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  1. Not new characters or races, but which characters and blood lines that might be dormant giants. For example Tyrion: Or Bran that was the sleeping winged wolf in stone chains and sometimes is a giant (when skinchanging Hodor)
  2. I had to go to Wikipedia to read about the Green Knight as I am not familiar with the tale. A couple of things caught my attention: -his name was Bertilak de Hautdesert and apparently one of the etimologies of Hautdesert is High Hermitage (as in House Dayne of High Hermitage) -he has been identified as a Green Man, a medieval representation of ancient rebirth deities. The two together take us to the Tower of Joy with Arthur Dayne and Howland Reed where Ned's honor was tested.
  3. Right. GRRM might be going with the normal-sized greek giants (the Gigantes). They are the savage offpring of Gaia (earth) and the blood of Uranus (sky) after his castration by their son Cronus. After the Gigantomachy (battle with the Olympian gods) some were buried under volcanoes and filtered into Roman myths: Enceladus under Mount Etna and Alcyoneus under Mount Vesuvius. This is from Cassius Dio account of the eruption that buried Pompeii
  4. The drowned woman: With a heart of stone: with her heart filling with revenge:
  5. I agree. Each Stark and Targ will carve their own paths with the help of their guides. Right now I am just wondering what is the meaning of the symbolism of exiled nobles encased in stone. JonCon and maybe Tyrion in the Surrows touched by the stonemen, Sansa as Alayne Stone, Rickon with the stoneborn in Skagos, "still as stone" Arya goes to "all stone" Braavos to sleep in a stone bed, Bran first in Winterfell and then in the CoTF cave.
  6. I would say that Bran is linked to Winterfell, but his power not longer bound by it. It looks like that. Sansa is doing a dual transformation. From little bird to mocking bird and soon bird of prey. She also went from being a Stark to a Stone, then she had her snowflake communion and if she becomes a bird of prey then the sky and the eyrie are hers.
  7. Here is some rather long thread pulling starting with the idea of the Starks being bound to Winterfell by some oath, promise or pact of which they can't remember the details...but the trees probably do: First some small details about Jon Connington to keep in mind for later: he is an exiled lord that is turning into stone. The stone men from the Surrows are victims of Garin's curse (probably a large size magical event) Jojen is sent by the crow to break the grey stone chains that bind Bran The crow gave Bran his third eye to show him some terrible knowledge: Winterfell is described as a monstrous stone tree, a labyrynth and a prision. Winterfell had to be broken to free Bran. Is this to fulfil the Starks oath or to break it? One last set of quotes: the dead Starks are described as stone kings (cursed like the exiled lord JonCon?) that are bound to the stone roots of Winterfell and warded with iron swords: Edit: one extra bit that I forgot: Sansa Stark also transformed into stone: from Stark to Stone.
  8. Some further thoughts on the Starks as exiled icelords. This is Old Nan's tale about the Last Hero: I used to think that the Last Hero was a proto-Stark living around Winterfell and his failure to find the CoTF was due to them hiding from men. But if he was a refugee heading south running away from the cold it would explain why it took him so long to find the children. Then we have the description of the exile of House Manderly that has some nice wordplay and parallels with the tale of the Last Hero: So the Manderlys were also exiles; they were hounded from their homes until the wolves took them and protected them; in return the Manderlys became Stark men forever. Is this parallel pointing towards the idea that the Starks as descendants of the Last Hero have a debt that can never be repaid? Is this why "there must always be a Stark in Winterfell"? Is the debt owed to the CoTF or to the direwolves?
  9. I need to start paying more attention. I always read that as "chipotle cockles".
  10. I forgot to provide a quote describing her communion with smoke and salt:
  11. Arya is so dangerous. Her coming is the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy; from smoke and salt was she born to make the world anew...soon the Many-Faced God himself will bend his knee before her.
  12. Given the parallels between the ice and fire cataclysms, are the Starks exiled magnars of ice? Bear with me... First we have some elemental lords: the Magnar of Skagos are stoneborn lords, the Magnar of Thenn sound like tin lords and the most powerful nobles of Valyria were dragonlords. Then we have the parallels between the "empire built on blood and fire" and a possible empire built on blood and ice: Ancient source of power: blood and fire -> blood and ice Ancient place of power: Fourteen Flames -> Heart of Winter ("frozen hell reserved for the Starks of Winterfell"?) Ancient realm: Land of the Long Summer -> Lands of Always Winter Cataclysm that they caused: Doom of Valyria -> Long Night Status of ancient realm: scorched, drowned and blighted wasteland -> frozen wasteland Beings created by the cataclysm: demons and the things that attacked Aerea and Balerion -> white walkers and wights Ancient titles: Dragonlords -> Magnar of Ice (maybe) Exiled family: Targaryen -> Stark (maybe) Place of exile: Dragonstone -> Winterfell New realm conquered after cataclysm: Seven Kingdoms -> the North New title after cataclysm: Lord of the Seven Kingdoms (and others) -> King of Winter (probably Magnar of Winter before the Andals) Current situation: deposed and trying to rebuild their power -> same
  13. Continuing with the "blood" and "500" keywords we get this quote from Tyrion (that comes directly after the Moqorro quote I used before):
  14. Curiously we have Bran looking into the Heart of Winter (and living) while we get a warning about mortal men looking into the Fourteen Flames from Moqorro: It will be funny if Mel causes the ice cataclysm by weakening the Wall in her pursue of bringing back his fire champion Azor Ahai This one goes into my "Wow, I never noticed that" list. First Men used to practice thraldom like the current Ironborn. When Tormund gives Jon the hostages he says: Then we get a parallel to the Nightfort's dungeon in Meereen's new dragon pit:
  15. I have been running some searches for clues on the magical sword and soul of ice and the thread pulling took me to odd places. To start we have the image of the Wall as a sword made of ice: We also get the idea of magic being an uncontrollable sword: Then the searches took me to the Fourteen Flames and their hearts of fire: From these two quotes we could interpret that the Fourteen Flames had hearts of fire and were fed slaves to sustain the spells to control them. From the Fourteen Flames we can jump to the Heart of Winter (its mirror): This is another place were a terrible uncontrolled magic event happened. Now some snippets with facts about the Wall and the NW. The Wall contains spells and maybe was fed the blood of captives (or members of the NW) and it grew bigger as time passed. Was the blood used to control and strengthen the spells like in the Fourteen Flames? Is the Wall there to contain the disaster that surrounds the Heart of Winter?
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