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  1. Tucu

    Heresy 219 and a whisper of Winter

    I keep my long odds bet on Jon "dancing" anon with Alys. The merge of the Direwolf and the Sun of Winter into one mind, married into the "last of the First Men". She/He will surely has more of the North in him (her). Osha told us that "Winter's got no king", but GRRM has given us "Winter's lady" with icy crown and all.
  2. Tucu

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    Quentyn E. Coyote lives! Like his Looney Tunes counterpart he always comes back.
  3. This takes us to the Soiled Knight branch. Arianne wonders if the died to protect her or in act of redemption (for his sins or for serving a monster). Can this apply to the WWs? Is this similar to how Theon asks for a sword for redemption to the Old Gods in A Ghost in Winterfell? Is he going to end as a shadow? I found it funny that in that scene we have a soiled white shadow attacking The Watcher, so watcher vs watcher. Not sure if this points towards a civil war within the original NW. I think the colour is important but not sure how. The simplest explanation I have is that they have the colour of what binds them to the physical world. White mist for the WW, shade of the evening for the Undying and the smoke from Mel's fires for her babies. For Ned's grey shadows I am not sure. Is this to mark the Starks as a middle-man between the white shadows and the black shadows of the NW? Or maybe they were part of a transition from one to the other? A reference to the Night's King and Brandon the Breaker.
  4. I have a wide mind map in my head around what GRRM might want magical shadows to be in the history. I will try to explain some of the main threads. If I start WW=white shadow and Ghost=white shadow. Can we combine this two to get to WW=ghosts/spirits/shades? I would say quite probably (more on this below). Then we have KG=white shadow. In this case this means guardian or protector. This applies to Ghost too. Can we say that the WW are protectors too? Maybe. The WW are also described as watchers in the prologue of AGoT. So they are also shadows that are watchers and appear only at night. This links to the Night's Watch that are black shadows that serve as watchers and protectors. They seem to be a cargo cult version of the WW. We also have The Watcher chapter describing what a watcher is: "Serve. Protect. Obey. Simple vows for simple men. That was all he knew". This seems to point towards the WW as pawns of a player of a different nature. We can also look at the Undying that are described as "blue shadows". The way they are described in Dany's chapter seems to link again to the shadows being spirits or ghosts. The grey wraiths in Ned's dream also reinforces the idea that shadows=spirits. If we have white, blue and grey shadows being spirits/ghosts, can we extend this to Mel's black shadows? It doesn't sound far fetched that they are spirits controlled by shadowbinding. Their swords seem to be as effective as the WW's in cutting through steel. Further hints comes from Mirri's ritual and Patchface's rhymes about dancing shadows and dead men dancing. I probably have another big section of the mind map built around the different tales about ghosts, including the ghosts in Jamie's, Jon's and Brienne's chapters plus Mance's shades, the ghosts in Harrenhal and the Nightfort and the misty "spirits returning to their graves" described by Cat; but the post is already too long.
  5. GRRM is doing his own thing, but the assasination of Ser Puddles by the coward Samwell Tarly might be pointing at the obsidian blade consuming the soul of the WW.
  6. If Eldric is a reference to Elric of Melniboné he was probably chasing shadows to feed his sword. We are told that Nissa Nissa's soul went into Lightbringer and the world book talks about the Iron Born having "black weapons that drank the very souls of those they slew"
  7. I think that all the magical shadows will end having a similar origin. GRRM has included some tales that seem to hint at links. We have a septon (later executed for this) accusing Bloodraven of using a shadow to kill the unborn children of Valarr and another septon describing what looks like a shadow cutting the head of Syrax.
  8. In his dream Ned commands wraiths with shadow swords. We have seen shadows fighting in the the prologue of AGoT and in the chapter when the shadow kills Renly. Ned thinking of shadows and "as blue as the eyes of death" seem out of place, so I don't discard shadows or wights being involved in the encounter. Even if this was not literal, it looks like a big foreshadowing of a Stark commanding shadows. With regards to the clothing, Ned's companions were nobles and they seem to tend to wear armour in the colours of their own houses.
  9. Tucu

    Who is the 3EC?

    I vote for non-linear time Bran. Bran meaning crow is probably a hint (unless it is misdirection).
  10. Of course he knows:
  11. For that my bet is on Howland. He was the closest magic user that we know of, so him casting some shadows or rising some wights from the bodies of Ned companions is not out of the question. Ned is not the only Stark metaphorically commanding shadows in the books. After that some "cleaning" would be required.
  12. Benerro probably knows about the same prophecy. He doesn't mention dragons from stone, but he includes dragons, salt, smoke and Azor Ahai: The mixing of Azor Ahai and TPTwP seems to predate Mel's visit to Dragonstone. Notice that Benerro thinks she is Azor Ahai because she has dragons. To cleanse the world she would need more than a magical sword or dragons, maybe a comet?
  13. You also have the un-natural way. GRRM loves his cross-sex clones and genetic enhancements. I would not discard magical versions of these (probably for Dany and Bran)
  14. I think that GRRM is giving us subtle hints that out-of-time Bran (3EC?) has been trying to repair mistakes done by BR and himself. His hints would be easy to dismiss by people not into time-manipulation
  15. In his sci-fi work GRRM has included inhuman organisms capable of allowing interactions with people from alternative timelines. The interactions make some people think that they are talking to ghosts. Timeline jumping is also possible, thus creating a new timeline (or altering the two affected by the jump; this is not clear)