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  1. I'm very happy you are ok. Sounds intense. We had a tornado over here, too, luckily not in my area. But not that far away. Scary.
  2. And maybe the White Walkers we encounter in the current timeline are not the White Walkers of the long night but the Kings of the Winter? The cursed, ancient Starks just wanting to go home?
  3. You reminded me of some interesting points. - The wall was build before the Night King - but did it start growing with the Night King? - Bran's vision of the sacrifice - maybe it ends before the sacrificed man gets inserted a piece of dragonglass and becomes Coldhands (though I still want the sacrifice to be Bran) - maybe there is a connection to the dragonglass gift of the CotF and the Night Watch oath? I'm thinking about the men of the watch initially getting implanted with a piece of dragonglass so they cannot become ice wights if they fall battling the white walkers, but as a downside cannot father children anymore? - if a nightwatch man gets a dragonglass implant, and a white walker hits this nightwatch man, does the white walker dissolve because of the dragonglass?
  4. Just finished watching Outer Range, which was just weird. Don't plan on watching House of the Dragon, but who knows. Reading some newer books about Troy.
  5. The old GRRM dilemma once more: one the one hand he gets praised as the most innovative writer going against all tropes (except R+L=J), on the other he borrows from history and "classic" fantasy and future books can be predicted based on this. Nope. He's a fantastic writer of short stories who got lost in his opus magnus.
  6. In my opinion this is when (current) Bran starts to put things together. It is him tasting the blood, and he'll realise it is his own, and that he's all Brandon Starks. That will lead to him figuring out what needs to happen. I guess that includes sacrifices for the greater good.
  7. Maybe it is as simple as this: A Song of Ice and Fire is about the end of two great houses with magical abilities.
  8. I'm not enthusiastic about the book either way. Either both books are finished and he made some side money with a clause that he'll only publish them five (ten?) years after the end of the tv series, or he'll cram as much as possible into TWoW, as finishing ADoS becomes more unlikely by each day.
  9. I just hope the Battle of Mereen has catapults and Tyrion gets smashed by a rock.
  10. Or maybe two thirds of the book will be Essos food porn.
  11. Why didn't Ned leave Jon in Dorne in the first place? Either this was the promise he made to Lyanna or Jon never was in Dorne to begin with.
  12. I guess a pregnancy lasts nine months in ASoIaF as well. Even a premature birth would take seven month. Ned wasn't that long in Dorne after the war.
  13. In my opinion the fantasy elements (dragons, White Walkers, Faceless Men ...) have to be accepted as they are as it is a fantasy story. Where I struggle are these "realistic" human plot-holes: 1. Varys, the master of whispers for Aerys, becomes master of whispers for Robert. In our history he would have been one of the first to get executed. 2. Rhaegar didappears with Lyanna, Robert claims he raped her a thousand times, then Ned returns from Dorne with Lyanna's bones and a baby and nobody can add things up, though it is known Rhaegar returned to die at the Trident from Dorne with a Dornish army. 3. Tyrion still being alive.
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