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  1. alienarea

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    He got rich and famous but keeps cheating on those who made it possible.
  2. Yes. I will not give additional money to GRRM.
  3. Bran as a chosen ruler of Westeros is a bad ending. He may be able to watch all of the past, but he does not know life. All the information is worthless if you do not know how to interpret it. Bloodraven (the previous 3ER) had lived a life, loved, fought, killed, ... , before going into the tree. Bran climbed the walls of Winterfell. This is like having us governed by artificial intelligence in real life, and I do not agree with this message. The possibility of Bran being able to see the future is even more problematic. Either, there is only one future, then everything has already been decided and we are parts of a simulation, or, as the little green man from the other franchise put it: "Hard to see the future, always in motion it is." This implies there is more than one possible future based on the decisions we have taken, are taking and will take. How will a boy without any experience in live be able to interpret this and take decisions? Jon Snow getting away with murder? Of course, there is the old discussion whether murdering a tyrant is justified or even necessary. But not after one day of tyranny. Tyrion, from out of prison, suggesting who should be king? Keeping in mind the other questionable ingredients like incest, assumed cannibalism, assumed bestiality, ... , to name a few, it has been written for shock value, or, simplified, tits and dragons. It will not stand the test of time.
  4. Bran being the all-knowing ruler in the end translates to being ruled by artifical intelligence in real life. I find this message disturbing.
  5. alienarea

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    To join Gandalf and Frodo. Or kill them. For years I shortened Winterfell to WTF. Premonition, I guess.
  6. alienarea

    Title of the last episode

    The hit s***s the fans
  7. alienarea

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    In general, as a standalone, episode 5 wasn't bad, but: A short scene with the girl getting caught trying to poison Daenerys would have helped explaining Varys getting executed. Without that, it felt random as Tyrion and Jon betrayed Daenerys as well. She could have burned all three of them, or lock them up and burn Winterfell before turning on KL. I don't get how Tyrion could free Jaime and still lead Daenerys' army, when she threatened to kill him the next time he disappoints them. The Euron - Jaime fight was pointless IMHO, Jaime would have died with Cersei anyway. And having Euron burned by Drogon would give Daenerys some revenge for Rhaegal. I would have loved Arya getting killed in KL by friendly dragon fire, burning her to a crisp "no one". I guess it won't happen, but I hope Daenerys personally executes Tyrion in episode 6. And if the leaks are true, Daario should avenge Daenerys and behead Sansa.
  8. alienarea

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    No. Done with GRRM.
  9. alienarea

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    It would be totally cool if episode 6 were to focus on Essos only (Daario, Mereen, Quaithe, ...), and leave Westeros as is.
  10. alienarea

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    Or maybe any military strategy is outlawed by the Faith and may not be used at all? Would explain things in the mummers version, too "True believers don't rely on strategy."
  11. alienarea

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    A few thoughts that will not surface in the show: - the previous 3EC was Bloodraven, aka Brynden Rivers - is there a need/connection for the 3EC to be a Brynden/Brandon? - if so, Bran was a rushed backup for Brandon killed by Aerys because Bloodraven was dying? - because Bran is only 9 years old when he becomes the 3EC, he doesn't understand some things he sees and fails to give proper advice because he does not know?
  12. alienarea

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    I need to come back to the Bran's chapter when he watches a man being sacrificed and tastes his blood. I brought that up a couple of times and most of you ignored it, but I have a long breath I interpreted this scene as Bran tasting his own blood, hinting at a time loop and all Brandon Starks are being the same person. And without context I also assumed that the show scene of the CotF creating the Night King is the Mummes version of Bran's chapter. That of course is a significant difference. In the books the sacrifice is done by humans, in the show by CotF. What if the sacrifice in the books was the Starks sacrificing one of their own, Brandon Stark, the last hero, to end the long night, as the CotF told the last hero. The catch for the books were that the White Walkers rise when Brandon Stark, Rickards heir, is executed by Aerys. That ties together the "both die a king, first father then son" prophecy, as it still considers the Starks to be Kings in the North and maybe the cold hell for Starks. If I were to follow this as a story, I would have Daenerys destroy KL first, and meet the AotD at the Trident (they would ignore Winterfell on their way South?). Jon, as their leader, would kill Daenerys and the White Walkers would dissolve then.
  13. The exchange with the girl raises a possibility that Varys slow poisoned Daenerys before getting executed. Episode 6: Daenerys dies after burning KL, touching the IT with her last breath. Enter Jon. Jon and Drogon fly her off on Bran's suggestion. Daenerys gets revived to become the Night Queen. Jon, still loving her, slowly turns into the new Night King. Turns out the Night King was created by the 3ER all along to exterminate humans. Previous version was abandoned by 3ER at Winterfell because he needed to turn Daenerys first. Now the next round begins.
  14. alienarea

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    We have not seen anything written about Daenerys by GRRM for some years.
  15. alienarea

    Heresy 221 and the Children of Winterfell

    Honestly, GRRM shares the blame with the show. It's his ending, and as he explained, paraphrased, there are different roads leading from a to b, we still arrive at b. Daenerys is far from perfect, but replacing one mad queen with another is a cheap video game plot. Plus, making Sansa a scheming bitch and Arya a killer-Ninja, reveals him as an old male chauvinist.