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  1. LynnS

    Heresy 222 vindication

    I don't actually feel encouraged. I've become cynical about these statements from George. He also says he doesn't like to make a commitment because it sets up expectations and then disappointment. Well, he's got that right. Even now, he's working on a video game and then he'll be working on something else, none of which will be tWoW. He's just not engaged with it. It's hard to stay engaged with him at this point.
  2. Did she lie? I don't know. I don't have cable. However, if she does write Jaime's deeds in the White Book; then it will be to remove the stain of Aery's killing from Jaime's name, at the very least. I don't know WTF D&D were doing but GRRM will handle it differently.
  3. LOL! I am pleased that they had Brienne write Jaime's deeds in the White Book. If that is one of their promised big reveals right at the end; one of three BIG HINTS given by GRRM in their secret meetings; well then, what have we got? Hodor, dead Viserion and Brienne.
  4. LynnS

    Heresy 222 vindication

    Well done Jova! Some of this is very new to me. You have spent some time thinking on the Essosi gods and I'm not so familiar with them. I have wondered about Trios for a long time now, so I welcome this discussion. I'll have to do some text searches and look at the World Book before I comment again. Thank you for the OP!
  5. Mmm. I dont' know. Is she of an age with the other bastards? His first born is Mya Stone who is 14 or 15 years old so Taena couldn't be older than than Mya. Mya is born just before the start of the Rebellion. Taena's son is six: We know that Robert did fool around while on campaign, but Taena's mother would have to be about 14. That's probably not out of the question for Robert. A child born in a brothel could be sent off to Myr or Lys at some point. Orton Merryweather meets Taena during his exile in Myr. She would have to be 14 at the time to have a son by him who is six to fit the bastard timeline of Robert's. Orton is exiled at then end of the war around 283-284. Cersei meets Taena around 298-299. So if we make Taena about 20 years old, She would have been born around 278-279. Mya is born in 279-280. It seems close but I'm not convinced. Is there anything else besides her dark hair to make her a contender?
  6. Correct, Maggy the Frog says he will have 16 bastards, only 7 have been identified in the books, but Varys knows of 8.
  7. This is Varys talking about Robert's bastards: But we've only been given the identity of seven bastards in the book. So Varys knows of one other whom he leaves unidentified.
  8. Well, I'm happy that the books didn't quite follow that outline. It's far more interesting to have Arya apprentice as a faceless man, to name one change. I have a bit of trivia now that I've started Clash of Kings. There is a secret underground passage from Chataya's brothel that you can enter through a hidden door in one of the closets. Tyrion uses it as a means for visiting Shae. He's seen going into the brothel but not exiting the brothel, so nobody is the wiser. Varys tells him that the tunnel was made for another Hand of the King who's honor wouldn't allow him to be seen entering a brothel. I wonder if Tywin has a few bastards of his own secreted away. Marwyn tops my list. Marwyn has physical characteristics of dwarfism. Sam describes him: There is also a quote from Tyrion's Aunt Genna (which I can't find at the moment). She confirms that Tyrion is indeed Twyin's son as if it was amusing to her. So I suspect that Tywin has produced more than one offspring with dwarfism and she knows about it and this is why she says that Tyrion is indeed Tywin's son. Tyrion never met any others with dwarfism since Tywin wouldn't allow them into Casterly Rock. Tyrion is the son he can't denounce, but Marwyn is the one he can send off to the Citadel and obscure his parentage. Marywn is also likely the dwarf maester that Tyrion hears about attending someone at the Fingers. I suspect this is Littlefinger who would be in need of medical attention for some time after his duel with Brandon. Someone who has opened the dead to study anatomy. I'll also mention again my theory about the valonqar. If Marwyn is Tywin's bastard; he is also Cersei's 'little brother' and valonar is likely a name given to him on his travels in Essos.
  9. Don't forget, she is the one who knows the truth about Jaime killing Aerys (in the books). She will be removing that stain from his name at the very least.
  10. I think she will survive to tell the tale. Is it a holy shit moment though. It would certainly be bittersweet.
  11. OH! Did that happen? I've been saying now for some time, that in the end, it would be Brienne who wrote the history of Jaime's deeds in the White Book. But in the books, rather than the show.
  12. Yes, I expect that he was hosted by Mopatis as an infant which might explain Illyrio's somewhat maudlin affection for the boy. At least until he was weaned and had some language and growth. Tyrion is dressed in clothes that belonged to a boy and I think the statue in his garden is actually Aegon and not his younger self. So I don't think the company that protects and instructs Aegon came together all at one time. I suspect that Connington is a later addition. Travelling down the Rhoyne seems like a calcuated risk and I don't think JonCon etal will mollycoddle the boy. That would make him a weak leader.
  13. Mopatis does have a specific interest in Dany as demonstrated when he gives her the eggs. But I think that Viserys is more or less a decoy and expendable. He's the Targaryen heir and must be done away with in some fashion if Aegon is to take his place. Mopatis is a R'hllorist and I'm not sure he thinks that Aegon is the pwip once Dany hatches the eggs. If proof to Mopatis that she is the chosen one. I know he says something about it but I can't find the quote. Certainly there are risks to all three but they aren't putting their eggs in one basket.
  14. Putting Viserys on display, in a matter of speaking, keeps attention off of Aegon, who is Varys/Illyrio's real prize. It doesn't matter to them if Viserys is assassinated, but keeping Aegon existence a secret is far more important. Nobody suspects that Rhaegar's son is still alive. With the possible exception of Ned Stark. Viserys has been told that the usurper has assassins out looking for him and he should have been done away with a long time ago. I think Jon Arryn and possibly Varys, had something to do with downplaying that threat to Robert. It wasn't until Dany was sold of to Drogo and became pregnant, that Robert really sent assassins after her. So as a diversion, it makes sense to me. Viserys simply had no value to them.
  15. Littlefinger? Tyrion owes him some payback.