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  1. A Stark commanding shadows :-) Later in one of Jamie's dreams Rhaegar and the KG are Jamie's icy shades/shadows/ghosts
  2. Related piece of wisdom from an unlikely source:
  3. The WWs are also called watchers (like the NW) in the AGoT prologue. In The Watcher and in the Captain of the guards Areo Hotah repeats expressions like this 4 times: Then in The Queensguard Barristan thinks this: So we have a white shadow repeating the serve, obey and protect vows mentioned by Areo. Simple vows for simple men.
  4. The WWs, Ghost and the Kingsguard are described multiple times as "white shadows". Not sure exactly what it will mean but I always look for references to "white shadows". Ghost protects Jon and the KGs protect the king; the WW are protectors of what? The last one is when Mandon attacks Tyrion.
  5. Tywin and every king and great lord since Jaehaerys I (until Cersei). Will it be any different if Tyrion comes home with Dany?
  6. Tywin got the "septons" to undo the marriage:
  7. Beorn is called a skin-changer in The Hobbit.
  8. It is a MediaWiki template. Defined here: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Template:Familytree Probably a customised version of the ancestor of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Tree_chart Edit: I don't think you can embed it in the forum.
  9. It is not clear at all, but I think GRRM is giving us a hint at how the operate via this Littlefinger quote: After five books we have no clear picture of who the Others are or their motives. They are masters at the game.
  10. There is a pattern in the books where the CoTF/greenseers/CH do impossible rescues with what appears to be a scare-them->break-them->rescue-them sequence. They did it to the Last Hero, Sam, Bran&Co and maybe Gared.
  11. When I read your question I got this image of Will's wight walking all the way to The Wall and being rejected at the gates ;-) About Gared I see two options: -He was really scared like Stiv and Wallen (Osha's companions) -He was one of Coldhand's rescuees and was tasked with escorting the she-wolf through the Blackgate all the way to Winterfell.
  12. Will's watch ended that night and they do not accept wights in the NW.
  13. I just think people are going too far by taking this as a list of Dany's marriages. Dany is not daughter to Viserys, Rhaego or Rhaegar. Why does she need to be a bride to the corpse in the ship and Jon? Lyanna is the most likely person that can be linked to both a blue rose and a bride of fire.
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