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  1. Makes me wonder what are the links between the dragon, the Old Gods and The Bran that was Promised A name only when needed...like Arya and the people in the House of Black and White
  2. He is more a warrior (and drunk) than a worker. From one of the quotes I included before: Not long ago, GRRM posted this quote from Nelson Mandela in his blog:
  3. The books seems to be lacking main characters with links to the smith. Can't find significant references to the red wanderer or to cobblers, fisherman, carpenters or farmers Looking for thiefs doesn't yield much either: It makes it hard to follow threads to Azor Ahai
  4. Bran could make sense. The prophecies coming from the Old Gods could take years and decades to show their effects
  5. While we are discussing prophecies. Thoughts on this one from Fire&Blood? The first guess is to point towards Robert's hammer, but we also have this one from The Forsaken: Or
  6. Mud and darkness might be better than R'hllor cleaning service.
  7. I always took that quote from Arya as foreshadowing: Under ground, life and darkness. Above ground, a fire&blood hell.
  8. Jorah also has Rhaegar in high esteem. When Dany saves Eroeh from her rapists: Curious quote coming from a northerner that fought at the Trident. Also:
  9. Back to Bob around the time of the rebellion: Bob was not bad, better than Aerys and Viserys; not as good as the not-crazy Rhaegar.
  10. One thing missing from Lyanna's and Bob's tales is the dragon eggs. We know that Aerys was trying to hatch them, possibly by doing fire executions: Illyrio's eggs seem to be those sold to the Sealord of Braavos. So where are Aerys' eggs? Robert didn't found them in KL, Stannis doesn't have them and Darry didn't took them as far as we know.
  11. I once mentioned that a tower on the Prince's Pass was an odd place to hide considering that it is the main way into Dorne. Daggers everywhere!
  12. That battle has been going on since February, maybe earlier. Too much "burn the heretic!" for me
  13. Does he count? Specially combined with the reference of the blue flower growing in The Wall Also, is the "sweetness" in the vision a reference to quotes like this:
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