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  1. The snowstorms and the cold wind came back before:
  2. I wonder at what point GRRM will close the curtain of the mummer's play and go back to Sansa's chapters. Maybe when the tourney ends. So the abduction might not be covered. We will have to wait and see. Alayne 's chapters are running a bit behind the rest of of POVs. . LF says "Winter is coming" in Alayne I TWOW. But the high road was closed earlier during Autumn as mentioned in one of Brienne chapters.
  3. Right, Darkstar can fulfil Arianne's fantasies about his uncle:
  4. Nice find. The Moriori also carved figures of ancestors and nature on living trees. Some of the designs from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moriori#/media/File:Transactions_of_the_Royal_Society_of_New_Zealand_(1901)_(14577912959).jpg
  5. I mean the boiling reference when used by the wildlings (can't find the Frey quotes). For example: The insults are the abuse of the bones after the boiling.
  6. I don't think GRRM intends this as an insult. Medieval "Mos Teutonicus" was a process of bone preservation for nobility that died far away from home (i.e. the crusades) and it involved boiling the body parts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mos_Teutonicus
  7. Darkstar is the comedy version of Oberyn in Arianne's fantasy. More dangerous than Oberyn, more poisonous than Oberyn, more sexy than Oberyn.
  8. Boiling bones appears to be traditional in Ghis: Barristan thinks of using beetles instead of boling for Quentyn, but it is not clear if this is due to Westerosi custom, to better preserve the bones or due to the dragons flying around.
  9. Quentyn convinced himself that Dany was testing him: He thought that a dragon was his destiny but he ended as roasted frog. I see Moqorro line not just a vision of the future, but basically of Tyrion's nature: he meddles and changes the fate of dragons. Later Tyrion encounters Brown Ben that is a good candidate for a false dragon; he has his two drops of dragon blood and he is a turncloak. A nice detail with his encounter with Brown Ben is that Tyrion ends the chapter with a white wood dragon veined with blood: a weirwood dragon like BR? Tyrion plays with dragons ;-) He did that with Young Griff chatting over a game of cyvasse; he tells him to be a dragon and invade Westeros, but within cyvasse he shows him to keep his she-dragon close
  10. In a way Tyrion already crossed paths and meddled with Quentyn's fate when he influenced the Golden Company changing direction; what would have happened if the Golden Company pretended to take the Yunkish contract to get to Meereen?. Tyrion already meddled with the fate of other dragons (Stannis, Aemon, maybe Jon, Aegon) so Moqorro's vision probably refers to past and future events.
  11. I would bet on the northmen doing a mass migration to the south like the wildlings did in ASoS. Even them are terrified of the ~40 day cursed blizzard and things should get worse.
  12. I would count Quentyn as an example of a twice-false dragon. He both fail to bind to a dragon but he was also a betrayer as he tried to steal both dragons. This is comparable to the Sowing of the Seeds when dozens of potential dragonseeds were killed or maimed. Four succeeded but two became false dragons (the Two Betrayers), one true (loyal Addam Hull) and one not confirmed (Nettles had to ran away)
  13. There are specific steps and Cat is quite clear about that when approaching The Twins
  14. Any evidence of Mance being bound by guest right? Invoking guest right has specific rituals and Mance is well aware of them so he could easy avoid them.
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