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  1. GRRM has been adding images of the trees reaching-for/scratching the moon, the sun and the sky. These might a repetition to introduce the ability of trees to influence them. In Bran IV in ASoS: In The Wayward Bride in ADwD: In Jamie I ADwD:
  2. I think GRRM might be going for something more literal by getting the inspiration of the Qartheen legend from the 1994 impact of Shoemaker-Levy 9 into Jupiter. The comet was captured by Jupiter's gravity several years before, it cracked into 21 fragments in 1992, it was discovered in 1993 and finally impacted in 1994. This is the type of images that were published at the time (in false red): https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/71/Shoemaker-Levy_9_on_1994-05-17.png Some extra info on this red comet: https://solarsystem.nasa.gov/asteroids-comets-and-meteors/comets/p-shoemaker-levy-9/in-depth/
  3. I might be going to the cause of the new Long Night. If GRRM is linking all these - Bran to the red comet - a comet/moon breaking up into a million "dragons" that drank the fire of the sun (as in the legend from Qarth) - the song of ice and fire to the prince that was promised and the red comet: - and a moon to a Doom: I think the Targs and the followers of R'hllor just confused the heavenly dragons with the fleshy dragons.
  4. Dany's dragons will be just roasted chickens compared to Bran's dragons:
  5. The "strong wind" reference takes us back to the discussions we had before on centaurs and the multiple tails of the great comets: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2018/new-insights-on-comet-tails-are-blowing-in-the-solar-wind
  6. So the coma of a comet: When fragments split from the nucleus of a comet it may get wing like features (the coma wings you mentioned). Time to update my headcanon to Bran being the red comet, the stallion that mounts the world and the prince that was promised.
  7. I re-read Bran's "falling, falling" dream and the imagery lead me to this question: is Bran a comet/meteor in the first part of the dream? - He has been falling for years: - He is high in the sky; 1000 miles would be near the upper section of the Low Earth Orbit; the ISS is at ~250miles and the Starlink satellites will use orbits between 200 and 700 miles - the word meteor comes from the Greek meteōros, meaning "high in the air" - the "spiraling" matches the effects of orbital decay - the word comet comes from Greek κομήτης, meaning "wearing long hair". Bran's red hair grows long while he is sick, matching the red comet's tail - these parts might be a reference to the comet burning/melting in the atmosphere:
  8. I missed the poaching angle. Lya the Dragonpoacher is now part of my headcanon considering these links to Elissa Farman
  9. My guess is that Lyanna somehow got involved with dragon eggs (bear with me). The Harrenhal tourney seems to have ended in some kind of truce between Aerys and Rhaegar factions. From the world book we get that after Duskendale Aerys was obsessed with waking dragons from the remaining eggs From Aemon we get that Rhaegar, TPTWP prophecy and dragons are linked: Rhaegar abandoned the recently born PTWP to chase after some girl or to chase his son's fate? The long discussion about eggs in Alayne I AFFC might be a parody of Aerys/Rhaegar missing dragon eggs: A mad lord obsessed with 3 eggs while surrounded by menacing lords and Bob's girl has the eggs :-)
  10. All at once? Arya's stare, Sandor's face and the sausage :-)
  11. Curious fact: Sandor and Arya are the only two characters in the books that have explicitly eaten a smoked sausage (during his first dinner+confession to Arya)
  12. I think we will have more than 7 reborn heroes (salt and smoke are probably red herrings). Two additional heroes that went through a death-rebirth cycle: Ser Piggy Lord of Ham, now known as Sam the Slayer, went through a transformation (and assumed dead) from the Fist to Craster's Keep and to the Wall where he let one of the possible wonders of the new age cross. Brienne the Beauty died at the Inn of the Crossroads and went through the Underworld to be judged by Lady Stoneheart.
  13. The game has Six Domains, not Seven Kingdoms. The assassins are a covenant not a cult. Completely different ;-)
  14. Read this yesterday: https://georgerrmartin.com/notablog/2021/12/18/long-long-ago/
  15. Right, the butcher king killed by the pig :-)
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