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  1. It would also be a great twist if Melisandre were Azor Ahai.
  2. Valyria is kind of like Atlantis, but with volcanoes instead of tidal waves. Maybe the Andals with the seven pointed stars are the Aeneas equivalent?
  3. Replace dragon's with direwolves and Targaryens with Starks ... The Starks' original sword Ice is missing as well as Azor Ahai's sword (named Fire?) but we have Dawn. Or is Dawn the sword of Azor Ahai? Looks like we need to apply the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
  4. I thought Heresy is a random thoughts thread? We usually stray from the op rather soon.
  5. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=J7_0f3C5PI8&feature=share
  6. With a bit of unreliable narrator the man in flames vs the wolf could be Re vs Anubis. Robb with Greywind's head is a version of Anubis, too. Following through with this, the Starks are rulers in the land of the dead. Crypts of Winterfell ...
  7. For the time being the biggest plot twist would be completing and releasing the book.
  8. I think I speculated a bit in this direction regarding the White Walkers. The greenseers go into the weirwood trees. The weirwoods do not die naturally, as far as we know. Badically, greenseers are on eternal netflix then. When a weirwood is killed, his spirit roams free, and maybee ends up in some animal or human. But, maybe some greenseers don't. Instead of ending up in some living being, they master the air / fog? And materialize as White Walkers ... They want to kill all life because then the weirwoods are safe and they can go back to Netflix.
  9. In another time and space, a Rainbow is a splinter of Deep Purple.
  10. And going back to the rainbow: If we have greenseers, maybe Melisandre is a redseer? Complementary colours, you know Still missing a purpleseer.
  11. Melisandre, female = Fire X, male = Ice Because of symmetry I demand the "Ice magician" to be male. Maybe it has been Bran all the time? Because the previous Brandon Stark has been killed not by fire but by the fire side, the current Brandon Stark takes revenge through ice? I can't get the (paraphrased) prophecy of "father and son being sacrificed so both die kings" out of my head, and that Aerys triggered something he didn't foresee when killing the Starks. If Bran is the (bad?) ice magician and ends up king of whatever in the end, this is much more in line with a dark ending Omen style. Of course, thr hacks jumped to wrong conclusions from what they were told and what they didn't know.
  12. Remember that it is not clear whether the White Walkers come with the cold or the cold comes with them? Kind of a reverse Borg situation. When the Borg arrive, temperatues rise, when the White Walkers arrive, it gets colder. If the White Walkers were shadows, who created them? The Three Eyed Raven?
  13. Which leads to the house of black and white.
  14. And maybe the moon that cracked was purple and out came the magic which cannot be seen directly, only in its creations, like dragons. Or, Prince :P
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