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  1. A Stark commanding shadows :-) Later in one of Jamie's dreams Rhaegar and the KG are Jamie's icy shades/shadows/ghosts
  2. "can I make him fly? I want to see him fly" from the top of the Wall would have been great.
  3. Related piece of wisdom from an unlikely source:
  4. The WWs are also called watchers (like the NW) in the AGoT prologue. In The Watcher and in the Captain of the guards Areo Hotah repeats expressions like this 4 times: Then in The Queensguard Barristan thinks this: So we have a white shadow repeating the serve, obey and protect vows mentioned by Areo. Simple vows for simple men.
  5. The WWs, Ghost and the Kingsguard are described multiple times as "white shadows". Not sure exactly what it will mean but I always look for references to "white shadows". Ghost protects Jon and the KGs protect the king; the WW are protectors of what? The last one is when Mandon attacks Tyrion.
  6. I am convinced that GRRM is playing with emergent behaviours of complex systems. The wights and WW are what happens when you feed too many human souls to the weirwoods and surrounding forest. Greenseers might be able to use and influence the system but not fully control it. There will be no way to stop the process, but there will be ways for some to survive until the soul storm passes.
  7. Aeron Ahoy will be the true saviour; all other pretenders are mistranslations and misinterpretations:
  8. The memories come with the faces (remember Arya's nightmares with the ugly little girl)
  9. I see him as more humorous than sad. He is a prince that transforms into a Frog, then to a prince again to finally died croaking and catching fire Imagine a mix of Michigan J. Frog singing "Hello! Ma Baby" and Wile E. Coyote playing with rockets and explosives
  10. Tywin and every king and great lord since Jaehaerys I (until Cersei). Will it be any different if Tyrion comes home with Dany?
  11. Tywin got the "septons" to undo the marriage:
  12. Sansa's symbols has been evolving from the little bird to the mockingbird (from his "father") into the the falcon (from Harry the Heir). From little bird into bird of prey; she might not need a wolf anymore.
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