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  1. Oh hahahaha! I mixed you up with Redriver.
  2. Otherwise, how was it? Do tell. Did he answer other questions?
  3. Yes, limited to Jon and Bran and only in relation to each other. Specifically, the ability to communicate with each other. I could do with a reprise of your essay on Winterfell. Have you changed or modified your thinking on it in any way?
  4. Yes, I don't see any comic book characters with super powers in this story and we are not going to see mythological gods showing up. But we do have at least one character who will be made god-like. I hate when Martin says stuff like this. He has introduced the notion of slippery time and he created the greenseers. He says his characters are not 'gods' in the colloquial sense, but he has given them god-like powers. For those who don't understand those powers, they are gods.
  5. Fair enough. I don't think the Ghost/Jon-Tree/Bran encounter is manipulating time or changing past events, in the broader scope of say going back to the Tourney at Harrenhall, for example. But I do think it's an example of the river not running in one direction for Jon and Bran. The difference is that they are both alive in the present time frame. I don't see Bran going back in time to change events that have already occurred. However, there is a wheel and a repetition of events which Bran and Dany must break. This vision of Euron's is very interesting: The comet is something that has a long repetitious, periodic orbit. Bespoke or to bespeak, to order or reserve something in advance, claim beforehand. This sounds like the end days of revelation when: It also features a beast who receives his power from the dragon. The identity of the beast is up for grabs, but I'd guess this is the anti-christ personna. And perhaps something that Bran has already seen. You can't lie to greenseers because they see into your heart, the dark soul, as Mel puts it. The heart of the north is Winterfell according to Davos. What does it mean to break the world, unless you have to break it's hinges?
  6. I'll beat my drum once more... here Bran refers to the crow rather than the 3 eyed crow. I think we are given the identity of the crow here: If this is so, then Jon's power will be staggering, if at some point, he can also slip time and help Bran, in disguise as the crow. I'm referring to the coma dream, where the crow takes Bran to the heart of winter (the reason Bran must live). Bran and Jon seem to be integral to each other's survival. Jon (the crow) opening Bran's 3rd eye and Bran doing the same for Jon. I'm reminded of the ice dragon, the Ouroboros swallowing it's own tail, symbolically, time running in a loop. I suspect this applies to Bran more than Robb.
  7. This whole thing at the Skirling Pass was odd, since Jon is separated in real time, from Bran (who is still hiding in the crypts at this point) when Ghost-Jon encounters Tree-Bran. Bran is presenting as one of the 'old gods'; a greenseer and we are now seeing something of his power to slip the boundaries of time. Becoming this powerful is still a future event in Bran's timeline, since he shows no such capability at the end of Dance. Bran experiences this 'memory' during a wolf dream, not as a weirwood. I think the smell of death harkens back to Jon's experience with Othor: I think the smell comes from the wights at the entrance of the cave. Summer smells them as well:
  8. By coincidence, I happened to be reading that chapter. At first blush, I would say that Euron is speaking of himself, since he is up to some kind of blood magic and he may or may not be talking about his rival Dany. He could be speaking of the prophecy of a hero born on the sea; which has several permutations; including himself, Dany and Bran. I'm not sure if we still have to use spoiler tags since it's been a few years now.
  9. Something tells me that Euron is talking about Bran:
  10. I don't know what I think about Jon parentage anymore. It could be possible that valyrian steel plunged into Mel's fiery heart could be transform it in some way. Since these could be magical blades that potentially take on additional magical characteristics. Which is why I wonder if Aemon's advice for Jon to arm himself (with knowledge); really means, get rid of Mel this way and make your own Lightbringer. I'm more inclined to think that Dany is Rhaegar and Ashara's daughter, and that she is the Rhoynish connection, in that match. Ashara was one of Elia's ladies and I think present at Aegon's birth. Potentially,the person that Rhaegar is speaking to in Dany's vision. The notion that a bleeding star marks the birth is open to interpretation. A bleeding star can easily be a shooting star or a comet since they both 'bleed' or leave a trail. So while the red comet marks Dany's rebirth and the arrival of dragons; a shooting star or a symbolic bleeding star, as in the Dayne sigil; could mark her birth. Add to that, Rhaegar saying that there must be a third head, and the undying calling Dany the child of three. So while I'm in general agreement that Rhaegar intended to produce three children; I don't see any of that lining up with Jon. Especially if the bloodline that counts is Targaryen and Rhoynish. I'm not sure who will end up with the Dawn Sword, but I have strong gut feeling that it will be Brienne, the only character who will actually be 'worthy' of the blade. It might change a few hands before then, but she has a kind of last hero vibe going on. Brienne the evenstar could become the morningstar, since they are the same planetary object. I agree that Bran is the new drowned god, under the sea as Patchface tells it; the one who will die for everyone. So Jon's parentage is still a mystery to me, but I tend to go for the answer that is most vilified and dismissed. LOL
  11. @RanAre the restrictions still in place for open discussion about the TWOW released chapters?
  12. Jon has read the section that Aemon marks for him in the Jade Compendium and now I wonder if Aemon was literally telling Jon to arm himself with this knowledge. I wonder if Jon will figure out that plunging his sword into Mel's firery heart will change his magic sword into a sword that is alway warm to the touch.
  13. I can easily see Drogon as a flaming sword even if his fire is primarily black. This is the 'sword' that Dany wields because I can't see her actually using a real sword. Specifically Mel is talking about a red sword and this brings me to the tale that AA slew a beast and the sword was always warm afterwards. I think this is more likely to be the red sword of legend. Potentially the dawn sword which may take on the fiery attributes by piercing a flaming heart. Then there is Jon, who may have been marked by R'hllor as one of the 'fiery hands' when he burned his hand fighting Othor. IMO Jon will become the sword in the darkness by some means we don't know yet. So potentially, there will be more than one 'flaming sword'. I also think that both Dany and Jon will be/or have been reborn in salt and smoke. In Dany's case, I think that's already happened and we will see what happens to Jon, soon I hope. Like everything else, I don't think the salt and smoke interpretation is literal or as specific as we might think. The salt tear that Bran tastes passing through the Black Gate and Jon' smoking blood, works for me. The salt tears that Dany sheds for the sacrifice of her son and the smoke of the ritual to raise Drogo also works for me. There is plenty of blood in that event as well.
  14. Yes, that the one alright. I still like it. I do wonder what will happen in the aftermath of Jon's assassination. The immediate jeopardy will be that someone will want to burn his body. I can see Borroq, Val and Morna taking him off the crypts, in the lichyard, to stop that from happening; although that would be counter to the normal practices.
  15. It wasn't clear to me that you were responding to Feather. I thought you were commenting on my post to FFR about the sword without a hilt since you bring up the cock without a hilt, cock-biting, and cue cock biting and sword without a hilt etc. What could you mean by this if it didn't have something to do with the post I made about the sword without a hilt. This was an old conversation that I've had with FFR, one that you wouldn't know anything about where he proposed that Jon was the sword without a hilt. His argument was rather brilliant which is why I remember it. I wasn't mocking you. I wasn't expecting you to prefer the metaphorical to the literal. That hasn't been typical of the way you have been presenting yourself. This icon is the one we use for heretics. Which is why I asked you to clarify what you meant.