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  1. He definitely was. I've argued before that his coma dream is actually a reflection of the tale of the Nights King. So many of the same elements are present symbolically. Maybe not an exact match. But enough to be reminded. And he has basically committed all of the "abominations" at this point. But he also didn't realize that they were wrong. Is that his fault or the fault of the person teaching him? But maybe he already paid the price for those things? BloodRaven lost an eye to be a Greenseer. Bran lost his legs. And he already symbolically gave his soul to the 3EC in his dream via corn. In the show they made Dany the ultimate villain. But that was something easy to show and powerful cinema. In the book it always seems to be 3 people in question every time at least. One of them is always wrong or portrayed wrongly though it seems.
  2. Yup. It's absurdly nasty. But it was what was available and it kept Summer from starving to death. Clearly there's not a whole lot of mobility to and from that cave. They would need to stock up for visitors that they had no clue if or when they could get there. I mean even Coldhands had difficulty getting them food and he was traveling. And as you suggested... Freezer. Not to mention... We don't know for sure what exactly directs the wights. Are they being controlled and sent? Are they heat seeking missiles? Bit of both?
  3. I'm going with the second life of a Greenseer or Essos equivalent. Just gut though.
  4. I've wondered the same thing. I ruled it out however. I see the Dragons and the white walkers as more parallel. (Dragons are as close to immortal lethal weapon as you can get.) But that's also because of the way I've chosen to view the white walkers. In my opinion they are the human greenseers who managed to find a way to escape the trees. The only other explanation that makes sense to me is that it is the spirit of the trees themselves. I remember reading through a lot of the old heresy threads years ago before getting up enough guts to actually speak. There was a very old discussion about the possibility of this being caused by humans trying to seek immortality. I think they were right. I also agree with whomever it was, Matthew? That feel that they are basically made of frozen air. They magically create there own bodies. That's why dragonglass "breaks the spell" Yes I remember your excitement BC. Heat v cold. It steams and melts. Nothing is left behind. Not even the sword possibly.
  5. All good points. Thing is... Bran seems to belong to the Old Gods even MORE than Jon is at this point. I mean he's a Greenseer. How much more Old God can you get? ETA Its definitely a conduit. We've already seen him use it that way once in Jon's dream when he is out ranging to find the Wildings beyond the pass.
  6. Yeah. Another question there that we don't know the answer to. He has definitely bonded with Ghost. But here's the thing. Is warging something that is predetermined. Like that wolf is meant for that person. Or do wargs just naturally have the ability to connect with any wolf and somehow subconsciously choose. I mean theoretically Jon's bond with Ghost could have been forged simply because he was left behind. Bran seems awfully jealous of Ghost's name. He also has a hard time making summer. Yeah. So this leads me to the same place. Still no clue. lol.
  7. I've adjusted. Just wanted to say it for a long time. I see what you're saying with this. It's that the Cave and Dany's meeting with the Wizards of Qarth were pretty parallel events. Both were very creepy and kinda accomplish the same thing. But in a way they are also the exact inverse of one another. The House of the undying is using actual magic to extend their lives unnaturally. And Dany is in actual danger of being trapped. She is actually informed of it and warned her visions may or may not be true. And she is being led by humans trying to kill her for their own agenda. Bran is led and directed by friends with clues from the CotF and given extra help via Coldhands when he needs it. He is guarded safely to the cave and is treated well there. He is never stopped from exploring as Hodor and Hodor always comes back. He has been wedded to the trees in his mind. (And yes. He is trapped by the wights. But why assume it's the CotF? They've had opportunity to do much worse to him and haven't.) However, he is still NOT thethered to a tree. Yet amazingly he can still see what it does and review it's past. Maybe this is more of a hint that BloodRaven was a Greenseer well earlier than acknowledged, than a look into Brans future? It explains a LOT. The CotF HELPED the last time when they had much more lose. Why would that suddenly change? Maybe they truly just care about planetos and life as a whole. Even as a human I wouldn't want that type of revenge.
  8. And I can see it being that way too. It's definitely the most straightforward way to look at it. It just bothers me that Bran didn't choose Summer. Summer was handed to him. I need to look to see if it was Robb or Jon that handed him over. Then we have Catelyn's compulsion that it should have been Jon and not Bran that was on death's door. Maybe it's not even the wolf. It's just this strange gut feeling that the way things played out it was manipulated so that Jon and Bran took each other's places. It's this symbolic undertone throughout everything. There's a whole symbolic level in these books layered underneath the story. We're all picking up on it. We all are looking hard at the same quotes. But we are all interpreting so differently. Anyways just a stray thought. But Im sure more time will be spent on the wolves soon enough. Lol
  9. Great. Now Ive got Pet Semetary stuck in my head That said all this splitting of the land seems to maybe have something to do with the weirwoods and their roots. I keep coming back to the passage where Jon fights Othor. There's something in it symbolically almost when you look at ghost like he's the stand in for either a Greenseer or the tree itself escaping the tree to battle. That whole section is filled.
  10. I'll try to take a look at it. I can't seem to make myself focus to read much for a while now. And I doze off to the recordings then can't sleep later. Ugh. I know I got sucked into Catelyn returning from the Sept and all of the descriptions the day Renly was slashed.
  11. I'm not sure if you were serious or sarcastic. But if you look at it realistically... It is.
  12. Have you, or really any of you all put any thought into the old idea that the wolves are divided wrong. To me it seems like Ghost should be Bran's. Did he get handed the wrong wolf. It almost feels like Jon should have Shaggy, since he's a black brother. Just the fur and eye colors seem off. Unless the switch was in my head or meant to protect them too much. Hint: Trying to work too many puzzles at the same time without enough pieces can lead to some pretty crazy possible solutions.
  13. @LynnS Its Nymeriaspac.blog I think all of the renewed discussion following the new series on HBO is starting to get to me. I mean did you all see Sean Mendez's tic toc yesterday?
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