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  1. It would be interesting to see Jon fully grown. His berserker fighting mode is more Robert than Rhaegar it seems. But Robert would recall having slept wity Lyanna, wouldn't he?
  2. Which brings up another point I fail to understand after all those years and heresies: When you fight the decisive battle of the rebellion, not too far away from your capital, why don't you bring your best friend, who happens to be the best fighter of the realm, and carries a mystical, superior sword? Unless an upcoming book reveals that the ToJ as we know it was but a dream and Arthur Dayne got killed before the Trident, Aerys may have been mad but Rhaegar is beyond stupid. Hint: he likes to play lute
  3. I like Oberyn Martell as a character. Still, he doesn't fit well into the story and I wonder whether GRRM invented him later on. Why wasn't he part of the Dornish forces fighting at the Trident? Why wasn't he at the ToJ? Why is he going to King's Landing asking revenge for Elia only after Robert's death? If he isn't afraid to fight the Mountain, he shouldn't be afraid of Robert either? Out-of-story, IMHO his appearance marks the point when GRRM starts to lose control of the narrative, i.e. the garden.
  4. I fail to explain in a good way but am confident this is why Bran names his direwolf Summer.
  5. With your last comment I had to think of Stannis' sword which was debunked by Aemon (iirc) as fake because it wasn't warm. Does 'Alive with light' also mean warm? (bonus question: does Aemon know Dawn is the sword of Azor Ahai?) Additional thoughts: 1) the Other's sword is that cold that the human steel sword breaks - is Dawn the opposite, i.e. break human swords fighting Dawn because it 'alive with light'? 2) Above would fit with Dawn being tempered in Nissa Nissa's heart if Nissa Nissa is a dragon (and Azor Ahai a Targaryen?) 3) The description of ghost grass high as a man on horseback fits a longsword?
  6. True. But the IMHO biggest problem for tv was that the main characters from the books are under age and do things they should maybe not do on tv. Plus, let's face it: tv Lannisters are like the Ewing family and tv Starks more like Our little farm.
  7. The wanderers, seven stars that correspond to the faith of the seven. And maybe Rhaegar's rubies as well? One is still missing. Because one of the stars (of the seven) fell? And Dawn was created from a fallen star.
  8. Quentyn is gone for good. He served his purpose and needed to die.
  9. Maybe Tyrion is a shadow assassin made flesh?
  10. Marwyn? Younger brother to Tywin?
  11. The volanqar is probably my favorite riddle of the bunch. My hunch is that the prophecy refers to the “hands” of Tommen. The mistake Cersei makes, is assuming that it refers to her little brother. That’s not how the prophecy was stated however: The crone is still talking about Cersei’s children when she mentions that the valonqar, aka “little brother”, will wrap his hands about her throat and choke the life from her. Otherwise she would have stated that “your” valonqar shall wrap his hands about her pale white throat. So, despite the fact that the Crone is describing Cersei’s children as having died, she’s still referencing Cersei’s children when she makes the distinction that it will be the little brother’s “hands” that will choke the life from Cersei. So in other words Tommen’s hands will choke the life from Cersei after his death. Good observation about the valonqar vs your valonqar, but I'm not on board with your suggestion that Tommen's hands are to be watched. Euron is a younger brother and claims to have been to Valyria.
  12. Not sure about Tyrion being the valonqar. Why use a valyrian word with Lannisters unless they are secret Targaryens? And then Jaime is the valonquar as Tyrion is a half-brother only.
  13. Tyrion, Tywin, Tytos and Marwyn alle have an y. Cersei and Jaime are secret Targaryens (see above )
  14. Maybe an illegitime son of Tywin, one he isn't aware of? Hope he meets Tyrion at some point in time.
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