the mind or soul. If the heart of Winter has veins; what are they connected to? The Wall and Winterfell is my guess. Edit: Another analogue to the heart and arteries of the fiery hinge would be the wiernet and it's root system. Does it contain the memories and souls of those impaled by ice? Yes sorcery is a sword without a hilt, difficult to grasp according, to the Horned Lord. Mel suggests that the power of the Wall can be used and like the fourteen flames; it can end in cataclysm.
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