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  1. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    Yes, I think we already saw this outside BR 's cave with those wights sleeping under the snow. This brings me back to the NW's oath: "the horn that wakes the sleepers".
  2. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    The WW camouflage is perfect for a NW :-) In my headcanon, from Other men; you can only fit so many people on a cave; the mission was "save as many as you can" not save everyone.
  3. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    @Feather Crystal estiveños = Summer Islanders. From estío, another word for summer in Spanish Luna de Otoño = the name of the ship that went down The chills is a disease transmitted by rats that hit Westeros hard at the same time as the hard winter.. This translation probably makes more sense: About those elders going into the snow to "hunt", Coldhands-type wights is a possibility; another one I considered before is that it was a tradition derived from the Long Night: die in the cold and rise as a wight to protect the entrances to the caves (and become emergency rations as "ice preserves").
  4. Not a secret targ, the Night's Queen reborn :-).
  5. Tucu

    Summer eating wights

    @White Ravens I like the inversion of the Old Nan's tale that GRRM is doing there. The legends says: Yet we have human children feeding on the dead servants and we have not seen any wight feeding in the books.
  6. That section is not very translator friendly. It says something like this:
  7. Google Translate seems to work fine for me on the Sothoryos part. I got this (minor corrections done by me): I think most of this was already mentioned in the world book.
  8. "To reach the west, you must go east (just watch out for the kraken)"
  9. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    Changing subject completely. There is an interesting fragment of the spanish version of Fire&Blood detailing an attempt by Hightower/Braavosi fleet to reach the sunset sea and the unusual places they visited, creatures they faced and that might answer the question if you can reach Essos by sailing into the sunset. Good read if you don't mind using Google Translate to see what was released in the sunset sea: https://lossietereinos.com/nuevo-fragmento-exclusivo-fuego-sangre/
  10. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    I mentioned before the idea that the original NW was formed by a human commanding a group of white shadows in a similar way that Ned commands the shadows in his ToJ dream. I think this is the system Brandon the Breaker broke. Ned had his shadows and the NK had his via shadowbinding:
  11. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    The original Ice melted when Brandon the Breaker tried to sharpen it using a dragonglass whetstone :-)
  12. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    From Cat in GoT
  13. Tucu

    Heresy 214 The Last Heretic

    @Feather Crystal Continuing from 213; I don't expect symmetry between the Fire and the Ice forces. I actually not even expect a team Ice as the white cold will not be a sentient being, just a dangerous (un)natural force. The fire forces (specifically the followers of R'hllor) are the ones that believe in a dual world in which ice and fire are opposed. The Others would be a more a holistic group freely mixing multiple types of magic. The land is one and magic probably too. This is why we can have fire (Bloodraven), ice (Bran) and earth (the CoTF) in the same cave working together with necromancy (wights) guarding the entrance . I will not be surprise if Theon (water) joins them. With regards to the Last Hero; we can compare him being chased by wights and WW to the way Sam and Bran are guided by being chased and then rescued.
  14. Craster separates the gods from the white cold. This is not the only time that GRRM makes me doubt the relationship between the cold and the Others. Sam's investigation in the library and Archmaester Fomas' Lies of the Ancients are others.