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  1. A post of mine from April of 2015 vs. a Reddit post from June of 2016. The preceding was posted by me on April 15, 2015, in an earlier version of this thread. The following was posted by u/stark--naked on June 6, 2016, on Reddit in r/ASoIaF:
  2. We don't know that, and what the maesters have taught is that dragon blood is needed.
  3. If that lion has a trout in its mouth I'm guessing it's referencing the Red Wedding. At least in the show we know they cut off Robb's head. ETA: That's definitely the Twins around the middle image.
  4. Well, it's white and black like the Stark and Targaryen background sigil colors. There's always the possible sun/son wordplay as well. What is the link to this particular analysis? I've written a bit about the parallels between the TotH and HH. It really jumps out at you eventually. Why is the Knight of Flowers wearing blue when his house colors are green and gold? Doesn't that make him a knight of blue flowers? Twining black vine and tiny blue forget-me-nots. ... The rose petals fell from her hands, dead and black.
  5. I don't rule this idea out, but I think it makes just as much sense that the KG wouldn't let Ned through because of what happened during the Sack of KL. The KG might know Ned was there but not that objected to the slaying of Rhaegar's children.
  6. They had come together at the ford of the Trident while the battle crashed around them, Robert with his warhammer and his great antlered helm, the Targaryen prince armored all in black. On his breastplate was the three-headed dragon of his House, wrought all in rubies that flashed like fire in the sunlight. - Rhaegar, the Targaryen prince armored all in black. 

    He had lost both ears and a finger to frostbite, and he dressed all in black, the same as a brother of the Night’s Watch, except that his furs were ragged and greasy. - Gared, brother of the NW.

    “The next time I see you, you’ll be all in black.” - Robb to Jon, who will be a brother of the NW.

    Then he saw it, a shadow in the shadows, sliding toward the inner door that led to Mormont’s sleeping cell, a man-shape all in black, cloaked and hooded… but beneath the hood, its eyes shone with an icy blue radiance… - Dead Othor, a former brother of the NW.

    Get it? Jon is a Targaryen prince "armored" all in black.

  7. That is a possibility. But from Jon's perspective, unless something has changed, or something changes, we know he does not want to leave any bastards behind. So I think he would want to take actions to prevent that from happening. That said, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that something changes. Maybe he'll think a bastard's life is better than being a trueborn heir once he gets a taste of the latter.
  8. We know that Jon is not too keen on leaving a bastard behind, but maybe his views will have changed.
  9. D&D are all about breaking the internet. What's more likely to accomplish that goal, revealing the worst kept secret in fandom, or revealing that the worst kept secret in fandom is wrong?
  10. Exactly. And since Rhaegar named his original son and heir Aegon, Lyanna would be honoring his wishes in a way, since her child would now be Rhaegar's only remaining son and heir. GRRM says we're supposed to get a second Dance in the story, which is interesting since there were two Aegons during the first Dance. Which might hint at fAegon becoming Aegon VI and Jon Aegon VII. Odd numbered Aegons are good, even numbered are bad.
  11. I definitely don't think that happened. I think the annulment was a D&D shortcut, so they wouldn't have to explain Targaryen/Valyrian polygamy and its legal ramifications. Not even 100% sure it means Elia's children were illegitimate. At least in D&D's version.
  12. He didn't. Rhaegar was expecting a girl. Only picked out a girl's name. Aside from the names resembling the original trio, the biggest clue for that is the HotU scene: He looked up when he said it and his eyes met Dany’s, and it seemed as if he saw her standing there beyond the door. “There must be one more,” he said, though whether he was speaking to her or the woman in the bed she could not say. “The dragon has three heads.” - ACoK, Daenerys IV (HotU) Rhaegar says "There must be one more (dragon head)" while seemingly looking at Dany. I don't think he was literally looking at her, but it's a clue that he envisioned the third head as female. Hence why he never picked a boy's name for Lyanna's child.
  13. Notice here that Maester Aemon is giving Jon the same advice he gave Egg. It takes an Aegon to rule, not an Egg. Then tells Jon to kill the boy and let the man be born. Boy = Egg/Jon, man = Aegon. I guess it's a good thing D&D give GRRM an EP credit.
  14. Nah, it makes perfect sense. Aegon is the Targ name. If you can't rule it out as Jon's real Targ name then it's immediately obvious that it's Aegon. So GRRM gave us a misdirection by having Rhaegar already have a son named Aegon. But that son died, and Rhaegar didn't name Jon. Was most likely expecting a girl. Reread the HotU scene, and notice how Rhaegar appears to see Dany and think that there must be one more head of the dragon. Almost as if he's envisioning the third head as a girl. Which explains why he never picked out a boy's name for Lyanna's child. Honestly don't see the benefit of D&D changing Jon's real name, which is something they'd almost certainly have been told by GRRM.
  15. Cool. I came up with this explanation in 2014. Based 100% off of the books.
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