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  1. Two wrongs don't make a right. I blame Hamas for visiting this war on Palestine. They broke the ceasefire. They always do once they have regrouped and re-armed. Does Hamas care about dead babies, Palestinian and otherwise? No they don't. For those of us who are not in the direct line of fire; it's incumbent on us to bear witness both in Palestine and Isreal. I can't see anything getting better for Palestinians until Hamas is removed.
  2. I didn't make anybody do anything. There is no reason for me to disbelieve Warren. He said he thought he could view it and maintain a certain level of calm. But he came out and started weeping and couldn't stop. That would be me. I've given you a source which seemed to be your initial complaint. You haven't provided anything reliable to counter it. Just apparently that didn't happen.
  3. I listened to the Kinsellacast podcast that was posted today. Warren Kinsella is one of the Canadian journalists who viewed the raw footage made available to journalists and governments. I won't post the link here; but you can find him on google. He documents what he saw. I'll stand by what I said previously.
  4. We can't turn a blind eye to the beheading of infants and burning people alive. It simply isn't justifiable and the fact that Hamas says it will do it again; means that yes, Isreal must remove Hamas immediately and with all possible means. Isreal has a right to exist and Palestinians have a right to be free of Hamas. We can't become catatonic or respond with learned helplessness. We shouldn't accept someone expressing hatred of others while expecting tolerance for themselves.
  5. I never imagined that I would witness something so monstrous in my lifetime and I thought 9/11 was horrific. The crimes committed by Hamas go well beyond that by any standard of morality. A line was crossed that should never have been crossed and Isreal has no choice but to remove Hamas from Palestine by every means. I'm appalled by the rise of anti-semitism on display around the world. Apparently we didn't learn anything from WWII.
  6. Yes, Derfel Cardan is a secondary character and he mostly observes what is happening. He is the only character that I actually like. So if he is the narrator; then a lot of the story is missing in the show.
  7. It's a difficult mindset to change and it will take time. Nothing can happen until Hamas is removed. But this is the only way forward.
  8. @Melifeather I've watched ep 8 now and I can't say that I like it all that much. There are no characters that appeal to me. However, I think people have to make up their own minds about it and I don't want to put anyone off watching it. I think the books are probably better than this rendition of it. I have been listening to The Last Kingdom audiobook and I like it much more. I still prefer Mary Stewart's books on Merlin for an historical novel of Arthurian tales.
  9. Well, yes of course I'm in for a good story. I imagine there is a lot of internal dialogue that doesn't translate to screen. I was a bit turned off in episode 5 when Mordred was formally recognized as high king. But I did not like watching the human sacrifice scene. I really can do without that stuff.
  10. Wheel of Time is fantastic. Way beyond my expectations. Didn't get through all the books but I gave book 1 a listen on audiobooks. And well, I didn't finish it. I think it's a pacing problem.
  11. I'm tired out and saturated. A break is a good thing; but if you've got something - spill!
  12. OK. I've watched 3.5 episodes of the Winter King. I haven't read the books, so I don't know what to expect. It's an unconventional twist on the typical portrayal. I don't know if book fans would like it or not. It's holding my interest so far. It starts out with the midden hitting the windmill and that pretty much sets the tone. I despised Uther Pendragon on first sight and was glad I didn't have to suffer that uber-dork for more than one episode. Arthur is enigmatic at this point. The sight as it's portrayed in dreams and visions is subtle. Merlin can put people to sleep with a wave of his hand, like some Jedi mind trick. He also seems to be eternally young. There isn't a grey hair on his bald head. I only recognize a few actors, but I can't place them. I'll watch the rest but I can't give any sort of rating at this point.
  13. @JGP - Here's one for your daughter. Exploring space using your own browser:
  14. I do have Prime and Netflix, but that's it. Cable was getting so expensive, we had to reduce our services and we lost HBO. So I won't be seeing House of Dragons anytime soon. I really like Wheel of Time and I'll check out your recommendations. Thank you!
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