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  1. And maybe GRRM kills off Jon Snow for good in the beginning of TWoW (i.e. Jon dies at the end of ADwD and cannot be revived) and we'll never know and debate for ever.
  2. Something else. The dead direwolf mother. - does it foreshadow Cat's death? - as Ghost has walked away and already opened his eyes, is this a hint that Jon is older than his siblings? - Ghost is "of the old gods". Is this a hint Jon's mother is "from the old gods", i.e. from a first men family?
  3. Maybe Meera instead of a CotF? Jon, Ghost, the raven and Meera hunting White Walkers could work as graphic novel.
  4. That's a lot of comics, cool. I read the Legacy of the Force some years ago before Disney took over. Also started rendering pictures and made released another album. You got to do something until the next book shows up. https://youtu.be/P36D3DbEjU0
  5. It's not about being dead. Would Sansa ever be called Wolfmaid?
  6. Getting back to Sansa the Snow Queen. She is not the Snow Queen in my opinion. Yes, she received the "snowflake communion" and we have her slaying a giant (of Bravos ;) ) in the castle of ice. But, the Snow Queen has to be the corpse queen that the Night King saw from the wall. Maybe it's Val. Maybe Quaithe.
  7. That is true. Everything else you post, maybe not. FFR said it nicer than I could.
  8. It is not in my opinion. Women have given birth on their own for thousands of years. There isn't a single line in the books up to ADwD saying that Lyanna - was pregnant - if so, gave birth at the ToJ The whole ToJ episode is from a fever dream of Ned. The books say: - Ned tore down the ToJ with his hands to build eight cairns - only two rode away Following your speculation, Ned and Howland rode into Starfall with Arthur Dayne's sword Dawn, a crying (because hungry almost starved) baby Jon, and a decomposing Lyanna. And no one remembers this? Because, quoting LF, "someone always tells".
  9. It only ends once. Everything else is progress.
  10. There the speculation starts.
  11. Yes, and Westeros is actually Hoth and the White Walkers are Wampas. Who knows, Winterfell could be Echo Base ;)
  12. The thread is called baseless speculation That being said, Quaithe needs to have a purpose. Her red laquered mask initially suggests she's Team Fire, but the weirwoods have red, too. Her wooden mask may be similar to the one of the woodswitch Jon encounters at the end of ADwD. Additionally, I like the symmetry of a "fire agent" (Melisandre) in Westeros and an "ice agent" (Quaithe) in Essos.
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