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  1. I've jumped into Discworld entirely in the wrong place starting with Thief of Time. Mainly out of curiosity since it's been mentioned to me by others. I went looking for an audio book and landed on this book read by Steven Briggs. His voice acting is hysterical and I've since learned that he has done a number of Discworld audio books. Now I know there is a slew of books starting with the Color of Magic and I came across the first four books recently. So I have started those and eventually I'll work my way through the rest. Hopefully in order. I love them. Thanks for all the reviews! Here is Steven Briggs reading Thief of Time:
  2. I think there is a good chance that the Mad Mouse is Howland Reed. It's interesting that he is called the Mad Mouse because he runs towards danger - blood and battle. This is what first responders do in a dangerous situation. So who would he be attempting to save or rescue or protect, if not Sansa? Howland would still serve House Stark and Sansa is without a direwolf. I can easily see him acting as her sworn shield in spite of the story he tells Brienne about bounty hunting. We don't exactly know where the Shady Glen is located. Jojen says the Mountain and the Marsh are one. So the Mountain clans and the Crannogmen are allied. This alliance most likely formed during Robert's Rebellion when Howland rode with Theo Wull of the Mountain tribes. Ser Shadrich's sigil: We know Howland is well travelled and that is what his sigil depicts. Possibly he was called the Mad Mouse by Theo Wull,. He may even have knighted Howland. The Mountains and Marsh are one, but over wrinkled. I think it would be very interesting if Howland is at the Vale in disguise to protect another of Ned Stark's daughter's. If he is going to make an appearance in the next book; how will he show up in the story?
  3. Right, but what happened just before Ser Criston beat that guy to death? I could have sworn they were all dancing, the doors opened and 4 or 5 guards entered. Then a bunch of people came rushing through as though they had been let in. Then the melee ensued and Ser Criston murdered that guy. Or did I fall asleep and just dream that happened? Because I've done that before listening to ASOIAF livestreams. The next thing you know, there are all these semi-famous youtube people in my house, like it's some kind of convention. And I'm running around making coffee and sandwiches and baking.
  4. Holy Moley! What the hell happened at the wedding, in last night's episode? Besides all hell breaking loose. Who were the armored men who entered during the dancing and did they let in the rabble? That happened so fast it was chaos.
  5. He did? i missed that completely. I thought Littlefinger said he won it off of Tyrion, who bet against Jaimie in some contest or other. At least this is what he tells Catelyn. Tyrion later tells her it's a lie because he never bets against his brother. He doesn't say whether the dagger was his or not. If it belonged to Littlefinger, then I'm puzzled as to how it came into Robert's possession, in order for Joffrey to take it. It seems to me Robert had it all along. Spoils of war. Yah, I'm not really sure if it's significant that the dagger shows up in HotD with an origin story. But I can see it being passed down to heirs apparent until Robert got his hands on it. Do you think GRRM knew the showrunners were going to use it in this way?
  6. It's the same prop, apparently. Surely Ryan Condan knows how it was used in both the book and the show. Bookwise, I'd say Robert ended up with it as part of the Targaryen property after the Rebellion. Which is how Joffrey ended up with it. I doubt it was ever Tyrion's property or Littlefinger's property. Although, he took advantage of everyone's ignorance to claim it for himself. He's the last person in the chain of custody. Sansa getting her hands on it could be something GRRM decides to write into the books. Not sure if the castle made of snow is Winterfell or the second waycastle (called Snow) at the Eyrie.
  7. How can anyone forget Chris Tucker as Ruby Rhod? It's an hilarious invention. There can never be too much comedy. Aegon's dagger - does Littlefinger still have it? I wonder if it will end up in Sansa's possession.
  8. I have only seen season one of Westworld. But now that I have cable; it's on my watch list. Also liked Witcher and Wheel of Time. Are you watching Rings of Power?
  9. OK, but are you still refusing to watch HotD on principle? It's hot, Hot, HOT!
  10. Now Alien Area has me thinking about parthinogenesis, at least where scaly beasts are concerned.
  11. That is very interesting! The place where Jon and Sam takes their vows is old and powerful. It is treated as a sacred place by the NW. There are nine trees/witnesses to the vows. I'm reminded that when Jaqen swears by all the gods; he places his hand in the mouth of the weirwood: It seems an odd thing to do. His hand belongs to the old gods. It's theirs to command. Strangely, something similar happens to Jon. Othor tries to place his hand in Jon's mouth:
  12. Oh boy, this is a tough one! I too, have no idea what long ago means from the perspective of thew COTF and I do think there is some power in The Wall and the Black Gate to bind a Night Watchman. Sam repeats his oath three times to Jojen (green dreamer), to Bran (apprentice greenseer) and to Coldhands ... a green man? Afterwards, Sam is unable to say anything about Bran and company. It's not just the oath he is bound with magic to silence. Or at least that's my impression. Repeating the abbreviated oath three times seems almost like an incantation. It's Mel who says her every word is more powerful at the Wall. As to Coldhands, he seems bound to the Night Fort and the Black Gate. I'd go so far as to say that he's the Gatekeeper. So yes, a man of the Watch - he calls Sam brother. But someone with knowledge that has been lost to the Watch. There is some speculation that he is one of the Raven's Teeth, Bloodraven's archers who went with him to the Wall. But I think he is older. Bran seems to sense Coldhands approaching in that third eye kind of way: The someone is Sam, the something is Coldhands. The thing that comes in the night to collect the 'prentice boys sounds suspiciously like Coldhands and this is a story of the Nightfort. So I think CH was around before Bloodraven was sent to the Wall. How long has he been undead? Hard to say. He knows a secret language, perhaps the true tongue which he uses in prayer before killing the elk. He rides an elk. Bran drops this nugget: We don't know anything about the green men, but perhaps they weren't confined to the God's Eye. Howland Reed goes to meet them and learn their magic. So perhaps he was raised or protected in some way by green magic. He is definately a servant of the old gods. So if they sometimes wear antlers, could he be the Horned Lord?
  13. Is there a difference between heraldric devices and sigils? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sigil
  14. I think they would have removed it before they put him on the funeral pyre. It was busted in the chest by Robert's war hammer. I suppose it could be repaired.
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