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  1. I wonder whether he lost control of the story and had to write 1-2 pages for each character to make himself aware where his characters are at the end of ADwD. This could turn into hundreds of pages without any progress.
  2. I wouldn't mind a captured Damphair witnessing Euron dying in the next chapter.
  3. Ice Bran sounds like a frosted cereal.
  4. Maybe GRRM decided for a ten year gap after ADwD, and to make it real, only starts writing in July 2021? Jon has been stabbed and was not revived. The wildlings fought and killed off the Watch in revenge, but suffered heavy losses. But they sealed the wall, and it's magic prevents the army of the dead from crossing over. Bran is still in the cave, watching, becoming a tree. Daenerys Targaryen is living a boring, peaceful life in Vas Dothrak. Tyrion has died in the battle of Mereen along with Barristan Selmy and Victarion Greyjoy. Stannis Baratheon won the battle on the frozen lake and killed Ramsay Bolton, but his army failed to capture Winterfell and froze to death outside. The mad queen Cersei Lannister still rules King's Landing.
  5. Maybe he realized that the end of ADwD is better than the end he had originally in mind? Dany is with Drogon, surrounded by Dothraki - outcome unclear Jon has been stabbed, he may or may not be dead Bran is in the cave, maybe becoming a tree Tyrion is in Mereen, in the middle of a battle ... I guess everyone of us has one or more favorite characters, and can finish the story in their mind to their liking. Everything is possible. And the fact that we are still discussing it ten years after is a strong hint that it is fine the way it is. A classic drama has five acts.
  6. If he cannot finish TWoW while most of his previous distractions disappeared due to the pandemic, it will not happen.
  7. I do not have any clue where you want to go with this. GRRM has introduced too many characters already, he needs to reduce instead of creating new ones.
  8. Pain and suffering. It's GRRM. Also, no dashboard lights on Dothraki horses ;)
  9. I just wondered whether Roose Bolton and Mance Rayder are more familiar with each other than we know? The tv series skipped the whole Winterfell plot and quickly offed Roose, out of the blue, once they passed the books. In the books, Ramsay is riding with his troops for Stannis while Roose and Mance are in Winterfell in "unknown" condition.
  10. Struggling with allergies I read Sansa Shark, LOL.
  11. The last hero loses his dog, too, doesn't he? And maybe the children help him by giving him a direwolf (and bonding him to it?)?
  12. I guess the bottom line is that GRRM build up expectations much too high for the conclusion he intends to give and decided not to end the series. It is almost ten years since he released ADwD. Apparently, even a pandemic didn't give him enough time to complete the next book. Jon killing Daenerys and Bran becoming king of Westeros is the only end we are going to get. This is far worse than the final season of Lost.
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