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  1. The next Blackfyre Rebellion will be the sixth, I believe. It will also be the second Dance of the Dragons, making extra cool.
  2. Also, Arya actually has a conversation about Ashara Dayne in her eight POV chapter in Storm. In fact, if you word search "Ashara" in ASoS you get four results all from that chapter. https://asearchoficeandfire.com/?q=Ashara&scope[]=asos Agreed. And, if Ashara is the stupid lady then who is the stupid prince? If it's a literal prince, well... We have the two Targaryen sons, Rhaegar and Viserys. But, sons of House Martell were also styled prince. Of course, that means two princes died during the Battle of the Trident even if we usually think of Lewyn as one of the two Kingsguard who perished that day, along with Ser Jonothor Darry. Both are true. I do not know if GRRM intended to obscure this princely fact in order to distract readers from making a connection he would hint at years later in a future book. I can see a straight line between the two points, though. I can see a cause for Lewyn's dual titles, and the effect it has had on the readers' perception of him. I can see a motive for Lewyn's characterization so far. Only time will tell if I am glimpsing a part of GRRM's design, or merely documenting my own hallucinations and delusions.
  3. You blame me and I blame GRRM for making me consider the possibility that Lyanna—not Rhaegar!—named Jon. It all falls into place neatly from there, as I have said once or twice.
  4. GRRM uses laurel here to mean an honor awarded; i.e., Rhaegar honored Lyanna (with the QoLaB's crown) at Harrenhal. In ADwD we are told by Ser Barristan that the young and beautiful Ashara Dayne was dishonored at Harrenhal. It seems like GRRM might have set up a deliberate contrast here. Since honor and dishonor are opposites, perhaps the acts themselves—Ashara's dishonoring and Lyanna's honoring—are somehow meant to contrast. For example, if we assume Ashara Dayne's dishonor was being bedded and possibly impregnated before marriage, then we could predict that any hypothetical bedding and impregnation of Lyanna would have taken place after marriage.
  5. An excellent choice for a great sword that nobody knew to use is Tormund's Member.
  6. That's the question, isn't it? I don't think Barristan knew details, personally. I think that's going to be part of this mini-tragedy unfolding. If you read Barristan's chapters, you'll notice they contain information about the secret lover of Ashara Dayne, and quite separately, the secret lover of Prince Lewyn Martell, who was a Kingsguard. Two Dornish characters who came to court at the same time who both had mysterious lovers and whose stories are both partially told by Ser Barristan. I'm the only one who finds this suspicious, apparently. I guess we'll see how it turns out.
  7. I disagree. First, there's the word "perhaps." As in, perhaps—maybe, possibly—she is also grieving over (the death of) the man who dishonored her at Harrenhal. Second, grief doesn't necessarily mean that someone died, just that a person is suffering from mental anguish. There are alternatives reasons for grief, depending on how the alleged dishonoring went down. It reads to me as if Barristan is speculating anyway. Otherwise, how would he know why Ashara allegedly killed herself? He really wouldn't if we're being honest. Which means these thoughts really tell us that Barristan is mixing fact, or at least data, with speculation.
  8. I've thought GRRM was using Westerosi patriarchal expectations to get the audience thinking about Rhaegar having another son. It could also indicate that Kevan and Cersei didn't know Rhaegar very well, or at all really if it turns out to be true that he wanted to recreate the one-male-two-female makeup of the original three heads of the dragon. Along those lines, Visenya would've been the obvious choice for the next girl's name, but Daenerys would've also been a sensible choice for a Targaryen-Martell union, especially if Rhaegar had forgone the name Visenya rather than simply swapping it with Rhaenys.
  9. Yep. I suppose that's about what I should have expected.
  10. She had married a Targaryen and become pregnant with a Targaryen child, so there's no reason to think she would have drawn the line at a Targaryen name. After all, regardless of the first name, the child would still have been X of House Targaryen. Lyanna definitely had access to information about the sack of KL via Ned who was with her when she died. Exactly. Coincidentally, or not, it just so happens there is a hint it was Lyanna who named him, and she called him something other than Jon Snow. Samwell Tarly nodded. "I … if you want, you can call me Sam. My mother calls me Sam." "You can call him Lord Snow," Pyp said as he came up to join them. "You don't want to know what his mother calls him." - AGoT, Jon IV
  11. One of my favorite movies, and now one of my favorite shows. I'm a couple of episodes behind, but will probably catch up this weekend. The energy vampire idea is brilliant, though I was hoping it would be played figuratively rather than literally. Then again, it's worked well as is.
  12. Hi JNR, this is the actual story, as best I recall it. Feel free to add any details to the following. Apple and I would exchange PMs from time to time when she was a regular here. In one of them, I mentioned how this scene from the movie Zero Dark Thirty kind of summed up my thoughts on RLJ or legit RLJ—I can't recall which at the moment. The scene has the main character played by Jessica Chastain, and a couple of others, assessing the likelihood that Bin Laden was in the compound she had come to believe he was. Everyone gives their percentages, 60, 80, etc. She says something like, 100%. Okay, 95% because certainty freaks you guys out, but it's 100. That resonated with me, and how I felt about the issue. I couldn't find the original PMs with Apple, but I found one from June of 2015 referencing it. I don't recall the details of the now ~4-year-old PM or Apple's aforementioned post, but the gist was me giving my assessment of the likelihood, and expressing how certain I was, of (legit?)RLJ despite the fact that we don't know for sure. So—It's 100% for me. Okay, technically it's 95-99% because we don't know for sure, but it's 100% for me. That's not an objective truth, it's my assessment and I haven't wavered on it. I always thought the underlying idea was pretty clear, but that might have been because it was mine so it made perfect sense to me, and then Apple as well. I think you must have misunderstood it from the start because you have consistently misportrayed it since. I *think* I pointed this out to you before, but honestly I'm not sure. It used to annoy me and I would roll my eyes whenever I saw you bring it up, but you did so many times that the effect wore off, and I never got around to setting the record straight. At some point, I figured let's face it I'm right, and if you wanted to go around telling people how I was saying (legit?)RLJ was 100% certain to come true years before it did—well, I couldn't see how that would make me look bad. Alas, I suppose I do prefer a critique accurately represent my position rather than unintentionally distort it. I'm sure you understand.
  13. We don't know that, and what the maesters have taught is that dragon blood is needed.
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