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  1. Girlnextgondor is brilliant. This is really interesting:
  2. Have you seen the aurora over the past few days?
  3. HAH! My niece is going to be on parade for the King's coronation as part of the Canadian contingent. There is going to be a Coronation Party in this house!
  4. I was going to say that they are more akin to Mel's lot but opposite. If there is an analog to dragons; it might be ice spiders. I still like the idea of winterized wargs. But were they such in the beginning?
  5. I don't much sympathy for her and I'll have even less when Shireen is burned. I can understand her behaviour but I don't excuse it.
  6. Oh my goodness. Poor Dany. First she's sold to Drogo because of her looks and now she's a white saviour? I hope she is the saviour of women and children in this society. The men aren't going to reform themselves. Who better to do that than a woman. I thought that was GRRM's point.
  7. I'm leaning this way too. Mel says you can't have light without dark; so I'm guessing that the ice side is an unintended consequence of the fire sorcery that created the dragons. In fact, she generates light to create shadow assassins as witnessed by Davos. Moqorro might be hinting at the causal event when he talks about the Doom of Valyria; that men delved too deep and there were consequences.. I think this goes back to the old story of two moons in the sky. I don't think there were actually two astronomical bodies; but one physical and one metaphysical. By that I mean someone who can appear as the moon; like Bran when he chases Jon in his wolf-dream. Something that certain characters can perceive with the third eye. Bloodraven tells Bran that the weirwood faces will be the first eyes he will see through but that he will not need that at some point. This is why Bran was given flying lessons by the 3EC; so he could astral project or fly and view the world from the sky. The 3EC has mastered that level of magic. The eyes in the sky that can see across continents as shown in Bran's coma dream. So getting back to the two moons; was this another who could fly and came disguised as the moon to those who could perceive it? When the moon flew too close to the sun (eclipse); she cracked open and a thousand, thousand dragons poured forth. Are we getting a story about the original mother of dragons and her dragonseed descendants? Perhaps this is the preternatural event that created dragons fire and air made flesh; and their opposite, ice and air made flesh. So I lean towards vulcanism to explain why the sun hid it's face; an event that may have taken place when the moon cracked open. Makes me wonder what will come pouring out of the Blood Moon; monstrous and swollen (pregnant?) as it is. This appears to be Euron/Sauron's eye in the sky.
  8. Excellent! Really interesting and enjoyable to read. Some fascinating insights and intuition here.
  9. HAH! I like it. Three corns for the Others and Jon Snow Horn King! I think you finally broke the corn code. Bloodraven blowing his corn!
  10. That was like reading something out of Discworld. I was hearing Nigel Planer's voice. Also, I was reminded of this:
  11. Sounds great. It's not easy to come up with something that might be new to some ears. Trying to find something that isn't too complicated or won't cause conflict is walking a fine line these days. It doesn't seem worth it sometimes.
  12. The idea that the sun hid its face and the darkness started in the North, affecting the globe; mirrors descriptions of the year with no sun. Starting at 26 minutes:
  13. Something interesting - The year without a sun 536 - 560 AD: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volcanic_winter_of_536#:~:text=Modern scholarship has determined that,the atmosphere for several years. GRRM's inspiration for the Long Night perhaps?
  14. LOL! Did somebody say Beetlejuice three times?
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