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  1. As Melisandre travels close to the lands of ice, her counterpart should travel close to the lands of fire ... Quaithe.
  2. Another option is that the catspaw is one of the Faceless Men? He would be able to fetch the dagger from Robert's quarters, and not care about the dagger's value. We do not know about the motives of the Faceless Men. Maybe Jaqen is on a mission to kill Bran as well? It's a bit suspicious that the motives of the Faceless Men weren't revealed in the tv series, though Jaqen was quite popular.
  3. It is most likely overthinking, but if the catspaw had succeeded and Bran had been killed, the plans of the 3EC would have failed. The Valyrian steel dagger would help against the Others, though. Like a trade-off. Who would want that?
  4. Not sure I have Rings of Power. I'm in Germany and have Amazon Prime and Netflix. Also working on a new record on top of my full-time job.
  5. Yes, I still refuse to watch HotD. Watched Westworld, though.
  6. There's a reason why the Valyrian language is genderless.
  7. Didn't we conclude that 'under the sea' means 'dead'. If Patchface uses crows and Starks synonymously, then all Starks are becoming white walkers when dead. We have six white walkers in the prologue, six direwolf pups and six Stark children. Ser Puddles is Rob.
  8. But it was to be expected from an emo harp player.
  9. The fire in the Stark library and Roose burning a book might be responsible for the lack of knowledge about the Stark part in the pact. As Roose is a cunning player for power, he has Ramsay legitimized and marrying a (fake) Stark. To a dragonlord of Essos Ramsay will look like the Stark of Winterfell and the ice part of the pact. Another thought of the previous thread I would like to bring over is the idea of Lyanna asking Ned to kill Jon. Maybe ice and fire need to be in balance (a pact) but are not supposed to be in union. I.e., Jon, by his exisence, is a threat to the pact? That would be a twist on the hidden prince trope.
  10. As we are on page 20: The next heresy should be Heresy 244, as we had 242 twice, shouldn't it?
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