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  1. Same here, Sam's arc is one of the things I'm most looking forward to in TWOW. Not thought about Sam entering people's dreams before, that would be awesome. I'm keen to see what will come of his relationship with Alleras and Pate, especially Pate. If, as is highly likely, Pate is in fact Jaqen, then Sam may form a friendship with a faceless man. Jaqen/Pate may take a particular interest in Sam if he starts to show some of the knowledge or talents we are speculating about in this thread. They are tending the ravens together iirc, so perhaps that may be a way to impress Jaqen/Pate. Sam has been teaching the ravens to speak on the Wall, and we know the ravens (with greenseers in their skin) used to speak to relay messages in ancient days. Could Bran somehow contact Sam, or Sam teach raven/Bran to speak? Alleras seems important as well. She (he) was really nice to Sam and knows about the magic of the glass candle. I can see Alleras guiding Sam somewhat, he was after all told to keep some of his more fantastical news away from the ears of the archmaesters. Hopefully (s)he'll be Samwell's Jon Snow at the Citadel.
  2. Perhaps. Although Marwyn saw Sam in the glass candle, therefore there's huge potential for the glass candle to show whoever's looking some of the horrors occurring up north too.
  3. Thanks Tucu. Yeah, absolutely it's making more sense now. I look forward to seeing what you find, and indeed attempting to help in some way if I can. Then rest of the WWs also "emerge": In Samwell I ASOS GRRM also uses the word "emerge" when the WW appears: So we have a creature made of ice emerging from the dark of the wood, the shadows and/or the darkness This is very cool. I've seen some of this evidence used as symbolism supporting a theory that the Others/White Walkers emerged or came from the weirnet. The phrase often used is that 'the Others came from the trees', but some people got confused with that. The Others coming from the trees is basically saying from the weirwood trees or weirnet. @ravenous reader posited that symbolically the Others were inadvertently summoned from the trees by Will's whispered prayer in the AGOT Prologue. After the whispered prayer, the Others then emerged from the wood, hinting that they somehow originate from the trees. You can read Ravenous' original essay/thread here. A group of us then continued to speculate (on Twitter mainly) finding examples of either actual Others emerging from the trees (examples you've already posted) or characters symbolically representing Others emerging from the trees. Plus anything else that may hint at such a happening. Some of the speculation was that the Others were somehow expelled from the weirwood trees when the first human greenseer entered the net. Or indeed, that it happened when an ancient human greenseer 'forced an entry' into the weirnet, pushing the White Walkers (or something that turned into White Walkers) out and usurping their position on the weirwood throne so to speak. A human forcing their way in to the net, in search of the magic and the power that would ultimately give them as a greenseer king in Westeros. Look forward to reading more of your thoughts. (I'll have to search for some of the quotes and ideas we came up with after a load of discussion. Can't remember it all straight off)
  4. Oh yeah. Sam be like "Please address me as Sam the Slayer, my prowess for killing Others is legendary up north."
  5. As well as surrounding himself with good friends, Sam's intelligence has also helped him gain respect at the Wall. Bringing something needed to the table will always help anyone to fit in, it gives their role importance. Therefore, Sam's knowledge of the Others, Wights, wildlings, giants, Stannis' army, ancient texts etc will I think go a long way to helping Sam become a key player in Oldtown. Furthermore, anyone who shares knowledge with, or has any respect for Marwyn may already realize Sam's importance, as he was singled out by the glass candle visions. In a establishment full of academics, he may also have learned enough to help with tactical/military based decisions when it comes to Euron's impending invasion of Oldtown. Perhaps he could prove his worth there too?
  6. Yeah, Cersei was very influential in getting Jaime nominated. As was Aerys ever growing loathing (and perhaps jealousy) of Tywin. He knew nominating Jaime would hurt Tywin and his legacy. As for applications, I can see what you're saying and I agree it makes for a better system. However, I wonder if the sheer number of applicants would be too much. As the OP said, becoming a Kingsguard seems to be a dream many Westerosi men have. You could have 70% of the male population applying, lol. I wonder as well if it may single out some who don't apply, the king taking offence so to speak. I could see Aerys having some weird grudge against someone like Ned not applying for example. I kinda like the idea of the tourney to decide Sweetrobin's Winged Knights. It's an application of sorts, but any absence could easily be explained away by saying they couldn't make it or they were injured etc.
  7. I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think anyone can turn it down once they've been nominated. Here's some text from a Jaime chapter that would suggest this is the case. Jaime was commanded to present himself to the king, it seems he had no choice once chosen.
  8. I think @LmL & @Durran Durrandon's 'Fingerprints of the Dawn' theory is by far the best explanation. I've copy and pasted the 'Dayne' bit of the essay for convenience. TL;DR The Dayne's ancestors are from the Empire of the Dawn and travelled to Westeros in ancient days. If you would like to read the entire series of essays you can find part 1 here.
  9. Hi Curled Finger. Yes, moving house and simply less time than I used to have has restricted my involvement in the fandom. I've enjoyed a bit more free time recently so I've been able to get a bit more involved, which I've thoroughly enjoyed. There are also so many options for us in the fandom to choose from. Whether it be the many, many different asoiaf forums out there, YouTube, Twitter etc. While there is good conversation (as there always is on this forum) people will find their way back in time. Especially as Winds draws closer.
  10. Hi Tucu, hope you are well. Could you elaborate on this concept for me, it sounds very interesting but I'm not sure I 100% follow your thinking. Sorry to be slow on the uptake.
  11. Nice. Certainly helps the greenseers are hidden. They are basically ghosts with the ultimate camouflage. Same. There is so much going on. Whether it be subtle language hidden in George's prose or straight out skinchanger/greenseer activity. I particularly like the journey with Coldhands, the elk and all those ravens whispering the true tongue into Coldhands ears. Bran is my favourite POV, I've spent many hours pouring over his chapters.
  12. Happy New year to you as well. And everyone else. For sure. Osha tells us the greenseers can use the wind, CotF using water magic, the trees of course. I like the quote about the true tongue, it nicely encapsulates the naturalistic elements and what the greenseer magic is all about I think..... They are at one with nature and everything in it. The real clincher is the true tongue sounding like the wind through leaves. We know that's the old gods signature in the text and we see Bran do it. That is Bran speaking the true tongue. Once he masters his gift he should be able to manipulate nature as the CotF and greenseers do. @ravenous reader has pointed out that Brandon learning to speak the language of the CotF is exactly what our Bran is doing. Its highly likely Brandon the Builder was learning how to be a greenseer. The tale isn't worth telling because we are already reading it. Exactly. I agree, all the trees are a tool the greenseers can utilise, especially the soldiers and sentinels. They are sometimes described as armoured and weaponized. Its like they are the army of the greenseers, watching and ready to spring into action when required. The old gods/greenseer lore seems to be based on Celtic and Norse myth, which makes perfect sense as they were naturalistic religions themselves.
  13. Nice, good idea. Glad to see the template held up to scrutiny. In general we can expect to see these clues when the Others are around, not necessary for them all to be present at the same I think, but definitely a hint for the reader. Some other things to look for (as @Tucu has laid out) may be mist and extreme cold descriptors in the text. Absolutely. They seem to bring the extreme cold with them. Whether that be freezing air, snow storms etc. Again this is a very greenseer like trait, naturalistic magic, controlling the elements. Of course the Other's use of the elements will always come with these extreme cold descriptions. Great quote to highlight this. Not only is the the snow present, it seems to be attacking the black brothers. The description of the snow flying is another subtle hint this Other magic is reminiscent of the greenseers powers. There's that mist again. And yes, dragonglass undoes ice magic, in fact I'm fairly certain George has confirmed this in an ssm, but I can't find it. He says something along the lines of...... "Sam breaks the spell when he stabs the Other with the dragonglass dagger" If anyone can find that quote it would be great. (I'll have another look as well) I agree it would not benefit the Others. In my opinion this is the work of Bloodraven or the greenseers. Whenever something like this happens and it benefits the good guys or the heroes of the story I always think of the greenseers. A good parallel example of this is when Bran is covered by the snow outside Bloodraven's hollow hill...... Whenever the trees/branches tug or pull etc it's always worth checking the scene to see if the trees are helping or trying to warn the characters. (Or hinder the characters) For example, in the AGOT prologue it seems like the trees were trying to stop or warn the head strong Waymar from going any further and encountering the Others. Nice little foray into those scenes Longie, cheers.
  14. Torwynd: And finally Thistle: Note that there is no mention of Varamyr's body rising as a wight. Also, the text might be interpreted in a way that Varamyr's soul emerging from the weirwood is what caused the cold wind that killed him and transformed Thistle into a wight. Hey Tucu. I like what you say about an extreme cold event occurring in the moments before turning into a wight. While reading your post I noticed another consistent is the presence of the wind. I've mentioned the Others ability to use the wind as a magic force, as the greenseers do. Seeing as you've already laid out the examples, I thought I'd take a closer look. Waymar The wind is an ever present in the AGOT Prologue, following Waymar & co throughout the chapter, blowing cloaks and making them look 'half alive', it's often personified and rather creepy. Curiously, the wind abruptly stops when Waymar arrives at the clearing where he will ultimately face the Others. It's almost as if the wind has enabled the Others to arrive in that particular location. In other words, 'riding on the winds of winter.' Thistle I love what you say regards the wind in the Thistle example. You said...... 'the text might be interpreted in a way that Varamyr's soul emerging from the weirwood is what caused the cold wind that killed him and transformed Thistle into a wight.' A cold wind emerging from the weirwood tree to turn Thistle into a wight sounds like the Other's emerging from the weirnet to turn people into wights. Very cool. Anyway, as you point out, it's a strong example of the wind being present and perhaps playing a key role in the transformation from human into wight. Torwynd We are not actually present for this encounter, instead we're hearing Tormund's account of events, so no wind is present. There is however the mention of the freezing mists (another link to the naturalistic greenseer magic) and also the cold air. It's not much of a stretch to think the wind was also present at Torwynd's death and transformation. Although, what I want to look at here is the name itself, Torwynd. The word 'tor' also means hill, which brings to mind the magic and greenseer association with hollow hills. Furthermore, the german meanings for the word 'tor' are gate, gateway, archway, door, arch in the rock & portal. Additionally, the word 'wynd' means wind (as in winding streets) but obviously has the double meaning and is derived from the word wind (as in windy day) So the name can be broken down to mean 'gateway or portal in the hill, followed by wind'. To put it another way, a passage or portal for the wind to gain access. The reason I think this may be significant is the example of the wind @LongRider provided regarding Othor. Let's check that out. Othor Again, we have a wind present before the transformation of Othor into a wight. (It happens/we see Othor later that evening) People have often wondered how the Others could reanimate the dead if the bodies were south of the Wall, while they are situated north of the Wall. With the 'Torwynd' evidence at hand I'm wondering if they were able to utilise the wind? Torwynd, the wind able to breach the ward in the Wall like a portal or gateway? In support of this idea, the wind is described as 'skirling' against the Wall. For most readers of asoaif, the word skirling would naturally be followed by the word 'pass'. And the word pass perfectly describes what the Others need to do to reanimate Othor, they have to 'pass' the magic barrier running through the Wall. In conclusion, the wind always being present in some guise when a wight transformation occurs looks promising. Perhaps we can explain Othor's reanimation via the skirling wind that blew against the Wall? The Others magical use of the wind is definitely an option for how they get around, so why not a tool they can utilise when raising the dead as their thralls? Anyway, thought this was pretty sweet and worth a post.
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