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  1. I believe the show is hinting that the fact that Jon is a Targaryen is somehow relevant to the fight against the White Walkers - hence why Bran says they need to tell him. The show hasn't revealed why it's important, presumably we'll find out when they reveal it to Jon. I've seen a lot of posters assuming it will cause all sorts of drama vis-a-vis allegiances to House Stark in the North and therefore illogical that Jon needs to know. But it has been heavily foreshadowed that there is something about House Targaryen and the Prince that Was Promised prophecy that is key to winning the Long Night. Foreshadowed not just in the show but also the books. Too often criticism of the show hinges on stuff they simply haven't revealed to us yet, like Bran and the Stark sisters working together against Littlefinger. Instead of automatically assuming the show is stupid and illogical, why not give it the benefit of the doubt and assume we're not given all the information for narrative purposes. Jon's heritage is a crucial aspect of the story both in the show and the books, and the reveal of his true identity in the both and show and the books will probably have implications we are unable to fully appreciate with two books and a TV season still to come in the story.