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  1. The description of the Horn of Herrock matches the horn used in the temporary cover for TWOW: https://grrm.livejournal.com/465247.html?thread=23539807#t23539807
  2. I never noticed this before: Jamie has a horn-blower with a named horn: No idea if it means something but it is curious.
  3. So Jamie, Brienne and Jon are 3 living swords being forged and 3 lights. 3 Lightbringers? Jon, Arthur, Jamie and Brienne became swords and shields via their oaths. The KGs are the White Swords and are sworn shields. Brienne's oath to Renly made her his Blue sword and shield. And Jon swore his oath to the NW:
  4. Lots of sword, stars and hearts references around Brienne. Lightbringer was made from Nissa Nissa's heart; Just Maid from the heart of the Maiden, Dawn from the heart of a fallen star. In our world Lightbringer is the morning star and the evening star; Brienne is the Maid of Tarth, daughter of the Evenstar. Maybe Oathkeeper will be forged into a new Lightbringer. Another odd reference: Cersei thinks of Tywin as a fallen star and Jamie is his heir. And as you mentioned before Jamie is associated with light.
  5. Found some word play in Brienne's chapter that you will enjoy: So: -Galladon is the perfect knight. A parallel to Arthur Dayne and Jamie's aspiration at one point -A maiden lost her heart and he got a magical sword. A parallel to Azor Ahai and Nissa Nissa. -He used the sword/maid to slay a dragon Is this foreshadowing of the future of Jamie and Brienne (The maid of Tarth) ?
  6. That will be a long time. BR's freezer (located just before the entrance to the cave) is full of meat.
  7. Some sympathy for Meera. All that effort and sacrifice to end lonely in a cave with a dying brother, a corpse, a broken giant, some creepy elves and a stalking demi-god.
  8. Some fun with the books' "finest knights". 1) Vardis Egen (Lysa's finest) died with the queen on top of him (well the statue of Queen Alyssa Arryn) 2) Jamie (Cersei's finest) bedded the queen. 3) Loras (Renly's and Margaery's finest) bedded the king. 4) Aemon the Dragonknight (the finest of them all) probably bedded the queen and fathered the next king (Daeron II). Then he was killed by the brothers of his "brother" (Terrence Toyne was a KG executed for bedding the mistress of the king) 5) Baelor was the finest of his age. We don't know of any indiscretions but he was killed by his brother.
  9. If Howland (as a link to the Green Men) tested Arthur Dayne, did he let Arthur live? or was the finest knight still a soiled knight?
  10. IIRC sometime ago we discussed the Arthurian poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. There is a movie adaptation coming soon and new trailer:
  11. It is not clear at all, but I think GRRM is giving us a hint at how the operate via this Littlefinger quote: After five books we have no clear picture of who the Others are or their motives. They are masters at the game.
  12. There is a pattern in the books where the CoTF/greenseers/CH do impossible rescues with what appears to be a scare-them->break-them->rescue-them sequence. They did it to the Last Hero, Sam, Bran&Co and maybe Gared.
  13. I donĀ“t know...there is a lot of salt and smoke in the storerooms of Castle Black.
  14. Salt and smoke are the clue. Look for the smoked sausage! Only Arya and the Hound can be Azor Ahai.
  15. I like pulling the little threads in the books; here are the things that were armored in ice and the references to black ice. The white shadows (that aren't really that white): (BTW their eyes "burn"): A weirwood (or the pale shadow of a weirwood if you parse the sentence differently): Rhaegar and his shades: Two rocks next to a frozen stream: The usurpers' host: For references to black ice we have the cracks in the Wall:
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