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  1. "OK, one more Frey and you go to bed"
  2. I just think people are going too far by taking this as a list of Dany's marriages. Dany is not daughter to Viserys, Rhaego or Rhaegar. Why does she need to be a bride to the corpse in the ship and Jon? Lyanna is the most likely person that can be linked to both a blue rose and a bride of fire.
  3. But Euron is short one eye. If you want to include a Greyjoy, it would have to be Victarion that is heading there with a much needed fleet and Dragonbinder. And the bride theme seems to be missing Hizdahr.
  4. Vyseris, Stannis, Rhaegar, Aegon and Rhaego are referenced by visions in the same paragraph. They can't all be related to marriage.
  5. That vision is not related to marriage. And Jon Connigton sailing on a ship smiling at getting back to Westeros, but sad that he will soon die of greyscale is a good match for the vision. And he has bright blue eyes.
  6. Dany after passing beneath Asshai's shadow as in Quaithe prophecies: "and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow". Edit: the quote from the chapter is "Accompanied by a long, tall terrible shadow of a woman with hands of white fire, standing next to him". So the shadow is tall, not necessarily the woman.
  7. Isn't Jon Connington still a better match for that vision?
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