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  1. Before that she is dressed up as a silver dove. The long sleeves of her gown are like wings at rest.
  2. Oh Lord! @Curled Finger is going to love this.
  3. I wasn't sure if you serious about Mance. If you are convinced it's Mance; then sure I'd like to hear why.
  4. Is Sansa the mockingbird now?
  5. The mocking bird's plumage is pale grey with shades and patterns of darker grey. From the family of Mimidae. They also become invisible in the background, mimic the sounds of other birds as well as insects. So they speak many tongues. A mockingbird riding on the tail of a hawk RTH-and-Mock-Chase-Wiki - Northern mockingbird - Wikipedia
  6. I've always found this curious. What truth did Ned hide from Robert? What lies did he tell? How did he let them kill Robert?
  7. I'm thinking that Ned and Howland were escorting Lyanna to Brandon's wedding when he gets wind of the plot against the Starks and she is hidden on the Isle of Faces with Howland. This might have something to do with Jon belonging to the old gods if Ghost is anything to go by. Ned goes back to Robert and Jon Arryn. My second choice for a hiding place is the Quiet Isle. I think she dies there in the cave with a door and Ned ships Jon off to Starfall with a nursemaid called Wylla. Who stays there when Ned collects Jon. The Quiet Isle is a place where everyone takes a vow of silence and also where Lyanna's body could be prepared by the Silent Sisters. Elder Brother has already said that noble ladies have come there for help in the past but they did not have a healer who was skilled at the time. So perhaps she was moved from the Isle of Faces to the Quiet Isle closer to her delivery.
  8. This OP is interesting if you haven't seen it by now: A Dragonfly Among the Reeds - Is Howland Reed the Grandson of Duncan the Small? - General (ASoIaF) - A Forum of Ice and Fire - A Song of Ice and Fire & Game of Thrones (westeros.org)
  9. Love it! The common grey moth is known for it's ability to be invisible; to blend into tree bark, stones and substrate. Symbolically, it also represent death and dying. Moths attracted to the flame reminds me of the undead in the HoU and also the wights who are attracted to the stink of life to quote Gilly.
  10. Nah, I'm going to go with a written message sent by messenger instead of by raven to hide Pycelle's complicity. I doubt that Brandon is illiterate but in any case Hoster Tully isn't.
  11. Look, I appreciate your efforts to keep discussion going on the forum on a variety of subjects. OP's are a lot of work. If you don't want to have the discussion about XYZ, then don't put up OP's that baits people into that discussion and then tell them to go to Discord. That's the definition of a circle-jerk. Anything I have to say about it will be in the public domain. By all means, let this thread drop off the page.
  12. Sure, he received some kind of message that sent him running off to KL in a huff.
  13. There is very little in the text that supports RLJ. There is a narrative that has been built up around the Tourney at Harrenhal, Lyanna's disappearance, the Tower of Joy and the prophecy. A highly romantic narrative that appeals to a large part of the population. Because something is preferred doesn't make it correct. I remember those discussions and they were anything but good faith. The forum was a war zone. People left the forum in droves because they were fed up with the militancy and arrogance of RLJ supporters. It is still their theory to defend and the militant still don't like it when you poke holes in their sacred cow. The argument put forward in defense is always that this is the most popular theory so it must be so. It is a waste of time to talk to anyone who does not question their own assumptions, whose mind is already closed and will remain that way. From where I"m standing, the sacred cow is missing four of it's legs. I will continue to have an honest discussion with anyone who keeps an open mind. If people don't want to have this discussion; then stop throwing out the bait in the OP's.
  14. The letter that Brandon recieves sending him off to KL from Riverrun before his wedding. He challenges Rhaegar to come out and face him. Rhaegar isn't there. Instead Brandom is arrested and charged with conspiracy. Then Rickard is summoned to KL by the king.
  15. Still thinking about the pregnancy. Not sure at this point. When Tyrion meets Jon for the first time, he says he has more of the north in him than his siblings. Not sure what that means either. As far as Mance goes, when would he have had the opportunity? The fight with KG happened at the ToJ but it had nothing to do with Lyanna. She was not there. But I do think Jon was at Starfall, possibly not born there, but sent there. This does eliminate Brandon+Ashera for me though.
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